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Author Topic: Transits  (Read 9442 times)

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Hi Skywalker,

Thank you for you sharing this. It resonates deeply. Health and healing on many levels have been a strong focus throughout the Pluto in the 6th transit for me. Especially taking responsibility for my own health and experiencing empowerment through that.


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Hi Deva,

I have a question for you.
What is your take on these two different but related transiting events?

1. The transiting Nodal axis squares a natal planet, producing a temporary "skipped step signature"

2. A transiting planet moves into a square to the natal nodal axis, also producing a temporary "skipped step signature"

Any comment/explanation you may have would be very appreciated.

blessings Upasika
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 Hi, Upasika. Thanks for posting this question! My understanding/interpretation of these two similar/different events is:

1) If a planet forms a square to the natal nodal axis it reflects that the specific planetary function (by house and sign locality) will act/serve as a skipped step for the duration of that transit in the context of the current evolutionary/karmic intentions symbolized by the natal South and North Nodes.
    For example, when Jupiter was in Aries/in my 11th house (which is also the polarity point of my natal Pluto) squaring my natal axis of South Node in cap/8th house and North Node in cancer/2nd house I experienced a transiting skipped step in the context of the need to assert/develop autonomy and independence and express my unique individuality in regards to new teachings I had learned (Jupiter in Aries/11th house) that facilitated the need to become inwardly secure and self-reliant (North Node in Cancer/2nd house) and how it conflicted with my existing obligations and responsibilities at an existing university (South Node in cap/8th house) which did not allow the new teachings I had learned to be assimilated/taught in an independent manner. The key point within this is that I needed to adjust my interpretation (Jupiter) of my personal experience at that time and to be willing to break free from my existing obligations/responsibilities in order to peruse a new path that was in alignment with the teachings that promoted the ability to become inwardly secure, self-reliant, and reflected the development of my new identity in this context.  Again, the skipped step was regarding my own interpretation/teachings that were assimilated and my ability to develop a life path that reflects my natural truth/voice independent from previous social conditioning/man made teachings I had absorbed from the evolutionary past (Transiting Jupiter in Aries/11th house squaring natal South Node in cap/8th house, North Node in Cancer/2nd house).

2) If the transiting nodal axis is square a natal planet the specific dynamics symbolized by the nodal axis (by house and sign locality) then the current dynamics that are linked with the transition from past (transiting South Node) to future ( transiting North Node) act/serve as a skipped step in terms of the natal squaring planet. In other words, the transiting nodal axis symbolizes where our past meets our future, so to speak, and that those specific dynamics are now acting as skipped steps in the context of the natal planet. Again the transiting nodes symbolize the evolutionary movement/integration from past to future in the current time while the natal nodal axis reflects the ongoing transition from the evolutionary past to future throughout the life. 

Hope this helps clarify your question and please feel free to post any questions/personal insight as well!


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