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Author Topic: Better understanding of the house cusp phenomenon  (Read 123 times)

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« on: May 07, 2015, 05:52 PM »

Hello everyone,

I have been interested in astrology dearly for the past month or maybe even more, but recently i've came up across something in my chart which made me aqquire for a Q&A.  I am a scorpio sun with a capricorn ascendant, mercury in scorpio.

My question is, if my sun sits in the 9th house, but ONE degree away from the 10th house cusp , do both houses manifest in my character? Because, i have always felt extremely philosophical, which pushed me to believe in vedic astrology ( which makes me a libra with sagittarius ascendant). But upon finding out about my 9th house sun, some explanations were made. Though i do care about social status, i blame it mainly on my capricorn ascendant, if i were to believe my sun was in the 10th, the social status importance would be way too high. I feel my sun in 9th house extremely powerful with no tendencies whatsoever toward the 10th, so i object to any theory regarding house cusps as considering both houses or the following.

And really, if one feels that the 9th house is predominant with him and even WISHES it was predominant with him, doesn't that mean one has the sun on  9th house and not in 10th? I think the cusp phenomenon should have some individual view-point toward it, not just astrological facts.

But i would like some professional insight. Thank you!

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and the thing is, sun in 9th is mainly the only thing in my chart that clearly states " i'm interested in knowledge and spiritual affairs". and i consider myself a very knowledgable individual, even if my chart doesnt't stresses it out. losing my 9th house sun sounds crazy. lol
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Please read "if this is your first visit to this message board'.

There you will find this:

3) Policy on personal chart interpretation and analysis:
The message board is here to teach the principles of EA through example.   What is posted here is meant to be of general interest to all of our readers.   Individual analysis of your chart from a personal point of view is of interest mainly to you and not to most other readers.  Thus posting personal charts and asking for analysis or feedback on your chart is not appropriate here.  Asking questions about or posting your chart as an example of EA principles that will be of interest to many readers is acceptable. 
   At times there can be a fine line between what is of personal interest and what is of general interest.  Our moderators reserve the right to remove or to request that you remove any material posted they feel is personal chart interpretation.
  We have a number of qualified Evolutionary Astrologers associated with our school and this message board.  A more appropriate place for personal chart interpretation questions is a private reading with one of them.

God Bless, moderators ..
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