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Author Topic: Neptunian disillusionment: one of the most bitter of psychological experiences  (Read 66 times)
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Hello EA members,

With Neptune now transiting Pisces (and recently Neptune going Direct), many, many people are experiencing DISILLUSIONMENT, the intention of which is to know or learn about that which is true, and that which is not.  

I'm hoping that if anyone is experiencing this right now, they are free to share here in this thread, and ask any further questions they may have.  Here are a few quotes that will shed Light as to the WHY? of it:

Quote from Jeffrey Wolf Green's book, "Neptune:  Whispers From Eternity":

When a Soul projects an ultimate sense of meaning upon that which is temporal by its very nature this will lead, at some point, to the experience of disillusionment. Disillusionment can be one of the most bitter of psychological experiences for any Soul. To be disillusioned re-orientates the Soul to actual reality. Disillusionment will occur to any Soul that manifests for one of two reasons:

(1)    The Soul has created for itself something that is utterly delusional in nature that has no actual reality or truth whatsoever. A simple example of this could be a Soul who is projecting that the Earth is in fact flat.

(2)    The Soul has projected a sense of ultimate meaning into something that is real yet is, in fact, not the ultimate meaning when ultimate meaning is understood to be a function of the Soul inwardly realizing its relationship to that which has Created it in the first place: The Source Of All Things.  
In either case, the experience of being disillusioned is to re-orientate the Soul to actual reality.

Quote by Rad from EA Glossary:

Neptunian emotions

One of the core emotions that correlate with Neptune, Pisces, and the 12th house, and the Nodes of Neptune, and evolution is one of disillusionment. To be disillusioned means that the Soul had been creating a reality around ‘something’ in which a sense of ultimate meaning has been projected upon that something. In so projecting that sense of ultimate meaning into that ‘something’ when that something is not Goddess itself it means that that something has become a de facto Goddess. Thus, to be disillusioned from that something holding such ultimate meaning is then to be faced with a deep inner void when the disillusioning is occurring. The Natural Law behind this is to make the Soul ask the question of what in fact constitutes the REAL ultimate meaning for its life. And that then is intended to lead right back to the Source of the Soul itself: Goddess. Of course most Souls don’t do that even though it’s the intention. Most Souls will then try to find another ‘something’ to project that ultimate meaning into all over again. So round and round the Soul goes in this way until the Soul finally realizes what that ultimate meaning for life is, and to commit to this.

Love and Care,


EA Book
"Neptune:  Whispers From Eternity"

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