CERES: Recovering Your Soul Within Nature

CERES: Recovering Your Soul Within Nature

By Mary Blue (Author)

As a mythological archetype, Ceres, with Her daughter Persephone correlates to the loss and recovery of the sacred feminine principle of spiritual nurturance. Its blessings were once tendered by women around the world through various cultural traditions before the patriarchal perversion of Natural Laws. These traditions kept humans Soul-centered and were once central to their sacred way of life, one that enjoyed kinship, communion, harmony and balance to the totality of Nature.

Through the symbols of Ceres and her daughter Persephone are described the lost traditions of nurturance administered by women that sought to protect and regenerate consciousness of the human Soul. As a reflection of women’s true nature and role as guardian of humankind’s way, this includes its transmission through the sacred dimension of her sexuality.

To illustrate the multidimensional dynamics of this archetype, the story is recounted of women’s own collective descent into the underworld following the emergence of the patriarchy. Subject to the unconscious powers of the Soul symbolized by Pluto, she experiences the loss of her sexual powers that once kept humans Soul-centered, while undergoing transformation and resurrection into a new state of Wholeness.

Ceres’ astrological archetype correlating to Her transformational mystery of loss, initiation, and recovery is described for each of the twelve zodiac signs. A tutorial with illustrative birth chart examples is provided featuring chart analysis utilizing the School of Evolutionary Astrology’s paradigm founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

CERES: Recovering Your Soul Within Nature
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