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  • One Voice

    By Adina Mather | January 20, 2009

    Years ago, in a song that was not as well known as many of his others, Barry Manilow sang:

    Just One Voice,  
    Singing in the darkness,
    All it takes is One Voice,
    Singing so they hear what’s on your mind,
    And when you look around you’ll find
    There’s more than
    One Voice,
    Singing in the darkness,
    Joining with your One Voice….

    As the School of Evolutionary Astrology is launched, along with its blog, by a group of certified Evolutionary Astrologers, I thought it was fitting to acknowledge and celebrate that “one voice” that began the “song” of evolutionary astrology (EA) back in the 1970s: Jeffrey Wolf Green. Long before others who are practicing evolutionary astrology today were doing so, Jeffrey had realized the EA paradigm and was using its principles to counsel clients. He WAS that “one voice” singing, in the world of astrology, followed now by those here, as well as many others.

    Through years of observing his clients and correlating their feedback, their experiences, with their astrological charts, Jeffrey developed a cogent and deep method for helping clients uncover their life issues and directions, in a way that helped them change and evolve beyond where they already were. Rather than simply providing clients with descriptions of themselves, Jeffrey’s evolutionary method of astrology offered real help and hope to people who struggled with physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or spiritual issues, as EA answers the question “Why” to whatever area of life we wish to apply it.

    I became a correspondence student back in 1997, and I had only gotten to the second tape (DVD) when I thought to myself, “Never mind the astrology, this man is a spiritual teacher!” I don’t remember now just what he was specifically saying when I realized that, but I do know that it went so far beyond any other astrology class I had taken, and even deeper than his first Pluto book, that it moved me in ways that changed my life forever. And yet, of course, the astrology part was just as important.

    Throughout years of studying EA, the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, and his translation and interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita, I realized more and more how evolutionary astrology is rooted in and reflective OF those teachings, and so all the astrological archetypes, as defined through and by EA, are found in the Gita, reinforcing my original “ah-ha” that Jeffrey was a spiritual teacher. So I (and others also) was fortunate to have him as a spiritual guide, as well as our astrology mentor, for a number of years. He gave of his time for spiritual direction willingly and tirelessly, to help others make as much evolutionary progress as possible, never asking anything in return.

    The world in general, and the world of astrology, specifically, is a better place because of Evolutionary Astrology as realized and developed by Jeffrey. Without him, this web site and the school it represents, the astrologers here, etc. would not exist as they are. I am truly grateful and blessed to have had this man in my life, and the astrologers listed here are dedicated to carrying on Evolutionary Astrology as that “one voice” of Jeffrey initially taught it.

    May we add even more voices to that initial “one voice singing in the darkness.”

    God Bless.

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