Jeffrey Wolf Green on Planetary Nodes

As most of us know, Jeffrey Wolf Green pioneered the understanding and use of all the Planetary Nodes in the birth chart as they relate to the ongoing evolutionary journey of the Soul. We have now decided to post this incredible multi- hour long workshop on YouTube so anyone can listen to, and hopefully, apply this ground breaking work into their own lives and those they may counsel. (There is an entire thread on the use of the planetary nodes in Evolutionary Astrology on our message board).

The video lecture is in two parts.
View part one on YouTube
View part two on YouTube


Jeffrey Wolf Green – Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul

This talk was given many years ago, right after his first book was published.
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Jeffrey Wolf Green – Karma to Dharma – Holland, 1994

In this lecture he talks in great detail about the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm that is the core of understanding the evolutionary journey of the Soul from life to life. Within this, he talks about the natural polarity points to all of the natal planets within the birth chart as the natural ways that the Soul creates to facilitate the core evolutionary intentions in each life.

For those who have never heard Jeffrey lecture, please be aware that often when he lectured his center of gravity was within his Soul. As a result, because the Soul has the memories from all previous lives, including languages spoken, an accent often comes from him during the lectures, one that reflects those prior life languages that influence his spoken English in his current life.

View Part 1 on YouTube (1 hour 35 minutes)

View Part 2 on YouTube (2 hours 18 minutes)


Jeffrey Wolf Green – Q & A from 2005 Evolutionary Astrology Conference in Sedona

These are two Q & A sessions from Jeffrey’s last public appearance, at the 2005 Evolutionary Astrology Conference in Sedona AZ. Audience members ask questions that cover many topics.

View Part 1 on YouTube (1 hour 14 minutes)

View Part 2 on YouTube (1 hour)