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  • Thoughts about Capricorn – from another viewpoint

    By Lia Breznay | January 20, 2009

    I would like to start with an observation; a chart of Jesus of Nazareth which is accepted as authentic by our teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green (source: Donald Jacobs, the chart itself is found in Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, volume 1, page 182) has an interesting yet rather hidden correlation to the sign of Capricorn. A correlation far deeper than the mostly believed birthday of December 25 would bring him to this archetype.

    When I was very young, I thought this was his birthday, and it seemed to make sense to me: being a  “scapegoat” going through the a horrific process of being socially judged, shamed and “punished” for who he is, and him taking the burden with such a soul-felt love for humanity as a whole, including those who done this to him.

    Today it is obvious to me that the symbolism with the yearly renewal cycle actually comes from the old forgotten mother culture, i.e. symbolically sacrificing/recycling the beloved son/lover of the Goddess for the new life to spring out of the old, is what is hidden in the Capricorn symbolism. It is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. The days from December 22 through 24 are the shortest; the lengths of the day appear to come to a halt for three days. Then on the 25th the Sun appears to be set free and continues its yearly journey, as the days slowly become longer again each day. But I had no idea of this then. To me it was news that Christmas is not just for Christmas presents, but that there was a man called Christ whom I was told was born on the 25th of December.

    I was very young when I first engaged with astrology in a very basic way. And although in my country of origin I had very little chance to find relevant information on the subject, I came across some, and I became intrigued with the subject. As I did with Jesus. Based on what I “knew”, I accepted his assumed birthday, and wondered a lot about all that. At that time as a kid I felt that he is connected to that sign. He is behind it, so to speak. I didn’t know those words then, but with today’s words I would say, I felt then  he was the highest manifestation of it.

    As a kid and young teenager I managed to learn about Jesus and felt some deep inner connection. I didn’t have any religious upbringing.  I can’t even remember how it started. But somehow it did.  And then,  I was trying to “tap into it”, but I didn’t know I was doing that. This was just my very random way, and then I felt all kinds of things. I could never relate to him as anything but human. But with that, a deep love  grew in me for him. As a kid I spontaneously tapped into things; sometimes more, sometimes less. Well, to be honest, sometimes what I tapped into threw me out of my mind, and scared the heck out of me :-).   But that’s what kids do, if they happen to born with a 9th house Pluto – they can’t help it. At others times it was the most beautiful thing I found this way, which helped me survive my childhood.

    Anyway, this was long ago.  As the years went by – well, more decades than I am happy to count :-) – I learned that Jesus is all about Pisces, and it made perfect sense to me. I had long forgotten those early feelings about Jesus, the inner monologues I had with him, and my feelings that he of course had a connection to the sign of Capricorn.

    As I’ve engaged with Evolutionary Astrology I have learned a deeper understanding of the archetypes and their correlations than ever before. After obtaining Jesus’ chart via my teacher, one day I started to study it.

    Looking at his chart it is very clear, having an 11th house Neptune in Scorpio, that he had a deep soul-felt love for humanity. His south node (of the moon) is right on that Neptune; what a more perfect symbol for the “son of god” indeed. Interestingly, however, he called himself the “son of man”. If I take away the linguistic limitation of the English language, this actually becomes the “son of human” and just a step further it can be said “the son of humanity”.

    “Wow!” I thought. “That’s a startling statement for his 11th house Neptune. Never thought it that way before but perfectly fits!”

    Don’t know where that came from, just came, out of nowhere. Then it became crystal clear that of course that’s what it means, that’s who Jesus was/is.. The symbolism says it so simply that it is hard to recognise. Trying to liberate humanity as a whole. His commitment to both humanity and god, symbolised by the south node on that Neptune in Scorpio.

    I also learned that Neptune is the deepest sense of the soul level identity or the “soul’s ego”. He, being who he was, having the consciousness he had, I looked for Neptune’s planetary nodes to somehow look deeper into him.. (The planetary nodes always correlate to the deeper evolutionary issues of any symbol in the chart, i.e. the given planet’s evolution within the given consciousness, over a great length of time)

    Jesus’ south node of Neptune falls between 21 and 22 degrees of Capricorn and the north node falls between 18 and 19 degrees of Cancer.  Then I looked up where Neptune was around the time of his death, and it startled me to see that Neptune came back to its own south node exactly at that time, in Capricorn!. It was somewhere between the 18 and 21 degrees of Capricorn.

    When I saw that I suddenly remembered my childhood thoughts and feelings regarding Jesus’ connection to Capricorn. At that time I didn’t understand astrology, I was just fascinated by something I didn’t understand – let alone, I didn’t have the right information either about astrology, or Jesus’ birth date. So of course I totally dismissed those earlier feelings as the misunderstanding of the kid I was.

    But now, studying his chart many decades later, the memory came back and sat with me. It was a strange thing, for in my present mind it was totally clear that the feeling I had back than had no other factual base, only misinformation. So it must have been wrong. Wasn’t it?  Or is it possible that the feeling itself has nothing do do with wrong or right information? That is just the justification of it? And that may have been wrong – but what if something far deeper was behind it?

    I really don’t know to be honest. It was such a long time ago.

    Neptune’s south node falls in to Jesus’ second house, and that’s where Neptune returned at the time of his crucifixion. Second house, survival. Neptune, the ultimate sacrifice, in Capricorn, the sign of society and responsibility. Neptune, of course, was still on its own south node at the time of Jesus’ resurrection.

    Capricorn is a symbol for many things. Amongst those it is the sign for the male, and for the father. Jesus referred to the Divine as “Heavenly Father”. Doesn’t that also have something to do with Neptune in Capricorn?

    Yogananda, acccording to his own words, when he “tuned into” Jesus could not refer to God as “Divine Mother” only as “Heavenly Father”.

    My childhood feelings came back now, full on. Despite everything, maybe there is something in this correlation, but in ways I never even dreamed about?

    I always felt that Jesus was the male manifestation of all that can be symbolised as the most loving  attributes. Gentleness, unconditional love, and the deepest sense of responsibility for all he loved; humanity as a whole. I felt that somehow he took on the social responsibility, on a personal level, and attempted to teach that the essence of the male is the same as the female.That a loving father is just as loving as the mother. And he did that in an utterly patriarchal world — a world based on male dominance via systematically applied sadism towards the female, and as an extension, to everyone who comes through the female, so basically towards everybody who is alive, who is living in the “flesh”.

    Yet, Jesus brought a picture of a Father who is a gentle, loving parent; who is teaching love, forgiveness, inclusion and non-violence.

    The value system he represented and taught (lets remember that value systems are Venus, and its higher octave is Neptune itself!)  is equivalent to that which the Mother cultures represented before. Interestingly, these are usually attributes that even the patriarchy, despite its female hatred, still associates with a “good” or holy mother. Yet really these are the attributes Jesus depicts about the Father.

    Interesting to see his words in this light: “I came to restore the Law. “

    Restore what? The patriarchal warmonger god images? Or the attributes of the loving mother, in the form of a Father? Would that be Capricorn too? How about Neptune in Capricorn on its own south node?

    The social responsibility for the patriarchal insanity that all humanity shares is also symbolized by Capricorn. The mass delusion of warmonger god(s) and the murders via patriarchy can be also Neptune in Capricorn on its south node! All in one symbol, at the same time. That’s sure Neptunian language.

    But there is more to it, for the the original natural male attributes are also symbolised by this sign. The sacrifices that male members of the human group once made for the social unit, together as well as individually.  The responsibility they took on being born as a male, physically stronger than the female, is also symbolised by this sign. The loyalty for those they loved, and the strength and determination to carry tasks out whatever it takes – like Jesus did under the unspeakable burden of the crucifixion, and still able to love with such loyalty to the “law”… What law was he really talking about? Maybe it is the oldest tradition, the tradition of love, responsibility and belonging? The “laws” according to which humans once lived, far before the patriarchy, in peace and harmony with all around? Was that once a shared human social reality? And if it was, can that be symbolised by Capricorn far far back in time?

    Jesus was living two thousand years ago.  His Neptune’s south node surely points far back, from that point in time and space. And his chart clearly states he is coming from the past, he is repeating something from the past, symbolised by his natal Neptune on the moon’s south node. He committed (Scorpio) to that past, his soul seems to resist (Scorpio) to move away from that spot. (Neptune)  9th house Pluto is ruling that symbolism, in Virgo. It stands for natural law, the truths that are applied to serve the whole.

    Sometimes I wonder: if there were no souls manifesting through the male form like Jesus, would humanity be ever able to forgive itself and recover from the collective, chronic long term trauma called patriarchy? Would the women of this world  be able to forgive the men in general without those few who symbolised and remembered the old law?

    Has this hidden Capricorn symbolism behind Jesus’ Neptune ruling all his Pisces planets anything to do with that?

    Symbolically, and as humanly possible, literally taking onto himself the burden and the responsibility for the whole? Like a loving parent, who would rather die than let his children to be hurt: “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!”

    His Neptune’s north node is around Cancer, 19 degrees. Pointing to a future of some kind in Neptunian terms…Heavenly Father and Divine Mother may meet and merge within the collective human unconscious – within us all?

    Jesus’ chart suggests a soul who is coming from the past (Neptune on moon’s south node) and yet promises a future for humanity: his Pluto is ruled by an Aquarian Mercury! While that mercury is ruled by Uranus in Pisces. This brings us back to Neptune again as its ruler. Brings us back to the past…

    Interestingly enough, the past is what has been mostly suppressed during patriarchy, the knowledge of who we essentially are….

    And that past for Jesus – although his name was used for some of the most horrific patriarchal religious insanity later on – is symbolised by the south node of Moon, conjoining the androgynous (11th house) Neptune, and the possible deepest commitment and merging. (Scorpio). Commitment to what? Neptune, the divine….

    Once upon a time,Capricorn meant the care-taker. Not just men, all adults were care takers…but men particularly, for it is the gender who doesn’t have the gift to give birth, but has the gift to protect and take care of that what has been given birth to – what’s alive. Family at those days meant all what’s around…including the earth itself and everything on it, all the animals and plants. Our boundaries were not the walls of our houses but were as far as we could see….There was a belonging to all that is, and a responsibility to preserve it, to take care of it – which comes with the sense of belonging.

    I wonder if Jesus’ hidden Capricorn symbolism behind Neptune has more meaning in our age than we may know? That he attempted to bring back something from the past that wasn’t apparent for us?

    How we understand the Capricorn/Cancer archetype fundamentally defines our overall reality. Our very structure of social and personal reality is symbolised by Capricorn.

    I often wondered about Jesus saying he will be back before the end of “this generation”. I have heard so many ways of interpreting this.

    I myself wonder: would there be even more layers in the meaning of his words than we know of?

    If we notice the fact that Neptune’s planetary nodes in Jesus’ chart are conjoining to Pluto’s planetary nodes for basically the whole generation of people who are currently alive on planet earth — I think we can’t help but suspect that there may be something important hidden in these symbols. That we happened to be a generation of souls that has some direct connections to these times and symbols on a collective level; far beyond personal knowledge of Jesus, beliefs let alone religions of any kind…..something that may have to do with the very structure of reality that we, as humans perceive and experience in the here and now…..

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