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Hi All,

We are pleased to announce the most recent book based on the teachings of JWG: Structure of the Soul.

The is the most recent book by Jeffrey Wolf Green. The crowning jewel of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s body of work is found in his system of chart analysis. His teachings on Pluto and its relationships to the North and South Nodes of Moon, which are commonly referred to as the karmic axis, have completely eclipsed all previous information sources on the subject. This is the very foundation of Evolutionary Astrology which he pioneered. This latest compilation of teachings and discussions from the Jeffrey Wolf Green archives library is a treat for both those who have studied the founder’s work, and for students newly embarking on investigation into Evolutionary Astrology. Chock full of great examples to help you expand your interpretation skills, Structure of the Soul provides a review of the Pluto paradigm, the core principles of Evolutionary Astrology, the Nodal Axis of Pluto, and an entire section of the book is dedicated to the Planetary Nodes which provide essential background context that can be easily missed without their inclusion in understanding the evolutionary journey of the Soul. Whether this book is a review or you are coming at it fresh – it is a must read!

The book is available in as a paperback, an eBook, and on Amazon's kindle book format. To purchase the book go directly to:

Or you can purchase this book as a PDF file directly from:

To enlarge the image of the book cover simply click on the picture or download the link.



The Jeffrey Wolf Green School Of Evolutionary Astrology is now offering to publish new authors of JWG'S Evolutionary Astrology paradigm under the JWG Evolutionary Astrology banner. If you are an author who is writing a subject that is rooted and based in the EA paradigm who would like us to publish you book please contact us at for further information.


The Jeffrey Wolf Green School Of Evolutionary Astrology needs people who can translate all of it’s books into other languages

We are seeking individuals who are able to translate the various books on Evolutionary Astrology into other languages that we will publish ourselves. These books will be sold on through all their international sites around the world. We are also able to sell to local bookstores in any country.

The translator of any book will receive 50% of the monies received per book sale. Since we publish our books through the percentage that we receive per book sale is roughly 70% of the retail cost per book. All of our books are selling very well so the translator of any book in whatever language can make money on an ongoing and sustained basis.

If you are interested please contact Deva Green at for further information.

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                   The Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology Series Of Books From Other Authors

                                  Lilith: Keepers Of The Flame by Mary Blue

This is a story about womankind’s natural role as guardians of the Flame of Spirit that dwells within the heart of all human beings. Lilith, the eternal root of the sacred feminine from humankind’s spiritual genesis, symbolizes archetypally this role women once held by sacred design and divine intent. They were known as the Keepers of the Flame, those who oversaw and guided the way humans organized themselves in all affairs that governed their lives. The foundation for their way of life was based upon Natural Law versus man-made laws. One of its core principles was the universal practice of giving, sharing and including. The purpose of this work is to reach out to those who want to go beyond patriarchal conditioning by showing that the history we have been led and taught to believe as true, especially about womankind, is false. In fact, what is true about human nature and its original way of life came before the patriarchy, what is referred to as the matriarchy. The original archetype of Lilith is described based on the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green with the intent to help bolster and invigorate every woman’s spirit by showing her the way back home to her own natural self;  to stand again as one individual who exists as part of a group consciousness, the species human, interwoven into an even larger family comprised of all Earth’s sacred beings, and by doing so, to reconnect to the Spirit that dwells within each and every heart linking all to her own, and to relearn how to speak its Truths with passion and conviction for the benefit of all.  That is Lilith.


You will know truth when it speaks to your soul. It is a knowingness that simply exists beyond the words. As I read through the book, I felt an immediate resonance with the concepts put forth by the author. I learned, I absorbed, I embraced. Somehow I remembered. The remembering felt as natural as breath in, breath out. Great educators like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have described how ancient myths continue to inform and live on within our collective unconscious. Our great spiritual teachers, many of whom are referenced within the pages of this book, remind each one of us of our connection to universal source, to the divinity that exists within each one of us. They invite us to embark on the journey inward, to reconnect with our center, our soul, and with the source of all that is. In this luminous book, the author exquisitely and simply synthesizes the knowledge imparted by the spiritual masters regarding our Creatress force. She speaks of the transgender whole of the sacred feminine in its unfiltered and unconditioned version. This is not the Lilith story with the overlay of patriarchal conditionings that give an explanation for humanity’s spiritual downfall, but rather that of her preHerstory - of the unified, fecund and regenerative Creatress seed from which all life has sprung. I invite you to allow your own knowingness to verify the truth contained within these pages. Don’t read this book - experience it, for yourself, for your soul. Rose Marcus Evolutionary Astrologer, Author, "Insights into Evolutionary Astrology"

Click here to order the printed book:

Click here to order the Kindle version of the book:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Click here to order a PDF eBook:

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