Evolutionary Astrology Glossary

Guiding Principles of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s EA

2016 Final Edition

Compiled by Linda Jonson
and The School of Evolutionary Astrology

The Final 2016 Edition of the EA Glossary presents a well-researched, informative, and illuminating compilation of key terms, topics, and guiding principles used in Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology that affirms and expands upon the core EA paradigm taught in his books:

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Vol. 1)
Pluto: The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships (Vol. 2)

Incredible EA information, knowledge, wisdom and insight is skillfully woven into this 4th and Final Edition, condensing Jeffrey Wolf Green’s four decades of world-renowned Pluto work into bite-sized info-packets. Compiled from extracts from the message board of The School of Evolutionary Astrology from March 2009 to December 2015, the EA Glossary provides indispensable study material for resourceful EA students and discerning members of the astrological community, in essence serving as a compass to help navigate into the depths of EA.

The EA Glossary contains well-organized chapters, subsections, tables, figures, commentary, Q & A’s, examples, EA archetypes, links to all EA practice charts, links to old message board transcripts, and links to Jeffrey Wolf Green Lectures, all interspersed with beautiful astrophotography of the universe. Contents are listed in a clear, concise and easy to navigate hyperlink format that marks the way along the Glossary’s borders and into its depths allowing quick access to information, promptly revealing answers to questions, and directing the reader towards personal discoveries long hidden from traditional astrology.

The Pluto, Lunar Nodes and Skipped Steps chapters encompassing the powerful and penetrating Pluto paradigm contain a myriad of aspect combinations. The Astrologer/Client Relationship, EA Chart Interpretation and General Astrology chapters will assist aspiring EA students in formulating accurate in-depth EA chart readings. The Soul, God/Goddess – Spiritual Practice, and Natural Law chapters will reveal some of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s most precious and profound teachings.

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  • Aspects and Phases
  • Aspects and Phases (JWG)
  • Astrologer/Client Relationship
  • Daemon Soul
  • EA Archetypes (Aries through Pisces)
  • EA Chart Interpretation
  • EA Practice Charts (links)
  • Evolution
  • General Astrology AC-DC-MC-IC, Asteroids, Chart Patterns, Chiron, Decans, Degrees and Orbs, Eclipses, Final Dispositor, House System, Houses and Cusps, Intercepted Sign, Key Planetary Pairs, Layers – House/Planet/Sign/Aspects, Lilith Trinity, Midpoints, Motion of the Nodes/Moon/Planets, Mystic Rectangle, Orbs, Planetary Speeds, Progressed Chart, Rulerships, Sabian Symbols, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arcs, Solar/Lunar Returns, True Nodes)
  • God/Goddess – Spiritual Practice
  • Karma
  • Love and Sexuality
  • Lucifer
  • Lunar Nodes
  • Matriarchy and Patriarchy
  • Miscellaneous
  • Natural Law
  • Planetary Nodes
  • Pluto
  • Relationships – Synastry and Composite
  • Retrograde Archetype
  • Skipped Steps
  • Soul
  • Stages of Evolution
  • Transits

Order your copy of the EA Glossary today and align with the truth of your Soul as the students and teachers of the School of Evolutionary Astrology whisk you off to an astrological landscape filled with penetrating depth, insight, and revelation!