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Thank you Rad for the deep and thorough reply.
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Hi Rad,

Thank you so much for your thorough explanation and answers.

Q.  Is it correct that the more a Soul is evolved and is aware of its own unconscious behaviour patterns that it has more control over itself, and has more power to stop or change the Neptune archetype of deception through conscious action or intention?

Q.  Is conscious intention or awareness an "accelerating" archetype in any evolutionary state?

Q.  Would it be through cataclysmic events that a Soul would stop deceiving itself and others?

Thank you so much!


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Hi Rad, and Linda

"This brings me to another question.  What is the sign that correlates to "intention?"  Scorpio probably."

Yes, Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th House.

And Pisces? ... Scorpio because intention is essentially desire. And Pisces, because the ‘value’ and meaning of whatever we can do, is always in the intention from an ultimate point of view.

Also, I would add that, while the underlying dynamics and bottom line reasons that lead to wanting to deceive, can always be more or less subconscious, depending on the evolutionary condition, until the subconscious has become totally conscious, and then, there would be no reasons to wanting to deceive. However, I would say deception itself, or the specific intention and act of deceiving, can be subconscious, but it can also be totally conscious at any evolutionary stage. Many different legal systems contemplate criminal offenses or felonies which are based on the conscious intention to deceive. And beyond this, many people go around consciously deceiving others in different ways. In other words, I would add a difference between the deception itself, and the underlying dynamics and desires that lead to wanting to deceive.  

Does this make sense to you ?

God Bless, Gonzalo

Hi Gonzalo,

There can be all kinds or reasons for a Soul to deceive, be deceived, or both whether this is manifesting at a conscious or sub-conscious level that can manifest in all the natural evolutionary states.

Intention, of itself, is specific to Pluto, the 8th House, and Scorpio. When we link Pisces to it in the form of 'ultimacy' then one can say an ultimate intention. Yet Pisces in not the specific archetype of intentions.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Linda,

Hi Rad,

Thank you so much for your thorough explanation and answers.

Q.  Is it correct that the more a Soul is evolved and is aware of its own unconscious behaviour patterns that it has more control over itself, and has more power to stop or change the Neptune archetype of deception through conscious action or intention?




Q.  Is conscious intention or awareness an "accelerating" archetype in any evolutionary state?


Of itself, no. When linked to specific types of conscious intentions it can be. For example, a conscious intention to examine the nature of the Soul's desires in total in order to eliminate that which just is no longer necessary for the Soul's ongoing evolutionary development.


Q.  Would it be through cataclysmic events that a Soul would stop deceiving itself and others?


Generally yes, but not always so and certainly not for those who are psychopaths.


God Bless, Rad
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The Deception of Osho Rajneesh

2nd stage Spiritual
Neptune Virgo 4th
South Node of Neptune  Aquarius
North Node of Neptune Leo
MC/10th Pisces
12th house ruled by Venus Cap 8th


Rajneesh was born in India the eldest of 11 children.  At age 7 (1st Saturn square) he was sent to live with his grandparents.  He grew up being a very rebellious child.  Receiving full independence and no impositions of education or other restrictions, the lack of boundaries, inattention and the absence of adults around him set in place the early childhood structures and conditioning patterns.  Later he associated with Socialism and Indian independence movements the precursor to setting himself up as a controversial spiritual leader in a community that advocated cooperative management, formulation of meditation techniques, free expression of individuality, and an open attitude toward sexuality.  His daily 90 minute discourses were transcribed into books.  He taught that you should do as you please because life is both a dream and a joke.  He presented himself as a great spiritual teacher while his devotees allowed themselves to be deceived by him due to their own underlying evolutionary needs.  Neptune Virgo 4th is ruled by skipped step planet, Mercury Cap 7th.

2nd stage Spiritual – spiritual downfall

In the 2nd stage Spiritual, the Soul of Rajneesh has already had various kinds of real inner universal experiences within its consciousness which attracted others, setting in motion intense spiritual delusions of grandeur that led to a desire to fulfill a spiritual mission in the world.  Impurities within the current life subjective ego of the Soul had to be purged as he moved closer to the Light.  Identifying with the delusion as being separate from Source exhibited in the behavior of a secret egocentric agenda which pointed the way to himself as the vehicle of salvation all the while pretending that this was not so.  Beneath a mixture of truth, false humility and a need for idolization was spiritual arrogance.  In its evolutionary development, the Soul necessarily experienced natural guilt (Neptune Virgo 4th) to create its own downfall in order to atone for that guilt.  The Leo-like explosion of spiritual ego, the fall from grace, and the revelation of his actual reality lead to disillusioning the hopes and dreams of his followers for their own evolutionary reasons.  

Soul structure

The Soul vibration correlating to Pluto Cancer 2nd correlates to fundamental emotional and physical insecurity, survival, sexuality, resources, self-esteem, and a need for power and control.  5 planets in Capricorn, Saturn ruling the 8th, Saturn exactly opp Pluto, Saturn exactly conj the South Node of Saturn, Moon conj SN of Pluto, Pluto conj NN of Pluto, and all of these placed in the 2nd/8th axis reveal an emotionally disturbed and distorted Soul radiating with dominant sexual energies and instincts in order to procreate.  The Soul who had lived many lifetimes in the Matriarchy where the application of sexual energy originated, came through the transition to the Patriarchy where a fundamental guilt (Capricorn) was created for being sexual.  The natural Matriarchal sexuality of the Soul that in time became suppressed and distorted because of judgment patterns, created the evolutionary intentions in the current life, two steps forward one step back (cardinal archetype), to re-live these distortions in order to metamorphose them, and to manifest the original spiritual root.  

With the Pluto polarity point conj the SN of Pluto, and Pluto conj the NN of Pluto, there is a sense of being stuck in the past, or having to revisit the past dynamics in order to change them.  The rulers of the 2nd and 8th house, Moon and Saturn, are in bals conj Capricorn 8th creating a strong sense of going backwards in order to go forwards in a new way to culminate Patriarchal distortions.  Neptune Virgo trining 4 planets in Capricorn would assist the evolutionary intentions through the process of crisis.  Uranus (ruler of SN of Neptune) squaring 4 planets in Capricorn would bring liberation from the past.  There are many exact and very tight aspects in the chart showing acute intensity between the planets.

During the transition to the Patriarchy the Soul had two choices:  to be a good woman, give birth, and become the property of the man, or become a prostitute with a right to own possessions, property and money (2nd).  With Vesta conj SN Neptune 9th it is likely that the Soul became a prostitute (Sacred and/or walking the streets) with her own rights.  The Soul’s Matriarchal origins:  Venus-Moon-Saturn in Capricorn manifested as the sacred prostitute;  Aphrodite conj NN Neptune;  Isis 16 deg Libra t-squ Venus-Moon-Saturn Cap, Pluto Cancer, and the planetary South and North Nodes of Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter;  Isis exactly opp Uranus, the ruler of SN Neptune Aquarius 9th;  Eris (trouble/strife) conj NN Aries 10th.  Mars-Mercury Capricorn 7th skipped steps, resolution node being the South Node Libra 4th, the Soul having to go backwards in order to go forwards, and resolve what was not understood in the past:  emotional balance.  

Nodes of Neptune

Neptune’s function in consciousness is to dissolve the boundaries between the egocentric consciousness, Soul consciousness and the Totality of Consciousness, that is, to spiritualize.  The Soul’s Neptune Virgo 4th correlates to the Virgo sub-age of the Age of Pisces beginning at 1200 AD where the past life transition between the Matriarchy and Patriarchy became intensified.  The Soul vibrated with psychological, emotional and sexual cataclysms.  With the planetary North Nodes of Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter Cancer in the 2nd house the Soul’s unconscious memories of survival due to Patriarchal suppression and judgment progressively caused the Soul to feel guilty with a need to atone for the guilt of its own natural sexuality through Neptune Virgo 4th.  The Capricorn distortion of sexuality through suppression caused by guilt created a type of sexual masochism and/or sadism.  The trinity of the planetary nodes paradigm – South Node of Neptune Aquarius 9th – current Neptune Virgo 4th – and North Node of Neptune Leo 3rd symbolizes the Spiritual Law of the trinity of the past, present and future of the Neptune archetype.  The rulers of these planetary nodes, Uranus and Sun, show the dynamics through which the current life Neptune is consistently integrated thus releasing the continual state of tension brought in from the past.   

South Node of Neptune Aquarius 9th

The function of the South Node of Neptune Aquarius 9th is to dissolve and liberate from past life belief systems that were considered to be the truth.  Aquarius acts to break down past conditioning patterns so that new radical paradigms of phenomenal reality can emerge that change the past for good and have the effect of completely changing personal realities.  With the South Node of Neptune Aquarius 9th, the Soul vibrated with deep philosophies about the meaning of life.  These deepest unconscious memories of the Soul, activated throughout the whole of the current life, pertained to the Matriarchal Age of Sagittarius and previous Age of Aquarius where everything was defined and lived through Natural Law.  The subsequent Patriarchal transition that suppressed these Natural Laws became the basis of judgment, persecution, distortion and guilt.  Women who had been considered the embodiment of the Goddess became suppressed, distorted, abused, controlled and owned as property.  Rajneesh who had Vesta conj the SN of Neptune in the 9th house had been one of these alienated and hysterical women.  

The Soul’s spirituality was defined through the Aquarian archetype in past life cultures that used sexual energy and ritual to expand consciousness and access inner Divinity, with these experiences generating knowledge.  With the heavy suppression of the natural law of sexuality (Cap 8th) the consequences were dire for the Soul of Rajneesh (5 Cap planets square Uranus).  Uranus correlates to long-term memories relative to the Soul’s individuated unconscious, while Sag (9th) connects to the original imprint of Natural Law, intuition and truth.  The teachings and lifestyle of Rajneesh were transmitted and intuited by his peer group/audiences impacting them with the truth of his words.  However, these truths were “partial-truths” that vibrated with Natural Laws.  The deception that he created was that he promised liberation for all through the vehicle of himself.  His followers responded because their own Souls had also lived during those times in groups and they sought to re-embrace the origins of their own Souls.  

His disciples were easily deceived due to the ‘emotional assumptions’ that emanated from their consciousness.  Surely this great spiritual teacher would satisfy their spiritual dreams and fulfill their expectations that all humans treat one another with love, sharing, caring and inclusion?  The deception was created that all were working together, in union, on behalf of the whole community, creating a lifestyle rooted in Natural Laws.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  However, what was so alluring was that Rajneesh delivered partial-truths stimulating the memories of Natural Law in his devotees.  With Neptune there was great danger of addiction to a fanatical and extreme form of delusional thinking:  that his view of the truth was the only way and the right way.  In his downfall in the 2nd state Spiritual, he mixed truth with untruth.  When the truth of his actual reality started being revealed, many of his devotees suffered trauma, shock and disillusionment due to the violation of Natural Laws.  For many, this disillusioning experience, the purposeful deception of Rajneesh, brought about a necessary awakening on their evolutionary paths that brought them closer to the true realization or remembrance of Natural Laws and spiritualization.

The Rajneesh community attracted Westerners and people from all over the world.  In past lives, too, he had been a spiritual teacher.  In the current life, the Soul was able to stand back, observe and objectify the deceitful dynamics that it had created.  There would be no more hiding behind the illusion of spiritual teacher since his own Soul, Pluto, would eliminate this falseness through a necessary fall from grace.  The belief systems that Rajneesh transmitted to his audiences made them aware of the larger cosmological forces and challenged and revolutionized the obsolete ideologies of the past.  The interpretation of his reality communicated to his followers did not come from unconditional love and truth, but from emotional insecurity and fanaticism.  Under the deception that he was a spiritual teacher here to help others, he was in fact re-living the past in order to learn discernment, and to strengthen and purify the security structures linked with his belief systems (Neptune Virgo 4th).  

Ruler of South Node Neptune:  Uranus Aries 11th

The ruler of the South Node of Neptune, Uranus Aries 11th, shows the dynamics through which the current life Neptune is consistently integrated thus releasing the continual state of tension brought in from the past. While Sag (9th) reveals the truth, Neptune dissolves, and Pluto eliminates, Uranus liberates through the realization of the Natural Truth that all humans are co-equal to the totality of creation.  Rajneesh’s teachings had been fragmented, too radical, and were not able to be integrated into the Saturnian reality (Saturn squ Uranus).  The patriarchal suppression and perversion of his natural sexuality lead to a need to atone and purify the guilt carried within the Soul due to patriarchal judgments.  Atonement linked with guilt and masochism created anger and sadism.  

The ruler of his SN Neptune, Uranus Aries 11th, is a symbol of a group experimenting with sexuality based on distorted beliefs that undermined the true nature.  With the Lunar North Node at 2 deg Aries conj Eris and squ Mars Cap 7th (paradoxical), Rajneesh was at the very beginning of a new evolutionary forward vibrating with a rebellious me-me-me attitude.  Through instruction to devotees not to suppress their desires, there had been experiments into perverted, voyeuristic and detached sexuality rituals, as well as extreme physical activities such as chaotic dance which allowed a ‘release’ as devotees got lost in the hypnotic rhythm.  “Be happy.  I have come to you.  Dance.  Celebrate.”
In his community of sannyasins working together Rajneesh created the deception that he was rooted in the Natural Law of giving, sharing and inclusion.  The whole community assumed that all others were aligned with this Natural Law when in fact they were not.  Many members of this community of Souls were shocked and traumatized when the actual reality and truth of Rajneesh’s purposeful deception manifested in violation of those Natural Laws.  He was not aligned with these Natural Laws because he and his followers identified with the perversion of those Laws (self-interest and exclusion), thereby deceiving others.  Rajneesh and his followers convinced themselves, and some continue to do so today, of their own delusions that they were not doing what they were actually doing.

Neptune Virgo 4th

Neptune Virgo 4th correlates in the current life to the vehicles that the Soul was using to bring forth the past life dynamics of deception in order to deal with them.  Rajneesh created a group of people living together (home, community, womb) in a distorted fashion, and represented himself as a living messiah during the current Patriarchy.  Emotional insecurity did not exist in natural Matriarchal communities, yet the Soul of Rajneesh who was born with Neptune Virgo 4th vibrated with a fundamental insecurity relative to attachment (2nd).  It was an evolutionary necessity that he experience many crises relative to his teachings prompting the need to atone and surrender to a Higher Power in order to completely dissolve the egocentric structure or self-image, and bring balance to the distorted dynamics of the past.

The interaction of the SN of Neptune Aquarius 9th with the current Neptune Virgo 4th correlated with compensation for who he naturally was through the psychology of self-defeat, sadomasochism, existential void, and crisis.  This stemmed from the patriarchal suppression and perversion of natural sexuality, and the need to atone and purify the guilt carried within the Soul due to patriarchal judgments.  With Pluto ruling the 6th house, Mars skipped steps (suppressed anger, sadism), and Eris conj North Node 10th (strife), it is clear that atonement linked with guilt and masochism created anger and sadism that undermined Rajneesh’s visions, ideas and realization of truth. 

So while there was a need for emotional sustenance from his followers by forming emotional bonds to the community, there was also the distortion of emotional attachment to the spiritual leader.  At each morning discourse he inspired others to feel safe and nurtured, that they ‘belonged’ to a family.  With a lulling hypnotic voice (Gemini Asc), convincing silver tongue, and a discourse made up of a mixture of truth, part-truth and untruth he was able to lure people in by the thousands (Neptune rules MC), hence his deception reached the whole world.  Neptune makes an astounding 5 trines in the chart to Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars all in Cap in the 7th and 8th houses, and also the SN of Jupiter Cap, showing the scale of his ability to deceive others (devotees, intimate partners, society).

Rajneesh was directly responsible for dictatorial slavery and indulgence in the commune.  He allowed middle aged men to have sexual intercourse with underage girls in the name of sexual freedom.  On one occasion he asked a couple to have sex in front of him, which they rejected.  He claimed to have third eye powers of telepathy and psychic powers which proved to be false.  He squandered millions in hard earned commune assets on his car collection and expensive jewelry.  While disciples worked a 12 hour day in cold and difficult conditions, he enjoyed a private heated indoor pool and watched countless movies on a big screen TV while enjoying his daily supply of drugs.  His drug habit devalued himself as a teacher (Chiron Taurus 12th).  There is no doubt that Rajneesh became a drug addict except in the minds of his passionate followers who did not want to admit the disillusioning truth.  It is absurd to think that a realized spiritual teacher would need drugs to get high since enlightenment is a natural state. Rajneesh's teachings were full of intentional lies and falsehoods born out of deception.

North Node of Neptune Leo 3rd

The North Node of Neptune Leo 3rd correlates to how the Soul intends to take charge of existing dynamics involving deception in order to hopefully eliminate them from consciousness either by exposing the Soul’s own inner deceptions about itself that manifests as deceiving others and/or not allowing itself to be deceived by others ever again.  The current life Neptune integrated the NN of Neptune and the SN of Neptune (9th/4th inconj) through repeated crisis.  With the collapse of the Soul’s information database causing emotional insecurity, Rajneesh needed to stand strong on his true path without reverting to falseness, duplicity or lies.  The North Node of Neptune in Leo is conj Jupiter in the 3rd house.  The God consciousness of sharing, caring and inclusion to guide Souls back to Natural Law, was rejected by Rajneesh in this particular lifetime.  The evolutionary intention in these dynamics was to lead the Soul into right relationships with others whereby his communication skills, teaching methods, thinking processes, creativity, self-expression, power and will could shine as an expression of Truth and Light.  This means eliminating deception from consciousness through right speech and language, and aligning with a spiritual belief system that is based on truth and knowledge.  In time, the Soul will learn to make his universe God’s universe where he can selflessly play a communicative role to teach others.

With the North Node of Neptune in the 3rd house, the current life Neptune in Virgo ruled by Mercury, and Mercury Cap 7th skipped steps, the resolution is to harness the 3rd house/Mercurial energies, consistently focus on emotional self-reliance in order to regain balance, transform the way he relates to others that will express equality (rather than domination/submission), and above all, return to the natural consciousness, the original root of the Soul, through the Natural Law of sharing, caring and inclusion.  With Venus Cap 8th ruling the South Node, the emphasis will be on new ways of relating (Venus/Mars new phase) and where sexuality can be expressed in a natural guilt-free and sacred way, not in a profane way.  Due to the Natural Law of Karma wherein an action will have a proportionate reaction, the Soul of Rajneesh set himself up to be deceived by others, eg his karmic relationship with Sheela.  

Ruler of North Node Neptune:  Sun Sagittarius 7th

The ruler of the North Node of Neptune, Sun Sagittarius 7th, shows the dynamics through which the current life Neptune is consistently integrated thus releasing the continual state of tension brought in from the past.  Sun Sag 7th, the current life purpose, together with the North Node of Jupiter Cancer 2nd, portrays a clear picture of returning to Natural Laws, for survival purposes and to bring balance.  The current life purpose as a spiritual teacher demanded equality, fairness and honesty, but this was not achieved due to deception, untruth, duplicity (Jupiter square Chiron Taurus 12th, Jupiter inconj Saturn, Sun inconj Chiron), and a wound of delusion of being separate from Source exhibited in the behavior of a secret egocentric agenda which pointed the way to himself as the vehicle to salvation (Chiron squ NN Nep Leo).  

Venus on the 12th house, Pisces MC/10th

In the context of Venus on the 12th house, posited in Cap 8th, and Pisces on the MC/10th, in terms of the totality of the Neptune archetype, the additional doors through which the archetype of deception manifested were through secret sexual liaisons based on voyeurism, deceiving partners and in turn being deceived by them, with the magnitude of his deception that had reached the whole world causing a cataclysmic downfall from grace.


Rajneesh experienced a fall from grace because of intense spiritual delusions of grandeur and a secret egocentric agenda which pointed the way to himself as the vehicle to salvation.  Since he was exposed as a fraud who perverted Natural Laws because of his own self-interest, we now know that he was really here to fulfill his own Soul’s evolutionary intentions.   There was a huge emphasis on paying his Saturnian karmic dues (Saturn exactly opp Pluto), and having to learn some very harsh lessons around maturity, cooperation and taking personal responsibility for the consequences of his actions/choices:  hence the massive fall from grace as an evolutionary necessity.  As the mask was finally removed and his living a lie exposed as fraudulent, Pluto, his own Soul would reveal the truth that was not in harmony with Natural Law, and eliminate (Pluto) the false doctrines to reveal the truth of his deception to the world.  The deception was that he had created teachings of the Natural Truth, but in truth had lured his followers through a sexual vibration (PPP 8th), not a spiritual one.  Rajneesh was a sexually-realized guru, not a God-realized guru.  

~      ~      ~

Thanks Rad and group.
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Hi Rad and group,

Here´s my go.

I decided to do my own Natal signature since I wanted to address the nodes and rulers which I haven´t done before and, hope to be as accurate and realistic as possible and therefore used dynamics I know to be true or at least highly possible with these symbols. Some of these dynamics reflect my reality and others don´t but are possible from an archetypal point of view.

Thanks to all participating.

Neptune and Deception

South Node of Neptune in Aquarius in the Seventh house, Natal Neptune in Sagittarius in the Fifth house, ruled by Jupiter in Virgo in the second house and, North Node of Neptune in the first house in Leo. Ruler of Neptune´s S.Node (Uranus for all people) in the Fifth house in Scorpio and Ruler of Neptune´s N.Node (Sun for all people) also in the Fifth house in Scorpio, conjunct Uranus and Mercury Rx.

The 12th house has Gemini/Cancer on it and Pisces is located on the 8th/9th houses.

Pisces South Node of the Moon in the Eigth house.

Major relative aspects between Neptune and other planets in the Natal chart:

Venus conjunct Neptune, new phase.
Saturn in Virgo in the third house square Neptune, last quarter.
Uranus semi sextile, balsamic to Neptune.
Neptune is conjunct the S.Node of Uranus in Sagittarius in the Fifth house, new phase.
Transiting Neptune in the 8th house, conjunct the S.Node of the Moon at the time of this assignment.

The S.Node of Neptune is in Aquarius for every living Soul on the planet at this point in time and it correlates to our spiritual root, where our ultimate values come from and, what they are like, is reflected in the Aquarian archetype, which correlates to our ultimate values of humanitarianism, individual freedom to be unique individuals, that make up a brotherhood or big human family, with ultimate values of inclusion and sharing, of supporting one another as in team work instead of the self interest, competitiveness and exclusion we find in our world today. This S.Node of Neptune placement correlates directly to a timeframe in which humans lived according to natural law, in a natural way. Those times and way of life are what is generally referred to as the Matriarchy. Most societies at those times, more or less 8000 years ago and before, were structured in a mother dominated way, in which the male competitive-ness and domination we experience today was minimal. A time on Earth when humans lived in a way that was not detrimental to their environment or other living beings, further than what was necessary for basic survival and little more, when there was an adherence to truth as a way of life, when all living beings on earth were respected as a life form in their own right, including the planet itself as a living organism. A time when humans shared resources and included one another in their pursuit of survival, knowledge, happiness, arts, evolution and so on. It probably wasn´t perfect or without evil and suffering as these things are natural and have their place in our lives for evolution to proceed, to a certain point at least. Though, when natural laws and principles are violated on an exponentially increasing basis and frequency, then the suffering and destruction becomes as tragic as going from the beauty and intensely, life supporting environment, like that of a tropical rainforest, to the death, destruction and years of radioactive contamination, of a place like Hiroshima at the time of world war two.

With the S.Node of Neptune in the 7th in Aquarius, there can be memories of past lives wherein psychic trauma was experienced relative to these types of extreme imbalances, such as in some people going hungry their whole lives while others have gold toilets. Mental/psychic trauma due to violations of natural law, that are carried into this life, as in this life, the natal Neptune is in Sagittarius, conjunct the South Node of Uranus, reflecting essentially a continuation of those ultimate values, connected to natural principles/natural law. Reflecting a desire to seek within Nature, or the inner self, in natural ways, for knowledge and spiritual or physical belonging. This in turn leads to a continuation of the psychic trauma experienced in the past, as the planet continues to be in a state of extreme imbalance relative to Nature and human living conditions, while the native simply cannot compute, understand, or truly integrate in such an individuality disdaining, robotic and sadly, what can be for many… an unjust, painful way of life.

The S.Node of Neptune in Aquarius, can correlate to mental trauma on a collective level, due to these and other dynamics. Souls who are aligned with natural principles, which find themselves in environments that are in direct violation to those laws and principles, are at a higher risk to develop mental illnesses as they cannot integrate socially without going against those natural principles, which they know deep down to be the correct way to live their lives. It´s no wonder that so many people have escapist tendencies of all sorts as they attempt to numb out the madness/pain of living against their own core human needs and ultimate sense of what is right and wrong. It´s also not suprising that so many people in these times develop mental and emotional dis-eases. Diseases of all sorts that are “treated” or more correctly, supressed, with all sorts of chemical drugs which are often highly addictive or have dangerous implications for the health of the patient and, are labelled and sold as medicine. Of course this “medicine” is making those in the pharmaceutical industries and some in the medical professions, a lot of profit as they DECEIVE the general population that they care and are working hard and honestly to treat people. Of course there are many in the medical professions that do care too.  Amazingly, the pharmaceutical companies and their “friends” in governments, other large and powerful organizations, banks and corporations that seek to profit and control others, lobby and manage to make natural cures and substances illegal or, simply make propaganda to discredit their effectiveness in treating illnesses. Basically, it´s a vicious cycle of deception and profitting off human, animal and plant-life misery, by those who promote and maintain the distorted Patriarchal way of life. One main way humans have been deceiving one another in this past century is thru the use of technological advancements that allow them to reach a vast amount of people via the use of radio, then television and now the internet, to brainwash and control the masses. This seems to be the S.Node of Neptune in Aquarius and the N.Node of Uranus which is in Gemini, expressed in a distorted way, correlating to the use of information, communication and technology such as computers, video cameras, and the world wide web, relative to the S.Nodes of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn (ie the patriarchy), and to the current transit of Pluto in Capricorn, to keep the general population under increasingly tighter surveillance and control. We are most probably also headed for a world wide soceity that is run by computers with artificial intelligence, programmed by those in the shadows who have the power.

Something interesting to note, is that in ancient Matriarchal times there was no notion of time as we have today and, still today in some tribes there is no time as a measuring system as there is in most of the “civilized” world. On the other hand there is no personal property in some tribes which, with the absence of modern time measurements, creates a totally different way for the people in those tribes, of experiencing their environment and interacting with it. Personally owned land or the ability to accumulate land and pass it along to their children/heirs are not dynamics of such ways of life. This in turn leads to these native tribes only using what they need and little more of Earth´s natural resources and, without artificial time plus capitalist values, the people in those tribes, live without the stress of needing to be on time, against the clock, simply to make ends meat. There is a natural time, the time it takes to get from point A to point B but, not the stress of having to go to the office everyday at 8:00 am for the next 8 hours or be home at Noon sharp for lunch. They will have NATURAL RHYTHMS as their timing will be connected to their NATURAL ENVIRONMENT and not a distorted man made division of the days, weeks, months and years. Because of this, they are actually much healthier and, their awareness and emotional bodies are not filled with stressful thoughts and anxiety, as most people in the modern world experience on a regular basis. Even children in our modern societies experience much more stress and anxiety than is natural or necessary.

Just to note how disconnected from Nature we are in this day and age, I´d like to note that we have a calendar which was created to facilitate the collection of taxes and has nothing to do with the real planetary cycles. It´s my understanding that the Mayan calendar of 13 months, consisting of 28 days each month is accurate or more naturally accurate than what we have now, as it reflects the lunar cycles and the female menstrual cycle. Our current calendar and similar un-natural, human implementations, in order to control or profit, are the very essence of distorting that which is natural and true, which then in turn leads to people all over the planet deceiving primarily themselves and, then others, in order to survive or live with security and material wealth, as a way to live comfortably.

The problem is that most of the people born after the “patriarchal take over” and living in the world today, do not question their reality or how it is structured and, consequently ASSUME that the way humans attempt to live, as separate and superior to nature and, out of synch with their natural rhythms and cycles, is normal or, has always been that way or, is just human nature or some other rationalization. The list of deluded excuses and cliches is as vast as the ignorance of the masses alive today. Alll this to say, that this dynamic is where a lot of the DECEPTION in present human inter-relating originated. Some people even believe that humans are an evil cancer destroying the Earth, and while it´s true that we most surely can and do act as a cancer, we don´t necessarily have to do so. It´s man made brainwashing/deception of the masses that leads people to believe in such ideas.

With Venus being the ruler of the fourth house, occupied by Libra, and being conjunct Neptune in the 5th, with Pisces occupying the 8th and 9th houses, relative to the dynamics just described and the need for the majority to compete with one another for basic survival and material comfort, the individual can experience deception within the home, or family environment from a very young age and see it as a kind of norm or pre-requisite for survival, relative to the sharing of resources or even to satisfy their own emotional needs. With this combination, deception relative to the use and distribution of shared resources can be an every day reality. It can all basically be so distorted in the family environment, just as in the society of birth, that it´s business as usual for people to purposely lie to one another about a multitude of things and deceive one another as a natural way to respond to an un-natural way of life and familial/social power structures. It can become a method for a person in a weaker position to survive or get what they want or need. With this combination it can be present within the family of birth and the native, while very young can pick up this behaviour from a parent or others in the family. With Taurus occupying part of the tenth house and on the eleventh house cusp, and Venus conjunct Neptune in the fifth, some of these dynamics of deception can be experienced with parents, role models and friends and acquaintances or later in life with people in their professions. Someone with a Pisces S.Node of the Moon and all these planetary combinations can be very naive and trusting of all of humanity and even all living things, thus becoming easy prey for those who wish to use him/her for some reason or steal from them. Actually with the Lunar S.Node in the 8th in Pisces, Venus conjunct Neptune/fifth, people would of just needed to ask for whatever they wanted as the native with this combination would probably be happy to provide what others needed if he/she would be in a position to provide the help others needed. In turn the individual with these symbols may have no real sense of personal boundaries and may also be the one to use others or their resources as a kind of God/naturally given right.

With the S.Node of Neptune in the Seventh house one can “see” archetypically, thru the lens of Astrology, that the past search for ultimate meaning of this individualized Soul, has been relative to the act of giving and receiving in personal relationships. This involves giving and receiving on an equal basis, that leads to each person in the relationship having their projected needs met thru the involvement, thus leading to a sense of balance. Libra, the Seventh house and the outer expression of Venus all correlate to our desire and need for balance and equality between us and the other or others. This combination reflects a Soul that in the past had potentially developed to a point, at least, the ultimate values of sharing/inclusion and, attempted to give to others what they needed in any way possible, even thru self sacrifice. Or that others gave to this Soul in ways that could be sacrificial to their own personal needs, in order to fulfill the needs of the Seventh house S.Node of Neptune Soul, in a spirit of good faith. These dynamics would be idealized to the point of projecting them onto friends and acquaintances or on a larger scale to the whole of humanity, the animal and plant kingdom or for some, even outer space beings/aliens or inner space entities. Due to this, with Aquarius in the mix, the Soul can be easily deceived as it sees the whole of existence as connected and benelovent and, every other life or consciousness a potential friend. On the flip side, once the Soul is deceived and disillusioned with others in general, it can become good at deception by identifying with what individuals and the masses desire, value and identify with. This plus the acute sensitivity to the needs of others and, this Souls inherent abilities to “listen” to the other, plus it´s own desire for self preservation and survival, can lead to becoming good at deception itself.

With Aquarius on the 7th house combined with the S.Node of Neptune, it shows that the Soul has desired to be free at the same time it has engaged with others in relationships, in order to develop a detached sense of objective awareness of it´s own core needs and, to learn about the core needs of those that were in relationship with this Soul and, humanity at large, in order for each one to express their unique individuality to the fullest (S.Node ruler Uranus, in the 5th). The S.Node of Neptune in Aquarius is a position that we all share and it correlates to the ultimate sense of community and brotherhood we humans shared during the times of the Matriarchy or, to ultimate values that are deep within our psyches because it just seems right, because it is. It shows that although we were interconnected, we were also allowed or encouraged or desired to express our own unique-ness and, our own individuality (Aquarius) was sacred and highly valued (Neptune). This in most likelyhood because thru individual evolution and objective awareness, humans were able to develop tools (technological advances for those times) and/or different viewpoints and experiments that had the effect of helping the whole social circle or tribe survive and evolve and, because human and animal nature is meant to be free, just as true love comes freely.

What this placement shows, in the highest sense, is that this Soul has experienced or desired to experience total union with another or others in natural ways, that lead to deep experiences of losing personal boundaries and merging emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually with others, as a way of experiencing and expressing divine love, bliss and experiencing deep unity with another, possibly in the hope to feel united with Universal or Source energy or to simply transcend limitations of time/space reality by feeling special feelings with another.

In a distorted sense it shows that the Soul acting in a spirit of self interest, may have decieved others in order to have it´s own projected needs met. This in turn sets up the dynamics Rad described about creating karma relative to deceiving others and, others in turn then deceiving the Soul in similar ways. It can correlate to an addiction to relationships and the belief that life without a partner is boring or that without a relationship one cannot be complete or even evolve in some cases. It can in turn, lead to the individualized Soul creating the delusion/self deception that it needs others in all sorts of exaggerated ways in order to evolve, grow and have a sense of meaning and belonging. This in turn can lead to the individual deceiving others in many ways in order to relate and have it´s projected needs met. Others who are living their own delusions and self deceptions can also deceive the individual and use him/her for their own needs of a similar nature. The end result are situations in which the deception is exposed for what it is but, generally the dynamic of deception will be “swept under the carpet” or supressed in some way by the consciousness of the one doing the deceiving, as it knows deep within itself that it´s naturally wrong to deceive others, leading to natural guilt but, as Rad said, finds rationalizations, in order to justify it´s behaviour. The one being deceived creates assumptions that the other will not abuse their confidence or deceive them, thus falls into the deception due to a lack of discrimination and/or lack of experience of these dynamics and how they operate in Earth´s current reality. Then the deceived can either rebel against these types of behaviour or, imitate and treat others to the same dynamics if necessary for survival or, to achieve some sort of goal of a personal nature.

Jupiter in Virgo in the second house, conjunct the N.Node new phase, and Mars balsamic, shows that in the highest sense, the individual will value honesty, integrity and courage and act instinctively in ways that reflect values of ongoing searches for personal meaning and truth in a direct way, that lead to a personal sense of inner value and self worth. With Neptune being ruled by Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd, the individual can value the little things in life and, value being of service to others, instead of looking for ways to profit too much for him/herself. With Jupiter in this configuration, the person will value honesty and simplicity too much to be able to feel good from within if he/she deceives others unnecessarily, for profit or to get ahead in unnecessary ways. On the flip side, if the person is living in a victimized or distorted state, in which a healthy perspective is lost, the individual may cheat others in a big way (Jupiter) and not even realize it fully, in order to make money. His/her security needs for survival may be highly exaggerated to the point of having an insatiable appetite for material wealth, food or sexual pleasure, leading the individual to deceive others in order to satisfy his/her insatiable appetite. In this quest for satisfaction he or she may become a great sales man/woman and cheat others or exaggerate the value of what he/she sells, the importance or quality of the goods, never be satisfied with any profit margins and, simply be extremely greedy, as nothing is ever enough to fill up the inner void that planets in Virgo can feel, until there is an alignment with truth and, the perspective becomes a healthy one. Jupiter can exaggerate the survival needs of the second house and Mars conjunct Jupiter can be wasteful of resources or literally burn them, as with this aspect one can feel that there is always more and, the balsamic nature of the conjunction can translate into a belief that the universe will provide for the individual, no matter what happens.

With both planets on the N.Node it means that these dynamics have been worked on in past lives and specifically the life just prior to the current one. Indicating that the native can come into this life with certain values very well defined and, in this life he/she is meant to continue developing the values of survival thru service and develop honesty as a personality trait. Also, that these dynamics and attitudes will be natural for this individual and highly rewarding as he/she develops them further. With Jupiter on the N. Node of the Moon and trine the Moon in the sixth house, it will also be a re-stating of the Souls desire to develop itself and it´s values and ability to survive, in ways connected to nature, that reflect natural law (Jupiter). The Moon in the sixth in Capricorn, trine Mars, the N.Node, Jupiter and, sextile the S.Node in Pisces in the 8th, and in a grand trine to Chiron in Taurus in the 10th, can correlate to natural methods that this Soul will  use to heal itself and others that are worked on in a consistent way, on a constant basis as the Soul desires to perfect and humble the Ego. Some methods may be thru the daily practice of Yoga or Martial arts or similar practices that thru dedication and a step by step process, humble the Ego in various ways, in order to learn about patience, as things have their “due process” dedication, effort and devotion. The sextile from the Moon to the S.node in Pisces, relative to Neptune and deception, indicates that the Soul, thru the Ego (Moon), can be open to, or will likely at key points, experience very deep, humbling and transformative experiences in it´s search for healing and, it´s spiritual evolution, as it ultimately values truth and searches for it with passion. Neptune in Sagittarius in the 5th.

With the ruler of the S.Node of Neptune (Uranus) in the 5th, in Scorpio, conjunct the Sun and Mercury, shows a desire in the past, to penetrate (Scorpio) to the very core of illusions that created trauma in the first place and to live life in a truly creative and empowered way (fifth house). It shows that this Soul may have been in positions of authority within a tribal community in the past and that there is a potential for the Soul to have used and possibly abused it´s influence or status in order to attract the opposite sex and satisfy it´s needs. It also shows that the Soul, because of the Sun´s conjunction to Uranus, will have memories deep within itself that directly correlate to traumas of abuses of power and trust (Scorpio). The Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury in this context, correlate to the Souls desire to shed light (Sun) upon these past traumatic experiences/memories and, to mentally and empirically formulate concepts in order to understand them (Mercury) to eventually liberate from these traumatic memories (Uranus). With Uranus in the fifth house there will be in this life, a need to liberate from the need to be acknowledged as special and unique or superior to others so the Soul can free itself of such illusive dynamics. Mercury is also the ruler of the North Node of the Moon in this incarnation and is conjunct the ruler of the S.Node of Neptune, Uranus, which is also conjunct the ruler of the N.node of Neptune, the Sun. The nodal rulers of Neptune being in conjunction, reflect the ongoing continuation of past life dynamics, to be lived in new ways as shown by the new phase conjunction of the Nodal rulers. With the N.Node of the Moon in Virgo in the second house there is a need for humility in this lifetime and Mercury is conjunct the ruler of the 2nd house, the Sun and is in the fifth, indicating a need to use and develop one´s talents in ways that will lead to self sufficiency. With Mercury Rx conjunct the Sun and Uranus, the Soul will reject, in this context and lifetime, anything that is not relevant to it´s evolutionary intentions/needs to actualize itself and rebel against Patriarchal distortions. With both the South and North Nodal rulers of Neptune in Scorpio, conjunct the ruler of the Lunar North Node (Mercury) in the fifth house and, the Lunar North Node being in Virgo in the second house, relative to personal evolution and the need for humility, correlates to the need to purge (Scorpio) the Soul of past delusions of grandeur that lead to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual trauma. With the North Node in the second house it shows that relative to all these potential dynamics of deception, that by being totally self sufficient and working on the individuals self value, by developing talents and abilities, to learn that the value is in the effort and, thru learning to use discrimination and extreme personal honesty, he/she will minimize the need to deceive others and, minimize the ability for others to deceive this individual Soul and Ego in return.

With the North Node of Neptune in Leo in the first house, it shows that a new cycle relative to how the Soul actualizes itself or, acts on behalf of it´s ultimate ideals and values, must be initiated in this life. Relative to the Sun´s conjunction to the ruler of the N.Node of the Moon, Mercury, it shows the possible need to break free from dependencies on others and relationships in general to find it´s own sense of purpose, sustainability, and what is true and right by the use of it´s powers of discrimination. It shows that courage is necessary to simply be who one is (Leo N.Node and Nodal rulers in the 5th). The fact that it loops back to the fifth house but in Scorpio, shows that an attitude of no B.S. is necessary in order to acheive these goals of inner clarity relative to deception and self deception. To confront and eliminate any internal or external dishonesties that limit a true, creative expression of the self. These symbols reflect a need to be FREE from within to be able to initiate a brand new creative cycle. With the ruler of the N.Node of Neptune conjunct the ruler of it´s S.Node, both new phase in the fifth, reflects the need to initiate this new cycle in order to live relationships (7th house S.Node of Neptune) in new ways as this will be how the individual will be able to express him/herself to a higher potential. It reflects a need to believe in one´s self and in one´s dreams or to actually have dreams. Ultimately this Neptune placement asks for faith in the self to break free and express one´s self to the maximum potential. Neptune in the end, for all of us is about faith and it´s unique combination in each of our natal charts combined with our desire to have faith, can show us in what area we will need to surrender to a a higher power. In this case, with all these aspects, relative to natal Neptune also in the fifth, it seems to be able to surrender to the fact that the Source is the ultimate creator in one´s life and to have the faith to just go (1st house) in whichever direction we feel directed to go in, without the fear of being alone or, fear not succeeding to live up to our own high ideals or, whatever parts of us that wants to be in control, Saturn and Pluto mostly, does to hold us back.

With Gemini on the 12th house cusp with the rest of it occupied by Cancer and, Virgo on the third house cusp, relative to deceptive dynamics in the current life, there is a need to dissolve any form of communication and connections to others that lead to deceptive dynamics, since Cancer is also on the 12th, it shows that any form of emotional victimization of the self and the Ego´s excessive security needs are to be dissolved in order for deceptive tendencies to be replaced with honest communication of a mental end emotional nature. Cancer on the 12th can show that the individual can use crying as a form of deception too.

With Natal Neptune conjunct the South Node of Uranus, both in Sagittarius, we can see that this Soul´s search for ultimate meaning and connection to the divine will be thru natural law and the pursuit of truth and freedom, the understanding of cosmological belief systems and the breaking down/dissolving of the separation between these systems such as in religions or personal philosophies. It shows that this connection to natural law and metaphysics is not new to this Soul and, that there is a re-living or re-aligning with knowledge and principles of those times. Shamanism, Metaphysical, Esoteric and Hermetic knowledge are all possible areas of interest in the current lifetime as a way to re-connect to these ancient principles that are deep within the Soul´s memories. Due to the conjunction being new phase, there is a re-stating of the need for freedom for this Soul to pursue these types of experiences that lead to real knowledge connected to nature and natural law.

Natal Venus/Neptune in Sagittarius in the 5th, relative to the S.Node of Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th, and square Saturn in Virgo in the third house, correlates, in an ideal expression, to the Soul´s desire for new types of relationships in which the divine is experienced and expressed without restrictions. A desire to relate with transcendental qualities/values that can defy the laws of physics, or relate on a Soul level with others based on pure feelings and inconditional love. In Sagittarius in the fifth house there can be a need for total freedom to be whatever one truly is without restrictions to self expression or expansive search for truth, ultimate meaning of existence and connection to the cosmos. This can lead to a desire for a multitude of relationships at the same time or one after another in an indiscriminate way, which can be confusing to the individual as he/she is judged or criticized by those in the environment, due to going against what is socially expected behaviour, or by getting negative reactions from those in relationship with him/her due to a lack of boundaries. There may also be confusion as to who the individual truly wants to be with or if he/she wants to be in a committed relationship at all, due to the need for freedom and the desire for constant expansion. In order to deal with the confusion and not hurt others or not assume the true nature of the attractions to others, the individual may hide his/her real feelings about these dynamics, with the consequence of deceiving others intentionally or unintentionally. With Venus Square Saturn and conjunct Neptune, the individual may act like a child without any maturity and manipulate others in any way he or she feels like, with Saturn in this aspect there is a need to learn about emotional maturity and self reliance and, not do whatever it takes to get whatever one wants, including the use of deception. Venus and Neptune square saturn can also have a crisis in what to believe and not believe in the partners or others, therefore acting in underhanded ways that deceive others who relate with him/her as there can be a lack of trust in people due to painful past disillusionments of being deceived him/herself. There is also a possibility to deceive others, as the individual can be so sensitive to criticism and judgement from society in general, those in the environment or even siblings and people one communicates and interacts with (Saturn in the third house in Virgo), with a Pisces S.Node of the Moon in the 8th. This sensitivity can lead the individual to try and hide his/her inner nature and emotional vulnerabilites in order to not be judged or persecuted by others. The fear of persecution and judgement can be a fear that is in the memory of the Soul due to past lives of speaking one´s truth whether it fit into the mainstream ideals of the times or not. Due to these dynamics and the fear of persecution, whether real or not, plus the extreme emotional sensitivity of the Pisces S.Node of the Moon in the 8th, the individual can use emotional deception when dealing with others in the environment, as a survival/defensive mechanism or just not to be overwhelmed emotionally and psychologically by others who are energy leeches or simply too intense in some way which, has the result of effecting the individual in ways that are detrimental to his/her health (Pisces S.Node relative to the Moon in the sixth house).

 Another concept that is connected to Neptune and can be considered a form of deception is evasion. A native with these symbols can relate to others by constantly evading them in various ways in order to avoid being judged or leeched or simply to maintain his or her privacy. This is done by passively allowing others to believe whatever they want, by being vague or by using one´s sensitivity to be “two steps ahead”, such as in not making eye contact or not allowing certain themes in conversations to be addressed. With all these symbols in the fifth house the native can be quite domineering and tend to know how to lead conversations and manipulate communication to go in the desired direction. Other possibilities for deception relative to the combination of these Astrological symbols are relative to one´s creative or other abilities which can be totally exaggeratted. Relative to children, someone can deceive their child to protect them or to use them in some way, the individual may have no boundaries and get women pregnant in extramarital affairs if a male and, deceive whoever is necessary to maintain the child a secret. If a woman, she may give birth to a child that is from an affair and deceive her husband and family by acting as if it´s the husbands child. Some could live double lives and have two homes and families and deceive everyone, while someone else could have a long time extra marital affair with a lover or, be married and always have someone on the side or, possibly, another who doesnt get in a real relationship but ends up with married or commited people, who can´t really give them what they need, and end up by generally deceiving themselves and their lover´s partner. Others can deceive relative to the desire for fun and games and possibly gambling, when the native doesn´t admit to having a gambling problem and depletes resources that were vital for the family or business. Others simply might not take life seriously and thus deceive others on a continual basis as they live life as a game and see no need for honesty, at least until they are the ones being deceived. In the fifth house, Neptune, can also deceive others about all sorts of things simply in order to receive the attention they crave, such as in the “Peter and the wolf” archetype, including exaggerations of their personal stories (Sagittarius) and dramatizations, which are lesser forms of deceptive behaviour and can be generally inoffensive but still dishonest and deceptive.

Another core issue relative to potential deception in a Patriarchal society, is relative to sexuality. With all these symbols, the Soul can have an intense sexual nature that may or may not be well accepted by the parents/family while growing up or by society in general when an adult and, therefore hide it´s highly sexual nature, leading the individual to have hidden or secret involvements with partners that may not be well accepted by the family or others in the environment, thus leading to the individual deceiving the family or others, in order to relate and have his/her needs satisfied without being judged. Due to intense sexual needs, coupled with the need for freedom, the individual can also use others and deceive them by using people sexually and moving along to the next thrill or adventure. Of course others can in turn do the same to the individual. Another potentiality relative to sexuality and deception could be a homosexual which hides his/her sexual orientation from others simply not to be judged or criticized. Some could go as far as having a heterosexual marriage in order to maintain appearances, thus deceiving all others including the marriage partner. In sexual expression, Neptune in the 5th relative to it´s S.Node in the 7th, the individual may pretend to enjoy him/herself in order to please the partner even if /he or she is not experiencing pleasure as in when a woman fakes an orgasm in order for the sexual act to be over with, without hurting the feelings of the partner, or when a man or woman over compliment the partner or their performance in order to make them feel good or secure. Some forms of deception are ligher than others, but still deception and painful when the truth is found out. In a more extreme sense, relative to these dynamics and with Pisces on the 8th with the S.node there, one could go as far as marrying for money and deceive others and one´s self emotionally, to the point of almost believing in that relationship, for financial security, status and power.

With Neptune in the 5th there can also be drug/alcohol/substance abuse problems due to the native desiring to simply have fun and party like there is no tomorrow, specially in Sagittarius, which in turn can lead to the individual deceiving others in various ways, such as in not admitting to the problem in the first place and pretending to be fine. Such as in stealing or, thru underhanded ways to generate money to support the drug and party addiction which, can lead to very deceptive behaviour, even to the point of stealing from friends and family. All sort of addictive behaviour is possible with Neptune and how it´s configured in this example, from sexual addiction to drugs or relationships… anything that ultimate meaning can be projected upon or, the desire to be larger than life or simply because of escapist tendencies, due to an extreme sensitivity to a harsh reality. With such dynamics one could be exposed to the streets, with Saturn square Neptune one could have to learn to get “street wise” and most probably be deceived and learn to deceive in return, even if just not to be deceived, as a defensive tactic. And last but not least, the deception of authorities in various ways when one doesn´t respect the boundaries and restrictions imposed on one´s self by not following the rules and breaking the law in various ways.

Transiting Neptune in the 8th house, conjunct the S.Node of the Moon at the time of this assignment, relative to deception, correlates to the need to confront and dissolve a sense of victimization relative to all 8th house dynamics that then in turn, leads to the individual Soul deceiving itself and others. It is an opportunity to become conscious and aware of dynamics that are preventing a direct perception of truth in any area of life that deception or illusions may be operating in. It´s a time in which a dissolution of past life egocentric structures and emotional behaviours that are not serving the Souls purpose any longer can and should be dissolved once and for all. A time for healing old wounds from past lives carried into and continued to be experienced in this life. A time for forgiving all others for past traumas relative to emotional and psychological abuses of power and betrayals of trust, including forgiving the self for these same reasons and/or releasing guilt that may have accumulated in the emotional body for having hurt others, intentionally or unintentionally. A time to let go of excessive financial security needs, sexual distortions, separating desires that are not in accordance to one´s spiritual development and, any and all addictions/escapist tendencies that may have been developed in this life or carried over from other lives. A time that can potentially indicate, depending on the native, a desire to unite and merge with the Source of creation in such a way as to be able to experience the Source directly, in ways that can prove to the individual Soul and/or others, the deepest possible truths about itself and existence.
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Dear Group,

As a result of a response by Rad to a question regarding the Soul's awareness of deception, I chose to focus primarily on deception that occurs at the Advanced Stages of Evolution.

Thanks Rad for your clear teachings on such a tricky and often illusive subject.


To Deceive or to be Deceived and Why?

Rad writes,

“Deception, being deceived, deceiving, or both can occur within the egocentric consciousness of the Soul as well as in its subconscious or individuated unconsciousness. As the Soul naturally evolves through the four natural evolutionary states the level or degree of what the Soul is conscious of increases, and that which is unconscious or subconscious decreases. Thus, as the Soul evolves there does come a time in which the Soul is utterly conscious of it's own totality in such a way that it's consciousness has no boundary between what is is conscious of, and that which it is not. The Soul has liberated, Uranus, itself from this division within consciousness that most Souls have.”

“As the Soul naturally evolves through the four evolutionary states, again, correlates to what degree the Soul is consciously aware of anything including deception, and the underlying causes or reasons of why deception is occurring in the first place.”


Even though a Soul maybe be conscious of its totality in the later stages of evolution, this will not necessarily prevent deception by another, in fact the chances for deception increases the more one evolves. What also occurs as the Soul advances is that due to their consciousness being wide open, they are also able to see the true potential of another Soul. The Soul in question may show up with the intention, Scorpio, to evolve and to make the necessary changes but when the temptations of old patterns re-surface, as they always do for any Soul as they will always be tested, there is no guarantee that the Soul won’t repeat those patterns of deception. It is natural law that the more evolved Soul will inevitably re-meet Souls that have betrayed or deceived them in past lives in order to give them another chance to right the ship, to right the error of their ways. The image of extending the hand down the mountain comes in strong here. The other challenge as a Soul evolves into more advanced stages of evolution is their role to expose, Scorpio, the impurities in another. Even if a Soul in question shows up ready to evolve, most often than not it may require many lifetimes for the Soul to rise to the evolutionary occasion. Once they interface with their own limits, what they first were open to look at in themselves, is commonly turned around and projections are made onto the teacher, blame becomes the name of the game. This is the chance and thus the risk any advanced Soul must take.  The advanced Soul will be able to see clearly all the broken roads that led up to this point, where the searching Soul turned left instead of turning right, and the temptations that brought them down. The advanced Soul would also see where the Soul had sacrificed itself for the truth and for what was right and just, the times and the turns where real progress had been made. The potential it sees won’t be an illusion but a clear picture of what is possible. So whenever a searching Soul has a pure desire to see themselves honestly and with lidless eyes, the advanced Soul has no choice but to give them another chance. I remember JWG saying that “Even if only one Soul makes it after an attempt to help and heal countless others, it will be worth it.”

As the Soul advances, there will inevitably be a preponderance of water shown in the chart as I shared in an earlier post in research I was doing looking at Neptune similarities as well as the compelling synastry in the five charts of JWG, Kriyananda, Yogananda, Yukteswar and Jesus. Because evolution occurs through the emotional body, heart, Soul, Spirit, the natural water trinity via Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, there would be a common theme of strong water, especially Scorpio and Pisces in the advanced stages of evolution as “the river always finds the path of least resistance, the river always finds its way back to the sea”, a metaphor for the Soul merging back with God. This would also reflect the liberated consciousness that Rad wrote about, the consciousness without borders or boundaries.

Examples of the prominent Water.

JWG - Pisces Moon in the 4th, Neptune trine NN, Jupiter, ruler of his South Node in Sag in the 12th in Scorpio. Scorpio Ascendant, Venus in Scorpio, Mercury, ruler of the North Node, in Scorpio. Also Pluto/Saturn making a Balsalmic conjunction
Kriyananda - Neptune conjunct Moon, Cancer Asc, Pluto in Cancer trining Mars in Pisces, Sun in the 12th.
Yogananda - Moon in the 12th, South Node in Scorpio conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune conjunct Pluto,  Venus, ruler of his North Node is in the 4th, Mercury, ruler of his Pluto/Neptune conjunction in Gemini, is in the 4th. Mars in the 8th, a Scorpio house.
Yukteswar - Pisces Moon in the 7th, South Node in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces in the 8th.
Jesus - Pisces Moon conjunct the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Venus all in Pisces, South Node in Scorpio conjunct Neptune which trines the Pisces stellium.

Note: These charts are available on the previous page.

Let’s take the story of Judas for example. We know that Jesus has South Node in Scorpio with Neptune conjunct the South Node in the 11th house. The ruler, Pluto in the 9th in Virgo opposing a choir of planets in Pisces in the 3rd. Jesus was deceived by others he thought were of like mind, those he thought were ‘in his camp’ which caused him great disillusionment and trauma in times prior to the life of Christ. This was clearly a theme that was being carried through from past lives. Judas was a disillusioned disciple who betrayed Jesus as he took a bribe for  money to turn Jesus in which then led to his crucifixion. Beyond personal greed, Judas did this because he doubted Jesus. He felt himself already somewhat superior to the other disciples and Jesus had put him in charge of the money box which may have boosted his ego. He doubted Jesus on the one hand because of his own sense of superiority and yet he also believed him at the same time. This flip flop of uncertainty caused him to 'go for the money’. Following his deception, the reality of the magnitude of this betrayal devastated Judas for he knew in his Soul that Jesus was pure, that his teachings were true and that he really was the ‘real deal’, so Judas hung himself out of guilt. Venus, also ruling money, is the lower octave of Neptune and reflects the shadow side of Venus, the greed and the extent of just how low people will go for their own self interest and survival. It has been written that Jesus saw the betrayal before it happened but he could not interfere with the path, the choice making and ultimately the karma that would play out for Judas - an example here of a consciousness in Jesus without borders or boundaries.

Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24)

It would be essential for any form of deep Spiritual work to occur for a Soul to have a strong Neptune/Pisces influence represented in the chart as the Soul’s consciousness would need to be open and without borders. A Soul with this kind of lens would show them not only the potential for what is possible for growth in another but also all they wish they did not have to see. Another phenomena that occurs within an evolved consciousness is that the Soul is gifted and granted this universal screen of wisdom, seeing through the ages, yet they are limited in what they are able to share for if this knowledge is shared with a Soul who is not ‘ready’, this could interrupt their evolution. So they must hold back information so to speak for the growing Soul must come to these truths on their own. The responsibility shouldered at this stage and the truth seen that must be contained is immense and JWG has shared being a lonely experience. The reality that no one can possibly understand what it feels like for the movie screen to continue to play even when he wants to turn it off.

The crazy and delusional PROJECTIONS that are made, like arrows to the heart,  inevitably occurs as the Soul advances into 3rd Stage Spiritual.  This also reflects the DECEPTION by others, as searching Souls are attracted to the more evolved Souls and tend to want ‘what they have’ or tend to want to get a piece of them. In the advanced stages, these teachers are teaching whomever exactly what they need in any given moment even when it could be 'interpreted' in the way it was never intended, doing what needs to be done no matter what, which then leads to projections when a Soul hears something they do not want to hear, even if it is for their own good and necessary for their evolution. It may appear as if the searching Soul is aligning with the teacher along the way but if it is all stripped down, in more cases than not, these Souls in search of the truth and the light may actually be doing it for reasons of self interest, money and their own personal needs and agendas. In extreme cases this can lead to deception and it is more common than people realize. These signatures in various degrees of advanced stages of evolution can be seen with Venus (lower octave of Neptune) in stress to Neptune, also 7th house-Aquarius/Uranus/11th.

Other Souls Using Advanced Stage Souls for their Own Ends

JWG-  Pisces Moon square the Nodes, SN1st/NN7th, ruler Neptune in Libra 11th, ruler Venus rx rising in Scorpio
Kriyananda - Venus in Aries in the 11th Square the Nodes, ruler Mars in Pisces, ruler Neptune conjunct the Moon in Leo.
Yogananda - Neptune conjunct North Node oppose Venus
Yukteswar - Venus Square Neptune in Pisces
Jesus - Neptune in Pisces Square Venus, Pluto/Mars opposing Venus

Trauma signatures as a result of Deception

JWG- Neptune in Libra in the 11th, ruler Venus Rx in Scorpio square Pluto/Saturn/NN Neptune as well as a South Node of Neptune in Aquarius. Uranus opposing Mars and squaring his Pisces Moon in the 4th.
Kriyananda - Venus in Aries in the 11th Square the Nodes, ruler Mars in Pisces, ruler Neptune conjunct the moon in Leo inconjunct Uranus in Pisces
Yogananda - Uranus conjunct the South Node in Scorpio which squares his SN of Neptune in Aquarius and NN of Neptune in Leo.
Yukteswar - Nodes of Neptune, Sn Aquarius/NN Leo squares Yuks Lunar Nodes as well as Uranus. Uranus conjunct Sun , Mercury NN, Mars
Jesus - South Node in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 11th, ruler Pluto opposing Uranus in Pisces. Uranus conjunct Jupiter, Moon, Sun Saturn in Pisces.

Having strong water signatures and being advanced on the wheel is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it involves a more open consciousness, open to the universal pulse and to personally and naturally know/experience “God" in a more personal and intimate way, but it also creates a bigger target for others to deceive. The brighter the light the greater the shadow suggesting more of the dark will be attracted to that light therefore pulling in more Souls with ulterior motives.

Souls using people’s ideas for their own agendas and deceiving others as they do using the name of God as justification for their actions.

Consider someone with an 8th house Pluto who wants to feel power by association. “They have necessarily desired to transform their limitations by forming relationships to anything that symbolized what they needed or desired in order to evolve beyond their personal limitations." They would be attracted to a teacher who reflects this power and then feel powerful themselves by absorbing these teachings. Take it a step further and put their Neptune in the 10th in Scorpio which squares the South Node of Neptune in the 1st and North Node of Neptune in the 7th, this would then reflect a Soul who claims to feel called forth to put these teachings on the planet, to not respect the natural boundaries from which these teachings came and be totally swept away by their own illusion of who they think they are. They may potentially deceive the very Soul from where these teachings originated, with the rationalization that “God told them to do so”, becoming essentially parasites to whatever will make them feel more powerful. There is a limit to what their Soul's have the capacity to accomplish and create and so the attach to others who do have it. They often do it “All for the money”, Venus, all for the recognition and personal fame. When they are exposed, the deceivers then see themselves as the victim for they do not have the capacity to see themselves clearly or capable of owning actual motivations for if they do, their world will fall apart. So to save themselves, they claim, it was all ‘in the name of God’. Many 8th house Pluto Souls have had prior lives where the rug has been pulled out from beneath them perhaps due to over investing themselves or an over dependency on another for power, so to put Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th squaring the Nodes of Neptune would make the tendency for deception even greater as they consciously or unconsciously seek revenge. The evolutionary intention for this Soul in looking at the polarity of Pluto being in the 2nd as well as the polarity of Neptune in Scorpio being in Taurus in the 4th, would equal emotional and financial self reliance, doing something they can call their own, something that does not require the dependency of another versus parasitic practices in order to feel powerful. It would be critical in the end for this Soul to take responsibility for the reality they created or they will continue to create scenarios where they are kicked to the curb and thrown back upon themselves anytime they try and lean on the power symbol for empowerment and personal gain.

There have been a handful of cases in JWG’s story as ideas were taken, swiped and stolen by Souls and claimed as their own in other lifetimes. This theme carried though into this life. His South Node of Neptune is in Aquarius, Astrology, in the 3rd, North Node of Neptune in Leo in the 9th conjunct his Pluto and his Saturn. The ruler of JWG's South Node of Neptune in Aquarius is Uranus, in his 8th house opposing his Mars and squaring his Pisces Moon. This Neptune nodal axis is also squared by his Jupiter in the 12th, Scorpio Asc, Venus and Mercury all in Scorpio in combination reflecting many lifetimes of betrayal, even being killed for the teachings and truths of genius he brought to this planet, losing his life due to jealousy or people wanting to take him ‘out of the game. With North Node of Neptune conjunct his Pluto in the 9th, the deception followed by crushing disillusionment was not just a theme from the past but a theme that trailed him into his future even to the point of certain Souls admitting having the desire to 'kill him’ because of jealousy or wishing they were him, because of his capacity. The ruler of his North Node of Neptune in Leo is the Sun. His Sun in Sagittarius squares Moon in Pisces, ruler Neptune in Libra in the 11th, trauma. I remember him saying, no matter how many times it happens, the deception and the betrayal, it always feels like the first time. This is a common feeling for anyone with a strong Piscean, Neptunian signature.

For Yogananda, it was in his death where the greatest deception occurred. He wanted Kriya initiation to always be free and he wanted his teachings via books, including correspondence courses to be available to all without anyone owning a copyright. SRF claimed they had a copyright on his work so the organization could make money, South Node in Scorpio with Uranus, squaring nodes of Neptune, also ruler Pluto is exactly conjunct Neptune to the degree in Gemini in the 10th, being deceived by the organization because of their agenda. Yogananda's Nodes of Neptune, South Node of Neptune in Aquarius in the 6th, and the North node of Neptune in the 11th house are squaring his own Lunar South Node in the 3rd in Scorpio and his North Node in the 9th in Taurus. The Nodes Of Neptune also square Uranus, the ruler of his South node of Neptune, in his 3rd house. SRF tried to take Ananda to court over the fact that they had been publishing Yogananda’s material, which was Yoganada’s wish for all to be able to disseminate the material, and during the court proceedings it came out that SRF never had any copyright at all to anything of Yogananda's for the reason stated above.  I was recently listening to an audio of Yogananda and he shared that he never received a salary from SRF, everything that he had was given to him along the way, nothing was in his name. Everything that was given, he shared. This reflecting the highest expression of Neptune, Unconditional giving and un-attachment to the material world, Pluto conjunct Neptune in Gemini in the 10th, ruler Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius in the 4th, a Soul who honors natural laws of giving and sharing.

It is so common anytime either a genius or a highly evolved Soul surfaces for people wanting to piggyback or take a coat tail ride on their Soul, and to spin whatever they have learned and make it their own. You can see this clearly in the chart of Carl Jung, 3rd stage individuated, with his Neptune in Taurus in the 3rd squaring the Nodes of Neptune. Also, Venus the ruler of his natal Neptune, which also rules his South Node in Libra in the 8th are clear symbols for betrayal by others. The theme of others stealing his ideas and trying to make them their own or morphing them into something else also applies here, which is why he was quoted saying, “I am so glad I am not a Jungian”. It reminds me of the game of telephone where by the time the message or the teachings makes it all the way through a line of people it comes out discombobulated and not at all the way it was intended, as a result the teachings become distorted and diffused.

On a more evolved note, I wanted to add one of my favorite teachings from the Autobiography of a Yogi where Yogananda shares an exchange he is having with his guru Yukteswar relating to the theme of expectation, reflected  in the archetype of Venus, the lower octave of Neptune, he also has Moon in Pisces in the 7th. No Soul is perfect in the human form and although being a deceiver does not occur in the far advanced stages of evolution as their Souls are aligned with God and conscious of their own Soul’s totality, there still can be choices made in the human form that may lead to disappointment or the concern for disappointment of others.

Yogananda writes,"Master I must have disappointed you by my abrupt departure from my duties here; I thought you might be angry with me."

Yukteswar - “Wrath springs from thwarted desires. I do not expect anything from others, so their actions cannot be in opposition to mine. I would not use you for my own ends. I am happy in your own true happiness."
Yogananda - “ Sir, one hears of divine love in a vague way but today I am indeed having a concrete example of it from your angelic self! In the world even a father does not forgive his son if he leaves his parents business without warning. But you show not the slightest vexation, though you must have been put to great inconvenience by my leaving many unfinished tasks I left behind.”

“We looked in eachother’s eyes where tears were shining. A blissful wave engulfed me; I was conscious that the Lord in the form of my guru was expanding the limited ardors of my heart to vast reaches of cosmic love.”

This is something for all Souls to aspire to experience, to be free of expectation, and an example of the upside of Neptune, unconditional love. This reflects an evolved example of a complete inner state of self reliance. Yukteswar has Pluto, Mars, North Node, Mercury, Uranus and the Sun in Taurus. Also a Soul who is centered in the sea at all times, versus centered in the wave, reflected with the South Node in Scorpio in the 4th trining Neptune in Pisces in the 8th, and Neptune sextling his strong 10th house Taurus stellium.

Peace & Evolution,


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Hi Rad & Group,

In the end, this one made my head spin. I read so much information and I hope I've managed to convey what I mean in a clear manner as, well, its all about Neptune!  Here is how it ended up:

I decided to use Aleister Crowley in order to investigate how Neptune and the Pisces archetype operate in a chart in relation to deception. Crowley is a well known occultist, writer, poet, astrologer, painter and philosopher, among other things. In early 20th-century England, Crowley was known as “the wickedest man in the world.” Crowley is primarily known for his occult writings and teachings. He founded a religion known as Thelema, which was adopted by the Ordo Templis Orientis (O.T.O.).  and the magical order Argenteum Astrum, the Order of the Silver Star. Crowley was a controversal member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as well.

In order to understand Crowley, and why he was considered to be the “the wickedest man in the world,” one must take into consideration the time in which he lived. Crowley was born and raised during the Victorian era in England.  This was a “prudish” time in which the expression of emotion and sexuality was publically repressed.  Homosexuality and prostitution were both considered to be capitol offences. It was a time in which evangelical Christianity was very popular.  During this period there was a cultural shift away from rationalism and towards romanticism and mysticism as well.  Both spiritualism and occultism grew to be very popular in Crowley’s lifetime. The year of his birth was the same year that gave birth to Theosophy. Crowley also lived through both World War I and World War II.

Crowley was born while Saturn was in Aquarius in opposition to Uranus in Leo. Saturn was in his 7th House and Uranus in his 1st house.  His 10th House Neptune is part of a T-Square, being opposition Venus in Libra in the 4th House and square Mars in Capricorn in the 6th house. Pisces is on his 8th house cusp and Pluto is in his 11th House. It’s no surprise that Crowley’s lifestyle was considered to be shocking and immoral during the era in which he lived. He was sexually promiscuous, having affairs with members of both sexes, and known to have been involved with prostitutes with whom he engaged in sadomasochistic sexual practices. In addition, he was a drug addict and practiced and promoted sex magic. Many believed him to be a Satanist. Based upon his lifestyle and behavior, I think he was a 2nd stage individuated soul, rebelling against Victorian era morality and Evangelical Christian beliefs.

Crowley believed himself to be a religious and spiritual being. He was “a systematic and scientific explorer of religious practices, techniques, and doctrines. As such, he performed devotional exercises to Satan as well as to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, to various deities from the Egyptian and Hindu pantheons, to Jehovah as well as to Allah, and to the divine personifications that are unique to the system of Thelema. At one time or another Crowley was an Atheist, a Polytheist, a Monotheist, and a Pantheist, a Satanist and a Christian, a Hindu Yogi, a Hebrew Qabalist, a Muslim Mystic, a Buddhist, and a Pagan. In 1904, he became the Prophet of the New Aeon and the founder of the religious, magical, and philosophical movement called Thelema, through his reception of Liber AL vel Legis, the Book of the Law.

Today it is believed that Crowley was a British Intelligence officer who used the occult to mask his role as a secret agent, or spy. In his book “Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult,” Richard B. Spence cites information found in documents from British, American, French and Italian archives to argue that Crowley “was a patriotic Englishman who endured years of public humiliation to mask his role as a secret agent.” Crowley is believed to have played a major role in the sinking of the Lusitania, a plot to overthrow the government of Spain, the thwarting of Irish and Indian nationalist conspiracies, and the 1941 flight of Rudolf Hess.

There are two major versions of his Crowley’s chart floating around.  One is calculated for 11:30 pm and comes from “Astrology, Aleister & Aeon” by Charles Kipp. The other is calculated for 11:42 pm.  This time is a rectification calculated by Crowley himself. The major differences being whether his Moon is involved in a Yod or a Grand Trine configuration. Being that Crowley has strong Pisces/Scorpio energy (deception/manipulation), I decided to go with the original 11:30 pm version.

Crowley’s Neptune is in the 10th House which correlates to one’s career or sociological role. Right off the bat, we can see that Crowley was born with the potential to deceive both himself and others through his career or sociological role. One of the many hats Crowley wore was that of an astrologer, I decided to look up his interpretation of Neptune in the 10th House, thinking that it might be autobiographical.  

According to Crowley, “The native may have brilliant ideas in regard to his business. He will carry them out with great vigour, but only for a time. Then he will forget all about it, only to begin again later on. As business depends so largely upon application, the effect is on the whole, unfortunate. There is also to be considered a good deal of risk from the nature of the business itself. This is likely to be of a queer and unusual character, and there will be many loopholes for fraud; also it is to be presumed that it may be a little difficult at times to keep track of the business. Profits will be irregular and uncertain. There will be a number of bad debts; and the business may also suffer from the occurrence of apparently trivial circumstances, totally unconnected with it. There does not seem to be much risk of a definite smash. The indications are rather those of vicissitudes. The native may feel inclined, again and again, to give it up for something steadier but he will find it hard to relinquish it. “

Was he alluding to his career as an occultist, or to being a British spy? Notice the phrase “and there will be many loopholes for fraud.” In either case, Crowley acknowledges that deception or fraud played a role in his career.

Crowley has Pisces on the 8th House cusp, ruled by Neptune in Taurus in the 10th House opposition Jupiter in Scorpio in the 4th House. Here the Pisces archetype meets the Scorpio archetype manifesting in the 10th House of career, the 8th house of sex and intimate others, and the 4th house of home, family and emotional security. There is a potential for deception in each of these areas. This deception may involve the occult, mysticism, psychology, manipulation, sexual practices, drugs, alcohol, or anything considered as being taboo.

In his book, Spence offers a good example,  “Crowley was an adept amateur psychologist, had an uncanny ability to influence people and probably utilized hypnotic suggestion in his undercover work. The other thing he made good use of was drugs. In New York, he carried out very detailed studies on the effects of mescaline (peyote). He would invite various friends over for dinner, fix them curry and dose the food with mescaline. Then he observed and took notes on their behavior. Mescaline was later used by intelligence agencies for experiments in behavior modification and mind control.”

Turning to his decision to refer to himself as “the Beast” or “666,” Crowley has Leo on the Ascendent, and is known to have loved to call attention to himself. He publicly labeled himself “the Beast, 666,” which is what his mother, who was frustrated with his waywardness, called him as a youth. Was it his intention to deceive others by using this name?

Crowley has Cancer on the 12th House cusp, ruled by the Moon in Pisces in the 9th house, trine Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th House and sextile Pluto in the 11th house. Both the Moon and Pluto are quincunx Venus in Libra in the 4th House forming a Yod. Crowley had an emotional need and desire to spiritualize his life by aligning himself with some type of transcendental belief system that would allow him to see or experience himself as an extension of the Source. In addition, the potential to deceive himself in relation to his religious and spiritual beliefs, was strong.  

It is apparent, through his writings, that Crowley believed himself to possess great occult powers. In April 1904, he wrote “Liber Al vel Legis” or “The Book of the Law,” a book which proclaims that humanity was entering a new Aeon and that Crowley would serve as its prophet. In addition, it introduced a “supreme moral law” known as “Do what thou shalt be the whole of the law,” stating that people should learn to live in tune with their “true will.” This book and its philosophy later became the foundation of Thelema, a new relgion created by Crowley.

Crowley claimed that this book was dictated to him by an entity named Aiwass during his honeymoon in Cairo, Egypt, in April 1904. Transiting Neptune was conjunct his 12th House cusp at this time. It is interesting to note that he and his bride were masquarading (deception) as a prince and princess during their stay in Cairo. On March 18th, 1904, the couple visited a museum in Cairo, in order to view a mortuary statue known as the “Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu.” It is reported that Crowley was astounded as the exhibit’s identification number was 666, the number of the beast, which he likely deceived himself into believing was some kind of sign.

With transiting Neptune conjunct his 12th House cusp, trine his natal Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th house and sextile his Neptune in Taurus in his 10th House, and transiting Uranus conjunct his 6th House cusp (opposition transiting Neptune on the 12th House cusp) trine his natal Neptune, and transiting Venus and Mars both conjunct his natal Neptune, in April 1904, Crowley penned “Liber Al vel Legis” or “The Book of the Law.”  He claimed that Aiwass, his guardian angel, dictated it to him and assured his readers that it was not the product of automatic writing, but rather a voice he had heard and originally thought was the god, Horus. Crowley declared this book to be the equivalent of the Christian BIble.

Crowley wrote, “For these reasons and many more I am certain - I, the Beast, whose number is six hundred and sixty six - that this third chapter of The Book of Law is nothing less than the authentic Word, the Word of the Aeon, the Truth about Nature at this time...I must be crucified.., but, being lifted up, I will draw the whole world unto me; and men shall worship me, the Beast, Six Hundred and Sixty Six, celebrating to me their Midnight Mass...their God in man is offered to me, The Beast, their God.”

In April 1904, Crowley became a delusional cult leader, like many before and after him, such as Joseph Smith (Mormanism), L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) and Mary Eddy Baker (Christian Science) to name a few. He believed himself to be a prophet and justified his immoral lifestyle via “The Law of Thelema” which he deceived himself into believing was a form of higher law. This self-deceit freed him from the emotional burden of Christian guilt. With his natal Chiron in Aries conjunct his natal Neptune in Taurus in the 10th House, this guilt was his deepest wound, which he was attempting to heal in both himself and others, via this massive delusion.

With his Pluto in the 11th House, Crowley gravitated towards like-minded people. His Pluto is sextile natal Neptine in Pisces in the 9th House. He is known to have associated with others who were seeking esoteric knowledge.  These are the very people he introduced to his new religion and who helped spread it to other like-mind groups of people throughout the world.

If anyone had the time to read all of his works and study his life via the many biographies written about him, Crowley turns out to be a fascinating study in relation to Neptune and the Pisces archetype.  Here we have only scratched the surface. Who was he?  A delusional occultist who believed himself to be the prophet of a new religion, or a master spy purposely creating a cover for himself?  Maybe a little of both?

One reviewer writes, “An ancient, mystical, noble, and lofty tradition--namely Rosicrucianism--was infiltrated by the likes of Crowley, for all the wrong reasons. Here was a man whose primary goals were personal pleasure, money, power, and influence at any cost...seekers are cautioned to remember that the British government at that time was purposely infiltrating so-called "secret societies" because many influential scholars, artists, politicians, noblemen, and even royals were themselves involved in mystical societies and Rosicrucianism, in its various manifestations.The Brits' goal was information at any price. Crowley, using occult societies as his cover, did spy work far and wide for decades. Be assured, this man is NOT to be taken as a true representative of Rosicrucianism, and in many occult circles, even at the time, was considered a Black Magician.”

There iis apparently a lot of evidence documenting Crowley’s activities as a British spy who traveled around the world on various intelligence assignments, using sex, drugs and magik as his guise. It’s way too much to get into here, but if true proves him to be a master of deception.

Crowley’s Pluto, Moon and Venus form a Yod.  Pluto in the 11th House sextile the Moon in Pisces in the 8th House, indicates that Crowley’s intention and desire was to break free of crystallized and outmoded forms of self-definition by eliminating all external dependencies and learn to become emotionaly secure from within. These lessons took place in the realm of of sexuality, intimate relationships, the occult, and anything else deemed to be taboo at the time. The potential to deceive himself by believing that his doings in these areas were spiritual was immense.  Crowley claimed to have had his first significant mystical experience while on a holiday in Stockholm in December 1896.  Several of his biographers point out that this was the same time as his first bisexual encounter. He may have confused or deceived himself into believing that this sexual experience was a mystical experience.

According to JWG, “The meaning of the inconjunct is to realign your sense of personal identity or ego with a higher will or ego called God. and until you do so you have a crisis equaling the inability to manifest what you sense is a possibility or purpose for your life. The nature of an inconjunct is to teach humility at an egocentric level. The way it teaches the humility is to experience a sense of powerlessness or a core sense of inferiority in which you don't feel you're quite ready or good enough to do what your higher mind is suggesting that you can do; and until the conscious linkage is made with a higher power (we can call that God), you are blocked.”

Venus is the apex planet, correlating to one’s relationship with oneself and others, as well as one’s values and meaning in life. Venus is in Libra in the 4th house, indicating that this would play out on a very emotional and unconscious level, through his relationships with groups and associations that were based upon mystical or occult beliefs and philosophies.

In Magick in Theory and Practice, Crowley writes, “My former work has been misunderstood, and its scope limited by my use of technical terms. It has attracted only too many dilettanti and eccentrics, weaklings seeking in "Magic" an escape from reality. I myself was first consciously drawn to the subject in this way.”

Is it possible that Crowley’s escapades were merely a form of self-deception that served to cover up deep unconscious feelings of interiority? Did feelings of inferiority and powerlessness inspire him to rectify his chart, ridding himself this Yod and replacing it with a Grand Trine?

Crowley was blocked from being recognized and acknowledged as the great spiritual leader or genius that he perceived himself to be. Instead he was labeled as a Satanist or Black Magician, both of which he denied being.

Spy or mystic, Crowley spent his lifetime mastering the fine art of deception. He was blocked from being recognized as either a spirtual leader or a master spy in his lifetime.  Much of his work has only been recognized as something other than Black Magic and Satanism since his passing. Reading about his life and some of his writings has left me in a Neptunian cloud of confusion in relation to who and what he really was. It is easy to see how anyone, including Crowley himself, can easily be deceived into thinking or believing he was this or that.
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Hi Rad, Kristi & the Group

Kristin wrote, "The other challenge as a Soul evolves into more advanced stages of evolution is their role to expose, Scorpio, the impurities in another."

This is the first I've heard of this, or the first time I am conscious of hearing this. Thinking about it, it makes sense being that Virgo is Pisces polarity, and as Kristin pointed out, highly evolved souls have a lot of water, especially Scorpio and Pisces.

I'm pondering on this as other people don't normally take well to having their impurities exposed. I'm wondering if evolved souls have a gentle way of doing this or if it depends on the individual. It's an interesting concept.  Thinking about Jesus, he was very good at this.  JWG did this via EA.  It's been a very long time since I read Yogananda's biography (I did try to re-read it a few months ago, but didn't get very far).

I'm not sure where I am going with this, as I don't have a specific question, but if anyone wants to expound on it a bit, that would be cool.  I think I want to know why its an evolved soul's role to point out another's faults.  I assume in order to help them evolve. As you can see, I am having a discussion with myself, and if any one cares to join in, feel free  :-)
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Dear Cat
If I remember well a couple months ago Rad expressly stated in an answer to a question posted by Linda that he didn't want to discuss that guy's chart here at the message board, because of that guy being a satanist having a pact with evil.
He said: "I am going to answer your questions about ... this time but please don't ask anymore about him."

This was posted here:

Perhaps you would like to consider analyzing some other's chart.

God Bless, Gonzalo
ari moshe
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« Reply #175 on: Jan 13, 2014, 09:05 PM »

I’ve decided to work with the chart of L. Ron Hubbard to exemplify this aspect of Neptune/Pisces. Thank you Rad and everyone here for this space.
God bless,
Ari Moshe

Basic EA signatures: Pluto in Gemini in the 7th squaring Sun Mercury in Pisces in the 3rd. South node in Scorpio in the 11th with Jupiter, ruled by Pluto in Gemini in 7th. Pluto is the ruler of the 12th house. Pisces rules his 3rd house. Neptune is retro in Cancer in the 7th house squared with Venus the ruler of the north node in Aries in the 4th.

The south node of Neptune is in Aquarius in the 2nd house square the lunar nodal axis. The north node of Neptune is in Leo in the 8th house. Lucifer is in Taurus in the 5th and its south node is in Leo in the 8th square the nodal axis of the Moon.

He has a developing skipped step of Mars and Uranus in Cap in the 2nd house squaring the nodal axis. Uranus is the ruler of the south node of Neptune also in the second house. Natal Neptune is in opposition to that Mars and Uranus.

Here are some videos to get a sense of who this guy was for those who are interested:

Hubbard’s great grandson, an amazing poet:

Biography of Hubbard part 1:

Here’s the official Scientology website:


I’m going to focus both on how this soul created such wide spread deception as well as how his deception affected other people.

There is among the masses a great proclivity to become persuaded and convinced of almost anything. This is because for many souls the emotional assumptions of goodness in others are simultaneous to a lack of trust in one’s direct connection with the Divine. This lack of trusting one's connection leads almost most souls to be wooed by anyone or anything that offers some sort of inspiration, higher meaning or promise of salvation.

When we find a soul on the dark side who is acutely aware of human psychology, how to manipulate it and is concerned only with his own massive gain of power then we have a soul that is capable of persuading lots of people to do and become exactly what he wants them to be.

This soul Hubbard has learned how to appear to other people, how to talk, how to pick at just the right words in order to affect a relationship of dependency in which he becomes the one with the power (Pluto in Gemini in the 7th). The square of that Pluto to Gemini in the 3rd with Neptune ruling that in Cancer in the 7th implies that this soul has known how to speak to other people, to communicate just the right “logical” constructions of reality to sound completely coherent according to what other people were needing to hear at the time. This made his words and the salvation they offered a deeply safe place to many people who felt that he was a savior and a person to come home to: Cancer in the 7th. His profound capacity to relate to the core of the human experience and to speak about it in ways that all kinds of people can understand is implied in these signatures. His south node is in Scorpio in the 11th: he has manipulated groups of people to wield his own power - the rulership by that Pluto in the 7th squaring Pisces in the 3rd indicates just how he did that as described above. With Neptune retrograde ruling all the Pisces in the 3rd, prior to this life he had employed great duplicity and manipulative listening skills in order to get people under his wing. What he promised was power in a distorted 11th house sense: freedom from the limiting conditions of the human experience, psychic skills, telekinesis. He created a cult wherein the people of that cult that considered themselves more liberated, more intelligent and smarter than all the other humans who were still "programmed". He claimed that the Scientology process of auditing actually raises one's IQ one point per hour of auditing.

Neptune trines the south node and his Mercury Sun in Pisces in the 3rd further emphasizing the great skill of this soul and how well developed his capacity for deceit has already been prior to his incarnation as Hubbard.

Pluto rules the south node with Jupiter and also rules the 12th house. Prior to this life he has had the aspiration master his mind and understanding of human psychology in order to harness and deepen his own power. He has made himself a defacto god (Scorpio on the 12th house) by aligning himself with all kinds of symbols of power. He projected that image of being god like in his relationships: Pluto in the 7th ruling the 12th, Neptune in the 7th.

His north node in Taurus in the 5th with Venus in Aries in the 4th squaring Neptune in the 7th points to the immense stamina and self interest this soul must have had in order to have established the life that he did for himself. It requires one hell of a sense of delusional self importance/ self worth to construct such a grand life built entirely around manipulation of others, including his own children (4th house Aries, Neptune in Cancer), all for the purposes of his own self gain and glory.

The south node of Neptune is in Aquarius squaring the nodes. The bottom line history of this soul’s deceitful nature has been through granting his own self the right to determine how he wished to live - no matter what that looked like - and using the power of mind control (Aquarius relative to Scorpio in the 11th) to brainwash groups of people to give him their money. Scientology was started on the prime basis of a "genius" (Aquarius) idea on how to make a lot of money (2nd house).

Uranus rules that south node and is in Capricorn in the 2nd in a new phase conjunction with Mars, approaching a square to the nodes. He built a very large estate based on the resources he acquired from his followers; from the cult of Scientology. He was on a mission to become wealthy and he succeeded. He also constructed a story about how human beings were seeded with essences that were muddled up by an evil alien name xenu. Since humans existed, their essences have been “unconscious”. Scientology processing can make everyone "clear" and free from the very old alien invasive influence that all humans are subject to. This theme of "cleansing" reflects the Virgo Pisces axis in this soul's chart in the sense of how he deluded others to follow him on the promise of his own messianic version of salvation. This salvation was based on the core premise that there is something inherently "wrong" with humans in the first place that needs cleansing (Virgo). Of course this soul had Virgo ruling the 9th house: cosmology linked the need to atone or "cleanse" from something that is dirty and unnatural. Mercury ruling that in third house with Pisces: he just made these stories up with his imagination.

South node of Neptune in Aquarius in the 2nd squaring the south node in Scorpio in the 11th: Alien species seeding a form of intelligence on this planet as a sort of root species that has genetically spread to all groups of humans - and that only a special group of people can be cured of: those who join Scientology (for a massive fee).

This soul also had Chiron in Pisces in the 2nd house which was in a full phase inconjunct with its ruler, Neptune in Cancer in the 7th. Both Neptune and Chiron trine the south node. He created great wounding for others by offering himself as a savior to others who were suffering from low self esteem, lack of confidence. He made himself a God like figure who can save and heal them of their issues. Of course this was just a ploy of self interest, and he actually depleted people of their self worth and resources by way of using their weaknesses to further his own gain. This lead to great disillusionment for MANY souls when they realized that he was a chronic liar. All this points to a core sense of inadequacy within this soul that over time he learned to overcompensate for.

He was emotionally immature and needed to have his way, otherwise he would get angry and psychologically manipulative – venus inconjunct Jupiter sn in scorpio in the 11th. He would present himself as haven been taken advantage of quite often whenever other people tried to actually get their own needs met. (Relative to Venus in Aries in 4th in a disseminating square to Neptune in the 7th, he wanted to  others to be dependent upon him). In such cases his wrathful selfishness would come out and he would do the kind of thing that people who are identified with the darker aspects of life are generally expected to do: he would poke at other people’s greatest weaknesses with blackmail and threats. He did most of this indirectly (11th house). He even did this to his own son. He wanted total control and when his own son (who inherited his same name) began speaking out, he was sued by his father’s wife and was threathend and black mailed and ultimately signed an agreement in a legal settlement.

What I appreciate about this chart is how strongly the mutable archetypes come together to exemplify what Rad spoke about in response to Stacey’s question about Lying and deceit. He had a Sag AC ruled by Jupiter on the sn in Scorpio – both of which trine Neptune in Cancer in the 7th. he knew how to lie, to convince others and manipulate people with his magnanimous capacity to explain the truth in deeply convincing and intellectually adept objective scientific terms (Jupiter Scorpio in the 11th) – while that truth itself was nothing other than him drawing upon a bunch of other already well established scientific constructs and formulating them in such a way as to present exactly what he wanted to present in order to persuade others to join his cult. He communicated such truths by constructing and putting together "facts" that were really not facts at all - but to the ignorant mind may as well be truth. His Mercury and Jupiter were in a full phase trine: he knew how to lie well and was quite skillful at duplicit story telling. This aspect also means he totally KNEW what he was doing. His utter lack of moral concern enabled him to say anything to anyone in order to actualize his own motives. In this sense he was incredibly successful of deceiving others.

“We are extending to you the precious gift of freedom and immortality—factually, honestly.”
L. Ron Hubbard.

A note of comparison: as we have already discussed immensely Romney also had strong Mercury Pisces dynamics going on in his chart: the very nature of his entire political career (10th house) was based on his deceit through his use of words. His Neptune is in Libra in the 5th house: He made himself likable by appealing to other’s needs.

Personal sharing: I recall 10 years ago or so I stopped a couple times in a New York city subway to test out the e-meter which is a device used in Scientology that supposedly “measures” stress on a subconscious level. (Link here
I held the metal rods and was asked a bunch of questions by some auditors. This was the general dialog:

“Do you have a sibling that caused you problems at any point? Ok, think about this sibling. Well, this meter is indicating that there is strong psychological impediments from the past. Would you like to clear yourself of this? There is a way…”

I have a Mercury Jupiter conjunction both in a balsamic phase conjunction with Neptune in Sag in the 4th. Pisces DC also squares my nodal axis. I have definitely held the emotional assumption that people are inherently concerned for the well being of one another and have wanted to trust what others tell me is true. These signatures for me have implied a lack of discrimination relative to what kind of information I allow myself to take in or not take in - and how other people's constructs have shaped my sense of identity. I did not get very far with those folks, though the appeal of their offer to help me was quite alluring as I was perpetually seeking some sort of higher guidance at that time.

Here's a great quote to exemplify the deceitful nature of this soul:
After returning from Alaska, Hubbard applied to join the United States Navy. His Congressman, Warren G. Magnuson, wrote to President Roosevelt to recommend Hubbard as "a gentleman of reputation" who was "a respected explorer" and had "marine masters papers for more types of vessels than any other man in the United States". Hubbard was described as "a key figure" in writing organizations, "making him politically potent nationally". The Congressman concluded: "Anything you can do for Mr Hubbard will be appreciated." His friend Robert MacDonald Ford, by now a State Representative for Washington, sent a letter of recommendation describing Hubbard as "one of the most brilliant men I have ever known". Hubbard was said by Scientologists to be "a powerful influence" in the Northwest and to be "well known in many parts of the world and has considerable influence in the Caribbean and Alaska". The letter declared that "for courage and ability I cannot too strongly recommend him." Ford later said that Hubbard had written the letter himself: "I don't know why Ron wanted a letter. I just gave him a letter-head and said, 'Hell, you're the writer, you write it!'"[100]

Thought I'd also share this because it stands out: Tom Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology. His Neptune is conjunct the south node and Jupiter of Hubbard: being convinced and persuaded to become more powerful. Interestingly Hubbard's own Neptune is right on Cruise's north node as well.

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« Reply #176 on: Jan 14, 2014, 08:32 AM »

Hi Linda,

Gosh, this is some of your very best work. By referencing Neptune, it's Nodes, and their planetary rulers to the underlying EA paradigm for Rajneesh you provided the context through which to understand the dynamic of deception in his life. This is truly masterful EA work Linda.

A couple of other stories that I also remember about his are one wherein he had been given some sort of drug while reclined in his favorite 'dentist chair' that he had imported from somewhere because of his problems with his back. One of his personal bodyguards was present who reported this event later on in a book he wrote about Rajneesh because of his own disillusionment with him. While in a drug induced state reclining in this chair he reportedly said the words "Thank god I don't have to pretend to be enlightened anymore".

Another one that I also remember took place during the filming of the movie 'Ashram' by another 'devotee' who also became disillusioned and desired to expose this creep called Rajneesh. This was when he was 'selling Tantra' to those who came to the ashram while it was still in India. Among many scenes there is this one wherein some truly deranged man who had paid his money wanted to have 'tantra sex' with one of the women there who was, in fact , utterly repulsed by this man. She kept saying 'no, no' while at the same time this man forced himself, like a rape, upon her in order to have 'tantra sex'. She was shrieking while others simply looked on. While this was happening the person making the film deftly went from the the scene of this rape to a picture on the wall of the creep Rajneesh. Back and forth the camera went while she shrieked in total pain. The point being made about the reality of the 'Ashram'.

And I also remember JWG saying that because his counseling work took place in Seattle, Washington for many, many years that when the 'commune' collapsed for the reasons that it did that for a period of many months some of those who had become utterly disillusioned by the creep Rajneesh filled his office with their own horror stories.

Wonderful EA work Linda.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #177 on: Jan 14, 2014, 08:49 AM »

Hi Rad,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

After reading Kristin's brilliant work, I really want to make a clear statement that it was not me, but JWG who should get the praises for these ideas that I have merely presented!

What was of great inspiration and EA knowledge to me was JWG's videos that you posted the other day.  It was from those videos that I realized just how absolutely BRILLIANT he is!  Well, I've always known this.  I also consider him to have amazing communication skills by which he can impart this knowledge.

It humbles me to receive this praise from you..... but really and truly, I am a mere student and putting in a lot of effort, and slowly over time hope to achieve even a tiny fraction of the brilliance that JWG has imparted to us!  All I can hope to do is to help impart this knowledge to others, and spread the EA brilliance around.  I love EA because it is the Natural Truth.

Bravo JWG!

Appreciation and Love,

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« Reply #178 on: Jan 14, 2014, 08:55 AM »

Hi Skywalker,

Your EA work on this segment of Neptune, deception which can also be linked as you point out to evasion, is simply an incredibly comprehensive understanding that is just brilliant. Your understanding of the interaction between the Nodes of Neptune relative to it's natal placement, the planetary rulers of those Nodes, the aspects to them, and all of this being linked, in your personal example, to the S.Node of the Moon being in Pisces is incredibly masterful work. Within this the sweep of time itself has provided a correct context to understand everything that you have written that leads to the underlying 'assumptions' within the collective consciousness of humans that are themselves, in so many cases, deceptions.

Then, at the end, to bring it all into the current time of your own Soul's journey, the transiting Neptune on your S.Node of the Moon, is just as accurate as it is honest and, yes, objective.

Brilliant EA work Skywalker.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #179 on: Jan 14, 2014, 09:18 AM »

Hi Kristin,

Your EA work on Neptune, it's Nodes, the locations of their planetary rulers with aspects to them, being exampled through the 3rd Stage of the Spiritual evolution is just wonderful and brilliant work. How the dynamics of deception, and the reasons for them that can be experienced at the stage of evolution is a very needed understanding for the EA astrologer in general because it really isn't understood that well by most.

Thus, your use of the stories of Souls like Jesus and Yogananda,  illustrates exactly how disillusionment can take place which includes the organization that Yogananda started which could also be extended to how the teachings of Jesus himself have been used to deceive people by way of the Vatican and so many of the various 'sects' of 'Christianity'. And, yes, to even the case of JWG himself where others have deceived him and others by way of their stated reasons or motives for learning and using EA in their own lives. Essentially, he founded EA itself in the late 1970's, wrote his books, lectured all over the world as a singular voice for the evolution of the Soul that then so many others have progressively tried to call their own: thus, deceiving themselves and others in so doing.

Your EA work on this segment Kristin is just wonderful and brilliant EA work.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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