Lilith: Keepers of the Flame

Lilith: Keepers Of The FlameYou will know truth when it speaks to your soul. It is a knowingness that simply exists beyond the words. As I read through the book, I felt an immediate resonance with the concepts put forth by the author. I learned, I absorbed, I embraced. Somehow I remembered. The remembering felt as natural as breath in, breath out.

Great educators like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have described how ancient myths continue to inform and live on within our collective unconscious. Our great spiritual teachers, many of whom are referenced within the pages of this book, remind each one of us of our connection to universal source, to the divinity that exists within each one of us. They invite us to embark on the journey inward, to reconnect with our center, our soul, and with the source of all that is.

In this luminous book, the author exquisitely and simply synthesizes the knowledge imparted by the spiritual masters regarding our Creatress force. She speaks of the transgender whole of the sacred feminine in its unfiltered and unconditioned version. This is not the Lilith story with the overlay of patriarchal conditionings that give an explanation for humanity’s spiritual downfall, but rather that of her preHerstory – of the unified, fecund and regenerative Creatress seed from which all life has sprung.

I invite you to allow your own knowingness to verify the truth contained within these pages. Don’t read this book – experience it, for yourself, for your soul.

Rose Marcus
Evolutionary Astrologer,
Author, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology

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306 pages
published November 2015
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