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Structure of the Soul

by Jeffrey Wolf Green, edited by Linda Jonson

Available in English, French, German, Italian and Serbian translation. This book is also now in the process of being translated into Japanese and Greek. Stay tuned.

Structure Of The Soul book

The crowning jewel of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s body of work is found in his system of chart analysis. His teachings on Pluto and its relationships to the North and South Nodes of Moon, which are commonly referred to as the karmic axis, have completely eclipsed all previous information sources on the subject. This is the very foundation of Evolutionary Astrology which he pioneered.

This latest compilation of teachings and discussions from the Jeffrey Wolf Green archives library is a treat for both those who have studied the founder’s work, and for students newly embarking on investigation into Evolutionary Astrology.

Chock full of great examples to help you expand your interpretation skills, Structure of the Soul provides a review of the Pluto paradigm, the core principles of Evolutionary Astrology, the Nodal Axis of Pluto, and an entire section of the book is dedicated to the Planetary Nodes which provide essential background context that can be easily missed without their inclusion in understanding the evolutionary journey of the Soul. Whether this book is a review or you are coming at it fresh – it is a must read!

Rose Marcus
Evolutionary Astrologer
Teacher and Author

145 pages, published October 2015

English version, available as a paperback or Kindle from Amazon:
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La Structure de l’ame
French translation, available as a paperback:
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Struktur Der Seele
German translation, available as a paperback or Kindle from Amazon:
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La Struttura Dell’Anima
Italian translation, available as a paperback or Kindle from Amazon:
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Struktura Duse
Serbian translation, available as a paperback:
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La Estructura Del Alma
Spanish translation, available as a paperback:
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