Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: Japanese Edition

By Jeffrey Wolf Green (Author)

The long-awaited Japanese translation of the best-selling evolutionary astrology bible that unravels the path of evolution and growth of the soul!

Centered around Pluto, this book generously unravels the path to a life full of soul joy, opening the door to a whole new astrology. In addition to presenting key principles and ideas about the nature of the evolutionary journey of the Soul, this book supplies practical, concise and specific astrological methods and techniques that pinpoint the answers to the above questions.

The reader who studies this material carefully and applies it to his or her own chart will discover an objective vehicle to uncover the essence of his or her own state of being. The understanding that this promotes can help you cooperate with, instead of resist, the evolutionary and karmic lessons in your life.

Jeffrey Green’s timeless masterpiece is for all worried souls seeking a deeper understanding of life beyond spirituality and fortune-telling.

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul: Japanese Edition.
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