Natural Astrology: Houses, Signs, and Planets

Natural Astrology: Houses, Signs, Planets
by The International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology
edited by Linda Jonson

It is with pleasure we are announcing a brand new book on Evolutionary Astrology. Natural Astrology is a book on the natural archetypes of the signs, planets, and the houses.

The book, Natural Astrology: Houses, Signs, and Planets by the International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology, is founded in the wisdom of Natural Laws and principles which are at the heart of recovering our original, unconditioned nature. We live in times of clear extremity, and restoring balance both internally and eternally is now imperative. Remembering how to live in balance and harmony with Nature is critical.

This book serves as a guiding light towards returning to Natural Laws, and how to counteract the effects of patriarchal distortions that we all know so well. It inspires the courage to actualize our authentic fingerprint no matter the challenges and obstacles we face. We can then embody a personal role that best reflects our natural design, or Soul nature, and contribute to healing the many wounds that are the result of patriarchal distortions.

This incredible book has been edited by Linda Jonson who compiled and edited the discussions that came from a program created by Stacie Pazura and Kristin Fontana that was dedicated to this topic and included EA astrologers from many different countries.

Here is a list of those astrologers:

Tara Aal – California, USA
Cyndy Clemens – Colorado, USA
Upasika Deva – Auckland, New Zealand
Marty Dixon – Oregon, USA
Kristin Fontana, Oregon, USA
Helena Garcia – Évora, Portugal
Deva Green – Oregon, USA
Sol W Jonassen – Bergen, Norway
Rose Marcus – British Columbia, Canada
Bradley Naragon – Washington, USA
Stacie Pazura – Utah, USA
Erin Sullivan – New Mexico, USA
Simon Vorster – Skåne, Sweden
Patricia Walsh – North Carolina, USA
Ari Moshe Wolfe – California, USA


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Natural Astrology: Houses, Signs, and Planets
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