Structure Of The Soul, Japanese Edition – PDF

Structure Of The Soul, Japanese Edition

The long-awaited Japanese translation of the book by Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of evolutionary astrology!

This book, edited based on Jeffrey Wolf Green’s lecture, is a masterpiece that touches on his birth chart analysis process, his teachings Pluto and it’s relationships to the north and south nodes of moon. This is the very foundation of Evolutionary Astrology.

The Structure of the Soul provides a review of the Pluto paradigm and the core principles of Evolutionary Astrology. In addition, the book includes actual analytical examples, the philosophy of evolutionary astrology, the structure of the soul, the node axes of Pluto, and even considerations for the node axes of other planets.

Not only will it greatly expand your birth chart analysis skills and possibilities, this book should bring a new understanding of the journey of how the soul evolves.

This is a must-read book for anyone who is already learning evolutionary astrology or for those who are new to it!

Structure Of The Soul, Japanese Edition
Format: PDF, Total pages: 123

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Structure Of The Soul, Japanese Edition
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