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Rose Marcus
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Data for Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio, Argentine): Dec 17, 1936 Buenos Aries, Argentina, birth time unknown;
Sistine Chapel White Smoke (Pope’s election): Mar 13, 2013 7:06 pm Vatican City
(time estimate)

** charts attached, below **

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, who will be known as Pope Francis, has been selected as Pope of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.
He is the first Pope from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium.
A stunned-looking Bergoglio shyly waved to the crowd of tens of thousands of people who gathered in St. Peter's Square, marvelling that the cardinals had had to look to "the end of the earth" to find a bishop of Rome.
He asked for prayers for himself, and for retired Pope Benedict XVI, whose stunning resignation paved the way for the tumultuous conclave that brought the first Jesuit to the papacy. The cardinal electors overcame deep divisions to select the 266th pontiff in a remarkably fast conclave.
The 76-year-old was reportedly the runner-up to Benedict during the last conclave. He is well-known for his humility and espouses church teachings on homosexuality, abortion and contraception. He has no Vatican experience.
Speaking to thousands of elated worshippers packed into St. Peter's Square, the new Pope said that the world should set off "on a path of love and fraternity," according to a translation provided by Reuters. He asked the faithful to pray to God for him.

Noon is common to use when we don’t know the birth time. Noting the following quick details I am currently investigating a birth-time around 12:45pm. (**- amendment -with more information coming my way - his painful shyness,etc. I'm not yet certain of a birth time at all.)

Personal Background (From Wikipedia):
Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, one of the five children of Italian immigrants.
(This would fit nodes in either 4/10 or 3/9);
his father Mario Jose Bergoglio was a railway worker
(Sun in Sagittarius; nodes in the transportation sign axis, Saturn opposing Neptune in Virgo, perhaps 12/6)
and his mother Regina Maria Sivori, a housewife
(Ceres in Capricorn, perhaps in the 10th, –a traditional feminine role.)
As a teenager, Bergoglio had a lung removed as a result of an infection.
Chiron conjunct South node. (The 3rd house is the house of teenage years.) Note Chiron is in a t-square position to Neptune in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces. (The house positions of 6/12 are possible here, again supporting a 12:45 pm approximate birth time.)
He studied and received a master's degree in chemistry (This is befitting for Neptune in Virgo in the 6th)  at the University of Buenos Aires before he decided to pursue an ecclesiastical career.
(Neptune in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces across the 6/12 house axis again fits well for the 12:45 pm birth-time estimate.)

As cardinal, Bergoglio became known for personal humility, doctrinal conservatism and a commitment to social justice. A simple lifestyle contributed to his reputation for humility. He lived in a small apartment, rather than in the palatial bishop's residence. He gave up his chauffeured limousine in favor of public transportation, and he reportedly cooked his own meals.

(Virgo on the 7th house cusp is suggestive of a presentation of humility to the public. He is said to be an advocate for the poor. He seems to have oriented to a more common than grandiose lifestyle “one like the rest of us”, Venus conjunct the moon in Aquarius, perhaps in the 11th. In choosing to live as a commoner not like a royalty – This could be suggestive of sun in the 10th rather than 9th house. The choice to live in small apartment, the self sufficiency of cooking for himself, a request that he not have new robes but wear the old ones – all are indicative of the Saturnine/Capricorn influences, Uranus in Taurus retro in the 2nd (non traditional, self sufficiency).

In 2010, Bergoglio told biographer Sergio Rubin that he often sheltered people from the dictatorship on church property, and on one occasion gave his identity papers to a man who looked like him, to enable the recipient to flee Argentina. (Chiron conjunct S. Node; this could either fit a 3rd or 4th house placement.)

His views on abortion and gay marriage follow the Catholic conservative stance, but he is said to advocate more tolerance for gay people. (suggestive of Chiron/south node in the 3rd. Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Ceres in Capricorn; Mercury in Capricorn – all are indicative of conservative attitudes, doctrine, administration.  

Controversy (from Wikipedia):
On 15 April 2005, a human rights lawyer filed a criminal complaint against Bergoglio, as superior in the Society of Jesus of Argentina, accusing him of involvement in the kidnapping by the Navy in May 1976 (during the military dictatorship) of two Jesuit priests. The priests, Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics, were found alive five months later, drugged and semi-naked. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work. Jalics refused to discuss it after moving into seclusion in a German monastery. Horacio Verbitsky, an Argentine investigative journalist and author, wrote a book about this and other related events titled El Silencio: de Paulo VI a Bergoglio: las relaciones secretas de la Iglesia con la ESMA.
According to the book, after their release, Yorio accused the then Provincial of his Jesuit order San Miguel, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, to have denounced him. Father General Pedro Arrupe in Rome was informed by letter or during the abduction, both he and Orlando Yorio were excluded from the Jesuit Order.
According to his own testimony in his autobiography, after the priests’ imprisonment, Bergoglio worked behind the scenes for their release; his intercession with dictator Jorge Rafael Videla on their behalf may have saved their lives. "The cardinal could not justify why these two priests were in a state of helplessness and exposed," according to Luis Zamora, who said that Bergoglio's testimony "demonstrates the role of the Church during the last military dictatorship.


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Hi All,

The actual birth time of Pope Francis has now been reported. It is 1:30 p.m., chart attached. The source for this birth time is this: Francis (Latin: Franciscus; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; December 17, 1936 (birth time source: is pope of the Catholic Church, elected on March 14, 2013, and taking the regnal name of Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi. He is the first Pope born in the Americas.

This is yet another remarkable 'proving' of JWG's Evolutionary Astrology in that , as you will notice, that this Pope has his S.Node in Gemini in the 3rd which is conjunct his Chiron, and these then square his natal Saturn in Pisces in the 12th which is ruled by Neptune in Virgo in his sixth house. Here we can see right away his natural orientation to the 'poor, the needy, the downtrodden, and the persecuted'. His S.Node, Chiron, and Neptune are all ruled by his natal Mercury in Capricorn in his 10 House: his message to the world about this group of people. And on the very day he was elected to be Pope the transiting PLUTO WAS CONJUNCT THAT MERCURY !

And for all of you who have been reading the thread we had been doing on the asteroid Lucifer you will notice that this Pope has natal Lucifer in Virgo: the inner spirit of God within his having him focus on the poor, downtrodden, the needy, and the persecuted. And, yes, this is also ruled by her natal Mercury. This Lucifer is in his 5th and thus will correlate to him creatively actualizing himself as the Pope through and because of this message, the very message of his mentor Saint Francis of Assisi. He will broadcast this message to the world: the Mercury ruler in his 10th.

If anyone is interested in exploring Pope Francis chart further, from an EA point of view, please let me know. With his Moon and Venus in Aquarius in his 11th, and conjunct the S.Node of Neptune this Pope made indeed revolutionize in many ways the existing orientation and structure of the Church itself.

God Bless, Rad

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Hi Rad,

It seems that time is such a factor with everyone lately.  I don't know exactly what I can commit to, but wouldn't mind saying I'd like to give the Pope a go.  I have to leave town next week, but am up to the challenge of trying to put something together before I go. 

What stage would you say this Pope is?  Might he actually be a spiritual stage Pope? 

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Hi Cat,

Well I would hope that others would like to join in on this too. I would put Pope Francis in the very final stages of 3rd Stage Consensus with a tip toe or two in the 1st Individuated.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad,

Thanks for hunting down the exact birth time. The JWG EA in his chart is all confirming.

What is incredible about this Pluto transit is that on March 13, the day of the election, Pluto was not only conjunct his Mercury it was exact TO THE MINUTE ...amazing..Mercury in Cap 11.20.

Another aspect I noticed was his Psyche (Soul) - the search for soulmate union  - his Soul totally committed to God and his Soul commitment to the down trodden, "the last shall come first" - Psyche in Virgo in the 6th and conjunct his Neptune, which is Jesus' Pluto, Neptune rules his 12th house Saturn in Pisces, same Saturn as Jesus.

Below is part of an article released today where he is already being given a new nickname "the unpredictable pope"  ~  perfect for his Pluto in Cancer, ruler Moon in Aquarius conjunct Venus in the 11th. Maybe by the time he exits this form he will have slid into the 1st stage individuated. He certainly has Aquarian tendencies in so many areas, just a bit too conservative in social issues.


Pope Francis breaks the mould again with ceremony at prison instead of St Peter's
Pope Francis, whose spontaneity has already earned him the nickname "the unpredictable Pope", will break with tradition again when he holds a major ceremony in a prison chapel rather than in St Peter's.
Pope Francis, whose spontaneity has already earned him the nickname

By Nick Squires, Rome

1:22PM GMT 21 Mar 2013

Francis, who has broken the mould with his informal approach and unscheduled walkabouts, will conduct next week's Holy Thursday service in a prison for young offenders on the outskirts of Rome.

The service is normally held either in St Peter's Basilica or in the Church of St John in Lateran, which is the Pope's church in his capacity as Bishop of Rome.

Instead Francis, who was the archbishop of Buenos Aires before being chosen as Pope in a secret conclave in the Sistine Chapel last week, will hold the service in the Casal del Marmo jail.

There he is expected to wash and kiss the feet of 12 inmates, in a gesture that commemorates Jesus's humility towards his disciples before the Last Supper, on the night before he was crucified.

His decision has surprised Vatican officials but is very much in keeping with his past in Argentina, where he washed the feet of Aids sufferers and met with street prostitutes.

He often held Masses in the homes of seniors, and in jails and hospitals, traveled to work by bus and eschewed a grand residence in favour of a small apartment.


Since I am already involved in the Darwin practice thread I may not have adequate time to actively participate here more extensively but am very interested and will follow closely if others are able.

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Hi Rad
Is it possible that the birthhtime given in that site is inaccurate? The article says the hour was obtained by rectification (even though it does not say the birthtime were not available). 
I happened to find a copy of the birth Act, which was posted by an Argentine astrologer. This document says 9 pm. I'm posting a copy of the said Act.
God Bless, Gonzalo

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Hi Gonzalo,

Thank you so much for doing the work to find the right birth time for Pope Francis. I went back to the site I posted earlier that claimed to have the right birth time to discover that they had posted yet another birth time for the Pope that was also wrong. I finally arrived at this site that actually had a picture of the same records of his birth time that you have posted. So, yes, it is a 9 p.m. birth: his correct birth chart attached.

What I said above about his Soul orientation to the 'poor, the downtrodden, the persecuted, those in need' is even more so in this correct chart because the placement of his Nodes in the 12th/ 6th and the various planets and asteroids that are in his 6th House. The same signature of his natal Chiron conjunct his S.Node which squares in Neptune in Virgo, squares his Saturn in Pisces ruled by that Neptune, the ruler of S.Node and Chiron being Mercury of course in Capricorn, his message to the world about this group of people, and his election as Pope with Pluto transit exact to his Mercury obviously still applies. His Lucifer in Virgo in now in the 2nd which, to me, intensifies the God consciousness within his Soul relative to the 'resources' of not only the Church but all those that do not have enough personal resources to sustain effectively their own lives.

And his Moon/ Venus in Aquarius in the 7th conjunct his S.Node of Neptune is ruled of course by his Uranus in Taurus in the 10th: his capacity to radically alter the message of the Church in now leads, and how that Church uses and commits its resources for others.

Again, thank you Gonzalo for discovering the correct birth time. I am hoping that folks on the message board like Cat will want to discuss this, to me, very important Pope from an EA point of view.

God Bless, Rad

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« Reply #7 on: Mar 22, 2013, 09:51 AM »

I'm glad the info is helpuful. It was not me who did the work to get this data. I just found it on facebook. I think it was an Argentine astrologer, Claudia Rizzi, who did the work to get the Birth Act, and then posted it. God Bless, Gonzalo
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The soul path of Pluto in the first house suggests a new evolutionary cycle has begun in recent lifetimes and that the individual is meant to continue along a pioneering and experiential path. Along with the Cancer, stepping backward to go forward archetype, Pluto in retrograde also suggests a re-visit and revision mandate. Retrograde motion serves to intensify and accelerate the individuation signature. The chief evolutionary drive is directed toward the development of an internally secure, self consistent, and self preserving emotional foundation. Because it is a relatively new evolutionary impulse, those with Pluto in Cancer have not yet fully learned these lessons. Reflected by one’s environmental circumstances and inner insecurities, unmet needs are a driving force in the current life. Difficult emotional and family histories exist within the subconscious and past life experiences of those with Pluto in Cancer.

The soul will choose the family of origin and life experiences that will prompt the necessary internal probing. Pluto in Cancer is meant to learn that true security and emotional nourishment is found internally, not through the external environment or its trappings. Pluto in Cancer must learn to identify and supply their own emotional needs, to develop and establish an emotionally secure foundation within themselves. In order for this to occur, the individual is likely to experience cycles when support is lacking or needs are not met. The need to nurture or be nurtured has especially deep roots and is never really satisfied or quenched. These perpetuating desires and needs prompt the intended evolution. Regarding the chart of Pope Francis, this Pluto position describes both his personal life journey and what’s at issue for the Catholic Church itself and its followers.

Pluto in retrograde intensifies the emotional journey and the desire to create a more secure and nurturing foundation. Intensified subjective exploration will allow for greater consciousness regarding the internal divides that are at the root of one’s insecurities, needs, and desires.

Born into family of 5 children, it is logical to assume that this Pluto in Cancer did not get all of the nurturance that he may have desired. This early life set-up is a starting prompt for turning inward, for advancing the development of emotional self sufficiency. Note also the complex father signature of Saturn in opposition to Neptune in square to the lunar nodes. His father’s vocation of railway worker is described by this mutable configuration. The mother and nurturance imprint is represented by his Moon/Venus new phase conjunction square Uranus retrograde. While it is likely that he experienced loving and open-hearted relationships with maternal figures and caregivers, the Aquarius moon signature also suggests he has come in to this life with a degree of emotional objectivity and independence already developed. Both the Saturn configuration and Moon configuration describe the family’s immigrant background. Wikipedia quote: Bergoglio's sister María Elena told reporters decades later that her father often said that "the advent of fascism was the reason that really pushed him to leave" Italy.

The sun is in Sagittarius and conjunct his north node which is ruled by Jupiter in Capricorn. This sun placement suggests he has come into this life with prior developed self knowledge that serves as a base for his decision making, judgement, and conviction. He will naturally utilize this knowledge as a foundation to build and solidify further. Ceres in new phase to Jupiter suggests he is endowed with a natural propensity for infusing new life into what has already been established. The pope has made it his own personal mission to rebirth the believer, to resurrect the faith within the faithful (Jupiter).

The sun gives life to the Sagittarian qualities, experience, and the north node potentials. This Sun position suggests a natural sense of direction and purpose that will steer him readily to the experiences, circumstances, teachers, and teachings that will best facilitate his evolutionary path. This quality also allows him to be a strong guide for others. Both Chiron conjunct the south node and the sun in a fire sign on the north node are indicative of a special mission. He is likely to have always felt a strong sense of destiny and that he was meant to surrender himself for a bigger picture purpose.

Cancer’s ruler, the moon, is in Aquarius and conjunct Venus. This suggests the native is developing more objective awareness and detachment. It is also suggestive of leading a life that personalizes the collective journey.

Among it’s mainly correlations, Aquarius is a signature for select groups of society, from the elite, to the breakaways, marginalized, outcast, disenfranchised, or persecuted. Aquarius is also the sign of the humanitarian, of revolutions and revolutionary times. Pallas Athene in balsamic conjunction to his north node indicates one who is a fighter on behalf of social justice. This moon/Venus suggests he indeed has the potential to revive the church, to radically alter its direction, to utilize both the material and people resources of the church in a way that bears fruit.

The south node in Gemini suggests this individual has sought to gather hands-on information, to learn, to become educated, and to look for rational explanations to quench his emotional thirst and to satisfy his own intellectual needs (Moon in Aquarius, ruler of Cancer). It is likely that he first approached studies in a systematic, rational, and scientific way. (His first vocational studies lead to certification as a chemical technician.)

For his own internal security needs/base, he has sought to source from the authorities of the day, to explore as much as possible in order to develop a sense of absolute security (Mercury in Capricorn). He has looked to gather a rational explanation for his emotions, impressions, sensitivities, and insecurities, to gather information and experience that resonates with his emotional needs, wants, and values. As is implied in his Pluto position and the nodal axis in the mutable Gemini/Sagittarius axis, his investigation has been deliberate and conscious, and it has also been prompted by his instincts and subconscious emotional responses.

Through such a quest comes social purpose and service (Neptune in Virgo opposing Saturn). Note the sun in Sagittarius conjunct the north node; his intuition’s prompt has led him to seek his answers and purpose within philosophical and religious literature. Mercury in Capricorn is the ruler of the south node and Chiron in Gemini; he has gravitated to the contemporary and traditional learning/teachings, one with set guidelines on how to live a spiritual life. This nodal axis chart signature and scholastic drive is well mirrored by his Jesuit background. The Jesuits, sometimes called “God’s Marines”, are well educated, intellectual researchers. They are expected to go anywhere and to live in extreme conditions if necessary. Throughout their history, they have fought for social justice. At times they were out of favour with the church (Saturn opposition Neptune; mutable cross).

Mercury in Capricorn relative to Saturn in Pisces (a signature for religion and Christianity) is suggestive of a body of thought/knowledge that considers itself an ultimate authority on spiritual matters; an extension of god/god’s law on earth. Capricorn is also an archetype of right conduct, of judgement based on right and wrong standards, rules defined by man and society, and the guilt that this accrues within the crystallized consciousness.

It terms of administrative involvement, he has assumed his leadership role as a Vatican outsider. He has been quoted as limiting his time in Rome to “lightening visits”. (Note Moon/Venus square Uranus retrograde; Venus and Uranus are in mutual reception.)  He has already deviated from some formalities (Aquarius moon/Venus) and is already proving that he has new ideas for the stewardship of church. Will he change the status quo with respect to internal church governance? How will he address the internal alleged corruption?

A south node in Gemini is one of a restless information quest. Relative to ruler Mercury in Capricorn, it suggests the continuous search for a right or definitive answer, for a missing key. He has sought diverse information and experience, yet there is an intuitive recognition (North node, Jupiter in Capricorn) that it is limited in scope. This restless urge suggests a core anxiety, a sense of knowing that there “must be more than this” (Sagittarius polarity.)

When the nodes are in Gemini/Sagittarius, there is a conflict between the information intake and the intuitive, the left and right brain sensors, between what is learned and what is intuitively perceived. This nodal axis references a polarization between ideologies and truths, between formal education and intuitive knowledge, between the realm of appearances and the actualizing of reality.  In other words, the mutable cross involving Neptune, Saturn, Chiron and the nodes is suggestive of spiritual dilemma. 

The Chiron archetype correlates to the split between the rational and the instinctual selves, between the flesh/body and the spirit. When Chiron is linked to the nodal axis, it is a signature of a specific karmic thread that is seeking integration and healing. It is indicative of living through exceptional circumstances in past lives and also of setting up the current life for something beyond the ordinary. Chiron’s balsamic relationship to south node is suggestive of a key lifetime, and a repetition of karmic dynamics. It is a relive, fruition, or relive/fruition signature.

The sun’s conjunction to the north node doubles-up on the theme of a special karmic mission. The Sagittarius sun/north node opposition to Chiron points to a worldly mission with a potential to influence a multitude. A sense of destiny, déjà vu or familiarity accompanies the consciousness, the life. Whether sensed vaguely or recognized openly, parallels can be drawn to another lifetime. (There are a number of parallels to draw from the life of St. Francis too.) The native is likely to feel that something particularly significant and key is being repeated or revisited. Chiron is an archetype of the extraordinary messenger, of teachings, teachers, and a healing or healer’s path.

Chiron is also a signature for controversy. Pope Francis was accused of not doing enough to save two Jesuits priests who were captured and tortured during Argentina’s “dirty war” in 1976. According to his biographer, he worked secretly behind the scenes (Neptune in Virgo) and may have been instrumental in gaining their release. Two days after he was elected pope, Franz Jalic, one of the two who were captured, issued a statement to clear the negative speculation on the pope. The pope has stated that during that time he was active in sheltering people on church property and that he once gave his own identity papers (Gemini south node) to a man who looked like him so that he could flee (Sagittarius) Argentina.

Befitting of Neptune in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces, (from Wikipedia): In 2000, he asked the entire Church in Argentina to put on garments of public penance for the sins committed during the years of the dictatorship. In one of his last acts as head of the Argentine Catholic bishops' conference, Bergoglio issued a collective apology for the church's failure to protect its flock" from Argentina's military dictatorship decades earlier.

Chiron retrograde in Gemini suggests he comes into this life with special gifts. He displays approachability, an easy communication style, and a ready emotional rapport, (Pluto in Cancer relative to south node/Chiron in the 3rd). His personable manner has already charmed the public. His fluency in Italian (his family of origin background; Sagittarius, language proficiency) has charmed the country. His natural humility (Neptune in Virgo), dismissal of formalities, ability to dissolve boundaries, (Saturn in Pisces), simple words, humour, casual, and spontaneous approach (Gemini/Sagittarius nodes; Moon/Venus in Aquarius) are already resulting in an excellent approval rating.

Both personal and collective in nature, his Aquarius moon conjunct Venus alludes to significant trauma imprinting as part of his subconscious memory pool. Venus in square aspect to and mutual reception with Uranus retrograde in Taurus alludes to life and death struggles, and past epochs of persecution. At the age of 21, he suffered from life-threatening pneumonia and cysts and had part of one lung removed. Lungs are Gemini ruled (note Chiron/south node in Gemini, Mercury ruled by Saturn opposing Neptune in Virgo.) Chiron’s past life cellular memory traumas are often translated into the physical body as chronic conditions, physical weaknesses, diseases, or handicaps. We can speculate that the pope’s lung condition correlates to a past life trauma connected to unresolved grief or the wounds of a battle/invasion. One could also draw a speculative parallel to the concept of carrying stigmata – cellular memory wounds. Historians speculate that St Francis’ stigmata were the result of a chronic physical condition.   
Capricorn is the polarity point of Pluto in Cancer, suggesting the evolutionary intention is to arrive at a state of absolute emotional maturity and security, to become self referencing and self directed. The evolutionary imperative requires that he become his own authority, rather than to accept external authority or external answers. His philosophy of lead by example (Mercury in Capricorn, the effective administrator) has been demonstrated through out his career, and he has “hit the ground running” since he has been elected pope.

The rulers of the nodes, Jupiter and Mercury in new phase to each other and the north node suggest that the past and future are intertwined, that new development/evolutionary progress has been recently occurred and that this lifetime is a continuation of that which has already begun. The sun on the north node also indicates a growth of consciousness of natural law, the “true way”. This consciousness is intuitive and in the process of developing self realization. Ceres in Capricorn situated between the rulers, ruled by Saturn in Pisces, suggests a fresh seed of God realization is stirring too. 

The nodal rulers in Capricorn suggest this a time is ripe moment not only for the Pope’s personal mission but also for the church’s rebirth. Sagittarius is an archetype of delivering the message to a ready and willing audience. To bring spiritual comfort and to champion the poor, the weak, the downtrodden, is not a new mission for the church, or for one on a spiritual path, but it is one that the Pope is revitalizing (nodal rulers in new phase aspect).

As stated above, Jupiter in Capricorn is newly building, newly authenticating what it senses as truth, the true path. Pallas Athene in balsamic conjunction to the north node and also in gibbous phase to Chiron retrograde is suggestive of the spiritual warrior, of spiritual leadership, and of fighting for justice. Pallas Athene can also be correlated to third-eye consciousness. A gibbous phase references a path of service, and is also indicative of unfinished business. This Pallas/Chiron opposition is suggestive of championing the plight of the marginalized, the common folk, the disenfranchised, the “walking wounded”. Even so, when distorted, Gemini/Sagittarius is not an all encompassing polarity but one of selective reasoning, viewing, or targeting. It is not inclusive of the whole. 

The Capricorn archetype (both the south and node rulers) also correlates to conservatism and hypocrisy. Chiron is a signature for controversy. The pope is known for radical conservatism and seems to be somewhat evangelical in his zeal for taking up the plight of the poor, but he is not yet inclusive of all of humanity. Despite a suggestion for a level of tolerance for homosexuals, Pope Francis has already made his views crystal clear on gay marriage, gay adoption, abortions, contraceptives, and women in the church. The nodal axis and its rulers ignite a contradiction of expanding/broadening yet closed/walled/restrictive at the same time.

Pluto in Cancer is still working on gender assignment issues. The issue of gender in-equality in the church is referenced by the Pope’s Pluto in Cancer, relative to Chiron in Gemini/south node. 

In accepting the director’s chair, the Pope also inherits the shameful and abhorrent sexual violations crises that have plagued the church throughout its history. This is described by Saturn’s gibbous opposition to Neptune in Virgo (victimization) in houses 8/2, both of which square the nodal axis and Chiron. As has been well documented, this crisis has always been rampant (Pisces to the mutable nodes), but it has been muffled, suppressed (Saturn; Mercury in Capricorn) and denied (Neptune in Virgo.) Saturn’s gibbous opposition to Neptune in Virgo suggests the unfinished business of reconciling with the masses and internal clean-up within the church. Greater accountability and atonement are a necessity. A purification process is stimulated by this mutable cross; open acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness for all are also of the essence.  At this early stage in his new role but advanced time in his career, he has not indicted a willingness to address change regarding gay marriage or women’s ordination. We have yet to see how the pope will address the church’s sex scandals. Chiron suggests wounds that never heal. Certainly those souls who have been violated will continue to carry deep scars. The church carries the scaring too. Chiron’s best cure is found through moving forward; the weaving or integration of experience into new experience eventual leads to healing. Experience is the best teacher.

While the pope seems to enjoy being “in the trenches”, his life seems to have been one of a serendipitous flow into positions of influence. We can only assume that his influence will grow. Perhaps Chiron on south node and the last quarter phasal aspect (crisis in consciousness) between moon/Venus square Uranus retrograde will create the necessary circumstances to prompt the repair work regarding social imbalances (Mars in Libra, ruled by Venus.) True to the indirect nature of (Pluto in) Cancer and Chiron, perhaps he will come to face the more controversial of today’s issues surreptitiously. Hopefully he will not side-step them. These critical matters are the unfinished karma priorities of both Saturn and Neptune in square aspect to the nodal axis.

Pope Francis was elected by his colleagues as Pluto was transiting his seventh house Mercury (ruler of south node/Chiron), and Ceres was transiting his south node. Among its many correlations, Ceres correlates to a theme of resurrection. There is great hope (Neptune; Pisces) pinned on this pope that he signals a new era (Capricorn) for the church, that he will plant a fertile seed (Ceres) and that it will produce a lush field.

The south node in Gemini is suggestive of repetition or duplication, of things coming around twice. Interestingly, he was a top contender last conclave too, but begged not to be chosen. Saturn in gibbous opposition to Neptune in Virgo and square the nodal axis ignites the crisis of: “I’m not ready, this is too big for me”, a sense of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the job (Neptune square north node). We could surmise that the inner crisis might ignite a worry that the job could swallow him up and take him away from the personal one on one contact that seems to tug at his heart so deeply (Sun in Sagittarius, relative to Jupiter, relative to Saturn in Pisces).  Although he may have not consciously intended to choose it, he has taken to is enormous leadership role displaying great natural grace and humility (Saturn in Pisces/Neptune opposition).

Skipped Steps:
There are two skipped steps in this chart. Saturn in Pisces finds resolution in the north node, facilitated by its ruler Jupiter in Capricorn (3/4 phase to Saturn, a wide quintile). Neptune in Virgo finds resolution via the south node and the south node ruler, Mercury in Capricorn (in ¼ trine to Neptune.) Saturn is in gibbous opposition to Neptune.

Skipped steps represent critical thresholds/unresolved issues from the past that are of karmic priority/necessity.
Saturn in Pisces is a signature for organized religion. Pisces is directly linked to Christianity. Saturn in Pisces is the ruler of the south node ruler (Mercury in Capricorn.) Pisces ruler, Neptune is in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury in Saturn – a closed circuit. Mercury is in a ¼ trine to Neptune (an action aspect) and a last quarter sextile to Saturn. The last quarter sextile offers creative opportunity to reform internally; to rebuild the infrastructure of the system, to shift the crystallizations of the conditioned consciousness and to make effective change regarding the actual reality.

Noting Saturn in Pisces, it would be natural to assume that in past lives as is also the case now that the native would have come to recognize the church’s teachings as the ultimate authority on spiritual matters, as embodying or being the definitive agent (Mercury in Capricorn) for god’s wishes on earth. Saturn in Pisces relative to Mercury in Capricorn, ruler of the south node, suggests that he is repeating a vocational path chosen in other lives. Relative to the south node information, we can surmise that there was a time he would have accepted the church as his ultimate authority, following the rules and surrendering himself (Saturn in Pisces) without question. This Saturn in Pisces suggests an unconscious projection/expectation that he could find security, peace, and ultimate fulfillment within church dogma; that he assumed he could get all his training, vocational and spiritual needs met in one place. He would expect that his training and the belief system was whole, complete, and perfect, that he would feel totally embraced, enveloped, and satiated within this organized whole. Saturn’s square to the nodal axis suggest reaching a conflict in this regard. The pope’s chart is also indicative of the contemporary state of affairs for both the church and for the masses.

Relative to the north node information, there have likely been nomadic times of searching for god and truth on his own, of monastic or secluded lives, (Pisces, monasteries; Sagittarius & Chiron representing the solitary journey) and also secular ones of social “in the trenches” (Gemini south node, Moon/Venus in Aquarius).

Saturn in square to the Gemini/Sagittarius nodes suggests that over time, exposure to actual reality would conflict with his conceptualization of reality and would start to disturb his inner peace. A spiritual crisis is ignited by this configuration. The skipped step reveals the conflict between embracing the teachings and witnessing the actualizing of those teachings. Perhaps he would have been exposed to “do as I say, not as I do” authority. Saturn is in ¾ square aspect to the south node in Gemini/Chiron conjunction. This crisis in consciousness pertains to the intake of information that intuitively feels contradictory or limited (s. node, ruler of south node Mercury in Capricorn). The observation of behaviour, experience, and lifestyle may not have been entirely in keeping with what he desired, or what perceived to be the true expression of Christ’s teachings (Pisces.) Instead he likely found himself exposed to what he perceived as duality, contradiction, untruths; an appearance of piety rather than true devotion. Materialism, self-serving, corruption and sexual scandal have been a large, and largely suppressed, component of the church’s history. Thus, the skipped step: a crisis in action/crisis in consciousness dilemma. The conditionings and crystallized judgements of prior lives are now at a critical threshold. For Saturn’s resolution, the north node in Sagittarius must be applied. The evolutionary intent in this signature is for the native to expand knowledge and experience outside the confines of a monastic life and church walls (Saturn in Pisces), to allow room for an exploration of that which he is intuiting, to allow room for growth of the impressions he is receiving, to allow himself to veer away from convention/tradition, from what was and is considered appropriate devotional service.
Saturn’s first quarter square to the north node (crisis in action) suggests that growing perceptions lead him to question and explore beyond his formal training and knowledge base. Most likely he felt the calling of higher truths and the desire to expand his personal relationship to the divine. This expansion prompt likely led him to surrender to a path of service in a larger, broader format. To follow this yearning might have called for him to relinquish the trappings of the system in order to practice his faith in a more natural, active, daily, and direct contact way.  What is right conduct and god’s will? Saturn in Pisces suggests an ideological and spiritual/philosophical conflict, that his ultimate sense of meaning was not quenched by the church’s doctrine, rules, methods, or traditions. This dilemma created/creates the needed to expand and explore beyond the confines of the organization. The skipped step suggests a flip/flop between rationalizing and justifying his experience, of following what he had been taught, and recognizing how far the vocational path had/has veered from the true path/true intention; that progressively he was growing more alienated from his training, and growing beyond the limited scope of the organized system. In other words, he would receive mixed messages from his own consciousness regarding what it meant to dedicate his life to his chosen path of service. By extension, his own spiritual dilemma personifies the work he has been called to do on behalf of the Catholic Church. Church policies, dualities, and controversies have alienated many would-be followers. It appears Pope Francis has made it his personal mission to be the ultimate sheepherder.  

Saturn is in a gibbous opposition to Neptune in Virgo, suggesting he has more work to do in reconciling with his inner perceptions and his outer experience; his conflict regarding his conditioning, his inner judge, his conscience, and his outer reality. He must also reconcile the masses perceptions of the inner and outer Church administrations.
Neptune in Virgo is suggestive of a consciousness of natural humility, and an ultimate path of service. Neptune’s opposition to Saturn and trine to south node ruler, its own ruler, also suggest inner judgements (trine to Mercury in Capricorn), that can lead one to adopt and glorify spiritual masochism. This Saturn/Neptune opposes correlates to a crisis in faith, tests of faith. Following the indoctrination (Mercury in Capricorn) of the distorted Christian beliefs (Chiron conjunct the south node opposite Sagittarian north node) would have allowed for this native to embrace the ideology of personal denial, personal penance, suffering precluding enlightenment, and flesh as antagonistic to spirit (sexual abstinence.) In keeping with the contemporary values of the religion of the times, the popular view of the ultimate spiritual life is one of sacrifice and service. To relinquish worldly reward for spiritual reward is a classic foundation philosophy of man-made religion.

Neptune’s skipped step is resolved through the south node in Gemini (Chiron retrograde balsamic conjunction.) Here we see the spiritual dilemma brought forward from past lives  - the conflict of serving the religion (Sagittarius) or serving the people (Gemini), that has reached an extreme/a crisis point (the skipped step). Serving the religion or serving the people are not sufficiently synthesized, not yet one and the same thing. The south node relative to ruler Mercury engaged in a ¼ trine to Neptune is suggestive of the necessity to act on his inner messages/inner guide. It provides a sense of rightness of action in decision making, for rationalization or justification that allow for him to act in a self autonomous or take charge way. It provides him with the natural leadership skills to think and act independently, a natural propensity to see the flaws and to improve the system, rather than to follow a system that is not in keeping with what his inner consciousness (Neptune) suggests is the true path of service. The true path of service is one of fulfilling the true need, of helping the seeker and the needy, those in lack both spiritually and physically – i.e. the poor, the disenfranchised, the outcast, the marginalized, the sick or weak. And yet, as stated above, he has not yet found within his consciousness the ability to accept all, not all are considered worthy as of yet, (i.e. women in the church and homosexuals.) Part of the spiritual duality is that of glorifying one over another. (The poor are revered, but not “lepers” –in other words, the gays?)  

The rulers of the nodes conjunct in new phase aspect suggests he has recently begun and is continuing a new level of relying and acting on his own inner authority. He displays independence in simple and everyday routines by rejecting some of the perks afforded his position, the limousine, the gold cross, etc and insisting as he has done in the past, to take the bus, cook for himself, and so on. Since becoming pope, he has immediately veered away from formal expectations and is already doing it his way.

This Neptune in Virgo also must reconcile with the imperfections of the organized whole and the concepts of perfection, purification, of deserving of god’s grace. These issues are confronted through the church itself, where he is exposed to opulence, controversy, duality, bigotry, and corruption within the organized whole. He must confront his own judgements/hypocrisy regarding right and wrong, on what is socially (Gemini) and morally (Sag/Cap) “correct”.  Although Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Virgo suggests compassion and tolerance for all, he is not yet encompassing the whole. He has taken on the ultimate service role on behalf of his faith, and is already showing independent leadership, but has yet to accept women into ordination, or to accept homosexuality as a natural state for some. The Sagittarian influence suggests an extremist tendency. This extremist philosophy may have created wounding/controversy for him in the past. Certainly the Catholic Church will not want to give away its wealth – or to come clean on all of its secrets. In addition to reformulating inner judgement, Mercury/Jupiter new phase is learning a new level of temperance or moderation.

These issues are also the public’s conflicts with the church.

Chiron is an outcast or scapegoat archetype. Relative to south node & ruler, it is a suggestion of tolerance and acceptance for some, but not all. Pluto in Cancer can be suggestive, (not always) of incest, of grooming of children; the Gemini archetype references youth. As of yet, we do not know if Pope Francis will avoid this problem, clean it up quietly, or champion it.

Neptune in Virgo is a victimization archetype, and Chiron on the south node indicates repetition in terms of crisis and controversy, deep wounding from the past brought into this one. Neptune resolving through the south node/Chiron point is suggestive of again being confronted with crisis and dilemma which is seeking resolution. The south node work is to gather more information and experience. The increasing frequency, commonality and repetition of scandal and corruption is meant to force a confrontation with the rationalizations that have suppressed or denied the truth. Eventually, the native will no longer be able to divert attention off these critical issues. The south node calls for making connections with people and listening to their stories. Personal interaction with others will be a major teaching tool.    

Chiron/south node in Gemini/Sagittarius references transitional times. Looking back to other lives, Chiron in Gemini can reference times of inquisition. Sagittarius is an invasion archetype, and Capricorn is an archetype of dictatorship and regimes. Saturn opposing Neptune is also a signature of religious persecutions of the past. It is likely that past lives connected to missionary lives, such as that of St. Francis, times of Christian persecution, slavery, Spanish inquisition, migrations of peoples, etc. In addition to a religious focus on saving souls, the Neptune/Saturn, Gemini/Sagittarius signature can suggests past life involvement in secretly moving people to safety (the catacombs, secret passages, etc.)

The south node in Gemini is suggestive of repetition or duplication, of things coming around twice. (Many parallels can be made to the life of St. Francis of Assisi too.) Interestingly he was a top contender last conclave too, but begged not to be chosen. Saturn in gibbous opposition to Neptune in Virgo and square the nodal axis ignites the crisis of: “I’m not ready, this is too big for me”, a sense of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the job (Neptune square north node). We could surmise that the inner crisis might ignite a feeling that the job could swallow him up and take him away from what he feels is the right work, the trench work – the personal one on one contact that seems to tug at his heart so deeply (Sun in Sagittarius, relative to Jupiter, relative to Saturn in Pisces). Yet, at the same time, he also senses his special mission (Chiron & Sun positions); he has been chosen, he has not chosen it for himself. The Chiron and sun positions also suggest, as he has already displayed, that he has taken to his enormous leadership role with natural grace and humility (Saturn in Pisces/Neptune opposition).
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Yes, I would like to participate in this thread...
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Hi Rad and All,

I am running out of time.  I wanted to go back through this and integrate phases but....  This is what I will have to leave you with.  I am looking forward to reading what Rose posted today and hope by the time I return more people found time to put something together  :-)


Pope Francis
dec 17, 1936
1:30 Pm
Buenos Aires

Pluto Rx in Cancer in the 1st House.

Here we have a soul who desires to return to its source and has chosen to evolve in an accelerated manner. The Soul is 3rd Stage Consensus and with Pluto Rx is now questioning the status quo in a manner reflective of one who is on the verge of becoming 1st stage individuated.

Jorge Bergoglio came into this world with an instinctual feeling that he has a special destiny to fulfill. His soul's past intention and desire has been to discover something new and unique about himself while learning to find emotional security from within himself rather than from an external source.

Pluto square MC in Taurus ruled by Venus conjunct Moon in Aquarius in the 7th House. Uranus conjunct MC in Taurus.

In order to discover and actualize his special destiny, Bergoglio pursued a career as a Jesuit priest and theologian in the Catholic Church. As a Jesuit he took vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and obedience to the Pope.  These vows all served to make him self-reliant and self-sustaining in order to play his role and further his career. At key points in his life he would experience a crisis of consciousness in which he would question old beliefs, values and patterns and entertain the thought of new ones as his soul had begun the process of deconditioning itself. Bergoglio initiated a variety of relationships with like-minded individuals of the catholic faith through his role as a Jesuit priest. Many of these relationships were nurturing and humanitarian and would directly or indirectly help him advance to higher positions in the Catholic hierarchy. Eventually Bergoglio was able to actualize his special destiny and establish his authority within society by being elected Pope, the largest sociological role he can play within the context of society. With Uranus conjunct his MC, Bergoglio, as Pope Francis, is likely to have a unique approach to the Popehood which will reflect the needs of society and the need to break free of past conditioning patterns that are blocking or preventing growth on a humanitarian and social level.

South Node conjunct Chiron in Gemini in the 12th house.
South Node Ruler is Mercury in Capricorn in the 7th conjunct Jupiter in the 6th House.

In the past the soul aligned itself with a transcendent belief system in order understand creation and in order to either seek help or heal others by sharing what it learned from its own painful experiences. The soul initiated a variety of relationships with a diversity of other people who had different ideas, opinions, values and beliefs in order to share and exchange information and ideas with them in order to learn about the culture and social reality it was part of. The soul was especially interested in the traditional beliefs and ideals of its culture and society, especially those of a religious, philosophical and/or cosmological nature. It is quite possible that the soul was a religious authority or leader on a global scale in the past.

SN square Saturn in Pisces in the 8th House. SN square Neptune in Virgo in the 2nd.

Saturn and Neptune are both square the Nodes. The soul has worked on issues pertaining to both nodes in the past but has not completely resolved these issues. The soul's inability to complete or resolve past issues pertaining to the nodes has resulted in skipped steps.

In relation to Saturn square the Nodes, the soul failed to establish a life structure or career based on his own inner truth.  Instead, the soul allowed parental and/or social expectations to guide him and influence his choices. The soul feared being judged and/or punished if he did not conform to parental or social expectations. In failing to follow his own inner truth and desires, the soul created an inner form of guilt that can only be atoned for by establishing a career or professional path in the current life that allows the individual's inner authority to manifest itself through a vocation or profession that enables the individual to become a natural authority in a paricular field that may or may not meet parental or social expectations.

In relation to Neptune square the Nodes, the soul developed spiritual abilities in previous lives that were based on natural law. These spiritual abilities were contrary to patriarchal definitions of spirituality causing the soul a great deal of confusion in regard to his spiritual abilities. The soul may have felt guilty or even sinful in relation to his natural spiritual abilities and therefore avoided utilizing them. This avoidance made the soul feel bad about himself. This past spiritual confusion and guilt has carried over into the current life causing the individual a great deal of confusion in regard to the right spiritual path.

South Node conjunct Chiron trine Mars in Libra in the 3rd House. Aries in the 9th House.

The soul was a voice, or advocate, for truth, justice and equality in previous lives. Something happened at some point causing a wound or issues around the way in which he expressed his identity, sexuality, physical energy, anger and/or aggression. He had a tendency to take on the anger of others and speak out for them. It is possible that he became a victim, survivor or perpetrator of violence at some point in time.

This ability to speak for others has been carried forth into the current life.  According Dr Matthew Bunson in U.S. Catholic weekly, when speaking of Bergoglio's service in Argentina, he says that Cardinal Bergoglio served “as the conscience of the nation” and was a “very powerful and prophetic voice and an immensely popular one" who “proved very much a bridge-builder” among the different social classes in his homeland and in that sense “became the moral voice for the nation.”

The South Node conjunct Chiron is sesiquadrate Venus in Aquarius in the 7th House.

In previous lives the soul initiated all kinds of relationships with different types of people who represented a diversity of ideas, values and lifestyles. Through these relationships the soul learned to evaluate himself as an individual by comparing and contrasting himself with others. He rebelled against consensus value systems and challenged the socially defined way  of relating and being involved with others. At some point in time he developed a wound in the area of relationships. He may have been wounded or may have taken on the wounds of others. In any case, he suffered a wound to the heart.

Pluto's Polarity Point is in Capricorn in the 7th House.

The soul's current intention and desire is for the individual to establish himself as an authority amongst a large and diverse group of like-minded people.  Jorge Bergoglio succeeded in actualizing the Polarity Point by becoming the Pope Francis - the leader of Catholics throughout the world.

North Node conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius in the 6th House. North Node Ruler is Jupiter in Capricorn in the 6th house. Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn in the 7th House.

In order to actualize Pluto's Polarity Point and establish himself as an authority amongst a diverse group of like-minded people, the individual has been drawn to serving others. As already discussed, the soul worked on issues related to both nodes in the past so this work began in the past and carried forth into the current life.

In the current life, the individual's purpose and reason for being is to serve others through a traditional religious, philosophical or cosmological vocation or role. Through his work, the individual will learn lessons in personal humility, self doubt, discrimination, purification and self improvement. This purpose was actualized and fulfilled by the individual who spent many years as a Jesuit Priest before moving up along the Catholic Hierarchy and eventually being elected Pope.

The NNR, Jupiter in Capricorn in the 6th house, show a need to serve as a religious or moral authority on a global scale. The Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in the 6th and 7th houses shows a need to have an open mind in order to understand the wide variety of beliefs, values and opinions of those he serves who come from diverse cultures all over the world.

The North Node is opposition Chiron in Gemini in the 12th House.

In order to serve others, the individual needs to learn to set appropriate boundaries and healthy ways of giving as in the past the soul was too open and compassionate. The soul has to learn to transcend communication challenges, such as differences in language, culture, ideas, or his overall ability to connect with others through self-expression.
The North Node is semi-square Venus, which is conjunct the Moon, in Aquarius in the 7th House and square Uranus in Taurus in the 10th House.

As the leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope will have to confront and challenge the traditional consensus definitions of how people are allowed to be in relationships and involved with one another.  The Pope has a need and desire to eliminate the "taboos" associated with relationships. It is currently "taboo" for priests to marry for example.  Gay marriage is another example which may come up.

As mentioned earlier, the soul has skipped steps as both Saturn and Neptune square the nodes in a Grand Cross configuration. The soul has worked on issues pertaining to both nodes in previous lives and continues to do so in his current life.

Saturn in Pisces in the 8th House and Neptune in Virgo in the 2nd House are square the SN conjunct Chiron in Gemini in the 12th House and the NN conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius in the 6th House.

This is a Mutable Grand Cross by sign and a Mutable/Fixed Grand Cross by House. This is symbolic of a soul that has its eyes set on the future and does not want to be restricted or blocked from growing and evolving. The soul seeks self-knowledge and growth through self-improvement.

A great deal of dynamic tension exists within the consciousness of the individual. There is a natural conflict between deductive reasoning and inductive logic. In addition, the individual is conflicted by singular, sectarian and non-sectarian universal points of view. All of this has the potential to create a great deal of confusion and cause the individual to doubt what he intuitively knows. These conflicts are necessary in order to dissolve any and all thoughts, ideas, perceptions or opinions that are limiting the growth of the soul. These thoughts, ideas and beliefs that need to be dissolved are related to individual's views regarding suffering and service, charity and solitude, material resources and values and power and desire.

Saturn in Pisces is symbolic of traditional or conservative spiritual work while Neptune in Virgo is related to serving the poor, the neglected and down trodden.

Neptune is sesiquadrate Uranus in Taurus in the 10th house. Although the individual respects traditional and conservative beliefs and values, he has a desire to break free of tradition and past social and cultural conditioning patterns.

Uranus is trine Mercury in Capricorn in the 7th house conjunct Jupiter in the 6th house. The Pope's beliefs, opinions and point of view may be radically different than those of the Church.  Although he respects the older more traditional values and beliefs of the church, he may attempt to break free of the past and liberate the Church from outmoded thinking that is limiting the growth and evolution of the church and its members.

Mercury, in Capricorn in the 7th House is semi-sextile the Moon, which is conjunct Venus, in the 7th house and square Uranus in Taurus in the 10th House, which is semi-square Chiron conjunct the SN in Gemini in the 12th house, which are ruled by Mercury.

The Pope's beliefs, views, opinions and values regarding the family, the role of women, and personal relationships such as marriage are radically different than the traditional and conservative beliefs and values of the Catholic Church. Through his role as leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis may bring about radical change of some sort.  NBC News reports that "When Argentina was on the verge of legalizing gay marriage in 2010, then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires — suggested the church support civil unions, according to news reports published at the time."  In relation to traditional Catholic values, that can be considered to be quite radical.


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Hi Rose and Cat,

Thank you both for contributing and adding to this thread on Pope Francis. I will read and review your work tomorrow as I am also out of time just now to do so.

And if others wish to add your own EA analysis of Pope Francis please do.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rose and Cat,

I wish to thank each of you for making the effort you have regards the EA of Pope Francis. The analysis from Rose is totally accurate. All of it. And Cat much of what you also analyzed is correct but if you read what Rose wrote you will see where you were just a bit off. The value is always in the effort Cat as you know, and by sharing what you have you can then learn how to keep learning our EA.

God Bless, Rad
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Hi Rad and Rose,

I was surprised to find Rose's post when I logged in to post mine.  My first reaction was to read what Rose posted first but I decided not to.  I decided I am more likely to learn from my mistakes if I go ahead and make them than if I go ahead and correct them based what someone else posted.  ( This is always the case when I get involved in practice charts).

Ok so I posted then I read Rose's excellent piece!  I rolled my eyes and smacked myself in the head right off.  Rose wrote "Saturn in Pisces is a signature for organized religion. Pisces is directly linked to Christianity."  I think I interpreted it as  a "traditional conservative religion."  Pisces and Christianity!!!  How did I miss that!!!!  Then I missed mentioning resolution nodes.  There are other differences as well. 

I printed both of our interpretations out to keep me occupied on a very long flight tomorrow.  I am so grateful that Rose posted so I have someone to compare and contast with.  I am especially grateful it is Rose as the Chiron is so prominent in this chart and Rose is the EA Chiron guru in my eyes  :-) 

Thank you both for this!

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Pope Francis riles conservatives by washing feet of Serbian Muslim woman

By Agence France-Presse
Thursday, March 28, 2013 15:04 EDT

The ritual washing of feet is a gesture of humility based on the belief that Jesus Christ washed the feet of his apostles on the evening of their final meal together before his arrest, crucifixion and death.

Vatican tradition has it that each year on Good Thursday the pope washes the feet of twelve priests of different ages and nationalities in a solemn ceremony held in Rome’s St John Lateran’s Basilica or in St Peter’s Basilica.

The priests are seen as representing the apostles.

Though retired pontiff Benedict XVI revised the ritual in 2007 by selecting 12 lay men from Rome for the ceremony, the new Pope Francis shook up Catholic tradition Thursday by choosing to honour not only prisoners, but women as well as men.

Catholic traditionalists believe that all of Jesus’s disciples were male and the historic decision to wash the feet of two girls — one Italian Catholic and one of Serbian Muslim origin — is likely to create friction in some circles.

The gesture appears to open to interpretation the importance of the gender of the apostles.

Calls from groups within the Church for women to be ordained have been rebutted on the basis that Jesus’s apostles were men.

There is no Catholic dogma which explicitly forbids the participation of women, though a circular letter from 1988 which explains the importance of the tradition refers specifically to the “washing of the feet of chosen men.”

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — as Pope Francis was previously known — had already washed and kissed the feet of women in past ceremonies in Argentinian jails, hospitals and old people’s homes, including pregnant mothers and AIDS patients.

Other Catholic priests and bishops have also included women in the feet washing although this is considered highly unusual.

The role of women in the Church has become an increasingly hot topic, with campaigners and rebel clerics calling for a review of the dogma which bans female priests — particularly as male priest numbers are dropping in the West.

The practice of washing feet appears to stem from ancient hospitality customs, whereby hosts would provide servants to clean the feet of newly arrived guests.

There are some variations to the ritual as performed in churches across the world today.

In some cases whole congregations participate in the washing, or take it in turns to wash each other’s feet.

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