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Author Topic: The Influence Of Evil In Our Lives: Focus On The Asteroid Lucifer  (Read 275048 times)
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Hi Rad, I would like the thread to continue, even though it takes time to think and to research for examples. I find it useful because it forces to focus in the positive aspect of the archetypes, and this seems to be an excellent antidote for other types of analyses. I’m now posting a first part referring to Houses 1st to 5th.

Thanks so much for proposing and supervising this topic.
God Bless, Gonzalo

In the 1st House, the new impulse to become closer to God of lucifer in Aries would create instinctual exploratory directions, and the need for freedom to pursue these directions would be intensified. The Soul would have an intensified feeling of something special to discover, a special destiny that connects the Soul with something larger than the Soul itself, and potentially a feeling of being guided by something larger toward this special destiny, which is sensed, but that can be misidentified. Direction will need to be corrected through experience. Yogananda had lucifer in the 1st House, and had to adjust his desires to live a life of contemplation in the Himalayas, because his Soul special destiny involved a large societal mission in God´s plan. Lucifer in the 1st House reflects the potential for an increased awareness of the nature of Soul desires, including the awareness of dual nature desires, the awareness of separating desires, and also being aware of inner conflicts of desires.

Because the 1st House archetype can manifest a desire to remove obstacles, in order for the new cycle to start, and correlates with the nature of aggression, anger and rage, lucifer in the 1st House represents the potential for some kind of ‘enlightened’ aggression. Yogananda told he was the warrior and archer Arjuna in a prior lifetime, and the Baghavad Gita is a dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna in which Krishna acts as the conductor of Arjuna’s chariot and his military advisor. At the beginning of this book, Krishna teaches Arjuna about the reasons that made that battle necessary, regardless of any expectations of gain or defeat. In Yogananda’s commentary on this book, he explains the process of coming closer to God as a battle between opposing forces. General George Patton was a key warrior and strategist in a war confronting forces of good and evil in which the destiny of a large part of humanity was at stake. Patton had lucifer in Aries in the 11th House. He said he recalled many prior lifetimes of being a warrior and having incarnated at critical times were his warrior capacities were needed. The archetype would imply ‘fighting against evil’.

Within consensus, the feeling of being connected to something larger of lucifer in Aries 1st House could manifest as the instinctual need to discover an independent way of being, even within consensus parameters, and this would create a relative degree of leadership, in which other people would also be encouraged to embrace their individual desires in relation with their societies, this contributing to shape their societies according to a higher interest, ie. the wills of the individuals composing the society versus the self-interest of the groups in power. This could include desires to fight against and break free from the consensus powers that oppress the individuals.

Within the individuated state, the inner inspiration of lucifer in Aries in the 1st House would induce the awareness that the ongoing liberation and rebellion against consensus is intended to serve a larger purpose, versus rebelling for the need to rebel. It would accelerate the awareness that the individual’s liberation is independent from and contributes to societal liberation. It would further induce the awareness of the emotional rage linked with the fear of losing individuality, and that individuality cannot be lost. Thus the individual could find a way to link its own ongoing liberation and self-discovery to some way contributing to social evolution, in a non-destructive way.

At the spiritual state, the Soul would feel instinctual urges to discover and make real the inner call to know the Unknown, and to find its own individual ways to serve the whole. The individual could feel a need for a fundamental freedom allowing to discover and explore different ways to spiritualize. The individual would desire to align its individual will with God’s will, and would be intensely aware of separating desires. Because of the desire to align individual will with higher will, the individual would need to have the experience of both. This could occur as the experience of being confronted by a higher will. Also, as experiencing protection from God and supplemental strength in midst of dangerous conditions. Further, it could occur through circumstances in which the individual feels lost and where divine guidance is experienced. Progressively, the Soul could discover that the individual will has been created and is a part within the will of the whole, and that this ongoing awareness is the root of true freedom, and spontaneous activity.

Lucifer in Aries in the 2nd House would induce a new way or relating to self. Within this, the Soul could experience that the feeling of separatedness and isolation is illusory, and that the Soul is connected to something much larger. This could allow the Soul to discover that it does not need to sustain itself as something separate from all the rest, but that, instead, it is sustained as a part of the Whole, which is inherently self-sustained and provides for all of its ‘parts’. This would then induce the desire to share, because of a shift between a motivation of deficiency, and a motivation of abundance. As we saw in the thread about Mother Teresa, she had lucifer in Taurus in the 5th House conjunct her North Node, and she was directed by God to make her life purpose the provision for others in need the basics for their survival. Further, lucifer in Aries in the 2nd House would allow the Soul to become aware that the physical body is a manifestation of Spirit, and to experience the Spirit, and Soul, through the physical body. This could occur too through the vehicle of sex. Also, the individual could transcend the attachment to its physical existence. All this implies a process of refinement of values. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin had lucifer in Taurus in the 12th House, conjunct Neptune/Venus and a stellium of planets in Taurus in the 11th/12th Houses. He proposed that forms of consciousness evolve as a manifestation of the increasing complexity of matter toward an omega point which he identified as Christ. He extensively wrote about the spiritual power of matter, and spoke of ‘Holy Matter’. Lucifer in Aries in the 2nd House contains the possibility of being inwardly guided to seek withdrawal from interaction in order to create self-knowledge or self-discovery, and to identify inner resources that will create a new way of relating to self and to effect self-sustainment. The individual can manifest a relationship to self that is exploratory and essencially free, allowing for a becoming of the value assotiations through the increasong inner discovery.        

In the 2nd House, lucifer would manifest though sensation, feeling, and through inner voice the Soul would need to learn how to listen. The Soul could spiritualize through music, chanting, etc.

Within consensus, a Soul with lucifer in Aries in the 2nd House could feel itself induced to evolve beyond exclusive self-interest, and to share its own resources with others, even if these resources at this stage are identified solely or mainly as material resources. Also, a Soul at this stage could become concerned with the survival of other people, and not only its own survival or the survival of his close associations. As an example, the individual could feel guided to possess wealth in order to share it with others. In general terms, this position of lucifer could promote more inclusive values, and less concern with only the own values (‘there must be more than this’). Within this, the Soul could value and be willing to sustain the individual values of other people, even if different from the own values.

Within the individuated state, lucifer in Aries in the 2nd House would induce the evolution beyond consensus by means of an inner voice that suggests new value associations. The individual would feel inwardly sustained to embrace the new ways of being, to explore new sensations that originate in the new ways of relating to self, and to others as a result. Further along the road, the individual would be directed to develop consistency in its own emerging value associations, instead of needing to rely on group value associations which may conflict its own inherent nature. On the other extreme, the feeling of alienation from society and the isolation because of the need for self-consistency could be avoided because of the understanding that the individual process is connected with and serves the intentions of the collective. Thus, the individual would be motivated to integrate and share with others its ongoing discovery of new ways of being, new values, or new ways to survive.  

At the spiritual state, the inner voice of lucifer in Aries in the 2nd House would induce the realization of the inner Godhead, ie. the need to discover the inner connection with God. This would occur through progressively deepening the relationship to self, leading to discover from within that self is nothing but a manifestation of its Source. The individual would discover that self is made of the same ‘matter’ than the Godhead, that everything is made of the same matter, and thus, that the self is not isolated or distinct from all the rest. The individual could be guided to realize its own nothingness as an individual, ie. the illusory nature of separation. Because of the inherent self-sustainment of Wholeness, the individual would be directed to depend on all levels, including material level, of the infinite Source that provides for all, and to ‘seek the kingdom of God above all”, ie. an absolute reformulation of values and a sacrifice of all mundane.

Lucifer in Aries in the 3rd House would induce the realization that the relativity of whatever thought is a consequence of the nature of truth, ie. that there is a larger truth which is self-existent beyond formulation of words, and that this larger truth can be perceived from different points of view which themselves are not arbitrary, nor absolute, but just partial. The individual could be guided to use the linear though function in ways serving to induce awareness of something larger, instead of trying to construct some type of linear reality that necessarily conflicts with other thought arrangements, and with reality itself. Being in Aries, the individual would feel an instinctual impulse to think and communicate in new ways which embrace or acknowledge this relativity, while keeping its focus on that which is being communicated beyond words. The individual could be directed to discover new ways of thinking by means of an ‘enlightened’ curiosity in ways that allow for an intuitive integration, instead of being in a perpetual search of information or knowledge that remains unintegrated, or needing to always translate one linear system into other. Thus, the Soul can orientate to new thought forms without precluding to rely on one bottom line philosophical system.

The inner guidance of the God aspect of lucifer could manifest through inner thoughts and inner conversations (as in the case of Jung who got to a point where he found out the voice he was speaking with was not a part of his own consciousness). This inner guidance could also manifest through information or knowledge the Soul is directed to find on whatever external source, such as specific books, etc. I also know of a phenomenon in which the Soul, while in a conversation with other people, hears words spoken by some other which point in some direction, words which in reality have not been spoken by that other person (this can involve the 3rd House archetype relationship with 11th House projection)  or have not been spoken consciously. When the other person is later asked about such words, they have no idea about what they refer to.

Within consensus, the individual could feel inwardly guided to explore knowledge forms available within consensus, and embrace desires to think with a relative independence despite lacking validation from the current authoritative sources. The individual could take some time out in order to think for himself instead of just intaking the information delivered by mainstream media. The individual would think ‘there must be more than this’ and chose to investigate facts on his own.

Within Individuated state, the individual could feel instinctually attracted to new types of information, thought systems, or knowledge, promoting the intention to think in independent ways in order to liberate from consensus. The individual could feel inwardly that there’s something more than just rebelling against the system or trying to destroy existing structures. Thus, lucifer in Aries in the 3rd House could support constructive rebellion. Also, the individual could avoid the pitfall of depending on group validation of the emerging thought associations that could lead to violence against the existing order, and unproductive ideologization. The individual could have the inner thought or impulse to discover how to link the emerging ways of thinking to collective needs beyond its peer group, because of understanding that contradictions with consensus ways of thinking are created by the relativity of the points of view, and the attachment to linear constructions that only reveal a part of a larger truth. The inner, independent thoughts could reveal the individual how thought forms can be fueled by anger. The individual could grasp the separating nature of these thought arrangements. The individual could develop new ways to communicate individuated knowledge. The inner guidance could promote non-dependence on words for this to occur, ie. allowing the individual to use whatever words are needed to interact with other people according to the language forms of these others, without feeling a threat to lose its individuality. Thus developed, the new thought forms of the individual could serve to lead others socially.

At the spiritual condition, the individual could be inwardly guided to find thought forms and ‘belief’ systems promoting the spiritual intentions. The individual could embrace a sense of freedom and non-attachment to these systems, because of the enlightened understanding of their inherent relativity. The individual could develop new ways to communicate universal knowledge and wisdom. The inner guidance could promote non-dependence on words for this to occur, ie. allowing the individual to use whatever words are needed to interact with other people according to the language forms of these others, without needing to communicate in highly elaborated ways. The individual could discover an inner source of validation of the own thoughts instead of needing to create excessive doubt of its own ‘constructions’. This archetype could promote a linear understanding of the separating Soul desires. The individual could use the nature of words in order to advance in the Soul intentions, such as prayer, or mantras, or reading sacred texts.

Lucifer in Aries in the 4th House would induce emotional self-knowledge through the inner knowing that the Soul is something larger than the egocentric structure. The Soul would be able to inwardly feel that the conscious ego and self-image is a manifestation of Soul, and has deeper foundations which are the roots of what the Soul is consciously aware of self, and that these deeper roots are inherently benign. The Soul would be able to experience that beneath the surface of conscious identity and self concept lies a deep source of inner energy which nurtures, sustains and cares for its manifestations. Same time, the individual could experience that beneath the ever changing tides of emotional states exist deeper waters which are more stable, and whose currents manifest and produce the changes in the emotional states. Thus, the individual could have the courage to explore and discover the nature of the inner nature, and inner desires, creating the dynamics which translate in changing emotions and moods, versus totally identifying with any particular emotional state and the self-image created by such partial state. Given that the ego is only a manifestation of a deeper inner reality, ie. Soul, and that the Soul is only a manifestation of its Source, ie. the Divine Mother, whose nature is inherently nurturing, caring, and loving, the individual could feel that a fundamental security exists within, instead of looking for security outside the self. The individual could allow its self image to be in a state of discovery in relation with ever deeper levels of the self, instead of maintaining a self image that is conditioned or frozen by partial dynamics occurring at the surface of the identity. Because of the caring and nurturing nature that exists within, the individual could define and experience self as emotional, caring, and nurturing.

Within consensus, the individual could define itself in emotional ways, allowing to identify emotional needs of its own and its family, thus opposing authoritarian demands, expectations, judgments, etc. that contradict its inherent emotional nature. The individual would feel that ‘there is more’ than consensus defined roles and orientations and would have the courage to know itself in more personal ways. The individual would feel desires to spend time at home and being with with his/her family, and would create self-knowledge in this ways. This would occur through a feeling of ‘something’ very special within the self that is not conditioned by external reality.  

Within individuated state, lucifer in the 4th House Aries would induce the courage to know self in independent ways, and thus, promote separation from consensus in open ways, because the individual could feel secure within self independent of prior identity associations with consensus. Further, the individual would be able to explore self in order to become aware of the emotional factors of its rebellion against consensus, and the nature of rage, in ways that would allow the individual to reduce or eliminate projections against society, and to allow for integration to occur because the individual feels inwardly secure without fearing to have its identity lost or needing direct or indirect identity validation from external source. Inner self security would promote becoming a group of one. The individual would have the chance to identify the emotional anger or rage as inner obstacles to deeper self knowledge, and could use this energy to remove these obstacles. The individual would have insights and progressive direct knowledge revealing that there is more within than the conditioned self image.

At a spiritual state, progressive self-knowledge of emotional nature would allow emotional integration and penetration to deeper levels of the emotional body, leading to the discovery of the inner source of emotional security, ie. Divine Mother. The individual would be able to become aware of separating desires of emotional nature. The individual could integrate existing emotional rage in an enlightened way, ie. as a manifestation of compassion.

A fundamental archetype of Lucifer in Aries in the 5th House is independent discovery of creativity as co-creation, versus narcissistic desires of egocentric and nature that require validation by other people. Further, this archetype manifests the potential for an intense feeling of a special destiny to discover and actualize, which though, is not experienced in separative ways or as a manifestation of the personality. Instead, the individual could intuit that its feeling of a special destiny intends the individual to actualize a special purpose on behalf of something larger than the self. Also, the individual could inwardly know that its own uniqueness is not an exclusive attribute, but an inherent condition of each creature, or Soul, manifesting the infinite creativity of the Creator. Also, that the felt specialness does not emanate from the ego or personality, and that the felt uniqueness originates and is dependent of the inner connection with the Source, and a manifestation of a creative intention of the source which then generates the individual need to embrace a personal purpose serving to discover and actualize such intention. Further, that such purpose is not for the individual only, but intended to be given and shared to others regardless of any potential acclaim or acknowledgement. The individual could go without such acclaim or acknowledgement, because of the joy of co-creation and collaboration with God’s plan. Within the sense of a personal to actualize, the individual could know from within that such purpose is not something fixed, and that it cannot be dictated or determined by the individual alone, but instead, that its ongoing unfolding is dependent on alignment with the source of creativity in relation with needs manifesting within a creation that is ever changing.

In the consensus state, the individual could be inwardly guided to discover or create something new in relation with consensus, in order to contribute to the evolution of society. Also, the individual could serve to empower other people to discover and actualize their own specialness in new ways. The individual could simply be highly creative and capable of integrating its own creativity with the creativity of others without needing to occupy a position of superiority.

Within the Individuated state, the individual could be highly creative in devising new ways to empower other people to embrace their own unique individuality. The Soul would be able to feel inwardly  that every individual has a personal role to play within the evolution of society, reflecting its inherent nature and capacities, and that each individual musty be free to embrace its own special destiny within the scheme of things. The individual would be capable of integrating within collective dynamics of his peer group, and overall social dynamics, contributing with its creativity and sense of identity to the betterment of society.    

Within a spiritual state, the individual could feel the joy of collaborating with God’s plan for creation, and know experience self as a child of God. The individual could develop an intense connection with the infinite wellspring of creativity and joy.


Hi Gonzalo,

Wonderful, wonderful work here. Exceptional. God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad,

I feel like I hit a wall when I started trying to write each of these out in terms of consenus, individuated and spiritual.  It is obviously something I need to work on and practice  :-)  I am posting what I have so far just to make sure I am on the right track, or to be guided back to the right track, if you don't mind.  At least ten of these are just the general archetype (I hope) - I did manage to go a tiny bit further with the 5th house and all the way with the 12th.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


1st House
Lucifer in Aries in the 1st house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to act in a self-oriented manner and learn to consider the needs and desires of others as well as its own.  If the soul chooses to respond to this impulse, the soul will learn to listen to others and give according to what they actually need.  The soul can then motivate others to do whatever they need to do in order to realize their own special destinies.

2nd  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 2nd house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to act alone in a self-sufficient and self-reliant manner and instead merge with others and share their resources with others.  In doing so the soul can show others how to do the same.

3rd  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 3rd house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to only take in information that supports its own specific point of view and broaden its mind.  The soul can then use its natural communicative skills to inspire, motivate and transform other people's thinking, opinions and points of view.

4th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 4th  house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to blame others for its own actions and instead accept responsibility for its own actions. In doing so they can then help others learn to accept responsibility for their actions as well.

5th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 5th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to be self-centered and self-focused and instead develop an objective consciousness and focus and learn to link their special purpose to socially relevant need. In doing so, the soul can then create something new and unique in whatever field they are destined to fulfill and inspire others to do the same.
The consensus soul has been preconditioned to believe that its power lies outside itself and as a result has become critical of others in order to feel good about itself. If it chooses to embrace the impulse of Lucifer, it will learn to detach from its immediate environment and become more aware of its actions

6th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 6th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to be critical of both itself and others and instead cultivate a relationship with the divine which will help it develop tolerance and respect for the imperfection of itself and others. The soul will then be able to help others develop an awareness of the whole.

7th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 7th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to become involved in too many relationships and taking in too many differing points of view and values causing it to lose sight of its individuality by becoming  too dependent on the opinions, advice and knowledge of others as a means of determining who it is or what it should or should not be doing with its life.  If the soul chooses to recognize the diversity of human nature and recognize its own individuality and learn to discover and be itself instead, it can inspire and motivate others to do the same.


8th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 8th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to manipulate others in order to have its own desires and needs met. If the soul chooses to become self-motivated it can motivate the growth of others in an unmanipulative way without becoming dependent upon them and encourage them to become aware of, and let go of, the conditioning patterns that dictate their behavior.

9th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 9th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to overidentify with a specific philosophical or religious system and instead follow its intuition which will allow it to transform its vision of the nature of reality in diverse ways. By allowing itself to be educated by others the soul can inturn educate others and expand its own awareness as well as help others expand theirs.

10th House
Lucifer in Aries in the 10th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to judge others based on its own beliefs and values and instead accept responsibility for its own life.  Once the soul realizes that the beliefs and values that condition its ideas about what life is and how it should be lived are purely subjective, it will learn to stop judging others based upon its own beliefs and values and can motivate and inspire others to do the same.

11th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 11th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to repress its inner impulse to throw off the past and instead develop  objectivity and detachment, sever attachments to anything preventing growth and bond with groups of like-minded souls in order to deepen its awareness of its own individuality and link its individual purpose to a socialized purpose.  If the soul chooses this path, it will develop an objective understanding of who and what it is and how to actualize its own creative purpose within the context of a social need.  In addition it can inspire and motivate others by assuming a socially relevant and meaningful role that transforms restrictive barriers to growth and encourage others to do the same.

12th  House
Lucifer in Aries in the 12th house shows that the consciousness of god is offering the soul an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of evolutionary development  in which it has the courage, freedom and independence to break free of a past tendency to resist an impulse to surrender and merge with god or the source and instead embrace this impulse. In doing so the soul will reflect an inner illumination that can light the way for others.
  In order to embrace this impulse, the soul needs to connect with a transcendental belief system and commit itself to some form of work that is practical and of a useful nature to others. For a soul in the consensus state, there is a need to embrace a traditional belief system, most likely a religion, that is accepted by the consensus of society and the culture. For a soul in the individuated state, the soul needs to question its religious and social conditioning and upbringing and embrace a transcendental belief system which encourages the soul to experience god or the source from within.  In the spiritual state, the soul needs to embrace a transcendental belief system that is focused on the unity of all and Natural Law.

Hi Cat,

You are definitely on the right track. The only real exception I would have is your 4th House one where the real impulse of God would be to create awareness of how to become more emotional self secure and sustaining. Other than that very good work Cat. God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #272 on: Nov 08, 2012, 05:14 PM »

Hi Rad and everyone,
I am about 1/2 way through the Lucifer in Aries analysis. I think it will take me until Monday to finish. If that's too long please go ahead.  I am very interested in continuing.
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« Reply #273 on: Nov 09, 2012, 06:22 AM »

Hi Rad,
I want to participate and began the assignment, but am busy now, I believe I will be able to post on monday too, if it's not too late.
Thanks for your patient guidance
God Bless
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« Reply #274 on: Nov 09, 2012, 08:39 AM »

Hi Group,

Thanks for letting me know that you are still interested in doing this work on the 'bearer of Light'. Just needed to know that. So I will wait to more of you submit the work you are doing before commenting right now on the work of Gonzalo and Cat. Remember the value is always in the effort.

I have been thinking too that instead of having you go through all of the signs / houses that Lucifer can be in, and the evolutionary states therein, as we complete the Lucifer in Aries part that it may be easier and simpler for all, because of your life commitments everyday that of course requires your commitment to them, that I will just define the archetypes myself that we can then example together in various ways. For example, we could examine the charts of real people, we could also create abstract examples like putting up the EA paradigm in a chart, then putting the Lucifer in it because of the context established by the EA paradigm itself. In other words I am trying to figure out a way that makes this much more less in terms of it's time intensiveness. If any of you have ideas along these lines please share them with me.

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #275 on: Nov 09, 2012, 09:57 PM »

Hi Rad,

I too can post by Monday, and I do appreciate your idea, as life is quite full in many ways right now.  I also plan to want to write up the scenarios to see if I can make sense of it all.

Thank you and God Bless,
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« Reply #276 on: Nov 11, 2012, 02:18 PM »

Hi Rad, I intend to post within the next couple days. What you suggested sounds like a good idea to me: Either working with the chart of someone who once lived, or working with the core ea paradigm and adding Lucifer to it. Perhaps combining the two: Analyzing a real life chart with the core ea paradigm along with Lucifer.

Thanks for holding this space for us. God bless,
Ari Moshe
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« Reply #277 on: Nov 12, 2012, 08:47 AM »

Hi Group,

Ok, will wait a few more days for those who want to post.

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #278 on: Nov 12, 2012, 08:12 PM »

Hi Rad,

I have to pass on completing a write up of Lucifer thru the houses in Aries, but I will read everyone else's posts and participate with the new format. 

Thank you.

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Hi Rad and Group,
Some possible archetypal manifestations of Lucifer in Aries that I could find.

With LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 1ST HOUSE the Soul experiences an impulse of self discovery, of discovery and development of its intrinsic identity.  The Soul is filled with independence and freedom in order to do it.
The emphasis in this archetype guided by God consciousness gives the courage and strength of living in a continual state of becoming, different in each evolutionary stage but always furthering evolution.
The separative impulse is highlighted in this position, being the Bearer of Light’s aim in this orientation the establishment of a distinct and conscious individuality, not egocentric and self-centered behavior.
Intolerance to any restriction of personal freedom produces anger, and the ability to use it in a constructive way, eliminating personal limitations that prevent growth and evolution.

In the Consensus State the individual feels free to discover its intrinsic individuality despite conditioning and judgment. Although keeping within consensual patterns, he is independent and free to be different.
Able to accept responsibility for his desires and actions, he overcomes cultural restrictions instead of cultivating anger at society.
The continual removing of past patterns of egocentric and self centered actions allows the Soul learning to give rather than first taking.

The inner courage to break away from deeper past patterns that prevented growth initiates a new cycle of becoming in the  Individuated State in which the instinctual desire to separate promotes becoming a real, complete individual.
Objective observation of initiated actions and instinctual responses teaches about projections and unconscious cultural conditioning patterns, and allows discovering intrinsic individual desires and objectives according to intrinsic identity.
Anger is now directed toward the Soul inner’s conditioning and fuels the desire and courage to break free from them.
The Bearer of Light helps to balance the mature independence attained by the Soul with its need to be in relationship.

In the Spiritual State, the Soul instinctively perceives (with the “spiritual instinct” defined by Jung) the inherent relationship between the dual desires of the Soul, and how separation originates in union and is aimed at evolving toward a new, conscious union.
The Bearer of Light fills the Soul with courage and strength to internally confront any separating desires leading to willful and egocentric actions and purge them from the Soul in order to align personal will with a higher will.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 2ND HOUSE: The Soul feels an internal impulse to find something new in its sense of identity relative to its needs, values and resources.
It is encouraged to change its concept relative to its identification of needs essential to survival.
The Aries Lucifer provides the Soul with spontaneity and courage to change past values and the related meaning attributed to life and inner relationship; and promotes changing it  by means of a new perspective on material and sexual values, inner capacities and abilities as well a new relation to physical body and feeling nature.

Consensus: While material resources continue to be identified with survival, the new approach may be one of more independence in the way of earning life, and/or awareness that material abundance does not guarantee emotional security.
It also may produce a change in the sense that survival is not related  to money but to work (Grand Trine 2nd, 6th, 10th; Aries square Cap, inconjunct Virgo, semisextil Taurus), identity and survival are grounded in work.
Because of the experience gained in the crisis created by the Bearer of Light the Soul would also be inclined to help others providing them with material resources or sharing with them its own (inconjunct Virgo, Taurus inconjunct Libra, Libra PP)
Its inner relationship would consequently change, since personal worth is not based on money but in work capacity, initiating the transition to Individuated State.

Individuated: The luminous aspect of Aries promotes survival and worth identification with personal resources and values i.e. talents, capacities and abilities to provide survival means.
Scorpio and Libra PP impulses to be able to merge with others but in an independent way, consequence of a progressive awareness of individual preexisting orientation to life.
The growing awareness not only refers to resources, but especially to why the individual has certain values and why is he relating to himself in the preexisting way.
Polarity points in Aries and Scorpio promote a learning to merge with other people and their resources in an independent and complementary way that benefit and impulses evolution to both or all; this demands and produces self-reliance.  
Body consciousness evolves from living it as “flesh”, only as part of the material world, to awareness of sensation and feeling nature and of its relationship with mind (trine 6th house) as a survival resource and possibility of grounding the new identity.

In the Spiritual State the Soul becomes aware that separateness and individualization has the goal of allowing individuation and return to a conscious union with the Source.
Survival is not understood as individual’s, but Soul survival. All resources that further evolution are thus valuated and determinant of the new inner relationship.
The Soul learns to unite with techniques and souls that could deepen its spiritual commitment in an individuated way. (Scorpio PP)
Libra PP promotes sharing, a necessary condition to having provided material resources to self-sustaining by Divine Providence.
LUCIFER IN ARIES IN THE 3RD HOUSE: The soul experiences the impulse to establish a new form of relationship with its environment in order to gather new facts and information and to develop new and more embracing or deep mental capacities.
The Soul is encouraged to enlarge its knowledge of our world in order to deepen its comprehension of its working. The Bearer of Light not only provides this impulse but also the courage to liberate from its former logical structure without fearing for it emotional security; the Soul can now move its internal center overcoming the intellectual limitations that intended to create stability and emotional security.
As a result the individual discover that he can change his/her self-definition and his relationship with others and his way of communicate with the world.
He becomes more able to listen to others and accept that their version of the truth may be as valuable as his own.
Encouraged by God’s consciousness  his attitude needs not to be defensive, reactive; instead he becomes able to be responsive, listening what others have to say, and  being free and confident to accept or reject based on his understanding, and thus advancing in the Soul’s evolutionary purpose of knowing Truth and the metaphysical and cosmological laws that underlie the physical ones.  
Then the Soul will let others learn from it and encourage them to find new aspects of the truth by gathering new information and acknowledging new classifications and interpretations of the phenomenal world.

In the Consensus state the Soul will be freer to accept other social, religious or political ideas less dependent on family conditioning, more respectful of individual freedom and aligned with truth and general wellbeing or wealth. It will still be accepting social principles as own, but more free to choose between them what goes along with his individual beliefs.
The new cycle will lead to a more deep knowledge of internal functioning of society and courage to impulse changes within consensus and more freedom in other Souls.

In the Individuated State the God aspect of Lucifer promotes a new gathering of information and an independent interpretation of empirical facts, rejecting total adherence to religious or philosophical systems.
The freedom to initiate new experiences and relationships will lead in some cases to creating an own thought system or synthesizing them in a different and personal way, thus expressing something “special”.
As evolution proceeds in that state the Soul will  choose some formal preexistent system to which it feels intuitively (9th house PP) linked, beginning to understand and accept the existence of something larger to itself.

Spiritual State: Instead of gathering and observing empirical facts in order to know the laws behind them, the Soul will try to understand the timeless foundation of the physical laws, and consider the facts as a demonstration of the timeless or spiritual principles. In so doing the individual will adopt some metaphysical, philosophical or religious system.
Resistance or reactive behavior can still manifest by rejecting other systems. Once overcame that resistance impelled by God’s consciousness , another metamorphosis will encourage the mutable and plural aspect of 3rd house allowing the confrontation with other systems, and through that apprehension of the underlying common truth in all of them will be possible.

With LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 4TH HOUSE the impulse of consciousness of God/ess produces in the Soul the desire and courage to develop a new self-image that allows and integrates new evolutionary lessons in the egocentric structure and emotional body.
The Bearer of Light provides courage and independence to discover the intrinsic identity overcoming insecurities relative to preexisting emotional security patterns and liberating from cultural and familial conditioning.
It encourages freedom to initiate experiences that promote emotional security to deal with gender assignment from an individual point of view instead of conforming to consensus expectations and statements.

In the Consensus State the individual will be able to establish a personal relationship with societal patterns, learning to less depending on family and becoming aware of displaced emotions caused by a lack in emotional nurturing. This will initiate a process of accepting responsibility and internalization of emotional security, creating a positive self-image and establishing his authority in society.
Still playing conventional gender roles and projecting in the other what is not consciously experienced, the individual begins to build a gender behavior more independent and self-assertive.
The Soul will then be able to lead and encourage others to be more responsible and independent within the limits of consensus.

In the Individuated State, led by God/ess consciousness the Soul deepens its independence from familial identifications and gradually overcomes the insecurity triggered by the need to conform to the consensual expectations.
Internal  emotional security and a self-image less dependent on  other’s vision reflects in an mature approach to gender assignment, first liberating from culturally prescribed roles for each gender, then integrating both in consciousness.

In the Spiritual state the Soul becomes aware of having been conceived in a cosmic womb, and the Bearer of Light’s impulse is to metamorphosis of the self-image through uniting with God; the center of gravity shifts from the ego to the Soul and internal security is based upon knowing the Godhead within.
The Bearer of Light provides the Soul that evolved to the Spiritual State with the energy to fully integrate the Animus/Anima dynamic in an androgyny that also involves that inner Godhead in sexuality.
The Bearer of Light encourages the acknowledgment o past life’s imprint in the Soul’s self image and to affirm or eliminate what necessary to the intrinsic identity.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 5TH HOUSE:  The new cycle of identity that Lucifer in Aries proposes when in the 5th house is seen in the bravery to find within the new ways of self-expression. The Soul is encouraged to find creative self actualization, rooted in the inner value found in 2nd house and security internalized in Cancer.  
The  Aries sense of special destiny related to self-discovery becomes known and complete in Leo and God/ess consciousness impulse is to creatively actualize it, and to take control of his destiny out of the strength of the will and internal determination.
The Bearer of Light induces the Soul to recognize that everyone has an inner Sun, a Soul inhabited by the Divine, and that there is something larger than itself and especially than the ego it has created. Thus the potential Leo’s generosity and love capacity manifests. (Neptune is exalted in Leo, the consciousness  of being a wave in the ocean is exalted in this archetype when evolved)

In  Consensus State, where the sense of special destiny is related to success and social acknowledgment as special,  God’s consciousness encourages independence from external validation  and to recognize and avoid projection of individual’s self-centered image upon another person, especially children but not only.
It also impels the Soul to link its special purpose to a socially relevant need. This way the Soul will lead other to creatively actualize their purposes within Consensus.

When Individuated, the Bearer of Light’s action is directed to developing an objective awareness of the individuality, modifying relationships in a horizontal way and detaching form a vertical pyramid reality structure.
Objectively analyzing its behavior and deconditioning from social conditioning patterns the Soul becomes aware of its uniqueness, free of the delusions of grandeur and of a narcissistic orientation to life created by its insecurities and dependences.
Guided by the Bearer, advancing in this evolutionary state, the Soul becomes able to actualize its potential generosity, linking its purpose with a social relevant need and giving others what they actually need as well as motivating them to creatively actualize their purposes.
The new cycle of identity will then be one of objective understanding of its own individuality as well as the individuality of others. Inherent leadership abilities and strength of will of Leo will then manifest guiding others out of consensus.

In the Spiritual State God/ess consciousness symbolized by Lucifer in Aries manifests as an awareness of being the wave in the ocean (inconjunction from Pisces, Neptune exaltation in Leo)) and recognition that we are not the center of Creation, but the Creator is at our center.
If in the Individuated the individual became the creator of its destiny, in the Spiritual State he is aware of being a co-creator and of the responsibility it implies. (Yod with Pisces and Capricorn)
The heart will be center through which God/ess’s Love manifests as Humanity Love, Universal Love, and with the center of gravity having shifted from the ego to the Soul, the individual begins loving others as Souls.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 6TH HOUSE as Bearer of Light gives the Soul energy to approach the new cycle that is at the same time a transitional cycle.
After creative actualization of the new self-image created in 4th house and before opening and confrontation with others, the Soul needs humble itself by self-purification (of narcissism and guilt) and self improvement.
Aware of the Bearer of Light the Soul acquires courage to eliminate learned guilt and taking responsibility for natural guilt (trine Cap) and this way it not only purifies but modifies its self relation and worth (trine Taurus) while preparing the path to encounter with others in Libra and with Divinity (Pisces PP).
This process would be purging the distortions that create a fertile soil for evil: guilt, inadequacy and lack, inner void.

Consensus: Self improvement would be orientated within consensus postulates. Relative to work  for example, the individual will be impelled by God consciousness to learn what is necessary,  and without “eternally” feeling that he is not prepared, to begin doing his task in society and guiding others in self improvement within consensus.
The Bearer of Light will also guides the Soul to “filling”  is existential void seeking God in some of the established  patriarchal religions, but perhaps choosing some meditational oriented path between them.
The Light alignment that the Bearer facilitates may make the Soul able to align with evolved aspects of Saturn archetype as responsibility, thus beginning to understand its responsibility in choices and actions instead of blaming and being critic with others, and also to envision societal and religious imprint in his feelings of guilt.

As the Soul evolves to and through the Individuated State it becomes able to objectively observe the consensus patterns underlying and conditioning its guilt, critics and not readiness to do what it is meant and desires to do. This courage to acknowledge conditionings and discriminate between its own convictions and the learned ones makes possible liberation from them and furthering its self improvement in order to develop a task oriented to serve group and social needs, as well as finding a personal path to knowing God.
The new cycle is based on the courage to purge guilt patterns imprinted by religious and patriarchal conditioning, allowing the individual to develop a new identity that although independent will be able to acknowledge and relate to others (Libra PP) in an humble and compassionate way (12th house PP).

In the Spiritual State the Arian Lucifer’s impulse to freedom could lead the Soul out of the entrapment of separateness and individualism that prevent alignment with the Godhead within. Then imperfection could be seen also as likeness to a Divinity that is evolving, and self improvement will occur knowing God as transcendent and immanent the Soul.
Self-forgiveness and tolerance for all faults, imperfections and mistakes will allow purging and merging with God.
Service to humanity and God will be a consequence of that, more naturally aligned as the Soul advances in this state.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 7TH HOUSE: The cardinal impulse of God’s consciousness manifesting in this cardinal house is very intense because it is also a initiation of the upper hemisphere, the Soul’s conscious experience of its participation in relationships with others and social life. Archetypally Lucifer is manifesting in its PP.
The Bearer of Light provides the Soul with Aries instinctive need of independence that prevents it from being too open to others in relationships.
The Soul is filled with courage to initiate a diversity of relationships and to compare and contrast with others only in order to deepen and amplifying its self-knowledge with freedom to accept and affirm its identity.
This gives internal security and freedom to objectively listen to the other from the other’s point of view, and liberate the Soul from the need to be needed. On the contrary, it becomes able to learn when to give and when not, and to be in relationships in a self-secure manner with a positive self-image. Sharing will replace the need to always giving and meeting the other’s needs.
Inclusion will manifest as the ability to integrate into society as an equal.

Consensus state: The impulse may be to reject saturnine role or gender assignment conditioning by living gender relationships in a individually independent, not submissive or authoritative ways albeit within the patriarchal patterns.
The Bearer also impels to become aware of displaced emotions (Cancer, 4th house in the focal point of the Aries-Libra- Capricorn T-Square) projected onto the partner that can lead to co-dependent relationships.  

In the Individuated State God’s consciousness encourages the Soul to attract circumstances that develop an objective self-awareness and understanding of its individuality. This produces the ability to establish equality and balance in relationships.
Courage and freedom to objectively identify reality as it exist for others leads to listen to the other from the other’s point of view and not claim always knowing what he needs.
Once the Soul, guided by God’s consciousness, learns not projecting its needs onto the partner and to establish relationships of mutual independence, love turns less conditional.

In the Spiritual State the Soul learns that real love is unconditional.
Sharing, giving and inclusion become spontaneous manifestations of alignment with Natural Law.
The new cycle of identity allows the independence to find an individual way of knowing and merging with God that fulfills the need for ultimate meaning, not projecting it onto the partner.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 8TH HOUSE: The Soul  receives the courage to discover its intrinsic identity and to know why it is so; to deeply understand the nature of its psychology and why; to know what belongs to it and what to the ego it has created, what’s the difference between them and why. A metamorphosis in the inner relationship follows as a consequence. (2nd house PP).
The Soul discovers the causes and goal of separateness and union, as well as the causes for separating and uniting desires and their interaction that allows conscious choices, or awareness of the causes of unconscious choices made in the past.
 Through Aries in 8th house God’s consciousness leads the Soul to become aware of the dual desires and the motivations and intentions behind its acting out this desires, aware of the need of purging separative desires and allow evolution to proceed. This promotes consciousness of the difference between ego and Soul, and progress from confrontation to distinction between them, thus the ego actualizes its purpose as a necessary resource for Soul’s evolution, instead of preventing it by only developing and growing itself. Then the Soul experiences its pure instinct directed to align personal will to universal will.
Arian Lucifer’s courage is essential to overcome the fear of the unknown that prevents acknowledging and eliminating old separative patterns that give a sensation of emotional security.
The Soul understands deeply other people’s motivations and encourages them to face its limitations and its causes motivating them, without manipulation, to grow doing the necessary changes.
Power and sexuality are two fundamental arenas of Lucifer in 8th house Aries as Bearer of Light.
Power: The impulse and courage to face limitations and points of weakness is essential to overcome them and avoid the influence of evil.  
Courage to face and overcome limitations penetrating to the core of its causes in the Soul’s choices and understanding natural limits because of being only a part of the larger whole leads to awareness of universal forces and merging with God/ess and forces aligned with It, instead of believing that limits may be pushed by personal will and manipulating others. In its distorted form powerlessness and need to merge with larger forces would merge with evil.
In sexuality the Bearer of Light stimulates to instinctively trying to re-empower the partner as well as himself.

Consensus state: External confrontations with other egocentric wills, sometimes in cataclysmic situations would produce the need to eventually look inside and leave the past, allowing growth. Willpower begins to be used to it, not to overpowering others.  
Sexually the individual begins to recognize and respect the other’s individuality, not trying to exert domination. Emotional commitment begins to be integrated.

Individuated state: Distinction between ego and soul begins to be clear, as the Soul starts to experience a center of being from within.
The Soul experiences freedom to create change and discover its own desires questioning societal and religious conditioning. Power is experienced as courage to actualize its special destiny and not as force to use against others.
Sexually begins to be possible to transcend the individual ego by merging with a partner in a committed soul encounter, and initiation into loving the Soul beyond its current gender expression.
Fear of entrapment begins to diminish.
Motivation others to change is done in a detached way.

In the Spiritual state, the Soul begins to understand that power originates in the Source and it means surrendering to it.
Compassionately the Soul encourages others to change, grow and merge with God.
Sexually, already identified with the Soul, the individual becomes aware of God’s consciousness impelling him to relate with the Divine in the partner, loving God through the Godhead within the other Soul and merging with the Source in this sacred act.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN THE 9TH HOUSE:  The core goal of the new cycle of identity in its searching for a belief system that actualizes the individual’s sense of special destiny is alignment with Natural Law in the search of metaphysical and cosmological laws that are the foundation of manifested world, its physical laws and empirical facts.
But perhaps the fundamental way that the Bearer of Light promotes the evolution initiating a new cycle is impelling the Soul to awareness of relativity of manifested truth, of the different human paths to finding Truth.
Directing the Soul to both polarity points in Libra and Gemini, God’s consciousness gives the individual courage and freedom to align with the beliefs that she or he is intuitively drawn and at the same time to acknowledge and respect other’s beliefs.  

In Consensus State the individuals begins to feel free to choosing his belief system between consensus philosophies and religions. He doesn’t anymore need to convert others to his own belief system, and becomes able to orient his relationships by honesty principles instead of beliefs.
While his search and sense of connection to universal laws increases, and his knowledge deepens, fundamentalism is removed.

Individuated State: The Soul recognizes conditioned indoctrination and that intellectual systems are always interpretations, and is guided to freely find and accept its individuated interpretation based on honesty and its own intuitive synthesis aligned with Natural Law.
The Bearer of Light gives it courage to develop its teaching capacities and to guide and help others to creatively actualize their beliefs and destinies emerging from societal and religious indoctrination, thus out of consensual manmade laws.

In the Spiritual State intuition develops increasingly along with the awareness of being a part of the universe and that the special destiny is linked to a higher purpose in life aligned with God/ess and Natural Law.
The new identity discovered is linked to understanding of how creation works; separating and uniting desires are interpreted in function of it and of the evolutionary needs in the context of that bigger picture.
The Soul is enlightened to compassionately guide others in order to deepen their intuition and alignment with Natural Law.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 10TH HOUSE:  God/ess consciousness symbolized by Lucifer impulses the Soul to self-discovering in a more evolved identity by becoming aware of cultural, patriarchal conditioning and overcoming its limitations, according to the evolutionary state. Awareness of the repression or suppression of natural emotions produced by the pressure to conform to social norms and progressive acceptation of vulnerability and inner chaos would follow.
The enlightened manifestation of this archetype promotes a new identity able to discriminate between the natural guilt based on soul’s responsibility for Natural Law’s violations and conditioned guilt created by religious indoctrination (trine 6th house, Aries inconjunct Virgo and trine Sag), and therefore to purge it from the Soul.
The soul is filled with the courage to accept responsibility for the actions it initiated and to find its voice of authority in society.

Consensus state souls will be encouraged to become aware of how indoctrination created its distorted judgments and to reflect in order to attain objective judgment.
The Bearer of Light would stimulate an instinctive approach to natural emotions, to improve the individual’s ability to nurture himself and be emotionally available to his family. Experiencing its natural emotions will diminish the need to be in control of them,avoiding depression, futility, and anger at society.
In the later stages the individual learns to free himself of society’s control by knowledge of how it functions, in turn this creates the impulse to controlling the environment, other people.

Individuated state souls experience this form of God’s Light as a deeper reflection that manifests as introversion instead of depression, and allows accepting responsibility for individual desires, emotions, actions and identity.
The new cycle of identity is one of liberation, of courage to break free from the social conditioning patterns only possible after an objective observation and awareness of the inner consciousness structure, patterned by this introjected conditioning. Instead of projecting anger at society, the Bearer of Light guides a search for causes in the individuated unconscious and gives the courage to eliminate repressing and distorted patterns, as well as conditioned guilt. In a real junguian process, individuation is attained through awareness and emergence from the collective unconscious.
Individuated individuality leads to finding a personal voice of authority in society detached from professional or social role.
The soul progressively learns to develop identity and inner security as to actualize its special destiny and personal actualization without dependence of social status or success. Then it becomes able and willing to guide others to become more free and responsible, helping them to feel respected and dignified.  

Individuated detaching from social role evolves in the Spiritual State to eliminating egocentric identification with career or social function.
The Bearer of Light encourages the dissolution of the old consciousness structure and promotes a new, embracing one, aware of immortality of the Soul together with ego’s mortality, and of karmic implications of individual’s actions and separative desires. Responsibility for present and past actions and natural guilt is highly developed.
Control is replaced by self- awareness and self-dominion, self determination and discipline without pressures, aligned with Natural Law.
Progressively the soul is encouraged to feel God’s love through its emotional body and helping others to feel it in its own way (Cancer and Libra PP).

When LUCIFER is IN ARIES IN THE 11TH HOUSE, God/ess consciousness encourages the Soul to initiate a new discovering of its identity finding inner strength to be unique as an individual, liberating from old social conditioning patterns.

In the Consensus State the individual is given the courage and capacity to detach from the immediacy of his ego and to begin to see himself in a more objective manner in groups or in the whole society. He develops courage to be different within consensus patterns and lonely if necessary, as well as accepting diversity in society.
The Bearer of Light impulses a new cycle in which the soul eliminates past conditionings, and is free to choose  new social costumes or postulates after an objective observation of them as well as of its own emotional and behavioral patterns.

In the Individuated state the individual becomes more able to observe and objectify his patterns and their emotional roots and content, and imbued with the Arian Bearer’s courage, allows a conscious elimination of these that are preventing growth by restricting, projecting or creating trauma (to himself or others).
This internal awareness and detachments facilitates the resistance to conform to arbitrary impositions regarding ways of being or acting, because they have been inserting in the insecurities and traumas of our individuated unconscious.
Once the impulse and courage to liberation and acceptation of his unique and different individuality is employed in this way, a new vision of reality and himself develops and progressively he can detach from mainstream society even if being a group of one were necessary.
The impulse to objectify and eliminate past patterns that caused trauma helps to avoid projections and reintegrate alienated soul aspects.

Spiritual state: The Soul learns to detach from individuality, with the center of gravity progressively centering in the Soul, individuality is objectively discovered as “instrumental”.
Independence from past life conditionings is encouraged as an objective approach to Reality enlarges, and as deepening of  awareness of individuated unconscious and its connections with the soul, the collective unconscious and the All begins.
“Soul recovering” by consciousness of past causes of trauma is another consequence of the deep self-discovering promoted by God’s consciousness.
Difference and integration with other Souls in a new humanitarian group, impulses to help other’s liberation in an enlarged way.

LUCIFER IN ARIES IN 12TH HOUSE: The Bearer of Light aspect of Lucifer reflects the courage that inhabits the Soul in order to finish a cycle of evolution and  initiate a new one in which the process of self discovery means  experiencing its cosmic identity as an individualized reflection of the Soul.
The Bearer of Light provides courage and inner strength to seek ultimate meaning eliminating illusions and delusions resulting from projecting outside ultimate meaning.
God’s consciousness fills the evolving soul with courage to see and accept responsibility for the actions it initiated, thus eliminating victimization.

In the Consensus state, in which separative desires are mostly linked with ultimate meaning, God/ess consciousness operating in 12th house promotes disillusionment and gives the courage and strength to purge those illusions from the Soul’s identity.
Another manifestation of The Bearer of light is creating crisis that can lead to awareness of the inadequacy of victimization and to beginning its elimination (Aries inconjunct Virgo, 6th house PP).

In the Individuated state the Bearer helps to interpret disillusionment in a positive way by objectively understanding the causes of it in the Soul’s actions based on separative desires. The Soul begins to detach from its over identifications from an egocentric point of view and accept its individual responsibility as co-creator, thus escapism is not so frequent.

In the Spiritual state the transcendent impulse, the spiritual instinct, acts dissolving the barriers of egocentric individuality.
The Soul initiates actualization of separative desires but in order to exhaust them,  not ascribing ultimate meaning to them, prevailing the uniting desires in the new cycle.
Once the Soul, encouraged by God’s consciousness  begins to understand that ultimate meaning resides in merging with the Source, feelings of emptiness and worthlessness are eliminated.

Thanks Rad, thanks so much
God Bless


Hi Mirta,

And thank you for taking the amount of time necessary to create your very, very detailed analysis's of Lucifer in Aries through all the Houses, and EA states. It is exceptional and thorough work. Bravo !

God Bless, Rad

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Hi Rad, and group
I've now added 4th and 5th Houses to my prior post, and will post further if still on time.
God Bless, Gonzalo
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Hi Rad, I will post now what I have written so far.
I intend to post more tomorrow.

Lucifer in Aries through the houses:

1st house: This soul is initiating a new journey of becoming conscious of God through initiating all kinds of impulses to become something, to experience something linked to a senses special destiny that is greater than that individual. These individuals, from the point of view of the bearer of light, will require absolute freedom and independence in order to follow their impulses - and they will learn how to assert that need. Through their own self exploration, they will become aligned with a direction that will serve as a banner and guiding light for other people to follow and be inspired by. This can manifest via any form of activism that focuses on connecting with the divine, or it can simply be actions and a path that serve to empower people to follow their own calling. This can also manifest as a soul that has the special purpose to "fight" evil through whatever means is relevant to that soul. The polarity point in Libra implies actions that empower others, that are supportive and relevant to what other people actually need.

Within the consensus state these souls will have an instinctual urge to become someone relative to the mandates/rules of their society. They will be forerunners in initiating new experiences that will inspire and motivate others towards higher consciousness. The essence of their inspiration would be enlightening the will to live: imbuing a quality of determination and stamina that inspires others. For example: they may apply a great degree of will to become an inspiring muscle builder. They may initiate races for different kinds of causes. Or they may fight a battle that they were called to fight.

Within the individuated state these souls will rise to the opportunity to forge through the psychological barriers and limitations that would otherwise inhibit their own sense of individual freedom. Through the vehicle of activism and determined focus to keep on going these souls can initiate new agendas, new projects, new forms of creativity and action that will inspire more people to establish their own individuality, separate from what they are "told" they are supposed to do. This will affect greater determination within more people who would otherwise feel blocked and limited. Relative to the dyanamic of "fighting evil" these souls may be out on the front lines fighting for social causes - against social energies that are otherwise disempowering and conducive to loosing will. Furthermore, the emotion of anger linked to being restricted or limited can become focused into specific actions. Or, this anger, in and of itself - just the intensity of it - can become a guiding light. A great example of the former: Rachel Corrie, an activist from the USA protested the Israel buldozing of homes in the Gaza strip. While doing so, standing in front of a home, speaking out of a bullhorn and in clear sight of an Israeli soldier in bulldozer, she was intentionally killed by that soldier via the demoloshing of the home she was standing in front of. She had Lucifer in Aries conjunct her Mars. Her courage and will to stand up against these violations has become a profound inspiration to many many souls.

Within the spiritual state these souls are intuitively aligned with an understanding of a higher purpose that wishes to express through them. They will seek to align their actions with a path that will allow their own existence to serve as a spiritual example to others of how to act on a moment to moment basis in such a way that closeness to God can be supported. They may be a spiritual activist - inspiring others to follow their own path to Source. These souls will cultivate bravery to act when they need to - no matter what that looks like, recognizing that on the spiritual journey decisive action and choice making is necessary for growth. It is their courage to do what is necessary that serves as a guiding light to others.
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Hi Rad and group,
Here the first four houses. I thought I'd see if I'm on the right track before I post the rest. Thank you! I am finding this very valuable.

Lucifer in Aries overview

With the  Bearer of Light in Aries we see a soul finding the way by the fire of decisive action. The opening in their soul to the outpouring of God'dess's grace is lit  and burns as an instinctive charge to serve a higher good. These souls might not even be totally conscious that their actions are helpful but the creator is moving them to act with the outcome of sharing inclusion and giving, the consequences being  bringing light through their spontaneous acts. Their leadership takes the form of an arc of radiance that inspires others or lights the path for the direction home.

Lucifer in Aries in the first house consensus state.

Consensus  individuals are fighting to ascend the material ladder of existence and the voice of the divine can be found in the conformity to religion and the beliefs therein. Within that context the bearer of light may be found here in the warriors who fight for a righteous cause for their faith or for their own survival, who instinctively follow their impulse to fight for what their gut tells them is the good road to success for themselves and their own.

Individuated State

In the individuated state, the bearer of light  n Aries in the first house would show up as a spark or inspiration to start a new path away from what they have previously known.  The desire to return to the source would manifest as a desire to act on the impulse to be free from norms and conformity, and thus able to begin exploring paths unique to that souls instinctive knowing.  As this soul evolves and the consciousness begins to encompass a larger awareness, and this archetype is actualized, they would desire freedom for others. Their would more fully appreciate others' needs for freedom, and thus desire to help and share in any way to initiate that freedom for others.

Spiritual State

In the Spiritual state, the bearer of light in aries in the first house  shines  as the impulse to find the higher values of God’ess within themselves.  To find that their desire for God can be spontaneous and  instinctive.  They may find themselves in a leadership role insofar as they could start the process of spiritual awakening for others just by their the spark of their own realizations.  As they evolve through the spiritual states, there is evermore the realization that God is the spark of their lives, their instincts become aligned with God, Eventually the light of the world and their impulses are one.


Lucifer in Aries,  Second House

Consensus State

In the second house The light bearer in aries is, via the senses, able to incline themselves towards the values that are the conduit for gods love and grace. In the consensus state, because individuals are conforming,  the avenues through which they could conceive of God would be by abiding by the values and habits of their religion and their social norms based in material security.  They may be inspired to give more to others in need, to awaken to the values of sharing money time and energy with others, but most likely sharing only with those that are within their range of understanding, ie the poor in their congregations or the foodbank drives at their office, mainstream fundraising drives for various causes.  As they progressed though the consensus states they would begin to expand their sense of a bigger purpose, that they may be able to contribute and give to a larger human family, but again adhering to the confines of the judgements of their church and economic leadership. I think of short sighted compassion, or conditional compassion for those who are suffering, if the suffering is not sanctioned by the prevailing attitudes of their group it is not seen, or rejected as unworthy of compassion.

Lucifer in Aries in the Second House Individuated state

In the individuated state the sense of larger purpose and channel for the light of God really starts to show up in the struggle for values that reflect the “something more” than the what the consensus is.  Initially with this placement the soul will begin to distance themselves from the means of earning a living that are mainstream, feeling there is some bigger purpose to what is intended for their life, but not being sure at all what this is.  They may find themselves seeking material security in consensus ways but they will not fit in, eventually they will reject the confines of mainstream life altogether and seek the higher values in the smaller interests groups that represent freedom to them.  Rebellion and freedom will become their higher calling, they will feel their divinity in fighting for the rights for others to have a share in the necessities of life.  They may initially only recognize the cause of a small group but by the time they reach third  individuated they will have a broader view of the shared values of all beings, and then consequently place themselves in a role of innovation and leadership in the sharing of resources.  I am thinking of Bill Clinton here for some reason.

Lucifer in Aries in the Second house in Spiritual State

In the spiritual state individuals are beginning to hear the inner call towards God ever more loudly.  The  material framework of needs for living in a body on earth are no longer as compelling to the soul.  A larger sense of purpose becomes pervasive in the inner dialogue and yet there is uncertainty in how to actually manifest this.  What is this force of light within? What does what one do with this inspiration? There is a sense of initiative to listen to this larger purpose even with the uncertainty.  The survival instinct is still present but the WAY in which one lives, the values of community and sharing of resources becomes progressively more of a priority.  


Lucifer in Aries in the Third house in Consensus State

In the consensus state the light bearer archetype shines in the conventions of communication and details of information gathering in the material realm.   The soul here will be finding an urge to share and communicate in ways that bring people together for a common good.  They would promote information that would give others universal access to things that would benefit them such as, libraries schools, community health within their frame of reference.  They would see the importance of free speech and access to proper education for the benefit of all.


Lucifer in Aries in the Third House in Individuated State

These individuals are discovering the beauty and power of sharing information that improves the lives of not just the mainstream, but those who are separate from the consensual realm.  Community activism to fight for the rights of the disenfranchised or suffering would be an area of involvement for them, particularly as it relates to the need for and power of information sharing.  For example, this soul could be inspired to take action on sharing true(!) health information about the way communicable diseases like HIV and Hep C are spread in various communities around the world. They would instinctively be drawn to the the internet and the strength and freedom  of that medium to reach isolated groups of people who need beneficial free access to information for the purposes of sharing healing information.


Lucifer in Aries in the Third house in Spiritual State

The soul at the point is able to feel more clearly the message from the creator calling them back. There is s sense of the larger purpose coming though the details of one’s life.  That the nature of our circumstances is an avenue though which we can access God’ess, depending on what information we have.  As evolution proceeds, this placement shines through as a leadership in communication for the sake of all beings the phenomenal details of how the nature of our mind and details of our lives contributes to our return to the creator. One could be inspired to learn meditation and mental practices for maneuvering  through the details of existence…………..the light bearer shines the light in the mind of this soul and shows the information necessary for the return to God.  One will seek out the information, and share the information that points  back to God.  In the first stage of this, it is done with doubt and uncertainty but with instinctive fire burning within to find out what one needs to know, and then share.


Lucifer in Aries in the Fourth House Consensus State

At this stage the soul is finding his inner emotional realm, his/her identity conditioned by the consensus, but there is an inclination to see the best within themselves. As a result of the family dynamic and how they were nurtured they are able to internalize a self image that is  valuable and worth sharing.  There will be an instinctive nurturing impulse within this person, such that they are able to be with their family and appreciate the divinity


Lucifer in Aries in the Fourth House in Individuate state

The soul is rebelling against the norms of consensus, but not just for rebellion’s sake or to be bloody minded.  The soul is responding to the awareness of an emerging inner identity, an instinct to see what is beyond the limits of their known experience, they feel inspired and drawn to act on the urge to be free to identify with that which nourishes them, not just what they’ve been fed by the consensus.  They are supported.   They would be the ones who will nurture their uniqueness in a way that benefits others too, in ways that would open the way for others to show self love, a channel for the love of God to enter as well.  As the soul evolves through the individuated state they would be ever more innovative in exemplifying the message of love of one another  through the nurture of ons own inner emotional state.


Lucifer in Aries in the Fourth House in Spiritual State

Here, the soul begins to experience and initiate the enfoldment of one’s own self love within the love of God.   There is a shifting of the care of a separate identity worthy of love in itself with the larger identity that God has available to us, and we get that we are an expression of the creator,  a wave on the ocean of creation and this nourishes us deeply. Our individuated identity is recognized as a tool to focus the greater purposes of the Creator.  By so doing the soul is able to share more freely to nurture others in ways that feel limitless and to inspire others to see all of creation as brothers and sisters in the family of God’ess.



Hi Heather,

You have done really good EA work here Heather. You have identified key archetypes in houses you have analyzed through which the 'bearer of Light' manifests, and detailed that to the EA evolutionary states. A work well done !

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad, here's an analysis for the 2nd house. I will work on the 3rd house and more if possible later today. However please move on if it is time. Just the process of writing all this out has been immensely helpful for me in learning about this archetype. Thank you for holding this space for us.
God bless,


Lucifer in Aries in the 2nd house
The bearer of light archetype is now expressing through the soul initiating new ways of stabilizing and realizing inner values that connect that soul to the consciousess of God. There is inherent within this soul a sense of special destiny to become "full" of some sort of higher abundance that is realized from within. This abundance is something the soul can then share with others to help others find, from within their own selves, their own innate resourcefulness. The point is for this soul to follow an instinctual impulse to discover entirely new value and meaning for its own personal life. What this soul discovers then becomes the basis for supporting other to find higher meaning and greater self worth from within.

In the consensus state this will symbolize a soul who is initiating a new path of establishing it's worth and value in this world in such a way that is supported and validated by the status quo of its culture. This may be about finding new ways to find resources, to survive - anything that brings the soul closer to higher values that reflect the consciousness of God and helps to solidify a new sense of meaning in its own life. The stamina and determination to find value and meaning in its life in this way serves as a guiding light for others to do the same and will in some way reflect the principals of generosity and giving. In so doing this soul is breaking free from a limited and stagnant world view that is focused solely on "oneself". It is discovering values that are linked more towards empowerment and sharing than personal gain. Through following this path, this soul is able to help others to realize their own value and innate capacities/worth. This soul may also use it's earned resources and inner value in such a way as to support others who do not have "enough".

Within the individuated state this correlates to a soul that is becoming highly attuned to an impulse from outside of itself to become something more, to initiate and find within itself some greater meaning beyond what it has previously known of itself. This soul will develop an immense amount of will power and drive to do whatever it takes to break free from stagnant forms of survival and to discover new ways of surviving, new ways of establishing meaning in its own life. It may become an activist against poverty - or fight food predators (such as some corporations). By initiating all these new experiences and activities it is discovering what its deepest values are, and in so doing the soul becomes determined to fight for these values and to inspire others to find for the values that are right for them; to break free from whatever restraints are keeping them from that. This may be a soul that discovers that dumpster diving, or wild harvesting of plants are natural, viable and empowering ways to survive. The bearer of light can also manifest by discovering new forms of self pleasuring.The core impulse for this soul is generating the desires to relate to its own survival and self worth in such a way that it does not become a self enclosed well of isolation, but rather that it's own self love becomes a guiding light to others.

In the spiritual state this correlates to a soul who is becoming conscious of a special purpose to fulfill on behalf of source that relates to establishing new value and meaning of its life in spiritual terms. This soul will be learning about itself by setting forth on a path towards self discovery of its own worth and how it is supported by this world - not via material means alone, but rather through a direct inner relationship with the Godhead, to know from within itself that Source is the provider for all that is. This soul will thus be developing an immense degree of resourcefulness, to find within itself a deep spring of spiritual abundance that can be shared with others - to inspire others to discover that all is truly found within. This soul may set up different kinds of activities or enact some form of spiritual activism that serves the purpose of helping other people deepen their own self esteem in whatever ways are most helpful for them. This soul may also learn to experience the divine through the vehicle of sexuality and the physical senses, and realize that it is capable of doing this alone, by its own self. Through the vehicle of sexuality, it can realize that it's desires are fulfilled from something greater than itself beyond gross physical urges. This then enables the soul to spiritualize it's relationship with the body in such a way that it can help others to do the same. At the core, this soul is learning that it has to share it's spiritual abundance, and not just keep it for itself. In so doing, the soul perpetually becomes exposed to new resources and ways of being supported and becomes encouraged to keep on going. In this way it's own deep spring of spiritual abundance becomes a defacto inspiration to others on their own path.

For all the ea stages, inspiration can manifest through various expressions of art, such as singing or anything that is created with the tactile senses. The art or song will be an expression of an inner connection to a consciousness that is greater than oneself, that links the individual soul to a spring of abundance that is beyond just the material plane. The nature of this art will not be pre-meditated, but rather accessed in an instinctual way that allows the soul to purge and express instinctual impulses. These instinctual impulses are the ways in which the bearer of light archetype is expressed and realized.

Furthermore, this soul is overcoming instinctual urges to "take" what it needs from a place of self interest and personal concern with survival. It is realizing that it's own survival is most valuable when linked with something that brings more light into this world. The polarity is Libra in the 8th which signifies the need to let go of investment in self interest and to and disseminate its wealth, to share with others according to what is most needed by them.

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Aries in the third house
The bearer of light archetype through Aries in the third house signifies a soul that is initiating new ways of learning and gathering information about reality. It will be confronting previous patters of having been aggressive and forceful with its mind - having jumped from one intellectual construct to another which has created arguments and confrontations with others. Now the soul is learning to use it's mind as a sharp tool to understand different perspectives and collect more data about phenomenal reality in such a way that connections can be established and the soul can realize it's own capacity to learn and communicate in ways that builds new associations and links more facts together. The bearer of light will express by way of how this soul is formulating its thoughts, writing and communicating. The source of these thoughts will be something greater than the soul itself, and will be an inspiration to others to become independent thinkers. Furthermore these souls can simply bring forth into this world new information that then enlightens others by way of the nature of that information as it provides classifications about reality that can serve as a map for others to follow.

Regarding communication dynamics, this soul would be learning to ask questions and to consider thoughtful responses that affect greater consciousness. This soul can inspire others to listen to what is being spoken and intended by the other (polarity Libra in the 9th house) which then allows the soul to consider and assimilate the information in its own way and come to its own conclusions. The capacity for assimilation allows the soul to build more constructs about reality and to be perpetually open to more data and information.

In the consensus state these souls will inspire new projects and adventures that support the learning process. They will have an very inquisitive and active mind, and that mind will be directed towards learning in such a way that the knowledge itself can become a guiding light for others. It's learning process will be guided by self direction, they will initiate their own education within the context of the status quo. In so doing they will help inspire others to learn and assimilate knowledge. They may write books or create maps that help others to navigate the terrain of life. A literal example of this may be an adventurer who maps out details of the environment.

In the individuated state this soul is seeking to liberate from old thought forms and discover new knowledge that will serve to liberate it's consciousness from past conditioning. This soul will orient to the learning process as a form of activism; gathering knowledge and building associations that further expand it's understanding of its environment. Through gathering the objective facts and building mental associations about reality this soul is bearing a light that others can follow by way of the liberating nature of this information. They may create activist paths that allow for the dissemination of data. They may create a form of media that reports on all kinds of environmental and social activities.

This is all I can do right now...


Hi Ari,

You have done enough to demonstrate that you really understand how the 'bearer of Light' manifests through the archetypes, and the EA states, that you have analyzed. It is thorough, thoughtful, and offers wonderful insights. Bravo !

God Bless, Rad
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