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May 23, 2018, 08:54 PM
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Author Topic: Group practice of EA  (Read 6128 times)
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« Reply #15 on: Jun 16, 2012, 01:34 PM »

Hi Rad,

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness on this.  This is a tough one for me.  I think that I will follow along and write up my analyses, but not post.  Writing up my analyses will allow me to better understand and follow what others are seeing, and so be a way to learn.  I resisted participating on the famous people's charts thread for a long time as I felt some inner resistance to it, probably having to do with past life boundary issues, but that's a guess.  Also, I simply hadn't reached a point where I could consistently apply myself.  When that shifted, it seemed that I needed to go forward.  I needed to give myself the chance to learn.  I think I was needing to show myself that I could apply myself and also receive feedback that I could trust myself in terms of what I was seeing.  I know that there is always more to learn and more depths to see, so I look forward to that in whatever ways I feel able.  One option I had thought of is the possibility of posting what I come up with, leaving it up until feedback was given, then deleting.  If that is an option, it is something I would consider.  However, I can see how that would not be an acceptable option.

I feel completely comfortable participating in real-life analyses of consenting people, such as with Wendy and Sunyata.  That is NOT meant as a statement of judgment about proceeding with other charts, just a statement about my own comfort level based on my own unique makeup.

I was actually considering asking if it might be possible to look at my chart when we had finished with Jason's.  My journey over the last couple of years has felt very intense, and I have been debating about asking for clarity around this.  If this kind of option ends up feeling acceptable, it is something I would consider.  And I would enjoy the opportunity to learn and offer whatever help and insight I was able to for others.

Thank you, again - Rad, Ari and everyone.  I feel this has been a really important process to go through.

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« Reply #16 on: Jun 16, 2012, 05:12 PM »

Hi Rad,

Thanks for asking for our suggestions.  I think going very deeply into EA dynamics is very valuable, and I'm sure that many of us would wish to learn how to do it.  For me, I wish to learn much more, especially how to ascertain what actual events took place in past lives, the past and current choices and lessons of the Soul, and how that karma has impacted the current life, etc.  Also, how aware is the Soul of these dynamics?

Speaking the truth is important - but we need to curb excessive "hoof in mouth" as well!

The suggestion I'd like to offer is that we have a "closed" group that can discuss all types of charts for people, both living and passed, by going very deeply into the EA dynamics.  

Another idea that I think would be incredibly valuable, and still within a "closed" group, is to examine charts of members (like we did with Wendy) so that immediate feedback is received, questions can be asked...........this would be great!  

Because of your concern that "then everybody would want their charts done" - we could limit this type of chart practice (again within a "closed" group) to only those who have actively contributed to this MB, strictly for the purpose of LEARNING, and this thread would be closed to "readers" and the general public.  It could be a place where we could be more casual, more open, without worrying about exposure to the general public.

Can the messageboard software do this?



I concur with Linda's idea of having a private MB component.  I am willing to pay a fee for this too, since it would require work for the mediators and created a function like that .  I feel there is so much learning by going so deep into the charts--the process is invaluable and would be a loss to all of us and those who want to learn so deeply, if we aren't able to.

Thanks Rad for the opportunity to share our perspectives.

God Bless,
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« Reply #17 on: Jun 17, 2012, 05:59 PM »

Hi Rad, everyone

The current suggestion of doing famous people who have died seems OK and safe, and is certainly a worthwhile format in which to learn EA.

However getting feedback on one's analysis from the actual person the chart belongs to, or someone who knows them, is even better if possible, as it matches a real life situation so much more closely. It seems more vital and meaningful somehow, more relevant and therefore more potent. But then privacy issues become involved.

So for that a non public "component" as Wendy puts it would be great. I imagine this would probably be quite do-able, a new subboard created and a "group" formed whose members only were allowed access to that subboard. But also as Wendy said it would need to be set up, and if it was deemed a good idea I too would be fine to contribute to it financially. (And if there was a financial fee involved -even if it was only a oneoff and/or moderate fee- it would still help deter those who were only curious, not seriously interested and intending to contribute meaningfully).

This way, we could learn about EA in a protected, intimate, deep, highly relevant and also very powerful way, by involving "live" charts and analysis that needed to be inaccessible to search engines and the general public. And we wouldn't be so restricted in what we could do and say. Yet at the same time the situation where MB members' clients and others personally known to them need a high degree of confidentiality regarding their astrology chart & any analysis done could be easily catered for this way.

And, if necessary, for ultimate long term confidentiality, even within this possible "private area" we could also incorporate Elen's idea of taking down a chart and it's analysis after a period of time -members of the group could always copy to their hard drives if they wanted long term reference to the material.

I imagine this could all be quite possible technically, well within the range of the MB software ... if the idea is attractive it could be checked out anyway.

Another unknown aspect of this idea would be deciding who was in the private area group.... what the criteria for that would be? Maybe someone who has made 10 or more posts, and/or who has previously participated in the public chart analysis threads, or just who simply asks, or ......??

As an idea I like the potential possibilities of a private area for this purpose, and others do too. But you may not think it's appropriate Rad, or worth it, etc ...??

blessings Upasika
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« Reply #18 on: Jun 18, 2012, 11:26 AM »

Hi everyone,

I have not participated thus far in analyzing the charts of famous people, but I do read and try to stay up to date with them as much as possible.

I would like to add that although there appears to be some hesitance towards a private area, I really love this idea and would definitely participate. I too feel that having feedback from a "real" person is invaluable in learning and practicing EA. In my own practice I have noticed how the archetypes play out so differently with each person, and therefore it takes a dialogue with the person to really understand and intuit what to share and how to guide them. JWG mentioned many times himself the importance of counseling, rather than just chart interpretation.

I was not following this thread on a daily basis, so am not familiar with what happened. However, from past experiences with MB's I know exactly how posts with personal information can create drama and misunderstandings. Yet, I also feel that when these things come up, it gives us all an opportunity to become more conscious of our triggers and reactions, and also an opportunity to become more conscious about how to approach each other. Ideally, it could help all involved grow and become more skilled EA practitioners. In this vein, I would hope that any misunderstandings would be minimal and of course we would need strong boundaries and guidelines from the moderator (or two).

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« Reply #19 on: Jun 18, 2012, 11:49 AM »

Hi All,

We have decided that we will not have a 'private area' for the purposes of personal counseling. As I said before I will consider, on a case by case basis, personal requests from contributing members that will be available to all. Again good examples of that were Wendy and Sunyata's situations.

So we will be resuming doing the EA a famous people of Souls that are already dead. We will be resuming this shortly for those who are interested.

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #20 on: Jul 03, 2012, 09:30 AM »

Hi all,

I’ve just had a chance to read this conversation more completely, and because it could be inferred otherwise from some of the messages here, I need to clarify that I personally have not posted client charts or information on the message board at any time.  That has always been a professional boundary of my own long before the events of this thread.   The chart that is being referenced that I did post was that of an individual in a close personal relationship with me.  She had given permission for me to share her chart and information about her life on the message board because she has suffered a great deal in her life and was deeply interested in learning more about her Soul’s journey.  Of course, the material offered by the community would have been distilled by me so that she could integrate and make use of it, and I did not feel there was a risk of her being overwhelmed by exposure to the raw analysis due to the fact that she is not computer-literate nor active on the internet. 

This message is just a footnote for clarification that I need to add for professional reasons, not to open up the discussion again.  I understand and am completely on board with Rad’s decision not to do in-depth analysis of such charts on the mb outside of cases of urgent need, which was not the case here. 

Thanks again to everyone for the learning.

God bless,
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