LUCIFER WORKSHOP Phoenix – Dec. 2, 2000
by Jeffrey Wolf Green

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Jeffrey: Good morning class. Today we’re going to be talking about something that’s not perhaps comfortable for any of us to talk about, and of course, that’s the very nature of evil, and the phenomenon of, and how any of us can be influenced by the influence of evil. I’ve only done this lecture twice in my whole career, and it’s only in the last couple of years. And both times I’ve done it, it’s been very interesting because, I don’t know, it just seems to have this effect of triggering people. A lot of folks don’t even want to think that evil exists, you know, and you start talking about evil and they start having these amazing reactions.. it’s really a flash point, so, we brought some tomatoes in case anybody wants to throw them. In any case, we’re going to talk about what this evil stuff is and how it works in our life and again, when you have questions, just ask me when you have the question and so forth.

And the first thing you need to understand, and again this is for some people, relative to their cosmologies, they have a problem accepting this stuff, but it is, in fact, naturally true, and the issue is that this thing that we want to call evil is in fact itself birthed or created from God. God is the origin of evil. So, what this really then means is that – because we’re all part of the overall creation – that means that all of us can be not only influenced by God, we can also be influenced by evil. It’s 50/50. Think about that – 50/50. So, we have to really, from this point of view, talk about what evil really is and why it exists. And, from one point of view, it comes right back to this Natural Law of polarity. For example, if you don’t have a night, you don’t have a day; so, similarly, if you don’t have evil, you can’t know God. See how it works? We always have to somehow have counterpoints…the natural law of polarity. Evil – its essence – because it is a very real consciousness – it’s its own kind of energy – and the way to think about it is, evil’s existence – look at it this way – is dependent…dependent…on any individual sustaining all their separating desires…anything but to know God. Evil will attempt to undermine any effort we make…to know God… and/or even in basic psychological cases, just desiring change. It will attempt to influence…to undermine. In other words, its existence is dependent upon the maintenance of human delusion….think of it this way. A simple example, because what we’re going to be finding out today, is that there’s a specific asteroid, actually, that embodies – as an archetype – this entire issue of evil. It’s true that evil can manifest through the archetype of Scorpio/8th house/Pluto, and we’ll get into that later on, but there’s one symbol – because we’re going to be showing you a magic trick today – we’re going to haul out our bag of tricks to show this paradox of how we work with this energy. The point here is that all of the energy of evil can be symbolized in one astrological symbol, and that is the asteroid, of course, Lucifer. We started doing some research on this stuff around now starting 7 or 8 years ago, and so I’ve learned a lot through that kind of observation. For example, in this genocide in Kosovo that happened. The transiting Lucifer – how many are familiar with what are called geodetic equivalents? – It’s another form of astrocartography, if you will. And through the geodetic equivalent system developed by Johndro – and look how graphic this becomes – the transiting Lucifer was exactly over Kosovo for the duration of that problem. Now, tell me that’s coincidence.

Audience: Where is it now?

(J): It’s moving right over the next really major flashpoint in our world, which is maybe Pakistan and India. This is truly a dangerous situation, because, in effect, these radical Muslims are in charge of the government, even though they have this defacto military leader. I was listening to one of these guys on the TV and the guy said, “God told us to build nuclear bombs.” Direct statement from the cleric, “God told us to build nuclear bombs.” Sure, buddy. So, you imagine if these guys get their hands on the control of nuclear weapons? I mean this is the major next flashpoint, and here’s the Lucifer transit. And you see the influence of evil. “God told me to build nuclear bombs.” This is actually something Nostradamus predicted. He called it the Red Emperor or something about Pakistan.

So, the way that we want to think of evil again is that its existence – and it is an existence – is dependent on the maintenance of human delusion. Human delusion can be seen – because the evolution of the soul in the end for any of us – the evolution of the soul is rooted in 2 desires within the soul – one desire is to separate away from that which has created you – you can call this God, and the other desire, of course, is to return to that very Source which has created you….to return to it. And then we have the separating – return – separating – return. And, it’s exactly at this point of this Natural Law of double desire in the soul that the influence of evil can exist. And it exists by not only sustaining the psychology of separating desires – I want this, I want this, I want this – but it also serves – because one of the primary ways that evil manifests – to be blunt – listen carefully – is by creating the opposite reality intended. How many of you in your life have not truly intended – “Oh, I’m going to go this way; I want to do this,” and somehow, the very opposite thing happens. How many know this as a life experience? And you’re standing there going, “What the heck happened here?” This is a common way that it manifests.

And another primary way that evil manifests in our life – the core primary way – is to influence any of us where we’re most emotionally weak. Let’s say, for example, I have Venus in Scorpio, and because of this Venus in Scorpio, I have a lot of fears around loss, abandonment, betrayal, trust issues and all that. And let’s say that I have a partner that through some sort of circumstance ignites these natural fears. Now, on the one hand, they’re natural to me. Maybe I’ve had some lifetimes where indeed I had misapplied my trust into an intimate other in such a way as to attract that kind of thing – that’s part of my MO, so to speak. That’s exactly where the influence can strike – where you’re most emotionally weak – and to take over something that is natural to you and then incredibly distort it – to deepen it, intensify it – truly distort. So, let’s say I have these pre-existing fears – Venus in Scorpio – and my partner does something to trigger these fears, and I have these natural reactions, but then when the influence of evil strikes, is to take that natural reaction and intensify and magnify it beyond any proportion to the actual circumstance – you understand what I’m getting at? You have a disproportionate reaction. You’re intensifying, you’re magnifying. So, let’s say I have these natural fears of loss, betrayal and abandonment, and now it’s really intensified through this influence in such a way that I’m now projecting onto my partner based on that distortion, and I’m convinced that what I’m saying or feeling, “Oh, it’s gotta be true.” Especially through Venus in Scorpio…..’course it’s true. And I start projecting all this stuff. You see what’s happened. I’ve now set in motion a reality based on this evil’s influence that would not otherwise stand there. And so now my partner starts reacting to what I’m projecting through this influence. That means she’s now being influenced. Do you see? And it just degenerates. Because the essence of evil is to separate, not to unify.

(A): And so how would that work with Mars and the separating desires?

(J): It intensifies those separating desires. It glorifies the ego.

(A): How would it work with Venus in the 12th, where maybe you couldn’t see all of it…or some of it’s hidden from you?

(J): It’s really through Venus in the 12th you’re asking? In Pisces? Really what it can degenerate into is by accessing – typically when you have Venus in the 12th or Pisces, or let’s say in a stressful aspect to Neptune – typically these people are born with a form of what’s called displaced hysteria. It’s called hysteria dysplexia, which means that the soul has been traumatized in some fashion prior to the current life – the nature of the trauma has degenerated into psychic hysteria. The hysteria itself is going to be based on – depending on the overall case – see the problem with the Pisces issue in general is that Pisces can create a reality that they think is true and truly believe this is actual reality. But, if it’s not actual reality, then Pisces through its polarity creates crisis that leads to psychological/emotional disillusionment. I mean after all, disillusionment is one of the hardest things any of us can experience, because you’ve believed in something, you’ve invested in something, you think it’s totally real….only to come to find out it that it was all a delusion, and then we go through this horrible disillusioning, but the intent is to realign us with actual reality. How many have never been disillusioned in this room? Did you enjoy being disillusioned? But it did realign you with reality, so in terms of Lucifer’s influence, you see what it can degenerate into – it can access that unresolved hysterical aspect of the psyche and then that becomes the basis of projection from that unresolved hysteria, and then that gets projected into the immediate environment, and it then seems so irrational and yet rational at the same time, and the person’s going like, “What?” They’re caught in something and they can’t get out of it.

Any of us can be influenced by evil. I’ll show you a quick snapshot into actual reality as we speak. We know about this election problem in our country, and, believe it or not, both these men have 1st house Plutos in Leo. And they’re both receiving a Lucifer transit as we speak. Now I think that if all of us stand back and objectify what we’re viewing, we’re truly seeing in the end a struggle between God and evil. All we have to do is examine the tactics employed by the Bush crowd and compare this to the tactics of the Gore crowd, and tell me you don’t see the difference. Understand what I’m getting at? I mean Bush is ready to appoint himself President. It’s like he has his own self-created right to be President. Face it. And they’re doing everything to make sure it’s going to happen, including his brother being the appointee of our next president…come on! Give me a break! The desperation for the power is allowing the influence to occur. So, it’s right there in your election. I mean, just think about the consequences of it. I think most of us are aware we have an earth that’s wounded right now. Human beings wounding nature…yes? The critical issue for any of us on the planet is the integrity of our environment. Everything follows from there – your economics, and the rest of it. If we don’t have a healthy environment to live in, what the fuck do we care about this house over here?! And, I think just from that point of view, this is a Pluto in Sagittarius statement. Remember, Pluto can also embrace evil, and so here we have Pluto in Sagittarius, the intent is to reestablish the integrity of nature – to reorientate and be in balance with Natural Laws, and so we see how this is symbolized – Gore vs. Bush. Gore has a 9th house Aries Sun, and you know how much he’s into the environment, that’s beyond question, and compare this to what Bush would do to your environment. He’d start dismantling all of your environment laws, the whole Arctic refuge in Alaska, for six months of oil, and the rest of it. You put two oil people in as president and vice president, what do you think you’re going to have? Economically viable presidency? Because their motive is money. Do you understand what I’m getting at? So it’ll be interesting to see how this is all going to turn out.

(A): Question about Pluto and the two desires, connected with Lucifer….then the evil that Pluto embraces is actually part of the soul?

(J): Yes, right, because the soul has been created by God. And so, therefore, this duality is intrinsic to the soul because it comes from God. That’s why in Latin Lucifer means also Bearer of Light, and see, that becomes the secret is that wherever we have our natal Lucifer is where we can be most severely influenced by evil, but the paradox is that within the symbol itself, is the Bearer of Light, which means it’s where you can accelerate “your spiritual growth,” to directly know God…through the very symbol itself – that’s the paradox of Lucifer and the Bearer of Light. So, on the one hand we can have this incredible influence of evil, which is keeping us separate and psychologically distorted and all the rest of it, and yet within the same symbol, the other side – Bearer of Light.

(A): Can you say that the bottom line is that if God represents love and that that’s all there is, then if you were in a state of self-love, then in a sense you wouldn’t bring in Lucifer, but anytime you had a separating desire from that, you would experience that?

(J): Yes. Once you re-access separating desire, then the influence can occur. But for those that’s really starting “advancing” along the spiritual lines, the influence becomes even stronger.

(A): Right. The closer you are to it, the stronger it gets.

(J): Um, hm. Just examine the life of Judas, I mean what did Judas do. In the presence of this magnificent being, and his motive was to make some money? I mean, where’s the real wealth there….a few things in your hand versus this spiritual Master – and so you see this temptation. And that’s how evil manifests – it’s through temptation. And all of us can be influenced by the thing – it’s a given, but there’s also souls that make an actual contract with evil, and how this occurs is that when certain souls can become psychologically so self-defeated, a sense of complete and utter powerlessness, a sense of complete defeat, a complete loss of meaning for living. You know for any of us as humans, in order to sustain our existence, we have to have an ongoing sense of purpose and meaning. Any of us. And when we get into a psychological state where our sense of meaning and purpose for living is evaporating, the consequence for most people is suicide. And, when a person degenerates into that state, this is exactly where this temptation or influence of evil can strike any of us, because the influence of evil is to promise “supernatural power.” When evil manifests, it can manifest through many people, and believe me, the nature of the energy in its manifestation – for many – can be incredibly seductive, to the point where you don’t even know it’s evil – seduction. It typically manifests for people too through temptation at a sexual level, so certain souls when they get a sense of complete powerlessness – and these are typically souls by the way, and the only way this can happen, i.e. contract, is when a soul is reduced to the absolute consciousness of victimization – victimization. And, when you’re reduced to an absolute state of victimization, you’re blaming everything except yourself for that state, and when you’re look at or creating life and reality from that point of view, this allows the psychology of rage and vindictiveness to occur. Now, combined with the consciousness of victimization, then it degenerates into the psychology, “I’m going to get back at…” And this becomes exactly the vehicle in which the influence of evil not only occurs, but for some, they actually then make a contract with that evil in order to gain these supernatural powers and/or the promises that the evil will make happen: “You give me your soul, and the following things will occur for you.” And there are souls that have made such contracts.

(A): So then it’s in the absence of love where this contract takes place?

(J): That’s right.

(A): Then could you say it’s the adoption of the belief in it too?

(J): It doesn’t require belief.

(A): ‘Cause it’s going to make them real powerful.

(J): It’ doesn’t require belief, whether you believe it or not.

(A): If they’re entering into a contract with it, it seems like they’re going to benefit from it in some way, right?

(J): Yes, they benefit – they gain supernatural power.

(A): They’re believing by having a contract with them, right?

(J): No, it’s not a function of belief, because at that point, it’s translated to reality. You don’t have to believe it, it’s already occurring.

(A): Or trust in it, right?

(J): What are you trusting – evil? That’s right, that’s how degenerated it can become. Where you make your promise, or you give your soul over to……and, see, when these people make contract, part of what you’re signing off on, so to speak, is that you have to promise, as your consciousness of evil, that you also attempt to solicit other people and the service of people, and they become what we call agents of evil. This is a very important thing to understand – that evil does have its agents. Because, again, the very existence of evil is dependent on this stuff. Imagine if you can, just for a moment, every human being on earth at the same second in time, having only one desire in their brain, and that is to know God. Right then and there, evil stops. Think of it that way. And this is why evil – some of your deepest tragic people are those who have truly desired to know God, and they’ve committed themself to it, they’ve implemented a lifestyle to embrace it, and in so many cases through this influence, they degenerate into this state, or this state, or this state that’s taken them further away from God. Again, the intent – to create the opposite reality intended. And, it can be very hard to recognize these agents of evil, because they again can seem like just the opposite of what they actually are – they’ve got the smiling face, and they have the charm and the rest of it – you wouldn’t have a clue. If you have that kind of sense, when you’re around somebody that’s really made the contract, you’re instinctual body will know it – it’s an instinctual reaction. And what that reaction is about is that you’re feeling that you’re now in danger in some fashion and you don’t know why. It’s kind of the instinctual thing where the hair on the skin wants to stand up kind of feeling, and you don’t even know why. And because we’re in cultures that don’t train us to recognize these things, we’re just left kind of in a state of confusion.

(A): These evil people or agents or whatever, if they reincarnate in another life, do they always come back as evil? or can’t they evolve?

(J): Mm-hm. Well, they evolve through evil. No different than somebody let’s say, they go onto a spiritual path, and you start off at a certain level of development and progressively evolve into a full state of God awareness, meaning you’re expanding your consciousness relative to God. No different than those that go the evil path. They start off at a certain level of development and they can evolve through it, and the agents have different capacities based on their evolution through evil. And the simplest way to know – if you’re really suspecting it, because again you will have an instinctual reaction in your body – and see what these people do is they try to hide their eyes. But, you will find that if you are suspecting one of these agents, that if you look in the eye long enough – if you can do that – at some point – and here’s your biggest tip-off in every case – the pupil becomes vertical, like a cat eye. How many of you have ever looked into eyes and seen the pupil actually go vertical? It’s a sight to behold. Because again, they will try to guard that against all costs.

(A): Have you ever seen that?

(J): Yes, I have, unfortunately. And it’s really frightening. I was sitting this close to somebody one time when I saw the eyes do that.

(A): Was it when you were you in Vietnam?

(J): Well, I don’t want to go too much into my personal life. But, when I saw it, literally, my soul was horrified. I mean I’d been hanging around that person three years. And it scared the heck out of me.

(A): Could you not sense it? For the three years you were hanging out with that person? Weren’t you (flip tape to other side)…..

(J): Nobody’s ever seen the vertical pupil? Nobody in this room? You’ve seen it….so you know what I’m talking about.

Audience member shares her experience with seeing the vertical pupil.

(A): But there’s never, never in any lifetime where they can redeem themselves?

(J): No, and that’s the way Christians want to think, and but it’s even stated in the Bible itself, by the way – it’s in the Bible – when a soul has made the contract, it cannot be broken until evil itself no longer exists – which means, when God evolves to its own perfection. And that’s how long the contract is sustained. That’s right in your Bible. And it’s one of the few things in the Bible that happen to be true. If those contracts could be broken, then who amongst us at various points in our lives, or other lives, if we could break it so easily – any of us would make that contract in order to have that supernatural power, if we could break it. And that’s why, to gain those powers, it can’t be broken, do you see. “OK, I’m done with this now. I have a few lifetimes where I do evil and have all these great powers, and fuck it, I’m done with it now.” It doesn’t work that way.

(A): These supernatural powers…can you give us an example of these supernatural powers?

(J): Well, OK, I’ll give you an example. When I became progressively aware, much to my own horror, that I would have to begin to state this stuff through my work, ’cause nobody even wants to deal with this stuff, and my Lucifer’s in the 10th house, in Virgo, and it squares my nodal axis – it’s part of skipped steps stuff, and you can see that one of my tasks is to bring it through my work. And so, that stands at 7 degrees Virgo, so when Pluto thing started making the square to it, that’s when I had the inner direction to start bringing it through the work, and that’s when I began to do the research on it. So, about 2 to 3 years ago, when the Pluto transit was making an exact square to that point, I was down in California somewhere, and the next day I was going to do this big talk on evil. So, here I am in my motel room, sleeping, and it’s like – ’cause when I travel I usually bring these Jesus candles, you know, you get in the Safeway, and all this stuff, so I had my little, happy candle burning, and it was like 3 in the morning, and suddenly I’m being woke up and the room is now – all the symptoms – the room is ice cold, the sulfur smell and hair standing on end, and suddenly this voice – and then I’m being picked up by these two cold arms, off my bed. At the same time, the candle’s being lifted up, and suddenly the voice comes into my head, “We will bring Jesus to his knees.” And, at that point, the candle’s thrown on the ground…shatters…things start going on fire….I’m thrown on top of this broken glass, and they literally carved an upside-down “J” in my knee, at the same time, “We’re going to bring Jesus to his knees.” I still have the scar. This is called supernatural power.

(A): I have Pluto square my Lucifer right now…..How do I work with this? ‘Cause my Lucifer’s at 11 Virgo.

(J): 11 Virgo? Just do everything you can within yourself to just want to know God. It should be like a mental chant (Virgo), “I just want to know God. I want to know God.” And reaffirm it, reaffirm it, reaffirm it, ’cause on the other side of Lucifer is the Bearer of Light, and all you have to guard for through Virgo are any thoughts that attempt to undermine that desire. That’s what it’ll do through Virgo. Or it’ll try to keep you so busy that you don’t remember to reorientate yourself daily to some kind of spiritual focus, whether that’s reading literature, or meditating, or listening to some sort of spiritual music, you see my point? So, it’s an undermining energy through Virgo.

(A): Audience member shares story of how someone he knew manipulated people through supernatural power.

(J): When I started doing the research – I mean it’s amazing how God really provides you with what you need, because I really wanted to look into this deeply to make sure I understood it, so when I was going through the research, at a certain point I had a woman email me from New York City. She was a friend of the guy I have teaching my Pluto School in Israel. And, she’d heard about my research, and said, “Look, I want to share the following case with you.” As it turned out, she had met somebody on the Internet – you know how people meet on the Internet – and got a hold of some character who initially starts off in a classic all the charm, and here’s who I am, and all the hooks – and you wouldn’t have any suspicion – and trying to draw her closer to him. And, first – think about this now – because most of us realize that Aquarius has a correlation to the Internet…computers – just so you know where we’re starting here, this guy that she got a hold of had Lucifer in Aquarius….so here she’s meeting this guy on the Internet, and as she gets sucked more into this guy’s reality, he confessed the following: that his whole thing was to – ’cause he had “a normal life that appeared normal” – but his thing was to fly into the Orient in Asia and literally buy young boys and girls for sexual purposes, just like (Steve) was describing – this now degenerating into these horrible acts, and he was confessing this stuff and he actually got to the point of telling this woman, “I think I have all this evil in me.” It’s a really detailed case, but I just wanted to show you the incredible linkage to the symbol – Lucifer in Aquarius, and this woman meets him through the Internet! Because one of the applications of Aquarius is trauma, so you can see this guy creating these massive traumas through connecting with these little boys and girls….it’s hideous. These things exist. What about the case of Hitler? Here was a man who had Pluto conjunct Neptune in the 8th house. So what did this man do through the influence of evil in the 8th house? You have to place it in context. When Hitler came to power, Germany – Deutschland – was in a state of absolute economic mess – you had whole wheelbarrows of Deutsch marks just to buy a loaf of bread. They were coming out of World War I – they had no military capacity. They were being isolated by the World nations. So, all of a sudden here comes Hitler, and all he had to do – look what he used – economic issues…nationalism, and therefore he had to isolate a group of people – Jews – gypsies – undesirables, by making them the scapegoat (Pluto/Neptune). Remember the whole delusion of racial purity – Pluto with Neptune. Eighth house – genetics. So he used a whole scapegoat, these people. And his South Node, of course, being in Capricorn in the third, ruled by Saturn in Leo in the 10th, so he had this heavy overlay of nationalism, combined with finding a scapegoat – Jews, gypsy, undesirable – and then he rallied the whole nation. What is his personal motive? Power – 8th house Pluto – supernatural power. Look at this one man! Look at the reality he set in motion – one man! How probable do you think this is? Do you think any of you in your capacity within two years to out and set in motion something like Hitler did? If not, why not? And, how did this come to pass? You understand what I’m getting at?

(A): How about the Marquis de Sade?

(J): Ahhh. That’s a classic case. Marquis de Sade, he developed a weird philosophy, a fancy name for S&M, but in that century it was called the Libertinage philosophy, that all the French “noblemen,” the majority adopted…..this philosophy Libertinage, and it was a fancy name for S&M, and he even developed philosophical principles of Libertinage, and the first principle – check this out – “God is intrinsically evil. To do God’s work, one must do evil.” The first tenet in the philosophy of Libertinage. The next law in that is “To confound the Laws of Nature.” To confound the laws of nature. And the next point: “To turn the laws of nature upside down.” This sound like evil to you?

(A): How many of these people are there out there with contracts?

(J): Actual contracts? About 10% of the human population.

(A): Then what happens when 2 of those people meet? Do they do like the Bonnie and Clyde type of thing where…….? Are they happy to see each other?

(J): They recognize each other, and they can join forces and they can set in motion realities by combining forces.

(A): What triggers those eyes to go vertical? I mean do they sense something in us that we are easy victims or that we are opposite or why?

(J): You will see it when they – say you have a question about somebody that might be like that – and you start penetrating into their eyes – their instinctual defense at a core point will be to show you that vertical pupil, because the intent is to back you off. They’re showing you that for a purpose – which is to get you away from them – ’cause they know they’re being exposed or seen in some fashion – 99% of evil’s energy is unseen. I mean, think about it this way, if we could so easily identify and recognize evil, it would be easy to deal with it. And that’s why 99% of it is unseen, and that’s why we have to really be able to talk about – through Natural Law – how it actually operates in our real life. And that’s why we have to start validating experience. It doesn’t require belief; it requires validation of life experience. You don’t require a belief to know what you experienced – it occurred. We don’t have to have a belief to understand what happened in Kosovo. We don’t have to have a belief to understand what happened in the Holocaust. These things occurred. Steve doesn’t have to have a belief about this clown that he met. It occurred. I don’t have to have a belief about when I saw these things go vertical – it occurred. All I needed was of explaining of explaining what’s occurred, not a belief. Not a belief – a way of explaining.

(A): When we’re catching that vertical eye, they’re trying to get us to back off, so is the key not to back be backed off with the eyes – to maintain contact? This is what (inaudible) says, is if we are confronted with evil like that is if you lock right into their eyes and you demand to know where they come from, and you can back them right back to where they come from….and never taking your eyes off of them.

(J): That’s right. And that’s because we have to remember that, in the end, God is stronger than evil. And so, if you maintain a God consciousness, want to know God, root yourself in God – it will sustain you no matter what.

(A): When you said that you had Lucifer in your 10th, right…so you would look then your 4th house, and whatever’s there, and also maybe mother, right, so when you said “Jesus” it just sort of brought this feeling of maybe like Mary, and then it was something about embracing her…to ….like that it would take something from you.

(J): Well, the way of explaining what I think you’re saying, is that, you know, we’ve all seen these things on TV when they do the documentary where all these people are having their near-death experiences, for example. I remember watching one of these things, and the guy was saying, “Well, everybody else has been talking about going through this magical tube and seeing all these wonderful things, and for me, it was the opposite. When I had my near-death experience, I went into hell.” And he was describing what he was experiencing, and he was so shocked, all he could end up saying was, “Jesus, help me.” And once he said the word “Jesus,” what he was experiencing was over. God is stronger than evil.

(A): But you specifically, with your 10th house, to bring that into light, it would just seem like it would have to do with something of that nature, and if within your evolution way back, it seems like, I don’t know… you have memories of being……..

(J): I have memories of my prior life, yes, and where it connects to is – and why it’s a skipped step for me is – a few lives back I actually was a Latin priest and my job was an exorcist…that was my function in that life, ’cause my Lucifer in Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so in my case that Mercury for me is in Scorpio conjunct the 12th house Jupiter, Venus, the 9th house Pluto and all this business – the role of an exorcist. And, the problem I had in that life is that I could not acknowledge (Scorpio) my own limitations, and I was in the process of doing an exorcism and not being aware of my own limitations, and because of the nature of the evil spirit that was within the person I was working with – it was a literal possession – because evil’s a tremendously powerful force, almost equal to God itself – and because in that life I was not acknowledging my own limitations, I ended up being killed, strangled to death – Mercury – throat – through that spirit that was in that person, and that was clearly a shock to my soul – Fuck this shit (excuse me) – I’m not going to do this anymore – and it comes up to the skipped step in the 10th house, and so when I recovered it in this life, just a few years back, wanting to bring it through the work, my first experience is what I described in that hotel room in California – that was evil trying to back me off. But, given the Scorpio nature I have, I just moved right on.

(A): What makes some like Hitler, who had Pluto-Neptune conjunction, I mean that’s a generational thing, even if he had it in the 8th house, there would be a lot of people that same year, or several years with that same conjunction, so what gave him the ability to use that particular conjunction in the way he did.

(J): Because of the nature of his soul. Everything’s related to individual context. And when you have a soul that already made that contract prior to the current life, and it was classic what happened when he realized it was all over for him – he committed suicide. That’s what they do.

(A): Commentary about Hitler being the paragon of evil, but other concentration camps in other countries, etc…..but inside of Hitler was his essential powerlessness.

(J): Well, you’re absolutely right. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with his sexual life, but there’s been a lot of stuff you can read about…..does anybody know about his sexual life? It was really strange.

(A): It was messy (laughter)

(J): It was really twisted. This guy had such a core guilt because of this contract, that how it manifested through his sexual life relative to Braun was really bizarre….I mean he wanted to be messed upon and that kind of sex stuff, and just the S&M overlays, and wanting to be humiliated through her. You can see the reverse effect, and it’s like that’s another form of him humiliating himself because of his own guilt relative to the contract.

(A): Yea, and if you don’t want to see your shadow, because society doesn’t want to see our shadow, so we have to put it out and project it on somebody, something.

(J): Well, in fact, some of the saddest cases, frankly, are sometimes these souls that have made the contract and they know it, and yet some of these souls think they can try to break it, even though they can’t, and when they go into that kind of psychology, they will typically try to form relationships with individuals who are truly rooted in God. It’s as if they’re trying to bring all that that they’ve given up back into themselves. And they’ll try to do it through intimacy, and it can become a really tragic scenario, because the one who is really trying to know this inner God and Goddess, they’re evolving ever more into a state of purity and innocence. When you truly know God, you come back to this state of pure innocence. It’s almost like you’re a child. Truly. It’s like when Yogananda was 52, his favorite thing were children’s toys. He’d get off on it, because he was so innocent and childlike. And so you come into this ever increasing purity, and here comes this evil that sees all this, it’s sort of like a moth drawn to a fire flame, and then they come at this thing, and they have these abilities to create all these masks, of course, and they have this capacity to manifest this ever so sincere, and ever so honest, you would never have a clue, playing back the reality that they think you want to hear. And you get drawn into all this. And their intent is to get out of their own contract. But, because they can’t, what inevitably happens is that that kind of relationship blows up in some fashion.

(A): We talked in relationship class about the idea of a soul splits itself, because the separating and the returning (desires) are so great within the soul itself, so it separates into two souls. Is there the possibility that one soul will absolutely still be embracing the contract with evil, and the other soul is still manifesting the returning……

(J): No, No. What I hear you saying is that if the soul split itself for it’s own evolutionary purposes, i.e. when a soul split itself – because in certain cases the soul is splitting because it has intrinsically conflicting desires within itself – in order for these desires to be realized, it has to separate – for a series of centuries, but that doesn’t mean that in these apparent individual forms that one of those forms, independent of the other form can make a contract. That can’t occur; that just can’t occur. That’s not to say that these apparent separate parts can’t be influenced, but it can’t get to the point of making a contract until that soul is a unified soul once again. It can only make the contract as a unified soul.

(A): Audience member shares story of meeting a couple that was a split soul……”and one it seemed was so determined to sustain it’s separating tendencies….the one fragment of the soul….the other one….it almost brings tears to your eyes to see these two people who were so – what made me think of it was that soul who tried to redeem itself by associating with someone who was truly trying to know God – one soul really wanted to pursue it’s spiritual evolution, while the other soul was still caught in this de-evolutionary spiral. Is that possible?

(J): Yes….Absolutely. In fact, I know that as a personal story, so I can affirm it for you.

(A): We’ve talked a lot about Pluto in Cancer and the Depression and the World War and all that…would you talk about the archetype of Pluto in Gemini, ’cause a lot of the people who were alive during the Pluto in Cancer were born with Pluto in Gemini. That’s Yogananda, that’s Hitler, that’s Eisenhower, that’s Mussolini, and all these people had Pluto in Gemini.

(J): And Aleister Crowley.


(J): One thing you know, for you guys that want to track this through your own research – for those that are on the Internet, you can access my web site, ’cause I have different software you can download for free, and one of the programs you can download is a program that has over 7,000 asteroids in it, that you can calculate for any point in time, one at a time, and it does include the asteroid Lucifer, so you can track this thing yourself and just observe it as it’s moving through either your chart or whatever – it’s a good way to track it, observe it, know it, just for empirical research. Because knowledge is half the battle; putting the light of day on evil is half the battle, so you can be prepared.

(A): I have Lucifer conjunct my South Node-Moon conjunction in Virgo in the 9th house and what you were talking about I could really relate to, and certainly in past life…..I could very much relate to what you said, and there was always the trying to pull me away from the devotion and my spiritual life.

(J): Well, I knew a case like that too. This was a woman who had the Moon in Virgo like you in the 9th, with South Node and also Saturn on that Moon balsamic to Saturn conjunction in Virgo, S Node, and in her case, she also had Mars in Gemini in the 7th, so now it’s making T-square to the nodes, and an 8th house Pluto with Venus, and to show you how this stuff works, is, when she was a little girl, she ended up having sex with her brother and father (Mars in Gemini in the 7th – brother; Saturn/Moon on the South Node), and what actually happened was – I know it might sound strange because of conditioning – but she actually enjoyed the experience – but because at the same time she was being brought up (9th house) her religious Christian schools (A – that was the Client – Client 4 – she was in 1st stage spiritual) – the multiple personality – the issue there is – now check this out – on the one hand she enjoyed this experience, and yet because of the conditioning, she couldn’t deal with the fact, and because she liked it, this then made Saturn-Moon – guilt – happen. And she tried to repress this thing (Saturn), and it’s the repression of it because of the judgment of it, base on the religion of it that caused the multi-personality effect. That’s what happened in that chart. That’s why the whole resolution in that chart was to reorientate her belief systems so she could interpret it differently. And see, what she wasn’t aware of – with that Pluto/Venus in the 8th in mind – because there’s whole cultures that history doesn’t tell you about because of the Christian-Judaic need to have historical revisionism to fit their cosmology, but reality – for there’s a whole period of time in ancient Egypt in which it was custom for the parents to initiate their children sexually. That occurred for over 1500 years….as a cultural model. And one of the applications of Egypt astrologically is Scorpio. So here she stood with Pluto in the 8th with Venus – Moon-Saturn-South Node – this is an old pattern. And from the point of view of that time frame – Egypt – it was cultural norm, so there’s no issue, but bringing it up to this time, in which she was playing out that old theme……and so once she degenerated into the multi-personality effect, that’s where the evil influence could take hold of her – and believe me, it did take hold of her.

(A): An exorcism – is that to break a contract? And does it work?

(J): No, an exorcism is an all-together different issue. The soul can only be possessed when it’s severely weakened. There’s a progressive loss of will to live. And when that degenerates into critical mass state, like red line on a tachometer, that when it’s at a critical mass state, certain spirits, let’s say, or souls can literally possess or take over another soul, and the role of the exorcist is to get that shit out of there. That doesn’t mean that the soul that’s being possessed has made a contract. It means it becomes so weakened that they’ve, in essence, allowed their body to be inhabited by these kinds of energies for their own purposes.

(A): Jeff, would you have to fill that void then with something? Once you would exorcise something from something, wouldn’t that void have to be filled with something else to take its place or that person could be inhabited or…..

(J): Yes. Even in this life I’ve done three exorcisms, in certain hard-duty cases, and it’s an amazing thing. The worst one I had in this life – it was so amazing to experience it because I did have this life as a Latin priest and that was my job – and the case I was working on in this life was so intense that I went back to that life. I started speaking spontaneous Latin – I was doing the old exorcism ritual that’s right in the Bible – there’s an actual book of exorcism in Christianity that has very certain procedures and a sequence – I was spontaneously doing this all over again just to get this thing out of this person. It was a really dramatic scenario.

(A): What happened when it came out?

(J): In that case, unbeknownst to me in my stupid innocence, that soul had already made a contract. And, relative to that contract, it was also allowing itself to be controlled and manipulated like a puppet. And, you know, with my little stupid Pisces moon, I just want to see the best in somebody and all this stuff, so I didn’t see it, so I went ahead and did this exorcism for them, but again, you can’t break that contract. And, so in the context of doing that exorcism, believe me – if I described to you what actually occurred, it would be something like you would see in the exorcist movie – literally – and I got real close to losing my life. It was starting all over again. I felt the strangulation – all over again. And I said, “Well, that’s it buster. Not this time.” I backed off. You made the contract, not me.

(A): Does it show in the chart if somebody made the contract?

(J): No. I can show you that there’s a possibility of that, but you can only really know through astrology, reality, through direct observation and correlation. That’s the essence of astrology; that’s why it’s a Natural Science. We have 8,000 years of observations and correlations. It’s just the natural law of correspondence. It’s not a science based on theory or hypothesis; it’s based on direct observation and correlation. That’s the essence of astrology, and so to know who is who, who have actually have to put reality into it and observe the person. I mean you can see the potential signature there, but you know, if I give you a piece of paper with symbols on it, you can’t tell me if it’s male of female. You have to observe.

(A): Jeff, were you getting tip-offs from your inner world, or your dream world, about the evil that you were confronting or coming up close to that?

(J): That I was in denial of…

(A): What can you share that was happening?

(A): I just have this weak point in my nature to where I just want to see the best in somebody. I can really see their spirit and what’s possible for that spirit. And my whole thing with people – whether it’s professional or intimate – is to help them access who they actually are, and then encourage them to empower in that way. That’s my whole focus. But because of that focus, it tends to blind me to people’s ulterior agendas and motives.


(A): I was just going to ask you to say something about denial and Virgo….’cause denial is just such a strong force in human experience. My question is what is the manifestation of denial in Virgo, and where else do you see the manifestation of denial, and where can you see that in a chart, and what will make someone susceptible to being in denial?

(J): The main cause of a person being in a state of denial is an earth problem – Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn – and the common problem that causes denial is if I admit whatever it is I need to admit, then the question becomes “What does this mean about me?” And, it’s that exact lynchpin of “what does this mean about me?” and the fear of knowing whatever that may be that causes the denial.

(A): And what links that to earth?

(J): The fact that we’re living on earth relative to cultural value systems, moralities, what means what, and if I’m in any kind of deviation from these normalcies, or expectations or conformity patterns – if I’m in deviation of that – what does that mean about me? Earth wants to create what I call a false form of righteousness that is born of denial. That is very different than a natural righteousness. Typically when it comes through Virgo, at a certain part within the archetype, Virgo – depending on the overall nature of the soul – wants to think of itself as more holy or better than it actually is – it’s what we call the holy shoe problem – holy shoes – through the Piscean polarity – and they think that they’re standing in much more holy shoes than they actually are, so to admit something that is in variance with how they want to see themself, via the holy shoes, causes denial.

(A): And that would be the whole mutable cross, too.

(J): Yes, exactly. And so to admit something that they don’t want to admit causes (Virgo) massive crises. It creates an existential angst….an existential dilemma, and that causes denial. You guys connecting to these ideas about evil and being able to relate them to your life in some fashion? Because again, the main way you will know it is where you’re most emotionally weak. And where you’re going to be most emotionally weak, you can see in the overall signature of the birth chart, and specifically where the symbol of Lucifer stands. So we can just take this and start running it through signs, for example. We can put Lucifer in Aries or Taurus, or this house and aspecting this – we can start seeing a much more detailed picture.

(A): Well, let’s do that.

(J): Okay. And it becomes even more dramatic when you start applying it to relationship stuff. What happens when you have a combined Lucifer with somebody in your composite chart? Where can that relationship experience the influence of evil? Where can the undermining force be? Where is the couple as a unit most emotionally weak or in danger? Where does evil come through that relationship potential? But, conversely, through the paradox, this is where they can actually spiritualize or grow the most in that relationship. That’s the secret in this paradox. So what we can do is start to illustrate some of this stuff, if you want. So we’re feeling as comfortable as we can with these ideas, yes, so far?
And we can identify in our life in some fashion, yes? OK.

Jeffrey draws a simple chart on the board……

(J): We’ll just start with some simple symbols here…….in fact, what we’re going to do in this case – see one thing that I would advocate you guys do, and this is independent of this Lucifer shit now, but, to really have a full picture of a birth chart from an evolutionary view, is to also put the planetary nodes in of all the planets, because they’re like the prior chapters in the book for that client, so let’s say we have South Node of Venus standing here, and let’s also put Jupiter there…it’s all running right through this spot (12th house)….this is now going to be ruled by this Mercury (also in Virgo) which is conjunct the Venus, and let’s say we have, for example, let’s say we put South Node in Taurus here (8th house), cause then you have the ruler of this – Venus – which is latched onto Mercury, which is the ruler of this thing (Lucifer)……..we have Lucifer (27 Virgo) and it’s conjunct S Node of Venus, with the current life Jupiter (all in 12), and it’s in fact, the ruler of that South Node this life, so right there you see what? That coming into the life, this whole past dynamic, linked with this stuff, is being replayed, recycled, recreated. And where that would specifically manifest if we’re dealing with S Node in the 8th, which is ruled by Venus…who can see what this signature is representing here? Who can really see? What would the influence that really dramatically occur here? S Node of Venus in the 12th conjunct the current life Jupiter.

(A): Audience member takes a close guess.

(J): It correlates with a soul who has felt so progressively weakened – weakened – through a succession of lifetimes – weakened – in the context of what? Intimate relations. And, progressively through this – the cause of being weakened is – the clue is through Virgo – Virgo contains guilt – and there’s again a need to atone for that guilt. And when you have atonement linked with guilt, you create the pathology of masochism – right away. And so you have this progressive weakening of the soul through an accumulation of guilt. “I’ve done something wrong, but I don’t know what it is. Therefore, I must atone.” And, through atonement, relative to guilt, then attracting these very powerful partners (S Node in the 8th)….yes?….because what she was trying to set up through that 12th house stuff – “Somebody rescue me. Somebody come take me by my little child hand and tell me about reality. Help me.” Because of the weakening of the soul within. And this then creates a susceptibility to these people who will come into her life and they’ll be all too happy to tell her who she is, according to them. And what you have through the Virgo symbol here are intimate partners who would use the person as a scapegoat for a projection of their own crap! Reinforcing the sense of guilt – “There’s something wrong with you. There’s something lacking in you. There’s something not good enough about you.” As a drum beat. How would any of us like to be in a relationship, let’s say for six years, or seven years, and almost on a daily basis that partner’s reminding us what a piece of shit we are?

(A): Sounds familiar.

(J): Been there….done that.

(A): What’s it’s meant to be is finally for this person to stand up for herself, maybe through this succession of this being beaten down – finally saying, “No more,” and going to that North Node in the 2nd house and just taking her power back.

(J): That’s exactly right, because the entire disempowerment has occurred through the hands of men in this case – it’s a female chart.

(A): Could it be that with that Jupiter and the Venus S Node conjunction, it started with the father, (J – yes) – and as she decided to be more different, he was very controlling and possibly incestuous?

(J): No. Where’s the symbol see incest here? There’s no symbol for incest here just in these symbols. It can also be a sense of psychological violation, psychological rape, psychological unavailability, to where the person’s left on their own, feeling abandoned, that creates displaced emotions out of childhood. I mean all children naturally expect to be loved and nurtured for what they are, and when that does not occur, it equals displaced emotions of the child, that cannot be resolved as a child. And those displaced emotions then operate subconsciously, by way of choosing an adult partner, which, in one way or another, is replaying what happened in the early environment.

(A): Rather than incest, would you say that with Jupiter conjunct the Venus S Node, at first I was thinking it was someone that was violated as a Vestal Virgin, or through some religious rite ……where the violation came through some sexual-religious disempowerment – Jupiter conjunct the S Node of Venus in the 12th.

(J): Yea. You’re quite right, because a lot of folks are starting to feel that Vesta is the actual ruler of Virgo instead of Mercury, and once you start understanding the tradition of Vesta, it goes right back to what you just describe. Because the original Vesta goes right back to Natural Law in which, when we were still living in Natural Law, the adult women of the community – ’cause there was monogamy, there was not paternity, was not nuclear families, everything was done communally – and part of what occurred in those communal realities, through Natural Law, was that the puberty-aged boy would typically be initiated sexually by one of the older women of the community, and that was to create the right imprint or orientation to sexuality, remembering that the female is the origin of the male, and, therefore, there is a natural sense of responsibility in the female to gear in or orientate that male principle, which it’s the origin of, to right sexuality – that’s where the basis of the tradition comes from. But then as the patriarchy begins – because Vesta is the application of that model – natural initiation – and then when the patriarchy began, there’s a suppression of this natural law, which then became the basis or cause of the original tradition made by men – not women – who were called the sacred prostitutes. And this becomes the tradition of Vesta from the point of view of historical development that comes up through time – by the time it reaches Rome and Greece, for example, the Vesta archetype was the Vestal Virgin, in which she was given a certain amount of time to be this Vestal Virgin, meaning not having intercourse with men to roughly around 35 or 36, and then she was released from the role. But, if in fact, that Vestal Virgin had sex, they were literally buried alive. So, we can this strain coming up into our times, yes? And so, if you link it with Vesta as the ruler of these symbols, it goes right back to what you’re describing.

(A): The other thing you can link the Vesta thing to was there also a time in history where the Vestal Virgin or the priestesses were in the (inaudible) with the warriors to assuage their blood crimes?

(J): Yes. And the presumption relative to the sacred prostitute, the presumption, was that because she was “so highly evolved – sacred prostitute,” that she somehow had the capacity of absolving, through absorbing, the sins of those that she was sleeping with. There is that connection. See, very few people realize that any of us as natural humans…carry our entire evolutionary/karmic background in our sexual fluids, and once we unite with anybody sexually, well, guess what, we’re exchanging that background. We’re bringing them literally into us. The way to prove this through Natural Law – it doesn’t require any belief of any kind – I mean we’ve all had sexual partners, of course – and is it not true that for those that you’ve been intimate with, these people are much more deeply rooted in you, than those that you have not? Yes or No? That’s Natural Law. That should tell you right away about this issue of osmosing one another’s entire evolutionary/karmic history through the combining of sexual fluids. Whoever you’ve become involved with intimately, you’ve altered your own life path in some fashion. Is it not true? This is Natural Law. So, if in fact, in a case like this, we have a progressive weakening of the soul, and also an accumulation of guilt around sexual issues, and this now creating a susceptibility to the influence of Lucifer – evil – you can progressively see that she will be bringing to herself, men who have not worked out their own psychological dilemmas. You can see the classic signature of Florence Nightingale here. The ultimate masochist in relationship. Might as well go ahead and put on a white uniform – red cross – name tag – and walk around the household….with an IV unit. That’s my partner? Because of the implied guilt. Now here comes the secret in understanding this stuff, ’cause when you have this deep 12th house emphasis, in this kind of soul, there’s always going to be a natural perception of that which is pure and that which is innocent in a soul. There is a perception of the unresolved little child in such partners that the Florence Nightingale wants to encourage and to nurture, without exercising Virgo discrimination, the total reality of the individual. The masochist wants to focus on that little spark of hope and try to make the person all of that, but if they’re not prepared to be that, then you create the reverse intent. Do you understand what I mean? The person will now become the basis of that person’s projections, because they’re being exposed (8th house). They have to own their own psychology, and a typically 8th house reaction – defense – so what you have here is a person attracting men that are emotionally split in themself. They can be the chronology age of say 36, but emotionally they’d be functioning around 9 or 10. And when that is really exposed, it creates a defense posture, in which they now want to attack….”You’re the problem. I’m fine. You’re the problem.” And working out all their emotional displacement in a lightening rod effect, and so the problem’s that the individual’s not exercising discrimination in terms of the person’s whole reality, not just the part that they want to see and identify. See what I’m getting at? And that’s where the ultimate crisis of disillusionment (12th house) would exist. Are you following this? And again, the problem in this kind of symbolism, if you’re an individual that’s receiving this kind of projections, life after life, again it comes down to Natural Law – if I hear something long enough, even if it’s not true, I’m going to tend to internalize it and believe it. So, she’s ended up – Jupiter, with this Lucifer – believing a lot of stuff about herself, which is the basis of other people’s projections. But because she’s heard it too long – too many centuries – there’s been an internalization of it. “I’m guilty and I don’t know why.” And that’s the causative factor of creating the masochistic self-punishment, and that’s why there has to be this exercise of discrimination, of the person’s actual and total reality.

(A): And so that means, that when this person’s listening to other people, no matter what they’re saying and how good it is, they have to look at how they’re living their life and what backs that up – not just the words – or what the potential is that that person’s seeing.

(J): Um, hm. And a classic example in this kind of pattern – she’d attract people or partners that claimed to talk with God, for example – Lucifer in the 12th. “I just had a chat with God and God informed me of the following about you.” And somehow what was being reported is to their benefit. And it’s just replay – replay – replay. Are you guys getting the flow? The real clue to her low self-esteem is the fact of S node of Venus here. She’s already learned to – on the basis of an inner relationship – prior to the current life – she’s already taken in the beliefs of other people about who she is – which is constituting the inner relationship, and you put it in the context of the current life Venus, which is the ruler of this S Node, right away you can see a pattern in which she is re-attracting in this life, characters or individuals she’s been hooked up with in other times, in which this has been the very theme, but the intent in so doing is to do the Virgo lesson – exercising discrimination – “Oh, this is where the person actually is – versus my 12th house, this is where I want them to be.

A couple of other examples were explored.

(J): There’s a couple other interesting asteroids to understand more about this evil business. One of them is the asteroid Pandora…..the famous Pandora’s Box. And what this means is that Pandora had the knowledge of how evil works – that’s its ultimate meaning, archetypically – Pandora. Pandora has the knowledge of how evil actually operates. And there’s another related asteroid called Cassandra, who had the knowledge and would try to speak it, but nobody would listen. This is actually really a particularly interesting asteroid to investigate in women’s charts – to see where your natal Cassandra is – and it’s something that you know that nobody will listen to. It’s a really interesting exercise in self-knowledge.

I think what we’ll do now, ’cause I’d like to also get into synastry stuff and composite stuff and all this, that maybe we just need a little astro exercise for all of our benefit, perhaps we’ll just run Lucifer through all the signs – would you like to do that?

We can just start where it is right now, because the darned thing is in Leo as we speak. And, remember, we also have a collective application, as well as an individual application. So then we ask – What happens when Lucifer transits Leo? What is the potential pitfall that any of us could get involved with that would implicate the possible influence of evil? It’s what’s called the me-me-me syndrome. If your focus was Lucifer in Leo, it’s just what I need, what I want, what’s going to benefit me – the self-glorification problem – then Lucifer – evil – can occur. There’s a sense in certain cases of what we call the Zarathustra complex as developed by Nietzsche – the sense of being super-human. I mean that’s the basis of Zarathustra. What Nietzsche developed there was, he wanted to create a society run by what he called super-humans – Zarathustra – that were all served by the collective mass. That became the model for Hitler, for example, and so when you run Lucifer through Leo, you can have this delusion of self-grandeur, to think that you’re larger or more important than you are, and that everything is meant to serve your purpose. We can certainly see this illustrated in our current election via Bush. In his particular distorted reality, of course he’s president. How can there be any question. I don’t know how many of you are aware of what’s going on with Bush, but for people who know him personally; the reports are now he’s incredibly pissed. Objective fact is that this guy is trying to appoint himself President. To have his brother appoint him President. I mean that sounds a little distorted, doesn’t it – to be that desperate for power? What if the vote comes out in Gore’s favor and this is authorized by the court system? And then you have these Republicans saying, “We’re not going to pay attention to this; we’re just going to make our own decisions and appoint him, which means to anoint him. Now, does that sound like your American system? Yes or No? And if it doesn’t sound like your American system, what is this?

(A): Well, then the masks are coming off and he’s being exposed…..

(J): That’s the point – with Pluto in Sag – whoever’s carrying bullshit, or lying, or deception, the masks are removed.

(A): Is Lucifer conjunct your sun similar?

(J): Yes, it can operate that way. So, in any case, with Lucifer transiting Leo, the main thing to guard against in the individual life is to see what the whole structure of your life requires….what benefits all people, not just you. That’s the way to get out of that potential pitfall. (Further discussion of Bush & Gore – Bush as Zarathustra complex – ownership of the media and their role in promoting Republican/Bush agenda). Let’s get away from this now. I’ve vented enough. It’s such a charade – it’s just a charade!

Let’s now put Lucifer natally in Virgo. What would be real potential influences of evil, that can occur, if in fact, we have Lucifer in Virgo? What would be the kind of messages we could anticipate the psyche receiving through the influence of evil? There’s something wrong with me. You’ve done this, you’ve done this…reinforcing guilt – you’re not good enough……blame….over and over and over like a drum beat. Another specific way is to create doubt where doubt is not appropriate, which then serves as a vehicle of undermining an experience that you would need to benefit your growth. So if we have a polarity point – Pisces – where would the Bearer of Light come through? It is now going to be the teaching of using your Virgo mind to validate yourself vs. undermining yourself through doubt. And loving yourself. Because Virgo gets so consumed with what happened – what’s right – what’s wrong – blah, blah – and it tends to be an over focusing on the past – an over focusing on what are perceived as problems. Whereas, the Bearer of Light symbol comes through by focusing on solutions, not the problems themselves. And, if you focus on the solutions to those problems, the problems take care of themself. That’s the magic way out of Virgo’s trap – not to focus on the problems – focus on the solution. Positives have a way of creating negatives moving forward, vs. the compulsive focus on the negative and the negative only. One of the greatest words that you would find if you had Lucifer in Virgo – the greatest word in their vocabulary would be the word “but,” which is an undermining word. And another famous word for the delusion of the Lucifer in Virgo are the words, “I can’t.” The Pisces solution – “I can.” Simple adjustments. And, of course, this whole delusion called perfection, and see, here’s a related problem. Typically, the Lucifer in Virgo would have for many lifetimes set up a structural reality in their consciousness defined by the delusive idea of what is right – wrong – perfect. How I should be doing this – how I should be doing that – should bes. And very rarely can any of us fulfill our own “should-bes.” Be nice to postulate, but since most of us can’t get there, it reinforces the sense of being inadequate – something’s wrong with me – I’m not good enough, I’m not able to do this – so it’s continuously a reinforcing tape to remind the individual just exactly what a piece of shit they are.

(A): It’s true. I have to say that I have all of that conjunction with Lucifer and Vesta there, and my Moon and South Node, and this is it – this is my life story up until the change – I’d be happy for every little turd that came my way….so I have to say Thank you. I just have to confirm this.

(J): It’s reality. See, that’s the neat thing again, because what we’re talking about friends, is Natural Law. She didn’t require a belief system to understand what I just said; she used it through the validation of her own life experience. That didn’t require a belief or any philosophy. It’s her actual life experience, and that’s the beauty when you work with Natural Law. You don’t have to believe it; you’re just already living it.

(A): So, when you’re stuck in perfectionism, is the opposite of perfectionism is to give yourself some slack and allow yourself to (inaudible)…..

(J): To realize that there’s no such thing as perfection. Who decides what perfection is? What’s the standard of perfection? These are fuckin’ illusions. I mean, you could listen to Mozart, and somebody with a Virgo ear would say, “Oh, he could’a played it better right over here in this riff.” And it’s in fact already complete unto itself and it’s already perfect. There’s nothing to improve there. Do you know what I mean? It’s perfect enough as it already stands. The real path out of that Virgo delusion is to realize – the way out of the Virgo dilemma at that level is through action – action. The problem in Virgo is again – the story I like for Virgo is the story of the centipede. Image that this creature has a 1,000 legs on it – yea. It’s fine as long as it keeps walking, but as soon as it tries to analyze or try to figure out how leg 46 works in the sequence, of course, you have paralysis. And that’s the problem you have with the delusive question for perfection in Virgo. It turns into paralysis. And so the little moral of that Virgo story – just keep walking – action. It’s in the action, the doing, that relative perfection can occur. It can’t be invented with the mind. Another delusion with Lucifer in Virgo is never feeling ready enough or good enough to do what -Pisces polarity – God is directing the soul to do. “I’m not good enough yet,” is the delusion, which is reinforcing the sense of inferiority. It sets in motion unnecessary comparisons to authority figures they would respect, but it only reinforces the inferiority – “I’m not as good as that.” And, so they’re perpetually reduced to inaction, because they’re never good enough, and the whole way out of that trap door is again through one step in front of the other. And, of course, on a cosmological level, it goes back to what we were discussing last night (lecture on Virgo as the archetype of self-improvement) – to realize in the end that this thing we call God is an evolving force, and once that is emotionally integrated, then rather than being this incredibly hyper-self-critical individual inside, then you become much more emotionally compassionate with yourself. Meaning everybody on earth has blown it. We’ve all made mistakes. Even God, believe it or not. What do you think the basis of the Great Flood is? God was pissed off at its own creation – wanted to redo it. That’s God’s prerogative. And that’s actually the basis, by the way, of Christian history. That’s why they think that real history only started 12,000 years ago. In fact, what that correlates to in historical terms is truthful – is great floods all over this earth. It actually occurred – it’s documented. That’s the legend of Noah’s Ark, and this is when God literally wanted to recreate its creation. And then we had the Great Flood to wipe it all out, and that’s where Christian history starts. So, in that sense, they’re accurate, but from the standpoint of dismissing the balance of human history, everything that came before – well, this is clearly delusorary – what they call now Creationism. You know, you now have a state in your country here, one of the states that only teaches creationism – Kansas. They don’t allow the teaching of evolution. Think about that. So this now means a religion is a determinant of the education of the public in the state of Kansas. Where we supposed to be in a country with separation of church and state. Pretty heavy stuff. There you see Pluto in Sag – trying to control ideas. And that occurred, by the way, when Neptune was still in Capricorn…and Uranus. And in fact, when you study history, you find out shocking facts. The great library of Alexandria – 399 A.D. – burnt down – fundamental Christians – Uranus transiting Capricorn. They rebuilt it in 698 A.D. – it was burnt down again – Uranus transiting Capricorn – by fundamental Christians. The control of ideas. At that point, the Alexandria library was the repository of all the written existing human knowledge, which they managed to wipe out, under the banner of the Cross. What’s the analogy to Kansas, as we speak?

Let’s put Lucifer in Libra. This is after all your workshop, so we’ve got some ideas that we’ve all been discussing, how do you think Lucifer on the influence of evil would manifest through the archetype of Libra?

(A): By not listening to other people?

(J): In that sense, that they would presume that they thought or felt that they knew what other people actually needed, without actually listening to make that determination from the point of view of their actual reality. They try to impose – “You need this,” which is a reflection of the delusion of Libra by way of security issues – the Libra archetype at that level to feel secure – has a need to be needed – to feel emotionally secure within themself. Setting themself up as a person, “Oh, I understand what you need.

(A): A strong manipulation.

(J): Yes. What would be another application?

(A): A peace at any price – you know, don’t make waves – trying to balance?

(J): Yea, that can be. Peace at all costs kind of thing. Doing whatever’s necessary to keep the peace, but that also allows for reality not to be acknowledged. What would be another application of Lucifer in Libra? It comes down under the delusion – the emotional feeling that they don’t have a right to have their own needs met. That their only task is to fulfill other people’s needs, and reinforcing that message over and over and over. And that’s why the polarity point Aries – the teaching is learning how to validate, honor and have your own needs met in the context of relationships, in such a way that all peoples’ needs are met equally – not the extremity of who’s always just meeting someone else’s needs.

(A): So the person’s need is a negative state – needs to be validated or feel that their worth is dependent upon the other people.

(J): Yea. It’s like the worst form of Betty Crocker.

(A): When I think of Libra, I always think about they like things too beautiful to be willing to take out the garbage – you know, it’s not pretty enough to handle, so please don’t ask them to do something as mundane as removing it.

(J): That’s quite true. They want the Virgos to remove it. Another classic way, by the way, of this Lucifer in Libra – and this is something that any of us need to be careful of – because through that archetype, it can create and lead to what we call the silver-tongued-devil types of this world. You know, the real smooth talkers with all the charm, trying to ensnare you or hook you in some fashion – this type – “I know what you need. Believe me, trust me. I know what you need.” And this kind of sucking-in thing. You’ve probably all run into those types in our life, yes? And they deliver themself with such great sincerity, and such a magnificent charm, and, of course, we want to get sucked into that. It’s what we call the silver-tongued-devil problem. If Lucifer’s in Libra, that can occur, or being susceptible to such a type. Let me ask you – just an objective survey for a moment – for those that have been subjected to that kind of person, whether you’re male or female makes no difference – i.e., that person in your face, looking with all sincerity and the rest of it, telling you that they know what you need, just trust ’em – how many, if you got involved with that type – how many of you indeed experienced that they did know what you needed? Or, was there, in fact, another agenda going on? (No takers). Examples – Jim Jones (Pluto in 7th); Rajneesh (4 or 5 planets in Capricorn in the 7th); Claire Prophet; J.Z. Knight (dominant 7th house)

Let’s run Lucifer through ever-understandable Scorpio. Look, you have the total spectrum in Scorpio – everything from the pure ecstasy of God-realization to the horror of horrors manifested through the most intense forms of evil, and all the combinations therein. So, where could evil manifest specifically on an archetypical level with Lucifer standing in Scorpio?

(A): Any thing done with sex.

(J): No, because you can have passion for God.

(A): I know. But, it’s intense feelings. Not just passion – passion – but the intensity of the emotion behind it.

(J): That’s not going to be the issue because the issue there is the orientation to what you’re describing. Because, that’s intrinsic to Scorpio, it’s necessary for Scorpio, it’s part of the Scorpio experience. But, then it depends on the orientation; so that’s what we want to try to look at.

(A): I think of extreme control issues due to the fear of lack of control.

(J): Um-hm. Or doing anything to obtain power at all costs. There is like a client, part of this German Mafia thing – had 8th house Pluto in Virgo and a variety of other things, but the guy had so many lifetimes of wanting – desiring – this intense social power of status and wealth. And yet because of Pluto in Virgo, did not feel he had the capacity within himself to get it. Simultaneously to that, lifetimes where he’s experiencing people with all this status, wealth and power – this creating now 8th house jealousy, vindictiveness, I’m going to get back at – because he’s got a consciousness of victimization in Virgo. And this then becomes the causative factor of forming bonds with the German Mafia, to obtain, in a legal sense, those very same desires. Now, we can see that this is the influence of evil – through the 8th house. In fact, in his case – you know typically, the Mafia makes their “front” things, typically restaurants – so he also had a desire to make restaurants, and yet he would always solicit funds to make the restaurants by presenting lies, just getting people to believe what they wanted, to get the money, so he could start the stupid restaurant – that’s evil. To me, a simple way to understand evil in a general sense – if any of us find in our hearts and souls at any time, an intent to hurt another, or an intent to fuck over somebody, or an intent to take advantage of somebody, and the rest of it. That’s evil. And, if all of us look at ourselves – our own mirrors – honestly, I think that most of us would have to say at various points in our lives, there has been sometimes those temptations to think exactly in those terms, because of the buildup of rage, which itself presumes victimization. If you’re in full responsibility for your own life, you will not have those psychologies.

(A): So, another Lucifer archetype in Scorpio would be a raging – somebody doing evil through rage.

(J): A perfect example would be using sex as a form of power. It could be the stalker. It could be the raper. It could be the sadist. It could be the torturer. It could be the person taking glee in creating hurt and pain for another – real glee, enjoying it. For example, when they killed these Israeli soldiers down there recently – taking out their brains and the rest of it. I mean, you guys didn’t see these pictures, but I’ve got a friend – the guy that teaches my school in Tel Aviv – and he sent me the actual pictures of these – what they had done to them – because it was in the Israeli media, and you have no idea – I mean, if you had looked at what they had done to these bodies – and that is truly evil. And another example of that kind of shit – blowing up a bus of school children, because the Party of “God” told me to do this. And you’re now killing innocent school kids? Because God told you to do so? So, that’s an example of God “speaking” to somebody that’s just a reflection of what their own subjective agenda is. God is never going to direct anybody to kill anybody. No matter how just it may be.

(A): So, the ultimate power of a killer with Lucifer in Scorpio would be an assassin, killer.

(J): A terrorist on the freeway. It can be gaining other people’s resources through illegal or deceptive means.

(A): The antidote for Lucifer in Scorpio would be (inaudible).

(J): The real antidote is by having the desire to examine the causative factors in your own emotional psychology, which then enforces the Taurean application – radically altering the inner relationship to yourself. To radically alter their inner relationship to themself, by understanding the nature of their psychology and why – and the owning it.

The real issue of the influence of evil through Sag is to feel that whatever your particular philosophy, cosmology, or religion, or whatever your intellectual way of organizing reality is, is absolutely the right and only way, which then sets in motion the Billy Graham archetype – the need to convince and convert – imagine all the judgments issued if you’re not towing the line to conforming with that point of view – that’s how it manifests. Another delusion of the influence of Lucifer in Sag – it can be one of the causative factors of, in fact, of the false messiah syndrome. Somehow these people think they have a direct pipeline into God – and say so. An example or reflection of that would be all this televangelism on the TV sets. Remember our old friend Jimmy Swaggert? He’s still fuckin’ prostitutes. He’s a hopeless case.

(A): But he cried well.

(J): And was ever so sincere – Sag. And so the antidote is through the opposite sign, and that is, of course, that this thing we want to call truth, is, in fact, relative. Einstein himself, who was a Pisces, said the following: “The only absolute reality is relativity itself.” Think about that. The only absolute is relativity itself. And, so that would, in the end, be the liberation point, i.e., the Bearer of Light, somehow this message getting through to the consciousness.

I wish we had more time, by the way, ’cause there’s so many interesting variations and manifestations…….(flip tape)

(A): I have Lucifer in Sag in the 3rd house.

(J): Where that influence can come in is allowing other people to tell you what to think. If you’ve got it there, that’s where the direct influence could occur – somebody trying to control or shape your own natural way of wanting to think about something.

(A): My husband wants me to think like him.

(J): There you go. Or we can have Capricorn, and we can illustrate this through the story of the Marquis de Sade – this man did, in fact, have Lucifer in Capricorn – with his Saturn. Now we’re in this heavy archetype of Capricorn, and let’s say we put Lucifer there – now, what would be a common application? How would you see this manifesting?

(A): Dominance and control?

(J): Dominance and control. What else? It specifically manifests through the delusion that the ends justifies the means used.

(A): Well, that’s the whole Hitler thing. That’s any kind of strong leader, whether it be a schoolmaster or a leader of a nation, who is bent on a goal and just terrorizes the populace – basically, the terrorizing the populace archetype.

(J): Right. Exactly. And from another point of view of Capricorn, evil can create a psychology within the person that’s defined by the perpetual psychology of self-defeat – what’s the point? – degenerating into complete futility, and, therefore, a progressive loss of a will to live. Chronic depression. An illustration is in the classic story “The Seagull” written by Anton Chekov, and there was a character in this story that was always dressed in black – a woman. And one day somebody walks up to the woman and asks, “Why are you always dressed in black?” Here comes the Lucifer in Capricorn answer, “I’m in mourning for my life.” It can manifest through one of the most problematic dimensions of Capricorn called hypocrisy.

(A): Sounds like Congress……not an individual, but…..

(J): Exactly. It can operate at a collective level. And that’s what I mean about really understanding what’s going on in your country right now. There’s a power grab by the Republicans – they will take power at all costs.

(A): And they’re accusing the Democrats of trying to steal the election.

(J): That’s what they do – they demonize that which they themselves are doing.

(A): Is this what we can expect with Pluto in Capricorn?

(J): Yes. (More discussion about the election and the reporting by the media). You can see the obvious hypocrisy – double standards. And that’s where evil through Capricorn can manifest, and unfortunately your country has Pluto in Capricorn in its birth chart – 27 Capricorn – 9th house – media – and religion – and the conservative element that’s in control.

(A): So, have you looked ahead as to what you’re expecting from Pluto in Capricorn when it transits in Capricorn?

(J): It depends on choices made between now and when it actually occurs. You have to fit it to the existing context, which is determined by choices leading to that moment. And the influence of Lucifer in Capricorn within the individual itself is a perpetual inner feeling of being a shitty person – “I’ve done something wrong. I’m so guilty. I must suffer. This kind of psychology, and actually creating through choices circumstances that reinforce that psychology. And then they end validating or proving what they inwardly feel. If we look at the opposite sign as the direction of our way out, where would the Bearer of Light come through in this scenario? How could they tune into God through that symbol if Lucifer’s in Capricorn? Through the Cancer polarity. So, what does it become? What’s the message? The whole message of Cancer is to strip all the need for social power and acceptance away and to go deep inside find the meaning that you’re seeking – to penetrate to the mystery and veil of your own soul and to rebuild yourself from the inside out – that’s the message. And I would say in many of those cases, from a spiritual view, to orientate to some sort of spiritual system that’s emphasizing the Divine Mother or feminine, vs. the archetypical Father God.

You guys burnin’ out on me? OK. We get into Lucifer in Aquarius now, and/or the 11th house. How would we see the influence of Lucifer manifesting through the Aquarian, 11th house, Uranian archetype?

(A): Rebellion?

(J): Rebellion of itself isn’t necessarily a negative or an evil. Rebellion can be an incredibly positive thing. Do you know what the etymology of the word bizarre is? Bizarre linked with Aquarius – or perverse? Do you know what the origins of these words are – in most cases? To revolutionize. That’s what they used to mean. And now how the English language has chosen to understand it, present it and judge it is a very different issue. ……Using whole groups of people or situations to benefit themself. They just arrested some clown up in Washington – an ultra con-man – who would bilk people out of millions of dollars – he had a way of presenting himself – “We’re going to make this business.” – all the Aquarian – all the detail – all the superstructure, to get people to believe, and, of course, take the money and run. And the case we had this morning, the case history that was presented to me and they met on the Internet – the guy had Lucifer in Aquarius, so he’s using this as a vehicle of contact. In fact, we had another case, comes back to Kansas, where apparently some S&M type was making postings in these Use-Net groups, and I guess there was some S&M group, and some woman responded, and went out in the state of Kansas, which was where he lived. And what they had discovered, is that, through the Internet, he had – I checked his chart, and he had Lucifer in Aquarius – and what he was doing was meeting these women and hooking them on the Internet – he’d get them to his home in Kansas, and literally over a period of days or weeks, torture them to death. He just got busted. So you can see the Aquarian application.

(A): You would kind of have to be able to detach yourself from your emotions to do that kind of thing to someone else, wouldn’t you?

(J): No, and those kind of people are totally – in a distorted sense – involved with their emotional life – from a sadistic point of view. Sadists believe people deserve the pain that they’re administering – that they actually deserve it, which is the engagement point to their emotional body.

(A): So, rather than being detached, they’re very, very focused?

(J) Right. That’s the only way they can focus. Think about that. Think how distorted that is.

(A): They’re so repressed they can’t feel and so it takes more and more to…..

(J): Exactly.

(A – J): Discussion about how this would include militia groups, groups who believe the end of the world is coming, etc.

(J): A good illustration of that is a really funny story. I guess there was some guy over in Korea – when of these self-appointed prophet types, and he was claiming that the world was going to end at midnight on a certain day a few years ago…..this is real specific to Korea, so there must have been about 20,000 people or so that believed him, or something. So they all gathered at the same point at midnight, waiting for the end of the world to happen – well, guess what – midnight came and went, and they were still here. Can you imagine what they’re going through at a traumatic level? They set themselves up to die, and here they’re still living – and they went home.

(A): Didn’t they arrest him?

(J): Um, hm. To me the guy that should be in prison is Rev. Moon.

(A): He still has followers, though.

(J): Yes, he does. Sure he does. And they tried to – you know one of the women that had married his son, I think it was – did a whole expose of what goes on within the family. Are you familiar with that? And here they are trying to present themselves as religious icons, and apparently, according to this ex-wife of his (Rev. Moon’s) son, that all kinds of sexual orgies and the drugs that rampant, and this kind of story, is what goes on in their actual home, and look how he’s presenting himself to the world. This is the classic hypocrisy of religion. No different that Pope Innocent III in the 13th century having a working brothel in the Vatican. Historical fact. Another form – especially with Lucifer in Aquarius – a form of evil that manifests in there, is through – it’s like an example would be German doctors – World War II – concentration camps – and now “medically experimenting on people” – no different than in the World War, and they had all these American prisoners and others, and they were testing various bacterial agents to see what the effects would be. Or doing random testing with the original LSD, and not telling people they were being given the LSD. There are documented cases where people committed suicide because of this. And the government – end justifying the means – “We need to do this for national security purposes.” So that means they can kill somebody and get away with it. The point is to create trauma – they have a motive to create trauma to another. It can manifest in the form of all these stupid religious terrorist groups. Especially now with Pluto in Sagittarius. Because, believe me, and maybe most of you already know this – the danger is not going to be through nuclear weapons; it’s going to be through bacterial warfare. After all, it takes one guy to go to downtown L.A. and release the little vial of something that would have the potential of killing the entire population of L.A. You don’t need your $10 million to build your nuclear bomb; it’s much cheaper to use bacterial agents. And much easier to sneak them around. That’s where you need to keep your eyes focused.

(A): Especially with Pluto in Sagittarius, which represents contagion.

(J): Contagion is an Aquarius phenomenon. Behavioral contagion. Or the contagion of disease. That’s an Aquarius phenomenon. It’s like in the 1920s when Hitler came to power – we had Uranus transiting Pisces, so he made a behavioral contagion by creating and persecuting a group of people (Uranus); and you saw the contagion of behavior. We have a Leo polarity point, so what do we see as potential antidotes by way of Bearer of Light? How would the Leo serve as a counteracting point? It just starts with the individual stepping outside of themself in order to objectify. In other words, you can’t change this pattern until you devoid the emotional content that creates the pattern. So you have to devoid that emotional content through objectification – detaching, and that presumes a desire to do so, but in that way they regain control of their psyche, their soul – Leo.

(A): So with the polarity point of the Leo archetype, you would get in touch with ones emotions and, so to speak, with one’s charismatic hero.

(J): It depends on what archetype your orientate to. If you link to, let’s say, the group problem, typically Lucifer in Aquarius is going to manifest in this group or this group, and we’re right and they‘re wrong and turning this group upon that group. And the whole polarity point of Leo means what? To honor the individual realities of all groups. There’s no one more right or wrong. And that’s the amazing thing in your election here. Don’t you find it rather startling that Bush carried no city – he did not win one major U.S. city – not one. What he did win was people living in the farmlands. So, in other words, the majority of all people in all big cities, voted for Gore. The majority of people living in the farmlands, as in the Kansas types, voted for Bush. What’s that tell you about a massive line of polarization? In your country as a total population. We’re talking Aquarius stuff here. And here we have Uranus – Neptune transiting Aquarius. And remember, you have to deal with the natural squares and oppositions – Scorpio, Taurus, Leo. And you can see these lines of polarization before our eyes. You see it? And think about that more deeply in terms of what value associations that equals. The people that live in the Kansas-type of environments have a very limited view of reality – let’s face it. And they want that reality to be everybody’s reality. Whereas the people that live in the city, by definition, are much more cosmopolitan. When you live in the city, you’re exposed to diversity. By the very fact of living in the city, it requires you to think more. You’re exposed to newspapers; you’re exposed to this clown in the street barfing; and you got this over here…..da..da..da..da…da.
You tend to generate a much more expansive consciousness that honors diversity. It is more aware of social issues, what the whole does in fact need. That’s very different than living off in your little isolated farm somewhere in Montana, in which your reality’s determined by the limitation of your own environment. Do you see what I’m getting at? And now we have this basic division in our country, and it was brought to a head in this election. So, it’s not a good sign for the future, friends, is what I’m telling you.

So – Lucifer in Pisces. That the worst form of this symbolism, is the influence of evil could manifest as having the person create one delusion or illusion after the other, and every delusion or illusion that is created is considered the ultimate meaning that they’ve always been seeking. It’s like chasing windmills. The intent of evil is to keep the person away from Spirit or God – by creating the illusion that the meaning that they’re seeking is in this new manifestation of this or this or this. Or another way that it typically – especially in women when I’ve seen this symbolism – sometimes when the Lucifer’s in Pisces in a woman’s chart, it’s like she’s maybe weekly, sometimes daily, altering how she looks. One day you look conservative like a Capricorn businesswoman. Two days later you say, “My God, what happened?” and here you’ve got the flaming hair coming out. Other forms that Lucifer in Pisces can manifest through is extreme paranoia, and extreme schizophrenia, agoraphobia, would be an example, any manner of psychological disintegration. You can have the symbol of truly a possession, with Lucifer in Pisces – your soul’s literally taken over. You can have the manifestation of Lucifer through evil through fanaticism.

(A): Couldn’t it also manifest through an intensification of a victim consciousness?

(J): Yes. Right. I mean it’s unfortunate for those that watch TV shows like Oprah Winfrey and all those type of shows, and if you listen to these people’s problems, they’re always presenting themselves as a victim. Always. Do you ever hear her talk to the people on her show, “Why did you need to create that?” So the antidote through Virgo is what? Because if you’re dealing with the nature of illusions and delusions, believe it or not, God will operate in that person’s life through manifestation of disillusionment – (inaudible word) illusion created, the bubble is burst, so the person goes from one existential crisis to the next. But, again, the intent of disillusionment is to realign us with actual reality. So, God’s grace in that context – bursting the bubbles.

(A): Or to put it another way, you could say mental discernment through Virgo.

(J): Mm…hm….Obviously, with that symbol in mind, evil can truly manifest through the temptation of drugs, alcohol. Now, as we’re going through these things – and obviously all of you have Lucifer somewhere. (Positive response from a few audience members). Right on. At least you’re honest. Remember that class we did in Denver? (laughter)….That’s where the tomatoes were being thrown. OK. The antidote is discrimination. God operating in such a way as to create disillusionment; what we can call – this nice shamanistic word – learning how to be ‘impeccable.’ Impeccable, which means absolute self-honesty. Impeccability here means being that which you actually are; you’re not misrepresenting yourself.

(A): Which is quite different from perfection.

(J): Yes.

(A): So it requires total honesty……(J – Absolute)….and responsibility for who you are and what you create.

(J): Exactly………and being faithful to who you are – without compromise. That’s a nice word, isn’t it – impeccability. I like that.

Aries. How could it manifest through Aries?

(A): Very easily through martial, war-like fighting kind of belligerence.

(J): Belligerence of itself is not evil. I mean it’s not a nice thing, but……

(A): Picking fights on weaker people?

(J): Do you mean the bully syndrome? Yes. Absolutely. It could, as an example, create a false sense of self-importance. We can certainly see this implicated through Mr. Bush – 1st house Pluto – Lucifer transit. He clearly thinks of himself as more important than he actually is. That’s why one thing the media does do once in a while – “Hey, look how arrogant this creep is.” The little snicker on his face…..the superior arrogance. Tell me he does not look like Alfred E. Newman? (general discussion that was inaudible). I’m going to leave Bush alone right now.

(A): Can you share any of where he’s been prior to this life to create this person?

(J): No. Right now, I’m not allowed to tell you that. There’s certain boundaries I have to honor. It’s not a pretty picture. One little snapshot. I’ll just invent a story – maybe you’ll put it together. You remember a time in our country when we had blacks as slaves in the south, and the white superior race running them, i.e. plantation owners, who would do whatever they want, especially to the black women – I’ll just leave it right there. Maybe you get the point — without naming names.

How else could it manifest through Aries? Bully syndrome – yes. Arrogance and power – yes. Thinking one’s more self-important – yes. What else? It could manifest – especially through men – sexual predators. Where sex is actually an act of power – by way of dominance. It can manifest through emotional misrepresentation to an existing intimate other or a potential intimate other. Misrepresentation. Aries always wants what it wants when it wants it. And, if this is now sexualized, in a man form – although I have seen in also in women – I’ve actually had women who had this symbol tell me the following, “I’m going out on a sexual hunt.” A sexual hunt. But the excitement’s always in the hunt, isn’t it. Promising something they can’t follow through on.

(A): But, I still don’t know how you got that with Aries.

(J): Because the higher octave of Aries is Scorpio —- yea, manipulation. So, we have a Libra polarity point. What’s the antidote? The antidote is to realize that other people’s needs and realities and the rest of it, are as equally important as its own. And that rather than being a consciousness of taking and using people for their own purposes, to orientate to a consciousness to give other people what they need according to what the other person actually needs. Not this delusion: “I’m giving to you because here’s what you need and I know it. I think I know what you need.”

(A): Could part of Lucifer in Aries be bringing people to you that are like that? (another couple sentences that were inaudible).

(J): Yes. And, in other cases, it can manifest as a loosening of the will to live. It can correlate to a person who’s virtually killing themself – is effecting violence on themself.

So, if we manifest this through Taurus now – one of the underlying influences of evil through Taurus is an undermining sort of activity that keeps the person involved with what is minimally necessary to do just to keep their life going. Minimal involvement – just enough to keep the life going. It’s and ultimate form of laziness, procrastination, minimal effort, the sloth syndrome. It can manifest as using other people’s resources to benefit oneself. And doing whatever necessary to gain those resources. It can manifest in any manner of weird sexual perversion. Taurus is the sexual instinct in all of us, which is rooted in the instinct to procreate (Taurus). So, once you latch Lucifer onto that natural instinct, then you can see where sexuality could go. That would be one of the potential applications of – what’s this thing called – snuffing – where the person’s killed or something. We can see that through Lucifer in Taurus. We can see it also through Lucifer in Scorpio, by the way. (A question about snuffing). It’s where they kill the person at the moment of climax. I can’t imagine how that would get somebody off, I mean I can’t even imagine. Geez.

(A): Didn’t you have a client in Germany like that?

(J): Yes. I’ve had some doozies of clients, yes. I mean one of the worst cases I had to deal with in terms of controlling my own impulses, was when I had a client – cause I used to tell all my clients, “You can tell me anything you want….it stays here,” and all this – a lot of clients treat me as a confessor/priest kind of thing, and I had this sadist confessing that he’d done these certain things to a woman and it got beyond control, so to speak, and he was telling me in quite a bit of detail what he had done. I just wanted to take the guy and go ……gesture. (The case was also being reported in the news).

(A): What did you do?

(J): I tried to be as cool and professional as I could be, cause I made the mistake. I mean I have to own that for myself. (flip tape)………..massive dilemma on your hands, but the fact is, I told her first, “You can tell me anything.” So that’s what I had to honor. Since then, believe me, I’ve done it differently. You can say that, but you can then also say, “If you tell me something that’s against the law, my duty is to report you,” which is in fact the law – at least it is in Washington.

Some partially inaudible discussion about some famous criminals, police, etc.

(J): The antidote of Taurus, of course, comes through Scorpio. And the whole issue of the antidote here is manifesting a desire to understand the nature of your psychology, how and why you’re put together, and what and, most importantly, willing to own it. That’s the key.

Gemini. One application that can happen is when one sibling forces another sibling to have sex. It can manifest as trying to control and limit ideas. It can manifest even – Gemini unfortunately is the archetype that’s susceptible to the newest cultural fad, or the next grooviest thing to do. And the problem in Gemini is that they get so hooked up with the newest, grooviest thing to do, that if they orientate to it through the influence of evil, they violate their own natural nature. It’s sort of like an example of that was the late ’60s when all the hippie stuff was happening, and the free love syndrome and all that – Uranus was transiting Libra then, by the way — Free Love – that’s when Neptune was in Scorpio – remember the phrase “Flower Power” – Neptune was transiting Scorpio – but the point there is that if you’re a Gemini in that scenario, the typical Gemini just hops on the bandwagon – “Oh groovy – free love.” What if that’s a violation of their own nature? So, the point is that through Gemini, Lucifer can manifest as that temptation to follow the next grooviest thing – that’s going to be the meaning that you’re seeking. It can manifest through fickleness. It can manifest by saying one thing to one person and an altogether different thing to the next person. Different stories, that aren’t based in truth. It can manifest, frankly, as outright lies – where they try to present the lie as the truth, and then try to convince others of that truth…of the lie.

(A): Extreme mischievousness?

(J): Yes, So, the antidote is through Sagittarius – the ultimate archetype of Sag is honesty, at all costs. You’ve all heard the American cliché, “The truth will set you free,” whatever that truth may be. That’s the antidote to Gemini. The antidote of Sagittarius is for the person to completely tune into who they naturally and actually are. And then to live that truth, not the facade of Gemini.

And then we come to ever-secure Cancer. Let’s make this real graphic – Mr. O.J. Simpson. Here’s a man, I believe, if I remember right, who has Mars in Cancer, and Jupiter in Scorpio, by the way – what you have here is, obviously if you illustrate the case of what’s called pathological jealousy, and it manifests through this bizarre male attitude, “If I can’t have you, nobody will.” This kind of extreme form of emotional possession, which can be generated into pathological jealousy – that’s a bit worse than just normal jealousy. It becomes pathological – you’re taking action upon it – just as O.J. Simpson did. If you think about it, I mean the guy’s a black guy, and the Capricorn polarity – because what determines the color of the skin is a physiology called melanin, which is a variation of melatonin, which manifests out of your pineal gland – and in Capricorn this manifests, because Capricorn connects to iron, and this is why you have black skin implicated through Capricorn. So, here you have a man that had this Cancer energy – the polarity point was Capricorn – and his defense team used the black card – or race card – as a defense. Do you see how it’s working now? I think most of us would agree the guy probably did it, yea?

(A): Didn’t he confess in one of the (inaudible word) that he gave?

(J): Yes, he did. He actually did confess at one point. Anybody feel that this guy was actually innocent? (nobody did). In any case, the point here is that evil manifests through the emotional body with Lucifer in Cancer. Anything that’s linked with your emotional body can, in fact, be influenced with Lucifer in Cancer, and can set in motion any manner of emotional distortions, and the emotional behaviors that are a reflection of those distortions. And the problem with Lucifer in Cancer is that whatever emotional state is being influenced by Lucifer, the individual does not have a clue that the natural emotional state has been taken over and intensified distorted through the influence of the evil. They don’t have a clue. And then they simply get lost to it, and the worst forms that appear is emotional, demonic people.

(A): Wouldn’t this be the person that would manipulate their environment.

(J): Yes. Totally so. There’s so many factors. It can correlate with a person being born through a mother who herself is being influenced by evil, and through her own emotional distortions affecting, through behavior, this child. I mean there’s just so many ways to look at the darned thing.

What happens when we start dealing with the aspects Lucifer’s making to other planets? What happens we say, “OK…Lucifer’s in Virgo, but it’s in a Sagittarius house, and it’s making aspects to X, X, and X.” These all become portals, or vehicles, in which this exists. It also means, very quickly through synastry, wherever your partner’s Lucifer is landing in your natal chart – it has a simple application. Wherever they themself as an individual can be influenced by evil, they bring that individual influence into your life in the area of your consciousness or reality, that through synastry that Lucifer lands in. Do you see it? Conversely, that very same symbol can equal a partner, through the Bearer of Light archetype, that can truly bring the spark, and awareness and inspiration of God into your life. When you link this through composite charts, you’re going to have a combined Lucifer with somebody; it’s going to be in a house and a sign, and in a very similar way, this is where the couple, as a unit can experience the influence of evil in a destructive, self-undermining way, or conversely, a direct channel in their own unique way to God. Or God could actually be helping the relationship. I mean I know this from my own reality. I had a partner; we had a combined Lucifer in our 11th house in Virgo. She was a person that had been highly traumatized prior to my meeting her; I’d been highly traumatized in my own life, of course – 11th house is trauma – and so here we come up with a combined Lucifer in the house of trauma – surprise. And, there were many traumas we created together, but at every point in which would almost lead to separation – I mean to packing… to the last heels out the door thing – always in the last minute, God would intervene – every single time. At critical mass moments – the flip side – Bearer of Light. I know how it works. Evil manifests as wanting to blame other, never itself. It supports the consciousness of victimization and vindictiveness and getting back.

(The antidote for Cancer is Capricorn)…. learning to emotionally mature. They’re not just perpetually little babies, they have to grow up. They have to accept the responsibility for their own actions. That’s what they never told you about O.J. Simpson – he was out being with any woman he wanted to and yet he expected his wife to be monogamous.

OK. So did you guys get a little more understanding of this Lucifer thing and how to work with it? And all I would suggest you do is just to do the traditional astrology thing – work with it for a while, observe it, correlate it, connect it to world events, connect it to your own life, connect it to friends that you know. Watch its movement. Then you will develop your own awareness and knowledge and information about this archetype. And it is something that we all need to keep our eyes on. Again, 99% of evil is unseen – unnoticed.

I certainly appreciated you guys as a group, and have a good one.