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Author Topic: JWG'S Planetary Method of Chart Interpretation ...  (Read 228832 times)
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Hi Rad,

I've not had time up till now to hardly do anything at all, but finally can see some light - but realistically it's still going to be a couple of days till I can post. Hope that's OK, not too late, but understand if it is. Sorry to always be last and holding things up, I'm expecting my situation will allow me more time the more we progress.

blessings Upasika
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Hi Mirta, Linda, Upasika, and Gray,

We can wait until you can post. To me it is so valuable what each of you is contributing to this incredible thread that is demonstrating to all that read it the incredible power of EA in general, and the Planetary method specifically. All of you have your own unique way of understanding the EA of Darwin's chart being analyzed in this way and, in combination, the reality that all of you combined creates is simply as brilliant as it is creating a total picture/ understanding of Darwin. As you know he was called an 'enigma' by many. All of your efforts in penetrating that enigma.

God Bless, Rad
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Hello Rad and group,

In this Planetary Method we are working on, Darwin’s 2nd House Capricorn Moon reflects how he integrated his evolving ego on a moment-to-moment basis, giving personal form and definition to his sense of reality.  It is also reflects how he made himself personally secure, integrating the potential insecurity of the evolution from his 5th House South Node of the Moon in Taurus to his 11th House North Node of the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Uranus.  Part of this potential insecurity that could stem from his lunar nodes stem from desire to merge on a deep level (Scorpio) with others, including groups of like-minded souls (11th House) while in a process of individuation (Uranus), especially given that he is in the third individuated stage this lifetime; and in Scorpio conjunct Uranus, that this individuation process could have an intensity of total destruction of past patterns in its transformative process.  Uranus conjunct his North Node in Scorpio also indicates that there could be shocks and trauma in his life experiences associated with this process, such as the fact Darwin’s mother died when he was eight years old and he also lost his own children to death,  giving an even more urgent need of integration on a emotional level to feel more personally secure.  Having his Moon in the 2nd House makes it a deep anchor of a strong internal value system, tied into social dynamics and conditioning being in Capricorn.  As a result there could be repression at times, as his urge to radically individuate and liberate beyond constraints of culture and consensus conditioning could make him cling to those very societal conditions as a means of feeling more secure in the moment, or rationalizing his behavior, at times feeling guilty for radical behavior in an effort to come back to a comfort zone of conditioned safety.  This can be seen in the fact that Darwin pursued his more radical intellectual theorizing for a long time in the background to the “safer” and popular writing on geology and the research collections he developed on his sea journeys.  When he first began to mention that he was developing more radical theories to a botanist colleague in 1844, he wrote “it is like confessing to a murder.”

Part of the whole of the evolutionary intention of Charles Darwin can be seen reflected by his Capricorn Moon in his 2nd House, an ego identity which has been thoroughly conditioned by societal influences in past incarnations. This soul’s incarnation as Charles Darwin exemplifies this social conditioning dynamic, being born into a wealthy English family at the time of the English empire and colonization of the world, an English society with heavy societal conditioning seen in a sharply divided class structure, where just the way you talk or act could instantly have you categorized into a hierarchical class structure by another English citizen.  Darwin had an Aquarius Sun soul purpose this lifetime of rebelling from and transmuting beyond the constraints of his past societal conditioning, and so his Capricorn Moon reflects an ego identity that holds this conditioning deep within his core (2nd House).  For example, at times on his research journey funded by the English empire, Darwin came across human beings who had been enslaved by the English empire: there are historical records of Darwin perceiving the wisdom of these people that transcended their enslaved status, and that he was clearly bothered by the concept of slavery. However, at the same time, the repressed aspect of his conditioned Capricorn Moon could have been a factor in the fact that he did not become a radical reformer focused upon ending slavery- yet, also at the same time, his choice to focus his energy on his intellectual pursuits also did have an impact on shifting the attitudes behind slavery, as he proved the common ancestry of all human beings on our planet.   The conditioning of Darwin is so deeply rooted he can in fact magnetically attract external influences and interactions, and can enter into relationships which trigger deep karmic patterns tied to this past conditioning.  This is also reflected in his Capricorn Moon being conjunct the south nodes of Jupiter, Pluto, Vesta, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury, all of which are ruled by a Saturn in his 12th House conjunct Neptune in Sagitarius.  This is a deeply karmic ego identity that feels the heavy weight of past incarnations with every emotional impulse in his daily life. With regards to integrating the north node of the Moon in Scorpio that is ruled by Pisces Pluto in the third house, along with his south node of special destiny in the fifth house- the development of his dear evolutionary theories- the conditioned nature of his Capricorn Moon that is conjunct such a powerful of south nodes of planets in his second house has a strong influence of survivor issues, and so this ego identity I think helped sway him in a direction of being so fixed for so long on the aspect of natural selection involving "survival of the fittest" more so than a link between collectivity and evolution.  In any house of the birth chart, there would be a lot of repression with his Moon being in Capricorn and conjunct such a large stellium of south nodes of planets, but having all of this in the second house reveals that this karmic residue of past conditioning has become a dense crystallized form or pattern his ego identity would be forming values through and living life from, in part as a way to deal with his intense survival issues from past incarnations.  Being ruled by a Saturn that is conjunct Neptune in Sagitarius in the 12th house has a karmic release energy that is mirrored by his Capricorn Moon being in a balsamic phase with his Aquarius Sun, an Aquarius Sun that has the ultimate soul purpose to shatter the crystallized karmic patterns of his past.  This can be seen in part through the strong calling that pulled Darwin on his life’s journey to disregard the medical and other studies his father was pressuring him to pursue, to instead embark on an epic sea journey to conduct research that he was motivated to pursue for himself, that he felt was connected with his own personal meaning, not his father’s. And yet he got through this process by first returning to and releasing karma of past incarnations, such as briefly studying to be a clergyman (being a priest of some sort in a past life would be symbolized by Sagitarius Saturn conjunct Neptune in the 12th house), but then ultimately coming to a place of seeing all religions as being valid, and becoming critical of dogmatic use of the Bible. This ultimate push for liberation was greater than the ties his Capricorn Moon would have toward societal conditioning, and by following his liberating path Darwin could use the anchor of his 2nd House Capricorn Moon to help influence powerful supports in society, such as his father, to ultimately help him follow his own path.  

Thus, another part of the evolutionary intention of Darwin’s Capricorn Moon is to provide himself with the structure(Capricorn) necessary for him to fulfill his past incarnational sense of a special destiny (South Node of the Moon in 5th House), a destiny that involves a sense of expressing an intellectual system of ultimate understanding that goes against the dominant intellectual viewpoint of his time (seen in his Mercury balsamic conjunction to Pluto in Pisces in his 3rd House that is square to Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn).  The Capricorn Moon in this sense still carries its heavy weight of societal conditioning into this incarnation, but as a result Darwin can use this ego identity to navigate the dominant hierarchical power structures of his culture in order to communicate his intellectual understanding of the world, and more importantly be able to influence key figures to accept his intellectual position and help him establish his intellectual understanding at the top of the hierarchical power structure. So, although his Capricorn Moon may carry karmic patterns of behavior he is met to “throw off” with his Aquarian Sun soul purpose, at the same time, the deep rooted (second house) understanding his Capricorn Moon possesses of how society operates, what sorts of unspoken norms of expectant behavior are operating, will help him achieve the worldly external success he desires (symbolized in part by his Libra Mars being in his 10th House).  Having his Capricorn Moon in his second house means that he has a strong sense of internal resources he can drawn on in order to pursue the hero’s journey of his soul purpose (South Node of his Moon is in Taurus in the 5th House) and resolve his karmic issues of not being able to successfully complete this sense of a hero’s journey in past incarnations.  In addition, the Capricorn Moon of Darwin was an aid in his ability to create a network of research resources to investigate his theories to an astounding degree.

The aspects to Darwin’s Capricorn Moon reflect each of these two evolutionary intentions:  (1) to have his ego identity and emotional sense deeply tied to past influences of societal conditioning he is meant to liberate himself from in this incarnation, and (2) to have an ego identity that deeply understands how societal dynamics play out in hierarchical power structures so that he will be able to communicate his intellectual understanding this lifetime into the highest levels of the dominant cultural channels of his birthplace.  His hardworking Capricorn Moon put to this task would help him gain a sense of personal security for himself amidst his  cataclysmic, intense, and liberating individuating destiny symbolized by his Scorpio Uranus conjunct his North Node of the Moon in the 11th House.


The most obvious aspect is perhaps his Capricorn Moon being in a balsamic phase with his Sun, in a balsamic semi-sextile to his Aquarius Sun in 2nd.  There is a new evolutionary cycle of concepts and ideas for him to develop that transcend the limitations of the space and time of the culture he incarnated into, but as part of this process he has his own personal karma of past incarnations he must clear in this incarnation.  He could feel misunderstood as his revolutionary ideas could make others find him freakish, and so he has the 2nd house intention to stay rooted in his more timeless vision.  And yet in order to feel more secure, his Capricorn Moon could at times make him feel like he needs to “fit in,” such as how it is reported that he supposedly rationalized a need to get married in a more logical method than a passionate one of desire.  The balsamic nature of the phase between his Moon and Sun, plus being ruled by a Sagitarius Saturn that is conjunct Neptune in his 12th House, would lead him into phases of meaninglessness, diffuseness, and depression at times, feeling a lack of a personal identity despite the strong signature of his birth chart calling on him to develop one.  In the second Pluto book, JWG wrote about this phase:  “the key is to let go of the past and to allow new patterns, ideas and impulses to enter the consciousness of their own accord.  Approached in this way, these new thoughts, ideas, and impulses become the light that illuminates the path to the individual’s future” (p. 223).  Ultimately Darwin achieved this through the work of his intellectual identity.


In addition, Darwin’s Capricorn Moon is in a crescent square to Libra Mars in his 10th House, and among other things, this aspect carries the  fear that he could slide back into the societal conditioning of a Capricorn Moon. I feel this can be seen because it does not appear to me that Darwin was someone who charged impulsively forward toward his destiny without deliberation. Instead he was very careful, moving in close measured steps.  Who knows how long it would have taken him to publish his ideas without receiving a letter from a contemporary showing him that he had to take action if he wanted credit, as others were beginning to work on the same ideas he had been developing, and yet he did push through with it, reflecting how his Moon-Mars aspect is on the cusp of a first quarter square phase.  The push/pull dynamic of this aspect can be reflected in Darwin’s life, how at times he did withdraw into seclusion and isolation, at times necessary because of falling ill so often, but then also returning to an assertion of his ideas and intellectual pursuits through social interactions and communicating his research findings.  Indeed, when in isolation from the world of England on his first great sea journey, he was still sending specimens back to England and as a result made a name for himself and gained great notoriety in scientific circles.  Upon returning to England he was able to solidify a name for himself in the scientific community and expand an audience for his work.  Also, as I previously wrote about in my post about his Aquarius Sun trine to his Libra Mars, his 10th House Libra Mars in this aspect could reflect a number of relationships he would enter into that would on the one hand pull him back into influences of the societal conditioning of his past incarnations, such as his wife having different perspectives on subjects Darwin had a more radical approach to, but at the same time these relationships would again help trigger the process of him ultimately liberating himself from this past conditioning.


Darwin’s Capricorn Moon is also semi-square to Sagitarius Neptune, which is conjunct the ruler of his Capricorn Moon, Saturn in Sagitarius, in the 12th House.  Neptune being conjunct Saturn here would add a theme of unity to the structure of Darwin's consciousness and the interplay with the ego identity of his Capricorn Moon.  The aspect between Neptune and his Moon is minutes away from the exact  evolutionary gate between the new and crescent phases.  The pull of the crescent phase on this aspect, would mean Neptune conjunct Saturn in the 12th house has a deep karmic effect that would lead Darwin to internalizing and processing his emotional security issues on a deep level, causing him to have a melancholy personality at times but ultimately helping him to find a light in the darkness, release the karma of his past incarnations through heavy internalization of experiences, ultimately finding greater union.  Yet since this aspect is still barely within the new phase, literally at the very end of it, it would also carry an energy of helping to propel him into new experiences that would help him fulfill his intellectual destiny, a sense of living from the impulse of a new vision for himself.  In combination this aspect would help Darwin create structures for himself that would be effective at integrating his new discoveries, helping him process his research and ultimately gain the ability to communicate his findings back out into the world at large.  This can be seen in the extensive research structures he was able to cultivate for himself in England and elsewhere, giving him the ability to do methodical research over a number of years in a wide variety of circumstances in order to substantially support his scientific theories- theories which were working toward understanding the greater unity of evolution in the large scope of things, very Neptunian in that way.


A very expansive and beneficial aspect to Darwin’s Capricorn Moon is the last quarter sextile aspect to his Pisces Jupiter in his 3rd house.  Pisces Jupiter here in the third house reveals the large scope of his belief system that he focused on understanding the connection of everything through extensive research into myriad directions, in a very third house manner.  This aspect is even more significant because his Pisces Jupiter is the ruler of his Sagitarius Saturn in 12th, that rules his Capricorn Moon.  This Pisces Jupiter is a great aid in helping him to fuse and synthesize all of the tremendous 3rd house mental exploration he conducted in his lifetime, and with this aspect to his Capricorn Moon it gives his ego a creative and visionary identity that is able to develop a strong purpose for itself within the larger cosmic whole, be productive and gain understanding into the ultimate meaning of his reality- explore the Piscean connection of everything.  This aspect also symbolizes the help Darwin was able to receive, as well as initiate himself, to fulfill the special role he cultivated for himself in this incarnation.  This can be seen in his relationship with key figures, such as having a father who ultimately chose to financially support him and enlist the financial support of others toward Darwin’s visionary scientific initiatives.  It also reflects the significant relationships Darwin was able to form with significant and influential teachers and intellectual colleagues, who later were able to help garner attention and acclaim for his work.  The importance of generous and beneficial relationships like this can also be seen in the fact that Juno in Pisces is conjunct Darwin’s Pisces Jupiter.  In one way, this can be seen in the importance Darwin placed on becoming married and sustaining his marriage, and drawing emotional support for his Capricorn Moon from his marriage.  Since Juno can also relate to jealousy at times, it can also reflect the fact that in intellectual circles it was important for Darwin to form close relationship with like-minded scientists and intellectuals, but that there was also a jealous competitive streak in him relative to these other individuals- this is in part from his Capricorn Moon integrating the "special destiny" obsession complex of his past incarnations from the South Node of the Moon being in Taurus in the 5th House- there was a side to Darwin who wanted to be the best, the most famous, known as the person who developed the visionary evolutionary theory.  The Jupiter-Juno harmonious aspect with his Capricorn Moon shows how he was able to overcome many obstacles, one of the most significant being the fact that he had so many medical issues and intense trauma with members of his family, but he was able to push through everything and ultimately succeed.


Finally, Darwin’s powerful Scorpio Uranus also impacts his Capricorn Moon through forming a crescent quintile aspect.  This reflects the strong individuating purpose that can be seen in the life of Darwin, that he had a strong evolutionary drive on a soul level to individuate and liberate himself from societal conditioning. Yet as we have discussed, and can also be seen in this aspect by it being within the crescent phase, there was also a pull on his Capricorn Moon back into the repression of his socially conditioned past incarnations at the same time.  The fact Scorpio Uranus is in this aspect to his Capricorn Moon shows the specific genius Darwin possessed that was able to attune to brilliant insights in the scientific world and challenge some of the most established theories in the field of science.  In Scorpio, these insights were incredibly deep and penetrating into the ultimate understanding of reality, and transcended the confines of consensus thought of the time period.

with gratitude and love,

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Introduction:  The Soul creates the current life Moon as a means to evolve itself and its ego consciousness by way of the emotions pertaining to the water trinity (Pisces = Spirit, Scorpio = Soul, Cancer = Ego).  The ultimate intention of this triad is to create an absolute state of inner security from within by healing the Feminine/Emotional Body.  The Moon is employed to process the Soul’s deepest urges through various emotional states that have the effect of exhausting the Soul’s separating desires.  The dynamic tension between the insecurity linked with moving away from the past and evolving into the future is consistently experienced and integrated on a moment-to-moment basis by the Moon creating cohesion and self-consistency.  The Moon describes the sense of self, the emotional body, ego, self-image, conditioning patterns, early home-life, relationship with parents, and identity (name, nationality, personal story).  With the Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd house, integration of the ego as it evolves from the past to the future is carried out through looking into inner value systems, expressing talents and abilities, finding inner worth, and sharing inner resources attuned to personal, family and collective needs.  Evolution of the Moon’s emotions targets a repressive emotional make-up, the psychology of futility, the trauma of being judged and scapegoated, and the burden of guilt.  

Lunar Nodes:  The Capricorn Moon facilitates moving away from the past and evolving into the future via easy or difficult aspects to the SN, its ruler Venus, the NN, and its ruler Pluto.  Lying beneath the Moon’s conscious awareness, in the unconscious, the principle Soul desire was to attract information in order to understand more of the Whole Truth of Natural Laws (Pluto Pisces 3rd).  This Soul desire was implemented by the self-image or personality that was carried forward into the current life (SN Taurus 5th) describing a compulsive self-expression, an intense conscious focus, taking charge of life, applying persistent will, power, creativity and personal energy while being rooted to a special purpose.  The Soul drew upon lifetimes spent in study, inner contemplation and ponderings on the very nature of existence and creation facilitating the sharp intellectual focus of the Soul (Pluto).  The ideologies of the Soul were deeply held, fixed, obsessive and rigid.  Through the NN Scorpio 11th the evolving ego was able to link the special purpose to a social function that was needed by the collective.  

Moon in Capricorn: Suppression of natural emotions resulting in grief and depression would have the effect of inducing a natural reflection on all that he had created in his life, thus redefining his value systems.  Setting unrealistic standards of perfection, constantly being driven towards work commitments, and restricting personal needs resulted in man-made guilt patterns.  With the Moon in Capricorn, Darwin battled the fear of water literally (voyages across the sea) and symbolically (depth of emotions, feelings, going deep to deal with the past).  

Home Environment:  The rulers of both Nodes (past/future) are in the 3rd house.  The early home environment provided mental stimulation and placed great value on communication.  Darwin was raised to be uncomfortable with emotional displays, instead the family members talked themselves out of expressing their natural emotions.  Words/intellect/brilliance/wit were used as a screen from feeling emotions, and whatever was not “logical” was rejected.  He buried himself in his work because he distrusted emotionally charged situations.  He was able to provide mental stimulation for his children, imparting the love of books, learning and teaching.  In his household there was a capacity for rich enjoyment of sensual pleasures.  The home environment was stable, fairly serene on the surface, and family members were not easily rocked off centre by emotions.  

Parents:  Darwin’s parents were socialite free-thinkers (Venus rules MC), the father a wealthy society doctor and financier, and one grandfather a physician.  Darwin helped his father as an apprentice doctor at age 16.  Having come from this privileged family background, feelings were negated in favour of value judgments about worth, achievement, recognition and social status.  He had been expected to conform to family dictates by being pushed to get ahead and therefore suffered coldness in place of genuine affection.  After the death of his mother, the sensitive inner child with the Moon in Capricorn was left with the cold, hard reality of the father, the family and the culture that shaped him.  With Moon squ Mars he carried a projection of needing to be mothered, accepted and nurtured by the father, his family and society, thus creating co-dependency with societal figures.    

Death:  His mother died when he was 8 years old.  The transits at that time reveal:  Tr Chiron exactly sext Moon;  Tr Saturn squ Saturn-Neptune-Asc;  Tr Lucifer Gemini 6th opp Tr Neptune Sag 1st;  Tr Mars conj SN;  Prog Mars conj Mars;  Prog Moon conj SN;  Prog Sun squ Saturn.  Carrying a fear of death (Moon rules 8th house) due to the loss of his mother and later followed by the loss of two children (Mars rules 5th, Mars ruled by Venus 10th, Venus tri Sat-Nep 12th) resulted in frozen emotions, fear, depression, becoming immersed in his own darkness, being trapped in survival mode, becoming overly-cautious to trust in life, and creating a psychological reality or fortress to protect the emotions (4th house ruler in the 10th).  Combined with issues of responsibility, he carried grief, guilt, rage and powerlessness at not being able to save his children.  Rather than floating on the ocean of life he would become afraid of sinking like cement and drowning.

Sun:  Darwin’s current life egocentric structure inwardly identified with his current life purpose via the Aquarius Sun which urged the inner child to individuate, liberate, grow up and parent the inner child.  With the Moon in the sign of Capricorn, he naturally desired to uphold the status quo to maintain a sense of inner security, yet he was destined to go beyond the consensus via the Sun’s purpose, will and power.  

Moon-Mars-Venus: Past life suppressed childhood trauma (Mars rules 4th) resulted in a rage complex and meant that at home he was prone to being alone/independent and locking the grief inside.  The emotions were blocked at every turn when initiating action (Moon squ Mars) causing frustration.  Fighting-disagreements-arguments (Moon squ Mars) against all that societal/religious baloney caused enormous internal pressure to transform his emotions (Cancer 8th) from cold-rigid-stern to caring-compassionate-deep therefore evolving the Soul.  Because these argument were so "public" there was no place to hide:  he was forced out of the well to soften his emotions.  Mars needed absolute and utter freedom in order to carry out the Soul's desires therefore he created a fairly (what he thought) worry-free home environment organized to satisfy physical needs but not emotional needs:  and this describes the pressure, the crisis in action, of the Moon squ Mars.  Saturn Sagittarius 12th (ruler of the Moon) demanded ‘karmic’ retribution through spiritual belief system:  forgiveness of the societal members that made his life hell.  He was vilified by an ‘angry’ society (Mars 10th) whose goal was to stay in the unconsciousness of the past spiritual/religious conditionings, and this further stymied his sense of self-worth bringing anger up to the surface.  With Venus ruling the SN and the 10th, the tired reality of the past was being superseded by Mars at the cutting edge of evolution.  Moon squ Mars (first qtr) demonstrated the building of a new reality based on a renewed value system which would encompass changing inner patriarchal messages that had plagued the Soul in times past.  The Moon’s crisis in action would serve as an evolutionary impulse to break free of cultural norms and religious conditionings by taking a completely new direction.  Venus being ruled by Mars generated traumatic confrontations with others when contrasting new ideas with the old.  Some pressure was released through an instinctive desire to have his emotional needs immediately satisfied through comfort, food or sex.  Self-centred, insensitive behaviour toward others together with emotional coldness elicited aloneness, alienation and rejection.      

Asteroids:  The instinctual forces of the matriarchal line of ancestors represented by Vesta Aries 4th were able to keep the eternal flame of security needs going through putting energy into being of service to others.  Venus-Vesta (conj IC) inconj Uranus-NN created hypnotizing power on an instinctive level to beckon others to an emotional connection, yet the emotions were held back and detached.  This is a reflection of wounds sustained in past life childhoods which deeply imprinted the Soul.  Reverting to living ‘in the head’ and not being able to connect these energies into meaningful relationships created crisis and isolation.  From this lonely place an inner focus would create an objective yet caring perspective, a purification and improvement.  However, if too much emotional pressure came from the environment, the Soul would dissociate and retreat back into the safety of the well.  His committed relationship with his wife helped him to communicate his emotions (Moon sext Juno).  Energy flowed to his Moon via Moon tri Natural Lilith.  Moon opp Dark Moon Lilith Cancer 8th correlated to the necessity to transform the sudden eruptions of rage, anger and emotional darkness that had been deeply embedded within the Soul over lifetimes (Mars squ DML).  Although extremely painful, these aspects allowed Darwin to explore the power of life and death and to enter the taboo places of dark seething emotions (DML tri Pluto) that harboured betrayals, abandonments, jealousies, resentments, and revenge, in order to clean up that past life karma.  These difficult cataclysmic experiences allowed him to enter the underworld of extremely deep dark emotions bringing them up to the surface to be eliminated.  With Saturn 12th ruling the Moon, there was a continuous "letting go" or surrender to a Higher Power that brought peace amidst the turmoil.  All of these experiences threw him back upon himself to strengthen his emotional structures, and to become "emotionally self-reliant."  Since the Moon’s frozen emotions were based on an irrational fear of death, there was a possibility of complete emotional breakdown which would then become the catalyst for inner exploration into the mysteries of the feminine, the mysteries of death, and into his own childhood in order to cleanse the Capricornian "fears."  Resolution Lilith in Gemini 7th squ Pluto facilitated bringing psychological understanding to his unconscious domination/submission dynamics, love/hate dynamics, and fear of death, in order to change the "inner messages" of doom and despair to more positive messages.  Ruler of Resolution Lilith, Mercury squ Neptune, lead to exploring the after-life.  He dealt with self-doubt and not feeling good enough or ready enough (Lucifer conj PPP).  With minor planet Eris, the goddess of discord, sext Neptune, exactly squ the Nodes (skipped steps) and ruled by Uranus conj the Resolution NN, Darwin had to go deep into the water to find his uniqueness and break free of the conditioning patterns of melancholia, sorrow and rage.      
Disillusionment:  Because Pluto was in Pisces, there was an ability for deeper understandings and insights received from different dimensions (Pluto ruled by Neptune Sagittarius 12th) through imagination and intuition.  The Soul had direct links to the water element necessary for evolution (Pluto in PISCES, ruler NEPTUNE in the 12TH HOUSE).  One of the core emotions correlating to Neptune is disillusionment meaning that the Soul had been projecting a sense of ultimate meaning onto something (ideologies, religious conditionings, false paradigms) other than Goddess.  The Natural Law behind the disillusioning process was for the Soul to continue to ask questions that would lead it to uncover the REAL Goddess.  With Saturn (ruler of the Moon and the 2nd house) bals. conj Neptune (ruler of Pluto), the Soul became a vehicle for timeless knowledge, yet also experienced confusion, dissociation and disillusionment forcing him to surrender and dissolve the ideologies of the old cycle.  With Saturn-Neptune squ Pluto (last qtr), he was culminating a series of lives in societal/religious conditionings, and breaking free from all that had come before.  With Moon septile Pluto (last qtr) the special purpose was a socialized issue, not a personal one, however, only by breaking down the rigid blocks to his personal emotions could evolution proceed.  An obstacle to evolving the past was the resistance to offer himself in a way that was needed or in tune with the collective unconscious (Neptune inconj SN full ph).  He learned to surrender what he could or could not do within society.  Confrontations (crises) with others lead to necessary spiritual and ideological disillusionment, that lead to actually feeling the depths of emotion, in order to culminate the SN patterns (replacing self-absorption with humility).  

Uranus-North Node: In order to break down the rigidity of the Moon, it was necessary that he experience sudden shocks, traumas, dissociative states, betrayals, abandonments, violations of trust, and rejections by the group, that would actually allow him to “feel” anything since evolution would only proceed through the emotions.  The Moon describes an obsessive need to fit into a group and therefore suppress (Capricorn) many facets of himself in order to belong.  The traumatic experiences of feeling he didn’t belong in a particular group in the first place had the effect of opening the flood gates of emotion cataclysmically in order to break down and eliminate the limited conditioning patterns of the past, feel his natural uniqueness, and recognize and follow his own unique path within the collective.  Uranus conj NN meant that liberation from rigid egocentric patterns had been worked upon in recent past lives.  With Uranus tri Pluto, the Soul created the necessary experiences of bonding with like-minded others on an intellectual level and formed relationships that represented what he lacked and was trying to become.  Through these relationships with powerful forward-thinking individuals and groups his innovative special gifts and capacities would benefit the community.  However, with Uranus ruling Pluto, he was re-living his own Soul’s past in order to break free of that past that had caused his emotions to become frozen in sudden shock and trauma.  

Accelerated Evolution:  With Mercury conj Pluto, and Aquarius ruling the 3rd house, his forward-thinking views and ideas went against the religious thinking that had basically controlled society for centuries.  The new theory of evolution that he created went against the grain of Christian society.  This development describes the collective unconscious energies of Uranus-Neptune-Pluto working to bring about a massive traumatic emotional reaction that served to accelerate personal/collective evolution by liberating from centuries of religious, political and scientific conditionings, dogma and judgments.  Uranus conj NN ensured revolutionizing the egoic structures yet brought the chaos of the emotional world too close for comfort creating a sense of further alienation and hiding.  While Scorpio wanted intimacy, Uranus wanted space.   Taking the ‘safe’ path to avoid societal judgment would cease to work with Uranus blasting through with forward-moving, unconventional, powerful ideas society was just not conditioned for nor wanted to change what it thought about evolution.  When he repeated the “familiar feels secure” patterns of self-importance and self-imposed isolation to the detriment of the evolving ego (NN), evolution would take place in an accelerated fashion by forcing him to share his ideas, values and beliefs with others (Uranus opp SN).  When resisting the evolutionary axis, he fell back on ‘tried-and-true’ values because of a fear of persecution and judgment, a fear of losing his personal identity, or not surviving.  The emotional pain of this cataclysmic opposition would constantly create social relevance for the evolutionary intentions and in turn result in personal transformation of the limited Capricornian emotions upon the platform/foundation of expanded values, meaning and purpose for life.

Integration: Emotion was a much-feared experience yet it was necessary to journey within in order to develop the self-love that would provide a secure foundation of self-worth and personal autonomy.  Seeking love for the sake of outer success (Venus rules MC), or to satisfy a compulsive need for attention (SN 5th) would be supplanted by going within to find that love within (2nd).  A favourable karmic inheritance conducive to the Soul’s evolution was expressed as objective awareness, ability to listen, and make comparisons (Venus tri Saturn-Neptune) strengthened by following through on instinctive desires to cooperate and share with others.  Positive emotions of empathy, compassion, sensitivity, and devotion to others created new pathways to evolution.  Due to the trine sometimes being too easy, dreaminess, weak boundaries, lack of discrimination and individual/collective guilt patterns lead to disillusionment felt in the emotional body, and this also lead to evolving the emotional body.  The mental component (Mercury sext SN) of the past life ego stimulated and aided inner contemplation, objective observation, and reasoning faculties.  This aspect enabled the contrast and comparison of great quantities of data.  He was able to ride the waves of the ocean (Neptune rules Mercury) in order to practically apply his understanding through developing techniques and skills to foster the special purpose.  When successful, the Moon was able to integrate evolutionary growth by way of a genius for organization and a strong sense of discipline and responsibility that resulted in a personal sense of satisfaction for accomplishments thereby redefining personal value systems (self-worth).  The Moon in Capricorn allowed him to proceed slowly in a non-threatening way to integrate the revolutionary theory of evolution into the consensus since he intrinsically understood how the consensus 'felt' and operated.  

Why the Current Life Moon?  Obstacles to feeling the Capricornian emotions are represented by the pull of the patriarchal past, the SNs of Jupiter(1st)-Pluto-Saturn-Venus-Vesta conj Moon all in the 2nd house.  Together with a repeating theme of a Taurus SN, survival had been a crucial issue in the Soul’s past.  Within his Soul were the memories of all manner of persecutions and judgments that had impacted upon his sense of self-worth.  These planetary SNs are linked to lifetimes around the patriarchal take-over, the suppression of the Capricorn energies, and the distortions that resulted.  The Moon opp NNs Pluto-Saturn-Neptune Cancer/Leo 8th was the means by which the patterns of the patriarchal past and therefore the emotional repression could be transformed and healed by taking them to a deeper level (Cancer rules 8th).  With Saturn ruling the Moon, 2nd house, and these planetary SNs, many of the conditioning patterns of the patriarchal/religious past were being culminated.  The ideas, beliefs and truths that had once served as the STRUCTURE FOR REALITY could no longer “SUSTAIN” the Soul, and therefore it became necessary to CREATE A NEW REALITY based on what was natural that would allow an understanding of more of the Total Truth, that is, Natural Laws, hence the reason for the Soul creating a Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd house.
Conclusion:  The theory of the survival of the fittest, a patriarchal construction based on separation/boundaries (Capricorn) and what he thought of as natural laws, gave him a sense of foundation from which to expand his sense of self-worth, and brought expanded values, meaning, purpose and achievement to his life.  Due to Pluto ruling the NN and Uranus, and the requirement to redefine the past in the face of the past, traumatization/objectification dynamics lead to an easy (or cataclysmic) elimination of obsolete information and an inflow of new information.  With Uranus trining Pluto, the Soul took a giant step in personal accelerated evolution by acting as the “messenger,” the “true magician,” the “awakener” (Uranus) of the consensus and therefore was able to powerfully direct (Scorpio) the forces of the collective in a non-threatening way (Capricorn).  He was able to make an impact upon the consensus by deviating away (Uranus) from the norm (Saturn) and developing an entirely new method of understanding Natural Laws (Sagittarius).

~      ~      ~

Thanks Rad and group for this further opportunity to practise.



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Hi Rad and Group
Thanks Group for the teaching offered in your contributions. Thanks Rad for making all this possible.

Here some notes on my intent to understand why this Moon.

A Revolutionary with a conservative anima
Furthering prior life desires of understanding the nature of reality, the Soul’s evolutionary intention in this life was to know the whole truth objectifying consensual “reality” and distinguishing it from Reality.
In former lives the Soul needed to lock itself between close limits in order to feel safe, but these was subjective egocentric limits. In order to overcome frustrations the Soul has also pushed limits (SN ruler in Aries), and because of the flip-flopping with NN in Scorpio also manipulated to attain its goals.
Now through the Cap Moon the Soul intended to consciously focus on limits and limitations, in order to accept ego frustrations as a way to mature, as well as accepting responsibility for its limitations, frustrations and errors (guilt).
The causes of frustrations and limitations were need of security and egocentric desires of actualization, locking itself in his own desires and beliefs and intents to control others and even the flux of life; the causes of guilt were avoidance, absence when needed by relatives.
In addition, in 3rd Individuated the Soul is beginning to understand that power is not based in a dominant ego but in self-dominion, in identifying the soul as the Dominus (Lord) of the ego, the lens for the Light from which it is a photon.
Thus a Cap Moon, ruled by Saturn in Sag conjunct Neptune in 12th house: the ego, the center of consciousness focuses according to a conscious structure aligned with Natural law and intended to give human concrete form to Consciousness, to the All.
In 3rd Individuated, with Saturn balsamic to Neptune in 12th house and LQP square Sophia, we can say that the goat is arriving to the top of the egocentric mountain and its desires to control its life, and becomes ready to perceive the need to surrender to God; to perceive that there is still path to thread in order to attain the top of the spiritual mountain. This is reflected in the repolarization of consciousness in order to embrace universal truths, related to the Absolute and not limited by the belief system. (Moon balsamic Novile Sophia, trine PPP conjunct NN Sophia, Saturn and Neptune LQP square Sophia; Moon LQP square NN Mars conjunct Vesta in 4th house, Moon NP conjunct SN Pluto and Jupiter).

The transition from the past fixed SN to the future - 11th NN in Scorpio with the intention of deconditioning through observation and acquiring objectivity by knowing deep causes  - needed a reflective ego, able to manifest from the baseline of past knowledge and experience and ripened by experience and awareness achieved in prior lifetimes (Mercury balsamic Pluto), but  directed to new building and new formulations in the belief system (Jupiter NP conjunct Pluto, Venus in Aires NP conjunct Jupiter).  Therefore the choice of a cardinal Cap Moon in a firm fixed house.

After lifetimes exposed to authoritarian control of made-man religions and moralistic societies, experiencing fear of external judgment, persecution  and consequent repression, the Soul wants to find new ways of understanding nature of reality and personal freedom from moralistic conditions that created guilt. 
Now the soul intends to penetrate to the nature and causes of repressions and distortions, breaking free from them but accepting responsibility for natural guilt.
For this to occur, it is imperative to reflect on all the causes that have lead to a cumulative state of guilt, and the negative self-image that it produces by means of a high degree of internalized compression (instead of repression) that induces an awareness of how the new individual’s ego structure must become progressively refined through reflection and understanding of the causes of trauma. The change in the subjective position, focused on timeless values and actual Reality gives orientation to the creation of structures that allow the evolutionary intention to take root.  (Moon semisextile balsamic Sun, ruler Saturn balsamic Neptune in 12th house, CP square Mars in 10th house).

When analyzing the Jungian functions of consciousness in the chart, we find that Water (emotion) is the dominant function.
However, except Uranus in Scorpio all water planets and asteroids are in Pisces, and Pluto and Moon’s rulers are balsamic in 12th house. Emotions are related to spiritual or transcendent themes, while personal emotions are not very mature or evolved, and there is fear of their vulnerability.
It looks like a Soul that brings a patriarchal concept of Spirit as transcendent, with focus on spirit and matter, but skipping the emotional realm, feared as “feminine” or vulnerable
And although Ceres conjunct Pluto suggests a powerful need to become a parent and nurture, the nurturing function appears more related to intellectual children or themes.( Ceres in 3rd house conjunct Mercury and Jupiter, trine Uranus, opposite Urania; Ceres SN in Cap conjunct asteroid Prometheus, and NN in 6th house conjunct Pandora  which is in Gemini conjunct NN Uranus)
Jung said that “This spiritual inflation is compensated by a specific inferiority of sentiment, a real undernourishment of the other side, the side of the . . . personal sentiment” (the English version is mine, sorry!)
Therefore an intention of overcompensating this difficulty of expressing personal emotions with the earthy function: reflection or responsible care, duty.  Being the Moon the only earth planet (in an earth house), when isolated it  overcompensates  as a defense mechanism by intensifying its characteristics. In the life of Darwin we can see this in the list of conveniences of marriage, and also in his responsible dedication to family, especially his children, which resulted a way to contact with his emotional vulnerability.
With Cancer in the 8th house, power could be found in vulnerability, in developing internal security and even in nourishing himself and his family.
With Moon balsamic conjunct to SN Saturn, Venus and Vesta, the cycle of understanding and overcoming patriarchal and egocentric structures in his consciousness and values is culminating and finishing. At the same time the ego is already beginning a new cycle of relation to the patriarchal collective roots regarding emotions and nurturing.( Moon NP conjunction to SN Pluto and Jupiter, Moon LQP septile Ceres)

JWG defined emotions (Moon) as reactions to feelings (Venus). With Venus in Aries in 3rd house, SN ruler, the Soul’s feelings have been impulsive, narcissistic and self-oriented. 
In addition, SN Venus in Cap in 2nd house conjunct SN Sat and SN Vesta suggests prior fear of vulnerability, due to losses; also persecutions and cruelty in the passage from matriarchy to patriarchy.
On the other hand DkM in Cancer in 8th house reflects distorted manifestations of emotions caused by the repression of them because of fear of vulnerability, as well as emotional manipulations. (Ruler Moon in Cap conjunct SN Saturn, Vesta and Venus)
The Soul’s reaction to these past feelings and guilt was one of responsibility and safe limits, and the intention of throwing off the distorted emotional manifestations consequence of repression. (Moon opposite DkM)
The emotions that the Soul couldn’t deal with were lived in the body. Although currently is  said that almost all his health problems were consequence of Chagas disease, including Helicobacter Pylori, his stomach disease and headaches look like psychosomatic illness related to Moon and Venus-Vesta. 

Animus-anima relationship: JWG spoke about the dark side of the Moon related to the Jungian archetype of the anima/animus, the male/female component in all of us. “Evolutionarily, some Souls reach a point in which it is necessary from an evolutionist point o view to make a conscious effort, Moon, to integrate this anima/animus into behavioral reality every single day.” (The Moon Workshop).

I will consider here the anima archetype as a complementary relationship to the persona as reflected in the Moon-Sun relationship.
Anima as an inner personality is complementary to the persona and stands in a compensatory relationship to it.
“The persona, the ideal picture of a man as he should be, is inwardly compensated by feminine weakness, and . . . because the inner world is dark and invisible . . . and because a man is all the less capable of conceiving his weaknesses the more he is identified with the persona, the persona's counterpart, the anima, remains completely in the dark and is at once projected, . . .  (CW 7).Hence those qualities absent from the outer attitude will be found in the inner.
In order to actualize its special destiny the Soul choose a stable, consistent and structured Moon complementary to his deconditioned, revolutionary Sun. However, the structures were not manmade but aligned with the Source through the Natural Law, as reflected in the Moon’s ruler.
Jung also suggested that in a man's development, coming to terms with the anima is the "master-piece”, and the goal is her transformation from a troublesome adversary into a function of relationship between consciousness and the unconscious.
In the life of Darwin, on one hand this was intended through his “paternal” Cap Moon, through which responsibility and duty (also Vesta in Aries in 4th house, SN Vesta in Cap conjunct Moon) regarding his children was the path to finding inner contact with his vulnerability and emotional power.
On the other hand, it is reflected in the fourth of the stages of the anima that Jung distinguished and personified as Eve, Helen, Mary and Sophia. In the first stage, Eve, the anima is indistinguishable from the personal mother; the man cannot function well without a close tie to a woman. In the second stage, personified in the historical figure of Helen of Troy, the anima is a collective and ideal sexual image. The third stage, Mary, manifests in religious feelings and a capacity for lasting relationships.
In the fourth stage, as Sophia (called Wisdom in the Bible), a man's anima functions as a guide to the inner life, mediating to consciousness the contents of the unconscious and cooperating in the search for meaning.

Asteroid Sophia (whose SN is conjunct Pluto and NN conjunct PPP) is conjunct Sun, LQP Saturn and Neptune, and FQP trine Uranus, looking like a possible mediator between consciousness and unconsciousness.
The Moon balsamic to Pluto, Sun and Sophia (novile), trine PPP conjunct NN Sophia suggests also an Anima in an advanced stage gestating new perceptions and revelations to come in future lifetimes. Sophia NP conjunct Sun and Pluto NP Sophia are hints to these new spiritual perceptions, for “. . . as psychopompos she [Sophia] conducts the path to God. . .”

Thanks Rad for this wonderful oportunity to focusing on the why of each planet,  and for any correction that will help me some-time understand how this blessed paradigm works.
God Bless

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Hi Mirta, Linda, Gray, Kristin, Upasika, and Ari

I will not be able to review your work until Monday due to my need to take care of some life issues.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad,

I was expecting to have posted by now, although it's been a bit of a struggle. I've just had a lot of other commitmments previously arranged for over this past 7 - 10 day period, and then a few additional hold-ups have occurred as well. I have been working on it though and it's not far off being finished - I'll have it posted by early to mid Tuesday morning (gmt) or maybe a bit before that. I realise that it's now way behind everyone else though so my apology for that, and I realise that you'll most likely need to move on, and if so please do. And thanks for all your wonderful guidance.

blessings Upasika

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Hi Kristin, Ari, Gray, Linda, and Mirta........

I will address all of you at once this time because, in combination, all of your EA work is simply exceptional and brilliant. In combination all of you have through your EA reasoning have create a total and accurate understanding of why Darwin chose to have his Moon in Capricorn: the past that lead to the present which leads to the future. Thus, the intent and application of his N.Node in Scorpio conjunct his natal Uranus, and these being ruled by his very Soul with his Pluto in Pisces in the 3rd.

Reading through all of your work is just stunning to me, and such an incredible joy to see how all of you have learned and applied Evolutionary Astrology. All of your work reflects a depth and comprehensiveness that no other kind of astrology can even come close to providing. Your work, and the intention of EA, is to understand the 'why' of anything. Most of astrology, as you all know, is a descriptive astrology that describes what is seen or perceived, but does not address the natural laws of cause and effect: why.

For all the others who are following and reading this thread all of you are providing an invaluable contribution to the teaching of EA itself because this is exactly how it is meant to be learned and applied.

My hat is off to all of you. God Bless you for making this effort not only for yourselves, but for all others WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THE IN DEPTH EA ANALYSIS'S THAT YOU ARE PROVIDING.

We will wait for Upasika right now and then get on with our next step which will involve the planet Mercury.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad,

Finally here posting - thank you very much everyone for waiting.

                             Why is the Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd house?

In the act of creation, Source expanded from within Itself - and out of nothing there was One. Through this Oneness, each Soul has been created and projected into being by Source. And from Oneness duality has arisen with the associated underlying laws of motion, magnetism, electricity and gravity.

Each created Soul is immutable, and inimitable - representing an eternal and unique (if tiny) facet of the Source itself. As such, each Soul is simultaneously an apparently separate form of Creation, yet also inherently united with and thus one with the Source. Existing in such a duality, the Soul has no choice but to evolve (change), which it must do according to the laws of Creation. Simply, the Soul’s evolution can proceed in one of two directions – into more and more separation, becoming ever more individualised; or into less and less separation, dissolving ever more back into Source.

In any one life the Soul’s evolutionary intentions are based on these two types of desire, with the particular mixture of desires being determined firstly by the Soul’s evolutionary stage, and secondly (as a result of the Soul’s past) by the Soul’s evolutionary intentions for the future. And due to the nature of the function that the Sun and Moon fulfil in our charts, they are both intricately bound to these evolutionary intentions of our Soul. In any one life, for each person it is the Sun and Moon that register these evolutionary intentions - via urges to act, conscious desires (Mars), arising from the usually unconscious Soul (Pluto). And through this process all the other energies in our life (our minds, our relating energies etc.) are then also correspondingly mobilised.

Together, the Sun and Moon - the two most visible and obvious and lights in the sky - describe the sense of self that has been imparted into the personal life by the Soul. Firstly, the Sun, imbued with creative purpose reflecting the Soul’s intentions, floods the personal life with light and vitality, and is usually a point of maximum consciousness. The Sun’s location in the chart (sign and house) is where this consciousness is naturally anchored, focussed. The sense of self imparted by the Sun is a feeling of being a creative force, and the experience of this is universally the same – the feeling of simply existing - for no reason at all, just existing as a creative being. This universally shared sense of ourselves is our natural and simple sense of being present as “I am”, oneself, and feeling distinctly unique in this. The Fire signs correlate to the sense of specialness that arises from this realisation of newness, uniqueness, and in Leo (the Sun’s natural home), the sense of being a unique self is heightened into a peak experience of … “I AM”.

In the night sky the Moon always reflects the Sun’s light - just as our feelings (Moon) reflect our creative sense of Self (Sun). Feelings are like water, they are very changeable - mirroring not only what is sensed via the Sun in terms of feeling unique and special, of being “I AM”, but also mirroring everything in the environment that we are consciously or subconsciously aware of on a moment-to-moment basis; including other people and our responses or reactions to them. Our feelings (Moon) determine whether we either raise or trim the sails on our ship (the Sun) as we interact with our internal and external environment, thus making the continuous adjustments necessary to stay focussed on our purpose (held within the Sun), thus being able to integrate on an on-going basis the desires arising from the Soul via Mars. In this way the relationship between the Moon and the Sun is the critical balancing factor in the psyche, responsible for maintaining it’s dynamic equilibrium – a constantly changing point of balance which subsists through time.

Consequently, like the Sun, our feelings (Moon/Venus) and emotions (Moon - reactions to anything causes the initial feelings involved to become charged with energy, to become e-motions) also contribute to the sense of self. However the sense of self the Moon provides is different to that promoted by the Sun. We are not usually so conscious of our feelings and emotions – the Moon operates much of the time at a more subconscious level, and while through the Sun we have the experience of always being (more or less) present in a constant way - at least in our waking hours - through the Moon we constantly shift from one inner state to another, in and out of moods, through different feelings and emotions. As a general rule, in our everyday functioning, inwardly nothing stays the same for very long – here we constantly change as we either mirror or react to the constant changes in our inner and outer environments.

As human beings what makes us feel secure is consistency – things staying the same. We would struggle to cope with life if the objects in our environment didn’t stay in their fixed forms, if the table alternated between being solid for a while and then liquid for a while. But the table doesn’t ever do this, and we take it for granted that matter has a constant form, at least as far as normal everyday living is concerned. Also our solar sense of “I am”, our presence, is also relatively constant, and we mostly take that for granted too. Just as we are present today, generally speaking for better or worse we know we can expect to be present in exactly the same way tomorrow too. Yet we all know that no two days are the same, in fact no two moments are the same, and despite often wanting to repeat the pleasurable moments, it never seems possible – each moment is always inevitably different, is new, and thus unique. This constantly changing present moment is always endlessly arising out of the moment that has just passed. And the only way we can keep abreast of this changing phenomenal kaleidoscope is via our feelings and emotions, via our Moon. On a personal basis it is largely via our feelings and emotions that we constantly monitor for, and register, change.

Naturally, if we were constantly changing inside in concert with every change going on in and around us, both small and big, we would feel giddy, out of control, and most insecure. For the average person life would simply be a nightmare. So of all the changes we subconsciously register, we naturally filter out anything we aren’t interested in - as far as providing us physical and emotional safety, and an internally consistent sense of self is concerned. And for each person it is the location of the Moon that defines what has been identified by the Soul as the internally consistent sense of self. For example, if the Moon is in Gemini, then mentally ordering each feeling and emotion as it occurs as a way of processing it will provide the sense of consistency required by the personality to feel secure. If the Moon is in Capricorn, then feeling respected through adhering to the status quo agreements of any group, community or society in which the personality is operating engenders the necessary feeling of consistency. So in this way, just as the location of the Sun is where our creative force, our integrative capacity is located, the location of the Moon is where we create an internal anchor, inwardly a consistent sense of self that is intimately personal and as varied and different as there are people on the planet. It is therefore via this internalised sense of self that we feel our difference to everyone the most; it is this sense of self that we identify as truly being “me”, the “I” I have been, and the “I” that over time I am moving towards, am becoming.

Thus it is this internal sense of self that is the agent of separation – as it is the anchor of consistency that we have to constantly create to buffer ourselves against the tides of unceasing change both inside and outside us. This internal lunar sense of self - the lens through which the consciousness of our being (the Sun) is filtered - is the mechanism in us that maintains our separation on a moment to moment basis, which then becomes the complex emotional basis for our entire on-going sense of ourselves, our inner picture of ourselves - our personal definition at any point of time, our “personality”, or in other words the Ego. All this is represented by the Moon.

Our Ego works to keep us out of harm’s way, and focussed on our primary imperative - our creative purpose - which will in turn bring into effect our Soul’s evolution. The less adjustments we have to make, the more our feelings and emotions are of a constant nature, the more continuously consistent the feelings and emotions that we experience are, the stronger the sense of being safe is felt, the more we are able to relax, the more we feel we naturally “belong” regardless of what environment we are in. The ego (Moon), created in this way to provide security and relaxation, and to ensure that we stay focussed on our creative purpose (Sun), is always in it’s own particular relationship with this creative purpose, and the continuous integrative process that is associated with the unfolding of that (the Sun). The Sun and Moon operate in tandem, as a natural pairing, and the location of the Moon in the chart is always linked to that of the Sun, with this relationship being shown by the aspect phase between the two.

Another way that the Moon is related to the evolutionary intentions of the Soul is through it’s Nodes. Via the Moon’s Nodes we can see how the need for egocentric consistency is expanded beyond any one life, being extended from the past (S.Node) through the present (Moon) and into the future (N.Node). So to determine why Darwin was born with his Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd house we will also need examine the lunar Nodal axis.

As has been pointed out in so many ways by everyone, this is a very high stakes lifetime for the Soul of Darwin. This is shown by the Soul intention to culminate a whole cycle of evolution - to transition through resistance, insecurity and fear of the unknown towards surrendering to a Higher Will (collective unconscious); by the intention to dissolve many karmic remnants remaining in the Soul. Also having such a large amount of energy accumulated in one concentrated area of the psyche, plus skipped steps from past lives still needing resolution, every planetary location in this life has now become critical and highly significant.

To recap how it has got to be like this we can briefly summarise this Soul’s past …

Right from the Soul’s distant past, family & children have been highly important to this Soul due to suffering from the very violent treatment given to them, and to the Soul itself, by various authorities, plus further social misfortune at the hands of deceitful business people, tricksters, violent rogues etc. This has immeasurably reinforced the importance of family to the Soul in very painful & sorrowful ways. (SN Pluto conj Moon 2nd and all aspects to it, S.Node Chiron 4th). As a result this Soul is deeply familiar with 2nd house experiences, and well acquainted with 4th/10th and 12th house issues, with inevitably intense soul memories regarding them all. Particularly, issues of survival and self-sufficiency have been the primary and overriding focus in a great number of distant past lives, and as a result, out of this desperation a focus on the spiritual side of life has arisen, with the Soul becoming heavily involved in organised religion, clinging to it devoutly from an inner security need (Moon). In this process it became immersed in, and also heavily conditioned by, scriptures and procedures (SNs Pluto/Sat, rulers and aspects to all etc.)

Because of the struggle for so many lifetimes simply to stay alive the Soul has learnt to always highly value it’s parents and siblings, and in turn all the families that it has since created. Through knowing that any of them could be ripped away at any moment by harsh acts of others, or tragic events of nature, gradually over time they have become very deeply treasured. Also in these kind of conditions one’s own self becomes highly important too, as survival depends on taking nothing for granted and being prepared to help oneself whenever possible. So out of such hardships the soul also developed an independent and self-centred nature, which over time also led to, as well as a desire for physical security, a desire for personal freedom (SNs Mar/Jup/Ura 1st). Because of this, as a natural extension of it’s religious views, the Soul has desired to search for things of non-material value, and as part of that, enquired into it’s natural physical environment which it perceived as a wonder of creation. Over time, this new independent approach slowly expanded to become a search for something else, gradually it more and more became a search for something of real depth – a search for ultimate meaning. To simply continue to plod on (2nd house) struggling against such limiting, oppressive and cruel conditions (SN Sat conj SN Ven: both square Mars in 10th, ruled by Sat in 12th - Sat also being the natural ruler of the 10th) had ceased to be a valid option anymore. Great disillusionment (Nep in 12th conjuncting Sat - ruler of SN Pluto) has been faced in those times, and the Soul's simple faith (SN Pluto sext Jup Pisces) in material sustenance alone (SN Pluto conj  Cap 2nd house cusp) collapsed. As well guilt that it has not been able to prevent suffering to it’s families due to circumstances outside of it’s control, and guilt from bringing suffering to it’s family unnecessarily through direct provocation of stronger social forces.

Thus, arising out of all this, for the first time - a real search for the spiritual. And although still heavily conditioned by organised religion (Sat/Nep 12th), out of all this physical, emotional and mental hardship the Soul has identified within itself a new value (2nd house) of deep and vital significance. The Soul’s new need was to find some true meaning in life (SN Jup 1st Cap) - from the Soul’s own actions, and on the Soul’s own terms (SNs Mar/Ura 1st Sag). Although such things cannot be determined from the chart alone, it appears to be at this point very likely that the Soul has made a break, away from the consensus reality and towards individuating. And also at this point that the Soul has recognised that it's best talent to approach this quest with, to use to instigate it, was it’s mind (SN Pluto conj SN Mercury conj SN Vesta Cap 2nd). And thus the Soul’s journey with the mind was launched.

We also know that between then and the current life the Soul has had a huge involvement in mental searching and development, asking it’s own philosophical and spiritual questions and leaving no stone unturned in it’s search for answers, for relief from suffering and for meaning in life (S.Node Jup Cap 1st sextile Pluto Pisces 3rd; Mercury balsamic conj Pluto; Jupiter new conj Pluto). We know that at many times this has involved the Soul having penetrating new insights, and creating numerous personal theories that seemed to explain diverse natural and social phenomena, that in short the Soul has had it’s eyes opened by the truth many times. But in this process it has struggled to integrate it’s truth with the societies in which it has lived. While often having something valuable to contribute, the Soul has often not been received or accepted by society due to it’s ideas being too close to the truth, or too radical, or simply too bigoted etc. On many occasions the Soul’s intellectual arrogance has bolstered it in the face of these setbacks. But in many other situations harsh rejection has been deeply wounding to the Soul, and it has suffered crushing blows to it’s self-esteem. This in turn has caused the Soul to become abusive itself, to attack back, to become the persecutor. These actions have then caused a corresponding backlash from society, and the result has been a great deal of suffering.

Wearying from all this over many lifetimes has subsequently caused the Soul to periodically hide it’s light as a way to minimise danger (being a monk etc). In these lifetimes the Soul has sought to isolate itself from society, abandon it’s mind and it’s contents, to sweep it’s unanswered questions about life “under the carpet”, and bury itself in learning religious scripts as a way of forgetting about all the psychological pain it was carrying. It was in these lives that the skipped steps (Chiron and S.Node Mercury square the Nodes) were substantially created. The many lives of struggle also catalysed the Soul into progressively surrendering it’s wild, unruly and independent attitudes for more socially acceptable behaviours. And another result from all these lifetimes of struggle and suffering was the development of the Souls’ feeling nature, it’s compassion and the awakening of a desire to help others in the world.

In very recent lifetimes all this has come to a head for this Soul as the reality of the skipped steps (Chiron, S.Node Mercury) starts to finally surface. All the buried wounding from it’s extensive family trauma, from a great deal of intellectual rejection, from it’s failure to dissolve for itself the unknown, and from lifetimes of personal shock and suffering - had all started to cause severe energetic disturbances for the various personalities manifested by the Soul, and increasingly stunted growth at the Soul level. Starting to feel like a trapped rat, the Soul has started behaving like one … losing sight of it’s evolutionary intentions as it has alternatively engaged in periods of 3rd house activity, to periods of 5th house activity, to periods of 11th house activity, and periods of 9th house activity – and also chopping and changing haphazardly between them all as it felt the meaninglessness and stagnation in it’s Soul increasing. So both Nodes have been active before the current lifetime, as well as the 3rd and 9th houses. We can see that the core issue is the need to bring so many lives of mental exploration and development (intensely packed 3rd house) to some kind of culmination, fruition (Mercury balsamic conj Ceres balsamic conj Pluto – all in Pisces 3rd ruled by {Sat balsamic conj} Neptune in the 12th), through creating a completely new philosophy, system of thought, or social understanding (Pluto new conj Jupiter). However with Ceres new conj to Mercury and in close balsamic conj to Pluto, his intellectual momentum has been lost and now needs reviving.

We can see the recent attempts to get a revival of his intellectual progress to happen, with the S.Node ruler Venus in the 3rd house trine Saturn balsamic conj Neptune in the 12th. the desire was there, however Venus is in Aries and being conjunct the IC and quincunx the N.Node, ruled by Mars in the 10th which squares the Moon in Cap 2nd, this would probably have manifested in attempts that were (again!) too self-orientated, and also too half-hearted or fearful. Old memories of rejection by authorities, of prison cells, of doubts about his family safety would have meant the Soul never got his personal intellectual renaissance happening from there. However what he would have done is ignite his creative spark again (5th house) and use his instincts and initiative to start rebuilding his resources (Taurus).

But when he tired of the lack of any significant progress at the S.Node, off to the N.Node he would go. Operating from the 11th house and a Scorpio psychology much more progress would have been looking possible. Ruled by Pluto, and also trine Pallas, Mercury, Ceres and Pluto, suddenly all his 3rd house Pisces energies would become available, and he would as a result be able to tap into all his intellectual skills from many past lives, plus he’d have constant insights and flashbacks to actual memories from those lives (shown via Uranus conj the N.Node – Uranus holds all these memories). However this would also eventually have been a threatening process for the Soul, as not only memories of intellectual value would be surfacing, but painful memories of trauma as well (Uranus conj N.Node), and so the Soul would inevitably always abandon the N.Node after a while too.

But it would seriously whet it's appetite for some kind of intellectual breakthrough. So besides deriving his core security from all the ideas he had become attached to (3rd house) he would also periodically try and synthesize some all-encompassing theories that would explain all the facts he had in his mind on a particular subject. This would have been difficult to achieve firstly, because due Pluto in the 3rd combined with the Taurus S.Node there would have been many fixed beliefs created that the Soul was stubbornly attached to for it’s security. Also, while in bursts 9th house activity would have been a good exercise for his mind and intuition, it would also not have been happy camping in the long term there for the Soul either, as there is a close quincunx from the PPP to Chiron in the 2nd house, plugging the Soul yet again directly into more painful memories, and strong energetic disturbances on a cellular level.

So these very recent lives have been ones of stagnation and frustration. However they have allowed the Soul to reset it’s “vision”. The rat would have come to know all the walls of it’s enclosure, it would have been able to experientially assess it’s strengths and weaknesses, and measure it’s readiness against the social norms of the day, making any corrections necessary as part of doing that, thus bringing itself into alignment with the social resources it will be needing (Mars Libra 10th Full quincunx Pluto). And the last life before this one was spent almost exclusively at the N.Node. This is because Uranus is conjunct the N.Node so we know the Soul has been working with that energy and function prior to the current life. But also the N.Node and Uranus are trining most of the 3rd house planets including Pluto. And given it was Uranus in the 11th as the energies and realm involved, we know the Soul was readying itself for a major breakthrough life, where the aims would be resolution of much trauma, liberation from it’s own mental and personal limitations, healing from alienation and fragmentation, rebellion against the status quo, and a reclaiming of individuality.

So in light of all this, why did the Soul create a Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd house? We know why the Soul has created the Sun in Aquarius in the 2nd – mainly…

•   To provide fixity of purpose, stability, and focus on his creative purpose and thus his evolutionary intentions. To be consistent with good systematic organisation.
•   To ground his consciousness within the physical body, so that his wounds could manifest through his body so that he could finally face them and deal with them. This would allow healing due to the surfacing and release of the stored energy of the traumas in this way. To aid in listening to himself, and in the reliving of the past life traumas.
•   The need for objectivity in his work, and to detach from the most valued beliefs he had clung to for security for many lives (e.g. scientific ideas, some religious beliefs), so that a loosening up of his mind could happen. The need to liberate, to be open in the formation of his values so that new “treasures” could be found. The need for withdrawal and introspection so that he could re-formulate new ideas and concepts with minimum distractions. To resolve his skipped steps: the Chiron wounding around survival, but more importantly around his self-esteem. Plus to bring his mental journey to a completion (S.Node Mer in 2nd squ Nodes).
•   To be somewhat insular from criticism, rejection, rumours, and public attacks, so that he was not unduly affected.

So what is the relationship of his ego (Moon) to his being, to his creative purpose (Sun)?

All through what this Soul has experienced over so many lives there has been a background theme, or deep Soul purpose running. That of mental development - both logical and intuitional. And even behind that the Soul’s real interest has been in finding the truth, the whole truth – a spiritual quest, a desire to return to Source. The desire to individuate that arose so many, many lifetimes ago was partly a reaction to the suffering and trauma the Soul had suffered at the hands of mainstream society over time, but in large part also due to a natural appreciation this Soul has had for nature from many distant lives ago (Sat in Sag 12th ruler of S.Node Pluto; Sat balsamic conj Neptune). And the whole journey into the mental realm was simply to get closer to nature’s secrets, to hopefully penetrate the mystery of nature and in so doing perhaps also the mystery of the Creator as well. And it has proved to be a very beneficial pathway to take for this Soul as it has helped individuate greatly. However the Soul has found out in the most recent lives that this pathway is nearing completion, is almost spent as a viable individuation path (Mercury conj N.Node Mercury). That is why this lifetime is a high stakes lifetime – the mental body must culminate so that all the energy invested in it for lifetimes can be released, and a new journey using a different aspect of the personality can start for the future (the Soul’s current life primary evolutionary intention). And it isn’t only the mental body that is nearing the end of it’s cycle. The emotional body too has matured through all these lives, and it is apparent that Darwin was coming very close to the spiritual stage, was preparing for it (all the Pisces, 12th and Neptunian factors in the chart combined with his actual life history). Consequently the Moon’s rightful relationship to the Sun in this life was to in a balsamic phase – that meant the Moon could only be in the 1st or 2nd house, and in Capricorn or Aquarius. By having a Moon in the balsamic phase Darwin could focus on all his unfinished and incomplete business from a long series of lives. It would also give him the means to reflect on the meaning of life in an eternal sense, on the nature of reality as a cosmic (ordered) whole.

So which sign and which house? The house is always primary so that is the first to consider. This Soul has basically finished with Aries/1st house energies for the time being. They were used in the distant past to create independence (SNodes in 1st), and very recently as the Moon’s SN ruler. It’s a thing of the past, so that leaves the 2nd house for the Moon.

Now Capricorn or Aquarius?  

1)   The main stellium in Pisces 3rd is the powerhouse that will be doing the bulk of the work as far as the Soul’s primary evolutionary intention is concerned. Darwin loved observation and scientific analysis. However the 3rd house is a mutable house and Pisces is a mutable energy, and given the critical nature of this lifetime and the high stakes involved karmically. The Soul MUST get things right this life, opportunities to do so will not be able to be as favourable for a long time after this life. Over a great string of lives the Soul has sacficed so much on the alter of the "Mind" at the expense of more emotionally fulfilling involvements, that it cannot go much further with this. So it is now vital that all this work is capitalised on and taken right through to full fruition (and not just done for the sake of enjoyment alone in any way whatsoever). And the best way to make sure that happened is to combine all this mutable energy, with the Sun’s airy Aquarian energy, with EARTH energy. And Capricorn earth energy in particular would be ideal for managing the whole process to a solid result. Discipline would be a vital requirement of the personality in order for the evolutionary intentions to be completley fulfilled.

2)   We must also remember the mess the Soul has got itself in because of it’s skipped steps. Particularly the Chiron skipped step. Chiron is a paradox in a way;   it orbits in between Saturn and Uranus, and helps make a bridge between these two radically different energies and functions. It represents a “unique combination of the creativity and vision of Uranus, with the respect for the past, personal limits and the laws of society and the material world”;   in one sense life is a ceaseless process of transformation, but on the other hand we live in the world of separate forms, structure, limitation and suffering. So with Chiron and the Sun in Aquarius in the 2nd, representing the Uranus issues, we now need to balance that by having the Moon represent the other side of the wounding, by being in Capricorn, representing the Saturn issues. This will give the balance needed to help open up the Chiron wounds and to heal them.

Additionally, one aspect of the Chiron wounding was that the Soul has been over exposed to the collective unconscious in it's involvments with society in the past (Chiron Aquarius). The membrane between the personal unconscious and the collective has become too thin, allowing too much personal fear and apprehension to take root. Thus the Soul is now needing to be shielded from any more confrontation in this way to avoid any further damage of this kind to the psyche occurring. While the Sun in Aquarius will necessarily be challenging the status quo as it is, it is very important that these challenges do not get out of hand, as has often happened in similar past situations. Thus having the Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd will create a withdrawn, emotionally restrained and non-threatening personality - such a cautious approach is in the Soul's best interests in this "must culminate" kind of lifetime.

3)   The Moon is our link on a personally conscious and subconscious level back into our past. The Soul had a deep history with organised religion, and no doubt was carrying a reasonable amount of religious conditioning. By having a Capricorn Moon this link could be preserved, thus carrying forward into the current life a great deal of inbuilt security.

4)   The Soul would need to face the challenge (once again) of getting important and radical messages out into the world. It would be important that the Soul was equipped to deal with those people in society it needed to in order to do this to the greatest extent possible. Having a Capricorn Moon would allow it to resonate and relate in a traditionally acceptable way. This would create a great deal of social security for the Soul.

5)   A link to the past egocentric structure can be created by having the Moon squaring Mars in Libra 10th, as Mars rules Venus, the S.Node ruler. The Moon also quintiles Uranus (which conj NNode) in Scorpio 11th – great to channel the creativity of Uranus with, and to link into the N.Node 11th house “future” space. Also having a Capricorn Moon would enhance his ability to reflect, which he needed to do a great deal of ... he needed to process lifetimes of emotional trauma and guilt.


a)   Again, having the Moon early in the 2nd house with the Sun late in the 2nd would allow the Soul to surround the skipped step points - Chiron and S.Node Mercury – thus keeping a great deal of consciousness close by and present to them.

b)   Also by having the Moon in Capricorn 2nd it can conjunct the S.Nodes of Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Vesta, Venus, and Mercury. This is an amazing emotional link back into all those distant past life energies. Plus being ruled by Saturn in the 12th, which is trine Venus the Moon’s S.Node ruler, many of those old events were being repeated in his most recent lives. With the Moon being balsamic to the Sun, Darwin could bring all unfinished business relating to those past periods into his current life again, via recreated events and circumstances in his family and career life, even if largely scaled down in intensity, so he could have yet another chance to make new choices and new responses in the face of the same old dynamics. This would mean that the Moon was a constant pressure point for Darwin, a point of constant processing, and often a point of intense emotional pain (e.g with the death of his eldest daughter, and also the other children that died). But having the Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd meant he could often still function in his daily work life whether dire personal circumstances were occurring or not. In fact some of his best work in Origin was written when he was under intense family stress.

c)   With the Moon in crescent square to Mars in Libra 10th, Darwin was able to make many professional connections that immensely enhance his chances of practical success in the world. The solid themes of Capricorn here lent him the strength and determination, the maturity and sensibility required to win the cooperation and trust of a great many people, both in the scientific community, and just socially in the world. He was generally well liked, and handled all personal confrontations with grace, conscientiousness and humble practicality.

d)   The Moon trining the PPP meant he could keep tuned into his Soul goal on a daily emotional basis. This is a massive boost of help to the Sun to fulfil it’s creative purpose, to reach the 9th house, keeping the goal close to the beating heart. Until the full concept for Origin came to Darwin, basically his mantra was “transmutation” which he practically muttered under his breath 50 times a day. Due to this trine he could smell and hear his salvation – the final culmination of his mental efforts into a new understanding (PPP) of great worth (Moon Cap 2nd house). He just needed to doggedly plod on until he could touch and taste it too (Sun & Moon 2nd house).

Childhood Environment and Parents
With Moon in Cap he would have been born into a family that was strong on tradition – at the least he would have supported whatever traditions his family adhered to. As a child he would want and respect clear boundaries, and would expect his family relationships to be sincere and without guile. He would have great respect for his parents, and look up to them as role models. He probably willingly took on chores and other responsibilities, and at other times found them to be very tedious. His main concern would have been to choose a family where there was some kind of worldly status, some intrinsic social standing and respectability to be born into. He would have shown respect himself for his siblings, and valued (2nd house) the family he was born into highly (esp. given his soul history of family trauma) – another reason for having a Cap Moon – to be able to revere the family of birth and any family of his own he might create.

He chose a mother who was going to die early in his life (Moon close opp 8th house cusp, with Cancer on cusp), as he is working on emotional maturity based on internal emotional security that he supplied himself (Moon balsamic Sun). Whatever shock this caused would have thrown him back upon himself, and set him on a path of emotional self-sufficiency (Moon 2nd) early in life. Thus he would have grown up not ever really missing his mother at all. And this would mean that by the time he was an adult he would be very emotionally balanced, despite the inner repressions and guilt he carried from his troubled past. And he still would have some emotional challenges with the nervousness and tension of the crescent square to his Mars in the 10th – but with Mars in Libra having some emotional energy available for moderate (Libra) assertion would probably be a good thing. He tended to be too dismissive of his feelings and too modest.

He would have been respectful to his father and grandparents (Moon Cap), although being in the 2nd house not necessarily wanting to follow in their footsteps – he would have strong values of his own, and prefer to withdraw into his shell (2nd) rather than follow someone or something he had no heart for (Moon LQ sextile Jupiter, Moon new semisquare Neptune).

As a Parent
Having a Moon in Capricorn as a parent would mean Darwin would take his role as parent very seriously, and very traditionally – he would see himself as the breadwinner, and as the authority of the family; his word would probably be final. With the crescent square from the Moon to Mars in Libra he would be able to relate to his children in a playful way, and appreciate their youthful qualities. With the Moon LQ sextile to Jupiter in Pisces 3rd he would want to teach his children from his own wisdom as much as possible, being willing to endlessly answer all their questions. Given his traumatic soul history with families he would spend much time with his family and his wife, and probably be somewhat possessive of them in a cautiously reserved way – with all those 3rd house energies he wouldn’t feel to clip their wings in any way – being a bit of an eternal child himself in some respects. In another vein as Gonzalo pointed out his relationship with his children would also have a timeless quality to it (Moon balsamic semisextile Sun). He had an eternal love for all his children, and in return they all loved him dearly, and were very protective of him.

How did Darwin see himself from within?
With Moon in Cap 2nd he would have seen himself as a quiet, civili8sed and eminently reasonable man, and indeed he would have been. He would have felt affectionate in a gentle and slightly reserved way, liking to observe those he loved without interfering with them, or needing constant physical contact. Yet he’d appreciate their form and particularly their intrinsic spirit (Moon sextile Jupiter Pisces). He also would have felt the organising of time to be very important (Cap Moon).

Fears & Attacks
Darwin would have had to face many fears with a Capricorn Moon. His need for respectability was naturally high because of this, but this would have been hugely magnified due to this issue also being that of his old Chiron in Aquarius 2nd wound. And would have feared that he would not be good enough at his work, that no-one would support him, that he would be rejected by the scientific authorities. The Moon rules his 8th house, and he would inevitably go through many transformations around emotional security as a result of his professional fears. Because of his Capricorn 2nd Moon, with it’s deep link into his traumatic past, he had many fears about publishing his theories, and is why Wallace caught him so unprepared. He would often prefer to keep getting in more evidence as a way of avoiding writing up and publishing the huge amounts he already had. In particular he was frightened the authorities would come and get his family again, also once having a nightmare that he was hanged (Pluto Pisces {rules Ura 11th}, Nep {rules Pluto} trines Vesta 4th which conjuncts Venus which is ruled by Mars which squares Moon in 2nd).

He also shrank from anything verging on public or personal dispute/controversy. becoming very upset if attacked (Moon Cap 2nd, Chiron Aquarius, Uranus 11th, Mars Libra, Saturn 12th).

Gender Switch
Without being sure I feel this Soul is also possibly becoming aware of the need for a gender switch. It wouldn’t be something that is in the Soul’s immediate future at all, but something the Soul may have identified that will be necessary before too long, and is thus in the very early stages of preparation for it. This can be glimpsed via the Moon being in Capricorn and ruling his Cancer 8th house, the 4th house ruler (Venus) being in the 10th house, and possibly all his Pisces energies. His mother died when he was about 8 years old, and he had to be his own mother. Through most of his life he mainly kept in touch with his sisters, relating more to their feminine minds. He was possibly needing to balance his anima/animus out, and thus in the early stages of preparation for a gender switch after a few more lifetimes.

blessings Upasika
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Hi Upasika,

Thanks so much for making this incredible effort that you have. It is utterly brilliant EA work that weaves together Darwin's Soul dynamics that have lead to his choice of having a Capricorn Moon in his life. Your sense too that his Soul is preparing for a gender switch, for the reasons you have stated, is exactly right. Your work represents, as all the others who are contributing to this thread, the very best of what Evolutionary Astrology is, and how it is meant to be applied to our lives.

Brilliant work Upasika ..........

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Upasika, Gray, Ari, Linda, Kristin, Mirta, and Gonzalo....

We have now reached the next step in our Planetary Method of Evolutionary Astrology. First, I want to post a transcribed lecture that Wolf gave in the late 1980's about Mercury, and then what he said about this next step involving Mercury in his Planetary Method lecture. I would like all of you to read this and if you have any questions please ask them after you have read this stuff through. If not, we will then proceed as to why Darwin chose the Mercury that he did, the S and N Nodes of his Mercury, and of course the reasoning and manifestation of why of all those planets in his 3rd House including Pluto itself.

So here is the lecture he gave on Mercury.

                             The Role of Mercury in Evolutionary Astrology                 
Jeffrey: The first way we are going to be talking about Mercury and its role in evolutionary astrology, and in our consciousness, may sound somewhat abstract We are going to be talking about the nature of consciousness, but then we will apply it specifically to birth charts, i.e. putting Mercury in various signs, houses, and aspects to make it as concrete as possible.

The very first thing to understand about the necessary role of Mercury is that it correlates in the human consciousness to the need to give order and linear structure to the nature of phenomenal reality. Now what this means is that what we call reality or creation of itself is phenomenal. In other words, this blackboard that is next to me does not call itself a blackboard. I do, you do. What this means is that the nature of existence is inherently phenomenal, simply the creation of appearances. Now for the human consciousness to feel secure, emotionally secure, it has to give names to all the phenomenal forms and images in order to create a linear structure of reality. One name, blackboard, connects to another name, floor, wall, room, building, parking lot, the city of Tukwila which we are now in, the Northwest, and, of course the planet, then the solar system, etc. My point is that of itself these things don't call themselves these names. We do. So Mercury provides this role of intellectually ordering the phenomenal nature of existence. Now we can ask the question: "How does it know what to call anything?" One of the reasons is to he able to communicate with each other through a consensus agreement of what is called what.  If most people agree to call this phenomenal object a paper, instead of a sink, then there is a basis to communicate with each other. The bottom line is that we have, as part of consciousness, senses. Consciousness actually creates the phenomena of what you call senses: tactile, hearing, and so on. These are extensions of consciousness. In other words, if we approach a corpse, that is to say a physical body that is dead, it is no longer sensing. I can not walk up to a corpse and somehow put bread in its mouth and expect it to chew and/or taste the bread. There has to be consciousness to make that body sense, to be in motion. So what 1 am suggesting is that what we call senses are an extension of consciousness into the physical body. Now this is necessary because it is through the vehicles of senses that thought and perceptions are ignited in consciousness.

Now thought is a Mercury function. There are two types of thought. There is linear and rational thought, or what we could call deductive thought which is specifically linked with the left brain and Mercury. And there is intuitive thought, non-rational, non-linear, which is of course the right brain which correlates with Jupiter. My point is that based on sensory stimulus the very nature of this stimulus will actually induce or ignite thought. The bottom line is that that which is ignited, thought through senses, induces ideas: this is a blackboard next to me. Through senses I perceive form and function which allows for the idea to occur in consciousness. This very same mechanism, this dynamic, is that which ultimately orders all phenomenal reality. The point is that as we move through life, in any given life, we continue to have experience, meaning we continue to collect information and data from our external and internal environment.  This ongoing collection of information and data continuously ignites more thought and perceptions which ultimately leads to the creation of whole thought, and how whole thoughts are ultimately connected to other thoughts to create an intellectual whole, an organized mental whole that generates our mental understanding of our experience called life.

These thoughts are of course linear and deductive by nature. The very essence of Mercury via the left brain correlates to deductive logic, not inductive logic. Deductive logic simply means one phenomenon linked to the very next phenomenon and so on to build a whole. An example would be analogous to taking a jigsaw puzzle out of a box and throwing it randomly on the floor. Of itself it is not now organized and yet has inherent organization within it.  Sitting there it is a mess. As we begin to make connections (Mercury), i.e., this piece fits this piece, we enter into a deductive logic process in which we finally get the whole picture. All the parts finally are connected. This is a simple example of how Mercury works, and through the process of deductive logic we generate intellectual systems that help us organize as whole thoughts our experience of phenomenal reality. This is very important for those interested in human history for example. The very nature of thought/perceptions which are based on inner and external stimulus is the very basis of what we call language. The question is, since the human species happens to have been on the planet a whole long time all over the earth, why is there not just one language? We are all human beings, same species. Why not just one language? Why has there been this incredible diversity (Mercury) of language systems on the planet? Why? Anybody ever asked this question? Too boring to ponder? Very simply it reflects the evolutionary condition of the Soul, and is ultimately linked to the geographical locality of a people and the evolution taking place there. In other words, if you found yourself in aboriginal Australia, an aboriginal Soul, that is now living in the Outback of Australia, your experience of phenomenal reality in that type of organized ecosystem would he fundamentally different than if you found yourself in the late Renaissance of Western Europe.
The very nature of your perceptions and resultant thoughts would be different, and as a result your language would be different.

Audience: "Where does invention come in, like say the light bulb? Before it existed there was no thought, no experience."

Jeffrey: Well, ultimately you are asking a Uranian question, and the basic issues here, and this is probably a matter of debate for some: can anything really be invented, or can it simply be attuned to and, thus, create the appearance of an invention. My point is that in my opinion all that is called Creation in totality, and in potential, was manifested at the same moment, and yet through the process of evolution, which is a non-debatable issue when linked with time and space, the evolutionary requirements of the species on any given planet determines that which it is attuned to in order to advance the development of the species at that time. So this to me is a Uranian principle, or what is called in the astrology books the "higher mind".

So the nature of language then is very important to understand. How many of you have studied different languages? For those that have studied different languages, is it not true that by absorbing yourself into the language framework that you are studying that it alters your perceptions of reality? This is my point. Mercury provides this function, and it is totally based on the evolutionary requirements at hand. So language becomes a vehicle, obviously through which we communicate (Gemini, Mercury, Virgo) that which is the basis of our perceptions, the basis of our intellectual thought process. The very nature of communication itself is an ongoing learning experience. When you communicate with someone else more often than not you are going to hear something that you had not thought about.

That is why people talk in essence. And so here you are collecting yet more information. So it is an interesting process because as we generate experience of external phenomena stimulus it ignites internal stimulus manifesting as perceptions and thoughts; and vice versa which becomes perpetual. This is the essence of the learning process. Stimulus, again, is the very basis of thought and perceptions in consciousness. And consciousness evolves according to the requirements of time, space and geographic locality. Mercury thoughts are linked to perceptions and how we perceive, which in turn becomes the basis, as this progresses, of our intellectual framework. Rational, deductive, linear thought: sequential thought.

This is very different than Jupiter and the right brain. Again, the right brain is non-linear, non-deductive, "non-rational". Jupiter's function is to provide an abstract or conceptual basis for that which we perceive and think about.  If I find myself in aboriginal Australia and I am dealing with the nature of my phenomenal experience there, and I am generating language and perceptions and thought processes, at some point I am going to have to wonder, "What does this mean? What are the larger connections?". Right when I ask such a question this ignites the right brain. The point is that the right brain supplies conceptions or abstract principles to the linear and deductive thoughts of Mercury. This becomes the basis of what we call beliefs. The point is that Jupiter is the archetype in consciousness that makes us aware as a species, and as individuals, that we are connected to much more than just the immediacy of our physical environment; our eyes can perceive that there is a sky, stars, and planets around us. This gives rise to the larger questions of consciousness. How am I connected to this part of the universe, which becomes the basis of belief or religion or philosophy or metaphysics. All of us do this. If you examine the nature of civilizations East and West through time, you will find in every single one of them mythologies or religions that correlate to the individual's and the species' connection to the cosmos throughout time. This is a Jupiter function.

Now here comes the big issue. Who is right and who is wrong? Whose perceptions/beliefs are right? Whose are wrong? Are they all right, or are they all wrong? Are the exceptions/beliefs/ideas of Roman Catholicism somehow more relevant and right than the perceptions/thoughts and beliefs of a Tibetan Buddhist? Is my version right? Who is wrong? Who decides these things? The obvious issues - and here it comes - is that whatever your evolutionary condition is, i.e. what your Soul needs in each life to facilitate its ongoing growth, will determine the nature of your perceptions, which in turn determines the nature of your beliefs. If you have evolved and find yourself in a consensus state it simply means that your perceptions and ideas (opinions) are determined by your Soul's need to be in a consensus state, and as a result you will simply become a vicarious extension of the consensus beliefs of your particular culture. Do you understand this point? If, on the other hand, you are trying to be free from the consensus, to individuate and think for yourself, then your perceptions/thoughts and beliefs will simply equate to individuated thinking. Your thinking process will primarily be based on rejection and rebellion of consensus held beliefs as you seek to determine an intellectual/philosophical way of understanding the nature of your individuality as linked with the cosmos. If you find yourself in a spiritual state, which is very different than religion in the sense that religion is for the consensus, then you will ultimately realize that all perceptions, all beliefs, all paths lead to the same point of Creation. It is the ultimate Piscean symbol of unity in diversity.

This is a graphic point because if you will examine the nature of Mercury and Gemini you will find that it is connected in the natural zodiac to a mutable cross: 3rd/Gemini, 6th/Virgo, 9th/Sagittarius, and the 12th/Pisces. This mutable cross creates a natural state of dynamic tension within consciousness. Why is this and what does it represent, symbolize, in the area of consciousness? We have a natural conflict here between deductive and inductive logic. A natural conflict between singular and sectarian points of the view, and universal points of view which are not sectarian based. The tension of inductive and deductive logic is a quite dramatic issue, particularly in this type of culture. Most of you, at least in this room, have grown up in an educational system that places a premium on left brain, linear deductive processes. When you go to school you are basically asked to memorize what you are being taught, not the conceptual basis of what you are being taught.  Most of you have been exposed to these systems in your early educational environments, and even in your parental environments, and have not found, as an example, meditation as part of the educational curriculum.

Audience: "Why do you think that is? Do you think that the U.S. and Canada are - I don't mean to generalize - in a lower evolutionary state than, say, the East?"

Jeffrey: It is not a matter of judging at all. It is simply a matter of observing the phenomenon itself. Because when you break down the nature of existence by way of the human species, it ultimately comes down to each individual. I mean, why is it that the Soul decides to be born in the U.S. versus Zaire or Tibet or New Caledonia? That reflects the individual Soul's requirements karmically and evolutionarily speaking.  So to answer your question specifically, it was based on the developments of Renaissance Europe and the transference between natural science, which is based upon observation and correlation, to deductive and empirical science, i.e., the effort to prove empirically that which is perceived as phenomenal. So, whereas those of the East do the very same proving through the inner microscope so to speak, those of the West try to prove it through the external microscope. My point is that neither one is better or worse, it just is and, in fact, can be quite complementary to each other if one's philosophy is universal in nature versus sectarian and dogmatic. So you have this dynamic tension between deductive and inductive logic. The point here is that inductive logic, the very essence of the thing, is to grasp the whole first in such a way that the parts reveal themselves in their own natural order.

Whereas the deductive approach, again, attempts to build the whole out of the parts. In this type of culture this becomes a major conflict. Why? Because no matter what culture you find yourself in, East or West, you still have a right and left brain. You still have an intuition and deductive intellect. You still ponder and ask the big questions. You still have spontaneous realizations which are not products of deductive analysis. Yet, because you have been conditioned by this culture to empirically prove everything that you think that you know, this creates a conflict between the right and left brain. As a result many people in these types of cultures tend to doubt (Virgo, 6th House) what in fact they are intuiting (Jupiter, 9th House), and through the Pisces and the 12th House symbol confusion results. My point is that Pisces and the 12th House archetype linked with this type of issue will cyclically or perpetually dissolve any thought/perception/idea/opinion that is limiting the necessary growth of the Soul. How many here have not experienced intellectual confusion?

This is the experience of Pisces coming through Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Even if you find yourself right brain based and have these magnificent philosophical structures to explain yourself to yourself and others, if those belief systems or philosophic structures themselves are only a version of the whole truth then, at some point, those very happy beliefs will not be so happy any more. They won't work. The whole point of Pisces linked with this dynamic is ultimately to embrace the whole truth, not a version of it, not a limited understanding of it: all of it, Unity in diversity, all paths leading to the same point   Now believe me, the left brain can not prove any of this. Of itself it is limited. So at some point in order for such a truth to be grasped there has to be a transference in consciousness from the left to right brains as your primary guide in your consciousness. That is to say, allowing Jupiter to lead Mercury, not Mercury leading Jupiter. Now when we link this with astrology you can put Mercury in various houses and signs and aspects. What is this going to tell us? If you have Mercury in Scorpio, or in Virgo, or in Pisces - amazing position for the thing - or Mercury in whatever sign, is this at all suggestive of what kinds of perceptions and thought processes you are going to have? Is it at all suggestive of how your intellect - left brain - is of itself naturally oriented to the phenomenal existence?

Is it suggestive of how you are going to intellectually put together and then communicate the nature of your phenomenal experience and existence? Is the Mercury in Scorpio going to be different than the Mercury function in Taurus? Are the very nature of its thoughts, how it arrives at those thoughts, how it puts together one thought with another thought, and how it communicates such thoughts, going to be different? And then the question becomes: why is it that your Soul would choose to have Mercury in whatever sign, in whatever house and with whatever aspects? Clearly the ultimate answer is to facilitate the very next step in your evolutionary development. If we look at it this way, is one Mercury in whatever sign better or worse than Mercury in another sign? Why judge it at all? Why not see it as necessary?

If we illustrate some of this stuff, if you find yourself with Mercury, say in Scorpio in the 1st house, what kinds of thoughts and perceptions do you feel such an individual may have? How are they going to be intellectually putting together their reality? How would you anticipate such an individual would communicate? Who has an idea here? Let me ask a rhetorical question first: do you think the person is going to be intellectually interested in superficial conversation? Do you think such a person would indiscriminately read any book? Why not? If you answer no - you are all shaking your heads - why not? Is it just possible that this signature is looking for very specialized information that reflects the general and overall sense of purpose in life? And is it also possible that by narrowing upon specialized information relative to the implied purpose, whatever that may be, that this narrowing could produce intellectual limitations that would be reflected through resistance to other sources or forms of information? If so, how would this impact on the individual’s way of communicating, and how he or she listened to or received communicated information from other people?

Audience: I know an individual with Mercury in Scorpio in the 1st house and it would appear that his mental nature, the nature of his Mercury, penetrates down to the Soul level, always recapitulating knowledge and going deeper and deeper, stirring it up and transforming and evolving it.
Jeffrey: Okay- Is it also possible for a Mercury in Scorpio individual to experience within itself, as a consequence external to itself, periodic limitations in its thought process; that they have reached some sort of limit?

Audience: By the nature of Scorpio going deeper and deeper, there would always be boundaries that had to be gone through and penetrated at deeper and deeper levels. One would assume that it would be a frustrating and liberating position. Frustration when they reached that boundary, and then liberating in terms of a great inductive breakthrough, i.e. Jupiter seeing the bigger picture, going to a deeper level.
Jeffrey: Okay. It we put this very same Mercury in Scorpio in the 1st house it is like a de facto Mercury in Aries. Are we going to be looking for a person who is wanting to do independent thinking, to at least challenge (Aries archetype) the pre-existing opinions of many other people? Is it basically going to want to be a free thinker? If these are related archetypes, is it not going to have the ability (Mercury in Scorpio) to penetrate to the intellectual limitations or weak link in somebody else's argument? By being able to penetrate to somebody else's weak link, is it not in a de facto sense attempting to prove the worthiness in its own thought process? At minimum we would say such a person is an intense thinker looking for bottom line information that correlates to its life experience, and its requirements. Those very over-all life requirements are the determining or causal factor in the information that it selects to bring in. This is why it would have no tolerance for superficial, indiscriminate information. The Mercury in Scorpio within consciousness would instinctively operate in this way. If we contrast this Mercury with Mercury in Libra, and put the Mercury in Libra in the 11th House, now what kinds of thought processes, perceptions, communications, information gathering would we anticipate?

Audience: International mediator.

Jeffrey: Let's remember this very deep issue about Libra. You have to remember its natural polarity is Aries. In order for a Libra archetype to understand its individuality, i.e. the Libra/Aries polarity, it must initiate a diversity of relationships with a diversity of types, with a diversity of opinions, a diversity of value systems, and a diversity of belief patterns in order to evaluate its own individuality through comparison and contrast. If you have this as a Mercury function within the 11th house, have we not potentially magnified the potential volume of relationships and information necessary? In this initiation is it not possible for a Mercury in Libra person at some point to lose sight of its own individuality, what itself thinks, what its own mental process is, its own ideas and opinions? Is this not possible? If this occurs could we not anticipate the Mercury in Libra person running about trying to validate itself through the opinions of other people?  "What do you think about this?" would be a typical Mercury in Libra statement. Could we not say in general terms that the Mercury in Libra person is intellectually oriented, is going to have a primary focus, to understand the nature of human dynamics and human relationships, and, more broadly, the inter-relationship of everything within Creation? And this being the very basis of its need to communicate and initiate with so many. Does this make logical sense to you?

What if you have Mercury in Pisces? Let us put it in the 3rd house, the natural Gemini house. If you have Mercury in its natural archetype, i.e., the 3rd house which is linear, sequential, deductive thinking and yet the very essence of Pisces is the antithesis of this archetype, is there not a natural internal conflict within this person's mental process? Is it not logically seen in this way? Is not the Mercury in Pisces of itself going to naturally think in metaphorical terms or parables or analogy:  poetic? Our fellow friend Jesus had six planets in Pisces in the 3rd house. How did we experience his communication? Still trying to figure it out, eh? Pisces!

Audience: "How do we know he had six planets in Pisces in the 3rd house?

Jeffrey: It was a chart rectified by a theologian named Moby Dick. Funny name. His real name was Donald Jacobs. He is the father of Jayj Jacobs. He bases it on the Bible and rectifying. I mean, he was a theologian so he studied Biblical history obviously. Of course there are many charts created for Jesus by astrologers, but you know if you study Biblical themes yourself and read what he researched it would in all probability make intuitive sense to you. As an example: all those Pisces planets in the 3rd house are opposed by Pluto and Mars retrograde in Virgo within the 9th house. Is that possibly a symbol for crucifixion based on beliefs? It has Mercury in Aquarius: the unexpected message. It has the South Node in Scorpio conjunct Neptune - the son of God. Sagittarius rising - all the traveling that he did in his early life, let alone within Judea itself. And why is it that so many of his analogies are linked with fish and fishing; the "miracle" of walking on water; the emphasis on healing, and the one God which is the essence of all gods and goddesses which were so prevalent in those pantheistic times. My point is that here is a man who clearly spoke in parable, metaphor, and analogy. It is one of the very reasons that Christians have been confused ever since. It becomes the breeding ground of sectarian points of view. This is the problem with Mercury in Pisces, that the Mercury part of this individual can sense, perceive, much larger wholes, much larger frames of reference than the Mercury function itself can logically order. As a result it must speak in metaphor, parable, allusion; to allude to something much larger, higher and grander.

This of course is problematic for many people who find themselves in modern societies. How many current modern societies in the West honor such an intellectual function? What happens to such a person when they are exposed to public education in 1989 in America? So typically this particular symbol learns (Mercury) to adopt (mutable archetype) the language systems of the culture that it is exposed to. Therein lies the origin of the conflict. Do you understand? We can also link Mercury to various planetary aspects as conditioning this function. As an example, what if we had somebody with Mercury inconjunct Uranus? What kind of thinking process, perceptual process, intellectual organization process, and communication process would we anticipate in such an individual? Let us remember that the essence of the Uranian archetype is to liberate from any pre-existing condition which is limiting growth, and as a result sets up the need to rebel. Let us agree, if we can accept any form of metaphysics, that Uranus at this level can correlate with the Universal Mind, the archetype that has been in place since the beginning, the blueprint which we only have to attune ourselves to somewhat like the radio dial. The signal exists. You just have to tune into it.

Audience: That linear thought becomes non-linear on occasion.

Jeffrey: Let me ask a rhetorical question now. Is it not possible in that person's consciousness that their radio dial, i.e. their inner Mercury process, is attuned to a signal (Uranus) that they find great difficulty (inconjunct) in finding the specific words (Mercury) to communicate through?
 Audience: Would you then say that the individual is unable to explain the notions and concepts that he or she has of the greater?

Jeffrey: Yes, he or she would find very deep difficulty in finding the specific language or word sequence.

Audience: That Mercury by its nature moves an individual toward liberation and so in that moving toward liberation you have a rhythm and a build-up, and then every once in a while it will trip, you know, spontaneous Uranus, and it will get like a spark, liberation. Then, it is like a radio tuning out as soon as it gets strongest.

Jeffrey: That is right because one of the very deepest experiences of an inconjunct is inadequacy; less than perfect.  So if you have got this mental process that is attuned to something higher than itself, and it is now trying to find a word to explain it, it is simultaneously aware of its inadequacy. This creates frustration in the communication. It can paralyze the individuals' mental process. This is analogous to the centipede that has a thousand legs. The thing is fine as long as it keeps walking, but as soon as it tries to figure out how, say, leg 46 works, it is over: paralyzed. So the whole challenge of the Uranus/Mercury inconjunct is to speak as it comes, not to (inconjunct) analyze as it is coming. If that happens you have leg 46 in operation.

Even if you look at it at a brain level, you know, Uranus happens to correlate with dendrites in the brain. Dendrites are responsible for the evolution of the brain. It also correlates with synapses and all the wiring of the brain as does Mercury. Well, if you have Uranus linked with Mercury it is like 10,000 watts coming through a 5 watt bulb. It tends to blow itself out. It can create a tremendous excitation in the brain. When you see that particular signature all that you have to read yourself is that that is a Soul that is planning to rapidly evolve its brain in this life, to create all kinds of new dendrites, all kinds of new realizations. Any time you have an "aha", or a new realization, or a new thought you have never had that spontaneously occurs, that is a dendrite being made in your brain. You are experiencing within yourself Uranus. And, of course. Mercury kicks in and tries to find the linear word sequence, logical sequence, to explain what it just spontaneously got. That is when frustration can occur.

These are typically people who have obviously unique and original thoughts. Yet those very thoughts can be so far ahead of their time (Uranus) that it creates crisis (inconjunct) with many others who attempt to hear it, or listen to it.  Keeping in mind that Mercury correlates with the anatomy of hearing. It can overload the nerves that allows us to hear. People tend to - Mercury - tune out or externally rebel against this person's communications. Why? They are challenging the existing status quo of mental consensus; thus the emotional security dynamic in consensus type people. Guess who had Uranus in the  3rd house Retrograde in Virgo? That's right: Einstein. Most of us remember the little slogan he made for us: when genius interfaces with mediocre minds you should expect violent opposition. The essence of this interface is resistance because of the challenge to the existing status quo mind-set.

Audience: Immanuel Velikovsky had Mercury conjunct Uranus, and he came out with his book way ahead of his time, and was ostracized by the scientific community as a result.

Jeffrey: That is very true. In fact if we carry that particular example forward he postulated, based on his theories in the 1950s, that if his theories were right they would find a certain type of climate on Venus. This was before they sent any spaceship up to Venus. At that time the prevailing scientific community had a completely and altogether opposite view of what that atmosphere would be. Of course he was roundly criticized, blackballed from university speaking and so on for 20 odd years. And then when they sent the space probe up to Venus guess who was right? So now he is revered. His ideas were ahead of their time.

The last thing to grasp is that we are going to have transits of Mercury. Also we are going to have a sign on the 3rd house cusp, and it is going to be ruled by a planet which also then directly correlates to this mental function of organizing the phenomenal nature of reality. There will be a sign on the 6th House, and a planetary ruler which will correlate with the analytical function of rational intellect. There will be a sign on the 9th House, and its planetary ruler, and, of course, a sign on the 12th House with its planetary ruler which all contribute to this left brain/right brain function of consciousness in a total sense: from ideas and perceptions to a philosophical belief system dynamic that allows any individual to understand the nature of his or her existence. And yes, we must consider the specific nature of the houses and signs that Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune manifest through. This may sound like a lot to understand, but this total dynamic is the basis of understanding how all of these signatures, these planets are always transiting through the birth chart all the time. If you just key in on those particular transits, and particularly Mercury since that is what we have focused on today, you will find exactly where you are seeking new information at any point in time, and how this new information either supports or conflicts, obliquely or directly, your pre-existing intellectual apparatus, your pre-existing opinions, your pre-existing beliefs at all times.

If you have a transiting Mercury moving through the 3rd house for example, what would be a simple analysis here? Is it not a simple statement that that person's consciousness is looking for new ways to understand the nature of their life at that point? And that the sign that it is transiting through will determine the quality and type of that information? Let's say you have Cancer on your 3rd house and let us assume that maybe you have had some difficulties in your biological family. Now let's say that the transit of Mercury moving through the 3rd house correlates to a period of time in which the person naturally reflects on that early environmental experience, and as a result seeks new ways of understanding (Mercury) that experience in his or her life. Is it not possibly a time in which the person may attempt to initiate conversation with those parents, maybe a time in which a new book on the psychological dynamics between children and parents was read, or maybe going to a seminar, workshop or class for this purpose?

Audience: I see the impulse to gather more information and churn it around to communicate more, but isn't that focus of understanding going to be based upon a Jupiter transit?

Jeffrey: The connection to a larger understanding would be.  The collection of information is Mercury.

Audience: In the case of a Mercury transit as to the 3rd house or anywhere else, is there really any desire for understanding attached to it?

Jeffrey: Of course. I mean that is the very nature of going back to where we started. Why would I call this a blackboard? For me to feel secure I have to intellectually organize my reality, to give it names. Then later on Jupiter kicks in and simultaneously links it with abstract concepts and beliefs. Another example: what if we transit Mercury in Scorpio through the 12th House. What would we anticipate? And let us say that it is going to be there at least a month. And what would happen if it went retrograde there?

Audience: Intellectual chaos, but eventual transformation. That could be a tremendously evolutionary leap depending on how you dealt with it. If you go inward it would kind of be like a sifting through, a travel through space, but eventually when the transit leaves then the person is going to come back out having better knowledge.

Jeffrey: Yes, but it presumes that the person allows for a metamorphosis of pre-existing intellectual structures that are limited to be dissolved. If there is an allowance of that dissolution then it can translate into inspiration, new inspired thought. On the other hand, the person may experience within him/herself all kinds of thought demons in their consciousness which they can not trace the origin of. They might at that point feel like they are a prisoner (12th house) of their own mind. Or, depending on how it is handled, it might be a time frame in which the individual attracts to him/herself people, based on their own inner need, who have all kinds of highfalutin 12th House way of explaining reality (Mercury) that now confronts the person's existing intellectual structure. Of course, in typically Scorpio language, the person may say "Why is this happening"?

How many of you have Mercury retrograde in your chart? Some of you probably do and don't know it.  How many have a retrograde planet forming an aspect to your Mercury, your Mercury itself not being retrograde? Almost all of you now have Mercury retrograde! These are called oblique retrogrades. Now when you have Mercury retrograde at birth just think of the retrogrades as an arrow, an arrow that is pointing to Jupiter. In other words, it is attempting, through its left brain function, to make it "non-rational". Evolutionary speaking, this particular symbol means to intellectually/philosophically simplify. It means evolutionary that there have probably been some prior lives in which the person has not been intellectually discriminate, and has collected at random too much information and data to the point where the intellect has been overwhelmed and confused. As a result the individual comes into life into which he or she must exercise extreme discrimination in terms of what information it allows itself to bring in that is specific to the person's evolutionary purposes. This is why typically, not always, but typically retrograde people, when they go through a learning experience, if that information is not pertinent to their personal purpose they are going to have a very hard time taking it in. They just tune out.

Audience: "Why is that?"

Jeffrey: Why? Because they are trying to only select information that is pertinent to their personal purpose.

Audience: "Where does that come from - connected to your own personal purpose?

Jeffrey: Well, I just gave the answer a moment ago, that in most cases ..

Audience: I need to hear that again, I have Mercury retrograde!

Jeffrey:  That typically these people, prior to this life, have indiscriminately selected and collected too much information and data to the point where the mental apparatus is overloaded. Confusion, too many competing perspectives, intellectual doubt. As a result they come into a life in which they must exercise extreme discrimination in terms of what information they take in which is now specific to their personal purpose. This is why we have advocated for many years that, at least in this type of society, there should be schools for Mercury retrograde people, taught by Mercury retrograde teachers! It makes logical sense. Where is the school? You start one. Somebody has to. We'll call it Mercury retrograde school.

Audience: To help people discriminate, is that what you are saying?

Jeffrey: No. It simply requires very personal attention in education; to teach the child or the adult what they are interested in at the time they are interested in it. Then they will take in what is being taught wholesale. It is almost like a photographic memory at that level. But you have to remember that you have a natural dynamic of Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo and Pisces. If the person is in fact not interested in what they are hearing they tune out. They kick in Pisces/Neptune. They space out and they have fantasies or imaginations that are more interesting than what they are being exposed to. Any more questions?

Audience: Yes, I would like to know what is your idea, what do you think about the idea of Pluto being exalted in Gemini?

Jeffrey: You want my opinion? Bullshit. To me there are no such things as falls and exaltations. It is just what it is. This is old time astrology. Well, we must conclude this lecture now. I hope you have all found something interesting here today, and thanks for coming. God Bless.


And now what he said in the transcript from the Planetary Method regards Mercury.....

The next step in our Virgo sequence is Mercury. Why? Mercury is now going to provide the intellectual structure. Again, we are all living in a phenomenal reality, yes? We started with Pluto, the nodal axis of the moon, Sun, and moon. And now you can see if you look at this evolutionarily, you can see why the Soul (Pluto) was picking Mercury in whatever house, sign and aspect. That's the kind of intellectual structure, meaning how I am going to intellectually organize in rational ways. That is how I explain to myself what my life experience is about, which is ultimately reflecting its evolutionary intention. This is how I give the intellectual super structure to this process. So I create an intellectual structure that creates rational thinking within me that creates an explanation and justification, which I then communicate to other people. This is why you have your specific house and sign of any given Mercury.
You understand the point? 

You see, life is either random, or it is in fact some sort of inherent order, you see? And if we look at it this way, we are looking at life and astrology non-judgmentally. This eliminates all the 19th century crap--exaltations, falls--it is irrelevant. We replace all this terminology with two words: what is. This is why you can have your Mercury in whatever house or sign. It is the way that you need to put it together and understand it intellectually through your left brain. Mercury in astrology specifically relates to the left brain.

Audience: What if Mercury is like right on a house cusp?

Jeffrey: Again, if you always use your ultimate perspective to understand the chart and then use an evolutionary perspective--transitions between past, present, future--then you can answer your own question. Any planet on the cusp is going to correlate evolutionarily either to culmination, meaning the planet just before a given house, or if it is just within that house something has already culminated and a brand new cycle of evolutionary development is now proceeding. So if Mercury happens to be the operative symbol it is simple going to mean a soul who is deciding to think, in this life, in altogether radically different ways than it has ever thought before.


Again, if you have any questions please ask them of me now.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Kristin, Linda, Mirta, Gonzalo, Gray, Ari, Upasika and anyone else who wants to join in ....

So we are now ready for our next step in Darwin's chart which is to understand why his Soul chose to have his natal Mercury in Pisces within the 3rd House. So we want to examine the fact that his Mercury is sextile to his S.Node, trine his N.Node and Uranus in Scorpio in the 11th, square Neptune/Saturn in Sagittarius in the 12th, and part of whole group of other planets and asteroids in his 3rd House. His N.Node of Mercury is also conjunct his natal Mercury, and his S.Node of Mercury is in Capricorn in his 2nd House which is then conjunct the S.Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Vesta, Venus, and Neptune.

What is really astounding from an EA point of view is that his S.Node of Mercury through geodetic longitude that correlates with the Galapagos Islands ! This S.Node is ruled by Saturn/Neptune in the 12th House in Sagittarius.....traveling to an island.

Since you have now read the transcript of JWG's lecture on the evolutionary role of Mercury go ahead and answer the 'why' of the total Mercury signature for Darwin. Within this focus on the very nature of how Darwin would 'think' and what he would think about. Focus on how Darwin would try to put together through his thoughts and empirical way of ordering and organizing his thoughts, and how those thoughts would be communicated to others: the very nature of how he would communicate with others and himself. Within this focus on how and why Darwin would desire new information, what type of information that would be, and how that new information would be integrated within his existing intellectual understanding of anything.

If you have any questions please ask them of me now.

God Bless, Rad

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Hi Rad, just to let you know I'll be working on this by later next week.
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Hi Rad touching base again - I'm now getting started with this interpretation today.
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Hi Rad and group,

I am having some health issues that are requiring my immediate attention and so I need to bow out of this thread for now..I worked some on the Mercury portion but it is not ready to post ~ I know that the teachings you all will bring here will be incredible.

Hoping to be back soon.

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