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Oct 23, 2018, 01:50 AM
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Author Topic: Rectification Help Needed :-)  (Read 2316 times)
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« on: Dec 26, 2013, 02:18 PM »

Hi Rad and Group,

My mother shared some information about my father, who is no longer on Earth, with me yesterday. It is related to the death of his mother when he was a five year old boy and how it possibly affected him the rest of his life. I always knew that his mother died on Christmas day when he was a boy but never heard anything in the way of details. Yesterday my mother told me the story, as explained to her by my grandfather. He was five years old, had just finished making a Christmas card for her, and ran into her room to give it to her.  When he arrived, he found her dead in her bed.

I spent many hours last night re-living his experience in my mind. I would like to look at his chart from an EA point of view to understand why he experienced this in this way.  The problem is, I don't know what time he was born and there isn't anyone left alive who would know.  Is there anyone here that is good at rectification and would be willing to help me? If so, please PM me and I will send what I know.

Thanks and enjoy the holidays!!!

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« Reply #1 on: Dec 28, 2013, 08:26 AM »

Hi Cat,

JWG did develop his own way of rectifying birth charts. Essentially his method involved asking the types of questions that could help, first, to locate the natal placement of Pluto by house. These sorts of questions would of course involve asking the person questions that correlated to the bottom line archetypes existing within each house. Once that was determined the birth time is then reduced to a two hour window relative to the Ascendent.

That two hour window then creates various possibilities relative to the location of the natal planets by way of their own house locations/ aspects to those planets. By asking additional questions that reflect these various possibilities it is possible to winnow down a more or less accurate birth time. Of course the real skill here is knowing what types of questions to ask relative to all these possibilities.

Additionally, the use of transits to those various possibilities, the events in the life, can be used to really get close to the actual birth time.

This method he generally used on folks whose own chart was in question. I am not that familiar with whether he would work with a third person about another person which is your situation. If you have quite a bit of knowledge about your father's life I would think that this method would be useful to you.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

God Bless, Rad
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« Reply #2 on: Dec 28, 2013, 12:54 PM »

Hi Rad,

Thank you for that.  I have been looking at articles about rectification and its beyond my current skill set and not something I want to devote a lot of time to learning, at least right now.  I think I will rely on intuition and mediate on his chart with pluto in each of the houses time permits. Maybe I can narrow down, like I am sure he did not have a Leo ascendant.  I'll start with elimination, it seems easier that way.  I imagine this will take some time. If I have any specific questions, I will return here to ask.

Thank you!

I found the questions:

Questions to ask to rectify chart by Pluto house

Pluto in HOUSE 1. Do you feel you have a special destiny to achieve, meaning something out of the ordinary? The related question, do you have an inner resistance to completing yourself in relationship? (Why? There has been a whole prior life background of essential independence.)  There are other questions you could ask. You could ask the polarity point questions.

Pluto in HOUSE 2. Do you feel that you are fundamentally self contained. Do you feel that you are fundamentally able to identify and meet your own needs?

Pluto in HOUSE 3. Do you feel that you have a fundamental curiosity to understand the nature of life, that curiosity primarily manifesting at an intellectual level? As an example, do you feel you have a compulsion to read many, many books, and yet your tendency being to read three or four pages in each book and not the whole book? Do you feel that your mind is simply a roller coaster brain of competing perspectives, the roller coaster or roll x-carts generating competing perspectives. The polarity point question would be, do you feel that you are trying to find that one philosophical system that puts it all together for you?

Pluto in HOUSE 4. Do you feel that you are born with fundamental insecurity at a compulsive level? Do you feel that you had parents that were unable to understand the nature of your emotional needs, and therefore the nature of nurturing accordingly? Do you feel that you have a problem identifying with traditional gender role assignment? Do you feel in your intimate relationships that at times you have problems with what we can call pathological jealousy that is quite different than normal jealousy. Pathological jealousy is demonstrated in O.J. Simpson, meaning a person that can never let go.

Pluto in HOUSE 5. Do you feel that you are the center of your own universe? Do you
unconsciously expect all things to revolve around you? Do you feel you have a bottomless pit in terms of the need to receive positive feedback for whatever your efforts may be?

Pluto in HOUSE 6. Do you feel that you have a problem with a core feeling of fundamental inadequacy? An inner feeling that you are not good enough to do what your higher mind suggests is possible to do? This becomes the basis of compulsive excuse-making, which sounds like rational reasons. Do you feel you have a problem with priority confusions? Do you feel you have a compulsion to make crisis out of thin air? Do you feel the emphasis in your consciousness is left brain analytical thought processes? Do you feel that you are plagued by personal doubt? Do you feel that you are your own worst enemy?

Pluto in HOUSE 7. Do you have a compulsive need to be needed? Do you feel you have a lesson in terms of learning when to give and when not to give, and more importantly, how to receive? Do you feel you have problems in codependency in relationship? Do you feel you have problems in projection in relationship (either one or both partners compulsively projecting their subjective reality on one another)?

Pluto in HOUSE 8. Do you feel you are born with fundamental emotional fears of betrayal, emotional fears of loss, emotional fears of abandonment, impacting on your ability to trust? Do you feel that you crawled out of the womb asking why, i.e. do you feel that you psychoanalyze yourself to the point of tears, and psychoanalyze everyone else to the point of tears? Do you feel that you are an inherently suspicious person? Do you feel that you have an awareness of larger forces in the universe that you cannot control?

Pluto in HOUSE 9. Do you feel that you have been asking giant questions for lifetimes, why life, why death, how do I fit into the cosmos? Do you have an element in your consciousness that just knows what it knows without knowing how it knows it? Meaning, do you feel the strength of your Soul is intuitive? Are you born with a fundamental restlessness? For an individuated or spiritual person the question becomes, do you feel that you have a core alienation from society? Do you feel that you have a need to understand yourself in cosmological terms?

Pluto in HOUSE 10. Do you feel that you are born with a core sense of guilt that you can no longer define? Do you feel that you have a tremendous standard of inner judgment, which equals becoming your own worst enemy? Do you feel you have a fundamental fear of losing control? Do you have a need to be recognized by society? A related question in the individuated and spiritual state. Are you having problems in gender assignment (consensusly defined)? Was there a power problem with one or both parents?

Pluto in HOUSE 11. Were you born with a fundamental feeling of being inherently different than most other people? A related question, not knowing quite where to fit, in society's terms? Do you feel you are born with an inherent capacity to innovate? Do you feel you are born with major lessons in terms of who is a friend and who is not? Do you have a consciousness that is naturally constructed to promote social orders that are more equitable for all concerned, meaning natural humanitarian? That will exist even in the consensus state. Lyndon Johnson had an 11th house Pluto, Bill Clinton has an 11th house Pluto.

Pluto in HOUSE 12. Fundamental question, is your deepest fear falling into the great, great inner abyss? Do you feel you are born with a core of ideals that are continually frustrated? Were you born with no clear sense of boundaries between where you start and something else starts around you? Do you have a fundamental fear of going crazy or insane? Do you have an inner feeling of being in a prison, in which there is no way out?
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