Jeffrey Wolf Green – Karma to Dharma part 2 – Holland, 1994

By SchoolOfEA | June 12, 2012

This lecture, over four hours in length (here split into Parts 1 and 2), took place in 1994 in Holland.

First a complete discussion of the entire EA paradigm takes place. Then the discussion turns to the natural planetary polarities for all of the planets in the natal birth chart. These correlate to the evolution of all of the archetypal functions of the planets themselves, within the context of each individual soul’s evolutionary and karmic condition (which their natal chart is the symbol of).

An explanation for the speaker’s accent, the truth of which is simple. When the speaker used to lecture he would typically speak from his soul, which was the speaker’s center of gravity in his consciousness. As such, all the various languages he had spoken in different lives combined within his soul. Thus, speaking in English, all of those prior languages came through into the English of the present life.