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Lucifer – The Influence Of Evil In The Horoscope

Lucifer: The Influence Of Evil In The Horoscope

By Jeffrey Wolf Green

This book, Lucifer: The Influence Of Evil In The Horoscope, is based on some lectures that my father had given towards the end of his lengthy career. These lectures have been edited by Adina Mather so that we are able to put them into this form.

My father’s desire in shining the light on this influence, and influence that we are all susceptible to, was to help us understand exactly how this influence can manifest in any of our lives.

Within this he also taught that the archetype of Lucifer correlates to the ‘Bearer of Light’. In essence, the Lucifer archetype correlates to both the influence of Evil, but also to the influence of the natural God/ess that desires for us to be free of the influence of Evil itself. To do so one must be exactly aware of how the influence of Evil actually exists in our lives.

This small book hopefully will do just that.
Deva Green

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