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May 24, 2018, 08:19 PM
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Author Topic: Questions about Second Stage Spiritual  (Read 31738 times)
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« Reply #75 on: Sep 22, 2011, 02:28 AM »

It's kind of ironic in a way --- because what she points to and what I directly experience as who She/We literally are/is, in a moment, as the moment, is that which infuses and runs through all states, levels and conditions, holds and cradles all states and conditions,  is present and moving through and as all states. levels and conditions and what all states and conditions arise and fall back into....So it's almost like from here, a question like that, or any question at all,  simply doesnt arise -- All just unwinds and there is full complete rest....but an ALIVE rest, not static --kinda hard to articulate something like that because it is just so simple, but ever so Alive.

However, in accordance with the paradigm and the evolutionary stages as outlined in EA, when placing her in one of these stages, my answer to you would have to be, YES, I would undoubtedly have to place her under the 3rd stage spiritual description. From what I have understood in EA about the stages on a Soul level, and as I review what has been shared also with these old post here, and as I've read the chapter of stages in Deva's book, every single description listed under 3rd stage spiritual lines up completely, without exception.  And as I go through the descriptions of the other spiritutal stages 1 and 2, they simply do not line up, in numerous ways.  
I could go into more detail if need be.


I love the way you expressed that.

I would like if you could share the chart you have?  And I did not know that you could find a square to the nodes without a birth time. Can you say a little more about that???  Like why you do not need a birth time to find a square to the Nodes?

Well, we know she was born on 11 June 1942, but not the time of birth.  All the planets and aspects on that day will be accurate in the Noon chart, except for the Moon (which moves really fast) and the Ascendant.  So, we can say that the Moon will either be in Taurus or Gemini.  However, Saturn which squares the Nodes, will not move much in that 24 hour period (eg, it could move 1 deg which is not going to effect the t-square to the Nodes).

And bear in mind also that her Saturn is conjunct Uranus which accounts for that remarkable quality of genius in her words.  (I'm just checking the general orb for Uranus square the Nodes.)    

Here's her chart.  

PS:  I thought your syntax was spot-on!  Cheesy

* Gangaji chart.gif (180.92 KB, 794x1123 - viewed 470 times.)
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« Reply #76 on: Sep 22, 2011, 03:46 AM »

I also wanted to add this to further clarify what I was trying to express:  Another way I could say this is that from here, it as if the people (Gangaji, me, others, or whoever) are the very SAME, and yet the personhood is still distinguishable but not like it used to be.  It's like  "BOTH AND" at the very same time! ...so like all  questions about "who is enlightened" and "who is not" just gets wiped out,  or just doesn't arise at all.  ...Yet, "other" is still distinct (but not like before). Maybe I could say the weight is more on "Same", but that really is not it either. I sense it just feels that way because the weight has so long been in the other direction. So it's like BOTH at the very same time, but there is no separation...and in this example, Gangaji is me,  and I am her, (or anyone for that matter) even while there is FULL acceptance and full awareness of distinction of each other -- it's not like a denial of me or her or other, but all just is SEEN wholly. It's actually like really finally being here!  

SO this is also why I find it an ironic question, because from here, there really isnt somebody that has or gets something.
Yet at the same time, I realize it is not conscious to everyone. So....
I have a really hard time writing about this, but I still do  Smiley.

And the only reason I even write about any of this here is because I was asked the question about Gangaji's evolutionary stage, and for me to answer that question fully, to the best of my ability, this is the way I feel I can respond from the deepest and most honest place to that question.

Yes, I understand exactly what you're saying.  In other words, what I think she is describing is something very "NATURAL" - the way we used to be during the matriarchy - and how things got so distorted along the way, that we became separate from or believed the illusion that we were separate from our own true nature causing all sorts of horrific behaviours and psychologies - and having to pay the price (the hard way) for all of that (karma) - and make our way back to natural laws that sustain all.  We are still kind of whacky, recovering from all of that - yet at the same time there is an invitation to align with (or remember) what is natural, true, balanced, un-dualistic, and unspeakably good!  
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« Reply #77 on: Sep 22, 2011, 08:31 AM »

Linda and Dhyana,

Thank you for your posts on this...

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« Reply #78 on: Sep 24, 2011, 11:49 AM »

Hi Wendy,

Glad you are interested in participating in this question.  I've been watching many of Gangaji's videos - and the messages within each and every one of them really speak the unspeakable.  It's been very difficult choosing a video that encapsulates it all....but this one incorporates a wider picture, purpose, what our lives stand for......and is in alignment with what EA teaches about Natural Law.  


She does not point to herself as the way.  I'm reluctant to place her in any of the sub-stages of the 2nd stage Spiritual.  I've heard that she lives a pristine life.  Perhaps early 3rd stage Spiritual?

Hi Linda,

I agree she is in spiritual state.  I will have to read more about the stages to determine 1, 2 or 3  placement feels best.
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« Reply #79 on: Feb 26, 2018, 02:13 AM »

I've been contemplating that if these stages are natural- then perhaps I can find the nature of these stages within myself.

I'm most likely first stage spiritual. With no ill intent to myself, I can recognize that I am "full of myself". Do I think about myself most of the time? Do I walk around most of the day with the idea that I know what's up? The answer is yes. Those attributes may not be on the surface, but they are certainly present.

It seems that the transition from first stage to second stage spiritual- the soul doesn't GAIN a self inflated ego. Rather, the self inflated ego is simply still there- it's just now adjusted to a reality in which there is something to show for oneself. As a soul evolves, experiences the Truth and becomes more and more oriented to be of service- the stuff that has always been there become very pronounced because there is now greater responsibility and necessity for that soul to surrender it.

The mini analogy I was able to find for myself is- at times when I've maintained a regular meditation practice, and begin to see the tangible results of that practice, I think highly of myself in so many ways. I become inflated. I envision myself teaching it to others, talking about it, I feel like a king because i've been meditating for this long, for this many days etc...

When we take that archetype and apply it to a soul who is more evolved than myself, and I imagine myself as being that person. I naturally will have a whole lot of reason to think highly of myself, and share with the world what I think is the way to be- especially because it worked for me. You see I have an awareness of this tendency right now- in my own first stage spiritual way. If we look at ourselves honestly, I feel we may be able to recognize the natural pits we may fall into as we evolve. We glimpse it whenever we become identified with a "spiritual achievement."

So the second stage spiritual tendencies are seeming less and less strange. It's really starting to make sense to me.

That's what came to me. I hope someone will correct me of course if any of that isn't true.

Hi All - I've pulled this thread out of its slumber.  Spiritual stages are on my mind and I've read through the entire thread, and Ari's post above stands out for me.

I'm in a Neptune transit phase, along with a natal chart filled with Piscean/Neptune themes AND there's a pattern of not maintaining my own energetic core alignment (resistance towards evolution, of committing everything to God/dess), which leads me to reach towards communities or teachers that seem to have what I don't (or feel I don't), more specifically to assist with energetic alignment. I then receive a healing or alignment (not a paid session) and using discrimination/discernment, begin to consider the teacher's stage of evolution and if I fully trust their vibration.  Generally I keep to mysel, and embrace trustworthy 3rd stage energies to be around, but today Clare Prophet came up again, after all this time.  

This led me to listen to recordings I found from her children, who either had a fall out with her or individuated towards their own soul evolution.  I found Erin's especially fascinating to listen to.  I'll post the links below.  I also thought the 3 oldest children would be Pluto Virgo souls.

Her daughter's on Oprah in 2006 I believe
There are 4 videos in all, one of the daughter's was considered a "fallen angel"

Erin Prophet - it's long, and worth listening to.  She's the daughter who defended her mother in the Oprah videos, and has clearly come into her own individuation, in a conscious tangible and practical way.

There are more videos which you can find there, 5 more with the oldest son who became atheist.  It all got me thinking, with my own experiences of the Divine communicating with me (this morning heard Archangel Michael gently guiding me to attend the Ascended Masters service - that's how this all came up), ONE what interesting choice in parents in these souls evolution (I believe they are all Pluto Virgo souls) and TWO it got me questioning my own desires.  Are they illusory or are they really divinely guided?

Sometimes the teacher is a transit or the opening, like our recent eclipses, to divinely inspired writing or healing that I experience.  I experience deep union with the Divine, many times a specific Master, Goddess or animal and sometimes feel guided/directed to share those "teachings" in my work, which I believe is realistic/relative to my own soul's purpose, especially when it is a big theme concept, like Mary Magdalene, Venus/Pentagram.  

I really appreciate what you wrote here Ari.  As a Daemon Pluto Virgo soul, inferior I think is what JWG called the pattern, is a real experience for me, along with Leo energy (Sun Mercury special purpose feeling) pulling me out of the inferior pattern, all the while needing to discern what is illusory/Neptunian vs. real communion, and what is meant for me personally and what to share.  With Neptune moving closer and closer to my PPP and natal planets I'm more than curious, deeply introspective about it's impact/message/influence.  

Overall the message of humility, continual humility is balm for any internal "crises" of doubt I may experience as "real" vs. learning and choosing to surrender, over and over.

I say all this not to get analysis of my chart and current transits, but to share that the experience of evolving and resisting through the stages is real, and if anyone wants to discuss this topic further, please post more here.

FYI Pallas (aka Wendy)

All the Best and Much Love to you ALL
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« Reply #80 on: May 20, 2018, 03:39 AM »

dear folks,

   regarding Elizabeth Claire Prophet - if I think back to the 90's ... I remember JWG discussing her in relation to 2nd stage spiritual. I have it in my notes, somewhere, but this is what I remember. (I'm only paraphrasing, so please, anyone correct me if I'm wrong.)

    I remember him equating 1st stage spiritual to a kind of Virgo archetype, where those in the beginning of this stage would most likely feel penitence, piousness, and the need to serve, which I understand completely. Then the beginning of the 2nd stage spiritual could be likened to a Leo archetype, and the danger there would be that a person could get carried away, if they commanded enough attention, and feel that they were God's spokesperson and entertain delusions of grandeur (even if they did, indeed, posess a form of spiritual insight).

   I think he mentioned that she was instructing her followers to dig underground bunkers and to store food, supplies, ammunition, weapons, etc. and that she had become fanatical with her belief in herself and persuasion but, please, this is all from memory and may be colored by my own recollection. If I find my notes I will definitely elaborate.
   thanks to all for this learning opportunity!
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« Reply #81 on: May 20, 2018, 05:55 AM »

Hi Marty and everyone, this does not address Marty's post, but for anyone interested in info about excessive egoism in some 2nd Stage Spiritual individuals, there is a Netflix documentary streaming now called "Wild, Wild Country."  It's about Rajneesh, his 2nd in command, his followers and what they did to a small town in Oregon.  I remember when this man was in the USA (his eyes give me the creeps), but I had no idea that he was the head of a cult this big.  His materialism was on full display with several Rolls Royce cars, a diamond studded watch and stuff like that.  He and his followers described the cult as an ashram but it was nothing of the sort.

I don't know if this has been discussed anywhere, but in the case of someone like Rajneesh who has probably experienced expanded consciousness of some kind, do they ever have following lifetimes where they are karmically prevented from re-experiencing this state in order to atone, realign, adjust (all those Virgo things)?  If so, would there be a subconscious memory of this expanded consciousness possibly leading to depression in the current life because they feel trapped or something similar?  Or is it the case that once expanded consciousness has been experienced it is there to stay?  Thanks.  DDD
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