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Author Topic: Beginning EA books  (Read 923 times)

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Hi Group! 

Wondering if you wouldn't mind recommending some good foundational books for Evolutionary Astrology... I've read much of JWG's 2 Pluto books, and been off & on studying astrology through various books by Arroyo, Shulman, now some Spiller, and reading Lunar nodes by Teal.  It seems like Deva Green has just published a book that might cover some of the foundational principles of EA, but just wondering what else is out there and if anybody has any recommendations on a gradual course of study


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Hi KoolAid,

Welcome to the board.  I hope this proves to be as fruitful a place of learning for you as it has been for me.  Linda, one of the members here, created a thread a while back for book recommendations.  I've pasted the link for you below. If you scroll down on that thread to Steve's post, you will find a list of books that JWG himself recommended.,558.0.html

Good wishes,
Bradley J
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Hi KoolAid,
Welcome!  I realize you asked about books, however just saying for learning by listening the audio lectures available on the main website have been a real blessing, personally.  Also, Deva offers tutoring to students of EA. 
take care,

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On our website at is information on all the new Jeffrey Wolf Green  school of Evolutionary Astrology books that have been released over the last few years.

The core books to begin understanding this specific EA approach are Jeffrey's Pluto Vol 1 and 2.  To truly grasp this EA, don't read most of what is in them, read all of it.  And after you have, read them again.  Because they are an approach to astrology and life that is different.  

What I came to after a few years of studying astrology was that there is no generic thing called "astrology".  I began by thinking all of the knowledge was general, the different systems could be mixed and matched.  Yet they were often conflicting, which was confusing.  What I came to, and what I recommend, is find ONE system that speaks to you, and then concentrate on it until you feel you really deeply understand it.  Because astrology is more an art than a science - its a correlation of natural phenomena to human experience.  There can be many such systems - you have to understand the system inside and out before its going to work well for you.  When you try to mix and match it with other systems that's not going to work well because each has its own underlying premises and correlations.  

Jeffrey's work is based on what he called Natural Law - what simply is.  Any system based on natural law is going to have a high degree of correlation with any other system truly based on natural law, because natural law exists beyond any system - its just what is.  The issue is, many things - systems, approaches, philosophies in astrology, even popular ones, are not fully based on natural law.  Lots of beliefs and ideas from the authors are intermixed.  What is the evolutionary capacity of an author to understand life - how deep can they go? (They can't guide you beyond their own capacity.)  Each student must answer that question for themself.  That is why I suggest finding one system that speaks to you and working to master it.  If its giving you the results you are looking for, you don't need anything beyond that.  If it isn't, look elsewhere.

Welcome to our message board, hope that is helpful.
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