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Dec 18, 2018, 11:59 PM
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Author Topic: Jupiter in Cancer transit  (Read 2261 times)
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Rose Marcus
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« on: Jul 08, 2013, 09:49 PM »

Greetings all,
Here is an article I wrote on Jupiter in Cancer (it was written mainly for general audience), Blessings, Rose

Jupiter in Cancer, June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014
Trends and Tides:

Jupiter, the growth planet, visits the sign of Cancer from June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014. Camping out for one year in each of the zodiac’s sign, Jupiter takes us through a twelve year mentorship program. The big planet last visited Cancer through the second half of 2001 and first half of 2002. If you can remember what the feel was at that time or what sprouted for you back in 2004/2005 when the outline became better defined, you’ll gain a general sense of the feel of things to come. Jupiter’s current transit will again stimulate a growth spurt in that subject arena. Depending on where you are at in terms of your life’s journey, Jupiter’s influence will boost the potential, the reward, or the need.

Jupiter expands, enlarges, and increases where-ever it goes. When there is a space or a void to fill, Jupiter will fill it. When growth gains too much traction, the result is inundation, inflation, and exaggeration. While Jupiter, known as the Greater Benefic, is viewed as a luck and opportunity planet, most of us would agree that more is not always blessing.

Jupiter is the planet of envisioning, intuition, and faith. It correlates to teachers and teachings, to higher education, belief systems, religions, spirituality, cosmology and metaphysics. Jupiter is also the planet of the explorer, hunter, sportsman, risk taker, and adventurer, of travels of the body, mind, heart, and soul. Jupiter is forward looking, far reaching, and future bound. In its search for more knowledge and higher truths, this envisioning forms the base of its creations and its crusades. Jupiter seeks to fulfill the growing need and to realize that which offers the most promise. That which rings as a true pathway for the individual lies in one of two directions – that which is actual and real, or that which is perceived, and therefore experienced as one’s reality. This does not necessarily match another’s take on the same reality. The lens of one’s perception filters how one interprets one’s experience.  We see what we want to see - at least initially.

When on a mission, Jupiter will go to great lengths. It can become evangelical and exclusionary in its single minded pursuit. The target becomes Jupiter’s only thing and it’s everything. In this case, Jupiter can group it all into one, block out alternative viewpoints, or miss seeing the trees because of the singular focus on the forest.

Jupiter in Cancer opens a wider aperture to the emotional realm. On the positive, Jupiter in Cancer can provide us with the opportunity to open up to a more truthful dialogue with ourselves and others regarding our essential needs, our vulnerabilities, and our sensitivities. Jupiter in Cancer can increase the potential to find greater emotional fulfillment, to feel better nourished and supported. Despite our distances and our differences, the truth of the matter is that we are all in the bath-tub together.

Whether we have insight into the bigger picture or not, Jupiter points us in the direction of that which offers the greatest opportunity for our growth. On the outer-world level, it mobilizes that which is already infused and teaming with life.

Jupiter’s visit to Cancer increases the attention regarding all matters pertaining to this sign’s archetype. Here’s a list: home, family, roots, ancestry, legacies of the past, origin issues; infants, the inner child; real estate, land holdings; nurturance, nourishment, food and shelter; comfort zones, vulnerabilities, self preservation; all things pertaining to personal, domestic, and national safety and security.

The Cancer archetype also correlates to the search for self consistency. In order to find our even keel, we will naturally fall back on the familiar. We will recall from the memories of past experience, along with the subconscious personalities and behaviour patterns that are attached to them, but they may or may not provide us with true nourishment. Often these fall backs and re-visitations provide a false sense of security.  Still, we must move through them in order to uncover what is truly supportive to our growth.  In order to make ourselves more wholly present in the here and now, it is often necessary to take a step or two backward in order to move forward.  The review can help us to spot and reclaim the parts of ourselves that we have lost along the way. 

Jupiter’s one year stint in Cancer will takes us through a major exploration of our own emotional makeup. Jupiter in Cancer will increase our sensitivity, our vulnerability, and our responsiveness. The one year tour serves to expand our self knowledge and our worldly knowledge too; this in order to recalibrate the social, moral, and personal compass to our “true north”.   

Jupiter’s influence can also be experienced as migratory, transitional, and traveling. When Jupiter reaches an extreme, it has the potential for wandering too far off base, to create growing alienation, uprooting, and physical or emotional displacement. How the refugee camps, temporary shelters, and humanitarian relief efforts will cope with Jupiter in Cancer’s increasing ground swell is anybody’s guess. Jupiter in Cancer increases the percentage of the population in need, and widens the chasm between have and have not.

When it operates at an extreme, Jupiter has no middle road or moderation. Serfdom is quickly overtaking the middle class life.  Already there a growing number of people who were once middle class and who now live in their cars. Our children (Cancer) are our most vulnerable citizens. They are greatest losers of corporate and political greed, and of the grossly unnatural social, patriarchal, and religious dogmas that have dictated everyday realities for far too long.  They are our future, and the ones in the greatest of need. My heart bleeds for the traumatized children of Syria and for needy ones everywhere.

Whether it goes the full distance or not, while Jupiter transits Cancer, that which is in its infancy or inception phase carries greater than average potency, influence, and necessity.  Something quite small but timely can quickly mushroom into an abundance track, plus or minus. There’s great wisdom in paying close attention before it gets beyond navigational control. By 2016/2017, today’s outline will be more distinguishable. We’ll gift ourselves with a greater advantage/bettered odds if we keep tabs on it throughout.

Case in point - now and in the coming years, the burdens placed on both natural and manufactured resources through over population, over crowding, and large scale natural disasters are likely to entrench us further. If we ignore the critical issues of over-growth, over-use, and over-capacity, we will write our epitaph. We have already witnessed the harsh reality of deadly building, road, rail, and bridge collapses, and the great losses caused by the short-sightedness of opportunistic speculation. These occurrences are just the tip of a very large iceberg.  Jupiter in the water sign of Cancer raises the tides of the oceans and rivers, of emotions and public sentiment. It floods our hearts, our homes, and our fields. Extreme flooding is already wreaking cruel havoc on farmers and city dwellers. Dying oceans and marine life, and dwindling clean water resources are already hurling us toward an altered reality - that of our fast approaching future.

Jupiter in Cancer broadcasts its message as more hazardous railway cargos are derailed and explode, as more pipelines burst, as more fracking and toxic chemistry poisons our soil, our water, our food supplies, and our bodies. We must make it our top mission to seek a safer, more life gifting, and globally honouring future.

Opportunity is found in the grooming and growth of the small. Urban gardens beautify, feed, and bring communities together. Such businesses as craft breweries are gaining in popularity. Specialty food trucks are becoming trendy in busy urban centers. This trend gives rise to other small business adventurers - the fashion industry is now urban-trucking it too.  The small broadcaster has found new opportunity through social media, you tube and the like. We can expect these creative trends to continue. At the other end of the spectrum, we are likely to see more pooling of resources, major corporate take-overs, and mega conglomerates on the rise. A media monopoly threatens as Canada's communications regulator cleared the way for the country's newest telecom colossus, approving Bell Canada to bid for Astral Media and its coveted TV specialty channels, and radio stations. It's likely we'll see more examples of one triumph all.

Planetary Aspects:
Water Grand Trine: Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune & Chiron in Pisces:

As Jupiter advances into Cancer, it will form a grand trine in the water signs with Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. With some ebb and flow among the key players, this grand trine configuration will continue through to the end of 2013 and resume again for a couple of months in spring of 2014. Powering up again, Saturn end its five month retrograde cycle on July 7. As of July 13, Mars advances into Cancer and joins the group. Mercury in Cancer is close enough to the configuration at the end of its retrograde cycle to have some influence at mid month.

Water has many states of being. It is healing, nourishing and cleansing, but can also be also formidable, relentless, and violent. Large scale catastrophes, such as the ones that have just occurred in Alberta and India, remind us of the preciousness, the randomness, and the precariousness of life. The forces of nature are not about to subside, in fact, large scale disasters will continue with increasing frequency. It is our new reality. At any moment, anything can happen. The people of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec know this as their absolute truth.   When it comes to our personal safety and our global future, we can no longer afford to gamble with oil, global warming, gun laws, or economic, political, social and moral corruption.
When planets are engaged by trine aspects, their energies, attributes, and potentials are especially well synthesized. They resource, facilitate, support, and optimize each other. No matter what we face, this water trine can make for an easier, smoother flow. We can access more readily and cope better.  We surrender more easily to the process, and we come to accept more. We also absorb and acclimatize more. Jupiter is considered exalted in the sign of Cancer. This means that Jupiter can make the fullest use of the Cancer's attributes and propensities.

In its home sign, Neptune also optimizes on its resources and potentials. Neptune in Pisces raises the tides of collective consciousness. It describes the signature social tides and icons of the times. It correlates to the transcendent impulse, our ultimate ideals, the search for ultimate purpose and ultimate redemption. It unlocks the latent or dormant potentials. The fish swim in two directions - Neptune in Pisces also correlates to loss, dissolution, disillusionment, and to loss of innocence. Neptune in Pisces highest purpose is to bring mass consciousness to a focal point. Along with Chiron in Pisces, a destiny raising, key-in-the-ignition influence, Neptune sources from creative potential that is now ready to be accessed. Saturn's transit through Scorpio works to transform the stirring potential into a tangible reality. Saturn in Scorpio can reformulate, restructure, or resurrect that which has previously existed. Setting the parameters into place, Saturn in Scorpio can be empowering and reinforcing, or it can be destructive and dismantling. When Saturn transits Scorpio, we meet with the consequences or rewards of the past.

In the first 24 hours that Jupiter entered Cancer, Texas senator and single mom Wendy Davis staged a 13 hour filibuster to block an abortion bill that would have closed 37 out of 42 abortion clinics in the USA. Two US Supreme Court milestone decisions pave the way for same sex marriages/families to have equal rights under US law. A child pornography sting in Atlanta Canada led to the arrest of 22 men and the rescue of two children. Canada’s Environmental Defence announces the discovery of high levels of toxic chemistry in the umbilical cord, (137 toxic chemicals in total), highlighting how exceptionally vulnerable we are, and how long toxic chemicals can persist in our environment and bodies. Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/already-polluted-environmental-toxins-found-in-newborns-cord-blood-report-1.1342452#ixzz2XQnPT3Zf

As with all planetary influences, there exists a myriad of possibilities for how things can play out. The water grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune/Chiron holds the potential to create great healing and a completely transformed reality base, but it is also one that can entrench us deeper into our self-destructive patterns.

Saturn has maintained a trine aspect with Neptune and/or Chiron since it first entered Scorpio in October 2012, just before Obama’s re-election. It will continue to engage with this pair through the end of the year and will again meet with Chiron by trine in the spring and summer of 2014.  Saturn - the planet of form and function, of reality and its parameters, of authority and its rule – is currently penetrating the deeper realms of the collective consciousness and crystallizing our rapidly transforming reality. As stated previously, Saturn’s alignment with Neptune and Chiron allows an ease of access to the potentials that are already brewing in the deep recesses and the hidden reservoirs.  Saturn in Scorpio will use these brewing potentials and reservoirs to actualize and/or revise its framework.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio narrows the focus on the essential economic, social, and political purging and restructuring cycle begun by Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. In order to flush out the outworn, corrupt, or obsolete, it must first be exposed. We see the working examples of this each and every day. While the grand trine between Saturn, Neptune,/Chiron, and Jupiter continues, all matters to do with oil - its mining, exploration, production, transport, export, land and profits exploitation, it’s destructiveness to the environment and to our lives - will continue to be a mobilizing and dictating force.
Our needs and our beliefs around our needs dictate how we structure our reality base. Jupiter in Cancer in facilitating alignment to Saturn in Scorpio increases the desire and/or need for control, protection, and preservation. While it empowers the populace to stand in greater numbers and to demand greater accountability from those it has entrusted with authority, Jupiter in Cancer facilitating Saturn in Scorpio can also increase fear, mistrust, suspicion, manipulation, undermining agendas and power-grabs.  It also allows for crime, corruption, exploitation, opportunistic ends justifies the means, and voracious consumerism to sink us further.

Jupiter in Cancer in facilitating trine to Neptune in Pisces allows us to respond in a larger, broader, deeper, more compassionate way. It also calls into question our beliefs surrounding our ultimate aims, ideals, our ultimate relationship, and the sacrifices we make in our search for our ultimate redemption. Jupiter facilitating Neptune mobilizes larger movements and trends. It increases the flow of the existing currents; it raises the volume, numbers, and sea level.  This planetary combination can allow for our creativity or our fears to overtake us, for our loving hearts and faith in the divine to open larger floodgates, or for our vulnerability to eat us alive. The trine aspect can make it easier to get swallowed up or swept up as a part of something larger, to drown in fantasy, false hope, illusions, fears, or addictions. The grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron is exponentially increasing our disillusionment with authority and its rule.

Jupiter and the faster transit of Mars are the activating force for the grand trine. While Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron expand, expose, and reveal, Mars energizes, ignites and incites. Both Jupiter and Mars in Cancer are geared toward protecting, preserving, and fighting for what is most precious, for what is most rightfully ours.  It’s an emotional journey to be sure.

Transiting Jupiter brings the grand trine configuration to a peak on July 17 when it will perfect its aspect with both Saturn and Neptune. On this same day, Uranus in Aries stations retrograde. That’s a lot of highly focused energy. Our response mechanisms are especially peaked. It could produce a pivotal few days, especially so through July 20 when Mercury ends retrograde and Mars in Cancer also perfects aspect with both Saturn and Neptune. Mars and Jupiter conjoin just after midnight on July 22. On this day, Venus enters Virgo, the sun enters Leo and a super full moon occurs just barely into Aquarius.
The last half of July and the month of August is likely to be especially triggering as first transiting Jupiter and then Mars in Cancer activate the dynamic Uranus/Pluto transit. These transits set the stage for a major mobilizing and/or breakthrough time; for radical change, sudden and swift progress, or for something opportune, new, and perhaps out of the blue to overtake us. Case in point: the transiting sun activated Uranus/Pluto July 1 to 3 and Egyptian President Morsi was ousted from power by the military and the populace. Violence and bloodshed followed. Watch for more big news, a major announcement or event, a major movement, campaign, or initiative on launch.  (Exact alignments: Mars opposes Pluto on July 27 and squares Uranus on July 31; Jupiter opposes Pluto on Aug 7 and squares Uranus on Aug 21.) Mercury, newly out of retrograde, will continue to do its corrective clean-up through the first few days of August.

On July 29, there is a grand sextile configuration involving six planets: Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, the moon and Venus. All are in yin (earth and water) signs. The grand sextile presents a fleeting window when creative potency reaches a harmonic vibration peak. A symphony sets the tone. Don't miss out. Set your intention and go.

Regarding all of the above, Pluto in Capricorn is situated in the power play position. How can any leader allow people to be massacred or to starve? Jupiter is the wisdom planet. Let us pray that those in positions of authority and power will seize the exceptional opportunity they are given now to take hold of the steering wheel and to turn the ship around. Not to make a small turn, but a radical one. For each of us in our private life journey, we must hold ourselves equally accountable - to do what is possible for us no matter how small a step or contribution. In our individual lives, it is an opportune time to consciously aim to make the inner shifts and outer changes that will set a more secure and wholesome foundation for our future. It is our divine right to be safe, to be nourished, respected, and cared for, to love and to be loved. We must first believe it whole heartedly, and then take it upon ourselves to create it so.

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« Reply #1 on: Jul 10, 2013, 12:13 PM »

Thank you Rose. That was great.

I wanted to add that I read on another website that this will be the first time since 928 BCE that the Water Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune has occurred in the exact same signs that they will be in during this one. Neptune has formed grand trines with Jupiter and Saturn before but not in the same signs since 928BCE.

The only thing I could find historically about 928 BCE was that King Solomon died and that the tribes of Isreal split into the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah.
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