The Pluto in Scorpio Generation From an Evolutionary Point of View:
“Generation We”

The intention of this article is to describe the core evolutionary intentions of the Pluto in Scorpio generation using the methodology that is applied in the practice of Evolutionary Astrology founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green (author of Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul volume 1 and 2).

We will look at this generation from both an individual and collective level (Pluto has both a collective and individual application). In other words, all those that have Pluto in Scorpio have the same core evolutionary intentions, yet each person has an unique natal horoscope that will dramatically alter the expression and personal application of Pluto. For example, in the natal chart Pluto will obviously occupy a specific house, and may be making aspects to other planets ( As an example, Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house has a vastly different expression then Pluto in Scorpio in the 4th house). The sign that Pluto is in symbolizes the core evolutionary lessons, intentions and desires of the past of the entire generation that has Pluto in that sign. The specific house that Pluto is in correlates with the unique and individualized lessons, desires, and intentions of the Soul’s past.

Evolutionary Astrology incorporates the 4 natural evolutionary conditions, or states, of the Soul which further magnifies the diversity of expression that Pluto in the same sign can have in the context of individual application. The 4 natural evolutionary states of the Soul are the dimly evolved state (souls that have just evolved into human consciousness from other forms of life), the consensus state, the individuated state, and the spiritual state (these states are thoroughly described by JWG in the Evolutionary Astrology material, and also in the newly published book “Evolutionary Astrology”). In the last part of this article these states will be briefly described and explained in more detail.

Again, the point within this is that we cannot make generalized assumptions based upon an isolated symbol in the birth chart, but must remember to interpret the natal chart in an individualized and holistic context. Evolutionary astrology is a natural science which means it is based upon observation and correlation (no one size fits all). In this article the core evolutionary intentions of all those with Pluto in Scorpio will be described, and the proper method to use to interpret the chart in an individualized context will be applied. In this way, we will understand Pluto in an individual and collective context.

In order to understand Pluto in Scorpio from an evolutionary point of view we must first describe the meaning of Pluto in the birth chart, Pluto’s polarity point, and the archetype of Scorpio. In evolutionary astrology Pluto correlates with the Soul itself. The Soul’s past patterns of identity association, and the core desires and intentions of the individual’s past. The Soul contains within it two co-equal yet antithetical desires; one to return the Source, and one to separate away. The desire to return to the Source, thankfully, is the stronger of the two desires within the Soul. The evolution of the Soul is based upon the progressive elimination, or exhaustion, of all separating desires through each incarnation. One day, only the desire to return to the Source remains. Of course, we all a choice to resist or cooperate with our evolutionary intentions. Resistance reflects the desire to remain separate from the Source, while cooperation reflects the desire to return to the Source. Desire is the determinate to evolution. It is exactly the interaction of the two antithetical desires within the Soul that explains the nature of our past, our current circumstantial reality, and an opportunity to change destructive psychological patterns that are inhibiting further evolution into new patterns that are in alignment with our current evolutionary intentions.

Pluto, by house and sign position in the natal chart, correlates to the deepest unconscious patterns of emotional security that any of us can have because of the tremendous personal identification with areas associated by the natal position of Pluto. (It is important to understand that the Soul (Pluto) in most of us is unconscious). Emotional security for must of us is founded on the effort to maintain the old and familiar ways of being, or past psychological patterns and identity associations. To change these patterns is to risk emotional security at the deepest possible level; the Soul. These past psychological patterns can lead to obsessions and compulsions of all sorts. Pluto’s point (the opposite sign and house of the natal Pluto), then, correlates with the current evolutionary intentions for this life, and how to change past patterns that are inhibiting growth into new patterns free from the compulsions of the past.

Pluto was in Scorpio from approximately 1983-1995. All those that have Pluto in Scorpio have core evolutionary intentions of personal re-empowerment, and of purging all emotional/psychological limitations that are preventing further growth. The archetype of Scorpio correlates with the need to merge with a higher source of power in order that personal limitations are weaknesses are transmuted. In this way, new psychological patterns are born into consciousness that promote continual personal evolution. The dynamics of power and powerlessness are reflected in this archetype in the context of areas within the individual that are known and familiar, and those that are not and the need to change old patterns inhibiting growth into new patterns of behavior.

This archetype correlates with the awareness of larger universal forces, and the desire to unite, or merge, with these forces. Scorpio reflects the death of old patterns of behavior that are blocking further evolution, and the re-birth of new psychological patterns that are in alignment with the current evolutionary intentions of this life. This transmutation reflects a personal identification and re-union of the Source as we purge separating desires from the Soul through progressive incarnations. A metamorphosis of the egocentric structure within the Soul manifests as a personal identification with the Creator, or Source, occurs. This process is symbolized by the water triad in the zodiac of Cancer (ego), Scorpio (metamorphosis), and Pisces (the Source).

Scorpio correlates with the dual desires within the Soul. Thus, those in this generation will deeply feel the interaction of these two desires, and consequences of the choice to cooperate or resist his or her current evolutionary intentions. The main message of this generation is that we do have the power to change our current cultural structure, and that this can accomplished through re-empowering one another ( Pluto in Scorpio is termed “Generation We”). Our planet is in a state of total disintegration, and degeneration. This generation will come into adulthood and inherit these horrifying conditions. The choices that this generation makes, then, are critical from an evolutionary point of view, and will be felt for a long time to come.

Of course, relative to the two co-existing desires within the Soul the individual can either desire power for egocentric means (i.e., to control and manipulate this source of power for manipulative ends) or in order for personal re-empowerment to occur. The brightest and best aspects of our nature are reflected in this archetype as well as the darkest and worst aspects of our nature. In essence, the tension between the desire to return to the Source (to change and evolve) and the desire to remain separate (to resist evolution and maintain the past) are at its most intense in the Scorpio archetype. As a generation these individual’s are continually forced to confront pre-existing psychological limitations and blocks in order for growth to continue on a personal and collective level. Again, the evolutionary pressure to transmute old psychological patterns into new ones free from the compulsions of the past is deeply felt.

The Scorpio archetype correlates to the generalized field of psychology. Those in this generation will always be asking one question on a repetitive basis “why.” Why life, why death, why am I reacting in this way right now, etc.” These individuals typically come into life with a very deep understanding of psychology, and are looking at life in general in a much deeper way than a majority of people. Again, this psychological knowledge can be used for the better or for the worse. The need to explore the forbidden or taboo aspects of society is also emphasized within this generation because taboos are potentially a vehicle through which personal growth and transmutation can occur.

Pluto’s polarity point symbolizes the core evolutionary intentions for this life, and the way in which the limitations of the past symbolized by Pluto will be transmuted into higher levels of expression. It is important to understand that there is an automatic re-generation, or re-birth, of the natal Pluto as the individual seeks to actualize the core evolutionary intentions for the current life.

The polarity point of Scorpio is Taurus. Taurus symbolizes the need to establish emotional/psychological self-reliance and self-sufficiency. This is accomplished through identifying our inherent capacities which must be then actualized in a self-reliant manner. Taurus correlates with the survival instinct which also relates to the need to actualize the inherent capacities within the Soul. Emotional/psychological simplification will be accomplished through this process. The individual will purge all aspects of him or herself that does not reflect the true identity, or the individual’s true essence. The individual will learn to view evolution, or change, as a necessary and positive part of life instead of resisting necessary change out of fear and insecurity. A vital evolutionary lesson of the Pluto in Scorpio generation is to learn to merge with a higher source of power in a self-reliant manner that promotes the continual growth of the Soul, and does not promote a dependency upon any external source. In this way, the individual will only add to what he or she has already attained.

It is because of these core evolutionary lesson that those in this generation will typically come into life with emphasized fears of abandonment, betrayal, and loss. The rug of emotional security is all to often pulled out from underneath the feet in order to enforce the fundamental lessons of self-reliance, and of identifying the Soul’s inherent capacities in order to effect survival. This archetype, in a negative expression, correlates with use, manipulation, and ulterior motives and agendas. The need to learn which people to trust and whom not to trust is another critical lesson that must be learned. Those who promote a dependency upon themselves, and who continually focus upon the weakest psychological link in another person must be excluded. Those that seek to re-empower others, and share his or her psychological knowledge in order to help another grow to greater heights are those that will make a commitment (Scorpio) within relationships that is healthy and free from ulterior motives, agendas, and use.

Of course, the evolutionary state of the Soul will dramatically alter the expression of Pluto in Scorpio in the individual’s birth chart. There are three subdivisions within each state, but for the sake of length this article will only provide a generalized description of each evolutionary condition of the Soul.

The Consensus State reflects Souls that are learning how society operates in order to advance to greater levels within society (lower strata of society to the highest). It is ruled by Saturn. These Souls are conforming with the majority of society in order to feel secure. Souls in this state must learn the laws, customs, and norms of the culture in order to advance, and get on top of the system from a monetary and social status stand point. Evolution within this state occurs as the Soul progressively learns how society operates, and eventually can act as a leader to others in this state.

Those in this state will be focused primarily on attaining material wealth and establishing a career that has a high degree of social status. These individuals will not have the ability to think outside the confines of the consensus society in general, and will advocate that others conform to the norms of society as well.

Those with Pluto in Scorpio in this evolutionary state will seek to empower themselves through the knowledge of how society operates in order to get ahead of the system. This knowledge will be psychological in nature, and focused on the bottom lines within any culture. The Soul will gravitate to the psychology of the prevailing consensus within that society. In other words, if the majority believes that astrology is an evil practice then the Soul will take in this belief without any independent questioning or investigation. The Soul evolves through this state by progressively deepening the knowledge of how society is structured and uses this knowledge to actualize a career that is in the highest level of social strata. In a positive manifestation, the Soul will use this knowledge to empower others in a social context. These individual’s will align with a career that aims to help others advance within society as well, and help them learn the necessary psychology that will allow such advancement to occur. In a negative expression, the Soul will use this knowledge for manipulative ends, and desire social power for egocentric means.

The Individuated State reflects an evolutionary condition wherein the Soul is individuating from a Jungian point of view. The individuated state is ruled by Uranus, which reflects that the Soul is liberating and de-conditioning from the consensus in order to actualize the unique individuality of the Soul. The Soul will independently question the notions of the consensus, and specifically authority figures within society. The Soul will naturally desire to investigate and explore areas of life that go way outside the boundaries of the consensus. Evolution within this state occurs as the Soul becomes internally secure within expressing and actualizing the unique individuality. These Souls will voice the right for freedom and independence in order that this individuation process can occur, and will naturally grant others this same right. These individuals can thus act as a source of emotional support for others who are also individuating, and desire to liberate themselves from the consensus of society.

Pluto in Scorpio in this state will manifest as individuals who will rebel against the need to conform to the existing consensus society, and confront those who attempt to enforce such conformity. Self empowerment will occur through embracing a variety of alternative psychological knowledge that promotes the awareness of the unique psychological make up of each individual, and allows individual expression. These Souls will have the ability to psychologically penetrate others in this context, and can help others grow past current psychological limitations that are creating blocks toward further growth.

The act of liberation These Souls can potentially help the consensus evolve through integrating into society in such a way that the individual’s unique gifts and capacities are accepted into the mainstream of society.

The Spiritual State reflects an evolutionary condition wherein the Soul desires to know, merge and re-unite with the Source, or Creator, and to be of service to others. It is ruled by Neptune. As the Soul progresses through this state the center of gravity within consciousness shifts from the ego to the Soul. Separating desires are actively transmuted from the Soul. The individual will seek to establish a work function that reflects his or her spiritual capacity (is directed by the Source), and is an alignment with his or her evolutionary intentions.

Pluto is Scorpio in this evolutionary state will manifest as individual’s who are committed to spiritual development and focused on helping others through his or her specific work. Personal empowerment and growth will occur through embracing rituals, techniques, and spiritual psychological knowledge that promotes the progressive elimination of all psychological barriers that are preventing a direct and conscious connection to the Source. Those in this state will posses a very deep and comprehensive psychological wisdom that will be used positively to empower others to transmute destructive behavioral patterns that are inhibiting further growth.

The Soul in this state will view change and evolution in general as a necessary and positive aspect of life. These individuals will have a very developed ability to focus on and understand the “bottom line” of any psychological dynamic that is causing blocks, stagnation, and situations of non-growth in general. This knowledge can then be used in a positive way to promote a state of continual growth and evolution in oneself and in others.

These are the core evolutionary intentions of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. This generation is growing up in a extremely critical time frame from an evolutionary point of view, and the choices that these individuals make (on a personal and collective level) will impact us deeply for a long time to come. This is why it is essential that this generation is supported in the effort to create unity, personal and collective re-empowerment, and act on the desire to use power in such a way that the state of the planet is regenerated into greater heights of vitality.