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  • Premiere Issue – Volume 1 – Issue 1 – 25 authors – 128 pages

    PrintHonoring the founder of Evolutionary Astrology: Jeffrey Wolf Green! The long awaited Journal of Evolutionary Astrology is finally here! A rich and masterful collaboration of Evolutionary Astrologers from around the world! – Australia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, England, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States!

    Update: The EA Journal will not be published tri-annually as previously announced. The first volume of the Journal that was recently published is the only edition of the Journal that will be available. It can be purchased at any time through the various mediums listed below.

    The Journal of Evolutionary Astrology is a stunning magazine-style journal expertly designed by Greg Linhares and featuring articles by 25 professional astrologers from around the world including well-known names such as Patricia L. Walsh, Kristin Fontana, Deva Green, Kaypacha, and Ari Moshe Wolfe. Jeffrey Wolf Green, Rose Marcus, Kim Marie Weimer, and Gonzalo Romero present articles on Mars/Aries, the archetypal focus for the first issue.

    This is a comprehensive collection of work showcasing various dynamics and applications which should appeal to astrologers and students on all levels. The Journal is packed full of powerful articles aimed at guiding and educating those with a yearning for knowledge and understanding of the evolutionary lessons of life.

    In addition, there is a Special section dedicated to the Founder of Evolutionary Astrology, Jeffrey Wolf Green, featuring a very heart-felt and moving piece by eminent astrologer Erin Sullivan who was one of four astrologers who helped write the About This Book featured in the original version of Green’s classic, Pluto Vol I – The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.

    “WOW. This is truly beautiful! Such great articles, beautiful design, so brilliantly organized  . . .  and I know the amount of work you all put into this – individually and collectively . . . I know I got terrific personal attention working on my piece. Thank you. Love, Erin” 

    In addition, the Journal offers readers an abundance in EA articles, chart analyses, case studies, personal stories, interviews, current transits, natural healing, book reviews, poetry and humor, and of course, an event calendar.

    “It’s awesome! I am blown away by the profound articles by these great writers. Thank you all. This is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves astrology.” – Caroline Owen-Doar

    Cat Anderson’s vision became a reality with the help of Deva Green, Kristin Fontana, and Linda Jonson, in addition to Creative Director/Designer, Greg Linhares, who is a master of his craft. Together this team has helped create a Journal of unequaled excellence and beauty.

    For all those who have been learning and applying Evolutionary Astrology in their lives and work, and for all those who desire to begin learning the uniqueness of this paradigm – this journal is for you!

    Available as a PDF file, in Kindle format, a printed magazine (both economy and premium), and paperback

    128 pages
    Published April 2016

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