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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology is a specific paradigm that reveals the evolutionary developments and evolutionary progression of any Soul. It asks the questions, “Why am I here, and what are my lessons?”

The causative dynamic within all Souls that determines their evolution is Desire. Accordingly, Evolutionary Astrology reveals the types of desires that any Soul has had in previous lifetimes that created what those lifetimes, in total, have been.

We all arrive in a given life, such as in the one we are living now, as a result of the composite of all previous desires. The past is always shaping and conditioning the nature of any given moment ( the present, a new birth), as well as the future. The future itself is a function of the desires within the Soul that reflect its ongoing need to evolve, beyond where it has already been. Thus it is the natural tension between the past and the future that shapes any given moment in our life/lives.

Through the specific paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology the astrologer is able to measure this dynamic evolutionary process in each life.

This paradigm is provable. It does not require belief. It only requires that you validate your own life, or the life of the clients you work with. It is an astrology that is able to answer the question WHY about anything: where things come from, how anything got to be the way that it is, and how we can evolve beyond where we are now.

Most present-day astrology is a descriptive type of astrology that simply provides keywords and descriptions of something. Evolutionary Astrology is the opposite of that. As an individual who studies this work, you will be able to understand the WHY of the way you are, in total. If you are an astrologer who counsels people, it will allow you to understand the WHY of your clients’ realities in total. This astrology will help you understand what the next steps are in your own or your clients’ evolutionary development.

In essence the Evolutionary Astrologer is a SOUL WORKER who is able to help others understand their own unique evolutionary journey from life to life. This requires no beliefs: only a validation of one’s actual life experience.

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The Jeffrey Wolf Green
School of Evolutionary Astrology DVD Course

The Jeffrey Wolf Green School Of Evolutionary Astrology DVD course is a comprehensive course that teaches the totality of astrology from the ground up thru the prism of the Evolutionary perspective.

It is a recording of Jeffrey’s first Pluto School, that took place in Phoenix, Arizona USA, in 1994. The course consists of 27 DVD’s – over 50 hours of material. The entire course has been transcribed in printed form. This transcript is included in the price of the course, provided as a PDF file. Copies of many charts discussed on the DVD’s are included in this transcript.

The school starts with an exhaustive understanding of all signs, houses, and planets. Following that introduction, the entire Evolutionary paradigm is then taught:

  • Pluto’s correlation to the Soul
  • its placement in the birth chart by house and sign
  • the location of the South Node of the Moon, and the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign
  • the meaning of the polarity point of Pluto by house and sign
  • the location of the North Node of the Moon, and the location of its planetary ruler by house and sign.

Many examples are given along the way.

It then teaches the nature of all the planetary aspects as understood thru the natural phases that they take place within: the New Phase, Crescent Phase, First Quarter Phase, etc.

It teaches the understanding, use, and application of all the Planetary Nodes of each planet as these relate to the total evolutionary understanding of each individual.

Within this, the school teaches anatomy, physiology, and the chakra system, from the understanding of Pluto’s (the Soul itself) correlation to the specific RNA/ DNA signature of each person: their birth chart, and, thus, the reasons for this medical condition or that.

Since sexuality is a core part of most humans’ experience, the school also teaches the types of sexual desires that any soul has had and why, and what types of sexual desires the soul has in the current life and why, as they relate to the ongoing evolutionary development of each soul. Thus the entire spectrum of sexual desires and how to understand them in each chart is covered in the course.

Relationship astrology is extensively covered: how and why the Soul chooses relationships to other Souls and, as a result, an entire evolutionary methodology involving the archetypes of synastry and composite charts. One of the focuses is teaching how to insert the core EA paradigm within one person’s chart into the other’s chart, to understand how the evolutionary necessities of each Soul affect the other’s Soul. The course teaches about different relationship types, i.e. co-dependent, etc.; and the relationship dynamics of karma mates, soul mates, etc.

And, finally, this comprehensive course teaches about the evolutionary progression of the Soul in the life that is has which is determined the transiting Pluto and the apsects that it makes to the planets, the transiting Lunary Nodes and their relationship to the natal Lunar Nodes, the transiting planetary rulers of the natal Lunary Nodes, transits of other planets to these points, progressions, and solar returns.

Students can use the School of Evolutionary Astrology Message Board to ask questions as they progress in their work.

Evolutionary Astrology Certification

The school offers a certification program, for those intending to do professional astrological counseling, or for those seeking personal validation of their understanding of the material and paradigm. (Many students become involved with the school simply for their own learning, without interest in certification. Certification is entirely optional.)

For those seeking certification, the process is ten specific homework charts must be successfully analyzed and interpreted, using the Evolutionary Paradigm. Each assignment is reviewed by Deva Green, daughter of Jeffrey Wolf Green. Upon successful completion of these ten charts, the student is issued a Certificate of Graduation as an Evolutionary Astrologer, competent to counsel people from the Evolutionary Astrology point of view. There is no additional charge for participating in our certification program. All certification services including homework review by Deva Green are included in the price of the course. Deva is available to tutor students for a small hourly fee.

We encourage students to work towards certification because it is through submitting homework and receiving feedback from Deva that the student can best measure their progress in understanding and applying the principles of the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm.

All students have free access to the incredible resource of the School of Evolutionary Astrology Message Board where they can ask questions about the material covered in the EA Course, and about EA in general.

Since 1994 Jeffrey Wolf Green’s DVD course on Evolutionary Astrology has sold all over the world. It is a stand alone course: complete unto itself, 27 DVD’s – over 50 hours of material. With course completion a student is fully qualified to be an Evolutionary Astrologer, a true Soul Worker. A Soul Worker who has learned Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology is able to understand the Soul causes of anything in an individual’s life; is able to explain to another Soul the entire evolutionary history of that Soul: the past that it has created and why and how that becomes the determinant of the Soul’s current life evolutionary and karmic intentions.

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