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Dec 15, 2018, 12:51 PM
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Author Topic: Chart practice in identifying solutions to crises  (Read 11289 times)
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« Reply #15 on: Jul 03, 2009, 09:41 PM »

Hi Stacie and all,glad you appear to have some resolution and relief from your stress.don't know if this will help any but the company  i work for has done some downsizing as of the last several months with the economy and we have been cut back to 4 day work weeks for the forseeable future and while the decrease in money has been stressful it has given me some time that i have been able to make myself work on my EA studies. So i've tried to use this negative as a positive as much as possible.so i think in my situation maybe it was a way to force me to prioritize what was important to me and give me time to work on what i needed to so hopefully in your situation it will give you a chance to further your EA studies and a chance to rest a little as well.

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« Reply #16 on: Jul 04, 2009, 04:33 PM »

Greetings Stacie,

WONDERFUL..thanks so much for sharing your relief with us. I know I am breathing easier for you. Thank you spirit indeed.
We are approaching a triple eclipse, the first is Tuesday, July 7 in Cap..and it trines Saturn. I have been finding this eclipse to be showing early events and to be very potent for people - extreme swings in both directions, favorable and radical, but in your case favorable..WOOT WOOT!
Remember as I shared in my earlier email that because of your Cancer rising, ruler the Moon, you are highly sensitive to energy during eclipse time and it is a time where you have great influence to direct the wave of change, as you are now doing.
For you the Full Moon eclipse in Cap falls in your house of relationships, in this case work relationships because it is in Cap....and it will trine Saturn in the 3rd..negotiating.
Your superior at work is a woman, look how tr Saturn is now sextling your natal Saturn in Cancer
(woman) in the first, new beginnings. A new agreement or contract. Part time may find you sooner than Sept..I see this as being offered up and it being your choice whether to jump now or Sept...that would not surprise me at all. Between now and Aug 5 more relief of some kind is on its way...when we take steps to support what is best for our Soul, the universe does respond in kind, especially when they are steps that require great courage.

A step in the right direction and just the tip of the iceberg Stace Wink

Goddess Bless!

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« Reply #17 on: Jul 05, 2009, 02:57 PM »

Hi Mark,

Thanks for chiming in.  Good for you in tapping your circumstances to deepen/increase your EA studies!

I am very excited for the extra time I'll soon have to put more focus into EA.  This is an ideal outcome.

Kristin, thanks for sharing that additional info...

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« Reply #18 on: Jul 19, 2009, 08:31 PM »

Hi Stacie,

I couldn't respond to your post earlier as I have to attend other things and couldn't come around for a while.......have limited time now but wanted to say: I'm REALLY glad that solution IS appearing on your horizon...it really is a relief to hear that...

Funny how sometimes the simple act of ASKING for what we want (with no regards of any previous thoughts/worries about how what we want may not be possible etc.) can actually open the doors and bring results....(especially with aries/1st house ppp. or n.node...)  

The other thing I wanted to mention is perhaps rather a question: are you sure Stacie that god needed you to suffer/ exhaust yourself in order to 'align your will with god's will', i.e to do the animal work? Are you sure this is not some remaining beliefs that may have been manifesting via circumstantial reality in your life?
"..or it may be that I’m manifesting circumstances which reflect an absolute unconscious defiance to embracing the animal work at the level intended, in which case the restrictions relative to EA would reflect an enforced blockage until I make the necessary realignment..."

For what was most striking in your original post is an unconscious belief behind it which if I put it in words would sound something like:
"In order for me to do god's will I must suffer and sacrifice..."
Neptune in 6th conj. venus...they are there far longer than n.node is.....and venus rules pluto.....

Of COURSE you have made tremendous changes in your life from the time you engaged with EA....of course I understand that ...yet, you see, becoming aware of and recovering from masochism along with improvement so the 6th house stuff is but a PROCESSS.....it doesn't and couldn't happen all at once...it is like pilling an onion...once we are done with one layer the next deeper layer can appear....
Like the underlying belief that I "hear" behind your words in your original post is to me a sign of that  deeper layer........

This is not because you (or any of us with that kind of pattern) didn't work on yourself! It is just because this IS the nature of this stuff...it is usually so deeply ingrained when there are planets in the 6th that we are simply unable to notice all the layers and how we manifest things accordingly in different ways  in our lives EVEN when we made tremendous changes!....when I was around your age I too thought I have done tremendous work on myself and perhaps I did, but I thought it was all done or at least close to it....while the reality is that I have shed the first layer only,  just to discover the layers below that....so the 'pilling of the onion' and the real improvement which includes finding out the ACTUAL REALITY of those 6th house planets  and what's really BEHIND  them within our consciousness, to become aware of the DEPTH of these patterns and the fundamental affects of these beliefs on our lives in many directions - well it is not something that can or even meant to happen all at once....it is a PROCESS....a continuous transitionary process.... in reality it is not a few years work it is minimum a life time but usually not one but a few life times work.....

So please never think that I doubt the work you’ve done on yourself....right the contrary if you haven’t started I would not see much point to tell you what I did....for then it would meet with and almost absolute rejection and denial ...because I know you did start and done everything you could I felt it was worthwhile to tell you how I see it.....

N.node is an area which always have been in our chart...and consciousness...BUT we have not pout emphasis on it so it was not really conscious because we developed the opposite point consciously...and that’s why it could feel like a totally foreign area...for it was working without us being much aware of it it was overridden by a different focus....So for you as you have 6th planets these planets were pretty much operating kind of a way that you were unaware of....especially because neptune is there and conj. venus, the actual underlying unconscious beliefs that are actually directly affecting the soul (venus being the ruler of pluto) have been there for a long time...n.node now puts the emphasis there and the skipped steps show the fact that it hasn’t been resolved....the soul was stuck.....why? Because the issue is to find out the actual reality...but it is in conflict with the belief that underlies the whole value system you lived by....and that’s really difficult to sort out because it is like soaked into, ingrained deeply into your consciousness....

Stacie I can not say anything else just what I said: at the end you wouldn’t have a sag .n.node and aries ppp=. if god wouldn’t want you to learn how to set yourself free from the previous binding beliefs why would god allow that configuration..??

If you were suppose to listening to others why would you have sag. n.node in the 6th in the house of improvement? If you were not suppose to have your own individual desires and was not suppose to try and go for it why would you have aries ppp?

What I saw is the unconscious association (aq.) with the trauma and suffering when you try to do what god asks you to ....this manifested even via the new way of life via animal work ...so what I am suggesting is not to remove the animal work just remove the association that is based on the unconscious belief.....as above....

That’s how I see it Stacie and I may have too much aq. in my way of communicating what I see having aq. 3rd cusp, + aq. venus in 2nd ...I have the tendency to give what one’s soul needs and many times give it too quick or too early......chiron also aq. conj. my venus.:-)....
So it may have been too radical and perhaps too early for your 4th libra pluto....I keep forgetting that I have to be more careful with 4th pluto people for the emotions are at peak and everything has to be slower...for me I put aside my emotional stuff for long but that will hit back (no wonder I have n.node of mars in aries in 4th....so one day soon  I too will have to go through the process of putting my emotions into the absolute focus)...anyhow, just know that what I said came from love with an intention to help you to empower yourself, in a way that you may realise that god doesn’t need you to sacrifice more, rather it appears from your chart that it wants you to become aware and understand your 6th house stuff, so the truth about both your actual reality and the reasons for it and what god really wants from you ....awareness is the key always, for as long as we are not aware that something is operating in us there is very little chance that we can change it......

For example, I can envision you to do animal work in a way that you are happy, fulfilled and you are appreciated for what can you bring into it.....and would have the time for your life and other interests....that would reflect an inprovement of the underlying beliefs and if that so that would manifest accordingly.....I truly hope you can get there!

Again, God/ess bless the coming change in your life!

Love and blessings,
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