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Oct 21, 2018, 02:27 AM
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Author Topic: Can someone please give me a past life reading/analysis?  (Read 2380 times)
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« on: Apr 14, 2014, 04:06 AM »

Please, I am highly eager to know I wish to understand myself better, why am I here? what are my life lessons? who was I in a past lifetime & what was my career? also why do I have jupiter in retrograde & saturn in 7th house?

Sun   15°08'    Virgo
Moon   2°36'    Scorpio
Mercury   17°17'    Virgo
Venus   0°33'    Scorpio
Mars   16°04'    Capricorn
Jupiter   18°14'   Я   Pisces
Saturn   3°53'    Sagittarius
Uranus   18°25'    Sagittarius
Neptune   3°03'   Я   Capricorn
Pluto   5°22'    Scorpio
Chiron   21°45'    Gemini
Ceres   16°01'    Libra
Pallas   22°54'    Virgo
Juno   6°16'    Sagittarius
Vesta   19°47'   Я   Aries
Node   21°16'    Aries
Lilith   15°43'    Gemini
Fortune   27°54'    Pisces
AS   15°22'    Taurus
MC   26°08'    Capricorn

Sun   House 5
Moon   House 6
Mercury   House 5
Venus   House 6
Mars   House 9
Jupiter   House 11
Saturn   House 7
Uranus   House 8
Neptune   House 8
Pluto   House 6
Chiron   House 2
Ceres   House 6
Pallas   House 5
Juno   House 7
Vesta   House 12
Node   House 12
Lilith   House 2
Fortune   House 12

House 1   15°22'   Taurus
House 2   13°27'   Gemini
House 3   4°59'   Cancer
House 4   26°08'   Cancer
House 5   21°31'   Leo
House 6   27°18'   Virgo
House 7   15°22'   Scorpio
House 8   13°27'   Sagittarius
House 9   4°59'   Capricorn
House 10   26°08'   Capricorn
House 11   21°31'   Aquarius
House 12   27°18'   Pisces

Moon   Conjunction   Venus   Orb   2°02'
Sun   Conjunction   Mercury   Orb   2°09'
Moon   Conjunction   Pluto   Orb   2°46'
Venus   Conjunction   Pluto   Orb   4°48'
Mars   Conjunction   MC   Orb   10°04
Mercury   Opposite   Jupiter   Orb   0°57'
Sun   Opposite   Jupiter   Orb   3°06'
Jupiter   Square   Uranus   Orb   0°10'
Mercury   Square   Uranus   Orb   1°07'
Sun   Square   Uranus   Orb   3°17'
Venus   Square   MC   Orb   4°25'
Moon   Square   MC   Orb   6°27'
Sun   Trine   AS   Orb   0°14'
Mars   Trine   AS   Orb   0°41'
Sun   Trine   Mars   Orb   0°56'
Mercury   Trine   Mars   Orb   1°13'
Mercury   Trine   AS   Orb   1°54'
Moon   Sextile   Neptune   Orb   0°27'
Mars   Sextile   Jupiter   Orb   2°10'
Neptune   Sextile   Pluto   Orb   2°18'
Venus   Sextile   Neptune   Orb   2°29'
Jupiter   Sextile   AS   Orb   2°51'
Moon   SemiSquare   Mercury   Orb   0°18'
Sun   SemiSquare   Venus   Orb   0°25'
Moon   SemiSquare   Uranus   Orb   0°49'
Moon   SesquiQuadrate   Jupiter   Orb   0°38'
Jupiter   SesquiQuadrate   Pluto   Orb   2°07'
Moon   Quintile   Mars   Orb   1°28'
Saturn   SemiSextile   Neptune   Orb   0°49'
Moon   SemiSextile   Saturn   Orb   1°16'
Saturn   SemiSextile   Pluto   Orb   1°29'[/quote]
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« Reply #1 on: Apr 14, 2014, 05:19 AM »


When anyone signs up on this message board there are policies that are stated and one of this is this:

3) Policy on personal chart interpretation and analysis:
The message board is here to teach the principles of EA through example.   What is posted here is meant to be of general interest to all of our readers.   Individual analysis of your chart from a personal point of view is of interest mainly to you and not to most other readers.  Thus posting personal charts and asking for analysis or feedback on your chart is not appropriate here.  Asking questions about or posting your chart as an example of EA principles that will be of interest to many readers is acceptable.
   At times there can be a fine line between what is of personal interest and what is of general interest.  Our moderators reserve the right to remove or to request that you remove any material posted they feel is personal chart interpretation.
  We have a number of qualified Evolutionary Astrologers associated with our school and this message board.  A more appropriate place for personal chart interpretation questions is a private reading with one of them

God Bless,Rad
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