Relationships: Our Essential Needs

By Jeffrey Wolf Green
Edited by Linda Jonson and the School of Evolutionary Astrology
Relationships: Our Essential Needs

In Relationships: Our Essential Needs the core archetypes are presented that correlate with how to understand the essential needs of any Soul in the context of the relationships that it forms with others in general, and its intimate others specifically.

The very first chapter presents an evolutionary astrology paradigm that needs to be deeply grasped in order to understand the inherent architecture within the consciousness of all our Souls that serves as the foundation upon which the root essential needs for any Soul exist.

The nature and function of Venus, the nature and function of Mars, the relationship between Pluto, the Soul, and its lower octave, Mars, and the phasal relationship of Mars and Venus are all intensely discussed and presented in order to understand the fuller picture of the essential needs that the Soul has within the relationships that it forms. The signs that both Mars and Venus are in are also presented in order for this understanding to be deepened.

The core or root evolutionary cause or intention for the Soul’s relationship to another Soul is then discussed in the chapter, Pluto in the Composite Chart. This correlates to two Souls coming together in a relationship that symbolizes where the Souls have been together, the core evolutionary needs and intentions, prior to the current life as well as what the current life evolutionary reasons are in order for those two Souls to continue to evolve in their relationship.

Pluto is discussed in each house and sign with its corresponding polarities in each of the natural evolutionary stages of development: the consensus, individuated, and spiritual stages of evolution.

And, finally, the last chapter deals with one couple’s evolutionary journey together that focuses on the entire core archetypes discussed throughout this book.

This book is based on an extraction from Jeffrey Wolf Green’s book Pluto (Vol. II): The Soul’s Evolution through Relationships. Specific chapters from that comprehensive book have been chosen for the purposes of this book, which are to help us understand the core and essential needs that we all have in the relationships that we form.

299 pages, published May 2014

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Relations, Liaisons Et Rapports: Nos Besoins Essentiels
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Relaties: Onze Essentiële Behoeftes
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