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Mar 22, 2019, 03:18 PM
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Author Topic: Involutionary Times Balsamic Times ??  (Read 1890 times)
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Would it be true to say that with Pluto in Capricorn we are living in intensely involutionary times? Then would it be true to say that this correlates to the balsamic phase experience, the dark of the moon? Then would it be true correlation to say that the balsamic phase is also the womb of the next new phase and that with Pluto’s polarity point in Cancer, that is the womb of the collective rebirth?

I noticed that 2 – 22 – 2022 is total mutuality and by numerology it adds to 10, thus ONE, thus a brand new cycle. This is the Pluto return in Capricorn which I take to be the rebirth point.

Lately what has helped people I work with is to understand that all these degradations started rolling in the descending yugas and that at the darkest dark time, Buddha and LaoTzu and Confucius and Jesus came. I am taking this to mean that we choose the yuga where we want to test ourselves and see whether we can remember the truth of our being.

Not wanting to be any Pollyanna escapist avoidist about the seriousness of our involution, as I understand our entire species form may mutate and either not survive or survive in fragments as new forms take place, I thought I would like to have a thread where we can offer images of what glimmers of the future, what sprouts are appearing in all the collapses around us.

Dreadful abuses to Gaia by selfishness and unconsciousness of our species making planetary life unsustainable seem to be causative factors in involution.

For glimmers of a new way, I think others have mentioned growing food at home and home schooling. There is major permaculture movement to help heal soil and habitats and we can do this on some scale really wherever we are. Then there’s the idea that whether or not we can sustain life here, we need to live as if we can and make our efforts consistent.

There’s an economic system set forth by P.R. Sarkar, Anandamurti, who founded the Ananda Marga organization. He called his economic system progressive utilization theory, PROUT, and it takes the best essence of what we call capitalism and the best essence of what we call socialism and creates a kind of sustainable, mostly local or regional kind of economic community. How he regulates capitalism is by allowing for inventions and special achievements to make money but capping that wealth so that it is never extreme. In his thinking, this allows for incentives that might be dampened in pure socialism, but the ideas from socialism that he kept were really how to organize giving, sharing and inclusion, not that he used those terms.

Anandamurti’s writings are not so well known because he kept them within his organization and he would not allow the press around unless and until they took initiation, practiced the ethics of yama and niyama (the first two limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga, which the Ananda margis consider to be tantra, though by tantra they do not mean sexual tantra. At the same time there’s no hint that they would exclude that other than that he had a system of vegetarian/vegan nuns and monks who were celibate. So, of course, patriarchy was inescapably present in his experience of the enlightened or healing way to live.

There is a PROUT Institute here in Eugene, Oregon at Dharmalaya which is a meditation and yoga hall behind a home on River Road. The small community practices this permaculture and teaches Sarkar’s economic system all around the world wherever interest can be found. These folks live with families in marriages rather than as celibates and when they teach metaphysics, as they learned from Sarkar, a great Sanskrit scholar (and not related to Ramakrishna’s doctor), what they teach is very consistent with what Yoganandaji teaches in his Autobiography and in his commentary on the New Testament Gospels.

So people who are living in that way are creating sustainable pockets and communities.

PROUT has not yet worked in a regional way. Sarkar/Anandamurti said the old economic systems have to collapse first and that this can be expected to be cataclysmic.

The only other thought I have is that there is a big cardinal cross for April 22, 2014 that repeats one in the Great Depression except I think there are First Quarter squares in place of Last Quarter Squares so that may portend new beginnings.

As I read the message board, I am knocked out by all the talent and keen awareness here. So I am putting these things forth only as seeds in case they find any way to sprout. I am making a little permaculture at home and reminding people who want to hear about their charts of the truth before the yugas compressed and condensed into all this degradation. I say the Treta and Satya yugas are coming again.

If our planet survives, the forests will recover. But I think it will take a great reduction in our populations.
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