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Hi forum :-)

two weeks ago I asked anyone interested in receiving some documents of information collected over time, regarding asteroids etc, to pm me with their emails. the following day my logic board crashed. since then i have purchased a new computer and received a sata enclosure to retrieve data from the old hard drive. this morning i was successful. my log in info was saved on the other computer with a password i do not remember and an email i have deleted. i have made a new account.

i ask again that anyone interested in being emailed a few documents of info collected over time to pm me once again. these documents include asteroids (mining data from various websites over the years and transcribing asteroid info from books), harmonics, decan star signs, etc. basically anything i could find i copied and pasted into word documents for future reference.

for those that already pm'd me, i really appreciated the kind words and warm feelings :-) i am quite sad i have lost those. please considering pm'ing me again with your email as i now have the documents to send.

also, on another note, does anyone recommend software for a mac. i am rather attached to the idea of using solar fire but this requires running parallels and also purchasing windows 7. has anyone had success with this and also, is there comparable software for a mac?

thanks so much and looking forward to sharing information with you all.

much love and light,
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In regard to Mac software, you may want to try Kairon - its free.

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Hi Shakti,

I was originally interested in the documents you mentioned and still am, if you want to send them to me. I can send you my email via 'My Messages' if that works for you. 

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