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Author Topic: Pluto in an intercepted sign  (Read 412 times)
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Hi Rad,

Thanks so much for the gift of your astrological analysis of Einstein's chart, and specifically the focus on Pluto in the intercepted sign.

After reading your analysis, I realize that the key to understanding the repressed Venus issue correlates to Venus Aries 10th (being the ruler of Taurus the intercepted sign) just beginning to form a Crescent Phase Square which then leads, evolutionarily, to a First Quarter Square of Mars Capricorn 7th.

Einstein's South Node of Venus was 14 Aquarius 42, and North Node of Venus 26 Aries 36.

Venus conjunct Waldemath Dark Moon Lilith could account for past life scenarios of distorted rage, fear, etc.

Dark Moon Lilith

Dark Moon Lilith (119-177 day cycle) signifies how and where we experience the distorted aspects of Lilith in our lives – her anguish, bitterness, betrayal, alienation, fear and hatred of sexuality, and revenge. For centuries men and women have been conditioned by our patriarchal culture to suppress this feminine strength which has resulted in bitterness and resentment, inevitably leading to distortion and rage. How this distortion is played out is indicated by the natal placement of the Dark Moon Lilith. Dark Moon Lilith is the distorted Lilith representing Lilith’s flee into a fiery rage of exile where she plots and executes her revenge. Find your Dark Moon Lilith placement and know that this area ***also creates a channel by which we can release the rage.*** (Kristin)



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