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Apr 21, 2018, 03:58 AM
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Author Topic: THE MAYAN LONG COUNT CALENDAR AND THE END OF THE GREAT CYCLE: 12/21/2012  (Read 6629 times)
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This is my attempt to understand the December 21, 2012 chart........ For now I didn't do too much with the PPP/NN/etc.......


Pluto-4th House
The human Soul, leading up to this period, has been experiencing tremendous insecurity within itself.   Man-made forces (patriarchy) had taken hold, suppressing and oppressing the original matriarchal social structures.  For many millennia (this can be seen when one refers back to the 3114 bc chart), the human Soul was in a state of shock, numbed and traumatized from the violence inflicted on it (retrograde planets and Uranus conjunct Pluto in the 3114 bc chart).  The response to this trauma and shock was an inward turning of the Soul (clear in 3114 bc chart).  This inward turning was initially strictly for the purposes of survival (SN Taurus in the 2012 chart), the need for which was of paramount concern (SN stationary).  Leading up to 2012, the human Soul has been emerging from the shock and trauma it incurred during the violent transition to patriarchy and the continued violence in the millennia following (all but one major planet in direct motion in the 2012 chart).  We have seen in recent decades the emergence of a wide variety of alternative healing modalities, and this can be seen as an expression of the balsamic phase of the last 5,125 year cycle; the old wounds, finally, with regard to the patriarchy, have been able to surface for release.  With Pluto in the 4th, along with Mars in a New Phase to Pluto also in the 4th, there is a continued need for withdrawal and inner connection as the need arises.  The direct motion of the majority of planets in the 2012 chart indicates, to me, a couple of things: 1) people, having emerged from the shock and trauma, are able to apply themselves to more than just staying alive, ie, they can now directly confront within themselves the wounds that have lain dormant within them and learn to provide for themselves the nurturing they need to establish inner security; 2) to the extent that this inner work is done, the possibility of effecting real change in the world arises. 

The idea of time is interesting in this signature.  Capricorn rules space and time as we typically understand them in this day and age – linear and circumsribable.  Cancer, on the other hand, aligns with time as ebb and flow and space as interior attunement.  There is a natural rhythm to Cancer that is essential to the health of any organism.  There are periods of withdrawal and periods of full presence and the flow is a natural and necessary movement from one end of the spectrum to the other.  During the period leading up to 2012, this natural rhythm has been suppressed, and thus any chance of connection with true inner knowing and wisdom had been denied.  Because outer form follows inner realization, this suppression has resulted in the tremendous distortion of outer form.

Dependency can be seen in this signature in the sense that, when one is denied one’s natural need and right to connect inwardly, one can never come to know one’s own needs and provide for them from within oneself.  Authoritarian rule perpetuates a chronically dependent state of existence.  This can be seen at all levels of society leading up to and conditioning our present society and inter-governmental structures.  Dependency, thus, is an underlying component of all levels of patriarchal structures, from intimate relationships to social structures; and it is key to understanding the patriarchal characteristics of dominance and control.  The practice of enslaving people to linear time and unnatural work habits is up for review and significant change (Neptune/Chiron in Pisces in the 6th sextile Pluto).

4th House
Balsamic Conjunction
Juno’s balsamic conjunction to Pluto indicates that the long setup coming into this period was one in which women’s natural empowerment was suppressed.  To extrapolate from the story of Juno, women were systematically coerced into unnatural marriage vows only to have these vows used as a means of denying women their natural power, authority and dignity; men, meanwhile, gave themselves the right (authority) to do as they pleased.  Because it is a balsamic conjunction, this dynamic has been going on for a very long time.  The balsamic placement of Juno also indicates that the relatively more immediate period leading up to 2012 has been a period in which this dynamic has been culminating, as seen, for example, in the proliferation of “rights” movements in the last century (Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Juno), as an example, and also the men’s movement, which is a movement in which men are working to decondition themselves from the emotion-denying rearing practices and the institutionalized encouragement of violence and aggression;  as a result, the dream of new possibilities (balsamic phase) has been taking root in the minds of the human Soul. 

The desperation brought about by the violations of rights and codified deprivations prevented the possibility of responding to the need to turn inward and reconnect with deeper felt truth.  The need to survive (SN Taurus) was simply too pressing.  This need to survive manifested as conformity to and merging with the roles dictated by these violating and oppressive social structures.  Pluto and Juno in a New Phase to the Sun suggests that the releasing of these old violating gender role practices is for the purpose of giving way to the emergence of a new creative purpose for humanity based on natural law.

Mars is in a New Phase relationship to Pluto, indicating that the period leading up to 2012 is a relatively new turning with regard to these old dynamics.  Mars is seeking new identity, instinctively following its desires to generate the experience it needs to receive the feedback it needs to begin to form its sense of identity.  Thus leading up to 2012 has been a period in which action has been taking place within the confines of the old forms.  Yet, because Mars’ need is one of absolute freedom, the restrictions it meets up with as it attempts to freely take action have been and continue to be internalized as unpleasant and an affront to its newly forming identity.  Its tendency has thus been to instinctively reject the limitations which it has encountered.  Again, all of the “rights” (Sun in Sagittarius indicating the integrating factor of the chart, Jupiter in 9th inconjunct Pluto) movements of the past century can be seen as the dreams (previous balsamic conjunction) giving rise to this new condition of dissatisfaction.  Mars’ position being relatively close to the 5th house cusp suggests the desire to break out of old, confining forms into unrestricted self-expression.  As Mars senses its freedom around the corner, the old separating desires of suppression and control won’t do anymore.  However, because it is still in fact in the 4th house, and in Capricorn, its work is to apply itself with regard to generating new forms that in time can flourish into new foundations.  Because Mars is still in the 4th house, these new forms that it generates, if they are to be viable, must arise out of emotional connection.  Thus, Mars’ “action” must include penetration into the inner realms for security to be established, ensuring that each new movement out into the world is more solidly based from an inner knowing and inner security perspective.

Pluto-4th House
Neptune/Chiron-6th House
The results of the dependency that patriarchal systems naturally give rise to can be seen in this signature.  The sextile between Pluto and Neptune/Chiron show the wounds of exploitation and the sense of futility that these wounds gave rise to.  The opportunity described by this signature is to recognize the wounds, and then make the effort to master the practices that will nurture healing of these wounds (not least of which is that within and between employer and employee and more generally the wounds within and between enslaver and enslaved which are resonant in corporate structures).  Because of the length of time that the human Soul has been subjected to the violating practices of patriarchy, the tendency has been to resist the pull to heal.  Rather than go within and step into the abyss of healing, the response to this pull has been instead to scramble to erect some new form in an attempt to establish a sense of security.  So a cycle has been going on in which old forms (illusions) collapse and new forms, while they outwardly appear new and better, have actually been various kinds of reformulations of the old, or formulations that were doomed to fail because they were efforts to make an unworkable system (patriarchy) work. 

On a personal level the need has been to make the effort to commit to practices that foster one’s reconnection with one’s emotional self and thus, through this reconnection, the revived ability to experience direct communion with God (instead of accepting the lie that one must be dependent on a human intermediary and the corresponding lie that one is intrinsically bad).  In short, these practices will allow individuals to once again be in touch with their own knowing and wisdom.  Though Mars’ placement in the 4th house yet conjunct the 5th house cusp suggests some impatience on this front, the fact that Mars is still in the 4th house indicates that the need and desire in response to the feedback of restriction is to focus one’s energy on reconnection with the inner self.  This is a paradoxical chart, with the signs falling in the houses opposite their natural wheel locations.  Thus, the chart seems to be indicating a primary need to rebalance.  Pluto’s location in the 4th along with Mars’ location there, combined with the sextile to Neptune/Chiron indicates that a primary direction for humanity has been leading up to this time and continues to be the restoration of inner connection – the step into the abyss and the healing that will come from that.  In addition, whereas in the 3114 bc chart, the majority of planets capable of retrograde motion were retrograde, in this chart, all but one of the primary planets are in direct motion.  Taken together with what has been discussed, this suggests to me that the action that needs to be taken is, paradoxically, the action of inner connection.  As I am seeing it, only through this effort can a new, restored world be manifested and authentic self-expression along with it.  (I have a loaded Capricorn 4th house, so this take on the chart definitely reflects strong bias on my part… Perhaps when a chart is characterized in this paradoxical way, even though the direct motion of the planets indicates a more outward direction, the fact that signs are reversed might be chaos-producing on an inner level, and thus warrant a more inward direction of the energy..?  In addition, the houses that are occupied fall in the 1st three quadrants, suggesting that energy is meant to be focused on inner and outer relationship building., as opposed to the formation of new structures, ie, the new structures will arise from the inner and outer relationship work, and the rebalancing that occurs as a result of this work.)

Crescent Square
Concurrently with the releasing of the old gender role practices, there has been a tremendous pressure and urge to manifest new, liberating social structures and forms at all levels of individual, interpersonal and social organization.  With Pluto in the 4th and Uranus conjunct the Moon, there has been an apparent inconsistency to this effort, with great gains initially made only to see those gains trigger a strong counter-reaction in which the gains are chipped away at, as counter-forces seek to resurrect and impose violating roles and structures from the past.  Uranus/Moon being in a Crescent Phase Square to Pluto suggests to me the importance of patience with this process.  In the Crescent Phase, the energy is not yet ready to be released.  The phase is still Yin in character.   The form is still in the process of being shaped and molded.  If effort is made too soon, the form will be unstable and will be unlikely to stand up to the pressure and carry out its function.  The 4th house and Moon present in this configuration, taken together with the phase being Crescent in nature and the 4th house Mars rulership of Uranus/Moon, all suggest to me a repeating signature of  the need coming into this period being that of prioritizing the inner realm and inner connection.  In this way, inner security can be stabilized, giving greater chance of success of the outer forms that are eventually manifested in the world. 

Because of the cardinal house and sign emphasis of Pluto and Mars, there will likely be impulsive and instinctual actions taken in the world leading to the opposite and necessary extreme of withdrawal so as to integrate the feedback received from the outer action.  With regard to humanity as a whole, perhaps the radical, individuated elements will initiate these actions in the world, leading to counter-reactions from the status quo.  The counter-reactions will initially be stronger, enforcing the withdrawal and reflection.  Innocently and instinctually acting on the inner awakenings with regard to what is real, yet facing the implacability of the status quo, many have been feeling tremendously confused and disillusioned.  Such experiences have necessitated a need to withdraw and go within in order to get clarity.

Because of the reality of the different stages of development, different people and different groups of people, on both sides of the issues, have been enacting this signature differently.  While it may appear that the powers-that-be have been winning out, I believe it is important to factor in the reality of this need to do the inner work required prior to effectively acting in the world.  The powers-that-be have had inertia on their side.  And the initial rebellions have perhaps come from impatient and innocent factors that signify a change stirring.  But the deeper forces for change have, hopefully, been engaged in the necessary inner work.  And, at the same time, the “wins” of the powers-that-be have not been based in anything substantive, but instead on inertia.

Another important point is that a significant part of the inner work that has been happening in the leadup to this time and that must continue to happen is the unmerging from the patriarchal conditioning.  The confusion (Uranus/Neptune in waxing semi-sextle) that many have been feeling in response to the kickback from the status quo may have to do with the confusion that exists within from the perspective of deep, unconscious memory and experiences of having merged with the status quo structures for the purpose of survival (SN/Taurus/8th).  This confusion prevents the grounding of the ideals that are envisioned.  Thus, an important aspect of the inner work that is needing to be done in response to the confusion that arises when confronted with counter-reaction arises that appears to make no sense whatsoever, is to recognize this inner confusion as symptomatic of energetic entanglements that still exist in one’s deep memory.  Recognizing this, inner healing work can proceed, increasing the possibility of grounding the ideals in reality.

SN-8th House
Saturn and Jupiter combined form a Yod with Pluto and Venus is at the boomerang point of this Yod.  Because the SN is in Taurus, which Venus rules, the SN has to be analyzed before the Yod can be fully understood.

The human Soul, coming into this period, was in a state of inner debt and depletion due to outer forces beyond its control.  In some factions of the human Soul, there was a desire to merge with forms of power that were tremendously violating and destructive.  It could be argued that these aspects always existed in the human Soul but that, due to conditions that did not nurture or condone these aspects, they remained in check.  As these aspects of the Soul came to dominate human culture, deprivation, lack, scarcity, violence, etc came to characterize human social organization.  Those facets of the human Soul that did not wish to merge with these forces were left to fend for themselves within hostile environments.  Devastated by the violence and now isolated, their focus became simply to survive.  In many cases, this required the merging on some level with these new forms and thus the loss of connection with self.

Waning Inconjunct
Survival up to this point has depended on integrating the patriarchal version of “truth” (Sun/Sagittarius/3rd).  It is interesting that the one planet in the 2012 chart that is retrograde is Jupiter, ruler of the Sun.  Jupiter, in turn, is sextile Uranus and the Moon.  While all the other planets are in direct motion, suggesting, in contrast to the 3114 bc chart, that the human Soul is ready to move forward, the fact that Jupiter remains retrograde seems to suggest that the numbness and shock that was incurred before has remained present in the realm of beliefs – what is truth, what is lie?  The “values wars” leading up to 2012 and still continuing, and the utter inability of the voices of natural law to clearly articul.ate their understanding of the truth, can be seen as symptomatic of this trauma and shock to the human Soul, and the necessary complicity that resulted.  On a deep unconscious level, the millennia of built up fear in response to life-threatening circumstances has been inhibiting the clear articulation of truth.

The powers-that-be remain full of themselves, maintaining a stranglehold on the creative expression of the human Soul.  Yet at the same time, with the majority of planets direct, and with Pluto and Mars in the 4th house, along with Jupiter retrograde and the Sun conjunct the galactic center, the human Soul, as it continues to turn inward and heal and release the old wounds that have weakened it, is gaining strength.  It seems to me only a matter of time before the human Soul (that aspect of the Soul that is naturally aligned with natural law) is able to effectively block the abuses of power that have been normative in the patriarchal version of reality.  Of course, the questions remain.  Will enough people pursue the path of emotional integration that is necessary to build the strength necessary to block the forces of power that seek to dominate (Cancerian version of time).  And, then, if enough people do, do we have the time needed in a linear (Capricornian) sense.  My idealistic nature leads me to believe that it is the inner dimension of time and space that is truly significant.

Disseminating Trine
We can see in Mars’ disseminating trine relationship to the SN the prior imprint of emotional suppression required for survival and the reality that the only model (structure) that could be merged with was one of obedience to the powers-that-be.  The desire that would have given rise to this condition would have been either 1) the desire to wield power over others and 2) the desire to survive.  In either case, a fundamental disconnection from self was the result.

In the 3114 bc chart, those Souls aligned with natural law, due to the numbed and traumatized state of their Souls, did not have power to stave off the abuses of the patriarchy.  In the 2012 chart we can see that the results of this reality was that these Souls had no choice but to assimilate into the patriarchy or, in many cases, be brutally murdered.  Yet, given the direct motion of the majority of planets in the 2012 chart, considering the meaning suggested previously with regard to Mars’ New Phase relationship to Pluto and keeping in mind the caterpillar/butterfly metaphor mentioned above, the human Soul seems to be strengthening and creating new forms (or the seeds for the forms); and thus new avenues of integration (new forms to merge with) are becoming available to the human Soul.  However, it will be imperative that the imprints of all the violence and trauma are unearthed and integrated.  A significant part of Mars’ search for identity, because it is in the 4th house, has been and will continue to be, that of looking into the past.  The past, in other words, has been its frontier.  To the extent that the inner work is done with regard to the past, the building of new structures will succeed (Pluto rules the NN, thus Pluto signatures can be seen as part of future development.)

SN Ruler
Many of these souls, over the course of time, as they were forced to integrate into the patriarchal structures in order to survive, and as their connection to natural ways of living and being were cut off from them, lost their way and became alienated and estranged – in the world and from themselves.  Living in these cultures, their minds were subjected to information that did not make sense to them.  Yet at the same time, it was not possible to hear the truth amidst the inundation of lies.  Over time, as emotional suppression became the norm (Pluto/Cap/4th),why they experienced a sense of alienation was no longer consciously available to them.

Mercury’s conjunction with Venus reiterates this theme.  I was struck sometime back when I read about the story of Herme’s first few days of life.  Hermes was born in a cave.  He was restless from the start and within a day he was out in the world, causing trouble.  He stole Apollo’s cattle by getting them to walk backwards out of their corral.  When Apollo found them Hermes rooted the legs of the cattle into the ground like trees.  There’s more but that’s enough to get the idea and make the case.  Caves, cattle, tree roots to me are all clear symbols of matriarchal culture.  Walking the cattle backwards, out of a corral (!), in my opinion, is a way of alluding to the state of matriarchy/the old ways (corralled by the Sun god).  Getting them to walk out backwards is, again, in my opinion, an allusion to going back to the past from which they came (and it has to be done subversively, ie, by walking backwards Apollo can’t tell where they’ve gone).  They are now corralled.  But in the past they were free.  The world outside has changed and it is no longer the world that comforts.  So what does Mercury do.  He goes right out and causes the Sun god some trouble.  Apollo has no power over Mercury in this story, and the resolution comes only because Mercury, at the request of Zeus, chooses to relent.  I see this story as a story of resistance, and a statement being made that while patriarchy has the reigns, it is only because the powers-that-be allowed it to be so.  (Zeus, ruler of the patriarchal pantheon, does not rebuke Mercury, but loves him in equal measure to Apollo.)  As time went on, perhaps, while the resistance continued on some level (the body itself often breaking down from illness and injury), the conscious mind no longer remembered….. ? 

Third house Venus is is in a waning square to Neptune/Chiron, so illness and general problems with the body can be seen as generating the crises in consciousness.  As the illnesses and body discomforts are worked through, the veils are lifted, revealing the truth and allowing reconnection (reunion) with this truth.

Pluto-4th House
Jupiter-9th House-Rx
Saturn-2nd House
Yod Pattern
So we have Jupiter, the only planet that is retrograde, at the apex of the Yod pattern involving Pluto and Saturn with Venus at the boomerang point.  Jupiter Retrograde is in a waxing trine to Pluto, indicating ease of integration with regard to beliefs as those relate to underlying social and emotional structures.  With so many planets retrograde in the 3114 bc chart, I saw that, in combination with other factors, as symbolizing the essential powerlessness of the human Soul (aligned with natural law) to act in the world due to the profound trauma it had endured.  The Jupiter retrograde in this chart leads me to believe that there is still trauma at this level of the human experience and I see this meaning that, at least initially, the powers-that-be (patriarchy) are still able to wield their force in the world and thus appear to be succeeding with regard to the values wars.  At the same time, Jupiter retrograde is in a waning inconjunct to Saturn in the 2nd.  The old ways of surviving can no longer be sustained.  While it is easy for the powers-that-be, at least on the surface, to continue wielding their force, the weight of their actions is becoming increasingly unsustainable.  As more and more people wake up to this reality and as public opinion undergoes radical change as a result (Uranus/Moon inconjunct Saturn and sextile Jupiter), a profound shift has begun to occur.  As this shift continues, the ability to effect radical change will become more and more possible (Saturn waning sextile to Pluto, Uranus involvement with both planets, Pluto rulerhsip of NN). 

I am not that familiar with mundane astrology but happened to pick up a book on the Jupiter/Saturn cycles.  The astrologer (Stephen Arroyo) noted that typically the 1st decade of the cycle is filled with tremendous activity.  But in the 2nd decade, the energy seems to run out and there is a withdrawal.  The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurred in Taurus, a final return to an earth sign before returning to air signs for the next century or so.  (Jupiter/Saturn made its first conjunction in the air signs in the 80’s.  Prior to this, there was a century or so of earth sign conjunctions.  I’m sure everyone knows this!)  We saw in 2001 an extremely heinous act with regard to values and with regard to survival.  This act created a tremendous opening for the powers-that-be to run roughshod over any gains made leading up to that time, and that still remained despite the whittling away at them over the past 2 decades.  The point I wish to make is that, with Jupiter retrograde and with the Jupiter/Saturn cycle being in the last half of its cycle, there seems to be more evidence that, at least on the surface, the powers-that-be have the ability to act while those aligned with natural law will continue to feel stymied.  There will be a new Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, in Aquarius, in 2020.

The opportunity in all this has been and continues to be to listen to the truth within, and to do the necessary inner work that comes up along the way (Saturn/Pluto/2nd/4th sextile, Jupiter/Venus opposition).  This work involves all levels of being (the Yod itself and Neptune/Chiron and Uranus/Moon aspects to it).  In terms of understanding the Jupiter-Venus boomerang quality, as the powers-that-be continue to wield their power at the expense of everyone else and the earth itself, there may be a tendency to fall back onto old resistance patterns (Mercury’s/ Herme’s conjunction to Venus), and remaining caught up in the mental “stories” of the situation.  While this was essential for survival for many millennia, what it means now is that real healing never occurs, and thus the possibility of shifting the balance is lost.  Yet, as the unsustainability of the status quo practices have become and continue to become more clear, this has and will continue to trigger the desire for real healing, and thus the possibility of shifting the balance such that the violating forces are blocked, rather than the nurturing and nourishing forces.

The evolutionary desire of the human Soul is to manifest social structures that are based in inner, emotional connection and the natural inner security and healthy vulnerability that arise from that.   This, as opposed to the authoritarian structures based in emotional suppression and control and power over others.  With the Moon conjunct Uranus and Uranus ruler of the PPP, objectivity and detachment from layers of man-made guilt will be necessary for the healthy new ego structures to manifest that will be able to pave the way for these new structures.  With Neptune/Chiron’s waning trine to the PPP, the empowerment for this manifestation will come from the integration of old wounds.   Until this is done, fear will undermine efforts to move forward with structures that embody natural law and efforts to do so will be dismantled.  With Uranus/Moon in a waxing semi-sextile with Neptune/Chiron, effort must be made with regard to healing/integrating the wounds of the patriarchy in order to ensure that the  avenues focused on are enlightened rather than reactionary and thus lacking substance.  Jupiter’s waning semi-sextile to the PPP reinforces this point.  There will be an ongoing need to reflect on the beliefs that gave rise to the old systems.   With Jupiter’s waxing square to Neptune/ Chiron, the healing of the body and wounds are an essential foundation for the necessary reflection that must occur.  If this healing does not occur, the tendency will be to bypass the actual work that must be done and instead look outside oneself for answers, which will leave the human Soul vulnerable - getting bombarded with too much information, losing perspective and falling off track.  This would result in continued cycles of disillusionment.  Saturn’s waxing trine to the PPP emphasizes the need to look deeply with regard to responsible use of power.  Since the human Soul has gotten so far off track with regard to this matter, there will need to be a framework in place that allows for the deep questioning and probing into this issue of power and how it relates to survival and fundamental values.  With regard to Venus’ waxing inconjunct to the PPP, mental constructs that are not in line with natural law will trigger crises.  And this in turn will trigger the Jupiterian reflecting (opposed Venus and also it rules Venus).

The NN/2nd/Scorpio indicates to me the deep and profound probing that is necessary and essential into basic issues of survival and the values that arise from those issues.  The NN is in a waxing sextile to Mars.  Thus, the opportunity available is to probe the deepest depths of the inner dimension in order to truly understand just what survival is and means and thus what values are truly essential.  Pluto’s rulership of the NN suggests to me that no stone can be left unturned in terms of getting to the root of the inner workings of the patriarchy.  This will be essential to the stabilizing of new forms and structures.
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« Reply #16 on: Mar 28, 2012, 08:09 AM »

Hi Elen,

Again, I want to thank you for the tremendous effort you have made in doing an EA analysis to these charts.

God Bless, Rad
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Thank you, Rad........ It was really helpful for me to do.....

Anyone interested,

In one of my versions of the 2012 chart, I included thoughts on the metamorphic process.  I realized I didn't include it in the version I posted.  A Greek biologist by the name of Elizabet Sahtouris has popularized the "story of the butterfly" and it was really amazing to me when I read it and also, to me, totally relevant to these times and I feel fits the symbolism of the 2012 chart.  The link below is to the site on which I first read about this story.  I believe it includes a link to Sahtouris' website:

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