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May 21, 2018, 04:32 PM
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Author Topic: ORB Sizing  (Read 9836 times)
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Hi Steve and everyone,

So here is a practice chart from my files. I just said "give me a good one" and I picked the first one my mouse touched.

First stage spiritual. She has been intuitive her entire life- sensitive to subtle energies, and capable of communicating with animals. A clear dameon soul. She has spent most of her life supporting her family doing work in advertising for some business (dont remember more about that). She enjoyed doing the work as it engaged a level of creativity, however she has always longed for more spiritual work.

She has supported her daughter and grandchild for a few years now, as well as her husband whose failing physical health is making him more and more dependent on her.

I had a session with her a month ago or so and her main question was if she can actually start to move forward towards her spiritual work at this time. It seems that as she is approaching her second Saturn return she's getting the karmic go-ahead to embrace her north node. All the planets by the sn seem to have implied a mostly karmic fruition and some relive condition wherein she had the purpose to fulfill certain obligations for her own family.

So she's now just starting her own work as a healer/ starting to share her ideas and wisdom with the masses.

The phase I feel would be best for us to look at here is the Mars Pluto crescent phase square.
The Pluto Mars interface correlates to the way a soul will consciously assert and insert itself in life as a way to instinctively lead itself to it's evolutionary desires which are the purpose for being here in the first place.

This soul has been learning how to develop an internal security that enables it to serve the community, to show up in a way that reflects a deep intimacy and security within. The crescent phase with Mars, which is being ruled by Pluto itself, implies that the work that this soul does, the way it becomes consciously aware of its need to purge any impurities that keep it from doing the work it is meant to do, has been the leading edge of this soul's journey.

This soul is highly self aware of how well it performs, how well of a job it does (6th house), and it intent on self accuracy to the point of masochism (I questioned her about this, and it does seem to be a shadow she has worked on many years ago- however I am aware that the Virgo/6th house archetype will often externally express as 'Yeah i'm ok, I dealt with that' as a form of denial).

One thing that I encouraged her to do while she's just getting the business going, is to practice her healing work as much as she can- to just get out there and let that lead the way. She seems very open to this.

So, if I understand this correctly, does the fact that the square is occurring within the crescent phase relate to the fact that she lived her entire life doing really hard work, fearful of making new choices (first square) to do the work that is truly socially relevant to her soul, based on a deep familiarity with what has become known to her in the most recent succession of lifetimes to this one (crescent phase= deeply internalized. In this case pointing to 'working for her family').

Therefore, as a karmic obligation in this life, is it necessary for her to simply embrace whatever new choices and opportunities are there for her, and in so doing necessarily face her fear of the unknown (crescent phase square). And this would be a theme throughout her entire life, and the underlying signature here is "getting ready" for a new move (which would be symbolized by the first quarter phase).

Thank you for this learning opportunity Steve,
Ari Moshe
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