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Mar 22, 2019, 03:13 PM
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Author Topic: The Animus and Anima Dilemma  (Read 2861 times)
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« on: Apr 18, 2012, 09:36 AM »

Hi All,

Our next subject/ topic is based on a lecture that JWG gave on the nature of the anima/animus dilemma within men and women. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. God Bless, Rad

                                                                       Anima-Animus Dilemma
                                                                                 Jeffrey Wolf Green - Norwac 1992

It will in fact include the lecture I was going to call the anima/animus dilemma, but it is simply going to be an expanded presentation. As in any lecture I do, I like to have you ask the questions as they occur, and the reason for that is I like to keep this clear as we're going. Now, if you think your question is stupid go ahead and ask it.

Okay, so first let’s address crisis in consciousness and what that’s going to mean?  And what we're going to be looking at here, initially, is the fact (and I think most of you would agree) that we're in the beginning stages of what I think we can call a mutation of ages. A mutation of ages. And that means the Piscean age is obviously going into the Aquarian age. Let's remember that it's a process. There's no magic moment or one particular day that we say, “OK we've just entered the Aquarian Age.” It's a process; life evolves. And so what we're in here is a transition of ages.

The critical issue here is that when ages begin to mutate, the cycle that has preceded the cycle that is beginning to evolve comes to a head. That essentially means that everything that has been in place for the last 2000 years comes to a head. You see, everything that is not resolved--dynamics that have been defining our reality for a whole long time--come to a head. And the reason they come to a head in a collective sense is that we have to become collectively aware of what needs to be changed. You see?
And this can be extremely problematic, because if we have structures of reality, or identity, that have been sustaining us for many, many centuries, those structures have created a sense of personal and collective security. Now all of a sudden we start moving toward the mutation of ages in which new paradigms and new structures of reality are required in order for the evolutionary impulse to proceed, and those new structures are not yet known. So, in effect both individuals and the collective are moving into a future that is defined by Neptune, that is the unknown.

This is particularly problematic because the phenomena we call security--personal and collective security--is defined by the notion of self-consistency. Meaning, for any particular person or the collective to feel secure, we must be self-consistent. Self-consistency itself is defined by familiar and known realities that have brought us to any moment in time. When we're suddenly presented with a time frame personally and collectively that's requiring us to walk into the unknown, that obviously creates insecurity. How many of you like to feel insecure? So, the bottom line is that most folks don't like to feel insecure. So the tendency in all of us as individuals, and as a collective, is to reorient to that which we know in order to feel secure. In so doing we are in direct contradiction to what is required of us as we move into the future, a new age. It's particularly problematic.

So, with respect, as an example, to Neptune moving through Capricorn, and Uranus moving through Capricorn, referenced to Pluto in Scorpio, we're dealing with the very nature of structural reality. Let's agree that Capricorn, Saturn, 10th house all correlate with the structure of reality, be that personal structure of reality, or societal structure of reality, etc. And here come Uranus and Neptune and the whole thing.

See the last time this conjunction occurred was in the 1820's. That's the most modern reference point that we can refer to. It happened to correlate to the gestation of the industrial revolution. If you examine the nature of the industrial revolution, obviously it restructured the nature of social reality. It created all kinds of social displacement. Now in our current time this is called a technological revolution, and in a very similar fashion it’s creating tremendous degrees of social displacement. What happens to the guy who's been retreading tires in an Akron plant for 35 years and he's replaced by a robot? And there's no current job retraining for that individual. And you multiply this by thousands. You create social displacement.

This is in direct contradiction and conflict with an existing conditioning pattern because conditioning patterns are described by Saturn. Conditioning patterns are described by Capricorn. Conditioning patterns are described by the 10th house. And these are conditioning patterns of society, the conditioning patterns of your parental or biological environment. They are conditioning patterns based on religion. Every one of these conditioning patterns is shaping and forming your sense of personal identity that creates your sense of inner security. And right now one of these conditioning patterns known as the American Dream is collapsing. The very essence of the American Dream is to live for the future. We're all programmed to work to 65. We retire and we buy the happy Winnebago and drive off into the sunset. And right now that Winnebago's got a flat tire. The point here is that the American Dream is beginning to dissolve, beginning to break up; it’s beginning to fracture. Simply witness the increasing level of homelessness, the pervading use of drugs, the increasing sense of collective despair, angst and anxiety. Why is this? And you can just read any newspaper and see it; you can walk down any street and feel it. Why is this? And the reason is that the American Dream is dissolving.

We've all been programmed to live for the future and now, guess what? Neptune is asking us to live in the moment and literally letting each moment reveal itself by way of one’s personal next step. How many people have been conditioned to live in the moment? How many? How many have been conditioned to relinquish the sense of personal control in one's life? How many? So when this becomes an impulse in the collective reflected through each individual, is it not possible that this creates a crisis in consciousness? A crisis in consciousness now defined by a crisis in belief? Just as Rudhyar used to point out--a crisis in belief, a crisis in value systems. A very practical crisis that says how do we get through our life on a day to day basis.

What happens if you find yourself to be the head of the household, and you’ve got four or five kids, and you're used to working an X amount of time, and you suddenly find yourself homeless? You've got all your family in the car, no home, and in front of you is a full SafeWay. And you multiply this potentially by thousands. Is it not going to create a social crisis? What would you do if you're the head of that household and your kids are hungry? Are you going to wait for Bush to fix it? Get more Gemini promises. You wouldn't would you? You're going to take matters into your own hands.

So this is my point: that we have a cycle of 2000 years coming to a head right now. An example of this is we can tune into any talk show that we want to, and what do we witness? Yet another set of people talking about yet more abuse. What does this mean? Why is it at a collective level? Why is it on every TV screen? What it means is that the very nature of our early imprinting--societal, parental imprinting--is coming out of the closet. Why is there a permeating level of abuse? Why is it becoming so magnified? Why does it seem so shocking? How come so many are in such disbelief? And the reason is that this kind of imprinting has been suppressed (Capricorn) for a whole long time. Capricorn equals suppression, or repression.

I mean look at all the buzz words in your society, the search for the wounded child. Or modern current therapy and this whole focus on origin issues. Why is this? That's because brand new structures of parenting must evolve. When you link this with the Anima/Animus what are we really looking at? We're looking at a society who's been trained and conditioned for 2000 years to have the patriarch, or the male, in a point of control, whereas women, or the feminine, have been subjected to patriarchal control. Wherein lies the origin of this particular conditioning pattern? It lies right within the Bible, the original conditioning factor. The original myth of the Garden of Eden in which woman is presented as the original temptress and seductress of man's downfall, and man is given the choice to move towards God and yet, guess what, by way of temptation—woman--he is led into the life of flesh. Right here you see the doctrine of guilt. Right here you see the doctrine of woman representing the downfall of spirit. Right here lies the origin of the wounded animus in the woman. You understand my point?

The woman has been covertly and overtly conditioned to think of herself as inferior, and she has been conditioned to be dominated by patriarchal thoughts, values, and beliefs in such a way as to have no true sense of her own actual identity, who she is in herself. Similarly, from a man's point of view, man has been taught to suppress his emotions. Somehow man's supposed to be this stoic in charge Marlboro man type of creep and to access any emotion, any vulnerability in a man, is to be considered weak. And so in the same way, man has been put in his own straight jacket--very controlled emotional expression. So in both cases what do you have? You have the wounded Anima and Animus in each case. And by way of religious social conditioning all this has been suppressed. And now that we move into a new age, all of that which has been suppressed is moving up into the forefront of consciousness.

This is why you've had in recent times the whole feminist movement. What does this really mean? It means that progressively woman is beginning to access her inner Animus, her inner male, and beginning to assert her own right to define her own reality, according to her. Now is this not going to make Marlboro man feel insecure? What do you mean I can't dominate anymore? What do you mean I can't lead the way? And similarly for the man, the man is now beginning to access his inner Anima, his own emotions. That's right, men have emotions. They feel too. The point here is that just as the woman has been wounded in childhood, all too often by men –fathers--so too have boys. Boys also get wounded, you see my point? And they also have wounded Anima. And the point here as we move into this new age is that it all has to come to a head, and this is why in the times in which we currently live, as a man begins to access his inner Anima and a woman begins to access her inner Animus we move toward gender equality. But as we move toward gender equality we have to access those wounds that have been suppressed for so long. It's not necessarily comfortable. How many of you in this room understand what I'm talking about in terms of your own life experience? So you see the collective application here?
How many of the men in this room have become over the last couple of years aware of the emotional imprint/wound that your mother or father created for you? And how many of these men I'm talking to have become progressively aware of how that original emotional imprinting dictated--through displaced emotions--dictated the types of women you were choosing to be in relationship to. And how many have begun to see how this has been mimicking the early parental environment? You see the point? And similarly with women. In fancy psychology terms, these inner wounds are called displaced emotions, and according to current psychological writing with respect to abuse treatises, until these types of inner wounds are accessed, you are setting yourself up to be re-victimized.

And my point is that this is having a collective application--necessarily so in order for real change to occur. When you begin to unlock that which is suppressed, that is your unconscious, you automatically begin to access one of the greatest fears in all human beings and that's the fear of losing control. This mirrors Neptune/Uranus moving through Capricorn. How many of you like to lose control? When you begin to inwardly access the inner Anima/Animus you simultaneously access chaos. Chaos. What's the opposite of control and structure? What's its natural polarity? Chaos, because there's no structure. So as people begin to access this inner Anima/Animus they have a choice. It's like going through a chute. And just as Noel pointed out last night in his lecture, when you're in the beginning of that chute you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. All you see is a tube of darkness and right then and there you're given a choice with respect to Neptune's movement in Capricorn: that choice in some way must be linked with faith that you will come through the tube and as you come through the tube you'll be redefined, restructured, reorganized and reintegrated in brand new ways with respect to the integration of the Anima and Animus. You see? Yes?

(Audience): I have a question. Is there an organic model for that process of going through the chute?
(Jeffrey): An organic process?

(Audience): A model

(Jeffrey): Yeah, the organic model would be linked with the phenomenon of metamorphosis: caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly. And that type of mutation is not, in the process of the mutation, easy because we're accessing trauma. The very nature of human beings is to not want trauma, to not want crisis. As Noel was pointing out last night, we're a culture that has been conditioned to look for pleasure. How many are prepared to do the nitty gritty work? Yes, ma'am?
(Audience): What is the time frame for this process?

(Jeffrey): It's pretty much this entire decade. We're looking at a process. We're not just looking at one day or a couple of weeks. To me it actually started in 1979. We've been in a process ever since then. Is this making sense to you? So my point here is that there are so many applications of it.

When you run Neptune through Capricorn in the context of this time frame, linking it with the nature of our Earth, we're looking at the incredible international linkage of all beings, of all countries, of all economies, of all politics. Never before in the history of this particular planet has there been that type of international linkage and the conscious awareness of that type of linkage. This clearly requires an absolute restructuring of how countries and the politics within countries are conducted. No longer can there be an isolationist kind of consciousness. No more can there be 'how much can I get for myself?' kind of consciousness either individually or collectively.

One of the examples of how this is evolving is the increasing level of enforcement that the United Nations is being given. In a de facto way it's already got incredible enforcement power, has it not? And in a very positive way, necessarily so. All of a sudden the world can band together and isolate a country like Iraq, or a country like Libya for the betterment of the whole, for the stability of the whole. Does that sound something like Aquarian-type language as we move towards the Aquarian Age? Do you see the point? So, in effect we're dealing with the evolutionary principle itself. We always have to remember that the universe operates by way of polarity. Polarity. When you run Pluto through Scorpio, what is the polarity of Scorpio? Is it not Taurus? Most of us have learned that Scorpio/Pluto/8th house is choice making, with respect to intentions. Does it not seem potentially a situation when the collective choices that are made in this next time frame by way of the Taurean polarity are implicating the very survival of the species? Yes or no? In a simple example, Uranus correlates with the phenomenon we call atmosphere, the atmosphere. Uranus. Just as it correlates with the atmosphere in your body, the air you take into your lungs. Uranus at that level correlates with the lining of your lungs. So we clearly are aware, as an example, that there's a progressive breakdown in the nature of our atmosphere with respect to the ozone layer, with respect to the greenhouse effect. By breaking down the ozone layer you have an increasing level of radiation entering the atmosphere of Earth. If you reference this with Pluto's movement in Scorpio--keeping in mind that Scorpio and Pluto both correlate to the genetic structure of all living organisms, RNA/DNA, linking Scorpio to the phenomena of mutation--you clearly see a mutation of the genetic structure of all organisms on Earth. Why? Because of the changing nature of our atmosphere. Understand?

to be continued.........
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continuing ........

Now this can create, by way of Taurean-Scorpio polarity, death. Scorpio here, as an example, correlates with viruses and bacteria. They themselves are now mutating in order to sustain their own life form. They're just forms of life. As human beings we create the morality, as an example, around the AIDS virus. Now isn't it interesting that the AIDS virus itself is the type of virus that can osmose into the genetic coding (Scorpio) in such a way as to alter that genetic coding. To turn the immune system (Neptune) in upon itself in such a way as to create a deficiency in the structural integrity (Capricorn) of the organism. You see my point here?

When you link this with Uranus in Capricorn--that's why, as an example, that Neptune moving through Capricorn/Pluto in Scorpio --this is why AIDS is a first major virus that's going to impact on the human organism, and it's initially weakening the immune system. When you back this up with Uranus moving through Capricorn, as some people already know, the next major disease in all likelihood will be TB. 'Cause right away the TB virus is going to be a mutation of its previous form with respect to reacting to all the allopathic drugs in such a way as it's mutated, and it will be known as a multi-drug resistant virus that is spread through casual contact – air, atmosphere. You see?

Now if you step back from the point of view of the Gaia, the total inter linkage of all forms of life, is this not possibly a way that Nature itself is reacting to an organism on the face of the Earth that is out of control (Capricorn)? If we step back from the point of view of the Earth in space and look at it from the point of view of a microscope, is it not possible, de-personalizing all of this, that the human organism is simply analogous to a Cancer cell within the mind? And just as the human body will attempt to isolate such a cell in order to sustain itself, is it not possible that the Gaia, with respect to a species that is on the Earth, out of control, is being isolated? And it creates the relevant types of diseases to cull the organism in order for the whole of Nature to be sustained. Is this possible, yes or no? Is this not potentially going to lead to trauma? Is it going to potentially lead to crisis? Yes, or no?

And yet on the other hand, one of the greatest strengths of the human species, one of the reasons the species is still here, is its capacity to adapt and to adjust to very changing circumstantial and environmental issues. Why is the human species still here and not the dinosaur? So this means the human organism has a tremendous capacity to change and to adjust and to adapt. And yet, in order to do so, it must be aware of the issues at hand and make the choices necessary for the adjustments to take place. So if we go back to where we started, we're in a mutating of Ages which is going to be requiring a brand new paradigm of reality, a brand new structure of reality, a structure that has yet to be defined and can only be inwardly sensed.

As an example, if we deal with the nature of creation, the very nature of creation, if we look at it from this point of view, mechanism of the creation, how it's projected through time and space is electrical. Most of us would agree that the nature of the human brain is electrical. Yes or no? So now you have a linkage with Uranus in Capricorn, meaning that the structure of the brain itself is in the process of rapid change, or mutation. As an example, Uranus correlates with the formation of dendrites in the brain, the evolution of the brain. Every time you have an “aha” there's a dendrite being made. So if we make a linkage between the human brain - now between Uranus and Capricorn - and the very nature of creation is projected through time and space linking it with the evolutionary principle (Pluto), you can now see a model of reality in which all kinds of thought forms--new thought forms--are being projected through time and space that all of us as human brain receivers are picking up. And yet these thought forms are not necessarily logically connected, or have a connection to the apparent nature of our existing reality.
How many of you in this room in the last couple of years have found yourself with thoughts that seemingly just fly into your brain with no apparent order in such a way as it's been very hard for you to turn your brains off? How many of you have had this experience? How many of you have wondered where in the world these thoughts are coming from? And how come they seem so disjointed and so potentially radical with respect to your existing structural reality? You see my point?

How many of you have found yourself with a sense of premonition or vision with respect to a personal collective future and your question becomes, where in the heck is this coming from? There's my example of the collective being in alignment with the big brain in the sky, so to speak. And yet this directly confounds and confronts our fear of losing control. I am used to organizing my life. I am used to being in charge with respect to my stupid little ego. You see the point here? So this requires an act of faith (Neptune). We are all becoming internationally linked. No more can we have this me only type of consciousness. No more can we go me and mine. It's us and ours, and this directly confronts our conditioning patterns, does it not? So. Good morning. (laughter). Yes ma'am.

(Audience): (Ed. Note: semi-inaudible question about timing)

(Jeffrey): There is no magical date; that's my point. There's no way to tell because the constellations of Pisces leading to Aquarius have no clear stop and start point. They bleed into one another, which is a direct galactic model for my statement, "It's a process". It's a very interesting time because again, if we want to look at it from the point of view of history, when you have this collapse of the American Dream, you have this progressive disillusionment (Neptune), a progressive alienation within the middle class, the lower class, and ultimately the higher class. And when you have this kind of disillusionment, you progressively create a collective expectation that reflects the question, "There must be something more than this," meaning there must be more than the BMW. There must be more than the new relationship, job, etc.  And this kind of collective need gives rise to the potentiality of what we call charlatans: the false prophet.

As an example, when Christ was on the planet Neptune was in Capricorn. And he was crucified with Neptune in Capricorn. What does this reflect? In his time the Jewish people clearly were experiencing oppression from the Roman people, which gave rise to this collective need for the Messiah. The collective need itself generated the false prophets in such a way that when a God-realized One called Jesus did occur, he was judged (Capricorn) against the existing backdrop called false prophet. And this time, with respect to the collapse of the American Dream, a collective need dictating, with respect to the question there must be more than this, all the current false prophets.

I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but let's name some of them: Claire Prophet, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, J.Z. Knight channeling Ramtha. How about that clown, Rajneesh? Rajneesh had five planets in Capricorn. And his downfall began with a Neptune transit. The clown had Uranus retrograde in Aries square those planets in Capricorn.

And yet, my point is that when you have this progressive collapse there is this need to believe that there is something more than this, and it's this need--equaling belief--that creates an attraction to words that seem so good, and yet the reality behind the words is all too often very different, as in Jim Jones. You see?

Because let's face it folks, this whole Christian idea that somehow there's going to be a second coming of Christ, um...forget it, man. (laughter) It's not going to be an external materialization; it's going to be an inner development. You know the radical message was what Christ himself said, "I am here to usher in a new age." And that’s called the Piscean Age. The very essence of that new age is defined by the notion that there is only one God relative to the existing notions of the time of a pantheon of gods. Well, in his time that was a radical message. In his own teachings he never said, “I am right and they're wrong.” He never said this was the only version of truth. He used to talk about what was called the seven churches or the seven candles, meaning there are many spokes leading to the hub.

And so my point is that as we move through this Neptune in Capricorn time it is very important for us, with respect to faith and getting through it, to have a much larger reference of reality to orientate to beyond The American Dream and that involves some kind of transcendent Neptune principle. And with respect to Pluto in Scorpio, a principle that is provable, not just based on simple blind faith, but that is inwardly experiential. When you link this with this notion of the second coming, we're simply talking about the inner spiritual development of each individual linked with the transcendent principle that then allows for a conscious awareness of the international linkage of all people on this planet to occur in such a way that following from the transcendent principle we can evolve political or economic structures that reflect the transcendent principle. Not excludes it, but reflects it. And in this way we can have a planet that is living in much deeper harmony with the self with respect to the Gaia. We can then make collective choices that impact where we live, the food we eat.

One of the greatest secrets of your government is the contamination of your food supply, starting with your milk. Simply ponder what your cows are eating and what's being put into their bodies by way of hormones and antibiotics, and if you think that the homogenizing takes care of it, it doesn't kill it; you can't kill energy. You can change its form, but you can't kill it.

The choices we make in this next time frame, over the next 15-20 years, are some of the  most critical choices that this planet has ever faced because the survival of the species is on the line. We must learn, with respect to Scorpio's transference to the (?) to re-prioritize—re-prioritize. How do we distribute personal and collective resources? Do we continue to support government, as an example, that says, "Yeah, we recognize a family in Ethiopia, but because they're Marxist we're not going to give them food.” Is that the kind of governments we continue to promote? Yes or no? Or do we support governments and politicians that have a much broader view, that we are, in fact, internationally linked? And if we allow this group of people to starve to death, in a domino effect, what is the potential effect upon ourselves? Even if you're motivated by self-interest you might want to embrace these types of thinking patterns, for your own survival. You see? If you need to be narcissistic, at least think about it this way!  Yes?
Audience: Roger and Murphy(?) talk about the waning square holding a T at the new cycle, so for this Uranus-Neptune conjunction coming up next year, the souls that were born between 1953 and 1957 have a natal Uranus-Neptune square. What are your thoughts about that? And when you to talk about the full cycle of the waning square leaving the seed for the upcoming cycle . . .

Jeffrey: That this is a segment within the whole population that would have much more receptivity to the new seed forms equaling a new reality.

Audience: Would the emergence of this group of souls . . .  (inaudible)

Jeffrey: Absolutely, because that particular segment of the generation is a segment that experienced in a collective way tremendous dysfunction in the biological environments, wherein one or both parents are absent, and/or abusive, or in some way dysfunctional, which had the effect of forcing them in on themselves to identify their own inner resources to sustain themselves and to find some semblance of inner security. It created an incredible awareness of being in a parental environment that was absolutely non-supportive of their own intrinsic individuality, giving rise to individuals who would have much more of a deep orientation of honoring the individuality of their own children versus trying to making them carbon copies of their own Leo type reality. That is clearly a model for a new societal structure.

Audience: One other question I had, Jeff, was what is the significance of having three consecutive Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in Capricorn?

Jeffrey: That's the imagery of a hand grenade in a steel box! And guess what? In the end, the hand grenade wins. The steel box is totally changed no matter how strong that steel may be. 
Audience: Saturn has just left Capricorn and is now in the sign of Aquarius, its primal rulership, and therefore in mutual reception with Uranus in Capricorn, extending this further into the arc of Uranus in its own sign. So doesn’t all that play into the success of primal despotic rulerships that we’re experiencing in this era of change?

Jeffrey: Absolutely. And one of the effects right now--and most of us think of this revolution in Russia—is the reality that there are 141 political revolutions occurring on the planet as we speak—141, friends, big and small, which reflects an absolute restructuring of all levels of reality. And when there is resistance to these necessary impulses, as an example, let’s look at one of the parallels of history. Neptune and Uranus went into Aquarius together in the 1830s, and that mirrored Pluto's movement into Aries (fire sign) in 1830. Well, guess what? In 1996, '97, '98 Neptune and Uranus go into Aquarius, and Pluto goes into Sagittarius. You study the nature of the 1830s, what is it? One simple example was the incredible French revolution and the invention, by the way, of the guillotine--Pluto in Aries. (laughter) And you want to know what one of the sadistic models of that was? When you cut off the head it lives one minute and what they use to do is they would hang that head up and make it look at its body.
Audience: Thank you for sharing that. (laughter)

Jeffrey: Good morning (laughter)
So anyway friends here are some preliminary thoughts. This is only an hour's time frame. I would simply suggest you consider them. Thank you for staying awake for me.

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