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  • Pluto Into Sagittarius

    (The last chapter of 
    Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul Through Relationships, Vol 2)

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    Since most of this book was written while Pluto has been in Scorpio, I feel it would be beneficial for most readers if some thoughts were written about Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius. In order to accurately understand Pluto’s manifestation into Sagittarius, and the future dynamics or events that it will correlate too, it is essential to understand the past which has lead too and created the reality that we are all experiencing now. We must remember that astrology only correlates to reality, it does not cause it. And that astrology only operates relative to the observed and existing reality of anything: societies, world events, and individual people. To accurately understand the past that has conditioned and defined the moment is to understand the probabilities of future events: inwardly and outwardly. In this spirit and perspective I would like to begin this understanding by succinctly discussing the historical past that has lead to our times

    Beyond discussing Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius it is also important to remember and understand that nothing exists of itself: everything in the Creation is interrelated and interdependent. Thus, in terms of our current context, most astrologer’s recognize that we have begun the movement into the Aquarius Age. And as we move into the Aquarius Age it obviously means that the Pisces Age is now beginning to culminate. Anytime an Age comes to culmination the opportunity, and evolutionary intention, is for the cycle of history relative to that Age to stop repeating itself. In order for this to occur all the dynamics that are part of that Age comes to a head within a relatively brief amount of time. This phenomena thus creates a period of time in which the psychological experience of reality becomes one of condensed intensity: individually and collectively. The psychological experience of time being condensed thus allows for the essence of all the dynamics that have defined collective and individual reality to be experienced, and hopefully understood. This understanding thus produces realizations that reflect the new times or Age that is evolving into existence, realization symbolizing and reflecting the new paradigms that we must individually and collectively embrace so that growth and evolution can occur: to stop the cycle of individual or collective history from repeating itself.

    From the point of view of history, over thousands upon thousands of years, it is an obvious fact that even when the Ages have gone into transition before that the cycle of history tends to repeat itself despite the evolutionary intention not to do so. So the obvious question becomes: why is this ? The answer to this question reflects the very essence of the philosophical premise of the Pluto books: the four natural evolutionary conditions of the Soul. If we remember that seventy percent of the collective mass of people inhabit the consensus evolutionary condition then we can understand why the cycle of history rarely stops repeating itself until some cataclysmic event(s) create a reality in which there is no choice but to change. Remembering that the consensus state is a state in which the operative principle is Saturnian: the need to conform to the existing understanding of phenomenal reality as defined by the majority of people in any time or place. As a result, seventy percent of the people anywhere can not separate themselves, to stand back and detach, from the time or places in which they live. Because of this inability to detach, to stand back, from the times and places in which they live there is no ability to carry forwards, to apply, the lessons learned from any event or dynamic: personally, or collectively. Please remember that just fifty years ago, during the last world war, that the collective thought and slogan that followed the inanity of the concentration camps was “this will never happen again”. Unfortunately, it has already happened again relative to many current events on Earth, the insanity of the “ethnic cleansing” of the Bosnian War being but one example.

    So as we discuss the future possibilities of Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius it is essential that we understand the historical cycles that has conditioned the structural nature of our existing reality. And it is essential, at this point in time, that we embrace the fact that we have entered a time frame in which the transition of the Ages between Pisces and Aquarius is now just beginning. From the point of view of the past it is critical that we understand that during the last Aquarian Age, twenty five thousand years ago, that the original matriarchy was firmly established. By evolving into a new Aquarian Age it would seem essential that we understand, as best we can, what the context was for the last Aquarian Age if we are to apply what was understood and realize then so that a harmonization with what is needed now can take place.

    In essence the matriarchal reality was a reality in which all people lived in harmony with natural laws, the laws of the natural world which are self-evident. Nature was understood to be fully conscious, interrelated, interdependent, and that all created forms of life within nature were co-equal. Nature reflected on Earth was considered to be God: there were no sky gods at that time. In today ‘s world this is what we now call Gaia. As a result, the belief systems of that time were systems of belief that were directly linked to the self-evident laws of the natural world. As such, all people interpreted phenomenal reality from the point of view of natural laws. In so doing, the matriarchy lived within a total state of balance and equality within the totality of the rest of the manifested Creation. Their teachers were the self-evident laws of nature, and more specifically, the animals and plants around them: animals and plants were considered to have living spirits within them in such a way that these spirits could teach and communicate with them, and visa versa.

    Within the matriarchy men and women patterned their own relationships in direct observance of the natural world: by observing how the various animals lived within their own realities, and how the gender roles of masculine and feminine were naturally acted out. In this way, it was naturally understood that the source of Creation emanated from the feminine principle: the actual act of giving birth, and the observed fact that the maintenance and integrity of the family units was caused by the feminine members of Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf GreenDeva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf Greenwhatever tribe or pack of animals that they were observing. At the time of the matriarchy neither men or women had the intellectual knowledge that both men and women co-equally created a baby. Thus, when a women conceived a child, this was considered to be a magical act directly linked with the Source of Creation Itself even though there was no conception for that Source in the way that it is understood today. It is this actual historical fact that was the reason for the matriarchy. And because of this fact how men and women of that time understood and related to their sexuality was also completely different than today. To have sex with a women was to have sex with the magical aspect of the Creation: in modern vernacular it would be stated as “making love with God”. Thus, sexuality was a sacred dynamic that was in harmony with natural laws.

    Within the matriarchy there was no monogamy, there was no nuclear family as we know it, there was no paternity, children were raised on a communal basis, and the male children were typically sexually initiated through specific rituals at puberty in order to teach them about the natural laws of, and proper use of, sexual energy. Because the people of that time lived according to natural law the women and men lived very differently than in today’s world, a world totally dominated by patriarchal beliefs. For example, every women has a naturally dual sexual nature. One the one hand the women has the need and desire for what can be called the primary partner type of man. This is the type of man, by nature, who desires to be a constant partner to the women. On the other hand, each women has a natural desire for what can be called the ‘wild man’, this type of man having the natural nature which is the antithesis of the primary partner type of man: to be totally free, uncommitted, and who desires to plant his “seed” in as many places as possible. There are two natural laws or reasons for this natural evolutionary and biological law. One reason is rooted in the survival of the species itself. What this means is that because the primary causes for death to the human organism occurs because of viruses, bacteria, and parasites the human organism must have a very strong immune system to fight against these types of invasion.To have a strong immune system the human organism must be able to evolve or mutate the immune system over time. This evolution or mutation occurs through the biological act of sexual intercourse wherein the sperm and ovum combine to make another person: the pre-existing immune systems of the two people who are exchanging their sperm and ovum combine to make a new person, thus a changed or altered immune system that is produced through the fusion of the sperm and the egg. If reproduction of the human species, or most any other form of life was an asexual act, a cell reproducing itself through splitting itself, then the immune systems within the human organism would remain static or fixed. Thus, as a strategy for survival the human organism, as most other living organisms have, adopted the strategy of sexual intercourse to sustain its own life form. Long ago when the human population on Earth was very small this required, relative to natural laws, the women being available to as many men as she could be so as to experience as much diversity as possible relative to the instinct within the species to survive. This natural law was also part of the necessity of creating diversity within the gene pool of the human organism. Even with a males sperm there is are special sperms that evolutionary biologists have called “killer sperms”. When a man ejaculates into a women these killer sperms surround the cervix of the women in order to block or kill other sperms from entering the cervix. These sperms are actually linked to the immune system of the ejaculating man. Thus, a women would have intercourse with as many of the ‘wild man’ types as possible in order for the natural law of ‘selection to occur: to only become pregnant by strong, vital men which would then guarantee the survival of the species. The other reason is also just as important, and natural. This reason or law is rooted in the fact that all living beings carry their entire evolutionary background, or knowledge, in their sexual fluids. When sexual fluids unite in the act of sexual intercourse an osmosis (Pluto) occurs wherein each person is absorbing into themselves the others ‘knowledge. Thus, for a women to embrace the multiplicity of various sexual unions with different men was to expand her own consciousness through the absorption of as much sperm as possible. Through natural law this was/is a evolutionary imperative. In this way, as her own consciousness expanded, the women would then have the affect of helping the men evolve as she would release her own fluids to the man during intercourse. When people lived naturally these natural ways were simply lived without any of the problems that have been created by the patriarchy such as possessiveness, jealousy, attachment, etc. If you doubt the validity of what I am saying, simply visit a professional evolutionary biologist and ask them these questions. Your patriarchal conditioning may be shocked at the answers because even these scientists have now come to these same realizations. And these dual archetypes in the women still naturally exist, as does the dual archetype for man: the primary partner type of man, and the ‘wild man’ archetype. This is why the issue of “monogamy” in our times, naturally speaking, is a free choice issue. In other words, monogamy in the sense of one person just being with one other person, is not yet programmed into the genetic structure of the human organism as it is in say wolves or eagles. If it were then all the problems associated with infidelity would not exist: there would be no desire or impulse to not be monogamous. Even two people who are in the best of relationships, who feel totally committed to one another, can still feel instinctual attractions to others. This alone should demonstrate the natural laws that we are talking about here. As a result of all these natural ways of living there is no historical evidence of any kind that demonstrates wars or sexual violations to women throughout the entire time of the matriarchy ! Within this, there was no class differences: all was shared equally. People had personal possessions, yet now one owned land: the land was everyone’s on an equal basis. And men and women were considered total equals that had their own natural roles. Given these historical facts this would tend to suggest that by being in harmony with natural laws such things as wars, sexual violations to women and children, one gender trying to dominate the other, political struggles for power and dominance, the personal psychology of feeling threatened or jealous of a partner leading to attachment or control, simply do not, or can not exist. Comparing this to our “modern” world, and all the truly horrible things that have occurred for thousands of year now, this would seem the ideal to be re-realized!

    So the obvious question becomes: how, when, and why did this way of living change ? The change began when men began to realize that they had an equal role in conceiving a child. This may sound strange, but it is the actual reason that a slow transition began between the matriarchy and what we now call the patriarchy. For reasons that are not yet clear this created a new sense of power in men. Astrologically speaking, this transition began during the Capricorn sub-age of the Cancer Age: rather interesting symbolism given the fact that both Capricorn and Cancer correlate psychologically to gender definition and assignment as promoted by the consensus of any society ! Relative to this new sense of power in men the progressive transition to patriarchal domination began. As such, the very nature of belief systems themselves began to change. As a result, how phenomenal reality was interpreted and understood also began to change. Instead of living within the context of natural laws and the beliefs that these laws created, the progressive transition to the patriarchy lead to man made beliefs and laws that were in progressive opposition to natural laws. Progressively, the patriarchy began to take over and dominate what was the matriarchy, men created belief systems whose intention and motivation was rooted in the need to create justifications for their superiority over women: and through extension Nature itself. This started with the invention of “sky gods” that were a simultaneous reflection of the man created doctrine (belief) that there is an intrinsic or natural conflict between the worlds of spirit and flesh. Flesh, which represented in essence sexuality, was now presented as a temptation that undermined the world of spirit. Thus, to be a spiritual person, to spiritually evolve, one must suppress and control the natural energies emanating from the body. From this, women now represented the world of flesh and the sense life of the body. Thus, she now symbolized temptation, and, if followed, man’s spiritual downfall. This belief system created by men is represented in many myths developed during this time in history, including the Garden Of Eden Myth. Thus, as the patriarchy became ever more entrenched, became the mainstream or consensus of thought, women became progressively subjugated to men’s will, control, and domination.

    Essentially, women had two choices for thousands of years relative to the patriarchy. A women could either legally declare herself to be a prostitute, or she could declare herself to be a “good women”. This meant she had to become married to a man, and reduce her life to living within a small hovel of a house, never allowed to leave that house, was not allowed to own possessions or be educated in anyway, and was, of course, expected to produce children with the hope that those children would be male children. This was essential for men to have yet more power because to have power was to own land. To have more power the husband must be able to pass his land and possessions down to his male children. Because of this need, men had to know who they had had intercourse with in order to know who his children were. This became the basis of the nuclear family, paternity, the requirement and expectation for women to be monogamous, and the suppression of natural laws including natural sexual laws. Thus, the ritualized sexual initiation rites for male children at puberty were suppressed. Again, anything that is natural and becomes suppressed will assume distorted forms. For example, by the time of the early Roman Empire the middle and wealthy classes of people would send their puberty age son’s to professional prostitutes in order for this initiation to occur. Yet, this was not the same in anyway as compared to the sexual rituals of the matriarchy, with its inherent knowing and understanding linked with natural laws. It became reduced to physical sexuality of a rather gross nature. Sexuality was progressively understood to be a simple act of biological reproduction: no more and no less as the centuries unfolded. On the other hand, if a women declared herself to be a legal prostitute, she was allowed to own possessions including land, and to educate herself.

    In essence, men created belief systems that conceived of a perfect male god in which the essence of His Creation was imperfect ( a natural contradiction that escaped their intellectual cognition for reasons that must now be obvious ), and in which men were not only superior to women, but that humans in general were superior to Nature. Relative to man’s need to now dominate, control and subjugate women this also manifested as man’s inherent right to dominate and control Nature, and natural laws. Over time women was conceived to be inherently evil, witness the writing of the First Century Christian writers, and were made to feel guilty for being a women: she symbolized man’s spiritual downfall. Relative to the man created idea or belief that God is inherently perfect, and to achieve spiritual advancement one had to suppress the life of the flesh, women was made to atone for her inherent guilt. And men were made or caused to feel angry or anger for giving in to the temptation embodied in women. As stated in the first chapter of this book, this is the causative factor for the pathology and psychology now called sado/masochism. And because of the implied guilt for both relative to a perfect male god, both men and women were now taught that all must suffer in order to not only atone for their imperfection, but that spiritual growth itself was dependent on circumstantial suffering.

    Progressively natural laws and natural living gave way to man made beliefs that were indirect contradiction to natural laws. We must remember that anything that is suppressed will become distorted at a subconscious level. And that which is natural when suppressed will become the basis of anger or rage. Thus, as the patriarchy became ever more established, the very opposite reality that defined the matriarchy became the ‘reality’ that we all sadly know today: wars that cause hideous suffering for those involved, these wars all to often having “religious” justifications, economic and political classes of people causing class conflicts ( the have and have not’s ), the Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf Greenpsychological and sexual abuse of women and children, the psychological dynamics of jealousy, possessiveness, and attachment within intimate or marriage type relationships, the psychology of egocentric ambition or self interest to get ahead of the next person that breeds competition, ulterior motives, secret or dishonest agendas, and the egocentric feeling of being more important than the next person.

    Because of these patriarchal belief systems Nature itself has become progressively violated by human beings. No longer do human beings, with rare exception, live within a consciousness of equality with Nature. When natural laws are simply allowed to exist, Nature is always in a state of absolute balance and harmony. Natural laws are self-regulating, and self-correcting. Because of the man created beliefs that humans are superior to Nature, something to be dominated and used for the human benefit, this doctrine has produced the obvious fact that the human organism is in an almost total state of imbalance relative to the rest of the natural world. The consequences of this fact have, and will, come to ahead within this century, and that to follow.

    At this point it may be very interesting to look at all this through the glasses of astrology. From the point of view of past lifetimes and evolution it is remarkable that almost all people on the planet today have their South Nodes of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, with, of course, their North Nodes in Cancer. And that almost all of us have the South Node of Neptune in Aquarius and the North Node in Leo, and the South Node of Uranus in Sagittarius, with its North Node in Gemini. What does this mean ? It means that almost all the people on the planet today have had past lifetimes exactly when the original matriarchy was in place, South Node of Neptune in Aquarius, and lifetimes when the transition between the matriarchy and patriarchy began and picked up momentum: the South Nodes of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto ( the collective and individual Soul structure )in Capricorn. With the South Node of Uranus in Sagittarius for most of us this means that most of us have lived at least a few lives within tribes, cultures, or societies that were defined by natural laws. And, now, here we all are at a very precarious time in the history of Earth itself when, in effect, we have a galactic return twenty five thousand years later to the original matriarchal point!

    So why is this collective group of Souls on the planet now ? This linkage between this groups past being born at this point in history suggests that this group is now here in order to apply the realizations and lessons from those distant times into our world today: and to the future. It suggests that the real spiritualization ( Neptune ) will occur when we remember our ultimate spiritual root: the South Node of Neptune in Aquarius. Thus, it means to return back to how the matriarchy lived: in a state of absolute balance with natural laws and Nature. In so doing, the dissolving ( Neptune ) of man made beliefs of a patriarchal nature will occur. From this original spiritual root, once re-realized, the very nature of how we interpret phenomenal reality will also change because the nature of our beliefs will become realigned with Nature and its natural laws. This is truly the real meaning of having the North Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Cancer: to return back to our original origin (Cancer) in terms of lives on Earth. In so doing, the very nature of our individual and collective self-image ( Cancer ) will metamorphose ( Pluto ) by eliminating and dissolving the artificial thoughts and beliefs promoted by the patriarchy (Capricorn).

    In essence, we will become realigned with the original and true self-image that has always been there from the beginning of time itself. In so doing, there will be a realignment of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies into a state of natural balance and integration: spirit and flesh will no longer be interpreted as mutually antagonistic. As a result, the patriarchal beliefs leading to suppression of all that which is natural will be removed. Once removed, all the behavioral distortions that occur because of suppression will no longer exist. As a result, the causative factors leading to all kinds of displaced rage and anger will no longer exist. By returning back to a collective and individual reality defined ( Saturn ) by natural laws ( the original Aquarian Age ) we will return back to a state of balance not only with ourselves as a collective organism, but with the planet itself. With the North Node of Neptune being in Leo it would seem clear that the Pluto in Leo generation is to be th initial generation that progressively will enunciate this need and vision. Just as the great astrologer Dane Rudyhar pointed out and predicted, this generation will produce key “seed people” in the decade of the 1990’s who will initially promote the vision of a new paradigms that reflect the Aquarian Age that is now beginning to manifest. And, evolutionary speaking, this primarily occurs through the dissemination of ideas that can now migrate all over the planet because of the mediums of print, film, and television: the South Node of Uranus being in Sagittarius, with its North Node in Gemini, for most people on the planet today.

    A simple review of recent history will illustrate the point of the Pluto in Leo generation being the initial generation to promote the need to embrace a new paradigm and vision. During the middle to late 1960’s there was a progressive rebellion by this generation against the prevailing norms, customs, moralities, and religions of the consensus societies of that time. This included a total rebellion of how men and women were expected to relate to themselves which included the institution of marriage. There was a total “sexual revolution” as a result: remember the slogan “free love”. Within this, there was an active search of information or knowledge systems from other cultures and times, and there was a strong focus on expanding consciousness through the use of drugs, and various Eastern spiritual systems as well as forms of Western Magic and Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf GreenWicca. Environmental issues began as many wanted to re-embrace the sacredness of the Earth. This all occurred as the planet Neptune transited Scorpio thus causing a transiting T-square to the natal South and North Nodes of Neptune in this generations birthcharts. And, at the same time, this was squaring this generations natal Pluto’s which are in Leo. Corresponding with this transit was the fact that the transit of Pluto was in Virgo. This transit thus created a T-square to the natal South and North Nodes of this generations Uranus. And, if this were not enough to trigger this generational rebellion, the transit of Uranus was in Libra conjuncting the natal position of Neptune for the entire generation: the total rebellion against gender assignment, and the roles within relationships that this reflects. Keeping in mind that the South Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn, with their respective North Nodes in Cancer, the Uranus transit conjuncting the natal Neptune’s of this generation triggered the natural T-square between this generations natal Neptune squaring these Nodes. The women’s movement began at this time.

    Since that decade the movements that it spawned have increased to the point of creating a collective awareness of the issues related to the environment, the dissolving of the barriers between races and classes of people, women’s and children’s rights, and a progressive return to women being in positions of power. During the time that Neptune and Uranus have been transiting in Capricorn relative to Pluto in Scorpio all the dark and hidden secrets of women’s and children’s sexual abuse have been revealed. The “wounded child” became a buzz word in therapeutic circles. And, during 1992, more and more women became elected to political office. This occurred as the transits of Neptune and Uranus conjuncted all of our South Nodes of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn ! This has even included the election of women to run countries like Turkey and Pakistan: the essence of the patriarchal bastion.

    I do not mean to suggest in this that somehow we will return back to a reality in which we are all wandering around in buffalo hides, and living in teepees, so to speak. Of course this is totally impossible given the nature of our world today: autobahns, safeway markets, etc. It does mean that we must learn how to apply natural laws in the context of these times, and the times to come. THIS IS THE SPECIFIC CHALLENGE AND REQUIREMENT. If one studies history, and understands the level of evolution for most of the people on the planet, i.e. that seventy percent are in fact in a consensus state, the evolutionary necessities reflected in the now emerging Aquarius Age will not occur through some sudden collective enlightenment as so many “new age” writers speak about.

    Quite the contrary: these necessary changes, in all probability, will occur through circumstantial necessity. Typically, this will manifest as cataclysmic events of varying degrees of intensity until there is no choice left but to change. The greatest danger to our planet remains to be the phenomena of nuclear bombs, and the technologies that this has spawned. Later on I will discuss the different ways that this danger can manifest. At this point you may find it interesting to consider that the planet Pluto, which directly correlates with nuclear fission and related phenomena, was discovered EXACTLY when its movement through the sign Cancer conjuncted its own North Node at eighteen degrees of Cancer, and in opposition to its South Node. At the moment of discovery Pluto was also making an exact conjunction to the North Node of Saturn, also at eighteen degree of Cancer. For anyone who has debated the relevancy of the Nodes of the other planets, this should be your wake-up call!

    Within a few years of its discovery the wheels were set in motion that lead to the invention of the first atomic bomb, the cause of world war being the justification: remember wars have only occurred since the patriarchy began its domination of collective and individual reality. It is also interesting to note that the primary inventor of the atom bomb, Oppenheimer, was a devotee of the Hindu Goddess Kali: a female deity ( Cancer ) of destruction and rebirth. His intention and hope, Pluto, was that if he build such a device that there would never ever be a threat of war again because of the destructive power of the bomb itself: that no one would ever dare use it. Unfortunately, this did not occur. This single invention, of itself, has completely altered the structural nature of our reality ( Saturn ) for all time. Here again, we see the link to when this transition began: the Capricorn sub-age of the Cancer Age, and the group of people on the planet today. Could there be any other greater danger to the violation of natural laws, and Nature Itself, than the spectacle and tragedy of this invention ? The real horror of this potential was, of course, demonstrated during the last world war when the United States dropped the atom bomb on Japan. And, yes, this occurred when the transit of Pluto was transiting in Leo, and conjunct the North Node of the Moon for the United States birthchart ! This event was the cause of the United States becoming a world super power, and it radically altered how humanity was to relate to itself: the Pluto transit in opposition to the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius in the United States birthchart. The point here is to understand that Aquarius, Uranus, and the Eleventh House can correlate to a radical altering of existing conditions, and to total and sudden change. Even when the Cuban Missile Crisis came to a head in October of 1962, when everyone on the Earth did not know if they would live or die, the transiting Saturn and South Node of the Moon were conjunct the South Node of the Moon in the United States horoscope!

    So what is the message and teaching in all of this? As this “galactic return” begins the planet Pluto is now moving into Sagittarius, Uranus and Neptune will be traveling through the sign Aquarius for the next eight to ten years and conjuncting the South Node of Neptune. Relative to the context of our existing “reality” what can we expect for our individual and collective future ? Let us first agree that no projection or prediction for our future can be an absolute. Individual and collective choices can be made AT ANY MOMENT that will affect or influence subsequent events or phenomena. And, of course, the Aquarian Age will last around twenty five hundred years: thus, a great amount of time for all the archetypal intention and changes to be affected. So, at best, we can talk about probabilities relative to existing tendencies: individually and collectively. And since so much of our individual and collective future depends upon choices made, and continuing to be made, we can only realistically talk about future possibilities that cover the next twenty to thirty years at most. It is in this spirit and perspective that I will orientate my thoughts about the future.

    The intention and archetype of Aquarius and Uranus is to liberate from any pre-existing condition that is preventing necessary growth or change: to radially alter existing conditions so that growth can occur. Relative to Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius this will initially manifest relative to Nature, and natural laws. Sagittarius as an archetype is directly connected to the inherent truth or laws that correlates with the apparent mystery of the manifest Creation. Since the manifestation of the patriarchy a progressive state of imbalance has occurred with respect to the human species and its relationship to the rest of Nature, and natural laws. The effects of this in today’s world are obvious: the breakdown of our atmosphere ( Aquarius) which is allowing increased radiation upon the surface of the planet, the total pollution of our water, air, and earth, the progressive Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf Greencontamination of our food supplies, the horrible spectacle of hundreds of species of different life forms becoming extinct on a daily basis, the raping of the Earth itself relative to cutting down the various forests including the tropical rain forest, and so on. Since Pluto is one our great teachers with respect to acknowledging the limits of anything, clearly we are beginning to reach the limit of this kind of destruction. As a result, Nature will progressively begin to erupt against the human organism in a variety of ways that will necessarily “catch peoples attention”. And this is intentional from the point of view of Nature, or the Gaia: to teach the human organism about the effects of its delusionary patriarchal doctrines promoting the dominance of Nature.

    The vehicles that will ‘catch peoples attention’ will manifest through increasingly intense Earth events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, increasingly intense storms including tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons ( when is the last time you can remember, for example, six or seven hurricanes manifesting at the same time on a repeated basis in the Caribbean), The progressive warming of the atmosphere due to the “greenhouse effect”, which is due to human activities, will in all likelihood produce a two to six degree rise in temperature on our planet within the next hundred years. The effects to the world coastlines, and the people and industries that live thee, will be cataclysmic from their point of view. Add to this the fact that the current hole in the ozone layer is larger than the European continent. The increase in radiation that this has and will create will cause genetic mutations in many forms of life that are directly exposed to this radiation. This vehicle can also include Chernobyl like events in the future, not to mention the long term effects of nuclear waste that no one knows what to do with. And what are the long term effects of the existing level of contamination because of nuclear waste?

    This does not mean, by the way, that somehow the entire west coast of the United States will break off as so many “new age” writers have been predicting: including Edgar Cayce of all people. For those who have studied geology as I have this is simply geologically impossible because of the nature of the teutonic plates in that part of the world. Very difficult Earth events have and will take place in this region, but they will not cause a breaking off, in some sudden event, of the entire west coast. This splitting is already under way through the natural tidal flow of the teutonic plates. But this will take hundreds of thousands of years to be finally accomplished. Beyond the effects to human life, the material cost for such destruction is that which will catch peoples attention. Within this, the ongoing extinction of hundreds of forms of life on a daily basis has and will create increasingly cataclysmic disturbances to bio-environments whose balance and integrity is dependent on the vary forms of life that are becoming extinct. These sorts of imbalances of increasingly cataclysmic proportions will set in motion a chain like reaction that will effect every other form of life within the total system we call Earth. There are many examples that could be cited about this. For example, in South America there is now an increasing danger to human beings because of an explosion of caterpillar’s whose sting kill’s the human being. This explosion has been caused by the virtual elimination of this caterpillars natural predators, these predators becoming extinct due to human activities.

    Within this another and major way in which Nature will rebel ( Aquarius ) against the human organism is through the progressive mutation ( Pluto ) of the forms of life we call bacteria’s and viruses. For those who have followed my work over the years, who have attended various lectures and so on, you know that I have been talking about this for a long time. Years ago, when Pluto began its movement into Scorpio, I said then that these forms of life would begin to mutate in order to survive: the survival instinct in all forms of life is symbolized in the sign Taurus. Since Taurus in the natural polarity of Scorpio, and all time/space reality operates through polarity, it was a very easy deduction Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf Greento make. These forms of life had to mutate in order to survive the increasingly intense allopathic drugs, and because of the increasingly horrible imbalances within Nature itself due to the activities of the human being. I also stated that many of these mutated viruses and bacteria’s would become increasingly life threatening to the human being in order for Nature to create a necessary culling effect of an overly dominate species so that a re-balancing could occur within Nature. And I stated that the means of transmission from person to person would primarily be through the exchange of fluids in one way or another as long as Pluto remained in a water sign: Scorpio. Unfortunately, all this has in fact come to pass.

    With Pluto now moving into a fire sign, and Neptune and Uranus moving into a air sign, I will now state that at lest three to four of these viruses or bacteria’s will mutate again, and become AIRBORNE. Once airborne these viruses and bacteria’s will spread through the common air (atmosphere) that we all share. In our times this is particularly problematic because of the nature of our travel industries: airplanes that take people from land to land every single day. This will produce a very intense focus on the medical industry as it attempts to catch up too, and adjust, to this phenomena. New realizations will be spawned because of this that will primarily involve genetic engineering, new designs in allopathic drugs and medicines, and technologies to minimize these effects relative to the travel industry. It does not take a big leap in our imagination to imagine the effects of this affect upon the human population: this will catch peoples attention. Let us remember that Sagittarius is naturally inconjunct Taurus and Cancer: the very survival (Taurus) of the species will be threatened which will impact not only the global family, but the immediacy of our own families (Cancer), and friends (Aquarius). This will catch peoples attention.

    The progressively intense impact of these phenomena will necessarily create a crisis in the belief systems or structures of everyone on the planet: Virgo and Pisces are the natural archetypes that correlate with crisis, and with Pluto moving into Sagittarius this creates a natural mutable Grand Cross that also involves the Sagittarian polarity of Gemini. And this is necessary relative to the larger intent of dissolving or eliminating the belief systems that determine how we interpret phenomenal reality as defined by the patriarchy. In other words, at some point, people will increasingly become forcefully aware that Nature is in fact stronger and more powerful than the human organism ! The Virgo/Pisces axis relative to Sagittarius will necessarily create a humiliation to the collective human ego that will require total adjustments (the mutable archetype) in the nature of our belief systems: a return back to natural laws, and living in a state of balance with the totality of Nature.

    Within this, the fanatical edges of all existing patriarchal religious traditions will become ever more fanatical in their effort to force down the throats of the majority of people their very limited moral agendas of a patriarchal nature. We have already seen this, yet it will become even more extreme. Even as of this writing, we see in the United States people who are running for President whose intention, if elected, is to use the Bible as the very basis of their administration. Such people will never win a free election in any land because their agenda does not reflect the will of the majority of the people. Yet, in some countries, because they cannot be elected freely or fairly, the self-righteous inflation of their delusion of grandeur will manifest as trying to force their agendas not only on their own home countries, but also trying to export and force these agendas in other countries. The means used to accomplish this is of course terrorism: religious terrorism that is self-justifying relative to its beliefs. The real danger in the future, relative to these kinds of groups, is religious/nuclear/biological/terrorism: small groups of religious fanatics who get their hands on various kinds of nuclear weapons or biological agents and essentially hold the planet hostage relative to the implementation of their agendas. This will catch peoples attention. And this will necessarily occur in order for the larger evolutionary intention to occur: the elimination and dissolving of patriarchal belief systems which has caused this insanity to occur in the first place. In essence, they will blow themselves up!

    Historically speaking, the last time Pluto moved into Sagittarius when Neptune and Uranus also moved into Aquarius, directly correlated with the beginning of the revolution in human consciousness that is known as the Renaissance. This revolution reflected a drastic change from the Church and God as all powerful, to humanism. It also directly correlated and manifested as the beginning of the discipline we now call natural science: the observation of Nature, and its natural laws. This was also the time of Nostradamus who had Pluto in the first degrees of Sagittarius. And, of course, Nostradamus issued his famous visions ( Sagittarius ) that embraced thousands of years to come. His intention in issuing these visions was the hope that the cataclysmic aspects of them would not occur if only people could be forewarned. Unfortunately, his forewarning was not, and has not, been heeded. Accordingly, many of his visions, predictions, have come true. My opinion and view of this same cycle again is that we will now shift from humanism to a focus upon what is called the GAIA: the Earth as a living, fully conscious, interrelated, and interdependent whole, with a reorientation back to natural laws as our teachers leading the way.

    One potential event, that will catch peoples attention if it occurs, may be the actual manifestation on our Earth of life forms from other galaxies or universes: this manifestation occurring to and witnessed by the collective, not just a few. Imagine the effect this would have on the consensus state of people in all lands. Imagine the effect to the nature of our existing beliefs, i.e. people like Carl Sagan who voice that we are the only ones, and how we interpret phenomenal reality. Who can say if this will actually occur ? I certainly can not. My intuitive feeling is that it is probable because of the extreme distortions to the balance of nature that already exists: this distortion requiring such a cataclysmic shock to the collective Soul. A variation of this theme will occur relative to astrophysics. Sagittarius is the archetype in our consciousness that makes us aware that we are connected to something much larger than just the Earth: the stars, galaxies, and universes that we can see in the night sky. Aquarius is the archetype in our consciousness that observes life in a detached way. Today, with the Hubbell Telescope in orbit above our Earth, peering into the distant galaxies, new observations will occur that will completely challenge our preexisting views about the very nature and structure of “reality” itself. The nature of this challenge will be linked with natural laws: Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf Greenthe which is inherent and natural. The point here is that there will be progressive observations of this kind that are linked with “outer space”. And progressively these observations will have the effect of realigning the human being back to a state of being in harmony with natural laws. In particular, as we observe the transits of Neptune and Uranus becoming ever closer to the South Node of Neptune, i.e. nine degrees of Aquarius, we can anticipate incredible “discoveries” of this kind. And the nature of these discoveries will shatter in many ways our preexisting ideas about the nature of “reality”. Even within our own solar system this is already occurring. Recently the United States sent a spacecraft to the planet Jupiter called Galileo. This spacecraft is now orbiting Jupiter. It sent a probe into the atmosphere of Jupiter. This probe sent back data that has begun to completely challenge “scientists” preexisting beliefs and ideas about the nature and structure of this giant planet. Even the symbolism of this event is interesting: the mother craft Galileo hovering above the planet in order to observe it in a detached way (Aquarius), and sending a probe to penetrate its atmosphere (Pluto), which has had the effect of confronting (Pluto) the nature of preexisting beliefs about it (Sagittarius). Since Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius is this event just coincidence or synchronicity relative to Pluto moving into Sagittarius at this time ? Five hundred years ago, when this cycle occurred before, the discovery of “new worlds” occurred: the European nations sending out various sailing boats to discover new continents. This time this cycle, in the context of the emerging Aquarius Age, will correlate with the discovery of “new worlds” in space, and the colonization of at least one planet in our own solar system: Mars.

    From an individual point of view, Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius, relative to Neptune and Uranus moving into Aquarius, will correlate to many interesting dynamics. One of these will be the progressive actualization on each individuals personal truth relative to rebelling or liberating from religious, societal, and parental conditioning patterns to conform. Within this, any of us who have been,or are, wearing false masks or persona’s that hide who we really are will experience inner and outer dynamics that will remove these false masks. Our actual reality or truth will be revealed. This can create problematic situations in terms of our existing intimate relationships, friendships, and in our professional relationships. This will be a time of increasing restlessness as the inner impulse ( desire ) to grow increases in intensity. This inner restlessness will manifest as an external restlessness for many, this externalized restlessness manifesting as a desire to change one’s existing reality dynamics and conditions. For many this will translate in desiring to live in new places, or to see new places. Collectively, this will manifest as tremendous migrational flows of people from one place to another. This, in turn, will lead certain governments to change their immigration policies in order to control their own borders.

    There will also be an increasingly interesting phenomena in which more and more people “tune-out” the overwhelming amount of new and information that is progressively bombarding us from all directions. This is a left brain dynamic ( Gemini,Virgo ) that the individual Soul will progressively oppose (Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius). Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius will progressively shift the center of gravity in our consciousness from the left to right brain: from the linear and empirical, to the non-linear and intuitive. In essence, this reflects a need within the collective, and each individual, to deepen (Pluto) their own need to tune into or listen to what is going on within them. Because of this, the collective and the individual will progressively confront, and rebel against, the Gemini superficialities emanating from any source: including governmental leaders. This is exactly why any governmental leader who is trying to speak to the truth of anything will receive a positive response from the collective, no matter what party affiliation that hey hold. Conversely, any political leader who says one thing, while meaning or intending another, will be exposed and experience a fall from power. A perfect example of this point, as of this writing, is the dangerous Newt Gingrich in the United States, and the extreme conservative wing of the Republican Party that he represents. He and his agenda have been revealed despite all the Gemini words reflected in his “contract (Pluto) with America”. When he became Speaker Of The House his popularity was at an all time high. As of this writing, January 1996, he could now not be any less popular than former President Nixon at the time of Watergate. He has been exposed, and the people see right through him because of Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius: identifying the actual truth of anything. And his fall began exactly when Pluto moved into Sagittarius for good in November of 1995, progressively forming opposition to his Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, and Sun in Gemini. And this same effect, again, will occur to any person or leader who is wearing a false mask.

    As each individual progressively tunes out from the bombardment of information from to many sources, accesses his or her own right brain and tunes into it, then the Neptune and Uranus effect in Aquarius will occur: the rapid evolution of the brain through the production of dendrites manifesting as Deva Green Evolutionary Astrology – Pluto in Sagittarius by Jeffery Wolf Greennew intuitive realizations or thoughts reflecting the inherent or natural truths of not only themselves, but also that of the intrinsic nature of the Creation Itself. Thus, how each of us has been interpreting the dynamics we call Self, and how we have been interpreting what we call “reality”, will necessarily change for the better as we throw off the shackles of patriarchal beliefs. One of the interesting effects of this “tuning out” will be a tuning in to things like the Internet. Here people find one another in a typical Uranian way: they connect through “like mindedness”. Because the Internet also allows for complete anonymity this allows for people an interesting freedom to explore thoughts, desires, or needs that they would otherwise not act upon. The Internet allows for people to connect to other people worldwide, and it operates more or less beyond any governments ability to control it short of cutting off the electrical supply. Because of this, it may prove to be a vehicle of increasing rebellion and relative anarchy against any government that is excessively dictatorial and restrictive relative to individual rights. Even as of this writing Germany has attempted to censor some of what is offered on the Internet. Any government can try to do this, yet the people will be able to find ways around it because of the nature of the Internet. And, in fact, the people of Germany have done just that. In a sense, it may become the new “opiate of the people”. With Pluto’s movement into Sagittarius the Internet (Aquarius) will in all probability have another interesting application that concerns how we are educated: education correlates with Sagittarius and Gemini, Thus, it is probable that the Internet will offer opportunities in education that have never occurred before. This will include being able to secure an entire university education over the Internet as more and more universities around the world offer their programs and courses in this way. This can also include the entire home school movement as more and more people “hook-up” and combine their resources dedicated to educating their children independent of the normal educational structures of many countries.

    I want to emphasize again that we are moving into a twenty five hundred year evolutionary process. Thus, the necessary evolutionary adjustments will take a long time to accomplish. If one projects into the far future, the very end of the Aquarian Age, using astrological symbolism as the glasses of this projection, it wold seem clear that there will be a two hundred year period of time, right at the end of the Aquarius Age, that may prove that the “condensed and intense period of time” in which all of these dynamics come to a head will determine the future survival of the human species as we know it: and the Earth as we know it. This is when the South Node of Saturn shifts to Aquarius, and the South Node of Pluto also shifts to Aquarius. Saturn reaches this exactly at 2500 a.d, and Pluto reaches this at exactly 2700 a.d.. Nostradamus predicted that following this two hundred years a time of worldwide peace in which galactic communities would be firmly established after massive cataclysmic events had occurred. His specific vision is stated in his own words: ” there will be a hecatomb which will occur close to the millennium end. Then those who entered the tomb will leave”. This two hundred year period begins when the South Node of Saturn moves into Aquarius. And on that day guess what ? Pluto will be at twenty-eight degrees of Sagittarius ( the galactic center ), and Neptune and Uranus will once again be in Aquarius. We can only hope that the words of Jesus may then come true: ” the last shall come first “. My prayer for all of us is that we wake up soon, and make the choices necessary to preclude any unnecessary suffering to those who always suffer first: the weak, and the powerless. None of this is FATED to occur. The human being has the god given right and power to make its own choices that affect the very next moment. Let us hope that all of us can tune into the spirit of our own Mother Earth and listen to the guidance therein.
    God Bless to all of us!