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Author Topic: Volunteer ~ "Kelly" ~ EA Personal In-depth Chart and Transit Analysis  (Read 653 times)

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Thanks for your insight Linda!
The New Moon created a temporary skipped step with your Lunar Nodes in Scorpio/Taurus in effect for a month.  The resolution node is South Node Scorpio 9th.

That's why i am flip flopping again, the pressure comes from the need to study deeply like you suggested to take courses, read books, it has been always good time to study when mercury go retrograde, easier for me to focus and attract all kinds of information i need, i wonder if it's because mercury is regrograde in my progression chart, i feel more like a mercury retrograde person? If you are there for the right reasons, then
If you are there for the right reasons, then God is with you, helping you in your work. It is necessary to have faith.

I really resonate with this!
Do you recommand any books on counseling techniques? Appreciated for all your help!
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Kelly's Chart

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. . . it has been always good time to study when mercury go retrograde, easier for me to focus and attract all kinds of information i need, i wonder if it's because mercury is retrograde in my progression chart, i feel more like a mercury retrograde person?

Hello Kelly,

Thanks for your feedback.

In answer to your above question:  yes, you are feeling the retrograde archetype because not only is your Progressed Mercury now Retrograde, but transiting Mercury is Retrograde too.

Let's examine your Mercury archetype!   Cheesy

-  Your North Node Taurus is in the 3rd house.

-  Your Pluto Polarity Point Taurus is in the 3rd house.

-  Due to the Jupiter skipped steps, you have done your 3rd house before, but it is not fully developed.

-  Uranus is currently transiting your 3rd house and will do so for many years.

-  The South Node of Chiron Aries is in the 3rd house.

-  Your Chiron Gemini 5th is Retrograde (meaning a re-do situation in order to heal the wound of self-expression via communication).

-  The North Nodes of Mars and Uranus in Gemini are conjunct Chiron Rx in the 5th house, a desire to express your individuation, create a "new" you, and bring healing to your communications.

-  You have just one planet that is retrograde in the chart:  Chiron Gemini 5th Rx.

-  Your Mercury makes only one major aspect to another planet - a conjunction to Saturn.  Mercury is not an "unaspected planet" (operating in a Uranian-like way) because Saturn is "conditioning" it.

-  Ruler of your Mercury is Pluto Scorpio 9th. 

-  Sedna conjunct North Node in the 3rd house means that communication has been "frozen" for a long time (perhaps being mute in a past life).

-  The 3rd house is ruled by Mars Libra 8th - you desire to share, compare and communicate your thoughts and ideas with others who symbolize the knowledge that you seek.  In the past you have felt the powerlessness associated with the 8th house and so have desired to merge with others who are more powerful in order to evolve your intellectual structures.  These can be knowledgeable people, a philosophy, or a body of work, eg EA.

-  Transiting Mercury is currently at 16 deg Aquarius Rx transiting your 1st house:  a new evolutionary cycle bringing new experiences on the heels of revisiting/revising/re-doing, de-conditioning and individuating your natal Mercury via this retrograde cycle.

-  Current Mercury Retrograde 21 Jan to 11 Feb @ 17 Aqu 05 to 1 Aqu 18 – communication issues, reflection on the past, taking an objective stance, dispassionate observation, detachment, de-conditioning, liberation, shock, trauma, questionings, false assumptions, taking shortcuts, re-checking important details, re-evaluations, processing, past-life memories, repeating messages, insights.

-  Transiting Mercury in its current retrograde cycle will conjunct your natal Jupiter in the 1st house.  Jupiter is your skipped step planet!  You will have another opportunity to "resolve" this skipped step - something was skipped, missed, or not understood in the past - by consistently focusing upon the South Node Scorpio 9th (conjunct the MC).  We have all fallen away from Natural Laws due to the distortions of the Patriarchy.  You are recovering your Jupiter skipped step by sharing, merging and osmosing yourself deeply with people whom you are attracted to in an instinctual way, and aligning your Soul with a philosophical system that is based on Natural Laws. 

-  It's very interesting to note that every single Planetary Node in the Northern Hemisphere (bottom) of the chart is Retrograde, including Chiron and Sedna, emphasizing an introverted nature where you feel very different within yourself. 

Hemispheres of the Chart
Eastern (left):  Focus on self.
Western (right):  Focus on others.
Northern (bottom):  Impact of family.
Southern (top):  Influence of outer conditions.

Natally, your Southern Hemisphere being more emphasized than the others correlates to society, the father, authority figures, career and your contribution to society.  Perhaps you felt burdened at an early age to grow up quickly, with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Although you were born with Mercury Direct, your Progressed Mercury Jupiter 10th (conjunct the MC) is now Retrograde. 

Kelly's Progressed Chart @ 25 January 2015

-  It's interesting to note that three bodies are Retrograde in your Progressed chart:

   (1)  Mercury Sagittarius 10th Rx.       (2)  Chiron Gemini 4th Rx.      (3)  Pallas Cancer 5th Rx.

-  The kite pattern, coming from Gemini on the IC, is pointing to Uranus, a very dynamic outlet for the energies of the chart.  The Progressed chart provides opportunities for Uranian individuation and Mercurial self-expression on the MC.

-  The yod with Moon at the apex (and Neptune/Natural Lilith and Pluto) correlates to crisis with a need for adjustment (pointing to Natural Laws).

Retrograde archetype, and progressions

Retrograde is always the R words – redo, renew, review. A person could be born before Mars turns retrograde and it would be direct in natal and go retrograde by progression during their life. Or they could be born with Mars retrograde and Mars goes direct by progression during their life. Or they could be born with Mars retrograde by progression for the entire life. These are going to be distinct conditions for that Soul. Some of it undoubtedly relates to where that Soul was prior to the present life. (Steve)

Retrograde planet at birth, by progression or transit

The intent of the retrograde as an archetype is to re-live, re-do, repeat. And the intention within that, the reason for that, is to INDIVIDUATE. Any retrograde planet either by birth, or going retrograde in the context of a lifetime, is not only to repeat, re-live, and re-do, which can have many reasons, but one of the core reasons is to individuate. It accelerates the evolutionary process of individuation. Thus the Soul desires to withdraw from ANY external circumstance or condition that is attempting to define, through expectations, how the archetype of the planet that is retrograde, at birth, progression, or transit, how that archetype (planet) is ‘meant’ to be actualized or lived out. And that is because the Soul is desiring to individuate its function which, in turn, allows for an acceleration of the Soul’s development because of the effort to individuate. In its own way it ignites a deep feeling in the Soul that says, ‘not this, not that, so what is it?’ (Rad)

Do you recommend any books on counseling techniques?

I will open up your question regarding astrological counseling techniques to my EA colleagues and others reading this thread.

Thank you!

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Hello Kelly,

Astrological Counseling Techniques

Here are some resources:

(1)  Webinars by EA Astrologer, Mark Jones:  "The Presenting Issue"

The first of a 3-part webinar series based on his forthcoming book:  "The Soul Speaks:  The Therapeutic Potential of Astrology".

I attended this excellent webinar ... and recommend participating in the whole series (online webinar format).

(2)  The Consulting Astrologer's Guidebook by Donna Cunningham

Chapters include:
-  Conducting effective chart readings
-  Counseling clients in crisis
-  Building your astrological practice

(3)   A suggestion received from a fellow astrologer:  to connect with other types of therapists so that you can refer people whom you feel might be in need of some form of therapy.

I will add to the list as more suggestions come to hand.



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Hello Kelly,

Any questions?

Skywalker and I thought that this would be a good time to answer some of your questions.

You can ask about:

-  any specific questions you may have regarding your natal chart

-  specific dynamics you have lived and need to make sense of

-  the need to understand the "why" of anything that one can try and see via EA

-  the current moment (transits)

Any questions that we cannot answer we will defer to other EA members and/or Rad.

Thank you,


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