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May 26, 2018, 07:41 PM
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Author Topic: SYNASTRY AND COMPOSITE CHARTS  (Read 21916 times)
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« on: Apr 09, 2012, 06:44 AM »

Hi All,

We will not continue in posting different subjects/ topics that come from JWG's old message board, and  have been put together by Adina Mather. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. God Bless, Rad


                                            SYNASTRY AND COMPOSITE CHARTS

                                    Communication/Vulnerability issues

(Q): This is a composite in which there are communication/vulnerability issues. The Ascendant is 28 Pisces and the Moon is at 29 Pisces. Neptune and the Sun are at 18 Scorpio conjunct Mercury in the 8th house. Pluto and Uranus are conjunct in Virgo in the 6th, opposing Saturn in Pisces in the 12th and squaring the South Node ruler, Jupiter in Gemini, which is conjunct the North Node in Gemini in the 3rd. Is this a matter of skipped steps in communication repeating themselves relative to the Jupiter North Node conjunctions? Venus in Aries in the first is unaspected, while Mars is in Taurus in the 2nd. Is this an indication of a desire to join resources and intimacy but dealing with past life fears of dishonesty around communication, thus leading to blocked intimacy?

It seems that one of the individuals fears engulfment while the other fears abandonment. Is the Venus position indicative of these individuals having difficulty maintaining autonomy within the realm of this very "merging" and possibly addictive relationship? Is it possible that within a spiritual state they may transcend the addictive nature for an authentically unconditional merging of body and spirit?

(A): Yes to all the questions.

                                                 Highly focused composite charts

(Q): Is there any correlation between the degree of "focus" in a composite chart and the strength of the intention of two souls to come together for some reason in this life? By "focused" I am referring to charts with stelliums of planets in one house and/or sign, tight conjunctions, precise aspects, and/or where the geometric pattern(s) of grand square, trine, kite, rectangle or whatever are very clear; or charts where some planet(s) are highly aspected by virtually everything in the chart. Contrast this with other, less-focused charts where the emphasis of the chart is more diffuse, a smattering of planets and mixed aspects throughout the chart.

I have found that in composite charts with those I have felt a particularly strong connection with (all types of relationships, not just intimate), the charts are often the highly-focused variety, though with different types of focus. In composite charts where the connection doesn't feel as strong, the chart tends to be the scattered type. Does the degree of focus in a composite chart imply strength of intent and/or degree of relatedness in past lives (i.e., the more focused charts are a stronger karmic connection)? Or is this not a useful indicator in relationship charts?

(A): This is a good observation and question, and the answer is 'yes' to the focused composite and the intent. In the focused cases, typically the two folks feel 'compelled' to be together--a strong force bringing them together--versus the unfocused cases.

                                       Accuracy of Place in Composite Chart

(Q): When constructing a composite chart to look at the soul's purpose for a specific relationship, what is the correct place/location to use as a reference for the chart? For a parent/child would it be most accurate to use the child's birth place? For a married couple, would it be most accurate to use the place of marriage? Is it really important to be this detailed? 

(A): In composite charts it is essential to use the place of birth of anyone, child, parent, married folks, etc., as this is the natal imprint. Once that chart is made, then when two people relocate, a composite can be made for that place, but must be referred back to the natal composite. This shows how the natal intentions for the relationship become actualized relative to that new place.

                           What happens when a composite Pluto is on a house cusp?

(Q): Does a composite Pluto 2.5 degrees away from the twelfth house take on the indications of the evolutionary dynamics (via relationship) of that house? In this specific relationship, I find that the twelfth house interpretation seems more accurate than the eleventh. Is such a view "kosher," or merely wishful thinking?

(A): If your actual reality tells you that your relationship is more of the 12th house Pluto than the 11th house, this may be an issue of which house system you are employing. If you have not calculated your and your partner's charts in the Porphyry house system, I would suggest that you do so. It may result in a 12th house Pluto. In any chart, composite or otherwise, when Pluto, or any planet, is within a degree or two of the preceding cusp, this correlates in evolutionary terms to an evolutionary culmination of the whole archetype of the house of the actual Pluto, and relative to that culmination, a new cycle of development is beginning.

                                                        Composite nodal ruler

(Q): If the ruler of a composite South Node is in the first house conjunct the Ascendant and unaspected, could that be an indicator of a brand new connection between souls? Or is it just a brand new type of connection and one that operates on an absolutely instinctual, figure-it-out-as-you-go type of level?

(A): There is no way of knowing that from just a composite chart. First, you must do the synastry between the two charts to discover if this could be a very first connection.

                                                      Trauma in a composite chart

(Q): In Measuring the Night (page 36) you referred to Chart A, who had Uranus conjunct the South Node and said, "In 100% of these cases we find an individual born with unresolved trauma coming into the current life."

Taking that a step further, in a composite chart of two people, does this 100% apply if you find that the composite Uranus is conjunct the composite South Node (which just happens to be Cancer)? As you also stated in Measuring the Night, until the unresolved trauma is processed and resolved it can be repressed (Saturn). In my example these two people met during the North Node in Cancer transit on their composite South Node and reestablished their link again when the transiting North Node was conjunct the composite Uranus. The composite progressed chart at that time had a stellium of 5-6 planets on the composite North Node in Capricorn. So, the transiting South Node conjuncted all that.

All this must surely indicate that the relationship formed is specific to dealing with and resolving past life trauma now. In addition, one's Moon is totally ungrounded due to repressed emotional trauma and so the person has no emotional bonding with which to ground the self, while the other has Uranus in Cancer and is locked into emotional structures due to Saturn conjunct the natal South Node and no resolution until the 2nd Saturn return.

With these details, would it also be a 100% certainty that each individual has some key which only through the other can help deal with/unlock/resolve the specific individual's trauma? Would it also indicate (a) that the unresolved trauma is something they both specifically shared in some experience together in past life, or (b) just two similar traumas or (c) either or both or neither? Do you have any other impressions on this?
(A): Yes, this is the case. They have a shared unresolved trauma coming into this life together, and the transits you pointed out indicate the timing for remeeting. If there is individual trauma independent of one another, that will show up in their individual charts.

                                                Nodal Axis in composite chart

(Q): When the nodal axis in a composite chart is in the 4th/10th or Cancer/Capricorn and either only one person has had a recent gender switch or neither has, would you read the nodal axis from the standpoint of gender assigned roles within the relationship? Would this placement of the nodal axis indicate a reversal of the roles or a confusion of the roles within the relationship?

(A): It first depends on the evolutionary condition of the two people in terms of the 'gender assignment' issue. If in the consensus state, the gender assignment issue would be a non-issue. In that case the nodes would then typically mean that one or both have unresolved emotional issues from their own childhoods/parents, and within that, that typically one or both have had parents who have objected in some way to the relationship in the first place. Because of this, it can mean that one or both are trying thru displaced emotions to have the other serve as a defacto parent within the relationship. It can also mean that one or the other has, in fact, been the child of the other previous to this life. It can mean that thru displaced emotions from childhood, one or both are projecting the offending parent(s) onto the other.

As a result, it can mean that one or the other is 'working out' their emotional stuff, relative to the displaced emotions of childhood, on the other or that both are doing this. As a result of all of this, it can mean  that one or the other or both feel a kind of emotional 'frozenness' or restriction with one another. It can mean that one or both have a deep inner sense of guilt towards the other and as a result, a permeating sense of feeling 'obligated' or 'responsible' towards the other in such a way that it restricts their own individual development and needs.

In the individuated state, all the above can apply, with the exception that both in their own ways have been and will be rebelling against the gender assignment of the consensus. In this condition it presages the ultimate intent realized finally in the spiritual state, and that is to return back to a state of natural gender.

In the spiritual state all of the above can also apply, but now the real journey to arriving back at natural maleness and femaleness begins in earnest.

                                          Fourth House archetype in composite chart

(Q): In Pluto II you mention that the composite fourth house archetype may correlate to a couple that experiences the following contradiction: while at a soul level they love each other tenderly, they feel that their character/personalities do not fit this, making the relationship difficult. I have the following questions about this composite archetype:

1) Would the possibilities for the relationship depend on the evolutionary condition of the individuals involved? Would it be possible to overcome the difficulties produced by character incompatibility if the individuals reach an evolutionary point where they free themselves from their own character/personality?

2) If this is true, would it fulfill the relationship purposes involved in the fourth house archetype and the subsistence of the relationship if only one of the individuals in the relationship reached the evolutionary point where he/she is free from his/her own personality structure?

3) On the contrary, wouldn't the need to end the relationship as a consequence of character incompatibility imply an over identification of the individuals with their character/personality as if the soul was trapped in the structure it had developed to manifest itself?

4) I understand from a Jungian point of view that the over identification with character structure implies an over identification with the archetypes (in a Jungian sense) concerning that character structure that in turn implies an inflation of the ego from which one shall free oneself at a certain point in the individuation process. This idea implies a desire of the soul to reach a point in the individuation process where the soul’s manifestation does not require the personality structure, although before reaching that point in individuation/evolution, the soul does need its personality structure to manifest and protect itself.

a) If you agree with this idea, what evolutionary stage would allow the soul to liberate itself from archetypes of its character/personality structure? As I see it, even Jesus was caught at a certain point in identification with archetypes of accepting an “archetypal” destiny.

b) Or do you think that there archetypes necessary for further growth at every level in human evolution?

c) Or would the process concern not only the evolutionary stage of the souls, but also eventually their skipped steps concerning self-identity and self-expression?

(A): The soul creates the personality that it needs in each life to accomplish its evolutionary intentions. The personality that is created relative to one's nature cannot be changed or 'liberated' from or overcome or transcended or anything like that.
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« Reply #1 on: Apr 10, 2012, 06:58 AM »

continuing ..........
                                                      Past/Future Synastry

(Q): In synastry, how do you interpret the North Node of one person conjunct the South Node of the other person and vice versa? You mentioned on the planetary nodes tape that when this happens in a birth chart the past and the future exist together, and the point is to make a new choice relative to the past patterns rather than make a choice to repeat the old patterns. Is this the same when it happens in synastry?

For example: My North Node in Leo in the 3rd house is conjunct someone's South Node in Leo in the 10th and is sandwiched in between their South Node and their Pluto in Leo in the 11th. The other person's North Node in Aquarius in the 4th house is sandwiched in between my Jupiter and South Node in Aquarius in the 9th, which is conjunct their Pluto Polarity Point in Aquarius in the 5th, which is conjunct their Venus-Mars balsamic conjunction in Pisces.

(A): In synastry this correlates to a situation where one has already been (South Node) where the other is headed towards their North Node and vice versa. It's kind of like the movie 'Back to the Future' thru one another. This can be beneficial in that each can share what they have already learned from their own pasts as it applies to the future of one another in general and specifically. On the other hand, both can feel that they are being limited in their own individual growth because they can each become weighed down by their individual pasts thru one another.

(Q): Is this the past and future happening together as in an individual birth chart?

(A): Yes.

(Q): Do the planets conjunct the North Node in one person's chart have the effect of pushing the South Node and the planets conjunct it in the other person's chart in order to help it evolve? And do planets conjunct the South Node in one person's chart have the effect of pulling on the other's North Node and planets conjunct it rather than to stay with the security of old choices?

(A): Yes, and/or to help the other heal that past by understanding it.

                          Composite Chart And Intercepted Signs

(Q): This question is about a father and son: white, born in the USA. The father not mainstream. He is a painter and writer who is not successful so far. The composite has Cancer/Capricorn intercepted in the 1st and 7th houses, but there is a hodgepodge of planets in the seventh house: Uranus at 15 Sagittarius is in the 6th conjunct Mercury at 12 Sagittarius in the 7th, which is conjunct Neptune, Venus and the Sun at two, seven and nine degrees of Capricorn, respectively .These are squaring the nodes, with the North Node at five degrees of Aries in the 10th house and the South Node at 5 Cancer in the 4th house. Pluto is conjunct Mars in Scorpio in the 5th and inconjunct the North Node. Saturn in Taurus inconjuncts this stellium of planets. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd house.

Does the placement of the nodes in the 10th/4th squaring the Capricorn planets in the 7th indicate that the last time these two souls were together that the son was the father and father was the son? In Pluto II you say many couples with this placement have karma regarding children. How does that play out here since one person is the child? Since there are so many planets in the interception and those planets are square the nodes, are those energies specifically needing to be focused on, and have those energies been lacking in previous lives or highly focused upon? This says to me that the two have worked together before in a partnership of some sort, and since the father is currently a painter/writer, I feel the son will possibly "follow in his father's footsteps,." or that each will be a significant part of the other's creative process. Does that sound correct? 

(A): The problem is that the father has expected the son to follow in his footsteps before--a child prodigy issue--and that the child has rebelled against this expectation, creating painful separations prior to the current life. The intention of this was to get the father to understand the specific individual reality of the child. This lesson will be carried into the current life.

                                      Composite Pluto Square Nodes

(Q): In a composite chart where one person's Pluto is squaring the other person's nodal axis, does it make a difference whose chart has the Pluto and whose has the nodes in question? Is it a bottom line fact, or would the Pluto person have been responsible for the sudden, premature ending of the relationship in previous lives? How does this composite square relate to the individuals and their role in the relationship?

(A): The way you have stated your question is about synastry not composites. If Pluto is squaring the nodes in a composite chart, then both people are the Pluto relative to the square to the nodes. If Pluto were squaring the nodes in synastry, then, yes, the Pluto person is the Pluto person, the one's whose nodes are being squared is that person. To know what this is about in either case would demand a lot more information--the whole context--than is presented here.

                                                      Composite past/future

(Q): In a composite chart, when the rulers of the South Node and the North Node are conjunct, does this manifest as the past becoming the future and the future becoming the past in the moment?

(A): Yes.

(Q): If the above case is true, but there are planets sandwiched between the rulers of the nodes, do these planets represent the focal issues around which the past and the future collide?

(A): Yes. Also the houses that the South and North Nodes are in.

(Q): I am working on a composite chart where the South Node is in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th house. The ruler of the South Node, Pluto, is retrograde in Virgo in the 3rd conjunct Venus, the ruler of the North Node, but with Uranus retrograde and the Moon in between the rulers. They are all in Virgo in the 3rd.

Pluto retrograde is both the ruler of the South Node and represents the 'combined' soul (issues) of these two people. Does Pluto being the soul and the ruler of the South Node just intensify security issues/desires of the past in terms of the couple's inner relationship/self-image (Venus/Moon) as the future tries to manifest in the moment?

(A): Yes. Each would have a 'Zarathustra" complex as individuals who needed to overpower others in general, and each other specifically about almost anything.

(Q): They said that when they first made real eye contact, it was boom, and they felt like they could see/touch inside each other, but they soon started to have problems in terms of emotional power issues. It seems to me that issues of the past were getting projected into the moment and blown out of proportion. It also seems that they were attempting to act out desire patterns from the past, but there was a constant fearful push-pull. An attraction-repulsion. It was as if they knew they couldn't relate to each other in the old patterns, but didn't know/were fearful of what the new ways were, so they couldn't let go, but also couldn't continue or go forward. Am I near the mark on this?

(A): Yes. The entire resolution for them is to simply respect and learn from individual differences in all things.

(Q): Relative to my questions, I know that Pluto being retrograde means that the couple will be reliving past life conditions with the purpose of bringing them to a head. With the North Node ruler, Venus, conjunct Pluto retrograde, is this meant to facilitate this process? It is conjunct the Moon and both are in a new phase to Pluto. Does this mean the start of a new cycle of inner relatedness? A new identity/personality of the relationship?

Since the Uranus/Moon conjunction is in between Pluto and Venus, do these two planets manifest sometimes as the past cycle that is coming to a head, and the new cycle beginning? Uranus and the Moon are in a new phase to each other, which implies bringing past life/childhood traumas to a head so a radically new identity for the relationship can start forming. What is confusing to me is that they are in new phase to Pluto, the past, and balsamic phase to Venus, the future.

(A). Yes to all, and the resolution is as I stated before.

                                     Pluto in Synastry - Father/Step-daughter

(Q):  I have a question on the placement of Pluto within synastry chart readings. My Pluto (1 degree Virgo retrograde) sits in a conjunction to the North Node at 29 Leo of my step-daughter. Also posited there are her Mars at 29 Leo and Jupiter at 1 Virgo, all retrograde in her 8th house. What is the past life dynamic at work here, and how would this placement best be served evolutionarily in this life? 

(A): Essentially, it means that you have been serving to help empower her own individual development and actualization of her essential or real self and helping to remove her inner feelings of not being ready or good enough to do that which she is capable of doing. In prior lives this has sometimes generated friction or conflict within her because she felt your delivery of this teaching was too intense and powerful, so that she felt  overpowered by you even though your inner motivations whereas above. To help alleviate this in this life, via the Pluto/Jupiter linkage, the key is to adopt more of a Socratic approach with her wherein you pose very adept questions that are based on the above themes with the answers to those questions being contained in the questions themselves. In this way she will come to her own conclusions and feel that she is the one who has arrived at her own self-empowerment.

(Q): Thank you. I intuitively sensed the same. Would the posing of Socratic questions also be a form of reflective listening? This is a relatively unevolved soul ( 2nd to 3rd stage consensus, if my observations are correct). Would it also be advantageous for her if I allow her to come to me in her own time. I explained to my wife that I thought it would be better for her daughter to just be around me without having to talk or interact with me   when she feels overwhelmed by me, and that what is important for me to do is to radiate acceptance and unconditional love so that in her own time she comes to the realization that when she is around me she feels at peace. Would this be a proper approach?

(A): An example of a good Socratic question for her, to fit her evolutionary stage would be something like: "I heard of a person who had great inner capacity and creative ability, yet because he doubted himself so much, he never found the courage to actualize who he was, which made him be just like everyone else. I find this sad, don't you ?" The way to work with her is to induce a state of reflective listening, but more importantly, to encourage her to speak, to get her out of herself, and to speak as freely as she can with you. As you accept whatever she says, she will experience non-judgment from you. When points come up that you wish her to see or embrace, revert back to the 'story telling' as above with the Socratic approach in mind.

                                        Pluto in Synastry - Mother-Son

(Q): I recently found the birth information of my mother and found some surprising results relative to synastry. Her Pluto is in the early degrees of Cancer in my 10th house and squares my nodal axis (North Node Scorpio, South Node Taurus). Pluto is part of a grand square in her chart and  includes Mars at 29 Capricorn, Uranus at 2 Taurus and Venus at 27 Libra. This grand square hits my nodal axis with Uranus conjunct my South Node in the 8th and Venus conjunct the North Node in the 2nd. Mars squares the nodal axis in the 4th, and again, Pluto squares my nodal axis in my 10th. I should also mention that her Aries Moon is also conjunct the South Node with her Uranus. What would the prior life issues be between us? I sense that much of it corresponds to issues of misuse/trauma of a sexual nature. The reason I ask is that I would like to know if I have dealt sufficiently with these issues, or is there more work to be done?

(A): I can only answer you generally, as only you can know if you have completed the karma with your mother. The answer to such questions for anyone is this: if you feel you have understood and accepted why you chose to be born thru her with the resulting dynamics that took place and thus feel settled within because of that understanding and acceptance, no matter how difficult the dynamics may have been, then, yes, it is over.

                                      Synastry - resolving sexual trauma

(Q): In synastry, A's Mars in Sagittarius is conjunct B's South Node ruler (Moon) and IC. Mars rules the 8th house in B's chart. Would A assist B in resolving sexual trauma, as the South Node of B is in Cancer in the 11th conjunct Uranus? I have the feeling that we assist each other and it is shown in the synastry. True?

(A): Yes. That symbolism could equal that and could also correlate to A assisting B in understanding the actual inner truths or reasons for creating that sexual trauma in the first place.

                                               Lucifer/Nodes Synastry

(Q): I am looking at a chart that has in synastry his Lucifer in Aries in the 8th house square her South Node in Cancer in the 11th, which is conjunct Uranus and the Moon in Cancer and the North Node in Capricorn in the 5th house conjunct Venus and Chiron in Capricorn. She has described their relationship as a long drawn out Hell, a tortuous prison of psychological torment (composite Pluto in Leo in the 12th conjunct the ascendant). Also in the composite, the South Node is in Cancer in the 11th house conjunct Jupiter, Moon, Uranus (lots of unresolved trauma), and the North Node is in Capricorn conjunct Chiron in the 5th.

Both of them have Neptune T-squares natally, so the nature of the projection, denial and illusion are hard to see through, much less unravel.

By nature and placement of his Lucifer, could he have been a distant karmic perpetrator, even the cause of the unresolved traumas? What might be the other meanings of a Lucifer square another's nodes? Her natal Lucifer in Aquarius in the 6th squares his Saturn-Mercury in Scorpio in the 3rd.  Might she appear as a victim to him? Her natal Lucifer is square her own Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd, so she is not exactly without the possibility of perpetrator tendencies herself. Is her Mars reactive (3rd house) in the cycle and not proactive, perhaps hidden by Lucifer as the real power of Mars in Scorpio? Or is there a tendency on her part to osmose and absorb a partner's karma sexually instead of using that energy to unite with the divine (Natal Neptune T-square Pluto in the 12th)?

In the composite chart Lucifer is in Pisces in the 7th. It squares Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius in the 4th. The Pisces Lucifer might imply the appearance or feeling of sacrifices made for each other, which also might indicate a sense of karmic debt to each other (Pluto in the composite 12th). There is immense guilt in trying to break up the relationship, hence why it became a living prison. And/or does it emphasize the sado-masochistic pathology?

The Mars/Venus symbols in Sagittarius in the 4th in the composite chart would seem to imply a need to find freedom and the truth, as there have been many lies in the relationship, including that they have lied to themselves for many years. Does the Lucifer square this imply this occlusion of the ability to get to the truth? Even the truth of what this realtionship might be beyond the perpetrator/victim cycle it degraded into? 

(A): It is best, relative to your own learning, to ask your client more questions so that you can make your own correlations about this. I will say that the core point in what you have presented, relative to the one with Lucifer in Aries, is that his core issue is one of feeling 'castrated' by the feminine principle manifesting thru mothers and thru extension to his adult women partners. All the displaced rage and emotions around that then become projected, manifesting as a love/hate scenario that will drive any woman progressively emotionally insane. The influence of evil within him, of course, intensifies the whole thing.

                                                      Pluto/Nodes Composite

(Q): Two separate composite charts, one between father/son and the other mother/son, share the same aspect. Both have Pluto conjunct the South Node in Scorpio in the 5th house. In the father/son chart, Mars is conjunct the South Node. The ruler of the North Node (Venus in Aries in the 11th in the composite with the mom and Venus in Capricorn in the 7th in the composite with the dad) is in a fire grand trine in the mother's chart and in an earth grand trine in the father's. There are no squares to the nodal axis.

In Pluto I, you list the three possible conditions when Pluto is conjunct the South Node: the reliving of past life issues/dynamics, the fruition or past life issues/dynamics or the combination. Is it the same for the composite, and if not, how is it different? Does the issue of not fully being able to realize the evolutionary issues of the North Node until the second Saturn return also apply in composite charts?

(A): The answer is yes to both questions.

                                    Past Life Indicators In Synastry

(Q): In a synastry chart that indicates obvious past life connections, what do you look for to determine if the most recent connection with the person was the most recent life or say 2,000 years ago?

(A): This can be determined by using the Astrological Ages/Sub-ages chart (see Appendix). For example, let's say a person has a Venus in Virgo conjunct another's Pluto in Virgo. This sub-age of Virgo, relative to the Pisces Age, would correlate to recent prior lives.

(Q):  I read your answer but am still a bit confused. You determined the sub-age of Virgo because both the planets are in Virgo. But how is it relative to the Pisces age?

(A): Because Virgo, at this point in time, is a sub-age and not its own age, thus, the sub-age that it is taking place within, the Pisces age, is the baseline.

(Q): Person A has Pluto conjunct person B's Venus in Sagittarius. Does this correlate to the Sagittarius age relative to Gemini?

(A): The sub-age of Sagittarius is related to the Age of Gemini, yes.

(Q): I got this by just copying your pattern above and using the opposite sign (Gemini) as the relative age. These people also have Pluto conjunct Mars in Scorpio in their composite chart. How does this relate to the above?

(A): It correlates to another time/culture that is being drawn upon by both in this life relative to whatever the karmic and evolutionary issues are. Just like the Virgo connection, all things must be considered to get the whole picture.

(Q): I am confused about the method, the planets involved, the aspects, etc. I don't remember this in any of the books. Is there a method that is written somewhere?

(A): This is a very complicated issue that takes great skill to do correctly. I have not ever published anything about this because it is so difficult to get it right. It takes great skill and practice over a length of time.

(Q): Does this mean that the current karmic issues relative to those planets (Pluto conjunct Venus in Sagittarius) are issues that are some 7,000 years old? And the others are some 5,000 years old? With a situation like this over this amount of time, can one assume that these two individuals have played all sorts of roles to one another, i.e., each one the father, mother, son, daughter, husband , wife, etc? Also, how far back did souls begin incarnating on this planet and start developing karma with each other?

(A): In any given life the soul does not draw upon all prior lifetimes; it only draws upon the ones relevant to the current life intentions and karma. This is why the different ages, etc. No, it is not safe to assume because of this that two souls have played every possible role with one another.

The 'human' soul began on this planet around 40,000 years ago. This was the 'missing link' life form between human and ape. What is fascinating about those people, which then led to the Neanderthal human, is that it was a matriarchal culture in which the chief female even determined who the dominate male would be.
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