4) The Four Evolutionary Conditions or States

A very, very important principle to review concerns the four natural evolutionary conditions, or stages, of a Soul’s evolution.

One of the great problems of ‘modern’ astrology is a total ignorance of this natural law. As a result, much if not most of astrological understanding correlates with the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Of itself this approach does a total disservice not only to astrology in general, but to the very people it attempts to help.

This approach flies in the face of common sense, not to mention life itself. It’s like saying if I have a Venus square Pluto then the ‘meaning’ of that astrological pairing would be the same for all. This approach never takes into account the INDIVIDUAL CONTEXT of anything.

Let us remember a core truth about astrology: it only works relative to observed context. If the ‘one size fits all’ approach were in fact true, then for example, when Uranus transited Pisces in the 1920’s, the same social themes would have existed all over the planet. In reality they did not, because of individual context. In Germany and their context, for example, following World War One it manifested as an almost total breakdown in the social order where literally one had to haul wheelbarrows full of money just to buy a loaf of bread. Yet at the same time, in the United States it manifested as the ‘roaring 20’s’ because of the individual context of America at that time. This was in essence fueled by the ‘invention’ of the non-secured credit card.

Again, the evolution of the Soul is based on the progressive elimination of all separating desires, to the exclusion of the only desire that can remain: to return ‘home’ to that which is the Origin of all Souls in the first place.

Based on this natural law, there are four natural evolutionary conditions, with three subdivisions in each, that correlate to the Soul’s evolutionary journey. And, again, if you doubt this, simply stand back in a Uranian (i.e. detached) way from any society, country, culture, or tribe, and observe it.

Upon observation, any detached observer will then be able to notice these four natural evolutionary conditions. The four conditions are:

(1) the ‘Dimly Evolved’ state. Roughly three to four percent of all Souls are in what I have previously called the ‘dimly evolved’ state. This means one of two things. Either Souls that are evolving into human consciousness from other forms of life such as animals and plants. Or Souls that are ‘de-evolving’ backwards into this condition due to ‘karmic’ causes.

(2) the ‘Consensus’ state. Souls that have evolved into what can be called the ‘consensus’ state of evolution, which comprises roughly seventy percent of all Souls on the planet at this time.

(3) the ‘Individuated’ state of evolution, where individuated is used in the Jungian sense of the word. This comprises roughly twenty percent of all Souls and

(4) the ‘Spiritual’ state of evolution that comprises roughly four to six percent of all Soul’s on the planet.

It is extremely important to understand no astrologer can determine which evolutionary condition exists for any Soul by simply looking at the birth chart alone. The astrologer must observe and interact with the client in order for this determination to be made.

A good way to do this in a counseling situation where a client has come to the astrologer is to simply ask the client why there are there, and what questions do they have. Generally, the very nature of the questions that the client has will clue the astrologer as to what evolutionary condition exists for that client. For example, if one client asks ‘when can I expect enlightenment’, and another asks ‘when will I have my new BMW”, there clearly is an observed difference reflecting the level of evolutionary progression of the Soul.

(1) The Dimly Evolved State: Souls that are evolving into human consciousness from other forms of life, typically animal and plant (animals and plants essentially have the same ’emotional’ and ‘nervous’ systems as humans) are characterized by a very limited sense of self-awareness. This self-awareness is typically limited to the time and space that they personally occupy. When one looks into such Souls eyes they typically express a ‘density’ within the pupils, like a film effect within the pupils. These Souls are typically very joyous; very, very innocent; and can bring great love to those who are close to them. Modern terminology that reflects these types of Souls are words like critinism, very low i.q.’s, mongoloidism, metal retardation, and the like.

The root desire within this evolutionary stage or state is the desire to be ‘normal’, where normal means to be like most other people: the consensus state.

Conversely, it can occur, due to ‘karmic’ causes, that Souls can be de-evolved; which means that such Souls are forced back into this state. This then becomes very problematic for such Souls, because they had previously evolved beyond this stage. Thus, such Soul now experience great and humiliating ‘limitations’ because of the de-evolution. As a result, these Souls are very, very angry, and some can go about creating great disturbances for other people. These souls can also be ‘classified’ through the modern terminology as above. But the great difference is that when one looks into the pupil of these Souls’ eyes, one will notice a great while light manifesting from the pupil: piercing like. And within that light one will inwardly experience the intense anger within such a Soul.

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