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Author Topic: Deva Green/ EA monthly phone class 3/28/15  (Read 101 times)
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Thanks to all who participated in last Saturday's class! The next class is scheduled for Saturday 3/28/15  at 10-11 AM  Pacific Time.
     The study group has recently completed reviewing Pluto in the natal chart through each house/sign (Pluto in Aries/1st house through Pluto in Pisces/12th house). We have just started a new series about the planetary method of chart interpretation (we have reviewed Pluto's polarity point, North Node, and planetary ruler of the North Node). To begin the next class We will review core EA principles (open Q and A as needed) and continue to review/discuss the application of planetary method of chart interpretation (the class will utilize case studies to demonstrate how to apply the planetary method).

Birth Data:

Reese Witherspoon:    March 22, 1976, 2:00 PM, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hilary Clinton: October 26, 1947, 8:02 AM,  Chicago, IL

Dial-in Number:    1-605-475-6333
Participant Access Code:    9890099

Recordings of previous classes are available (please contact Deva via email at


Deva Green, Jeffrey Wolf Green's daughter, has stated a monthly phone class for all who are interested in learning and discussing the core principles of E.A. These phone classes will be a forum in which we can discuss and apply the main principles of Evolutionary Astrology as an interactive group (study/practice group).

     The first class was Saturday Oct.19th 2013, from 10am- 11am PT.  We began with the core correlations of Pluto and their meaning from an evolutionary point of view in the birth chart.  We discuss Pluto and its correlation to the Soul, its meaning from an individual as well as generational point of view, and practice interpreting specific Pluto placements (house and sign locality) in the birth chart. The classes are open to Q and A as well. We are applying the various components of the “Pluto Paradigm”  using case studies, and review/discuss core principles that students/study group want to develop/understand further. If you would like to participate in these monthly classes, please contact
Deva at
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