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Jun 20, 2018, 05:28 AM
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Author Topic: A Letter About the Journey of Human Souls  (Read 1878 times)
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Bradley J
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« on: Oct 22, 2012, 10:51 AM »

Hi All,

I felt drawn to share this - it came out of a conversation recently.  For me, it weaves together a lot of the threads of the EA paradigm.

Be well,

I say form a relationship with something transcendent; something beyond the illusion of this reality because that is the essence, at the bottom line of what libra in the 12th house is.
I do not mean religion, because the limiting rules and restrictions of religion are more for consensus stage souls.  Granted, some groups, like Unitarianism, are not so about conformity (saturn).  But, it is also clear that these spiritual groups do not "feel" like religion.
Jeffery would say "religion is for the consensus". 
I did not specifically say spirituality because it can be confusing what that might look like or mean.  From the teachings of Jeffery Wolf Green, he spoke of a time, prior to patriarchal "sky god" religions when Nature was the spiritual teacher for humans.  Thus, what you are already describing is a spiritual experience.
The essence of Pisces/12th/Neptune first is that it correlates to the phenomena of consciousness itself.  When consciousness(neptune) comes into form(Saturn), it then has the limits of the form it is in of how the consciousness(Pisces) will function(Saturn).     
Thus, all that exists in the phenomenal creation has the equal consciousness of Divine Spirit from which it came.  So, that is why I do not just say "spirituality"

The trouble with human souls on earth, once they evolve beyond consensus, the soul's desire is to "individuate"(Uranus); thus to continually liberate(Uranus) from all pre-existing conditions(Saturn) until the soul, in ego form (moon-a lifetime in human form) then resonates with the core essential nature of the unique soul that it is, no longer conditioned by the past, society, rulers, beliefs, ways of living that are not what it essentially is.  This process is challenging and means trauma for all souls who have been doing this within the last 8,000+ years of patriarchal dominated cultures. 
But what often happens, is that the soul becomes "lost"; in the sense that they loose faith that there is a deeper ultimate intelligence and meaning to all of life.  Some soul's stop believing in anything else at all, others are afraid to embrace one path.  We come to the great "WHY" of all of this?  WHY?
The fear to embrace one spiritual path is linked with the fear of loosing the freedom of being who we really are, which we fought so hard to achieve for lifetimes, combined with the great disillusionment in the many false teachers and distorted religions, and the potential disbelief and skepticism that evolves over time.  Even amongst "spiritual lineages" today, we face and witness total bullshit at times. 

Still, the transcendent impulse grows stronger and the search continues.  In EA, this journey of the soul is compared to a wave. When the wave is emerging out of the sea, growing larger, there is a momentum upward, away from the ocean.  This, in EA, is the desire in the soul to separate from the source from which it came(Divine Spirit- Pisces - the ocean in this example)
At some point, it is natural for the wave to peak/crest (this is the end of the individuation process(Uranus), and as the wave crests, it begins to increasingly gain momentum to return to the sea. (Spirit)  This is the soul's (Pluto/scorpio) desire to transcend this reality(Saturn), the mayic illusion, and to return to the source from which it came. 

So, what happens is that there is a natural length of time this takes for a human soul to reach this evolutionary final liberation.  There is the place any soul is at, which in natural and normal in the evolution of that soul.  It is the intention, as an evolutionary astrologer, to observe the evolutionary stage that a soul is in.  For example, if you were in the consensus evolutionary stage, I would simply suggest forming a relationship to a religion which I intuitively felt drawn to speaking of and not have this discussion.

This is not you; your soul has had many questions which it has not asked.  From a past life point of view, why would, in other lifetimes, this pattern started?  What happens when we say that the emperor has no clothes?  Exactly, everyone else around is invested in believing (Jupiter/Sag) the illusion(Neptune/Pisces) of the reality(Saturn/Cap) around them.  There becomes suppression(saturn) of what is "wrong"(saturn) to speak(mercury) , there are social taboos (pluto/scorpio).  "we don't talk about that, what is wrong with you for bringing that up"  - there is nothing wrong with you - this is a pattern rooted in a past ego wound - it was only because of others limited(saturn) perception(Jupiter) and consciousness(Neptune) - which would mean others were unable to be secure (moon/Cancer) enough to respond to your natural(Jupiter) instinctual(mars) questions(mercury) without feeling that it is threatening(moon-ego insecurity) their version of reality(saturn), right and wrong(saturn).

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 22, 2012, 02:42 PM »


This is such great educational material~!  Your synthesis of the planets concerned has brought a deeper understanding.

I appreciate seeing this sequence written in words.  I do have intuitive understanding but sometimes struggle to put it into words.

........so thanks!

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