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Hi Gonzalo,

Thanks for taking the time, and making the effort, to work on the EA transits for Mother Teressa relative to the events that you have focused on. Your EA work is exceptional and truly reflects how EA is meant to be understood and applied.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad and Everyone,

I was inspired by an article I read that compared Mother Teresa's experience of darkness to the  various stages outlined in the "Dark Night of the Soul" by St John of the Cross.  I didn't get much further than the stage called "The Dark Night" as I think it might require writing a book in order to do it justice (as well as some new software).  Besides that, I think my brain is fried after spending all day on this  :-)  Here is what I managed:

In a February 1949 journal entry, Mother Teresa wrote: “I walked and walked till my legs and my arms ached—then the temptation grew strong. . . . You have only to say the word and all that will be yours again. . . . This is the dark night of the birth of the society.”  

It has been suggested that these words mark the beginning of Mother Teresa's “Dark Night.”  In 1947, Mother Teresa received permission to leave her order and move to the slums of Calcutta to set up a school. Sometime in 1948 she took to the streets tending to the sick, the poor and the dying.  In the beginning of 1949 she was joined in this effort by a group of young women.  Together they laid the foundation for a new religious community that would help the "poorest among the poor".  By February 1949 Mother Teresa's “Dark Night” had begun.

 Transiting Pluto was in Leo in her 8th house corresponding to a time in which she was undergoing an accelerated development of her evolutionary intention and desire, which, with natal Pluto in Gemini in the 7th House, was to open up to others and listen to them in order to become aware of their needs, values and points of view so that she could readjust her own perspective and point of view making it more inclusive of others and their beliefs.  This was a period in her life in which past patterns and associations which influenced and shaped her beliefs, values and behavior needed to be purged in order for new patterns and associations to take their place. All outmoded emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual behavior and orientation needed to be eliminated at this time.  In addition,  all cumulative negative karma from this life and past lives needed to be purged and positive karma brought to completion so she would be free to move forward.  This was an intense process requiring a great deal of faith as new impulses surfaced into her consciousness from the depths of her soul. At the same time, her purpose in life was undergoing a major change and new personal capacities and possibilities were surfacing from the depths of her soul.  Altogether this a period in her life in which she experienced intense highs and extreme lows and dark moods as well as a loss of meaning and significance.  

When Mother Teresa took to the streets,  the transiting North Node was in Taurus in her 5th House and the South Node in Scorpio in her 11th House. As with Pluto in the 8th House, the South Node transiting the 11th is another sign that the evolutionary pace is in an accelerated mode. At this time Mother Teresa's soul had a need and desire to liberate itself from the past so that rapid growth could occur. New and potentially radical thoughts and impulses were starting to emerge into her consciousness. Outmoded patterns from the past needed to be eliminated and all negative karma purged and positive karma completed so she could go forward. With the NN transiting her 5th house, it was time to reformulate her purpose in life.  In order to do so, she would have to eliminate any preconceived ideas she had regarding her life purpose and destiny and follow the inner creative urges she was feeling within. Her soul had a desire to transform her existing value systems which were what gave her meaning in life. Again, this is symbolic of a time when all past influences need to come to and end so they can be replaced by something new. Any resistence to this desire promotes psychological, karmic and evolutionary problems and blockages.  Once these blockages are removed, a new state of personal vitality and well being will occur.

As we can see, 1948 was a critical time in the soul's evolution.  A time to wrap up the past in order to move forward in the direction of Pluto's Polarity Point, Sagittarius in the 1st House,  which is to learn how to strike out on her own and find the answers to her metaphysical, philosophical and cosmological questions from within herself using her intuition.  Working with the sick, dying and poor in the slums of Calcutta, while feeling as though she had been abandoned by God, would enable her to initiate a self-motivated direction in life outside of her previous relationship with God, Jesus and the Catholic Church,  in order to find a belief system that resonated with her soul on an intuitive level. In the process she would come to develop an awareness that truth is relative and that there are many paths leading to the same truth.

In March 1948 transiting Pluto in Leo the 8th  formed a semi-sextile with natal Mars in Virgo in the 9th House. At the same time transiting Mars in Virgo was crossing over from Mother Teresa's  8th house into the 9th house and forming a conjunction with her natal Mars in Virgo in the 9th house. This signals a time in which she would have to actively confront any limitations in her existing belief system or philosophical principles and convictions through self-examination.  By learning to look within herself for intuitive guidance she would be able to experience “visions” about the nature of her future. Transiting Mars was forming a semi-sextile with natal Neptune in Cancer in the 7th House activating a transcendent impulse to surrender and recognize that her soul is just a small part of the greater whole through all of the emotional relationships she was initiating with the sick and dying people in the slums of Calcutta. Transiting Mars was square her Moon conjunct her NN in Cancer in her 5th house indicating that she was experiencing a great deal of emotional tension in regard to activating her new special purpose in life. In addition, transiting Pluto in the 8th house was forming a semi-square to her natal Pluto in the 7th House indicating this was an intense time in which her soul was trying to purge past karma and eliminate her outmoded beliefs and patterns through the many relationships she was now forming in Calcutta. Jupiter was conjunct her Asc in Sagittarius opposition Natal Pluto in Gemini in the 7th house signifying a need and desire to let intuition be her guide as she implemented her new goals, ideas and direction in life.

In her journal in February 1949 the first evidence that she was experiencing a “Dark Night” appears in writing (see above).  From January 24th – Feb 11th 1949, the Transiting North node was inconjunct natal Mercury in Virgo in her 9th House and the Transiting SN semi-sextile natal Mercury.  On Feb 12th 1949 Pluto formed a semi-square with natal Mercury as well.  In addition, transiting Mars in Pisces was forming a conjunction with her 3rd House cusp.  At this time there was a need and desire to expand her mental horizons and eliminate outmoded thinking patterns and opinions as well as to let new ones form. In order to help her think things through she started expressing her innermost thoughts and ideas regarding the spiritual darkness she was experiencing in her journal and letters.  The transitng North Node was sesiquadrate natal Mars in Virgo in the 9th House while the transiting South Node was semi-square natal Mars indicating this was a difficult time in which obstacles due to her past beliefs were preventing her from changing and adapting to new and different beliefs or situations.  At this point, many of her issues and problems related to her beliefs were irresolvable and she had to learn to develop the patience and persistance needed in order to learn to live and cope with them.  On one had she needed to act on her instinctual desire to learn to trust her intuition and allow it to guide her, and at the same time past beliefs were creating obstacles.  The transiting North node began to form a sextile to natal Pluto at this time while the South Node formed a trine to natal Pluto in the 7th House helping her with her intention to open up to others and listen to them in order to become aware of their needs, values and points of view.  This would help her readjust her own perspective so that it would become more inclusive of other beliefs and viewpoints.  It seems that although she was able to do this in regard to accepting that there is more than one path to God or religious belief system, at this point she was only able to apply that idea to other people and not to herself as her past conditioning still had a powerful grip on her.

“Soon after she entered this work on the streets of Calcutta, Jesus took himself away from her. Her only spiritual respite happened in 1958 when Pope Pius XII died. Teresa prayed to the late Pope for a "proof that God is pleased with the Society [of the Missionaries of Charity]." For five weeks the darkness lifted, then she entered "in the tunnel" once again, and the absence never abated.”  Pius XII died on October 9, 1958.  

At this time the transiting North Node was in Mother Teresa's 10th House and the South node in her 4th House. Overall, this was a time which would induce inner and outer circumstances and events which would make it necessary for Mother Teresa to examine the basis of her emotional securities, dependencies, feelings, moods and self image. An old cycle was coming to an end.  Self-reflection and contemplation was needed in order for her to gain an understanding of why her life had come together the way it had.  This knowledge would be needed in order for her to eliminate old and stagnant emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual patterns which were blocking growth. Pluto had been conjunct her natal Sun in Virgo in the 8th house August 7, 1958 through Oct 9th 1958 - the day Pius passed away.  Pius had been strongly tied to her “special purpose” which was to serve the sick and dying.  He enabled it by giving her permission to to start the diocesan congregation that would become the Missionaries of Charity in 1950. It seems that Pluto conjuncting her Sun in August was the beginning of a change related to her purpose – that change being the passing of Pope Pius the same day Pluto passed from being in this conjunction.  From August 25, 1958 through Nov 26th 1958, the transiting North Node in Libra in her 10th House was inconjunct her natal North Node in Taurus in the 5th House.  The transiting South Node in Aries in her 4th house was semi-sextile her North Node.  This period encompasses the time preceding the passing of Pius and the five weeks in which her darkness temporarily passed. With the transiting nodes in the 10th/4th house, this was a time in which a total redefinition of all outmoded structures in her life needed to take place in order for a new phase or cycle to begin. Inner emotional structures and patterns from the past needed to be eliminated at this time, as well as past emotional dependencies.  The Pius years were to come to an end and a new chapter was to begin.

On Oct 9th 1958, the day in which Pope Pius passed on,  transiting Venus in Libra in her 9th house was inconjunct her natal Saturn in Taurus in her 4th house. This is an interesting transit as the inconjunct brings about crisis in order to induce humility and introspection.   Saturn symbolizes the Pope, an external authority, whom due to her religious beliefs, she prayed to, asking for a sign that would bring clarity rather than confusion in regard to her sociological role.  The following day Venus formed a sesiquadrate to her natal North Node in Taurus in the 5th house indicating she would have to learn to live with and cope with issues and problems related to her soul's current intention to reformulate her purpose in life by eliminating any preconceived ideas she had in regard to her purpose and destiny.  In addition she would now be forming new relationships with herself and others in order to transform her existing value systems which were what gave meaning to her life.  Up until the end of November, Venus formed 41 different aspects to planets in her natal chart aspecting every one of them. This is a sign that her values and relationships were changing in every aspect of her life and conciousness during this five week period in which her darkess went away. Venus also formed a conjunction with her 10th House cusp on Oct 18th indicating that any outmode values needed to go now as a new phase or cycle was beginning. On November 26th, 1958, the transiting nodes in the 10th and 4th houses both formed squares with her natal Uranus in Capricorn in her 1st House. This pretty much coincided with the return of her “Dark Hour” in which she once again experienced the trauma of being separated from a God who she felt had abandoned her. The transiting nodes were triggering traumatic memories from past incarnations in which she was physically, psychologically or karmically blocked from achieving her special destiny. There are memories of not having been able to do everything she she felt she could do.  Mother Teresa had a superhuman complex that needed to be balanced out by re-aligning her ego and learning to integrate her leadership  abilities with the system as it was currently defined. In addition, there was mental trauma due to the loss of a partner – in Mother Teresa's case, this would be Jesus who “left her” again. She needed him to validate her and what she was doing, but he was “gone.”

This darkness prevaded Mother Teresa's consciousness into the early 1960s.  On April 11, 1961 she wrote,  “I Have Come to Love the Darkness.” The torment expressed in her letters up to this point gave way to an inner peace and joy.  Although Mother Teresa would be aware of the darkness up until her dying day, she had come to accept and embrace it.  

On Dec 7th 1960 the transiting nodes moved into her 8th (NN) and 2nd (SN) houses. This signaled a time in which she would begin to experience metamorphosis in her value system and in regard to how she relates to herself and others. It was the beginning of time in which she would confront areas within herself that were stagnated and non-growth oriented.  The transiting NN was semi-sextile natal Venus and the transiting SN was inconjunct natal Venus.  Natal Venus is in Leo in the 8th House and is the natal North Node Ruler which symbolizes mother Teresa's approach to her intimate relationships and intimate partner with whom her deepest sense of security is linked. This partner is Jesus whom she felt had abandoned her.  It was now time for her feelings in regard to this relationship to change. It was a time in which she was gaining clarification in regard to her purpose and learning to accept her personal limitations which she felt were having to keep moving on helping others without her companion Jesus there to validate her efforts.

On April 11th 1961, when Mother Teresa wrote that she had come to love the darkness, transiting Uranus was forming a square to the natal nodes. This was bringing about an opportunity to break free from the pull of the South Node in Scorpio in the 11th House and allow her to liberate herself from memories of past life trauma related to issues of loss and abandonment and begin to use her intuition to find the answers to her metaphysical, philosophical and cosmological questions from within herself and find her own meaning from within. Transiting Pluto was conjunct her natal Sun in the 8th house promoting a reformulation of her purpose in life.  In addition it was promoting the death of outmoded emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual behavior patterns and orientation, as well as the purging of any remaining negative karma. Pluto was trine Saturn in Taurus in the 4th house prompting her to establish her own authority within society based on her own internal values while minimizing external dependencies.  Pluto was sesiquadrate Uranus in Capricorn in the 1st house prompting her to break free of past emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual attachments which were based on past conditioning patterns defined by man-made patriarchal religions and socities in her past which were limiting her ability to express her true individuality. Pluto was semi-square Neptune in Cancer in the 7th House prompting her to realize the nature of her illusions, delusions, dreams and ideals in relation to her self-image and relationships with others whom she was learning to relate to as an equal.


BTW - while researching John of the Cross and "The Dark Night of the Soul" I came across an article saying that Mother Teresa and St Therese De Lisieux have some interesting parallels in their lives.  I ran their charts and looked briefly at their synastry and it is quite interesting.  The first thing that grabbed my attention was that Mother Teresa's NN is conjunct Thereses's Pluto.   I stopped there as I felt I was getting too side tracked, but am planning to go back and look further into this at some point.  Thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is so inclined  :-)

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Hi Cat,

I want to thank you for the incredible effort and time you have taken relative to the understanding of the various transits to her natal chart that you done. The evolution of your own understanding of EA is so incredibly self evident in what you have shared with all of us. It is a true joy for me to witness your own evolution within EA Cat. The EA work you have presented here demonstrates how EA is meant to be understood and applied. It is exceptional work.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad and Group,
This post is actually an outline of what I intended to do: an observation of an evolutionary process through a period of transits, following some lines of development and finding the natal points that were object of metamorphosis. Lack of time didn’t allow me to compensate my lack of EA practice in doing a real synthesis of the analyzed events and aspects.
Rad: afraid of abusing of your time and work, I would only like to know if the way of doing it makes sense, and if its general lines are correct. Thank you so much.

Pluto in Cancer period
Pluto entered Cancer in May 1914
Pluto´s change of sign reflects the beginning of the evolutionary process of metamorphosis of her patterns of security based on mental forms shifting to a focus in her emotional body, as well as a process of transformation of her self-image.
Cancer is ruled by Moon in Taurus conjunct NN and hosts her Neptune conjunct the NN of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. During Pluto’s transit in Cancer there was five important events regarding her dedication to religious life that transformed and prepared her emotional body and self image for the actualization of the Soul’s purpose that began with Pluto in Leo. These events were:
First communion: 5 years old – around 1915.
Conviction of commitment to a religious life around 1922
Final Resolution: 15 Aug 1928
First Vow: 24 May 1931
Final Vow: 24 May 1937
Pluto entered Leo in Aug 1938 and in her 8th house in September 1939/ January 1940
The metamorphosis and consequent creative actualization had initiation point with the Call within the Call, on 10 September 1946, and the actualization of the Call began in August 1948.
She experienced a Nodal Return in February 1930, and there are two events around it:
In 6 January 1929 she arrived in India in order to enter to the novitiate of the Sisters of Loreto. (NN was trine Mercury, in 9th house and its ruler, square Chiron Pallas. Mars conjunct Pluto, opposite Ascendant and PPP and trine R.L. conjunct Sophia triggered an event that is part of the cumulative process reflected in the 3º previous orb of Pluto’s conjunction to Neptune, Pluto was square Jupiter in 9th house).
She took the First Vow in 24 May 1931.

Dedication or consecration cycle: 1922 – 1937
By age 12 she was convinced that she should commit herself to a religious life.
As I hadn’t the exact date, I tried an approximated analysis taking her Solar Return in 1922 as a transit with symbolic value for this year. (I didn’t analyze the Solar Return in itself, only its overlapping to the natal chart)

The Ascendant of that Solar Return is conjunct her natal SN.
Pluto is still in 7th house, but in 10º49’ Cancer, the emphasis switched from mental body to emotional body (since 1914).
Pluto in DP square to Jupiter and sextile Mars in 9th house suggests in this year a  preparation for a key evolutionary development  regarding a metamorphosis in her belief system and relationships which will be reflected from august 1925 on, when Pluto enters in a LQP square to Jupiter,  and specifically in Aug 1928 when she made the final decision.
Pluto has recently finished a sextile to Saturn, leading the Soul to an internalization of action in order to discover from within itself what is unique and individual in the special purpose and destiny that the natal septile reflects. (In august 1946, 1 month before the Call ended the orb of a FQP square: metamorphosis in her consciousness structure and the way of accepting responsibility for guilt leading to a new form of acting).
Pluto is sextile Vesta  conjunct Saturn:  metamorphosis in the inner union with self and spiritual commitment. Internalization in order to metamorphosing a spirituality that is “masculine” in its form (Saturn) towards a feminine form: horizontal (Vesta, the sister) instead of vertical, and oriented to proximity and immanence (Taurus).

In order to make effective this switch and metamorphosis in the Soul’s learning to develop an objective consciousness of itself and its sense of individuality in a social context, together with lessons of equality and relativity in relationships and beliefs, the transiting SN in 3rd house reflects that the Soul is reexperiencing dynamics that are linked with its past, regarding its attachment to man-made belief systems about relationship with the Source, with God, and the need of discrimination and establishing her own Truth in connection with Natural Law ( transiting NN in Virgo in 9th house).
This is more precisely shown by the SN in exact opposition to Mercury (natal Pluto’s ruler) in DP square to Pluto, another symbol of a preparation for a key evolutionary development, and gibbous inconjunct to natal Sun conjunct Juno in 8th house in Virgo, reflecting the need of clarification, may be through crisis, regarding this lifetime’s purpose of commitment to service and to Jesus as His spouse, and the Soul’s relationship with power.  

Being that SN in Pisces, its ruler Neptune (conjunct NN of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) became activated; that means the need of revisioning and throwing off residues of guilt for collective trauma and of love  conditioned by manmade beliefs, thus building new relationship patterns  - with others and with God – based on unconditional love. (Neptune in Gemini opposite Uranus in Cap T-square Jupiter in Libra in 9th house, transiting Pluto DP square Jupiter).

NN in 9th house conjunct Mercury, square Pluto and FP inconjunct Chiron Pallas promotes discrimination in the belief system and begins its activation of the need of social humility the Soul needs in order to clarify and resolve its skipped steps in relation to its relationship with the Source, and darkness.
All this aspects will more effectively be highlighted in her final resolution in 15 August 1928.

Mars was culminating its transit by 12th house in Sag , approaching to a Gibbous opposition with Pluto (8 days later), reflecting an internal preparation for the social manifestation of the evolutionary intent, and an activation of PPP. It has just finished a FQP square with its own natal placement, a change in the belief’s operation form with regard to the Soul’s internal relationship with the Godhead.
In addition, it makes a Yod with Neptune and Moon conjunct NN in Taurus. “The Yod promotes a knowing, a vision, an awareness from on high that is not necessarily consciously defined” (JWG), of this connection with God and the Soul’s service purpose as well as the need of  ego’s social humiliation with regard to the “taurean arc” of its incarnations    .

Her final resolution was taken on August 15, 1928, while praying at the shrine of the Black Madonna of Letnice, where she often went on pilgrimage.
Pluto is in 7th house in Cancer conjunct Neptune, opposition Uranus and FQP square Jupiter, trying to metamorphose the issues focused by the SN in Pisces in 1922.
Thus, the causal factor and leading edge of the Soul’s evolutionary intention at that point of the unfoldment of its natal intention is clearly related to orient itself towards unconditional love relationships, changing them by means of a metamorphosis of its belief system. (Pluto conjunct Neptune, square Jupiter and conjunct (exact) her natal NN of Jupiter.
The metamorphosis of this Grand Cross by means of the conjunction to Neptune is directed to recover the loving facets of Christianity by deconditioning from the Church’s patriarchal institution and its self attribution as mediator between the Souls and God (Transiting PPP conjunct Uranus in Cap), internally reconnecting with the feminine Wisdom of God and caring for the unloved “children of God”. (Neptune in 7th house opposition Uranus in Cap, square BML conjunct Sophia in Libra and square Ceres in 4th house)
Pluto  conjunct Neptune and FQP trine SN  (resolution node of the Chiron skipped steps, and one of the arcs of her evolution) activates the Mystical Rectangle and actualizes the potential for conscious awareness of the entire evolutionary process and the past conditions that led to this moment, understanding what must be done in order to actualize the evolutionary intent. The sextile to NN in Taurus promotes the necessary internalization to it, initiated with Pluto’s sextile to Saturn (1922), as well as understanding what methods or activities demands the development of the evolutionary purpose, the ‘practical mystic’ reflected in the Mystical Rectangle.
Furthermore, Pluto’s trine to SN seems a way to recovering Chiron Pallas (ruled by Neptune) skipped steps, in the sense of seeking a internal, direct connection with God, also reflected in transiting SN in 12th house in Sag, which is conjunct natal SN of Uranus (the individuated unconscious linked to Natural Law, as reflected in the natural ruler of natal SN).
In that line seems to be its Gibbous inconjunction to Saturn in Taurus (related to the other extreme of the dual arch), promoting some form of crisis inducing humility in order to adjust in the ego what the service to the others, to the whole, requires.
This transiting SN was in a culmination process relative to 12th house, given that in 27 September it entered 11th house, the natal SN house, a nodal return also.
In relation to Pluto’s metamorphosis intentions, transiting SN in 12th house was reexperiencing past forms of religious life as a nun or others, metamorphosing the belief system in order to dissolve the causes of trauma (transiting PPP conjunct Uranus), by reconnecting with prior manifestations of that trauma, and liberation form it according to N.L. (SN conjunct SN of Uranus in Sag, Pluto square Jupiter, ruler of that nodes).
SN DP square to Sun suggests that this reconnection with past forms of being a nun is a preparation for another key evolutionary development (the Call within the Call, 1946), meaning a crisis in consciousness in order to expand it and embrace the timeless, the Whole, the Godhead within.
At the same time, the transiting NN in 6th house, trine Neptune SN in Aquarius in 2nd House (values of Love to Humanity) and conjunct transiting Mars makes a FQP square to Sun and Juno, seeking and triggering a new form of action as a nun, moving forward although the Soul may not consciously know how to actualize it. However, being in 6th house and ruled by   Mercury in Virgo in balsamic phase to Jupiter, orientation to service as well as a revision of the belief system is undoubtedly the form of becoming a nun.
This orientation and revision, by means of reexperiencing and recreating incomplete patterns and beliefs so that the culmination and mutation of Mercury-Jupiter balsamic phase can take place is underneath the apparent motives and circumstances that the transiting nodes reflect.
 Transiting Nodes are square Pallas that is conjunct Chiron in Pisces in 2nd house. The transiting NN in 6th house square Chiron conjunct Pallas in Pisces in 2nd house provided the Soul’s wisdom of compassion and power of love with a practical and concrete vehicle – service - according with its current purpose reflected in Sun conjunct Juno in Virgo in 8th house, ruling Venus in 8th house, ruler of her natal NN, and opposed that Chiron Pallas

FIRST VOW: 24 May 1931
This event is more meaningfully seen in the progressed chart, where the Progressed Sun makes a Grand Trine with Uranus and NN and a Kite Pattern that involves the SN. Also progressed Midheaven is square Venus and Progressed Moon is conjunct SN of Neptune in Aquarius in a Grand Trine with Jupiter, O.L. and Venus SN in Libra, and NN Uranus in 6th house.
Nodal Return: February 1930.
Pluto is in 19º Cancer conjunct Neptune. The Soul is in process of dissolving prior dynamics not more conducive to evolutionary growth. The individual is aware of going in a new direction but without a map, allowing God to direct the path, and allowing His Will a redefinition of Soul’s steps while going.
This redefinition requires a switch from left to right brain, and that connects with the natal balsamic phase between Mercury (Pluto’s ruler and chart’s final dispositor) and Jupiter (PPP, 12th house and Ascendant ruler).
Indeed, in the process here observed, Mercury and Jupiter are almost the main receptors of the transiting purposes.
Pluto continues to be trine natal SN, now also square Midheaven, reflecting a social projection of the unconventional aspects of the SN.
SN in 9th house in Libra: The soul is reexperiencing themes related to its belief system and relationships, may be extreme belief systems related to the dual arc of incarnations, and affirming, continuing, the process in focus in 1928, that is reviewing the belief system in order to reconnect with values of humanitarian ideals, values of love to out casted, service and care for the other. (SN in 13º Libra is conjunct O.L. and SN of Venus, trine SN Neptune in Aquarius in 2nd house, and NN Uranus in 6th house.) Progressed Moon is in 14 Aquarius focusing all these points in the process of evolution of the egocentric structure.
SN is DP inconjunct Vesta, and Progressed Moon squares it in a FQP phase, thus focusing in that sense the need of a subjective and horizontal experience of spirituality (referred to in 1922) in which the new form of operation will demand social humility.
Furthermore, SN is NP conjunction to Jupiter, suggesting that this reexperiencing is beginning a new belief’s cycle that is going to produce some crisis in the ego regarding these beliefs in relation to what is required of the individual by others, and will also induce social humility .(SN sextile Venus and  SN FP inconjunct Moon in Taurus.
The actual issues underneath this  are related to the need of overcoming the need of security  provided by authority people, connecting with the heart and service and atoning for natural guilt (Venus in Leo in 8th house square Saturn).

Transiting NN in 3rd House in Aries opposite Jupiter, wide trine to Venus and Gibbous inconjunct Mars also shows the intention of initiating a new way of expressing her ideas in the environment, going through some crisis in the actualization of her beliefs and will intended to produce humility, in line with what was said regarding Pluto conjunct Neptune. Transiting MARS in 8th house, square the Nodes; the CP square NN creates a inner compression that deepens the understanding of causes and leads to a change in action according to the crisis in consciousness regarding its adherence to social or institutional values reflected in the taurean arc (Mars DP square SN). This crisis, together with the social humility induced by the FP inconjunction to Uranus is related to the need to move away from the values represented by that “Taurus security arc” and embrace the timeless (Mars balsamic to its natal placement).

FINAL VOW 24 May 1937
Pluto exactly conjunct Saturn NN in Cancer  and semisextil its natal position points to the formation of a conscious egocentric identification with the new evolutionary cycle, in which there cannot be more random actions because the Soul begins to sense new directions that will allow discovery of what that cycle is about.
Pluto is Gibbous inconjunct Chiron conjunct Pallas (squared by the transiting Nodes in 1928, suggesting that humility is the way the Soul is approaching its wisdom of compassion and power of love; and trying to resolve its skipped steps and wounds relative to union with the Source (dual arch) and doubts, as well as guilt (natal Saturn sextile Pallas and Chiron).  
Pluto continues to be trine SN, but now Mars is conjunct natal SN, and opposition NN, triggering the SN’s arc.
The way Mars is doing it is seen in its Gibbous inconjunct Pluto, forming a Yod with Jupiter (NN ruler), again promoting a knowing not consciously defined, regarding the evolutionary purpose and putting in motion a deep level of intuition oriented to furthering evolution by shifting the center of gravity in consciousness to left brain. (Natal PPP conjunct Ascendant and SN of Jupiter is the boomerang point of that Yod, activated by transiting Pluto at 26º Cancer, Pluto in Gemini). Together with it, this pattern demanded humility from an egocentric point of view and realizing that action is the way of threading the path of Return, one step at a time.
Natal Jupiter, the actual issue, receives a trine from SN in 6th house in Gemini, with ruler Mercury in 5th in Taurus inconjunct. The shift in consciousness to which Mars and the SN points demands a revision of the Soul’s Gemini way to understanding service, in an empirical and manmade conception.

SN in 6th house and NN in 12th house, are in opposite, inverted position in relation to final resolution in 1928.
In 1928 SN in 12th house revision of the way to becoming a Nun was oriented in a direction of service by the NN. Now, the SN is promoting a revision of the Soul’s way to understanding service, in that Gemini way, while the NN in 12th points to the shift to a intuitive connection with the Godhead within and with the Whole, that demands creative actualization of it (SN trine Jupiter) by creation of a personal reality that expresses the evolutionary purpose.

Pluto in Leo period:
The “Call within the call”:  September 1946
Actualization of the call: august 1948
THE "CALL WITHIN THE CALL": 10 September 1946
Pluto entered 8th house (in Aug 1938) in Leo (in September 1939).
The Soul is in process of becoming aware and actualizing one of the deepest evolutionary transitions in which repressed past issues will surface and must be confronted in order to be purged. It is a time of deep examination and testing the current purpose before its actualization.
It is the Soul confronting the Soul, seeking to become aware of the causes of karma and atoning for the guilt as a way of resolving skipped steps, wounds and darkness (Saturn transits 8th house BP conjunct transiting Pluto, inconjunct Pallas and Chiron, septile NN), this way transmuting karma to dharma, one of Vesta attributions.
Indeed, Pluto is square Vesta ( sextile in 1922, focused by SN inconjunction and Progressed Moon square in 1931).Natal Vesta conjunct Saturn suggests guilt related to prior forms of religiosity. The FQP square made by transiting Pluto points to a new form of operation relative to the way of living spirituality, and its relationship to power figures, be they external o internal (like Jesus), in order to actualize  the evolutionary purpose by firmly establishing it within before actualizing it in the world.
With Pluto semisquare Pluto, the Soul is internalizing the evolutionary purpose and attempting to pull away from old past conditionings that may hold it to old forms of living relationships, and to mental forms. The soul is attempting, and actualizing, a new way of relating to itself and consequently to others (Pluto NP conjunct Venus); learning to become self reliant by leaving behind past tendencies of projecting its needs onto others and seeking support in power figures or traditional institutions.
With Transiting PPP conjunct SN of Neptune in Aquarius, intensely focused by the time of the First Vow, this process points to actualizing values of humanitarian ideals, values of love to out casted, service and care for the other, in the creative actualization of loving service in a humble and horizontal way, thus atoning for past guilt (transiting PPP and Neptune SN square natal Saturn).

SN in 12th house (since march 1946) in Sag, in the same house position it was at the time she took the final resolution to become a nun, in 1928, shows that this metamorphosis is actualized by deepening the reexperiencing done at that time, as well as deepening and actualizing the orientation to service facilitated by the transiting NN.
In addition, it is opposite to Final Vow’s position, almost in the same point (15 and 16º degrees Sag).  
The SN Gibbous inconjunct Moon conjunct NN reflects a crisis regarding this past incarnation’s arc in line with the metamorphosis promoted by the current transiting Pluto.
Transiting NN is conjunct Uranus in 6th house conjunct Uranus NN and FQP trine Jupiter (ruler transiting SN): The liberation from mental and manmade conditioning regarding service is the way of creating a new personal reality that  reflects the new evolutionary purpose and allows to its actualization, and may be seen as the outcome of the revision done by the transiting SN in 1937, at the time of the Final Vow.

In addition, Mars (actually Mars conjunct Chiron conjunct Jupiter) is in 10th house in Libra CP square (almost exact) Neptune and DP square Uranus activating the Grand Cross and the Mystical Rectangle. It looks like Mars is now triggering what Pluto has been activating in 1928, 1931 and 1937.
Mars in Gibbous inconjunct NN conjunct Moon, together with Mars FQP sesquiquadrate Pallas conjunct Chiron reflects that in order to acting out the Soul’s desires the egocentric structure must experience some form of humiliation, in that case experiencing darkness without the possibility of holding to the security structures of “the well” and align itself with the needs of the overall social environment.
However, the transiting NN sextile NN conjunct Moon as well as Sun’s trine to them allowed her to experience the deep crisis and metamorphosis of the past security patterns within the church’s structure.

“Nearly two years of testing and discernment passed before Mother Teresa received permission to begin. On 17 August 1948, she dressed for the first time in a white, blue-bordered sari and passed through the gates of her beloved Loreto convent to enter the world of the poor.”
This event has as leading edge Pluto in Leo in 8th house conjunct Venus (ruler of Moon and NN) and CP square Moon, symbol of her transformed self-image and abode.
This CP square (in orb since august 1947) reflects the inner compression that is the culmination of the Crescent Phase initiated in 1915 (year of her 1st Communion) that allows an inner awareness of the refinement attained by the new individual structure during this phase. However, there is fear of failure and of sliding back into old patterns (“the years of testing and discernment”), and an inner pull/push in an effort to test and establish the new structures required, externally actualizing and integrating them in the Soul’s reality.  
Neptune’s SN in Aquarius in 2nd house (focused and activated by the time of the First Vow and the Call within the Call) continues to be in the transiting PPP, thus the orientation of the evolutionary intention of this moment.
Uranus, the PPP ruler is transiting in an exact conjunction to natal Pluto, SN ruler, thus promoting deconditioning from old security patterns.
The NN in 4th house also emphasizes the evolutionary focus on removing security patterns in self image, home, protection and nurturing.
SN is in Scorpio (like natal) but in 10th house, FP opposition to Saturn and LQP square Venus reflects that the social meaning she gave to the original Soul’s intention, sharing and lovely including others, giving priority to the Soul’s unitive desires, produced a repolarization in consciousness in which the tension between past and future resulted in the beginning of building new foundations of awareness and knowledge embracing the timeless. Venus - Jupiter and NN’s ruler -  became an important receptor point: Pluto’s conjunction, Node’s squares,  focal point in the T-square with transiting SN;  and its metamorphosis was meaningful in order to complete the balsamic phase between Mercury and Jupiter (rulers of Pluto and its PP), two natal points repeatedly focused by the transits.
NN FQP trine Mars facilitated the creation of a new reality that reflected the evolutionary purpose and its actualization.

Thanks for reading
God Bless

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Hi Rad and all,
I will not be posting on the transits, I think its a bit too much for me to process. I will follow along, learn and be inspired though.
Thanks so much, and Bless you all.
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1919 (age 9) – Death of father (exact date unknown).  Gonxha’s father Nikola Bojaxhiu dies suddenly of suspicious causes which may have been due to poisoning because of his political involvement, throwing the family into financial crisis.  Teresa’s life changes overnight as her mother assumes total responsibility for the family.

On 15 August 1919 the transiting Lunar Nodes move into Scorpio/Taurus.   Gonxha (Teresa) experiences her first Lunar Nodal square [correction:  opposition], a profound evolutionary transition involving a process whereby her human identity faced developmental stress as a way to exhaust certain desires.  These desires are symbolized by the paradoxical transiting SN conjunct the NN and the transiting NN conjunct the SN.  Since she is in the 1st stage Spiritual, her egocentric structures linked with Neptune brought surrender to the pure white light of consciousness shining through when faced with the sudden death of her father.  This Soul evolutionary desire had recently been initiated by transiting Mars in new phase conjunction to natal Pluto and natal Neptune.  There is a very strong emphasis in the 8th house with the transits of 5+ planets, and Uranus-Lucifer-Pallas transiting the 2nd.  Correlating to the transits of the Leo 8th house, ruled by the Sun (father) and linked to the Scorpio SN, was the experience of enforced removal of her father through death reflecting an inner evolutionary need.

The transiting SN ruler was natal Venus conjuncted by transiting Neptune reflecting her needs within relationships.  Since natal Venus resides in the 8th house she would witness death and dying as regular occurrences throughout her life.  The transiting NN ruler was Pluto itself, bringing experiences of emotional loss and abandonment.  This cataclysmic event in the physical plane correlated with Saturn transiting the 8th house conjuncting her natal Sun and forming a t-square to the natal Lunar Nodes.  Transiting Uranus through the 2nd house conjunct natal Chiron also t-squared the natal Lunar Nodes throwing the family into financial crisis forcing survival and self-reliance (NN Taurus) and the release of past-life trauma associated with sudden loss in a group situation which included her siblings (SN Scorpio ruled by natal Pluto 7th, Neptune rules 3rd house).  

Emotional dependencies upon others were accentuated, alternating with times of inner emotional strength (Moon in Taurus) that helped to support family members.  It is possible that her father had been the main nurturer as represented by Saturn in the 4th, and this also meant the absence of the father.  With T-Pluto moving through Cancer in the 7th house the emotional shock caused by the cataclysmic change produced an evolutionary leap, that is, her emotional structures and self-image would change, and this process would continue throughout her life (Moon conj NN).  

From this point on, I focus on events in Mother Teresa’s life with exact dates supplied in the timeline.

6 January 1929 (age 19) – Gonxha (Teresa) is sent to India to begin her novitiate in Darjeeling, Calcutta, becoming a teacher at St. Mary's High School

At age 19 a Lunar Nodal Return would initiate new actions and desires in a new cycle in evolutionary growth operating on an instinctive basis.  Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius was beginning to cross the Ascendant indicating an identity crisis as a way of restructuring her world starting from within herself.  Deep urges for freedom, independence and to break free from the past correlated to a desire for travel so as to fulfil her commitment to become a teacher/missionary.  After leaving home a year earlier, she never saw her mother or siblings again.  Transiting Saturn was opposite Pluto and conjunct the PPP-Asc symbolizing a “throwing off” of familial structures relative to the past and the development of responsibility and self-authority to create a new career.  

Transiting Mars, exactly conjunct the DC, ruler Mercury Virgo 9th conjunct T-Magdalena, was completing a cycle in relation to natal Pluto, and would soon put into motion the new direction that would allow the on-going evolutionary changes to take place in the social sphere. Transiting Pluto was conjunct natal Neptune, and transiting Neptune was conjunct natal Sun reflecting a desire to dissolve all barriers preventing the alignment with Source energy.  Neptune having recently moved into the sign Virgo, and trining transiting Saturn-Asc-PPP in Sagittarius, motivated her to seriously develop a consistent set of inner spiritual values by the final resolution to commit herself to a religious life. “I was praying with a lighted candle in my hands and singing in my heart, full of joy inside, when I took the decision to wholly devote myself to God through religious life.”

10 September 1946 (age 36) – Inspiration Day, “the call within the call.”   While riding on a train, Sister Teresa receives her call to help serve the poorest of the poor.  “I heard the call to give up everything and follow Christ into the slums, to serve Him among the poorest of the poor.  I knew it was His will and I had to follow Him.”

This day correlated with Uranus conjunct her DC-Pluto as it was completing an entire cycle of evolution, a transition from egocentric consciousness to universal consciousness.  In this phase she was able to consciously experience the Universal, together with very specific instructions (transiting Uranus-NN in Gemini ruled by natal Mercury Virgo 9th) as to the work she would do in the slums.  This future-oriented vision/voice would lead to a new journey, new thoughts and new dynamics within the social sphere, and her relationship to Christ via the timely message/information brought to her would allow her to evolve into new ways of being in a relationship.  

T-Uranus was forming a last qtr square to natal Mercury 9th, Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury.  T-Uranus formed an inconjunct to natal Uranus 1st bringing a faithful and humble willingness to heed the call.  T-Saturn was 1st qtr square natal Saturn, ending a cycle in relation to natal Venus (Saturn is ruled by Venus), enabling her to bring the vision to reality by giving up past conditionings and conventional work to enter the slums.  This transit reflects the new types of relationships to the poor, sick and dying that she would form, and the heavy responsibilities in caring and healing (Venus ruled by Sun Virgo 9th).  

Transiting Pluto was new phase conjunct her Venus, bringing to the light of day and metamorphosing deep subconscious patterns that had been controlling her behaviour, infusing her with energy and willpower to heed the call to carry out the new work in the darkest of places as she merged with a powerful new creative purpose.  T-Saturn-Pluto-Lucifer 8th, all ruled by Sun Virgo 9th, in balsamic relationship to natal Sun, manifested an attunement with the Divine Will, a new direction that was unambiguous and precise.  Mars was conjunct the MC, joined by Chiron-Jupiter-Juno-Venus transiting the 10th house, and transiting Neptune approaching the MC, putting into motion the new impulses of the new social vision and function.  

12th April 1948 (age 38) – Receives permission from Pope Pius XII to leave the Loretto Order to live alone and work with the poor in Calcutta.  Her first act is to open a school in the slums of Motijhil. She becomes a citizen of India in December.

In the previous year, 1947, Teresa experiences her second Lunar Nodal Return, a new cycle of becoming relative to the evolutionary intentions, with new patterns of behaviour emerging, and liberating from old patterns from the past.  1948 was the year when the darkness took hold, and it lasted all the way through to her death in 1997 with brief periods of relief.  The ruler of the transiting NN, Venus, was receiving new phase conjunctions from transiting Mars-Saturn-Pluto, and these were squaring natal Moon-NN-Vesta.  This had been a very difficult time because these transits through the 8th house reflected a fundamental evolutionary necessity to reformulate inner and outer dynamics that were limiting growth.  A sense of limitation and fundamental insecurity occurred during this time period because she needed to redefine the “bottom lines” of these dynamics.  

Lucifer, ruled by Jupiter Libra, transiting the 12th house, and correlating with extremes of psychic and spiritual trauma was in opposition to transiting Venus in the 6th house, bringing to light the psychological/emotional disillusionment and crises from past life relationships.  Transiting Chiron was conjunct her SN manifesting the deep psychological core wound from past lives.  This could have lead to a pattern of denial of the wound of limitation and powerlessness by projecting the need for her own healing onto the wounds of others, the poor, sick and dying.  Jupiter crossing the Ascendant symbolized a new search for meaning, value, relationship to “faith,” and changing her citizenship to India.  Transiting Neptune conjunct Natural Lilith 9th, and approaching conjunction with natal Jupiter, correlated to the natural humanitarian role guided by natural laws and principles she was created by God to fulfill.

7 October 1950 (age 40) – The new congregation of the Missionaries of Charity is approved.

Transiting the 12th house, Mars formed a square to natal Mars bringing the establishment of a new form of the evolutionary impulse.  Sliding back into past patterns of behaviour would result in a disillusioning process.  The reality of her dreams and wishes to-date were purged and dissolved as she put into motion the new structures based on trust and faith in larger forces that would guide her.  This is emphasized by transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Chiron and transiting Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter.  Transiting Lucifer-Uranus conjunct natal Magdalena, square the MC, and in new phase conjunction to natal Pluto another juncture of liberation from past conditioning since transiting Uranus had recently begun a new cycle in relation to natal Pluto.  Transiting Saturn-Mercury-Venus-Sun-Neptune, all transiting the 9th house of belief systems, correlated to a time period of implementing future-oriented intuitive promptings. Transiting Saturn through the 9th house trine natal Uranus in Capricorn correlated to a leadership position in the new congregation, and running it according to her high standards.  Transiting Pluto t-squaring the natal Lunar Nodes reflected a need to redefine the fixed and resistive karmic patterns symbolized by this aspect that were limiting further growth.  The resolution through the NN Taurus was to take charge of her reality, establish, stabilize and ground the new creative impulses to physical reality.  This was a giant evolutionary leap since Pluto was transiting the 8th house, a very intense transit, and beginning a new cycle in relation to natal Venus, the ruler of her NN.

1951:  Neptune square  Correlates to what the underlying sense of meaning is for the current life. Thus, what has been meaningful looses its meaning, and the Soul desires new directions in order for a new sense of meaning to occur. A sense of disillusionment with certain parts of life can precede this 'crisis of action' as the Soul initiates new directions in order to discover new forms that generate meaning for its life. (Rad)

1953:  Uranus opposition  This is the transit that most identify as the 'mid life crisis.' This transit correlates with the Soul's need to 'throw off' any part of its reality that is no longer serving the Soul's ongoing need to evolve. In the gibbous phase it creates the awareness of parts of life that seem empty and outmoded. As it moves toward the full phase this correlates with the Soul sending 'messages' to the conscious ego that correlate with all kinds of future possibilities for the Soul. The challenge for the Soul as this occurs is to inwardly monitor the messages that become repetitious versus those that only appear once or twice. It is the messages that become repetitious, over and over, that will reflect the next three to five years of the Soul's life. The challenge of course is to take action upon those messages no matter how 'radical' some may seem from the point of view of the Soul's existing reality. (Rad)

1962:  Pluto enters 9th house Virgo

1965:  Uranus last qtr square Uranus

1970:  Pluto square  The Soul needing to create new directions for itself relative to what has already been established as its reality. This can then create a 'crisis in action' for the Soul. (Rad)

10 December 1979 (age 69) – Awarded Nobel Peace Prize for work with destitute and dying

This honour is awarded as transiting Pluto conjuncts the MC, while all planets (except Venus) transit the upper part of the chart, the external world.  Transiting Saturn conjuncts Mercury, the ruler of the transiting NN, and squares natal Pluto, the acknowledgment of her work.  She makes her acceptance lecture: “Christ in our hearts, Christ in the poor we meet, Christ in the smile we give and in the smile that we receive.”  Yet three months earlier she confided to a spiritual confidante of the experience of the absence of Christ, “……as for me, the silence and the emptiness is so great, that I look and do not see, listen and do not hear, the tongue moves but does not speak……”  This self-contradiction correlates with transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury (achievement), transiting Uranus and Mercury conjunct natal SN (betrayal), transiting Venus opposite natal Neptune (deception), transiting Sun-Neptune through the 12th house (dissolution), and natal Mercury square natal Pluto (duplicity).

1987:  Pluto enters 11th house Scorpio

1995:  Pluto enters 12th house Sagittarius

5 September 1997 (Age 87) – Mother Teresa dies of cardiac arrest in Calcutta, India

In the death chart, the natal Lunar Nodes were exactly conjunct the AC/DC.  Natal Venus was conjunct the IC.  Pluto had recently entered her 12th house Sagittarius.  The sudden heart attack correlated to transiting Sun conjunct natal Mars and squaring the planetary nodes of Uranus.  Transiting Pluto exactly squared natal Sun, and Saturn was opposite the Moon, bringing her evolutionary soul purposes in this lifetime to a close.  

~      ~      ~

Thank you Rad for your feedback and guidance.
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Hi Mirta,

Thank you for taking the time and effort you have to understand the various transits you have correctly understood to Mother Teressa's natal chart that all correlate with her evolutionary development in her long life. Your continuing development in EA is a real joy for me to behold Mirta, and that development is occurring because of the time you are putting into it. And that time is reflected in the work you have now done with the transits to her chart, and that work demonstrates how EA is meant to be understood and applied. It is exceptional EA work.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Linda,

Thanks you for taking the time, and making the effort, that you have done with all the various transits to her natal chart. You have come so very far now Linda because of your own desires manifesting as determination to understand the depth and totality of EA. The work you have done here is not only correct but it is exceptional. This is how EA is meant to be understood and applied.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad

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Mother Theresa's Life Transits

"A child is born and on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His Horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future result."

Swami Sri Yukteswar

As we have journeyed through Mother Theresa's story together about key themes that have set up this life and also the intentions set forth by God and her Soul, her chart reflects not only the imperative need to answer the call, but also to carry it through to the bitter end, to test her faith and spiritual center beyond what was felt to be humanly possible -North Node in Taurus, ruler Venus in Leo in the 8th squaring Saturn in the 4th. Beyond helping the thousands upon thousands of poor and the suffering, she survived the inner abyss that plagued her for most of her life, something she has not been able to carry out until this life. Mission Accomplished!

The Mystic Rectangle in her natal chart immediately reflects the presence of higher support even when she felt she had none. It is as if there were invisible Souls on stand by to help push her forward in order to guarantee a break through. The Mystic Rectangle represents a healing and higher help, a rising above the gravity of the past. Key events would be directly activating this configuration especially as it includes her nodal axis, as well as Neptune, the planet of the eternal or God and Uranus in Capricorn, the planet of liberation and breaking through her own form of patriarchal rigidity and conditioning. Pluto is the ruler of her South Node which means that Pluto is also active in this alignment.

As we have discussed her Soul is committing for the long haul to the solo and monastic life, North Node in Taurus conjunct the Moon and Amazon, which also means the Moon and Amazon are energized in this sacred configuration. It did require her to be a warrior for the poor and an imaginable warrior of faith, to be stubborn and steadfast in her pursuit for the ultimate prize, which in her transition reflected the proof she always prayed for, wanted and needed, Pluto in Gemini inconjunct the South Node in Scorpio. Also Venus in Leo in the 8th, the ruler of her North Node in Taurus.

At the age of twelve, 1922, she felt strongly the call of God. She knew she had to be a missionary to spread the love of Christ. This is represented in her first Jupiter return in Libra in her 9th house. Jupiter is the ruler of not only her ascendant but her 12th house cusp. The transiting North Node was conjunct transiting Saturn also in her 9th in Libra and they were both conjunct her Mercury in Virgo.Transiting Pluto was in Cancer in her 7th forming a progressive square to her natal Jupiter. On the very day of her Jupiter return, the transiting Moon was in Scorpio exactly conjunct her South Node. The transiting Sun was exactly conjunct her Venus in Leo, the ruler of her North Node. She new in her heart and in her Soul exactly what she needed to do.

1928 - Becomes Roman Catholic Loretto nun and begins noviate training in Loretto Abbey, Dublin, Ireland, takes name Sister Teresa

For most Souls around the age of 18 they are experiencing a nodal return. Mother Theresa was closer to 19 when this occurred, however there are clear significant signatures reflecting this unquestionable commitment. Pluto, the ruler of her South Node is conjunct Neptune, God, and squaring Jupiter and progressively opposes her natal Uranus in Capricorn. Uranus in Aries is trine her Venus in Leo in the 8th, ruler of her North Node, Moon and Amazon. Transiting South Node in Sag was in her 12th, ruler tr Jupiter in her 4th in Taurus, representing a woman going international to teach and travel and commit to a monastic life. Jupiter also trines her Sun in Virgo in the 9th. Transiting Mars was in Gemini conjunct the Transiting North Node in the 6th house which represents the house of service and right work, or karma yoga. Mars is the ruler of her 4th house cusp, her house of home, and squares her Sun and Juno in the 8th and also Chiron in her 2nd reflecting her moving away to actualize her creative life purpose. This is a natural role for her in many lifetimes times past as is noted in the transiting South Node in Sag being in the 12th house. This may also equal a final chapter as it relates to these habitual religious ways where she can finally relinquish the dogmas and strict measures of right and wrong and reconnect to her natural spiritual root.

Transiting Saturn is in Sagittarius, and is retrograde in Mother Theresa's 12th house which represents her initiating a spiritual chapter to help recover her natural spiritual base, the base that was laid long before the patriarchy interfaced with this truth. Saturn is also the ruler of her Uranus in Capricorn , which is part of the Mystic Rectangle, Uranus Opposes Neptune in Cancer, which shows how her religious delusions created personal and tribal trauma. From what I have read and viewed in video, it appears that Mother Theresa was very bound by the patriarchal stories of Jesus. Yet I know if she knew him, I feel in my bones that she did, that she would have been exposed to his natural teachings, an example of this is he when taught others that they did not need a priest or a guru in order to experience God that they could know their own inner divinity for themselves and find God within through eastern meditation practices, reflected in Jesus' words, "When thine eye becomes single, the body becomes full of light.”

Transiting Saturn retrograde is also squaring her Mars in Virgo in the 9th and is inconjunct tr Pluto. Which is the initiation and her step forward into the spiritual grind, purging her own religious impurities, albeit perhaps not conscious. With Sagittarius on the 12th house cusp this does reflect not only religion driven by faith but also a natural knowledge underneath of the natural God, Jupiter the ruler is conjunct her Original Lilith in her 9th house of KNOWING.

The exact nodal return occurs mid March in 1929 perhaps near the time when she arrives in Calcutta, India and becomes a teacher at St. Mary's High School. This feels quite significant for a nodal return because for Mother Theresa returning to India meant coming home, to a place she called home in other lives. Pluto in Gemini inconjunct the South Node in Scorpio represents past lives in India where a great deal of Soul imprinting occurred and where unresolved trauma exists. There may very well have been a life or two where her rigid ways led to catastrophic suffering for many and it was her Soul's desire and need to return to repent and recover her lost ways. Mother Theresa's Neptune opposes her Uranus in Capricorn, which in part reflects her illusion about their being one way, or her way as the only way back. It feels as if there were also lives in India in more natural spiritual times for her, perhaps in the time of Christ she may have also lived in India and came to know him in one of the ashrams. I am not sure about this but I have always had this sense that she may have met Jesus in India in what was called Jesus' 'lost Years' and she was part of the tribe that traveled back to Israel with him. With that said, those deep inner teachings were still IN her and her Soul may have felt that being in India would have given her the additional strength, serving as some sort of anchor in her remembering and in her recovery. Perhaps also being there may have on a subconscious level helped her feel closer to Jesus because of their time spent there together, he does have a 3rd house stellium and they share the same South Node as ell as Mars.

May 24, 1937 - Takes final vows as a nun

Approximately nine years later, when the nodes are opposite to where they had been, transiting North Node is now in Sagittarius in her 12th house, making this vow official for her future. Transiting Jupiter, the ruler of the transiting North Node in Sag is in Capricorn and is conjunct the South Node of Saturn in Mother Theresa’s 1st house. Transiting Mercury, ruler of the transiting North Node is conjunct her Moon and her natal North Node in Taurus while trining her natal Mars in Virgo in the 9th. I would also note that transiting Neptune is in Virgo conjunct her Mars and is squaring the transiting nodal axis which reflects in many ways what the road ahead would be about for her which involves a massive role in tending to the sick and the hungry but also the unrelenting crazy doubt that is ahead which would prove to plague her Soul.

September 10, 1946

While traveling by train to the Loreto Convent from Calcutta for her annual retreat she receives the call within the call.

"The call within the call I have read was her experience of Jesus literally materializing in the seat next to her telling her what her new life would be, to leave the convent to help the poor, the core masses and to live among them. Traveling by train and the call within the call is seen natally with Pluto in Gemini, in the 7th making an inconjnuct to her South Node in Scorpio. Also Pluto in Gemini the 7th, squaring its ruler Mercury in Virgo in the 9th. Also Venus, the ruler of her North Node and Moon in Taurus is in Leo in the 8th and is squaring Saturn rx in the 4th.

The call, as she put it, "It was an order. To fail would have been to break the faith."

In transit, the Nodes returned from where they had been when she became a nun 18 years earlier, transiting South Node in Sagittarius again in the 12th house. This symbol in and of itself represents the teacher from on high sharing his vision for her, the future that lies on the horizon. Transiting Mercury was exactly conjunct her Mars in Virgo in the 9th, the message of how she would take her life forward, to help the poor\ and sick without a penny in her pocket and only the clothes on her back "to be truly and totally among them". The ruler of her transiting South Node in Sag, Jupiter was in her 10th house with transiting Mars in Libra just crossing her MC closing in on a balamic conjunction to Jupiter and the two trining transiting North Node and Uranus in her 6th house in Gemini, symbolizing the total life change ahead as a result of the call within the call,. Jupiter was also EXACTLY conjunct her Resolution Lilith in Libra in the 10th house which means following this truth and this message would lead her back or closer to her original nature.

Transiting Saturn was conjunct her Venus, the ruler of her North Node, reflecting her commitment and the seriousness at which she took the message. Saturn also rules her Uranus in Cap which is part of her Mystic Rectangle, the intention being to help her stay true to course and keep her Soul on track. This also represents the tests required for the crazy choices she had made in the past that reflected the welfare of others seen with Uranus opposing Neptune in the 7th. Her thinking even perhaps as it was all happening and all coming down that it was the right thing to do by God and that God and Jesus would be pleased, as in you need to suffer like Jesus in order to be close to Jesus.

For the next 50 years she in fact did answer the call and she was in store for a very long and arduous road ahead. It is hard enough to not have the feeling of an inner presence when you are doing spiritual work but when your entire days are devoted to people who are suffering on every level, it would be impossible for her not to osmose the pain and heartache of the people she touched, served and helped. She does have a South Node in the 11th along with it making an inconjnuct to Pluto. Also Uranus opposing her Neptune could connect to an ability to detach in order to do the job at hand, but there is only so much any Soul in the human form can really do to protect oneself from the oppression. It was well known that Mother Theresa had an ongoing heart condition. Every Soul holds their emotional pain somewhere in the body on a physical level and her pain was stored in her heart representing not only her own broken heart from the un intentional suffering she may have caused others because of her lack of being ‘awake’ in other times. This due to being swept away by illusions and delusion of right and wrong, convincing herself these things were true and necessary seen with Uranus in Cap opposing her Neptune. But also I feel she carried and felt on some level the broken hearts of the masses. Beyond that and perhaps the greatest reason for her heart condition was the apparent absence of her eternal lover, Jesus. With North Node in Taurus conjunct Moon, ruler Venus in Leo in the 8th square Saturn in the 4th in Taurus, the inner loneliness and heart ached ultimately and literally killed her.

The below events reflect a range of diversity of the types of projects that she spear-headed to help the suffering. This is reflected in her natal Pluto in Gemini in the 7th inconjunct her South Node in Scorpio in the 11th.  Transiting Pluto was in Mother Theresa''s 8th house and squaring her Moon and the Nodes for years during this time. In 1950, when she found the Missionaries of Charity transiting North Node was trining her Venus in Leo in the 8th house, ruler of her North Node. In 1952 she opens Nirmal Hriday ("Pure Heart"), home for the dying the transiting Nodes were squaring her natal Nodes in the 2nd and 8th house. Transiting Pluto was conjunct the transiting South Node in her 8th house. In 1953 she opened an orphanage. Transiting South Node in Leo comes across her Venus in the 8th, ruler of her North Node and Moon in Taurus. In 1957 She begins her work with lepers for which her order becomes well known around the world. The population of people that no one wanted to help nor did they want to touch, let alone come near. Nothing was too tall of an order for her to tackle or to take on. Transiting Uranus was squaring her 4th house Saturn, ruler of her own Uranus, the symbol for the social outcasts and the unwanted. Transiting Uranus was conjunct her Venus, ruler of her North Node, the transiting North Node was conjunct her South Node and the transiting South Node was conjunct her North Node.

On December 11  1979  she gives her speech for the Awarded Nobel Peace Prize for work with destitute and dying. These transits are astounding! Transiting North Node, Mars and Jupiter are all conjunct her Sun, in her 8th house. Her Sun is the ruler of her Venus in Leo in the 8th, that also rules her North Node, Moon and Amazon in Taurus. Transiting Saturn is conjunct her Mercury in Virgo in the 9th, ideal for giving a speech of this magnitude, being recognized for the international Soul stripes she had earned on behalf of the sick and downtrodden. This stellar line-up also trines her natal Saturn in the 4th in Taurus - the devoted woman/SOUL who is officially, Saturn, being recognized for her unparalleled service to the suffering of the world.

As I mentioned above, Mother Theresa’s emotional pain was stored in her heart and is reflected in these key events below.The 5th house, Leo and the Sun represent the heart. Mother Theresa's 5th house cusp is Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Her Venus is in Leo in the 8th house and it squares her natal Saturn.

1983 - Has heart attack while visiting Pope John Paul II
- Pluto squaring her Venus in Leo, ruler of her North Node and Moon, as well as the 5th house cusp and opposing her natal Saturn in the 4th. I mentioned a photo I had seen in an earlier post hen she was reaching out for him in desperation and received very little response or empathy from the Pope thus magnifying her inner feeling of loneliness and emptiness.

1989 - Suffers second heart attack, fitted with pacemaker.  Pluto opposing her Moon in Taurus in the 5th and approaching a conjunction to her South Node and an opposition to her North Node in the 5th house. Transiting Nodes are squaring her natal nodes in the 11th and 5th house.

1992 - Enters the hospital in La Jolla, California for treatment of pneumonia and
congestive heart failure
. Pluto is conjunct her South Node and opposing her North Node. Transiting Saturn is opposing her Venus in Leo, ruler of her North Node in the 5th.

1996  Failure of left ventricle  in August. Transiting Pluto is squaring her 8th house Sun, the Sun being the natural ruler for Leo and the ruler on her 8th house cusp. Transiting Sun was squaring her Nodes.


September 5, 1997
- Mother Theresa dies of a broken heart, a massive heart attack takes her in Calcutta at the age of 87.

Pluto in Sagittarius was squaring her 8th house Sun, the Sun also being the ruler of her 8th house. Saturn was in Aries, conjunct her IC, ruler Mars was in Scorpio in her 11th house conjunct her South Node and opposing her North Node, Moon and Amazon.


There are notably beautiful aspects for her transition which reflects her re-uniting with her spiritual husband, Jesus. The Moon was conjunct Venus in Libra and South Node of Venus in her 10th house, they were also conjunct not only transiting Original Lilith but her own Resolution Lilith, reflecting a key relationship coming full circle. This also reflects an emotional force of love rushing in, a love that she had been denied for most of her life.The Sun, ruler of her 8th house, was exactly conjunct her Mars, the ruler of her 4th house, as if a LIGHT was coming on in her SOUL. I remember reading too when a disciple of Yogananda's named Kamala passed and upon her exit she uttered the words TOO MUCH JOY! I presume especially after the darkness that Mother Theresa endured, that her experience was much the same. Transiting Neptune was trining her Mercury, the ruler of her Sun, Mars and natal Mercury in Virgo symbolizing all of her doubt being washed in a sea of healing. Transiting Mercury is retrograde and conjunct her Sun in Virgo helping shift and bring light to the shadow of her Soul's inner messaging. Also Mars was in Scorpio sextling her natal Mars and transiting Sun and also trining the transiting South Node in Pisces and sextiling the transiting North Node in Virgo. The transiting Mars was in Scorpio representing the PROOF of her God that she needed to feel, to  see and to know again. The key on this day however was the transiting South Node in Pisces in her 3rd house trining her own South Node in Scorpio, which is part of the Mystic Rectangle. This is serving to heal the inner tapes that would play and to further heal some of her own unresolved trauma. Transiting North Node is trining her natal North Node in Taurus, the ruler Venus in Leo in her 8th house is receiving a trine as well by transiting Pluto. Transiting North Node of Venus is also conjunct her natal Venus.This in combination is a healing of her broken heart in the deepest sense of the word. It feels as if a key that fits a lock that has not been opened for lifetimes. Lastly Pluto had just entered her 12th house in Sagittarius, ruler transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the 2nd trining EXACTLY her natal Jupiter in the 9th and her Original Lilith as well as her South Node of Venus -  a love greeting her from another time, a more natural time, the one she calls her eternal lover. On the day of her passing,in the Composite chart of Mother Theresa and Jesus, transiting Pluto was in Sagittarius in their 12th, and was trining their composite Pluto in Leo in the 8th. Because they share the same nodal axis, the composite nodes are trining the natal nodes. I visualized her walking toward the light and into the open arms of Jesus seen with the transiting South Node in Pisces conjunct Jesus' Venus in her 3rd trining her South Node in Scorpio. Venus is the ruler of Mother Theresa's North Node and Moon in her 5th this symbolizing the heavenly gates swinging open with ease.


Thanks all for your awesome efforts and wisdom, I am amazed by you..and thank you immensely Rad for your continued guidance!


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« Reply #189 on: Dec 12, 2011, 09:28 AM »

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for taking the time, and  making the effort, that you have in correctly understanding the EA transits to Mother Teressa's natal chart. They perfectly reflect the ongoing evolutionary progression of her Soul, and why. One of your statements I wish to address: "I am not sure about this but I have always had this sense that she may have met Jesus in India in what was called Jesus' 'lost Years' and she was part of the tribe that traveled back to Israel with him." What is true here is that her Soul was indeed in India at that time, and part of a monastery that had received him in order to help him awaken to the destiny of his life. The impact of his Soul upon her at that time was total. This was the seed life that then set in motion for her her desire to help him in any way that she could. On the other hand, it is not true that she then followed or trailed him back to Judea. Even in that life she then felt a deep sense of loss, and abandonment, by him.

Your EA work is exceptional, and correctly reflects how EA is meant to be understood and applied.

Bravo !!

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Group,

My hat is off to all of you who have put the time and effort into understanding the EA principles of the transiting Nodes, and planets to the natal chart of Mother Teressa. The work you have all done is truly investigative and research orientated that takes real time and commitment to correctly understand. And it is the commitment to that that you have all demonstrated so exceptionally well. THIS IS HOW EA IS MEANT TO BE CORRECTLY UNDERSTOOD AND APPLIED. The work you have all done demonstrates the incredible depth and totality of what EA is.

For each of you please read through what what all of you have shared. In totality this so perfectly reflects the transiting principles of EA as applied to the underlying evolutionary intentions as symbolized in the natal chart of Mother Teressa.

If you have any questions about any of this please ask now.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad,

Thank you for commenting on Mother Theresa's connection to Jesus in India. That makes a world of EA sense now that I look at her chart with this new knowledge that she did not, following their time together in India, go with him to Judea. The sense of abandonment felt in her Soul, South Node in Scorpio in the 11th as well as the composite South Node that they both share in the same position. Also seen in that same signature as you mentioned was the impact that he had on her Soul being Scorpio total. Her experience of him on that train in her most recent life, then the inner vacuous void that followed must have triggered this abandonment and loss from the time of Jesus. Would this also be symbolized in her Pluto in the 7th inconjunct the South Node in Scorpio, ie her becoming too dependent on him and then the need for separation in order for her Soul to become more inwardly spiritually self reliant?

You have answered some lingering questions. This has deepened my understanding, the picture for me is now more complete,  I appreciate this so much..thank you!

Goddess Bless,
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Hi Rad,

Thank you for commenting on Mother Theresa's connection to Jesus in India. That makes a world of EA sense now that I look at her chart with this new knowledge that she did not, following their time together in India, go with him to Judea. The sense of abandonment felt in her Soul, South Node in Scorpio in the 11th as well as the composite South Node that they both share in the same position. Also seen in that same signature as you mentioned was the impact that he had on her Soul being Scorpio total. Her experience of him on that train in her most recent life, then the inner vacuous void that followed must have triggered this abandonment and loss from the time of Jesus. Would this also be symbolized in her Pluto in the 7th inconjunct the South Node in Scorpio, ie her becoming too dependent on him and then the need for separation in order for her Soul to become more inwardly spiritually self reliant?

You have answered some lingering questions. This has deepened my understanding, the picture for me is now more complete,  I appreciate this so much..thank you!

Goddess Bless,

Hi Kristin,

Yes, and remember her Saturn in Taurus in on his N.Node, and that her Venus in Leo squares his Nodal Axis.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Group,

I have not made it through all of the posts regarding the transits but they look impressive. As Mercury begins to station direct again (on my North Node!) I have finally gotten myself to a place of being close to post something, although not nearly as compreshensive as other posts. If it would work for me to post some of the ideas I could do that in the next day or two, but it also seems like there is some intent to wrap up this last part of the thread on transits in her chart.  I will work on writing out some of my thoughts for practice and then post if there is still time. Otherwise I look forward to reading through all the recent posts on the transits, they look to be some very deep work. Focusing more of my attention on the transiting nodes instead of other transiting aspects has been an interesting and valuable learning experience for me- I can tell this already even though I have barely even scratched the surface of it.  Thanks again to everyone for being part of this learning experience. Blessings, Gray
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Hi Rad and everyone,
Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback.
It really is a great feeling to receive this!
Just to let you know that I'll be away for 5 days
so if you do plan to set another assignment,
please count me in.
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