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May 23, 2018, 10:27 AM
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Author Topic: Marine life is calling!!  (Read 1434 times)
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« on: Apr 24, 2011, 09:08 AM »

Hi All,

I posted this message on Maurice's site also, as I believe it is important.  I myself am trying to figure out where to put my energies regarding this issue.  Thanks for reading!

A few years ago I was the recipient of a shamanic journey/healing ritual with an American Indian, during which an Orca showed up. She pleaded with me to please help marine life. She emphasized how her kind was suffering and that action had to be taken immediately. She told me that she had come to me as my father was once a sonar engineer and I was brought up by the ocean in Connecticut where porpoises and seals would sometimes come and swim close to shore...a very happy event!

Soon after this journey, I began to study sound healing. I realized the need for humans to create resonant (literally) environments. I have used this knowledge and the tools I learned in my own healing practice since.

A former colleague of mine is doing research on the rampant ocean mining that is taking place. Said mining is utterly unmonitored, unsanctioned, and unregulated. Basically, the oceans have become the Wild West. The destruction that is taking place in our oceans is occurring at terrific speed. The increase in noise is one of the most destructive byproducts of this mining. For marine life, it has become akin to living in central Manhattan. The animals' sonar abilities are becoming gravely threatened.

Yesterday, a client told me about a dream that she had the night before. In it, a dolphin was repeating everything that my client's sister was saying to her (the sister was also in the dream). The dolphin was doing this, according to my client's interpretation, to illustrate how dolphins are fully capable of understanding humans. The dolphin had a harpoon in its eye. The dolphin then told my client that she was needed to help them (the dolphins). My client is unclear what to do with this information.

I am writing this here, as I believe these 'visitations' from marine life will become more common as we move into Neptune in Pisces. I am wondering whether anyone else has had experiences such as these. I am interested in the ways in which the current transits are playing out. I believe Pluto in Capricorn (intent on destroying existing structures), coupled with Neptune in Pisces (unifying the All), is creating a greater opportunity for all of us to break down the existing boundaries that we may have between our unconscious and conscious minds, as well as helping to permeate the man-made boundaries that we have between ourselves and animals.  Any comments?
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