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Author Topic: Ceres Vesta conjunction  (Read 3399 times)
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« on: Jul 04, 2014, 04:51 PM »

Anyone have any comments on the Ceres Vesta conjunction tomorrow?  First time since their discovery 200 years ago.


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STELLIUM:  Vesta-Ceres-Mars-North Node LIBRA

July 5:  Vesta-Ceres conjunction @ 22 Libra - 17 year cycle

-  interesting to note that Venus ruling North Node will be at 13.41 deg Gemini conj the "Venus Transit of June 6, 2012" @ 15.44 Gemini.

July 12: Ceres-Mars conjunction @ 25 Libra - 3 year cycle (Mars rules the South Node)

July 13:  North Node - Vesta conjunction @ 25 Libra - 3 year cycle

July 13: North Node - Mars conjunction @ 24 Libra - 2 year cycle

July 14:  North Node - Ceres conjunction @ 24 Libra - 3 year cycle

July 15:  Vesta-Mars conjunction @ 25 Libra - 4 year cycle -

Interpretation of the Stellium

-  Honouring the emotions rather than intellectualizing them

-  Merging of thought with feeling

-  Treading lightly

-  Honouring the partner

-  Approaching desires via the feminine

-  Liberating the emotions

-  Feminizing rather than masculinizing

-  Softening the instincts

-  Expressing rather than repressing desires and emotions

-  Moving forward in relationships

-  Spiritualizing physical desire

-  Sacred sexuality


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How about unexpected emotional events  (conjunct Moon) relating to parental child relationship, perhaps some anger (opposite Uranus, conjunct Mars)?
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How about unexpected emotional events  (conjunct Moon) relating to parental child relationship, perhaps some anger (opposite Uranus, conjunct Mars)?

Hi Daniel,

I agree, the stellium would certainly include parental-child relationships.  Also:

-  evolutionary intentions pertaining to the cardinal signs

-  the inner child and parent (Cancer/Capricorn)

-  the inner feminine/masculine (anima/animus)

-  the unexpected emotional events (Uranus) and forward push of Mars are greatly softened by the Moon and the Sacred Feminine asteroids Ceres and Vesta.

-  Right now, we have Jupiter square the Nodes, temporary skipped steps.  "Truth" - of all kinds - has been lost, and needs to be regained.  

-  There's a regaining of Truth, and taking it to a higher level, Compassion (rather than judgment).

-  There are also sudden emotional revelations into the Mysteries of the Feminine.

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Hi Daniel,

Just a correction in that the Ceres-Vesta cycle is about 17 years, the last one being in 1996, and in 1979 before that.

The rare astronomical event you are referring to is that Ceres and Vesta are both conjunct (i.e. same zodiacal degree) and also parallel in declination (i.e. equally distant from the ecliptic/path of the sun) at the same time.  So visually speaking they appear closer together in the sky than they have in over 200 years.   

Part of the confusion here might also be that the asteroids Ceres and Pallas actually do have an extremely long synodic cycle because their orbital periods are so close.  (The last time they had conjunctions was in the period 1520s-1830s, and before that in the 300s-600s BC!)

My own thoughts on the conjunction of Ceres-Vesta is that it has to do with an opportunity for recommitment to internal depth, a very strong capacity for deep meditative focus.  It's interesting that many of the natal charts we frequently reference here on the MB and Kristin's show have the Vesta-Ceres conjunction -- Yogananda, Obama, Rumi, Princess Diana, to name a few.

The other association for me would be the alignment of sacred and embodied sexuality, of internal and external dimensions of sexuality.  And particularly of the feminine in sexuality.  This from Vesta's association to the inner hearth, the flame of sexuality, and ancient initiatory rites, and Ceres association with sexual initiation via the Persephone story. 

God bless,
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Hi Daniel and all,

It was a beautiful site to see Vesta shining in the night sky last night with the crescent moon in Libra. Vesta’s name is derived from the Sanskrit root vas, meaning SHINING, She is not the largest of the asteroids but the brightest, and the only one that can be seen with the naked eye. There is tremendous focus on the sacred feminine, even if for some it is a mere undercurrent, it is now so prevalent and prominent represented in this current stellium of energy.

Just some further thoughts on this Vesta-Ceres conjunction. Ceres symbolizes 'recovering something lost from the past'. As Ceres conjuncts Vesta, this would symbolize recovering aspects of the sacred feminine that any Soul may have embodied in another time or perhaps a Soul who may have experienced this archetype more naturally speaking and been imprinted by this merging long ago..

It is important to remember and acknowledge, especially when working with EA, the original intention and meaning of these goddess archetypes, in this case Vesta in particular, as these bodies are in Libra, they are part of this cardinal configuration involving Pluto in Cap and Uranus in Aries. Clearly as things are uncovered and remembered, there will be limits to what is possible on the planet based on patriarchal distortions and interferences with natural law for our society has no context in which to validate the sacred aspect of our sexuality, but it can be a time when a greater balance can be struck, when for a male the sacred (sexual) feminine can be felt and accessed within and when a woman can feel the inner stirrings of truth herself. It may be a time for some where one’s connection to a partner would allow for some kind of sexual healing to occur, where a higher force in their union could be recognized and a healing received.

Vesta is the image of the temple priestess standing over the sacred flame, representing our connection to spirit, and within that, her SECRET teaching has to do with sacred sexuality. She is shown holding a lighted torch, the flame of Spirit, and a votive bowl, the symbol for the womb, or what is considered to be the HOLY WELL or the sacred sexual temple. Vesta represents the CHANNEL to the cosmic mother, the intermediary to the spirit world.  ( See Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George)

In the beginning,
The Vesta had a key role in the tribe in natural times and was a divine consort. When a male member of the tribe reached a certain point in maturity, she would sexually initiate him because of her connection to the divine, and this would create a permanent imprint in him, like a tattoo to his body and Soul. She taught him how to love and the proper use of sexuality. Because the male’s first sexual experience was in being with a priestess of this kind versus directing this brimming testosterone after the first thing that moved, his initial experience was one of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, this union made him incapable of violence and because of this there is no evidence of rape or war at that time.

So in merging these bodies, Vesta-Ceres, also Mars and the North Node it may ignite the desire to recover and restore some of the sacred stream that once permeated our lands. Depending on how Vesta is expressed in anyone’s chart and where this symbol lands natally and through transit, Because Vesta connects to the womb, it can be a time when creative projects are born, and when vital truths are inwardly uncovered and realized. The sacral chakra is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. This is what she was capable of channeling for other Soul’s, a higher wisdom from the Divine. In this sacred space between the hips, the word Gnosis comes to mind, “There is nothing to believe and everything to KNOW.” The knowledge that can be accessed here is rooted in self evident natural laws that were set in motion by the creator.  This may be a time when the truth of your own natural desires and perhaps your own sexual nature can be found and can flourish, when you can harmonize, Libra, and find a focal point of balance within your own Soul.  


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Hi All,

Below is a story from India that reflects this Vesta/Ceres conjunction in Libra, ruled by Venus currently transiting in Gemini. One of the archetypes of Libra correlates with justice, another equality and balance. Gemini, through geodetic equivalents to longitudes, correlates with India. The transiting Ceres/Vesta conjunction is also with transiting Mars. The transiting S.Node of Vesta in in Capricorn conjunct tranity Pluto, and the N.Node of Vesta in in Cancer exactly conjunct the transiting Sun. Here we see the obvious link to the patriarchy relative to the original matriarchy. And with Uranus in Aries squaring this Cancer/ Capricorn  energy, it is also opposed the Ceres/Vesta conjunction, with transiting Mars. One of the correlations to Mars, in men, is their penis's. The 'sudden' cutting off of the man's penis you will read in this story. The rebellion of all these women against this sick and perverted man, and, through extension, the entire 'system' created by the men, the patriarchy, that is a causative factor in what men do to women speaks for itself.  This event takes place in India.

God Bless, Rad

Arrest us all': the 200 women who killed a rapist

When hundreds of women descended on Nagpur district court armed with knives, stones and chilli powder, within minutes the man who raped them lay dead. Raekha Prasad reports

Raekha Prasad
The Guardian, Friday 16 September 2005  

A year ago Usha Narayane was about to embark on a new life. A call-centre worker with a diploma in hotel management, she was 25 and about to travel north from her home in the centre of India to begin a managerial job in a hotel in Punjab. The job would transport her not only geographically but also socially.

Like her neighbours, Narayane is a dalit, an "untouchable", at the bottom of the caste ladder. Schooling and literacy are rare among the women of Kasturba Nagar, the slum neighbourhood in the city of Nagpur where she grew up. She was unmarried, preferring to work and study. Yet nobody resented her success. Instead, they had high hopes for the girl. But Narayane went nowhere. Today, she is in her family's one-room, windowless home, awaiting trial for murder.

At 3pm on August 13 2004, Akku Yadav was lynched by a mob of around 200 women from Kasturba Nagar. It took them 15 minutes to hack to death the man they say raped them with impunity for more than a decade. Chilli powder was thrown in his face and stones hurled. As he flailed and fought, one of his alleged victims hacked off his penis with a vegetable knife. A further 70 stab wounds were left on his body. The incident was made all the more extraordinary by its setting. Yadav was murdered not in the dark alleys of the slum, but on the shiny white marble floor of Nagpur district court.

Laughed at and abused by the police when they reported being raped by Yadav, the women took the law into their own hands. A local thug, Yadav and his gang had terrorised the 300 families of Kasturba Nagar for more than a decade, barging into homes demanding money, shouting threats and abuse.

Residents say he murdered at least three neighbours and dumped their bodies on railway tracks. They had reported his crimes to the police dozens of times. Each time he was arrested, he was granted bail.

But it was rape that Yadav used to break and humiliate the community. A rape victim lives in every other house in the slum, say the residents of Kasturba Nagar. He violated women to control men, ordering his henchmen to drag even girls as young as 12 to a nearby derelict building to be gang-raped.

In India, even to admit to being raped is taboo, yet dozens of Yadav's victims reported the crime. But the 32-year-old was never charged with rape. Instead, the women say, the police would tell him who had made the reports and he would come after them. According to residents, the police were hand-in-glove with Yadav: he fed the local officers bribes and drink, and they protected him.

When one 22-year-old reported being raped by Yadav, the police accused her of having an affair with him and sent her away. Several others were sent away after being told: "You're a loose woman. That's why he raped you."

Nagpur is counted among India's fastest-growing cities. Yet the experience of the women of Kasturba Nagar is a parallel tale of how everyday life in India's back streets is stuck in the past. Splashed across the country's news- papers, the gory image of Yadav's blood on the courtroom floor was a lesson in the consequences of a state unable to protect the weak and the vulnerable.

After Yadav's murder, powerful voices were raised supporting the lynch mob. Prominent lawyers issued a statement saying the women should not be treated as the accused, but as the victims. One retired high court judge even congratulated the women. "In the circumstances they underwent, they were left with no alternative but to finish Akku. The women repeatedly pleaded with the police for their security. But the police failed to protect them," said Justice Bhau Vahane.

Two weeks before the lynching, Yadav came to Narayane's house on several successive days, threatening to throw acid on her and rape her. He targeted her, she says, because she was outspoken and her brother-in-law, a lawyer, had verbally stood up to Yadav. "He raped only poor people whom he thought wouldn't go and tell, or if they did, wouldn't be listened to. But he made a big mistake in threatening me. People felt that if I were attacked, no woman would ever be safe."

Although Narayane has been charged with Yadav's murder, she claims she was not at the court when it took place but in the slum collecting signatures for a mass complaint against him. Among the charges levelled against her are some of India's most serious offences, including "anti- nationalist" crimes amounting to treason. "The cops say I planned the murder; that I started it. They have to make someone a scapegoat," she says. She believes she has been singled out because she has been the police's most vociferous critic. Her education gave her the confidence that inspired the community to act, she says.

In the week before the lynching, people started to talk about taking action against Yadav. He disappeared, sensing boiling anger. Narayane and her brother-in-law bypassed the local officers and went straight to the deputy commissioner. He gave the family a safe house for a night and promised to search for him.

On August 6, hundreds of residents smashed his empty house to rubble. By evening they heard Yadav had "surrendered" and was in custody. "The police had said he would be in danger if he came back. They suggested he surrender into their care for his own safety."

The next day he was due to appear at the city's district court and 500 slum residents gathered. As Yadav arrived, one of his henchmen tried to pass him knives wrapped in a blanket under the noses of the police. After the women protested, the accomplice was arrested and Yadav taken back into custody, but not before he threatened to return and teach every woman in the slum a lesson.

Hearing that Yadav was likely to get bail yet again, when he returned to court, the women decided to act. "It was not calculated," Narayane says. "It was not a case that we all sat down and calmly planned what would happen. It was an emotional outburst. The women decided that, if necessary, they'd go to prison, but that this man would never come back and terrorise them."

On the day of Yadav's hearing, 200 women came to the court armed with vegetable knives and chilli powder. As he walked in, Yadav spotted one of the women he had raped. He called her a prostitute and threatened to repeat the crime against her. The police laughed. She took off her sandal and began to hit him, shouting, "We can't both live on this Earth together. It's you or me."

It was a rallying cry to an incensed mob. Soon, he was being attacked on all sides. Knives were drawn and the two terrified officers guarding him ran away. Within 15 minutes, Yadav was dead on the courthouse floor. But his death has not brought the women peace. Five were immediately arrested, then released following a demonstration across the city. Now every woman living in the slum has claimed responsibility for the murder. They say no one person can take the blame: they have told the police to arrest them all.

But it is Narayane who is in limbo as she waits for her case to be heard. "After the murder, society's eyes opened: the police's failings came to light. That has irritated them. The police see me as a catalyst for the exposure and want to nip it in the bud."

They face a fight. Narayane is loudly unrepentant. "I'm not scared. I'm not ashamed," she says. "We've done a good thing for society. We will see whether society repays us".
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Jason, Kristin, Linda, and Rad,

Thank you. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to access this teaching through all of you.

Light and love,

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