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Author Topic: India Astrology Getting Neglected  (Read 1095 times)

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« on: Jul 07, 2009, 04:38 AM »

Most of the people are unaware of the strength of Indian astrology. Astrology is never a game of guessing. It’s a science that highly depends on calculations, for predicting a person’s future or personality. As most of the people believe, India Astrology is never connected with occultism.

There is an unfathomable discrimination towards India astrology these days, especially from the so called educated elite class, who scoff at this as a mere superstition. The increase in number of unqualified Astrologers, who exploit the credulity people, has also taken away people’s faith in astrology.

No man is allowed to denounce any science, unless he spends time to have a deep investigation in to the details. Like any branch of science astrology too has a perfect coordination and arrangement of facts and figures.  No science can be claimed cent percent perfect, but it does not mean that it should be branded as a fake, without looking in to the details.

Many people purposefully categorize Astrologers along with Quacks and Gypsies. When a lot of time and money are spent on subjects like Meteorology, the cultured public has no reasons for rejecting Astrology and related Sciences put forward by Maharishis.

India astrology investigates influences of time in the life and personality of a person. Indian Astrology in Sanskrit is called ‘jyotisha’ or the science of light.   It explores the causative factors that lead to the dark depression of the gloom in our life, and also attempts to foretell future of man as well as nations.

Amid all the disadvantages and neglects that Astrology faces it still manages to hold its head so proudly.  But it’s high time to extent a patronage for the revival of this science.
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