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Author Topic: Aspects, Phases, and Key Planetary Pairs  (Read 56583 times)
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Hi All,

We are going to start a new thread this will be based various EA topics that JWG taught but were never published. Much of this will be based on his old message board that were categorized into subjects/ topics through the kindness and desire of Adina Mather. This will also include various subjects that were lectures that JWG gave that were transcribed. We are doing this in the spirit of continuing of desiring to spread the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology as far and wide as we can. All of this material is of course copyrighted but we have been given the permission of JWG'S daughter, Deva Green, to publish it on our message board. Much of this material is quite lengthy so, given the confines of our message board, it will be posted in segments until the end of each subject/topic is arrived at. At that point we will begin anew with another subject/topic.

Our first subject will be the natural evolution that takes place within the natural zodiac: from 0 to 360 degrees, and the 8 primary sub-cycles that take place within it called Phases. This will include the various aspects that take place with these Phases. And this will include what JWG called 'key planetary pairs' that operate archetypically within our consciousness.

As you read through this feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

God Bless, Rad


Aspects, Phases, and Key Planetary Pairs
      Jeffrey Wolf Green Astrology et Al
       July 15 through August 19, 1987

Aspects need to be looked at in context - for example, you can have four kinds of possible squares, but very few of the traditional books teach this. Aspects need to be looked at with respect to the phase relationship in which you find them. In my Pluto book the phases are intertwined in the interpretation of the aspects which are looked at from an evolutionary point of view, but they are not identified as such.

The essence of astrology is a circle from 0 to 360 degrees. A basic way of looking at life is a circle or cycle. This simplistic mathematical model provides a way for astrologers to look at interpretation. There are a number of ways to divide this up depending upon the number quotients used to divide it.    Using the number 6 or 12 or 3 or 9, you can create different answers with respect to the division. Houses are, for instance, a relatively new phenomena and not part of origin of astrology per se. An excellent book on the history of astrology is called "The Origin of the Zodiac" by a man named Gleadow. Excellent.

For the purposes of aspects, we use the number 8, i.e. the lunation cycle. This will give us two quadrants in the first half and two in the second half. If we move in a clockwise direction, we come over to 360 degrees. Each phase equals 45 degrees. (The Chaldean Zodiac is based on 28 days, or a lunation cycle, and is more complex; we are going to use a simpler method and learn 8 phases rather than 28.)

The mathematical number which represents the distance between two planets represents the phasal relationship between those two planets. The phase determines how the relationship manifests; the aspect accentuates the phase. Since the zodiac correlates to what you call human consciousness projected into space, inner space and apparent outer space, the point is that consciousness is inclusive. Relative to its inclusion, it is exclusive, i.e. that which it cannot be. The phases correlate to the various dynamics within that consciousness and how it develops and evolves through time relative to what it can be vs. what it cannot be. Aspects mark key turning points in that evolutionary development or journey. Look upon them as turnstiles, if you will. Like revolving doors. The aspect moves you from one developmental stage to another in an accelerated fashion. Looking at this revolving door, the space on either side of it is relatively calm in comparison to the revolving door. One goes from a relatively calm and developed space to another space which is trying to be developed. The tension between past and future is the aspect. The metaphor includes the possibility of being caught in that revolving door and going backwards or getting caught in it - then they come here, Each aspect is going to have a certain RPM, if you will, or a certain rate of spin that is different than another aspect.

In this class we will first talk about phases, then aspect, then key planetary pairings which are key archetypes in all human consciousness. For example, the Mars/Venus pair represents how we complete ourselves in relationships - that is a primary archetype in all human beings. Then we will discuss key aspect patterns, T-squares, grand trines, etc.. Eventually you will be able to handle contradictory situations such as a grand trine which is also involved with a T-square.

                                                      NEW PHASE

We will always talk about polarities, yin/yang, light/dark, male/female, because to understand any one phase, you have to understand its opposite - its natural polarity. For example, to truly understand Virgo, you have to understand Pisces; to truly understand Capricorn, you have to understand Cancer, etc.

For example, most people think of Capricorn as crystallized in space, i.e. somehow without emotion relative to how Capricorn naturally projects itself. But, of course, underneath that Capricorn and the very basis of how it projects itself is Cancer. The essence of vulnerability. Why do you think Virgo needs crisis? Look at the polarity of Pisces. Virgo is going for a kind of reality that is not possible on earth - thus, crisis. In most cases, astrology is not taught this way, but it is very basic.

So, in order to understand new phase, we have to understand full phase. The new phase is, of itself, just that new. The key word is instinctual. Instinct is without forethought, a feeling or inclination (it is not intuition, however), automatic reaction. Instinct is simply action without thought. So the instinct, in the new phase, correlates to the instinct to become. Is not life itself a continuous state of becoming? Becoming what? That which it is not. The instinct to become that which one is not equals action without forethought - the simple, instinctual urge to initiate action relative to one's need to become that which you individually are. Thus, the simple instinctual need to initiate action and through the inevitable reaction to the action, one develops knowledge. Does the baby know that the stove is hot before it touches it? It must create action in order to experience reaction, then it knows. Thus the knowledge that is gained in the new phase is determined through reaction to the action.

If we understand the nature of the circle from an evolutionary point of view because the phenomena of life and time and space evolves, it is not static, thank God, the new phase then means that any two planets in a new phase are embarking upon a new cycle of evolutionary development, that which has not come before. This implies that prior to this life a cycle has just ended that has been in place for beaucoup lifetimes. It is a brand new phenomena. There is not any conceptual superstructure to explain the reasons or whys behind the instinct to become. It does not have the conceptual equipment to explain why it wants to do what it wants to do. Thus, it needs independence and freedom to simply initiate whatever experiences are deemed necessary in order to discover the ongoing process of becoming through the reactions to the initiated experiences.

However when we understand the full phase, its natural polarity, the key word for the full phase is completion. What is completed in the full phase is the evolutionary journey from the new phase through the crescent phase through the first quarter phase through the gibbous phase. Any two planets you find in a full phase relationship, evolutionary speaking, prior to this life, have already come through these phases. Thus as the new phase planets and the individual who has these planets in this state interacts with life itself, it is instinctually and inherently going to be aware of other individuals, full phase, who have more of a conceptual ability to explain who and what they are and why they are there, why they are going to do what they are going to do, or what they have done. Through the natural temptation of this polarity to compare (the new phase is without conceptual ability to do so), there is going to be some degree of instinctual temptation to adopt the beliefs and/or value systems which are the basis of explanations in all people, in order to explain its own actions and thus be out of harmony with that inherent and emerging individuality implied in this new phase.

What commonly happens in this new phase/full phase phenomena is that the person fluctuates in extreme behavioral patterns - from one extreme of wanting to be absolutely alone and free to the cyclic need to be overly engaged or involved in a relationship with people who seem to reflect what the individual is trying to become. This creates two very deep alternating behavioral patterns which seem apparently inconsistent.

What this really touches upon is the nature of creation, the projection through time/ space - the need to become what? If the creator was perfect in the beginning why create anything? The implication is that the creator was, in the beginning, imperfect. The instinctual energy is related to that separating desire and the need to go back to God. If we agree that creation and its distinct forms did not create itself, then what created it? And if that which is called the creation point, the source, the uncreated created in Buddhist terms, and we observe things like imperfection - wherein lies the origin of imperfection? The inherent truth is in every part of creation, every molecule, every cell, every substance, every particle - so the instinct to become ultimately correlates to the creation projected, projection being an inherently masculine principle and contraction or reception being an inherent feminine principle.

So, in these two distinct phases, a mirror of this basic truth: On the one hand needing to act and in the process of acting in an environmental sense instinctually comparing relative to full phase other individuals to itself creating retreat.

Astrology of itself is nothing. There is no inherent meaning to Venus. It is just a chunk of matter in space. It is what we project onto it through correlations and observations that create the meanings.

In the handout, the aspects which are shown are described from an evolutionary point of view from 0 to 360 degrees.

Phases are determined by measuring the distance in degrees from the slower moving planet counterclockwise to the faster moving planet. Any two planets who are 45 degree or less arc in the new phase; any two planets who are from 45 to 90 degrees are in crescent phase, etc. The Sun is always considered the stationary point. The Nodes are also used and because they fluctuate, one needs to look in the ephemeris and determine which is slower, the planet or the node.

Let's take an example: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio in the new phase. Would this not correlate to unformulated thought processes and/or belief systems coming into this life because the intent is to establish utterly new ones, that which has not come before? Would this not then demand a freedom of action to determine what my beliefs and/or thoughts are going to be through my actual experiences? Would it not tend to imply that my thoughts and/or beliefs would tend to grow and would not want to be static even though the fixed component of Scorpio would tend to want to make it so? Because we have two competing archetypes- fixed relative to new phase, would it not tend suggest that I would come up with philosophical or intellectual systems that worked in my life for a time, fixed, only to become stagnated or outmoded, Scorpio which would then generate the need generate even more experiences, new phase, to evolve them? Would this not also suggest, with respect to full phase polarity, that at various points in my life I might become hypnotically, Scorpio, attracted to individuals, full phase, who represented or symbolized to me, Scorpio, a more well-thought out and formulated conceptual, abstract, intellectual system and feel the temptation, Scorpio, to adopt, full phase, such systems? Yet, because they were not systems that were inwardly realized or developed by me through my own actions and as I attempt to deliver such thoughts or beliefs to another, thoughts or beliefs that were not developed through my own experience, would this not tend to promote for me, Scorpio, confrontations with individuals that could out-argue me because they could see that what I was saying was not based on actual experience? Would this not have the effect of creating the opposite behavior, Scorpio now saying .... we will not use those words, but retreating into a stance of isolation, through a vindictive, instinctual response. For a time, I would feel quite righteous in my vindictive response and now I would instinctually console myself.

One the other hand, as the individual is loyal, to itself, i.e. new phase, then as it simply instinctually communicated, Mercury/Jupiter/new phase, what came to it as it occurred without forethought, would that which was being communicated not have a spellbinding, mesmerizing, Scorpio, impact on the listener? What is now being instinctually communicated is new and that which is new is going. to be challenging that which is not new, i.e. other people's prevailing opinions, i.e. Mercury/Jupiter. That itself could create a defensive response.

What we want to keep in mind here is that the new phase evolves through time. This is now how we start measuring aspects. If you have two planets in a semi-sextile relationship, 30 degrees, yet still in the new phase, this symbolism clearly suggests that the individual, prior to this life, has already had a couple of experiences - maybe a couple of lives, who knows - involving this new phase process. In other words it is not utterly new. Because it suggests that there has been something before, the semi-sextile tends to have the effect of checking the pure instinctual process of the new phase. Prior to the semi-sextile, there is the instinct for unchecked action, random-like, but through a process of action/reaction prior to this life, the individual has already begun to become somewhat aware instinctually, of course, but aware of what this new purpose is evolutionarily speaking and thus the knowledge implied allows the semi-sextile to have a checking action or narrowing of experience. There is still the need to initiate action. There is still the action/reaction process. There is still much which is unformulated and yet the person has more of a sense of undefined direction, i.e. to narrow the randomness. The person may have unconscious memories of coming through the conjunction because in any life 80% of your thoughts, beliefs, values, interpretation and perception patterns, self-relatedness patterns are determined by subconscious memories. This is itself, based on that which has come before. The memory is in the Soul and is the sum-total of all that which has come before.

If I have had two planets in a new phase condition prior to this life and I now find them in a semi-sextile relationship, this constitutes subconscious memories. This, of itself, narrows the experience field , not happily so, however because new phase wants to be instinctive. So the tension of the semi-sextile is a tension based on feeling checked or constrained. It is the tension, for example, between Aries/Taurus. That is a natural semi-sextile and I think most of us would agree that Aries of itself wants absolute freedom and the instinct in Taurus is to consolidate. This new phase condition creates an irritant. It is like the competing archetypes of water/fire. Water tends to have the effect of dampening the spirit of fire.

So the semi-sextile is going to narrow, to focus, to stabilize and to begin the process of forethought prior to action. This is going to have a natural polarization in the full phase inconjunct. One of the meanings of the full phase inconjunct is to understand the meaning of the personal limitations as measured against the social environment. What you can and cannot be, what you can and cannot become, what you are and are not. This can correlate to a social function. You can see how this is mirrored in this new phase semi-sextile. It is the very first aspect to begin the checking of excessively willful egocentric expression - to begin the initial experience and, yes, humiliation, of limitation. When a baby is born, it knows no limitations, it demands all. The biological instinct in the parents is to provide all - it is utterly catered to. However, there does come a time in which that baby learns, semi-sextile, new phase.

Traditional books do not tell you the phase and a new phase semi-sextile is utterly different from a balsamic phase semi-sextile and how it manifests is determined by context.

If we go back to the new phase conjunction, we can have two planets that are absolutely conjunct or that have 10 degrees of separation. From a purely evolutionary point of view, these two are different from each other. We have evolved and there is a subtle difference.

The number of degrees of separation from the absolute conjunction represents relative evolution of the principle. Once one has been through something, one gets used to it and begins to know how to respond to it.

For example, I have Mars at 0 degree Aries and Venus at 10 degrees Aries, as compared with Venus at 2 degrees Aries. The former is more evolved than the latter. Anything that came before that conjunction is a balsamic conjunction, not a new phase conjunction in the final stages of wrapping up countless lifetimes, having come through all of the phases and is balsamic and almost done. It is possible for a person to have both of these in one lifetime and that can be measured through progression. Sometimes, when you see a stellium, five or six planets in the same sign, there is going to be a mixture in most cases of new phase and balsamic conjunctions. That is the real way to understand the nature of a stellium and why a person would have that amount of energy in one sign.

This situation could also generate frustration. As one evolves in this life, one may become aware of a new way, and yet relative to the evolutionary necessity, of culminating that which has been. This is the common problem of the poet: How many truly understand the spirit of what the poet is trying to say?

The progressions measure the evolution of the natal imprint. We evolve. We all have Aries, an ascendant and a Mars function. These operate in all of our lives, no matter what is going on in the phases and aspects. This is an inherent dynamic in our consciousness that evolves and that natural principle is reflected through the Arian archetype that is in every chart in all cases.

The Novile is actually a very interesting aspect evolutionary speaking. Some people claim that the novile is such a high octave aspect, that unless the person is sufficiently spiritually evolved, they cannot develop it. If this were true, why have it? Since in the west, dreams are somehow not linked with consciousness, it is important to know that dreams are conscious, not unconscious. Even a dream that you cannot remember, you know that you have had it and been conscious during it because you feel the effect.

So, my bias tells me that Noviles work for everyone. The key dynamic in a Novile is gestation and it is this dynamic that tempts some people to argue for an essentially unconscious process, or, in other cases, you have to be highly evolved to be aware of it. Even for those in a consensus state, it is conscious. It can be something as simple as a twinge. Let's say that in contemplating two or three equally valid courses of action, one feels a twinge - that is the Novile working. This will somehow orient the person to the proper experience. At the point of the Novile the person is more accepting of the dynamics with respect to resignation.

As we evolve through the new phase there is more strength and courage gained to be that which you are or are becoming, to resist the full phase temptations which is experienced at its maximum in the semi-square which becomes a mutational aspect from new phase to crescent phase. This turnstile equals mutation from one orientation to a radically different orientation.

The houses and signs in which you find planets in phase to each other tell you the kinds of experiences, inner and outer, that the person will gravitate to in order to fulfill the intent of the phase.

The idea of phases and cycles is as ancient as astrology itself, back to Babylonian times. It was Dane Rudhyar who resurrected the idea in modern astrology.

Mercury and Venus never venture very far from the Sun and therefore do not go around the full circle, but within the balsamic and new phase relationships, there are degree relationships to which you can apply the evolutionary view.

In a Mercury/Sun phase, you are dealing with the Mercury function as it is applied to the Sun and Mercury means the ideas that we use to justify what we are doing at any level at which we participate. So it is either time to let go of some ideas or time to make new ones. Similarly with the Venus function. Here it can be as much as 48 degrees apart, the early part of crescent or the last part of last quarter. This concept is applied to planets only.

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Hi Rad,

I just wanted to express my thanks for this thread.  I will be following!

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Hi Rad,
I am too attentively following this thread. Thanks so much for your generosity and dedication
God Bless
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                                                 CRESCENT PHASE

We will define the crescent phase before we talk about the semi-square and talk about it in terms of its polarity, the disseminating phase.

The key word for crescent phase is struggle. It is an inherently yin phase, whereas the new phase is inherently yang. Yang meaning energy moving out from center, projecting, and Yin meaning energy moving back to center, or retreating. In the crescent phase, energy is returning to center. If the energy was left unchecked in the new phase, it would simply blow out into space and in an utterly disintegrated fashion. Keep in mind that the essence of the new phase is a brand new evolutionary cycle which demanded the initiation of experience to create reaction which then determines knowledge. In the new phase, the actions are relatively random, although the various aspects promote a narrowing of experience. By the time the crescent phase happens, it is now time to withdraw from the excessive initiation of experience in order to consolidate and stabilize that which has been realized via the new phase, to establish it, to make it concrete, real, to give it roots. By giving it roots, allowing it to grow; yet still reflecting however the individuality of the new cycle, new phase. It is a struggle in that the polarity phase is disseminating, and the disseminating phase, of itself, is the totality of society - everything that your culture or society is, is reflected in the disseminating phase, thus "status quo". So, what is the struggle? The struggle is to establish in a concrete way individuality as discovered in the new phase as contrasted with the status quo. Because this is still a relatively new development, the individual is still shaky, still not quite certain, still comparing relative to the disseminating phase and thus the temptation to borrow and become a vicarious extension of ideas or values or lifestyles or external authority figures that tend to symbolize what the individual senses itself to be, without doing the necessary work to establish that on its own terms.

Let's say we have Mercury and Jupiter in Crescent phase and this individual is drawn to be a lawyer. The crescent phase in this case would be the need to establish its own unique way of communicating its own ideas relative to its inherent philosophical beliefs. Yet, relative to the disseminating phase, the temptation would be to compare itself with the established external authority figures in a cultural context and to borrow their way of presenting themselves, their way of communicating. Because it is a yin phase, there is a natural temptation to withdraw from conflict or confrontation. This makes its own kind of struggle.

Let's say we have Venus and Mars in the crescent phase. This is an individual who is meant to struggle to establish its own individual way of being in a relationship. Yet, if the polarity phase is disseminating, we have all kinds of cultural possibilities. It is tempting to just select one and decide that that is more reflective of what I am trying to do.

Planets in a disseminating phase with each other would give you an idea of what the pull away from the crescent phase is all about.

Another form of the struggle is when the individual does “x” amount of work on herself to determine who she is, her individuality, and just trying to maintain that without doing additional work. She reaches a degree of comfortability and says, "Ah, that's it! I'm fine now." without continuing the struggle of further development.

So, what is required in this phase to actualize it - remember last week we showed the relationship between new phase and full phase entering into a relationship and withdrawing and is the need to participate in the world and the need to withdraw from it. Isolation and periodic participation. The isolation is a way of reaffirming or reestablishing what one is, and thus, over time, progressively asserting through establishment of itself in society, its individuality in society.

So, we run into the semi-square and relative to orb issues we can have a new phase semi-square and a crescent phase semi-square. The new phase semi-square suggests that that person is in a relatively new state, new in the sense of moving into the crescent phase and there is a tremendous conflict, or stress, semi-square. The habit pattern of the Soul is to experience non-restriction, to have energy moving out from center, to just be and to do and to act without restriction. The crescent phase which is now looming on the individual's horizon is saying, "Stop! Slow Down! Consolidate! Go within." It is reversing the very flow of what it is used to doing. This creates conflict for this person. Behavioral patterns of coming and going, situations of being out of harmony with oneself until it is brought under control are going to be prevalent. Happily, the semi-square does emphasize and intensify the creative energy to actualize individuality. The semi-square in the new phase will not accept any external authority model which is attempting to determine what it is meant to be. Happily, it will put its middle finger in the air.

So you can determine the degree of struggle relative to the orb issue, by how new or old the aspect is.

The polarity aspect is the 135 degree sesquiquad. The waning sesquiquad, relative to the disseminating pull, means that the individual now has a vision of its social purpose. The conflict is how to integrate it and here is the challenge, on society's terms. Until that is realized, the society perceives that individual as a threat to its own existence. So, with respect to this polarity, the individual can expect conflict, stress, confrontation from external circumstances that itself is creating and the intent of these confrontations and conflicts is to reaffirm the essential individuality with respect to the middle fingers in the air.

With respect to the crescent phase, we still have Soul whose experience is to not feel restriction, and yet these restrictions have been encountered prior to this life and thus the individual has already begun the psychological battle and process of resolving itself, resigning itself to such restrictions. This means then, that in the actual crescent state that that conflict will not be as intense as it will be in the new phase semi-square.

The exact 45 degrees is very intense because one is right on the fulcrum between the two. But, when it is actually in the crescent phase, the person has already succeeded in dealing with it. Until they have succeeded in dealing with it, you won’t find that aspect. Also, of course, the crescent phase semi-square does give the individual the continuing power to establish its individuality, to root it. In the very nature of a stressful mathematical equation, semi-square, is a tendency to creatively induce stress, that stress equaling Soul development, personality, emotional, intellectual development - these developments equaling individuality, not status quo.

In the semi-square, there are memories of a cycle that preceded this life and before that the cycle that had come before the new phase conjunction, there are still sub-conscious memories of balsamic conditions. The fear that manifests in these two phases and particularly in this aspect is being trapped by a past that it cannot even conceptualize - an irrational fear. But that fear itself is used to further develop the individuality because of the determination not to be trapped by it.

The Septile. Now the sense of individuality which has been initially established in the new phase, by the time it gets to the Septile, it is linked with a conceptual sense or an instinctual sense, depending upon the planets, of a special destiny, something out of the ordinary. This aspect has been called an aspect of "fate". This is actually true, but let’s agree on what we mean by "fate" first.

What is fate? "A fickle finger.” Fate is simply an event that is determined to happen, no matter what you do. Fate is usually a rather meaningful event in your life. Twenty percent of anybody's life is fated. Eighty percent is free choice. We all have fated events. Fate is normally linked with karmic consequence. (This is not a sacrifice. On a developmental basis, one of the main things with inconjuncts is the lesson of humility and this tends to imply sacrifice.)

A Septile means that the Soul makes a program wherein throughout its life there will be, on a cyclic basis, the famous "y" in the road, and at key points in one's life, fate prevails, meaning that circumstances will be manifested in which the very nature of the circumstances point out the right direction to go.

The value of understanding the fated quality of this aspect would be that when you see a transiting planet affecting either one of these planets, you can expect something. In an opposition, the fated event that pointed to the turn in the road tends to oppose what the person thought was going to happen.. Normally what happens is that the opposing force is stronger than the will of the individual so they tend, relative to fate, to take the right direction even though it opposes what they thought they wanted. Karma is different. When those karmic debts and/or fruitions come due, that equals a fated event.

I use a 2 degree orb for a septile. One degree on either side. It doesn't demand a transit to activate it. Transits will always activate it, but it doesn't need a transit to activate it.

A classic example is myself. I have a Uranus/North Node in a waning Septile to my natal Pluto and it is now in a last quarter phase. I had a very dim view of astrology, Uranus. At a key point in time, in a monastery, I was given a certain kind of message that revealed my long term future in astrology, like it or not. You don't have to like your destiny; it is a matter of cooperating with it, with any of it.

Now we move into a crescent phase Sextile. I use a 4-1/2 to 5 degree maximum orb. It can be extremely helpful because it is non-stressful. It is very helpful from an evolutionary point of view to integrate all that which has come before, i.e. from the new phase conjunction in this life and to permanently establish roots as to what the individual purpose was, already previously linked with special destiny in this life. Relative to orbal issues, a person is given many lives to get this done. The temptation continues, the disseminating phase is ever on the horizon because the sextile does not, of itself, have creative stress and thus, it can be very "easy" to resist, especially in a yin phase, the actual establishment. This is why there is a larger orb involved, because one is given normally quite a few lifetimes to get it done, and it must be done before the quintile can be experienced, the keywords of which will be creative transformation. The teaching in this aspect is to learn how the world works, disseminating, which can be easily grasped, sextile, and then to go ahead and integrate what one's individual purpose is linked with the two planets on the individual's own terms. That is where the conflict lies, the temptation to do it on society's terms.

Neptune in this aspect can mean that it can be easy for the person to resist the spiritualizing influence of Neptune. It means that people can take existing cultural forms and try to find their spirituality through that. That is one of the reasons that a while ago all the traditional religions were rejected in a large en masse way. One the other hand, it is just as responsible for all this modern stuff, channeling and so forth, the advent of so many " psychics".

Astronomers are now beginning to agree that Pluto was originally a Moon of Neptune, but that it has now become a binary system in its own right. So with respect to Christian symbolism, the original sin, or in chauvinistic terms, man being cast out from God, here we have this symbolism of Pluto being thrown out from Neptune which could correlate to the ultimate archetype of divinity or the absolute. Pluto does have this binary system, that does correlate to the dual desire principle and the evolution of the Soul. What it means in the beginning, of course, is that what is called God is imperfect. If God was perfect in the beginning, why create anything? The Hindus like to dismiss this as God's amusement. I think God needs more than simple amusement. If it was only for amusement, why create suffering?

Now we move to the Quintile. Creative Transformation. For example, Carl Jung. If you look at his overall birth pattern, it is called a quintile chart, a five-pointed star pattern. He took the existing psychology, Freudian, and creatively transformed it, Jungian. That is what this aspect wants to do. When you find it in the crescent phase, of course, it can be a struggle to establish it basically an inability to believe in it because it is so new. The person is still comparing and contrasting this new vision with the status quo. Don't you think that in Jung's life he met with some status quo conflict with his ideas? If you find yourself an artist and you find this aspect, you will find your creations to be utterly unique.

Frank Lloyd Wright and Velokovsky (sp?) both were not easily accepted in their times. Velokovsky was not accepted by the scientific community, and his books were not allowed in the universities. One of his ideas was that Venus was originally a part of Jupiter that was cast into space through a massive collision. Based on this ideal he predicted the atmosphere that should be discovered on Venus and his idea was right, but at that point in time it was in direct contrast with what the scientists said was on Venus.

Einstein said that you have violent opposition when genius interfaces with mediocrity.

This is not an uncommon aspect, but a lot of astrologers do not pay attention to it. For those who want to develop it, it can be a source of great enthusiasm about life, feeling good about things as you develop it because it is utterly new, like an adventure, unfolding every minute.

Now we come to the crescent phase square which precedes the entering of the first quarter phase. This is an extremely difficult aspect to deal with. Equally hard is the disseminating square which precedes the last quarter square. The point is that what is looming on the individual's horizon is the vision of the first quarter. The first quarter is a yang phase energy now moving out from center action. In the first quarter it is going to be very important for the individual to actualize and establish concrete forms, actual lifestyle, that reflects what has been realized in the first two phases. So, here we have this dynamic tension between internalization in smaller environments and now the need to bring it out to the world. The key words for the first quarter phase is “crisis in action.” The initial crisis is experienced in the crescent phase square. You literally have a push-pull. The square itself is demanding action and externalization, the crescent phase is demanding internalization. Push-pull. The height of individual development is now at hand, tremendous creative stress to finally establish it. Here we have an absolute rebellion, because what is now the polarity point - the disseminating square.

The disseminating square means that that person is leaving behind cultural definitions, cultural archetypes, normalcy, status quo. Its consciousness is philosophically mutating in that particular aspect. This is a Van Gogh aspect.

The first struggle is to create an intellectual and/or philosophical superstructure in order to conceptualize or intellectualize and thus explain and/or communicate the actions contemplated because of the disseminating polarity. There is still the vision of society and how to establish its individual purpose in the context of the very society that the individual feels alienated from. As a result, this aspect can be very tough evolutionarily speaking to get through. The temptation is to rebel against all external authority. The fear is of being reabsorbed back into the very system that it wants to get out of. This aspect can promote the hyperculturally-alienated people of the world and based on cultural alienation, they never fully develop it. It can promote an ongoing, unceasing restlessness, a high degree of unpredictability of action. The positive side is that it is an aspect of leadership - the courage to confront the status quo, to do that which is new, to use the vision of how the status quo works upon itself. Yet, the status quo tends to feel utterly threatened by the new vision, the new way.

How many of you are familiar with Swami Kriyananda? Here is a man who established a
spiritual community in Northern California in the midst of a red-neck population. What do you think his reception was? His Sun/Moon in a crescent phase square. From another point of view, he was perceived as a threat by the very organization that he was involved with, the Self-Realization Fellowship. His mission was to establish one of Yogananda's principles for living, a spiritual colony of plain living and high thinking. He designated Kriyananda to do so. By the time he wanted to actualize Yogananda's vision, around 1960, the prevailing powers that were in SRF perceived this and interpreted it in the wrong way. They perceived it as him somehow trying to make a power play. So he was cast out. Crescent phase square, natural polarity, disseminating. He was cast out by the prevailing status quo, SRF, because he was now challenging that status quo, relative to Yogananda's own vision. So between 1960 and 1961, in a typically crescent phase way, he was literally forced to walk in the wilderness of his own loneliness without understanding what happened. Utterly confused by it. But now look. Relative to struggle, he was the one who established it, he was the one who spent four to five years working on it and totally supporting it financially by actualizing his own Sun/Moon purpose, teaching Yoga. But it has come full circle, and it now supports Kriyananda. Karma - action equaling reaction.
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                                                      FIRST QUARTER PHASE

Now we have the first quarter square - the key words are crisis in action. What it means is that the individual is striving to determine the actual form and/or lifestyle and/or how to actually make real this individual thing that was developed all the way back in the new phase conjunction. To actually act upon it and to establish it in the world in its own individual way.

For example if you have Mercury and Jupiter in first quarter phase square, it tends to suggest that that individual at minimum would be argumentative. It will attempt to confront the existing opinions or ideas or philosophies of another in order to establish its own knowledge of its own opinions through such confrontations and clashing. The person can even argue just to argue. The crisis in action is to determine the specific knowledge and opinions and language structure and philosophical conceptions that reflect its individuality. The polarity point, of course, would be last quarter phase, the words of which are crisis in consciousness. This essentially means crisis in belief.

What commonly happens in a first quarter phase because you are still dealing with a
relatively new issue here, after all it is only the third phase - is that the temptation is to borrow the philosophical superstructure of that which it feels drawn to. Let's say that I am fond of pondering metaphysical issues, Mercury/Jupiter/first quarter phase. My mind and my intuition lead to metaphysical ponderings. The effort, of course, is to establish my own view of things, but because it is still relatively new, my temptation is to borrow from existing philosophical systems, for example, Zen. I want to use this as my Philosophical justification to explain the nature of my own opinion. I use this as a roadmap to explain myself to myself and to anybody else. Let's say I have Mars/Venus in this situation. Am I going to happily conform to status quo ways of being in relationships? If I am a male, am I going to be attracted to being Rambo? If I am female, do I want to be Betty Crocker? The thing I want to do is to actualize concrete forms that reflects my individuality to which prevailing status quo offers me no clues. I tend to go through a variety of mates and/or experiences in order to find out what it is -essentially through a process of elimination, crisis in action. This crisis could be experienced as a partner who gives me flack, like you are not with me enough, and my first quarter phase saying I want freedom. This can be a crisis. Maybe my Venus function is wanting the relationship and my Mars function is saying that I want my freedom. I am in a dynamic state of conflict, square.

This is where you start filling in the blanks. What if I have Mars/Venus both in Capricorn, but in a new phase conjunction? Interesting symbolism. Does not Capricorn correlate to prevailing status quo, cultural norms, clues, the how you do its? But what is my new phase telling me?

We tend to use a 10 degree orb. That fill give you 5 degrees for a crescent phase and five degrees for the first quarter phase. The crescent phase square is passive/ aggressive whereas the first quarter square is downright aggressive. Just dwell on the archetype, because the manifestations are many. What if I have borrowed the philosophy to explain myself? If that philosophy has not been internally realized by me, do I really know it? What happens if I interface with someone who has inwardly realized Zen? Does this not now promote a conflict for me? As they question my knowledge?

Here is the biseptile -102 degrees and some odd minutes. This is the externalization of the septile - that special destiny - similarly, in the first quarter phase, there is a sense of social destiny being how linked with that first quarter phase. The person, will be tempted to link what their individual directions are with the conceptual framework that this is something special, something that I am trying to do that is special. Linked with the concept of fate which the biseptile carries forth, if I am dealing with Mars/Venus as my example, then I am fated to experience varied key people throughout my life that will have an intimate connection to me, special lovers. People who themselves are outside the ordinary, the status quo, who have a sense of special destiny about them, people who encourage me to develop, people I encourage to develop themselves, at minimum, a mutual respect for independence. The frustration in this phase is not achieving or actualizing what the special something is sensed to be because of the fear of being reabsorbed back into the past pattern: Thus a person who retains a rebellious stance throughout life, never meaningfully integrating into the society. A fear of entrapment. One evolves through that by realizing that it is a fear because the individuality is guaranteed. That started in the square and not it is being carried forth.

The polarity aspect at about 248 degrees is characterized by a condition where a person has programmed into their Soul at key points in their life people who will come into their lives circumstantially who are more evolved than they are, those people now tending to operate as mentors and/or who understand in an utterly objective way who this person is and thus have very timely messages or communications and/or last quarter teachings for that individual. They come at a key moment. The neat thing in that aspect is that the individual will recognize such an individual when they do in fact appear. Thus the normal resistance to external authority will not take place. That is also connected to the thing called fate. The person with this biseptile will resist lesser authorities, but recognize the real authorities.

The first quarter phase trine means that things have come to a temporary head with respect to evolutionary development. The person prior to this aspect has been struggling to actualize its own inherent individual expression of the two planets. It has come through many trials and tribulations. It has come through the need to instinctually assert itself and now it is time to develop it in the sense of total integration. The trine in the first quarter phase means that it is time to integrate this new evolutionary impulse within the ongoing daily context of the person's life. To have it a living reality every single day. Not something that is sought for or something to be held out as a carrot or a potential promise on yet another distant horizon, but to be established and lived out daily. The benefit of the trine in this arrangement is to have an understanding of all that has preceded it. To take the best of the past, i.e., to no longer fear it and to integrate it into the now, the best of both worlds. At best, this aspect demonstrates leadership, the courage to pioneer the new and knowing how to integrate it. That is the power of the trine. One the other hand, the characteristic of all non-stressful aspects is that the individual may reach a degree of comfortability and try to maintain just that and resist the impulse to change it. Thus, it maintains the status quo even if it is its own individual status quo.

Does the trine between mutable planets have a better chance of resisting the change? Not at all. The very archetype of mutability is continuous growth. One of the great strengths of the mutable archetype is adaptability. That is why the human species is still on the planet because of its innate ability to adapt to an ever changing environment. The instinct and dynamic of mutability is adaptability. So the mutable connection is one that guarantees growth actually.

We now have another mutational aspect. The sesquisquare or sesquiquad between the first quarter phase and the gibbous phase - 135 degrees.

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                                                         GIBBOUS PHASE

This is a transitional phase of itself. It is the transition between the subjective orientation and objective orientation - from individual development to social development, integrating the individual development into the social scheme of things. The gibbous phase is the transitional archetype between the two. The key word for the gibbous phase is adjustment or self-analysis. What happens here is that now that we have moved through the first quarter trine, the individual is full of himself, very Leonian, and it wants to display and project itself to all. It is the same archetype of the actor who has received an Academy Award and wants all to know. And rightfully so in its own way. After all, it has been a hard-won journey all the way from that new phase conjunction: We get a few bennies in our life now and then, even in the midst of hardship. But, let's face it, most people in these kinds of societies feel threatened by another's accomplishments, by another's sense of well-beingness, by another being full of themselves and having a clear vision of what they are trying to accomplish. This kind of society, because of its religious ethics put such things down. There is nobody around here with pats on the back and congratulations for a journey hard-won. It's more the voice of , "Who in the hell do you think you are?"

We meet this environmental feedback at the first quarter sesquisquare. The first quarter reaction is to throw the question back, and to fight back. This is where it is important to understand sociological context. At some point, whether we like it or not we have to acknowledge that we belong to that context. Envy and jealousy abound. Another culture might say, "More power to you."

The first quarter sesquisquare is preparing the individual to integrate on society's terms, not on the individual's terms and therein lies the rub because at this juncture the person is full of themselves and does not want to bend to any one’s will.

And so there is tremendous tension, sesquisquare, conflict. How do I accomplish the goals relative to vision now that I am receiving this environmental feedback that feels like rejection? That is why we have these key words in the gibbous phase of analysis and adjustment, because when you meet that environmental feedback in. this sociological context, it will necessarily promote an existential and experiential crisis which will lead to analysis. Why has this happened? It is the search for knowledge. It is that search that progressively promotes the awareness of how that sociological context is put together. The problem in this kind of aspect is that once that awareness becomes known, the individual begins to feel very small and begins to feel overwhelmed by the sociological context. Then they begin to analyze all their own deficiencies, inferiorities, lacks and shortcomings and all the things they would necessarily have to accomplish, develop or adjust to make that vision reality. And all too often there is a shrinking from the task relative to now another yin phase, the person is thrown in on them self and they are literally experiencing the desert of their own personality and Soul. Somehow where there was richness and fertility, there is now a barren inheritance and thus the person feels lonely as if they are living in an existential void. This promotes crisis.

From a purely archetypical point of view, it is meant to induce humility meaning the person is full of them self and thus perhaps overly identified with their ego in the sense of being the center of the universe, too narcissistic. So this induces necessary ego-centric humility and thus the soul programs via this aspect the negative feedback as well as negative inner feedback as one analyzes oneself.

All of us go through this thing just by the sheer fact of having a Sixth House cusp. This lesson begins at the midpoint of the Fifth House, at those natural power points: 15 degrees Taurus, 15 degrees Leo, 15 degrees Aquarius, and 15 degrees Scorpio. The 135 degrees aspect is 15 degrees Leo as contrasted with 0 degrees Aries in the natural zodiac.

Sri Yukteswar said that the Soul is born when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with its karma. The essence of astrology. Moses said that astrology is a symbolic language of God.

The orb that I use is 3 degrees, 1-2 degrees on either side for the sesquiquad. I give the trine 10 degrees. I do not give the Sun or the Moon a wider orb.

So, until the individual learns this lesson, they tend to remain in the first quarter because the tendency is to go back where the fertility and richness lies. If you are standing on the edge of a desert and in back of you plants are growing, which choice will you make? But, at some point, we have to march forward, as ever, like it or not. It's either march forward or get forced out.

So the humility lesson and the need to acknowledge how the system works leads, in most cases, to seeking out the necessary training and activities and schools of higher learning that will give you the necessary certification to actualize the vision. This is another way of acknowledging humility.

The polarity phase here is balsamic. The gibbous phase is now promoting the awareness of the nitty gritty details of one's mundane daily life on a moment to moment basis. I am sensing the balsamic polarity and I want to escape. I am tired of these routines. I am bored. The balsamic is the vision of the absolute, the timeless, divinity, the ultimate, the ideal. So now that I am living my life in this very mundane way, submitting myself to this sociological context, this polarity point progressively tempts me to escape, to compare my reality with an ideal reality that I cannot find, but only can sense. What if I have Mars/Venus in a gibbous phase? Are not my relationships going to seem less than adequate? As measured against the undefined ideal. I will get bored with the normal tedious work I have to do in relationships to sustain it. This could make me irritable and critical and help me to take all the stupid little details and irritants and cause me blow them all out of proportion.

This could make me feel, Venus, that this is less than something I want, Mars. The school of life is now experienced through this relationship. Doubts, partner criticizes, I project. There could even be a refusal to accept any kind of relationship because of the sense of the ideal, timeless relationship.

This gibbous phase is to realize that the path to perfection is not through analyzing and criticizing, but through doing. Imperfection is a natural law of the earth. It is not here. Ultimately that gibbous phase Mars/Venus is teaching the person to seek a divine cosmic relationship within.

With respect to what has come before, the person has all kinds of subconscious memories of freedom and independence and now they are being required to be in a relationship which demands work, so resentment and anger exist.

When we talk about the quincunx or inconjunct, we are talking about a sincere humility, a real humility, not a false humility. The problem with this kind of aspect relative to the balsamic phase polarity is that anytime you have two planets in a waxing inconjunct (it used to be called a "Finger of God"), the person senses some kind of mission from on high and yet, relative to the gibbous phase, feels less than adequate as a personal vessel or entity to actualize it. It it imperfect, not good enough, inadequate. It doesn't realize how to actualize it, how to get there. It is the sensing of it, but it is like going from A to B with a million directions in between not a straight line, but lots of adjustments in between. At its worst, this aspect can promote the image of groveling in the dark. Sexually a masochist, a need to feel inferiority. There was a church in New York, a masochistic church, and an astrological study was done of these people and it was found that in 75% of these people, the nodal axis was in the Sixth and Twelfth Houses conjuncting the ascendant and descendant. This was reported in Astrology Now in one of the original issues. In this aspect, there is a sensing from on high. What tends to happen because the person is feeling less than perfect, they generate all kinds of rational reasons and excuses which in effect undermines the actualization of that which is promised from on high. God wants to express through you in this aspect, but the problem is that if I am a 10-watt bulb and God is 10,000 watts, that is a waxing inconjunct speaking.

I, myself, have a 1 degree waxing inconjunct between an Eighth House Uranus in Gemini and Mercury in Scorpio in the First House. When the Pluto book first came to me back in 1978 or 1979, I was overwhelmed, 10,000 watts, and there I was a little bulb that was flickering, at best. So I kept generating all the rational reasons and excuses why I couldn't write the book: I didn't have the time. I wasn't ready. I didn't have the financial luxury. I had too many kids, etc. for many years. Of course, inwardly, I was feeling inadequate because it certainly wasn't a book that I had deduced or decided upon or analyzed or thought about - it simply presented itself from on high. But, you can run out of excuses. My final excuse was a monetary one, Scorpio. At the right time a financial benefactor turns up and gives me the necessary money, non-repayable loan. So I didn't even have that excuse to take off. However, that financial gift would last me 60 days at most, so that clearly meant that the book was meant to be written in 60 days. So I stopped all my counseling and all my teaching and wrote it in 60 days. It turned out that it was something as simple as putting the pen on the paper - it wrote itself. My frustration was that my hand could not keep up. So, that was the school of life adjusting the dream to English all those years, the apprenticeship, because, of course, the dream was not in English, it was in Sanskrit. But, in the end, there was no excuse and it was very simple to do. The problem was an egocentric one. That is the dilemma of the gibbous phase. The way out is just to do it. There is nothing to think about. If you think about it you are lost.

Perfection is realized by putting one foot in front of the other - one day at a time. A centipede is fine as long as it just walks. But what happens when it tries to figure out where the sixth foot is? Paralysis.

We now have a very interesting aspect called the triseptile. Because this aspect is the final aspect before the gibbous phase opposition, it promotes a clarification of the individual's self-concept. Essential humility.

Now we are moving into the objective realm with the opposition. All that has come before has been subjective and has been adjusted in the gibbous phase, humiliated in the gibbous phase and now is thrust into the world of the social environment, not as an inferior, not as a superior, but as an equal. Before the gibbous phase, the person was full of themselves, thus superior. Gibbous phase has made them inferior. Now we reach a balance point in the full phase at least potentially.

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                                                                   FULL PHASE

The key words for the FULL PHASE are meaning and completion. The individual has been completed. It is now time to completely establish it. It is time to release it, to share it, to relate it. It is time to be in relationship as an equal. The problem in the full phase, as we pointed out when we spoke about it before with respect to the new phase, is that it tends to compare oneself with others. To evaluate the individuality of oneself through contrast with others, to understand what your individuality is through comparison and contrast with the individuality of others - their values, beliefs, and lifestyles. It is through contrast and comparison, counterpoint awareness that I become aware of my social identity, not my subjective identity, but my social identity.

The need in the full phase is to initiate a diversity of relationships with a diversity of types which symbolize and represent a diversity of values, beliefs, lifestyles and through contrast and comparison, understanding myself.

The problem, of course, relative to the new phase, the polarity, is to overly engage in relationships. My social identity is new, it is not well established, that won't happen until the disseminating phase. Thus, my social identity is relatively insecure. When I go too far a field, i.e. too many relationships, too many comparisons, too many contrasts, I lose sight of my social identity and my temptation becomes to become that which I am not in order to feel socially secure. When this happens, the new phase polarity kicks in, i.e. the need to withdraw from social relationships, to recover the centeredness of my subjectivity, to rally around my own subjectivity, my subjective identity, my individual identity, not my social identity. This is an overload. Like mainlining too many people. For all of those who have a dominant Libra archetype in your nature, you know exactly what I am talking about. So, when you have recovered, then you need to return to the social sphere. So the person keeps going back and forth until the person learns how to remain centered within their own identity which is now integrated at a social level. The meaning of the opposition, then, is to teach this lesson. You have two opposing forces.

To describe the difference between an opposition in the gibbous phase and in a full phase, we will use Pluto opposed Jupiter as our comparison. In the gibbous phase, Pluto opposed Jupiter would translate into deferring to other people's presentations and ideas, the gibbous phase again is one of humility, self-analysis, yin, withdrawal and thus they would defer. The other would be seen as potentially more powerful, more dominant, more well-formulated conceptually speaking than how the individual is evaluating itself. If the person attempted to oppose the individual that they are in conversation with, they would tend to draw criticism from the person. The other person would tend to point out the loopholes, the weak links in their own intellectual arguments. Thus the person could be made to feel inferior.

To contrast this, let’s look at a full phase opposition of Pluto and Jupiter. Now this person is driving the other person into the dirt. It is like a reaction because of the social insecurity. The positive scenario would be that this person would treat others as equals, not needing to put others down in order to feel socially secure.

So, we come to the waning triseptile, cooperation with social and collective need in a realized state. Cooperation is the key.

The full phase inconjunct or quincunx is a very interesting aspect because in contrast with the gibbous phase inconjunct which has a more Virgo dynamic to it, this one contains the vibration of Scorpio. This now has everything to do with social limitations as contrasted with subjective or individual limitations. The waning inconjunct induces social humility and purification.

This is the aspect that all Seth people hate. In Seth philosophy, you are taught that you can be anything that you want, create your reality at will. However, it may be karmically, evolutionarily, destiny-wise impossible for you to be president of the U.S. due to social limitations. All Souls, all spirits are free, there are no limitations, no container, no boundaries. But then you put that Soul in something as limited as the human body and place it on something like the Earth - time/space limitations. This is hard for the Soul or spirit to accept. Until the lesson is learned in this aspect, confrontations will come your way. That is what the aspect is for - inner and outer confrontations.

Biquintile is contrast of capacities against those of others. If I go to an astrology convention, this aspect tells me who I am, that my special capacity is contrasting with another's capacity. Thus the uniqueness of my social function becomes clear.

Sesquisquare 225 degrees. This one is now taking place between the full phase and the disseminating phase.

                                                DISSEMINATING PHASE

The disseminating phase correlates to the totality of the sociological cultural system in which you find yourself. In our time, everything that America is correlates to the disseminating phase. All possible lifestyles, beliefs, values and all that which if impossible - disseminating phase. It is the highest degree of socialization, the absolute need to disseminate your purpose which was initiated all the way back at the new phase conjunction. Not just amongst friends and close relationship, but in a full blown integration within the world - job or career. When you pass the inconjunct, you become aware of what you are and what you can do and you go out and do it.

The problem is that the sesquisquare is the last initiation, the last social ritual, social rite toward that goal. You have realized the you are meant to be a stockbroker and you have a powerful vision of wanting to be a stockbroker. In this aspect, you have a powerful vision of how to do it in a unique way, in a way that will actually change the social system that you are about to participate in, now being the world of a stockbroker. At the full phase sesquisquare, until you learn the ways and the means of the stock brokering world, all their little happy rituals, all the things that they do, the consensus of the stockbroker world. Until you learn that, you will be rejected in the sesquisquare full phase. You will be perceived as willful and as threatening to the established status quo. The security is now found through consensus and disseminating phase. The challenge is to acknowledge how that system is working, how the consensus is working, not in the way of becoming it, but in a way of making it work for you. That is the enlightened approach. The problem in most cases is the becoming - that is the easier path. It creates and leads to less social and individual stress, does it not? That's the voice that says, "If you can't beat them, join them." The challenge is to join them without them knowing that you haven't really joined. After all, if things are left in the consensus state forever, it is just going to crystallize and die off. We have to have new blood. That is what this aspect is for, new input, new visions. The key word for disseminating phase is just that - to disseminate, to share, to give.

Now we move into a disseminating trine. At this point that consensus system will not perceive it as a threat. You have already learned to make it work to your advantage in such a way as to not be perceived as a threat, or you have given in and become it. In either case, you can integrate, establish, actualize, disseminate, give and do all the things that that trine promises, but you are still going to have this crescent phase polarity. If the disseminating correlates to the complexity of your society, can't this lead to a feeling of social weariness, of overload? You can get tired of all the crap that is going on, all the scandals, all the bullshit, and now the banks want to charge you for depositing money in their bank. See first you are paying them money to put your money in their bank. It’s ludicrous! You will find other banks following suite in a lemming-like way.

This crescent phase polarity, in our times and in our society, means the wistful desire to get out of the system, to withdraw, simplify, isolate, to pull the covers over the head. A national survey recently showed that most people don't want to know about all the crap, They want their soap operas. They don't want to watch the trials. That's why we have all these sitcoms. Dead on arrival. That's why we have Reagan being elected in this country, for nobody is paying attention.

Crescent phase is also what we call vacations when contrasted with the disseminating phase - time out. The temptation can be so strong with some people, to simplify and withdraw and to minimize the complexity in the disseminating phase, that some people will try to totally become that crescent phase. My point is that the disseminating phase, of itself, on balance, needs complexity, it needs to socially interact. It doesn't need consistent isolation, but periodic isolation.

From an evolutionary point of view, the disseminating phase is to establish social contracts, stabilities, laws, regulations, norms and having lots of people live together in a non-anarchistic state. We all have that need. Spoken like a true Marxist. Marxism is a very attractive philosophy until you understand it. Marxism's ultimate carrot is to promote a social system that has no rules, regulations, leaders, government. Everything being self-run through conscious individual choice. To do that which is necessary without instruction or guidance or dictums. That is Marxism's ultimate vision. But no political utopian philosophy, which Marxism is, has ever succeeded, and never will. This is why Marxism gets stuck, stuck in communism and other authoritarian, dictatorial governments which try to impose that ultimate Marxist vision which is not possible. Ideally Marxism is a completely socially equitable system. A more practical form of Marxism and/or communism is socialism as expressed in various governments in which it works - Sweden, Denmark, and Holland. This is why capitalists hate communism, because communism is social equitability, social equality, an even distribution of wealth. It won't work because of human nature. The Mars function, the First House function, the Aries function. You can validate that by driving on the freeway. Do you not see the Mars principle alive and well? How many people do you see when they want to change lanes back off versus speed up?

Now we move into the disseminating square which is a very difficult aspect - the Van Gogh aspect.
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                                                      LAST QUARTER PHASE

The key words for this are crisis in consciousness which effectively means (these are Rudhyar's words - crisis in consciousness) essentially crisis in belief: What are you going to believe in? You have just now evolved out of consensus, out of social systems. You are now mutating into a consciousness which now needs to establish new beliefs, new ideas, to look at reality differently, the bottom line being that what you believe determines your values. Your values determine how you live your life, how you are relating to yourself as well as to someone else. Values determine lifestyles relative to beliefs. So if you are having a crisis in consciousness/beliefs, you are having a crisis in lifestyle and identity.

This square is kicking off the first quarter square but also the opposition and the conjunction points - the primary vertical/horizontal of the natural circle. So it is massive tension, the temptation to go backwards where familiarity lies, the known, the controlled. The fear is moving into an unknown that you cannot define, but can only sense. The pull is toward the balsamic so that the disseminating square begins to highlight this tension. Van Gogh felt alienated from the very system that he was trying to integrate his paintings within. So he did, crescent phase polarity. He hung out in his little place. This massive inner conflict of belief, is it not self-torture? He had a square between the Sun/Moon. The archetype of the Sun/Moon is self-actualization, how you actualize your purpose on a daily basis.

I tend to describe this as the mutation between Scorpio and Sagittarius and/or Capricorn to Aquarius.

The temptation that most people feel at that last quarter square junction especially when it is still in the disseminating phase is to go backwards rather than forwards. For example, if you found Mars/Venus in a disseminating square, the temptation in most people would be to adopt cultural norms with respect to learning how to and being in relationships. They take social clues as the clues, because that constitutes familiarity and thus security. Yet you are still going to have this dynamic tension, square, between that Mars and Venus. This is moving into this crisis in consciousness which now equals crisis in belief relative to how to be in relationships. The person is beginning to move beyond the status quo or cultural norms as clues. Yet they don’t, at this point in time, know how to consciously define that which they are trying to move into. Since they can't define what they are moving into, the temptation is to simply go with what "works". Thus they end up manifesting frustration. In general, if a person adopts that behavioral compensation, roughly around the first Saturn return, they will reach a major degree of crisis if the person is at all conscious, meaning not asleep. If they are asleep, it won’t make any difference, sort of like the nudge against the elephant, but the elephant remains in place. If you throw a pebble against an elephant, is it going to move?

However, for some who are in some way awake, this will equal a developmental crisis around the first Saturn return, a relationship crisis, a behavioral crisis. What the person is trying to evolve into is a radically different kind of relationship in which that partner is going to be like them self, i.e. actually challenging and questioning, square, the nature of cultural norms himself in all value systems, all cultural moral imperatives. They are going to need a partner who, like themselves, is now challenging these things and thus, the most immediate new need is to find a partner who is now going to have a degree them self now challenging these things and thus, to find a partner who is now going to have a degree of philosophical sympatico which will then allow for the emotional sympatico in this case, it is a matter of what comes first. Thus, they march off together to establish with courage their own norms.

This will finally evolve into the last quarter square itself. This particular aspect tends to produce two extremes, either individuals who rabidly defend the past in a William Buckley-like way (what an arrogant creep, eh?) or utterly challenge the past.

Cults are a phenomena of all times and places, not just this one. The deeper issue in the Uranus/Neptune square generation (taking place from Cancer to Libra) is a group of people who are born to parents or a culture, in either-case your early family or early environment, which does not have a lot of cultural or family support for their inherent individuality. This sets in motion identity and/or emotional confusion because they are going to be exposed to cultural or parental norms that have no relationship to that individuality. This, of course, forces the child in on itself. It makes it confused. It doesn't know why it is happening and creates all kinds of displaced child-like emotions that are dragged into adulthood which become the basis of overt or covert emotional projections onto the adult partner, the adult partner itself now reflecting the parent who didn't understand and the adult relationship collapses.

The point here is that you have a whole bunch of people, Uranus in Cancer, who are learning how to be utterly self-secure, learning how to liberate, Uranus, from emotional dependencies. That is why it dictates such conditions. But of course the child does not have the conceptual equipment to understand it that way - it just knows that its needs are not being met. Any child will rightfully feel that it has a right to have its needs met, after all it is a child. We are only children once, aren't we? So it creates an identity confusion. A bunch of folks in that generation beyond this have gender confusion, because it is a generation that is actually trying to liberate from the restrictions of just purely male and female. They are actually trying to seek a degree of actualized androgyny - the unification of the genders. This can create gender confusion in these people: All they know is that they are not either Betty Crocker or Marlboro Man. So, unless there is cultural or family support, it can turn out gay people in an increasing percentage. Or, in other cases, people who simply refuse to be in relationships, who would rather go it alone, Cancer. The issue of relationship, Neptune in Libra, is just too confusing, too emotionally messy and the Uranus part in Cancer says, "I'd rather not deal with that!" Yet they still have very viable emotional needs that must be met in their relationships. When you put all this in a last quarter square, you can see how all this, i.e. crisis in belief, crisis in consciousness, now in identity, manifests.

From a purely evolutionary point of view, there is a whole generation that is meant to learn how to parent in different ways because what has preceded this is a bunch of parents who have said, "Do it my way, be a vicarious extension of me.” There is a whole ethic in this country where the children are not supposed to talk, just do what I say. That is a prevailing ethic. Now all of a sudden, here comes this generation who is meant to learn how to parent in a radically different way, i.e. parents who must learn how to encourage the unique individuality of the child, not to make them carbon copies of themselves. So unless the child has that kind of parent, they will rebel against their parent.

So, at this evolutionary gate, until the individual learns to adopt and embrace beliefs that are unique to its own identity, it will remain at this gate. Any two planets that you find in this kind of situation remain there until they succeed. That means breaking through cultural norms. The square creates the necessary tension or stress to do so. That is the point. Even if it is the second Saturn return. If you have Pluto in Cancer, even if you are in a consensus state with a last quarter aspect, that shows that at least those two functions in you are trying to individuate to some extent and yet within the context of the herd state.

We said with the quintile, the two key words that can apply here are creative transformation. A person in the herd state with this aspect could be a welder with Mercury quintile Jupiter last quarter. This person could find himself inwardly inspired, who knows from what origin, to evolve welding, new techniques, to creatively transform the existing knowledge called welding and feeling inwardly inspired to do so. Of course, the consensus state person may not yet be able to conceptualize the cosmic other, but nonetheless, they will feel the inspiration, and at some point, wonder, "Where did this thought come from?" It is certainly not going to be a thought based on deductive analysis. Thus he transforms not only himself, but also the system of the welding world in which he finds himself. At some point somebody had to evolve helioarc welding - maybe it was somebody who had this quintile aspect. Who knows? This aspect is a very creative aspect - the spirit of uniqueness, invention, innovativeness is here no matter what evolutionary station the person finds himself in.

Alright, Sextile. Productive purpose and understanding of the role in society. Again, the herd state person may not define it this way. They would simply find themselves fulfilling a role that transcends or is beyond or outside of the status quo of welding. It doesn't mean that the person needs to conceptualize it in this way with fancy words, they may just be it. As the person evolves, then the intuitive awareness of how to conceptualize it, to explain it comes with that turf, i.e. as the person evolves.

The transition between the past and the future can be easily made or easily resisted at this evolutionary juncture. Again, the problem with non-stressful aspects is that they can reach a certain level of growth that the phase dictates (background - phase) and then reach a degree of comfortability with it and then attempt to maintain their own status quo because of that and resist future impulses to go forward.

Jupiter quintile Pluto, for example, at minimum the person is going to throw atomic bombs at prevailing consensus belief systems. There is going to be an evolutionary necessity to transcend sectarian views. That is the expansiveness of Jupiter experiencing the sectarianism's limitations, Pluto.

Septile - This special purpose is beyond an individual issue. It is a socialized issue. A social function in which the individual finds the purpose relative to the function itself. Again, in my own case, Uranus in septile aspect to Pluto. One of the hatreds I have carried through many lives now is astrology and it finally came to a head in this life - and much to my own horror, Pluto, I had to fulfill this socialized role, Uranus. I was quite content to live in the monastery. So this special event, the “y” in the road, comes through a teacher in the monastery, "You can't have this opinion of astrology without studying what you have the opinion about." Certainly makes sense. Since I have to respect the demand, Pluto, I went out and bought a book, read two pages and had a great vision. I would say the hatred is gone. I still feel the limitations, but it certainly has been a vehicle for me to accomplish much of what my Soul has intended, a number of which is finding a language which makes sense to most people and to accomplish the deeper tasks of helping people to free themselves from their own conditioning to empower people to be themselves. I get satisfaction in the sense of cooperating with God's will by simply fulfilling the function. When the rare client has the courage to apply the advice, that's excitement. The universe is excited at that point.

Semi-square - again a mutational aspect, we are now leaving behind the last quarter phase and moving into the balsamic.

                                             BALSAMIC PHASE

The key words are absolute, infinite, the time-less, that which goes beyond time and space. There is an impulse in every single human being to transcend, the sense in every single human being that there is more to reality than meets the eye. Every human being has that knowledge; it is the conflict in every human being between ideals and reality. When one moves into the balsamic phase, it means that one is beginning to complete and entire cycle which has preceded it, it is a culmination issue, a yin phase. The temptation in the yin phase is to completely withdraw, to retreat, to reclude from all that which has come before. Yet, relative to culmination, you have to complete, to tie up all the loose ends that have come before so that the new evolutionary cycle that you are preparing for can be born cleanly, without residual effect from the past. So we have a push-pull here. On the one hand the individual in itself wants to retreat and, yet relative to the necessity for completing must come out of itself and to engage in the normal circumstances which will constitute anybody's life. So it is a push-pull. This, from a purely archetypical point of view, demonstrates or symbolizes the final merging of divine will. That is the archetype.

So when we come into this semi-square, it is an incredible irritant. When you find it still in the last quarter phase, there are still all kinds of external obligations, duties and demands, roles to play, that must be fulfilled. And yet the person always inwardly sense a kind of feeling of a distant horizon that they are trying to get to. A horizon that has no obligations and duties, only freedom. So there is inner conflict.

In the semi-square, the key is to follow those contrasting rhythms and to do both the new and the old when the impulse manifests. Then the person will be in absolute harmony with themselves and thus, there will be no conflict. The problem in this semi-square is the sensing of new seeds for they are not conceptualized or defined. They don't have words to put on them. They are just sensed. The person wants to have the experiential freedom to initiate that which they need to initiate to find out about it. It is the vision of the poet who sees the future and yet people of the existing moment don't want to see it. The person is considered strange, balmy, outside of the status quo and nobody can relate to them. They are trying to move into a timeless form. What would be a timeless form of relationship for example, just monogamy? Just one to one? Is that a timeless form of relationship? What if you have Mars/Venus in a balsamic state? Your quest is for a timeless ideal relationship. That which reflects timelessness, that which is natural, not conditioned. Is monogamy, a one-to-one relationship, that which is most natural to the species? What is the natural and actual instinct in the species? The answer is that there are no absolutes.

So, if you take Mars/Venus in the balsamic phase, it means that that individual is seeking an entirely different kind of relationship, a relationship with the divine, first and foremost and learning how to see the divine in their partner, first and foremost, thus effecting unconditional love, not conditional love. In this state, you are in a timeless relationship.

Relative to cultural context, it doesn't matter if you find yourself as an American Indian two hundred years ago and find yourself with one man/two women or more. Everything reflects cultural necessity in the end. So if it is most efficient to live in that relationship model, then that is what happens. If it is most efficient to live in a monogamous model, one-to-one, relative to cultural necessity, that is what happens. If it is most efficient to live in a harem state, that is what happens. Efficient for who? The culture. Not the individual, but the culture. The point being that in those cultures, they had many children, so it took lots of people to raise them. In those times, survival itself was important. Simple food gathering was the norm. Biologically speaking, man, stronger physically, was more evolved to hunt down the animal for food. It's not that the woman can't do it, it is just more efficient for the man to do it. So it comes down to cultural efficiency, cultural necessity.

The balsamic is trying to reach these kinds of understandings. If you have Mars/Venus in a balsamic phase, it simply means, relative to culmination, that you are destined to meet many people throughout your life with whom you have had prior live dealings, people with whom you are culminating or finishing relationships with. It means that the older you become in this life, if that is your condition, that you will begin to meet new people, people who you will not be allowed to be in an intimate relationship with, but with whom you will establish seeds that will grow into future lifetimes together.

So, given the backdrop of the balsamic phase, there is a temptation to withdraw from the nitty gritty details, gibbous phase polarity, of any of our lives. There is also a degree of psychological compensation, i.e. many people who experience balsamic planets don't know how to live with them. It makes them feel inwardly too strange. So what do they do, they effect compensation to the gibbous polarity and attempt to live life as most people live it. For example, if you are in a culture that places a major premium on possession gathering, that is what the person will become in an overemphasized way. They would be even more into the collecting of possessions. If you are in a culture that advocates sexual promiscuity, and you have this Mars/Venus balsamic, and your natural inclination is to withdraw to find the cosmic lover, yet you are feeling strange about that because you can't conceptualize it this way, don't you see how the gibbous polarity interacts now? The person overdoes it. And this will finally degenerate into a gibbous phase crisis and now the person must analyze what they have been doing.

In the Mars/Venus balsamic, we are dealing with different types of relationships, not just intimacy. It is just that we are trying to culminate a certain type of way of being in relationship with someone and to evolve into new ways.

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Hi Rad,

I was looking at a chart that has several quintiles (creative transformation).  What I noticed is that most of these quintiles involve either the Sun or the MC.  From what I understand, both the Sun and the MC and other major angles) symbolize current life intentions.   With that thought in mind I started wonder how one would interprete these types of aspects (current intentions involving the Sun or Asc/MC/IC/Desc) in terms of using Phases.  Phases are descriptive of the evolution of a specific evolutionary intention symbolized by the two planets involved in the aspect (any aspect – not just quintiles).  This all makes sense from a prior life point of view .  My question is how to interprete the phase when it only applies to a current life intention.  Do we consider the phase?

Thanks in advance as I am sure you will make this clear to me  

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Hi cat,

Hi Rad,

I was looking at a chart that has several quintiles (creative transformation).  What I noticed is that most of these quintiles involve either the Sun or the MC.  From what I understand, both the Sun and the MC and other major angles) symbolize current life intentions.   With that thought in mind I started wonder how one would interprete these types of aspects (current intentions involving the Sun or Asc/MC/IC/Desc) in terms of using Phases.  Phases are descriptive of the evolution of a specific evolutionary intention symbolized by the two planets involved in the aspect (any aspect – not just quintiles).  This all makes sense from a prior life point of view .  My question is how to interprete the phase when it only applies to a current life intention.  Do we consider the phase?


Yes, we consider the phase in these situations. The phase will correlate to how the current life intentions or purposes is intended to be acted upon by the Soul relative to aspects from other planets to the Sun, or the angles, that are then integrated by the Soul relative to the entire EA signature in the birth chart.


God Bless, Rad

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continuing .. here is the section on 'key planetary pairs' ... the next post will be examples of these...

                                               KEY PLANETARY PAIRS

These are the definitions of the key planetary pairs. Now you can place them in their phasal context and you will have some information in order to understand how they are operating archetypically. Then you add the next layer, the signs they are in, then the houses they are in, and then you synthesize, which is the art of the astrologer, the ability to synthesize archetypes, even if they are competing archetypes - that is the art of astrology, no longer a technical issue, but an art.


These correlate to the psychological notion of self-actualization, the need in all people to actualize their inherent purpose for their life on a day to day basis, to give that purpose a face and image, a way of personally identifying itself, Moon. It describes how the person continuously is integrating them self on a moment to moment, second to second, year to year basis.

Now, the need to give it a self-image or a name equals the need to feel secure with it. The Moon, of itself, correlates to the nature, type and relative strength of one's ego, the phenomena of the ego itself. It is not possible to get rid of the ego. You cannot operate on the brain and remove the ego nor can you remove it psychologically. The issue, spiritually speaking, is to align that ego with the divine ego, that is what the true meaning of getting rid of the ego means. The ego is necessary because it is an individualizing agent. It gives a self-image. That self-image can be quite different, by the way, than how other people see you. There can be a discrepancy. What others see and what you see in the mirror is the ascendant, how one instinctually projects oneself without forethought. It is pure instinct.

So, the Sun/Moon describes this by phase. If it is new phase, is this not clearly described, from an evolutionary point of view, as how you go about actualizing yourself, your purpose in this life, comes under this new phase, instinctually. The Sun/ Moon new phase has the instinctual need to initiate experience without encumbrance, without obligation, without commitment, without excessive apology or explanations. It is the need to have enough freedom in life to initiate enough experiences to gather the necessary reactions to find out about yourself and what that purpose is and, at a deeper level, to generate an egocentric structure which in a new phase is forever changing. When a new phase Sun/Moon gets frustrated or confused, it borrows from the full phase - the law of polarity.

Let's say we have Sun/Moon new phase, which is essentially an Arian vibration, and what if those two are in Capricorn, double Capricorn. Relative to the emergence of the new cycle, the new self, the new purpose, the new ego which is not formulated, it is obviously possible that this person is going to take his clues from the social system into which he is born and that from them. A classic illustration of this is Nixon. Nixon with a Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aquarius, new phase, and yet a Tenth House Pluto. He gravitated to powerful social identities, lawyer, EP, Senator, liar, that equaled his sense of personal identity and thus accepted all the prevailing social customs and norms as convenient props to use. This is why you had that weird body type. You have this Capricorn which is trying to contain the Aquarius which is trying to erupt; a person who doesn't know what they are. So you had all these herky-jerky movements, and all the sweat. Whole coats would be lost. Showering and airing wouldn't help. That is because of the high degree of inner compression equaling resistance.


These correlate to your ability to integrate your ego, your personal identity, who you are within the context of the social systems and/or culture, Saturn, in which you find yourself. The ability to establish your own authority within the authority of the culture. Earlier, it is the social conditioning of family. Heritage, consensus values, lifestyles, beliefs, social class and sociological context - all these shape one's identity. This archetype perpetuates the status quo, the mainstream.

With a new phase Moon/Saturn, you are going to be highly susceptible to your family's imprint but, you are also going to find the instinct to define it, Saturn, yourself, Moon. This can create a clash with the parents and ultimately a cultural clash at some point. With the Moon/Saturn in Aries instead of Capricorn, parents who simply expect you to conform to their ways are going to be faced with a potential battle from day one. Contrast that with the Moon/Saturn being in Aries/Taurus still new phase. Now we would see cycles of collision, butting heads with cycles of stability, Taurus.

Ultimately, the Moon/Saturn tells you how you are going to integrate into society.


How one completes oneself through relationships. The act of creation itself is a coupling, the coupling of the creator with its creation. The dynamic of relationship is pervasive and exists at all levels. It is also how one is relating to oneself and thus, how one is relating to another.

Mars/Venus in a crescent phase septile is an individual who is struggling to establish through introspection the uniqueness of her own needs and thus what she desires. The need to bulwark herself from the expectation, Venus, disseminating phase, of society. Throughout her life she will attract key people who will point out the right direction relative to the “y" in the road. This person will feel that she has a special, i.e. septile, mate to be with.


This is how one establishes her beliefs, her principles, her philosophies, and creates the necessary intellectual apparatus to explain them, to communicate them. As a result, it correlates to how the person goes about learning as a general dynamic throughout life. All the facts that one learns can ultimately be put together into a belief system.

Mercury/Jupiter in a first quarter square represents a person who instinctually resists or repels information, beliefs or philosophies that she, herself, has not decided upon. She is therefore, resistant to learning that which she does not want to learn. She may become combative or argumentative in conversations and communications of all kinds. She is considered to be strongly opinionated and yet by nature, she is destined to attract, based upon her inner vibration, people who are just as strongly opinionated, just as argument and confrontation prone.

This could be a problem for a 71-year old who is now forced to go through the public education system. Let's put Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Scorpio. As a form of rebellion, he would simply withdraw from the teacher. It would be covert, probably, but just as effective.
So, in effect, this pair describes how you go about learning. In the new phase, this represents a person who challenges existing facts in order to determine new facts from such challenges. This would be different from a person who has Mercury/Jupiter in a disseminating trine. Here is a person who is tired from the battle, evolutionarily speaking.


Again, Jupiter is correlating to your beliefs and how these beliefs are going to be linked or in harmony or disharmony with the consensus belief patterns of the culture in which you find yourself thus, impacting, i.e. beliefs do determine lifestyle, on your ability to economically survive. If one's beliefs are inherently antithetical to society's beliefs, one would have to create a lifestyle outside that society which impairs one’s ability to earn a living, to make it financially.

Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Gemini in last quarter square would be confused about all kinds of ideas which come at them because they are susceptible to the prevailing ideas and would try to adopt them for themselves because they do not know what to think, Pisces. It is in a mutational state, crisis in consciousness, it is leaving behind that which has come before, but without conception, Pisces, and trying    to compensate, Jupiter in Gemini, by adopting those Gemini ideas and calling them their own. But, because of the impulse of the last quarter, it will just throw out as it goes. It will adopt, apply for a while, throw out, adopt some more, throw out so there will be cycles of clarity where some ideas will work for a while, then they will not work which sets in motion a pattern of collecting more information, etc.     


Last quarter and balsamic are people who are turning inward, not trying to reform society and lose themselves in society, they are just trying to understand themselves - so they are not so dynamic. They are trying to understand themselves in relation to the cosmos - an impulse that they cannot conceptualize in most cases. The last quarter is a yang phase which means that you have to take actual action upon this mutational process linked with the crisis in consciousness. It does demand experience, whereas the balsamic is a yin phase. Now you are allowed to internalize and that is why that conflict is measured initially at that semi-square between the two.

Back to Saturn/Jupiter- the economic issue relative to philosophy is obvious. The Jupiter/Saturn cycle has a 20-year life, from conjunction to conjunction.and comes to a point of maturity at the opposition every ten years. When they are in a new phase, you have the impulse of a new economic philosophy relative to political context which is now initiated by whoever happens to be holding power. “Reaganomics” was new relative to what had just happened.

For example, in the 1920s, credit spending came into vogue with respect to the stock market, with futures, speculations, things based on paper rather than reality. We had a president, Harding, who created massive economic problems, who was then followed by Reagan's greatest hero. This new economic philosophy generated the great depression by 1930. Next came FDR and yet another economic philosophy. So the 1940s were prosperous with respect to a wartime economy, the initial seed of the industrial military complex. Then, again recession in the 1950s. The 1960s were a prosperous decade, a democratic balanced budget, Lyndon Johnson, based on another military economy, the Viet Nam war. The 1970s were another recession decade.. (Notice that the Democrats have generated prosperous times and not Republicans, despite the claims to the contrary.) Then comes along Mr. Reagan with his balanced budget by 1982! How many Americans bought into it? Remember the famous commercial "The shrinking dollar”? It is the economic philosophy of the party that is operating here, Saturn/Jupiter. So, we come to an opposition again in 1989 and 1990. It suggests that the 1990s might not be different no matter who is in power because things are too totally out of whack.

(Since 1840, every president elected every 20 years never finished his office alive. He either died through natural causes or was assassinated.)

Reagan is going to break this, however, because the fact is that..... that is the nature of this harmonic convergence, by the way..... The bottom line is that we are now beginning to enter the Aquarian Age. We are in a mutation of ages. Anytime two ages mutate, you have the opportunity to break the cycle of history repeating itself. So one of these little examples is presidents dying or being killed. Reagan will prove this.

So, unless drastic measures are made, the 1990s may very well be, at least for the U.S., that is the context we are speaking of - drastic while at the same time, necessary. If the strength of the economy is based on foreign investments and most of the foreign countries own the gold which is that basis of the U S. economy, what happens when they buy out? It means that when investments in this country are no longer attractive, they can get a rate of return in another country better than this one. When it comes to money, there is no loyalty.


This is the most important cycle. It has a 48-year life from conjunction to conjunction and comes to maturity every 22 years to 24 years after the conjunction. It establishes the social tone, structure, every 48 years. The new social impulse, order, structures. For example, the last conjunction took place in 1942 in Taurus. The context at that time was WW II and life was on the line. The instinct for survival of the human species is the archetype of Taurus. The revolutionary impulse of Uranus redefining the current structure, Saturn. The maturity in the late 60s was a radical revolution in values, Taurus, personal and human values. The effort was made to radically redefine society itself. The Jews' attitude in the concentration camps was that it was an act of revenge to survive and became a slogan amongst the Jews in the camps.

The original conjunction is now in a balsamic state with itself and is getting ready to form another conjunction next year. This next one is most important because it is going to be taking place in the center of our galaxy between 26 to 28 degrees Sagittarius. Sequentially, there is an inconjunction between the cycle that is now completing and the new one starting next year. Think about that in terms of necessary adjustments.

An example is the species experiencing, relative to existing stress, Uranus, dysfunctional procreational ability. This may be necessary in order to hold down the overpopulation problem. However, man develops even more birth technology (Uranus/Taurus - revolutions in birth technology). Now man has even developed the ability to impregnate a chimpanzee with his sperm and to make a sub-species. What for? Who knows - it is science run amok! The basic issue, however, is one of laziness and wanting a sub-breed to do all the mundane chores, slave labor. The inertia/laziness of Taurus. This is a reflection of the initial conjunction in Taurus.

There was also a revolution in human values, Taurus, that matured or peaked in the late 60s. This challenged the existing social structure, Saturn, to change, radically so, through confrontation - the polarity point being Scorpio. This change was accomplished with the help of music, Taurus. When Rock and Roll was developed in the 50s, relative to the McCarthy era, it was considered a communist conspiracy. There were a series of super conjunctions in Leo in the 50s, so people began to feel their oats, did they not? Super conjunctions are five planets or more in one sign.

In 1990 we are going to have six planets conjunct (maybe 7) in Capricorn. Look at all the faces fall. You should see it through my eyes.

The Joan Baez’s and the Beatles and the Bob Dylan’s that we all responded to in the 60s, they all had this conjunction of Saturn/Uranus in Taurus. These were the seed people.

Take the distribution of food, for example. What do you have when certain countries have stockpiles of food that they have to destroy and you have other countries in which there is starvation? No distribution for political reasons. This sets up Scorpio polarization.

The back to the land movement in this country is a Taurus issue. Self-sufficiency is a Taurean phenomena. Now, with Neptune in Capricorn, what is happening to the farmer? They have borrowed money from the farm credit bureau and the government supports it, so they buy into it, simple-minded folk, and then the government pulls the plug. Then the happy family farmer is a corporate farm that is now monopolized and now being controlled.

Next year, the initial conjunction, I believe, is at 26 degrees Sagittarius in February, then retrogrades and returns in July, then retrogrades and returns in November right at the point of the next election in this country. That is why you will find that the election in this country next time will be one of the most important political events in the modern era. That is because the U.S., like it or not, is one of the most powerful countries in the world. If the conjunction is taking place at the center of the solar system, the galaxy, does this not symbolically suggest that the leader that we ought to be electing should be a centrist, one who can respect and incorporate all views, not an extremist, who by definition eliminates all views that are not in conformity with his own. A Sagittarius, Paul Simon, is a centrist, the guy with the bow tie, the one they call a defacto Harry Truman. He was in Seattle a while ago. They like to call him a liberal, but he is a centrist, just look at his voting record. A centrist who would re-prioritize the excesses of the last administration, i.e. the infra-structure, rather than dedicating all these vast amounts of money to the delusion of Star Wars. Take all those potential billions and rebuild the infra-structure of this country. That would make a happier country.

The international outlook should be "unity in diversity" not unity in sameness which is a Reagan, Republican delusion. The conjunction in Sagittarius is a looking outward, whereas the introspection is Gemini. The U.S. chart has Gemini rising. There is also a reflection of Neptune in Capricorn's polarity in Cancer. That is why Gorbachev is trying to rebuild the internal structure of his own country and why he is so willing to cooperate in disarmament because this allows him to spend more money for his infra-structure. Can't you see a world in which two countries like the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. simply say, "Yep, we're different!" "Fine!", and then join together to make global peace? Is it not just as possible to do that as it is to have some idiot go, "Evil Empire!". So why not elect a leader with such a vision when you have existing candidates with such a vision. Why not elect them? Use your power to vote.

If that kind of individual is elected and sets those kinds of priorities and policies in place, then the potential cataclysms that you all hear about will not happen. Conversely, if another like Reagan is elected (let's call him a person), then the probabilities for drastic scenarios increase.

So, this is what this new conjunction is trying to tell us. It is forming in Sagittarius. This is why we are seeing all these "communist" countries becoming more democratic - the essence of the Sagittarian archetype is democracy. The essence of the Capricorn archetype is authoritarianism or totalitarianism or theocracy, as you see in Iran, Neptune in Capricorn, Theocracy! These fools actually make statements like, "Iran is the country to implement divine principles". This is their statement, Neptune in Capricorn. What an insanity, Neptune. What a massive delusion, Neptune.

The issue of Neptune in Capricorn affects us in such ways as the fundamental right to bring religion into government. Reagan is trying to make tax breaks for segregated schools, and specifically schools that are religiously based. What about trying to bring prayer back into the schools, what about trying to dissolve the separation between church and state - all these things Reagan has tried to do. The idiot, Jerry Falwell, and his Moral Majority, and the basis being fundamental Christianism, is an example of Neptune in Capricorn. What about trying to take away human rights that have been recently won, including abortion? This is somebody trying to impose their version of Christianity and morality on someone else. This is happening right now and is history repeating itself.

Neptune and Uranus were in Sagittarius through 1820 - the whole of Western Europe was moving toward democracy and new freedoms. For example, the Jew in France was finally considered an equal citizen. When Neptune and Uranus went into Capricorn in 1820, there was a return to authoritarianism. There was a removal of the rights that were just won. In this country there was a movement to make a double vote, i.e. for those who were wealthy, there was going to be a double vote. At that point in time, the democrats were described right in the happy history books as "republican democrats".

What do we see now? History repeats itself. The bottom line is that this conjunction happens next year and will be with us for 48-years with a maturity point 22-24 years after the conjunction. That is roughly 2010.

On a generational basis, each generation has a six-year life, each phase takes roughly six years to move to the next phase. That means millions of people are born with these various Saturn/Uranus phase relationships, i.e. new phase, crescent phase, and so on. So, just as we had those seed people bringing new values through the medium of music - those that had the new phase, those who had the crescent phase when they were born struggled to establish, remember the key words, and make real that which the seeds promote, and so on.....

A perfect example of this balsamic thing is that when Reagan got elected he had a thing called "The New Federalism". It went nowhere, but (as most of his things) the reality was that what he was trying to do was to make the state self-sufficient by decreasing federal monies to the state - trying to make each state responsible for its own reality - which, on a idealistic level, is fine, but, in terms of actual reality, i.e. there is qualitative difference between the state of affairs in Mississippi and New York State - and it became non-workable. That is a perfect example of that theme of self-reliance now brought all the way up to governmental potential policy.

The bottom line here is that when you look at it economically (Taurus does represent economics) that was the initial introduction of the military/industrial complex as a viable structure for supporting national economic policy. Eisenhower was the first, amongst all people, to warn against this. And what has Reagan done with it? Thrown billions at it to the point where the missiles can't even hit the planes they are shot at. That's a waste of money. That's balsamic. Think about that reality. Or sending this massive flotilla over there without mine sweepers. Billions of dollars later, the U.S. Navy has three mine sweepers from the Korean era.

So what I am trying to say is that, for whatever impact you have on people in your life, I suggest that you, as socratically as possible (a Sagittarian message) plant these kinds of seeds, i.e. doesn't it seem reasonable that we should have a centrist now versus an extremist, who knows how far those seeds may travel. It seems to me that people who are trying to make the effort to evolve out of the status quo have some sort of responsibility to plant such seeds - but not in a Billy Graham-like way.

That is part of the Uranus in Sagittarius educational function which must now be brought to the status quo reality of Saturn transiting Sagittarius.

When you have a country that, from a white man's point of view, was basically won with a six-gun and you have somebody up there with their Marine-Corps uniform and doing all that crap that he did in a mesmerizing fashion like Reagan does, it appeals to certain crowds. But it is a regional thing. The people in the country admire North, while the people in the cities don't necessarily. The country is a Sagittarian dynamic. It's the same crowd that elected Reagan.

You know I was a movie major for a while in college and noted the way they held the camera: the camera angle was looking up at him. What does this symbolically say? At the same time, the camera was looking down on the questioners. What is the implication, the subtle message? That angle wasn't true for all those witnesses, was it? That wasn't done with Schultz, was it? Straight on. It's a good question who was behind the camera. Probably the same people who are running the government now that Reagan is on vacation.

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Hi Rad,

The Septile. Now the sense of individuality which has been initially established in the new phase, by the time it gets to the Septile, it is linked with a conceptual sense or an instinctual sense, depending upon the planets, of a special destiny, something out of the ordinary. This aspect has been called an aspect of "fate". This is actually true, but let’s agree on what we mean by "fate" first.

What is fate? "A fickle finger.” Fate is simply an event that is determined to happen, no matter what you do. Fate is usually a rather meaningful event in your life. Twenty percent of anybody's life is fated. Eighty percent is free choice. We all have fated events. Fate is normally linked with karmic consequence. (This is not a sacrifice. On a developmental basis, one of the main things with inconjuncts is the lesson of humility and this tends to imply sacrifice.)

A Septile means that the Soul makes a program wherein throughout its life there will be, on a cyclic basis, the famous "y" in the road, and at key points in one's life, fate prevails, meaning that circumstances will be manifested in which the very nature of the circumstances point out the right direction to go.

The value of understanding the fated quality of this aspect would be that when you see a transiting planet affecting either one of these planets, you can expect something. In an opposition, the fated event that pointed to the turn in the road tends to oppose what the person thought was going to happen.. Normally what happens is that the opposing force is stronger than the will of the individual so they tend, relative to fate, to take the right direction even though it opposes what they thought they wanted. Karma is different. When those karmic debts and/or fruitions come due, that equals a fated event.

Here is the biseptile -102 degrees and some odd minutes. This is the externalization of the septile - that special destiny - similarly, in the first quarter phase, there is a sense of social destiny being how linked with that first quarter phase. The person, will be tempted to link what their individual directions are with the conceptual framework that this is something special, something that I am trying to do that is special. Linked with the concept of fate which the biseptile carries forth, if I am dealing with Mars/Venus as my example, then I am fated to experience varied key people throughout my life that will have an intimate connection to me, special lovers. People who themselves are outside the ordinary, the status quo, who have a sense of special destiny about them, people who encourage me to develop, people I encourage to develop themselves, at minimum, a mutual respect for independence. The frustration in this phase is not achieving or actualizing what the special something is sensed to be because of the fear of being reabsorbed back into the past pattern: Thus a person who retains a rebellious stance throughout life, never meaningfully integrating into the society. A fear of entrapment. One evolves through that by realizing that it is a fear because the individuality is guaranteed. That started in the square and not it is being carried forth.

We now have a very interesting aspect called the triseptile. Because this aspect is the final aspect before the gibbous phase opposition, it promotes a clarification of the individual's self-concept. Essential humility.

I would like to clarify my understanding of fate and how it relates to the above quoted aspects. Does fate apply equally to the septile, biseptile, and triseptile? Is the fate inherent in the septile aspect 100% determined and the soul essentially has no choice? I ask this because of the above quoted comment, "Normally what happens is that the opposing force is stronger than the will of the individual so they tend, relative to fate, to take the right direction even though it opposes what they thought they wanted." I'm not sure if the words "normally" and "tend" imply that the soul could choose the unfated direction.

In relation to the quote on the biseptile, is the fate conditioned by the external/social connections or events that the soul will encounter, but the the outcome of these encounters is not conditioned by fate but by the ability of the soul to realize and move beyond the fear associated with actualizing that which it senses/desires?

Is the humility experienced via the triseptile the result of a fated event? For example, trying to actualize something that was fated to never happen whatever the soul tried to do? Or is the humility linked with not being able to actualize that which was felt to be fated?

Thanks and blessings,
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Hi Heidi,

"I would like to clarify my understanding of fate and how it relates to the above quoted aspects. Does fate apply equally to the septile, biseptile, and triseptile? Is the fate inherent in the septile aspect 100% determined and the soul essentially has no choice? I ask this because of the above quoted comment, "Normally what happens is that the opposing force is stronger than the will of the individual so they tend, relative to fate, to take the right direction even though it opposes what they thought they wanted." I'm not sure if the words "normally" and "tend" imply that the soul could choose the unfated direction."


Yes, fate is carried with all three of those aspects. The fated events occur but the Soul of course has a choice whether to embrace the nature of the fated events and move forwards with them, or not.


"In relation to the quote on the biseptile, is the fate conditioned by the external/social connections or events that the soul will encounter, but the the outcome of these encounters is not conditioned by fate but by the ability of the soul to realize and move beyond the fear associated with actualizing that which it senses/desires?"


The nature of the fated events is conditioned by the nature of the two planets that are within this aspect. The outcome is based on the choice that the Soul makes: to either move forwards with the nature of the fated events, or not relative sustaining it's fear that it's hard one individuality will somehow be absorbed by moving forwards by the nature of those fated events.


"Is the humility experienced via the triseptile the result of a fated event? For example, trying to actualize something that was fated to never happen whatever the soul tried to do? Or is the humility linked with not being able to actualize that which was felt to be fated?"


No, the nature of a trispetile aspect correlates to the Soul learning the essential humility necessary within the context of the Gibbous phase in such a way that the Soul can then actually act upon the nature of the fated events symbolized by the  nature of the two planets in this aspect or not, or the evolutionary need within the Full Phase of actualizing it's purposes through the humility of doing so in the context of what others need from the Soul versus the Soul asserting to others what they need by way of those purposes that are demonstrated by the nature of the two planets in this aspect.


God Bless, Rad
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Jeffrey: Mercury/Venus in a gibbous phase sesquisquare. Moon/Uranus in a last quarter square in the crisis in consciousness archetype. Do you want to play that game?

Audience: We want to play and you're it!

Jeffrey: Let's consider Moon/Saturn in a crescent phase septile. Ask yourself what the archetypal meaning of each symbol is and then synthesize them.

Audience: The Moon/Saturn is establishing your own authority with a cultural context. As you grow up and your parents show you what you limitations are and how to support the status quo....

Jeffrey: It represents that early family conditions that you are born into and the family status quo to which you are exposed which has a large impact on shaping your own sense of personal identity and how you are integrating into that society because of those family conditions.

Audience: Right! Then the crescent phase would probably cause the person to go inward and think about what their limitations are in that society. The struggle to establish your authority and your own identity in society. And then the septile would be that fated aspect, that sense of specialness, so they would be inclined - I'm not sure if they would be clear or confused as to what their own authority is.

Jeffrey: Their authority would be known through counterpoint awareness, i.e. by necessary withdrawing from external authority - the act of withdrawal causing awareness. That sets in motion the septile, the sense of having some special identity to fulfill. But it is a struggle to establish that. So that person, as a Soul program, sets in motion key events or circumstances in their life, the famous y’s in the road, to point them in the right direction That is when the struggle is most intense.

Audience: Is there a set time or number of years or lifetimes that a person has to be in this to start to recognize this?

Jeffrey: Every case is unique. The septile, as an example, can create and set in motion in some the gestation of that awareness that is not necessarily fulfilled - which then could be fulfilled perhaps at the next septile aspect, the biseptile experienced at the 104 degrees point. That could be the actualization of the concrete form that was gestated at the septile in the crescent phase. It could take place when the progressed Moon forms that 104 degrees aspect with Saturn. In this case, the Progressed Moon is going to form its own conjunction at the same time of the Saturn return.

How about Mars/Venus balsamic semi-sextile?

Audience: Wouldn't that aspect give a sort of a pleasant relationship between the two planets. However, it is sort of in its ending phase. It is nearing the end of this and should provide a lot of good, a pleasurable experience. It seems that it isn't going to last very long because it is at the end of that cycle and is getting ready to branch out and go into the new phase which would be the start of the new cycle.

Jeffrey: That's true. So what we have here is a culmination, where that person will attract, as part of their Soul program throughout their life all kinds of intimate connections which aren't necessarily sexualized, but at least intimate, with all kinds of individuals with whom they have had all kinds of prior life dealings with in which something needs to be finally finished. That is a primary theme. That can create the non-longevity factor that you are alluding to. The neat thing about it is that there can be a sense of understanding that that is exactly what has happened, i.e. that when it is finished, it is finished.

So, you are going to have a variety of types impacting on the individual's life who are reflecting what that individual itself has been over many lifetimes. With respect to that individual's own intimate need, if they are meant to be in a long-term thing, what we have found through our work here is that in general such a person tends to be involved in a long-term relationship with another balsamic Mars/Venus type. The bottom line there is that they have already mutated away from the cultural stereotypes and defining principles of how to be in relationships. That being the case, they tend to need to be with someone else who is similarly oriented, i.e. balsamic. They can mould themselves to anyone, but in terms of being with someone with whom there is a fundamental sympatico, it tends to be another Mars/Venus balsamic type and/or that person having a dominant Piscean/Neptunian nature.

Audience: So the polarity - if they were not doing that right would be to try to fit into society's definition of relationships. They would try that and it wouldn't work.

Jeffrey: Right, that is the gibbous polarity. That would mean that they would try out all kinds of different relationships, because the issue of attracting diversity would be the same.

Audience: Is the idea that no matter what phase you are in or what kind of person you are that you will...

Jeffrey: Yes, but the challenge is to integrate the polarity relative to the phase that the two planets themselves are in. The problem is when the person tries to actualize the opposite polarity and integrate the phase, the two planets are within the polarity. That creates massive problems.

How about a Sun/Moon balsamic conjunction?

Audience: It seems like the integration of the life purpose on a daily basis seems too nebulous in this case, so near the end and so permeated with new possibilities that are coming up. I would think there would be a real state of confusion around the life purpose.

Jeffrey: It depends upon the individual. For example, my own brother, with a balsamic Sun/Moon both in Capricorn, with the Moon in the Third House and the Sun in the Fourth House with the midpoint being the Nadir with Neptune rising in Libra. He is a Zen priest in Japan and a recognized authority, Capricorn, because of it. He translated ancient texts, Third House Moon, with respect to common vernacular. That is how he found his purpose. Later on, however he mutated even out of that, because it is a culmination phase. That means that some of these people wear many hats, different identities, that they are culminating/finishing in this life.

Audience: What about beforehand, with your brother? Was he confused before he got or discovered this purpose, or did be just gravitate to it?

Jeffrey: Right. Even before it was fashionable, he was a religious studies major at LIBC down in California and got his credentials in religious studies and went from there to the Zen thing. Then he was apprenticing for a couple of years here.

Audience: So you are saying that there doesn't have to be that confusion.
Jeffrey: Right, it depends upon the evolutionary state.
Audience: So throughout your entire life long life of incarnations, you could have several balsamic Sun/Moons.

Jeffrey: Yes, until you understand why. Because the reverse extreme is for the Sun/Moon purpose to have no understanding of why they were even born. “What am I doing here?” is a common question. And they keep wearing many hats without knowing why they are wearing those hats. You simply have to tell them that the purpose that they are looking for is not an external phenomena, it's a balsamic phase, and it is within. By finding that meaning within, they can be wearing the hat happily for the right reason.

Audience: So they could fall into a gibbous delusion ....
Jeffrey: Right, as though the next hat is what their purpose or meaning is.
Audience: What if the orb is 11 or 12 degrees? It is coming into the conjunction but is not there yet.

Jeffrey: That is exactly what they are going to feel. Not quite there. Just accept it, take it as it is and the frustration attendant to it.

Audience: What if you have balsamic Sun/Moon and then all the other things are in new and crescent?

Jeffrey: As we said in the beginning, the various planetary pairings operate at various rates. Various aspects of your overall nature and various aspects of the evolutionary development.

Audience: The Sun/Moon seems to effect your whole life.

Jeffrey: It is a key issue because it is how one is actualizing one's purpose on a day to day basis. There are no wild cards.
The orbs are the full number of degrees on each side of the aspect. So a conjunction is 10 degrees on each side, an inconjunct is 5 degrees on each side (a total of 10 degrees), etc.

There should not, however, be hard and fast rules about orbs. Do your own thing with it. The arguments over orbs are as old as astrology itself. Let us glorify imperfection and non-precision.

In Townsend, Maryland, a debate was set up between PhD’s, physicists and recognized astrological authorities. The problem that the astrologers bought into was that they simply accepted the scientific argument of cause and effect - and if you accept that argument with respect to astrology, you are looking at static phenomena. The birth chart cannot be static because the individual is not static. It evolves and it evolves differently in each case. Astrologers accepting the precision of cause and effect ended up defusing themselves. The essence of astrology is not cause and effect. So they played right into the scientific delusion. Science is still struggling to try to understand how birth is made from just one cell and yet they are trying to claim they can't answer the question because of the limitation of their own minds. It is the old Buddhist saying, "Out of nothing, there is something". Out of one cell, there is birth. It is mind boggling. Where is the cause and effect? They can't do it.

Audience: I'm a good example of that. I have too wide an orb on my septile, and yet it has operated all my life. So, I just widen the orb.

Jeffrey: That's right. That's empirical proof.

Audience: How do you settle the question of a quincunx and a biquintile with a 1 degree orb and the quincunx has a 5 degree orb? If you have 145 degrees, which is it going to be?

Jeffrey: Take them both and look at the empiricism of the person's life. We don't impose astrological ideas on their realities, we just ask them about their reality. If it tends to reflect the essence of the tri-spetile as contrasted with a quincunx, well…am I going to say you are wrong and I'm right because my idea tells me.... Don't make a scientist out of us.

Audience: If you have a person who has a bi-quintile in the natal chart and they are actualizing that either consciously or unconsciously and really growing and you talk to this person at age 26 and then later, has it moved? In real actualization they are headed toward that inconjunct, and when you talk to them and you hear more inconjunct evidence, it could simply be that it has been that many years since the natal chart and are actually....

Jeffrey: Exactly, life evolves. It is not static. This is the greatest way to debunk all these so-called scientists who try to put down the phenomena of reincarnation. If there wasn't a transmigration of the Soul, why evolve? Why grow? Why be in the process of becoming, for what purpose? Why learn, if it is just one time around? Doesn't it logically, "scientifically", suggest that life itself would be static. You would have a fixed personality forever.

Audience: Especially when you are going to grow old and die and forget it all anyway.

Jeffrey: The best thing to do with scientists who want to argue with you is to turn their own arguments back on them. Then they get reduced to muddle. To the basic statement, "I don't know" and then they revert to their safe little ideas.

Audience: Is there a classic aspect for scientists?

Jeffrey: In our times, it is Gemini or Virgo. Gemini correlates to empiricism. Simply the phenomena of the human mind projecting itself outwards in order to give names to the phenomenal reality of Sagittarius. The human mind makes the boundaries. One step further is that the human mind creates the phenomenological object in space. However, there are also phenomenological objects in space that self-exist. Man created the lectern, did man create the tree?

Mercury in Scorpio/Jupiter in Taurus in full phase?

Audience: Would that be something that has been going along for a long time? It is obviously an opposition and it is maturing in the full phase. The intellectual and data gathering kind of mind is gathering even more to do with communication. And it is coming to a head and there might be tension between the two, but then that tension creates more possibilities of communication and for the intelligence to reach even more expanded levels.

It seems that this person might alternate between periods of having fixed ideas and opinionated kinds of stances with real intuition that penetrates very deeply and hits them hard, emotionally hard. Then they have to scurry back for security, but they are then changed.

Jeffrey: That is true and is this not the natural conflict now between the yin archetypes of Taurus and Scorpio and the yang archetypes of new phase and full phase.

Audience: Could you see this person as a very real philosopher of values?

Jeffrey: Yes, and an independent thinker who very likely confronts itself internally as well as externally.

Audience: I just flashed immediately on Nietzsche. I doubt if he had this chart, but I could see him having this configuration because of his constant questioning and also his concern with values.

Jeffrey: You can count any two pairs of phenomena, including the Ascendant or any other symbol. Right now, we are working with only the key planetary pairs in this class.

This year at Norwac, we are trying to set up a debate between the noted astrological guests of Norwac and an organization of cynics using the rules of debate. It should be interesting. One of our people is Noel Tyl, whose South Node is in Gemini, and he will be on our side. The ruler is Mercury in Capricorn in the Eighth House. When he wants to prove a point, well........ it is always proved by establishing the weakness of the other point. We are also trying to get the wife of Dane Rudhyar, wonderful lady, who has a Tenth House Pluto with Scorpio rising. She has definitely got her trip together. We will ask her to be on the panel too, just to show the power of the feminine in comparison to the male dominance of the scientific delusion. The audience will vote. In Maryland, 70% of the students voted for the astrologers argument over the physicists. When they first walked in the door, it was evenly divided. They took a poll before and after.

The next class on relationships and sexuality is going to be focusing specifically on how to determine, from an astrological point of view, the essential needs of any one person which must be met in total for a relationship to succeed and to present an astrological method, to determine these needs. It is going to be describing how that person is relating to themselves, and thus, how they relate to someone else, focusing on the natural yod between the Second/Twelfth and Seventh Houses, and the impacts on the relationship, as well as linking these ideas to the sexual issue, types of desires, and how they set in motion what one is attracting to herself and how sometimes what one is attracting is not consciously understood by any given individual. It is not going to be composites.

Tonight we will cover the aspect patterns.

It is not uncommon to find in birth charts various aspect patterns and they are fairly easy to observe, but the challenge is to interpret how it is manifested.

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Hello Rad and all,

I really love that you have added this thread.  Phases have been the hardest part of astrology for me to incorporate.  And, I had just mentioned to an astrology friend that I wanted to memorize the phases into my brain-bank and the next day you posted.  It seems like so much to memorize and maneuver among all the other components to interpreting a chart EA style.

With that in mind, I created a table with the phases and the correlating aspects, for my own learning and for others if they are interested.  I have the wheel charts from Steve and another from here on the forum, but I needed to see the data without the wheel.

For those interested, here it is.  

Also, I hope to be more active on the forum soon.  I have been working a great deal and will be entering school soon and have more time to dedicate to my love of astrology and the EA paradigm.


* EA Phases & Aspects Chart.pdf (33.05 KB - downloaded 526 times.)
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