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May 22, 2019, 05:13 PM
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Author Topic: Micheal Jackson Cardiac Arrest June 25, 2009  (Read 4255 times)
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Rose Marcus
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« on: Jun 26, 2009, 10:17 AM »

June 25, 2009:
The Super New Moon cycle, an astrological high tide intensifies all. This new moon pairs with the lunar eclipse on July 7, 2009. Neptune (correlates to music and public figures among other things) is highly activated now by the triple alignment of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, all in retrograde. The Lunar Appulse Eclipse on July 7, 2009 shows Mars in Taurus in a first square square (exact) to the triple alignment. (Jupiter/Neptune - king, in Aquarius - pop). The current Mercury square Saturn has taken Farah Fawcett on the same day (just hours earlier), and  Ed McMann, two days earlier.  

The super new moon (an astrological high tide based on the moon's proximity to the earth) has already energized the upcoming lunar eclipse on July 7. This eclipse is obscured - perhaps we can say veiled, just as our sequenced gloved one was too. Who would have guessed such a tragic ending for the king of pop - he had had enough hardship in recent years. My heart goes to his family and his children - as bizarre as he was, he was also a genius.

Micheal Jackson: Natal Chart: Aug 29, 1958, 11:53 pm Gary, Indiana
Cardiac Arrest, June 25, 2009, 2:26pm Los Angeles

The astrology:
Transiting Mercury in Gemini in MJ’s 12th house and about to cross the Ascendant, in square Saturn in Virgo (a mistake) in his 4th house (house of endings)
(the cause? Likely a mix of prescriptions combined with ongoing over the top stress & depression - his health had already been reported to be compromised.)
This Mercury square Saturn (Ceres too) was particularly lethal as it squared his 10th house natal Moon in Capricorn (relates to the great/building pressure re the upcoming concert tour)
Transiting Mercury was square his natal Ceres in Virgo;
 Transiting Ceres conjunct Saturn was conjunct his natal Ceres.
(Ceres: a battle with the dark forces, can be a death signature.)
Saturn is the planet of endings; Sat in Virgo – the already weak system gave out.
The transit position of Saturn forms an exact square to his Ascendant/Descendent angles.
Cardiac arrest is seen by the transit of the moon which has just surpassed natal Uranus in Leo (cardiac arrest) and was in an exact opposition to Chiron in Aquarius
(Chiron is often a death indicator.)
Chiron: the maverick, wounded one, the ostracized one, the lonely one, special one;
Chiron in Aquarius – a shock to the public; an accidental overdose.
The triple alignment of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron transiting his natal 10th, formed an opposition to his natal Pallas and Mercury retrograde. (Chiron is exact on these two planets)
The transiting moon (timing device) had also surpassed an exact square to Mars in Taurus (separation impulse, accident, sudden death) and was exactly squaring Venus in Taurus (survival planet in crisis – squared by Ceres/Saturn – both indicative of death and endings.)
The transiting north node and the progressed moon at 1 Aquarius have recently formed a conjunction. It was reported that he was having health issues, and this can be verified by the pressurized transit of Saturn in square to his Ascendant/Descendant over this past month particularly. There are many other indicators.
All this under the super new moon high tide energizer cycle, which has just begun (June 22, 2009). The super new moon is a catalyst for the upcoming lunar eclipse on July 7. (Eclipses can energize prior to or after the actual event.) This lunar eclipse falls in MJ’s 8th house of death (the eclipse Sun is in the 2nd house). Note the eclipse Uranus position, which is in his 10th house, opposing Juno and activating his 11th house cusp (theme of liberation, leaving the body.)
Mars and Venus (both in Taurus, the survival sign) are highly activated and will continue to be over this next week. The intensity is from now through to the Lunar Eclipse. For some, the transits can bring wonderful advances and breakthroughs, for others, sudden loss, sudden switching of gears/redirection or the shock of a significant severing or ending. The next three new moons are super moons (the moon is in close proximity to earth). July begins another eclipse season.
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Rose Marcus
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« Reply #1 on: Jul 12, 2009, 11:00 AM »

Greetings all,
I am unable to get into the programs to re post the chart, but I have just learned the birth-time previously given is incorrect. (This was Basil Fearington's birth-time which he apparently got directly from Michael Jackson. It would not be surprising that he might lie about this.)

The correct birth time is: 7:33 pm. The chart shows his ascendant 10:07 Pisces, Moon in the 1st house at 14:54 Pisces, and of no surprise to EA students, a stellium in the 6th house, Pluto included.

this information is supplied via the Isar newsletter which I'll cut and paste it here:

This is to let you know that my good friend and colleague Chakrapani
Ullal has accurate birth data for Michael Jackson. Chakrapani is a Vedic
astrologer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has given me permission to pass
on this information, especially now that Jackson is deceased (as of June
25, 2009). In the last week Chakrapani has revealed that Jackson was a
long-term client of his between 1988 and 2006.

Jackson gave Chakrapani a birth time of 7:33 PM CDT on Aug. 29, 1958,
Gary, Indiana. Unless he has to rectify the birth time, Chakrapani
requires that his clients provide accurate birth data from a birth
certificate or birth record (**).

This is the birth time he has been using since 1988 or earlier.
Jackson's Vedic chart (sidereal zodiac) gives him a 16:49 Aquarius
Ascendant with Moon in the Ascendant at 21:37 Aquarius opposite Sun at
12:51 Leo. Up to this point, most astrologers have been using a 12 noon
chart for Jackson, as no birth time was available.

Note (**) Chakrapani has assured me that Michael Jackson gave this birth
information to him directly. Chakrapani says he was never given any
birth time other than 7:33 PM. He is very sure of this fact. And while
normally there would be secretaries or assistants dealing with his
clients, in the case of Michael Jackson, Chakrapani was introduced to
him through an intermediary - a well-known person who was a mutual
friend. This person took him to Jackson's mansion and listened in on the
reading. This happened a few times, and there were no assistants
present. After this, and using a pseudonym known only to both of them,
Jackson phoned Chakrapani directly - 1000s of times over the years
between 1988 and 2006.....
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