Saturn, Capricorn and the 10th house: Chaos and Dark Eros

Jeffrey: The topic today is the nature of dark Eros and chaos, linked with the archetype of Capricorn. Now, most of the time when we think of Capricorn, we’re not going to be thinking generally in terms of chaos and dark Eros. (laughter). But it’s an incredibly important part of the archetype to understand because, as we go through it, you will see that in its own way, it’s a very specific cause of all kinds of psychological disturbances and distortions of one sort or another in our present culture.

Let’s first explore Capricorn from the largest point of view, then come down the ladder to specifics. I want to do it that way so you can truly understand where this issue that we’re going to call dark Eros and chaos originates.

If we look at Capricorn from the largest possible view, which is the perspective of creation itself, we have to start by remembering that the nature of creation in the beginning is simply energy, energy projected out from some sort of center. When you project energy outward, you set in motion a dual electrical charge, positive and negative, which then sets in motion the natural laws of duality and of cause and effect.

Via this projection of energy, a third natural law is created that we call gravity. And gravity is very specific to the archetype of Capricorn. So when you apply gravity to energy, then you have a condensation of energy into specific form, which is the real function of Capricorn. From this point of view, and specific to the time/space reality called Earth, we are then observing the inherent natural laws that are responsible for the manifested phenomenal creation, including the phenomena of consciousness.

Now, consciousness itself is very similar to water. Water in itself has no form. But if I put water in a cup, it assumes the function of that form. Phenomena, or phenomenal, simply means the world of appearances. When consciousness manifests in the human form, it can only assume the function of that form. So if we reason from the point of view of phenomenal reality, the only way consciousness in human form can truly know the nature of phenomenal reality is in fact through the vehicle of the senses. Everything in your nature in the human form is about sensing. And it is the interaction of the senses with consciousness that generates thought.

We’re going to look at consciousness from two different viewpoints. We can look at consciousness from the point of view of its natural structure, the natural structure of human consciousness. And then we can look at it from the point of view of socially conditioned consciousness, which correlates with the archetype of Saturn. This distinction is very, very important, because for a group of people to have any degree of stability, and for that group to live and work together, they have to create what are called “social contracts.” They’re also called social norms, customs, taboos, laws, regulations and so on. We need to do that. If we didn’t have social contracts and social rules, the consequence would be a literally Uranian reality: anarchy.

How many of you in this room would like to live in an anarchistic society? Most of you would not enjoy the experience. The human being essentially is a social organism, so we had to create social contracts, agreements in effect, about how we’re going to live together. It’s essential.

But as we evolved, there came a point in human history at roughly 6500 B.C.E., when the transition between the matriarchy, or what is now called the matriarchy, and the patriarchy began. In many ways, the word “matriarchy” is a metaphor for how human beings have lived for the majority of our time on this planet. This means human beings defined by natural law, the principles of nature which are self-evident, and which exist whether human beings are here or not. For the majority of human history, that’s exactly how we lived.

So by the time we hit 6500 B.C.E., the patriarchal transition began. Amazingly enough, when you look at it astrologically, that transition occurred during the, guess what, Capricorn sub-age of the Cancer age. Look at it in terms of gender transference. Capricorn and Cancer have a lot to do with gender assignment relative to cultural definitions of roles. So we see this classic transition reflected in that time. What progressively began to occur during this patriarchal transition was that all kinds of projected thoughts, called beliefs, were created in order to enforce a specific view or conception about the nature of the phenomenal creation.

The point here is that there was a progressive movement away from natural law defining the human organism, a movement away from direct perception or experience which is how all humans came to understand the phenomenal nature of anything. Direct experience was replaced with beliefs. There are things, for example, called natural sexual laws which are vastly different than what is now considered to be “correct” sexuality from the point of view of the patriarchy. We’ll be looking at that in a lot of detail today.

Question: how many of you have tried to live to some degree a spiritual life? Including meditation and yoga and the rest of it. Or orientations to some sort of guru?

Now check this out: how many of you realize that up until, say, 7000 B.C.E., there was not even an idea of what we would call God? There was not even a conception for it. Up until around that time, God was considered to be what we call Gaia. Earth.

Around 7000 B.C.E., there was the very first conception in human consciousness of what we now call God. Amazingly enough from the patriarchal perspective, the very first concept for God was a woman. The original name for God in history was Namu, which was a woman. Even in that cosmology, it was vastly different than how we picture God now. In this patriarchal reality, when men started to invent a patriarchal God, the invention started with the conception of a God that was perfect. Perfect. Now let’s just ask one simple Pisces question: how can a perfect anything create an imperfect anything? It’s not possible. Within this conception of a “perfect” God, we had the invention of all the “spiritual should be’s.” SHOULD be’s. This is why none of you have been successful in your patriarchal spiritual life, because all these famous patriarchal “should-be’s” are in violation of natural law. (laughter).

Going further, the patriarchal view included this preposterous notion that tells you that to know God, you have to suppress your senses. Let’s go back to where we started. When you put consciousness in human form, it can only assume the function of that form. And that means consciousness in human form can only know the nature of phenomenal reality via its senses. So we have to suppress our senses to know this perfect God, which doesn’t exist! Do you understand what I’m getting at? Do you see how twisted this is?

Then there’s the incredible invention of the word transcendence. This word actually was born out of another delusional patriarchal doctrine: the “conflict between spirit and flesh.” Meaning, for one thing that sex is somehow antagonistic to or in conflict with spiritual life along with anything else you perceive through your senses. So for all those who are trying to live this happy patriarchal spiritual life, you’ll now probably begin to understand why you feel so crummy and guilty inside. Here you are meditating, and you get an erection or you feel a little aroused. Uh oh. (laughter) This doesn’t fit the doctrine.

So imagine the guilt trip you’re doing on yourself. “There must be something wrong with me,” and all the rest of it. And it’s also, as an aside, why so many monks are smoking cigarettes. Why? Because in a Capricorn archetype they are suppressing natural law. And the psychological act of suppression generates a psychological and emotional compression and intensity. And so even a monk in many cases is reduced to smoking cigarettes because of this build-up of inner compression, stress and tension.

I know this because I lived as a monk in various monasteries for years. It’s all because of repressing that which is natural. This goes right to the heart of the matter in terms of the connection between Capricorn and dark Eros, because of the way it relates to the question of natural sexual law versus what modern humans have done with it. The history of sexuality will blow you away, in terms of what we’ve done with it. So first of all, let’s agree that there’s no intrinsic conflict between spirit and flesh. None whatsoever.

If you agree with the notion, even the patriarchal notion that God is “the Origin of all things,” then wherein lies the origin of sexuality? And, while we’re at it, wherein lies the origin of imperfection? Wherein lies the origin of anger? Everything that you are is also what God is, and beyond. Think about it this way: you didn’t create yourself; God created you. So the real issue becomes what is this thing we call God?

There are these standards that we can call natural sexual laws. For example, just to give you a peek into the majority of human history, in a matriarchal reality there were no nuclear families, and nothing that we would now call monogamy. Children were raised communally. You were allowed to have personal possessions but that was it. The land was communal. And up until 6500 B.C.E. or so, neither men or women knew that a man contributed equally to making a baby. That might sound shocking to us, but in fact it’s historically true.

As a result when a woman conceived a child, this was considered to be a direct expression of what we would call God. Sexuality was considered to be naturally sacred in its own right.

We also must understand, from the point of view of earthly reality, that the feminine is the origin of the masculine, not the other way around, as patriarchal people would have you think. All you have to do is consider the nature of the genitalia, and you’ll understand this primary truth. In fact there was an interesting book written in England about twenty years ago, by male scientists, called The Redundant Male. What this book postulated and then proved, keeping in mind they’re scientists, is that a woman actually has the capacity of reproducing the species without the male. Just as a seahorse can, as well as other forms within the Creation.

Audience: How?

Jeffrey: They are simultaneously male and female, which relates to how you can also understand the phenomenon of the hermaphrodite. But given the fact that we lived on the Earth, the feminine principle “realized” that there was in fact a need for the male because clearly the male form is a bit stronger, on a muscular level, than the feminine form. But the deeper reasons for this is the nature of the immune system. If asexual reproduction was the norm then the immune systems cold not evolve so as to protect the species from various diseases. So procreation with the male and female allowed the immune systems themselves to evolve so as to deal with the ongoing issue of the survival of the species itself. So the female had to create the male for this to occur. So it was a functional survival necessity that produced the male form.

Then around 6500 B.C.E., the patriarchy started taking over. Why? Right then and there is the time frame in which the man and woman realized that a man had an equal role in making a baby. This is the actual historical cause for the beginning of the patriarchal transition. And for reasons that nobody can really, truly explain, it created a bizarre, distorted sense of power in men.

For a man to increase his power in those times, he had to be able to pass on his possessions, primarily land, to a succeeding generation. This became the causative factor, historically speaking, of the nuclear family and what we now call “paternity.” Meaning the man had to know which woman he was with to know which baby he made, and that no other man had made that baby. That’s the historical cause of paternity, and the beginnings of what we now call monogamy from a historical point of view.

This was the time frame in which all that which is natural, including natural sexual laws, were progressively suppressed. And whatever is natural, including sexuality, becomes the basis of distortion and rage when it is repressed.

Let’s understand that the sexual instinct in all people emanates from what is called the primary brain.

In astrology, this part of the brain directly correlates with the Moon, Pluto, and Mars. Now this is also where consciousness comes from, from your primary brain. Not your cerebral cortex. And the primary brain of itself is unconditioned. It is defined by natural law. It is utterly instinctual. There is no conceptualization within the primary brain. And it regulates all the instinctual functioning of your body: breathing, excreting, sexuality, etc. But when we pass through history and we subject this natural consciousness to social conditioning, social contracts, belief systems, and so on, and we have this progressive movement into the patriarchy, there is a progressive repression of all that is natural. This distortion becomes the basis of rage.

Take another natural law, and for the women in the room, if you’re truly inwardly honest, you will recognize the truth of what is about to be shared.

All women, under natural law, have two sexual archetypes that are co-equal. One desire-archetype is to be with a man who is the primary partner. He is the kind of man who wants to be with the woman on a day to day basis. But a woman has, co-equally and just as strongly, a need and desire to be with a diversity of men. Now there are two reasons for that, and if you doubt this, just go visit an evolutionary biologist and he or she will prove it to you.

One reason is strictly for survival purposes. The greatest danger to human life is the world of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, which mutate much more quickly than we do. This is why the human organism oriented to sexual intercourse as a way of propagating the species, versus asexual reproduction.

Why? Because if you have asexual reproduction, you have basically a static immune system, whereas with sexual intercourse, you are creating an evolving immune system, collectively speaking, by producing a third entity that is a synthesis of two others. This is why sexual intercourse was adopted.

The stronger sperm are more likely to fertilize the egg, strengthening the species. You see the link to the immune system here? It’s a biological reason.

Now the other reason for this second, more experimental face of female sexuality is a metaphysical one. The key here is that all fluids on earth, including sexual fluids, contain memory. Keep in mind that we all carry our entire evolutionary and karmic background in our sexual fluids. This is actually, to my mind, the greater argument to exercise some judgment and discrimination in terms of our sexual expression: not on some artificial moral basis, but on the basis of what you want to happen in your consciousness.

Because we are osmosing, Pluto, the sexual fluids of our lover, and therefore bringing into ourselves that person’s entire reality, past and present. And vice-versa, of course, our lover is absorbing our own.

So why, from a metaphysical point of view, would a woman want to expose herself to a diversity of sperm? Because it would also mean exposing herself to a diversity of human knowledge. And by bringing this into herself, the woman inherently has the capacity, physiologically speaking, of then alchemically changing the sexual fluid she’s bringing in, mixing it with her own, so that by the time she sleeps with the next man she’s imparting the first man’s knowledge to the second man through the act of sexuality. This is how humans used to evolve in knowledge and understanding. It had nothing to do with blackboards and books and teachers and the rest of it. And they enjoyed it! (laughter)

Consciousness, naturally structured, is a consciousness defined by the principles of sharing, giving and inclusion. You shift to a patriarchal reality, and you have consciousness defined by self-interest and exclusion. You see these two core differences? They are absolutely critical. In the collective sexual psychology that we have now, created by the patriarchy, we see possession, jealousy, feeling threatened, trying to limit the partner’s growth for one’s personal self-interest and so on: all based on self-interest and exclusion. In a natural way of living, this psychology simply would not exist. It wouldn’t occur in that kind of consciousness. Do you understand my point? It just would not occur in the context of sharing, giving and inclusion.

There are all kinds of natural sexual laws. The highest one embraces the intrinsic sacredness of sexuality in which one merges one’s Soul with another Soul, and through that mutual merging, one contacts inner divinity. This is what men call tantra. Much of what flies under that banner is totally false, by the way. Those who have looked at these “tantric” books in your bookstores, you’ve typically read the following: “it’s the duty of the man to repress ejaculation.” And then they invent all these groovy myths around it, it nitrates this and neutralizes that, and blah, blah, quack, quack, (laughter)

Sure, men can repress their orgasms, but in reality what actually occurs is that the sperm comes through the bladder and is simply urinated away. That’s fact. Go ask a doctor.

And the reason that men created this doctrine, around 5500 B.C.E., was to mimic women. From a man’s point of view, the woman seems to have the capacity for “unlimited sexual response.” Now, what does the man do when he has sex? He has his happy little orgasm, then he rolls over and goes to sleep. (laughter)

Meanwhile the woman’s going, “Huh?” (laughter) You women know the drill.

The point here is that men were feeling threatened by the feminine principle, and as a result of feeling threatened, they invented these things that they want to call “tantra” in essence to mimic the woman. Do you see the connection to repressing orgasm?

So the astrological bottom line in all this stuff is that Capricorn, as an archetype progressively wrongly defined and distorted by the patriarchy, then becomes an archetype of repression. Repressing what? All that which is natural. Further, if we understand the nature of the word repression, you can clearly see its extension to include the word “control.” If something threatens us, we try to repress and control it. Yes? And if you are dependent on the happy astrology books out there, this is what you’re going to read about Capricorn. They’re “control freaks.” Yes?

So herein lies the heart of the matter from an evolutionary point of view. We’ve all lived in patriarchal times, in this lifetime and others, and so we’ve all been progressively conditioned. That is the functional nature of Saturn/Capricorn in a patriarchal reality: to condition consciousness. Remember my earlier point about groups of people living together needing to make social contracts, laws and the rest? This is the very basis of social conformity. It’s also the basis of the word “reality,” meaning that if we have enough people agreeing about social contracts, social belief systems, and so on, then all that starts to be called “reality.” It is just assumed to be true, and actual sensory experience be damned.

Assumption, in astrology, is symbolized by Capricorn. So in any country there’s a collective myth called reality. But the real question becomes, is that an actual reality under natural law, or an invented reality, a reality invented through social contract? This second kind of “reality” includes social laws, regulations, norms, and taboos that are agreed upon and assumed to be right and true. Based on the fact that the individual, the Soul, the human being is in fact essentially a social organism, in order for each person to feel secure within that group, he or she must conform to what the group has decided to call “real.” And that then becomes the basis of “morality.” And again, remember anything that is natural which is repressed or suppressed becomes the basis of distortion and rage.

Think about it, and you can now understand the causative factor of psychological, sexual and emotional abuse to women and children. You can understand the causative factor for sadomasochism. You can understand the cause or wanting to hurt somebody sexually, or to rape. Do you understand what I’m trying to get at here?

It all comes down to rage. Something in us rages when natural law is repressed. The primary brain remembers the old ways, the natural ways. From the point of view of the Capricorn archetype in a patriarchal reality, this is why you’ve read in astrology books about the supposed Capricornian need to control. And this is also, going back to the subject of the talk, you can begin to see why I’ve called this lecture, “Capricorn, Dark Eros and Chaos.” At the deepest inner level of all Capricorn archetypes, beyond the apparent need to control all things, limit all things, define all things, and all the rest of it, is an absolute need to lose control.

This is not something you’re going to read in your typical astrology book about Capricorn. There’s the deepest inner need to lose all control. And as a result of needing to lose all control, to access psychological chaos: that last part is only true in a patriarchal reality. The need to lose control equaling chaos is a reflection of, and is caused by, the repression of natural law.

You all have heard of a tremendous psychiatrist named Thomas Moore. Most of you are probably only familiar with his book Care of the Soul, but he wrote a book before that about which I’d like to say a few words. It will illustrate what I’m really trying to talk about here. Care of the Soul is a great book for middle class, consensus reality types, and of course it had wild success because of that need. But how many of you have heard of his first book, that had a circulation of maybe only eight thousand? It’s called Dark Eros, and the subtitle is The Sadian Imagination. Now how come this book isn’t in circulation by the millions? It’s by the same man, written two years before the second one.

Audience: Dark Eros’!

Jeffrey: Dark Eros: The Sadian Imagination. Thomas Moore. And he’s not advocating S & M, this is not the point of his book. (laughter)

By the way, Thomas Moore is very sympathetic to astrology. In fact even in his first book, Dark Eros, he employs the symbolism of astrology. What he’s talking about is what I’m sharing today: that the repressive nature of patriarchal reality, and the various sorts of religions that come out of those realities, are the causative factor for all “modern ailments” such as neurosis, psychosis, schizophrenia, the serial killer, the child rapist. The point being just what we’re sharing here, that the primary brain reflects natural sexual law, and that when you repress these natural laws via social conditioning you create distortion and rage, which then manifest in these very hideous ways of which we’re unfortunately all too well aware.

What he is promoting in the book is the idea that, to have not only a healthy person but a healthy society, we must return to a state of natural law. Take the issue of sexual fantasy, for example. If you’re living in a state of natural law, you will not have sexual fantasy. Fantasy is a reflection of repression and is caused by it. When something natural is being repressed, it manifests as fantasy. This is how you can explain the entire pornography industry.

You understand what I’m trying to get at here? Thomas Moore is arguing for a removal of these repressions by asking each person to examine honestly the nature of his or her own sexual fantasies. The very nature of the fantasies becomes a symbol for what is being repressed in that individual, indicating what he or she actually needs to do in order to be whole, integrated and healthy.

From a patriarchal viewpoint, that would look like “immorality,” which is why we have the Capricorn connection to dark Eros and chaos. To let oneself lose control is viewed as wrong under that belief system.

Any questions on this stuff? Comments you want to make? Okay, let me ask you a question. How many of you ever thought about Capricorn in the sense of dark Eros and chaos? You have? Good for you.

If you start looking at this in historical perspective it becomes incredibly fascinating. For example, all of you know by way of the Bible, that the only correct sexual expression is to use sexuality to propagate the species. If you have any enjoyment at all, oh my god, you’re guilty.

Now let’s take this one thought and run with it. I’ll show you how ridiculous it becomes.

There was a Christian sect in the 1890s here in this country, a variation of Calvinism, and their method of, and they had their own little community, of allowing sexual intercourse to occur is that they had a wall here, and the man’s on this side, the woman’s on that side, and they had a little hole in the wall… (laughter). This is how intercourse happened, and of course it was only for the propagation of the species. It’s historically accurate. I mean… (laughter). It’s not your method of choice?

Audience: I’m just trying to picture how the woman would line up there… (laughter)

Jeffrey: The point there is that history is full of this stuff and it blows your mind when you read it, but if you understand the archetypical basis of it, it makes absolute sense. If we understand these ideas then we understand why so many “priests” get arrested for some degree of sexual molestation of, guess what, primarily children. Do you see the connection? I’ve had about 20,000 clients, so I’ve heard about every story you can imagine. One of the more difficult ones was a priest; a priest coming to see an astrologer. Think about that. Complete with his white collar on. (laughter) What?

Audience: You have all these strange people coming to see you.

Jeffrey: Yeah. Then you wonder why I want to retire, (laughter).

And it was really sad, with this priest. If you can imagine first my shock seeing this guy walking into my office. Anyway he sits himself down, and he wouldn’t even look into my eyes. He walked in with his head down. Apparently he had heard of me through one of his parish people. He heard I was really non-judgmental and all this stuff, because I just take each person as they are. You know, why judge anybody? Except for being true to who you are.

So anyway he sat down and his confession to me was that, on the one hand, he’s trying to live the life of the traditional Catholic priest and doing what they do and so on. And yet, on the other hand, he had this, in his words, “absolute compulsion” to be oriented to pornography, including visiting the pornographic theaters and the sex clubs and the magazines and all the rest of it. Beyond that, he was a compulsive masturbator which for a priest is of course a big no-no, because he’s meant to be celibate.

Of course he was in a great degree of psychological despair. Truly in despair he could not understand any of this, because his orientation to God from his religion was incredibly sincere. That was not the problem. He was really dedicated to the role that he was playing. And in fact he did great work as a priest, actually founded a shelter for abandoned children and so on. He was really well-known in his town. And so he was doing a great job as a priest and yet in his private life there was this altogether different reality and he just couldn’t understand it for the life of him. He went through all kinds of soul-searching, asking God to take this away from him, this evil, this demon, all the Christian words. He was truly in despair. He was to the point of being suicidal.

And we had a long chat. I didn’t even bother to do his chart; I was just sitting there talking to him. That’s actually sometimes when the best work can get done. And I was talking to him as I’m talking to you, just sharing the historical basis of things. Thank God he had the awareness to really hear it and really accept it, and then I showed him why this was going on: again, how when that which is natural is repressed it becomes compressed, distorted and full of rage, and how this was the causative factor of the intensity of his addiction to pornography. It was in direct proportion to the Soul-intensity that he put into his work within the context of that distorted belief-system.

And so I said, “Why don’t you just accept yourself as you are? And understand these natural laws. And that God is the origin of your sexuality.”

And once I said those words, “God is the origin of your sexuality,” you could just see the light bulbs going on. And this man was able to integrate himself. It was really a holy moment, literally.

Audience: When that took place, he was living in a context where he was supposed to be celibate, he’s supposed to not have all this going on. Did he continue in that context with an understanding that now he could privately integrate his sexuality?

Jeffrey: Yes.

Audience: So he was able to maintain his priesthood but also then allow himself to have his sexuality…

Jeffrey: Yes, because he changed his inner orientation. He understood it.

Audience: But he still maintained his celibacy, he still maintained his…

Jeffrey: Oh sure. But his orientation to his other life is what changed.

Audience: Did he stop the pornography…?

Jeffrey: Yes, but with a new orientation, without shaming himself and trying to use that shame as a way of stopping. And he understood it as an expression of his own inner repression relative to his religion. You see?

The point in all of this is that you’re all subjected to these kind of conditioning patterns. Believe me, when you do a lot of counseling, you hear every kind of story. For me personally, some of the more important work I do is simply to validate people to themselves. For that kind of work, you have to suspend your conditional judgments.

For example most of you would be shocked at how many women come into the counseling office who have a sexual fantasy about having sex with a group of men at the same time. Most of you in
your conditional consciousness would be shocked to hear such a thing. Are you going to be able to help that person if you’re sitting there being shocked because of your own conditioned reaction?

To be a really, truly effective counselor, you’d better have some historical awareness, so you can understand the origins of such things. And if you share the historical basis for something like that with the client, don’t you see how that’s going to help such a person accept what is going on within her? The reality here is that most people living in a patriarchal reality have sexual fantasies.

Audience: Even if we were to remove the repression of natural law, it seems that there’s a higher reality that somehow we can’t have everything we want, though. I mean, say a woman has a fantasy about sleeping with a group of men, but does that mean she can automatically have that?.

Jeffrey: When we lived within natural laws the women who desired to have sex with a group of men would simply do that. Thus, there would not be any need for such a fantasy.

Here’s the big question with Capricorn: if I give myself the freedom to act upon my sexual impulses, keeping in mind the fear of social judgment, what does this mean about me? What does that tell me about myself, once I embrace the chaos? That is the operational psychology of Capricorn, the fear of negative judgment: internalized negative judgments based on conditioning.

So Capricorn can inwardly feel this stuff, but that automatically gives rise to the question, what does this mean about me? When that question is answered relative to cultural conditioning, it will in most cases cause the repression of that impulse, and all the distortions that follow.

Judgment is a function of the Capricorn archetype. And it’s part of natural consciousness; it’s how we learn. The issue is not judgment itself. The issue is what inner content or basis we’re utilizing to make the judgments. And is that content a reflection of natural law? Or is that content a reflection of patriarchal conditioning patterns?

There are Capricorns who are angry at their bodies because their bodies feel pleasure. You know what it’s like to be in a system where you’re angry at your own body because it feels pleasure? How insane that is! Most of you intuitively understand the insanity of that. But you know how many people are running around with an emphasized Capricorn archetype who feel just that?

What I wanted to share today was these core points about Capricorn and the nature of natural law versus conditional law, and what happens because of the conflict between them. You can see that these simple facts are implicated in the causes of the current patriarchy’s wars, violence, abuse, sadism and masochism. Up until around 6500 B.C.E., and this is historically accurate, there is simply no evidence from any source of any kind of wars or violence between people. None.

Audience: When was that?

Jeffrey: Before about 6500 B.C.E. In the old days, one of the reasons that women exposed themselves to a diversity of men was what they used to call “mixing blood.” The woman would think that if she exposed herself to this man and then that man and then this man, then these men would not be violent towards one another. This is one of the ways that women used to maintain stability in the social order. This is radically different than how men want you to think, but it’s historically accurate. If you doubt it, read history. You could start with Whores in History by Nikki Roberts, or Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler. The repression of natural law is the causative factor of the rage and violence we all experience, unfortunately, in today’s patriarchy.

Now we’re at a five hundred year point in history prior to the beginning of the Aquarian Age. What’s astounding is that the last Aquarian Age, twenty-five thousand years ago, was the fruition of what we now call the matriarchy, which again is simply a metaphor for natural law. As we move towards this new Aquarian Age, there will be an essential change on our planet, through circumstantial necessity requiring human beings, heeding their survival instinct, to re-orient themselves to natural law.

We don’t have time to go into it all, but I will end this lecture with a comment about the extraordinary relevance of the planetary nodes to this topic. Every person in this century has the South Node of Neptune, meaning their original, karmic spiritual roots, at roughly nine to ten degrees of Aquarius. The planetary Nodes of the outer planets move very slowly, so ours are all pretty close together, by the way.

Everybody in this century has three planetary Nodes in the same Sign: the South Node of Jupiter, meaning their belief systems; Saturn, meaning the structure of their consciousness; and Pluto, meaning the collective soul in this case. Guess what Sign those South Nodes are in? Capricorn. Pointing right back to our karmic roots in the original transition out from under natural law. What is this group of people doing on the planet at this time? What karma have we come here to release? Think about it.

Thanks for listening.